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The Mouchel Career Builder

Behaviours + Business Skills = Development

and progression

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Background The Mouchel Career Builder is a fundamental part of • Which Business Skills should you choose?
The Mouchel Career Builder replaces the current career performance management and development for all • What levels would be appropriate given the nature of
paths (that we’ve previously defined as either technical or employees and has been designed to: your role?
managerial) and has been designed to encourage you to • inform recruitment and selection decisions
take a more flexible approach to progressing your career. • identify short and long term learning needs You can choose Business Skills at different levels
• form part of the appraisal process depending on how expert you need to be in that area.
It’s intended to help individuals to recognise that career • form part of the succession planning process
progression and personal development are not just about • design effective and relevant capability centres It is important to note however that you must have at least
professional competence, but also encompass business • design structured development programmes the minimum number of business skills and levels required
skills and behavioural competencies. • create individual development plans in your Career Builder. These are shown on the slide
As the organisation grows, the capabilities and Recommended Behaviours levels
competencies that we need people to demonstrate also You will see that the Mouchel competency model has been It is important to note that your grade is dependent on a
continually needed to develop and change. revised to include a more manageable number of number of factors including:
Behaviours that focus clearly on the key behaviours that • Level of complexity and responsibilities of your role.
drive business success. • The accountabilities for your role.
Using Mouchel’s primary purpose and guiding principles • Your experience.
which determine what we do and how we behave as an The levels recommended for the Behaviours increase • Your ability to demonstrate the required level of
organisation as a starting point, the Mouchel Career through the grades as follows: behaviours, Business Skills and professional
Builder is one of the key steps that we’re taking to help • Grades J-G: all level one Behaviours. competence.
ensure that our people develop the capabilities we’ll • Grades F-E: all level two Behaviours.
require to meet the stretching objectives set out in • Grades D-B: all level three Behaviours.
Mouchel – Our Journey: the route to 2012. • Grades A-O: all level four Behaviours.

Working with Best Companies, the emotional engagement Recommended Business Skills Required and Levels
specialists, has provided an external benchmark to ‘the Because of the wide range of roles that people undertake
way we do things in Mouchel’. This, together with in Mouchel we need to give you a choice around the
extensive internal research and consultation into core Business Skills that would be appropriate and helpful for
business skills and their link to organisational performance, you to develop. There is therefore flexibility for you and
has allowed us to develop a framework which is unique. your manager to decide:

Mouchel career builder

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-O

6 Behaviours 6 Behaviours 6 Behaviours 6 Behaviours

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

1 Business 1 Business 2 Business 3 Business

Skills Skills Skills Skills
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

1 Business 2 Business 2 Business

Skills Skills Skills
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3


Spirit of adventure Passion for success Integrity at heart

Embracing excitement, innovation Striving for excellence, Appreciating others, keeping our
and change achievement and responsibility promises and always doing the
right thing

Thinking and decision Inspiring and influencing Performance and

making responsibility

Delivering results and Building great

Creating solutions and improving relationships

Thinking and decision making

Asking challenging questions, seeing the ‘bigger picture, and making timely decisions

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Asks questions to ensure all the right • Spots patterns, trends or discrepancies • Encourages self and others to ask • Creates a climate that encourages and
information is gathered about a that are not immediately obvious inquisitive questions, to think and plan rewards inquisitive thinking
problem • Identifies potential problems and thinks ahead • Considers the ‘bigger picture’ by taking
• Identifies potential issues and thinks though the implications to provide • Identifies new opportunities for the a ‘helicopter’ view of the political,
through them in a logical and immediate improvements short and medium term business and economic issues
consistent way • Understands the impact of wider issues • Willing to listen to and think through affecting customers and the wider
• Sees the links with information to e.g. , competitors and wider new ideas even if they seem ‘risky’ at marketplace
understand a whole problem market. first • Balances risk and reward decisions to
• Recognises when a current problem is • Thinks laterally to identify new solutions • Considers the wider economic, political make effective and positive judgements
similar to a previous one and uses the for old problems and marketplace environment when • Interprets and uses complex
experience to help the current situation • Assists others to pick out the most thinking about business issues information to join the dots in complex
• Uses available information to make relevant issues when dealing with • Interprets complex business situations, making difficult business
logical decisions volumes of data or complex information information to inform decision making decisions which have a significant
• Sifts through a wide range of • Knows when it is time to move from impact on others
information to make effective and thinking to decision making and action • Moves swiftly from thinking to decision
logical decisions making and holds people to account
for action

Negative behaviours

• Does not ask questions to gather • Does not think ahead or about impact • Discourages others from asking ‘what • Cannot move on from collecting
information effectively on others if’ type questions information to making a decision
• Misses links in information • Rigid and inflexible thinking • Narrow thinking only considers own • Is so risk-averse that business thinking
• Fails to get to the root cause business and not the wider issues is constrained
• Gets caught up in the detail

Spirit of adventure

Creating solutions and change

Encouraging new ideas, challenging the status quo and reacting positively to change

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Suggests practical solutions to resolve • Generates new ideas and puts in place • Creates innovative business solutions • Creates a climate that rewards
issues and remove basic blocks to plans to resolve issues to create by challenging complacency and innovative business solutions that add
progress improvements encourages others to do the same value to Mouchel, customers and
• Gathers information to create solutions • Encourages team and others to work • Enables team and others to develop shareholders
that enable improvements on current together to create new effective ideas and solutions across business • Encourages and empowers others to
practice business solutions boundaries by removing barriers to develop business solutions across
• Considers the advantages and • Makes sure that solutions are thought gain improvements organisational boundaries
disadvantages of a solution before through before they are put in place • Takes a lead on creating new business • Creates a shared drive for change by
putting it forward • Willing to challenge current working ideas by thinking through the wider publicly challenging the status quo
• Is open to doing things in a different practices to bring about positive impact of proposed solutions on • Is able to combine a number of options
way and willing to share solutions with change stakeholders to offer outstanding business solutions
others • Promotes effective new solutions by • Encourages others to always think of • Sets up a culture that ensures ideas
• Receptive to and positive about sharing them with other teams and more than one solution and to ‘test and solutions are shared across the
change and responds quickly to business units them out’ against each other organisation
adjusted priorities • Maintains a positive and confident • Energises others by cascading effective • Comfortable in dealing with ambiguity
attitude when change occurs solutions that create improvement with and change by taking necessary
other business streams actions

Negative behaviours

• Fails to create practical solutions • Gets stuck into single solutions • Dismisses innovative solutions too early • Relies on tried and tested techniques
• Does not think solutions through. Has a • Is not open to changed ways of • Fails to encourage cross business • Has a closed mind to change
negative impact on others or resources working solution creation

Passion for success

Inspiring and influencing

Building confidence, positivity and commitment in others and role modelling Mouchel’s Guiding Principles

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Has a positive impact on others by • Acts as leader to team and reports by • Acts as a visible and engaging leader in • Focuses on the future and creates a
taking responsibility to deliver on creating opportunities for success the business by creating excitement clear and focused business vision
commitments made • Takes responsibility for team by and enthusiasm about the business • Puts greater emphasis on trust rather
• Builds the confidence of manager and supporting team members when they • Gives people responsibility and allows than control by transferring power to
peers by working effectively and taking make mistakes them to take the lead by delegating others to take major actions or
accountability for actions • Generates confidence and excitement outcomes and supporting them to decisions
• Develops logical arguments to gain the in the team by demonstrating trust in learn from mistakes • Is able to influence a wide range of
commitment of others to take a their judgement • Uses a range of different influencing stakeholders by knowing when to “pull”
required action • Is able to influence positively and styles and approaches to gain the rather than “push” to get things done
• Relates information, views and ideas to constructively by tailoring approach to commitment of others • Challenges others constructively when
the needs and interests of others get the best out of others • Is committed to the Mouchel they take a negative approach
• Actively seeks to understand others’ • Deals with challenges constructively by engagement agenda and holds others • Creates a climate of engagement,
point of view anticipating and preparing for reactions to account for bringing it alive confidence and success by
• Is proactive and seeks additional to achieve ‘win-win’ solutions • Has good self awareness and uses it to empowering others to develop
responsibility • Takes more than one step to influence, enhance their impact and influence initiatives themselves
if necessary • Works to understand the motivations • Rapidly builds rapport and credibility to
and attitudes of others in order to get gain commitment from others
the best from them • Is emotionally aware.

Negative behaviours

• Has difficulty influencing others to own • Behaviours do not reflect, or actively • Does not act as a leader • Contributes to negative climate by
way of thinking conflict with, Mouchel Guiding Principles • Fails to give people responsibility and behaviour and lack of positive
• Has a low impact on others • Influences though fear or position control approach
• Fails to generate excitement and • Behaviour actively works against
enthusiasm about business success Mouchel Guiding Principles

Passion for success

Delivering results and improvement

Driving a ‘can do’ approach, holding self and others to account to deliver results and improvement

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Demonstrates a ‘can do’ approach at • Sets clear standards and expectations • Sets out clear, stretching, business • Creates an ambitious and effective
all times by coming up with solutions with team and others, including plans and targets so that everyone business strategy to deliver long term
not problems timescales knows what needs to be delivered success and profitability
• Consistently delivers what is asked to • Holds self and others to account to • Overcomes obstacles to achieve • Develops the capability of the
time, standard and budget deliver agreed goals to achieve results effective working practices organisation to deliver long term
• Accepts responsibility for agreed • Takes responsibility for achieving • Ensures resource is sufficient and business success
objectives by planning how to achieve results by managing available appropriate to deliver success • Removes constraints that get in the
targets. resources effectively • Holds managers and reports to way of delivering great shareholder
• Monitors and checks own performance • Monitors the achievement of results by account if they fail to deliver value
and adjusts plans if circumstances reviewing progress to create better • Is flexible and able to change approach • Holds people accountable to deliver
change working practices to keep delivery focused when and is not afraid to have ‘difficult
• Asks what else they can do to • Provides motivational feedback to situations change conversations’ when they don’t
contribute to business delivery and others on delivery • Has a focus on medium term as well as • Operates in challenging situations to
success - and does it • Continuously seeks improvements by short term business success and deliver results as quickly as possible
• Strives to improve own performance at ensuring lessons are incorporated into profitability • Sets up business systems to review
all times and sets high standards for how work is done • Monitors delivery and reviews planned delivery targets and put contingency
self • Celebrates success with team action in a timely way, including plans in place if necessary
• Draws lessons from completed work ongoing review beyond delivery • Creates a climate where successful
and feedback that can be used to • Celebrates business success delivery is celebrated
improve things in the future

Negative behaviours

• Looks for reasons why something can’t • Fails to deliver what has been asked of • Fails to manage business resources • Fails to monitor progress or take
be done them effectively corrective action when necessary
• Is satisfied with producing mediocre • Lets others get away with mediocre or • Allows obstacles to get in the way of • Is unable to react flexibly to changes in
results unacceptable delivery business delivery circumstances that impact on plans
• Ignores the success of others • Focus is only on short term success

Integrity at heart

Performing and responsibility

Taking personal responsibility for your own actions and supporting others to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Takes personal responsibility for own • Utilises Mouchel’s performance • Makes sure that performance and • Creates a coaching and performance
appraisal and development reviews, management system and coaching talent information about people in own management culture in their area of
ensuring that evidence is gathered and tools as required and holds timely business is gathered and utilised to business
required information collated appraisal and development reviews best effect and shared across other • Establishes strategies to maximise
• Seeks out and acts on opportunities to • Discusses career plans and ambitions businesses organisation and business stream
learn and develop in the workplace with staff and supports them to make • Adopts a coaching style and uses capability data to ensure talent is
• Takes ownership of own performance the most of their skills and talents appropriate tools and models to identified and utilised across the
and career management and discusses within Mouchel develop talent organisation
ambitions with line manager • Takes responsibility for supporting • Takes responsibility to actively support • Drives the agenda for own business,
• Takes responsibility for own actions people development and capability and implement Mouchel’s people providing support to and engagement
and behaviour at all times initiatives by providing learning development and capability initiatives with Mouchel’s people development
• Does not wait to be told what needs to opportunities in the workplace • Provides opportunities for others to and capability initiatives
be done by pursuing new opportunities • Takes personal responsibility for own maximise their potential and talent • Shapes the diversity agenda for own
to develop or enhance experience learning and career progression by • Encourages open discussions about business area to create access to
• Willing to do more than what has been seeking out and acting on development career plans and ambitions widest pool of talent that drives
asked to achieve high levels of opportunities • Drives the diversity agenda for own performance
performance • Is proactive at all times and prepared to business area and challenges where • Takes responsibility for their own
put themselves out to achieve high required to ensure widest pool of talent learning
levels of performance for own business • Creates a climate where people are
• Lets managers know that they are expected to take personal responsibility
expected to take personal responsibility for their own actions
for their own actions

Negative behaviours

• Fails to take personal responsibility • Discourages open discussion about • Fails to support Mouchel’s People and • Fails to expect others to take personal
• Is not interacted in personal career plans or encourage people to Capability Agenda responsibility for actions
development for self or others progress • Fails to take personal responsibility for
• Fails to support people development own actions
and capability initiatives

Integrity at heart

Building great relationships

Working with others to support them, listen to them and treat them with integrity, respect and dignity at all times

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Is always open and honest in a • Is open, honest and constructive when • Supports a climate of trust and • Shapes a climate where openness and
constructive way dealing with others openness in own business area trust is encouraged even when
• Works well with others, supporting • Makes sure that conflict with others is • Works with others to bring conflict out viewpoints differ
them when they need help by sharing resolved in a positive and constructive into the open in order to resolve in a • Builds a culture where people deal with
own knowledge and expertise way positive and constructive way conflict in a constructive way and have
• Helps to resolve conflict by remaining • Builds good working relationships with • Builds and maintains long term an ability to deal effectively with difficult
calm in conflict situations and others that create excellent conditions relationships with colleagues and situations involving people
acknowledging the other person’s point for current and future work together stakeholders to create value for • Identifies, builds and maintains long
of view • Finds time to talk in person to people Mouchel term relationships internally and
• Maintains good working relationships and does not rely on email • Is accessible and open to others and externally to deliver business success
with others by participating • Acts upon feedback about personal actively listens to their ideas and • Is open and accessible, engaging with
constructively and willingly as a team style and people skills encourages their input and others across the business to hear their
player • Treats everyone with dignity and care participation views and shape ideas
• Takes time to talk to people to find out by valuing diversity and acknowledging • Asks for and acts on feedback about • Sets up processes where others can
how they are feeling different opinions personal style and skills with people give feedback about their style and
• Acts on feedback about personal style • Demonstrates commitment to the team • Always treats people with dignity and interpersonal skills
and people skills by adapting own actions for the good compassion and holds self and others • Acts upon their own feedback where
of the team to account necessary

Negative behaviours

• Is deceitful and dishonest • Fails to support others when they need • Creates a climate of distrust and • Treats people with a lack of dignity or
• Has a hidden agenda and seeks to help competitiveness compassion
manipulate people • Uses e-mail as the main communication • Fails to ask for feedback- dismisses • Fails to keep promises
• Creates conflict with others tool when face to face would be negative feedback

Business Skills

Customer and account

Business development Bid writing and

Business Management

Technical skills Commercial skills

Project and

Business development

Creating and converting commercial opportunities for Mouchel through networking, building the Mouchel ‘vision’ for the customer and understanding the market.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Demonstrates a knowledge of • Demonstrates a knowledge of • Demonstrates knowledge of Mouchel’s • Helps develop Mouchel’s markets and
Mouchel’s core business for each Mouchel’s markets and service lines markets and service lines service lines
business stream • Sets up and maintains networks of • Supports the creation of an • Strategic business development plans
• Demonstrates understanding of contacts within own business stream to entrepreneurial culture for self and and strategic market plans created and
Mouchel’s Corporate Plan increase knowledge of Mouchel and its others implemented across own business to
• Knows the annual results for Mouchel products and services • Creates internal networks across create an entrepreneurial culture
• Recognises the importance of • Maintains a knowledge and Mouchel to maximise opportunities for • Creates strong market PR profile and
networking and working towards understanding of Mouchel’s Corporate cross-selling to current and new customer focus for Mouchel through
building contacts with peers in other Business Plan customers promotion of specialist skills of self and
business areas • Contributes to opportunities through • Builds external networks with potential others
• Demonstrates a ‘sales’ and customer supporting customer presentations and customers and interested stakeholders • Maintains and develops strong
satisfaction focus whenever dealing meetings to raise the profile of Mouchel and relationships with Board level customer
with customers • Looks for and identifies opportunities create and convert business members
• Promotes the business positively to for repeat business and referrals and development opportunities • Creates strategic alliances with partner
others communicates this to their manager • Drives the creation of innovative ideas organisations to increase Mouchel’s
• Shares knowledge to support business • Creates and shares innovative ideas to to increase business development service offering to customer and
development opportunities increase business development opportunities for Mouchel customer’s customers
opportunities for Mouchel • Proactively seeks business • Creates large scale commercial
• Demonstrates a good awareness of opportunities from the customer, while opportunities through development of
competitor offerings ensuring that current customer needs technical intellectual property
are met throughout business area
• Performs effectively in an Account • Builds significant business and cross-
Director or Account Manager role business opportunities in new markets
• Builds a wide awareness of competitor or with new offerings
offerings • Creates systems to assess competitor
• Maintains proactive relationships with offerings that impact on Mouchel.
cross business/region/service teams to
share knowledge and information

Technical skills
Developing, sharing and supporting technical expertise to bring innovation to customerss, learning opportunities to colleagues and credibility and commercial
success for Mouchel

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Demonstrates a competent level of job • Contributes effective technical • Capable of taking overall lead of • UK/Europe-wide thought leader in
related technical skills to be able to expertise to enable successful project significant technical specialism technical/specialist/functional fields
complete tasks delivery • Is well-known as an authority in their • Develops and delivers large scale
• Contributes accurate technical answers • Manages customers’ demands and field and is recognised as such by business opportunities for Mouchel
to be able to meet customer queries gains trust and credibility through others through specialist profile
and demands technical knowledge • Creates and converts business • Acts as consultant to external senior
• Is able to be an effective technical • Applies the appropriate level of opportunities through stakeholders e.g. MD/University Dept
contributor to projects technical input to ensure customer and technical/specialist expertise Heads
• Shares technical expertise with others business demands are met in the most • Is published externally in technical • Creates PR profile for Mouchel through
when required efficient and cost-effective way journals promotion of specialism
• Takes ownership for own technical • Supports others in the team to achieve • Key contributor to technical/specialist • Strong people and customer focus
development technical career development career path development activities • Drives technical/specialist career path
• Seek opportunities to add value in own • Supports colleagues by sharing • Presents at external events and development and opportunities across
area of expertise technical knowledge and expertise conferences Mouchel
• Ensures others understand their • Acts as a technical supervisor or • Able to set out the political, business
technical contribution and its impact mentor and economic issues affecting
• Presents their technical contributions in • Ensures that technical solutions meet customers and the wider market place
a clear and understandable way the customer requirements, including • Identifies opportunities for expansion
• Keep up to date with changes in own the level of innovation required into new markets and sectors
area of expertise • Challenges customer briefs based on
• Uses technical expertise to create technical knowledge
improved ways of working • Brings innovation and/or service
improvement and/or added value
through their technical contribution
• Presents their technical contributions in
a clear and understandable way

Bid writing and management
Recognising and dealing appropriately with bid opportunities, ensuring customer needs are scoped and addressed and ensuring compliance with Mouchel bid

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Ensures all work for bid documentation • Checks with bid manager to ensure • Proactively seeks to understand • Maximises strategic bid opportunities
meets timescales and high quality that customer needs are fully customer needs through the bid through long and short term planning
standards understood documents and account management • Sets up systems to ensure decision to
• Can demonstrate an understanding of • Check that the bid responds to the structure bid or not bid is based on sound
the Mouchel bid process customer’s requirements • Ensures that the bid responds to the commercial knowledge and risk
• Supports where required on the • Contributes to development of bid customer’s requirements and market management information
preparation of bids and presentation of content developments • Ensures strategic bids are resourced
proposals, ensuring that Mouchel • Understands and is fully compliant with • Ensures that the bid responses are an effectively and that the appropriate
brand guidelines are adhered to at all the Mouchel bid process honest reflection of how Mouchel can skills and time are dedicated to the bid
times • Builds experience of proposal writing meet the customer’s needs • Builds collaborative alliances with
• Meets bid timescales and standards as • Ensures compliance to Mouchel bid organisations to increase Mouchel bid
required process capability and win rate
• Has experience and knowledge of how • Maximises bid opportunity through long • Sets up and drives utilisation of
bids should be marketed and and short term planning systems to create a consistent and
presented to customers to maximise • Ensures bids are resourced effectively high quality approach to bid writing and
bid win rate and ensuring that Mouchel and appropriate skills and time are presentation
brand guidelines are adhered to at all dedicated to the bid • Ensures overall proposition/bid
times • Builds collaborative networks within management to customers is joined up
Mouchel and with external partners to across the business
increase Mouchel bid capability and • Creates high bid win value across
win rate business
• Sets up systems to ensure bids are
well written and presented
• Has experience of and strong skills in
proposal writing
• Experience and expertise in the
presentation of bids to maximise win

Commercial skills
Maintaining a focus on cost, profit, risk and margins at all times, understanding the wider commercial issues and ensuring value is maximised for Mouchel.
Shareholders and the customer.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Maintains a focus on costs and • Ensures that cost, profit and margins • Utilises systems to gather and analyse • Shapes customer business and growth
timelines and ensures that no are maximised at all times business intelligence and capture targets
unnecessary expense is incurred. • Demonstrates an understanding of market information • Is astute in assessing opportunities that
Understands the implications of non pricing, discounting and negotiation • Negotiates contracts to achieve optimal will make or lose money
compliance • Demonstrates an understanding of the profitability, realisation and to minimise • Has a network of contacts across own
• Completes timesheets in a timely and customer’s needs and expectations commercial and operational risk business and the wider Mouchel
accurate manner around fees and cost management • Has a network of internal and external business to ensure commercial
• Ensures all proposed expenditure is • Demonstrates an understanding of contacts to ensure commercial knowledge is topical
signed off by appropriate party debt management and ensures knowledge is topical • Has a network of external contacts to
• Maintains a focus on ensuring customers are invoiced in a timely • Sound experience and knowledge of ensure a topical understanding of the
customer invoices are sent in a timely manner Mouchel financial systems and wider marketplace
and accurate way and contain the • Ensures all invoices to Mouchel are processes • Ensures that all data is in place to
information that the customer requires dealt with in a timely fashion • Understand the customer’s needs and create effective and successful finance
• Ensures that customers are kept • Ensures customers are kept up to date expectations around fees and cost reviews
updated about costs, concerns with with financial progress and information management • Has an in-depth understanding of
contract or issues likely to lead to • Completes timesheets as required and • Ensures that value is maximised for financial models and business
customer complaint ensures compliance from direct reports both Mouchel and the customer processes
• Is aware of the importance of building • Ensures all contracts are reviewed by • Strong focus on profit, cost management, • Has an in-depth knowledge of
shareholder value appropriate parties (Legal team, margins and utilisation to maximise contracts, business models and risk
• Demonstrates knowledge and Commercial Director etc.) before return and investment for Mouchel • Is able to set out the political, business
awareness of contractual ability and agreements are made • Ensures customers are kept up to date and economic issues affecting
own responsibility • Deals openly and effectively with with financial progress and information customers and the wider market place
• Works within guidelines and customers where additional costs will • Ensures all contracts are reviewed by • Develops systems to drive above
responding to customer needs need to be applied as a result of appropriate parties (Legal team, average growth in sales and margins
contract changes or additions Commercial Director etc.) before • Drives the ‘keeping in shape’ agenda
• Deals in a cost-effective and agreements are made • Creates outstanding and long term
appropriate way with customer • Has a good understanding of own shareholder value
complaints or concerns re. contracts division’s projects and resources
• Understands the commercial impact of • Ensures Mouchel business operates in
KPI’s and monitors to ensure delivery an efficient manner with due regard for
continual ‘keeping in shape’ initiatives
• Strong focus on KPI performance and
monitors them to minimise risk and
create contingency plans where
necessary 14
Customer and account management
Building strong customer and account relationships through, understanding customer business, being an honest and trusted partner and maximising value for
the customer and Mouchel

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Ensures that they understand customer • Encourages all the team to give high • Develops strong customer relationships • Creates significant value for the
expectations and project briefs clearly priority to customer satisfaction that help to position Mouchel as a key customer through clearly
so that they can provide high quality • Anticipates customer problems or partner to the customer understanding their expectations and
customer service requests and is able to resolve them • Anticipates customer requirements and needs, and exceeding them
• Acts promptly to resolve customer effectively challenges and proactively provides • Creates outstanding and long term
requests or problems • Looks for opportunities to maximise solutions shareholder value
• Fully understands customer’s needs value for the customer • Demonstrates an excellent • Sets up systems and processes to
and requirements • Continually seeks out opportunities to understanding of customer, customer build a climate of excellent customer
• Deals with all customer requests in a Increase sales and reduce costs competitors and marketplace management
cost-effective way for Mouchel and the through providing high quality customer • Ensures that difficult customer issues • Sets up systems to understand
customer service are addressed and root cause customer feedback and ensures action
• Is aware of the importance of building • Is able to demonstrate effective understood and dealt with by self and plans are in place to address issues or
shareholder value negotiating skills with customers others maximise opportunities based on
• Balances the needs of the customer • Addresses difficult issues with • Builds shareholder value at all times outputs
with the needs of Mouchel customers effectively and diplomatically • Achieves an average score of 70% or • Creates a climate in business stream
• Has some understanding of the • Is aware of the need to build greater on all Customer Satisfaction where all staff are able to demonstrate
customer’s market shareholder value surveys an ability to ‘Recommend Mouchel to
• Builds good relationships with • Clear understanding of the customer’s • Acts on feedback obtained from Customers’
customer staff at their level market and political context various customer review processes to • Develops alliances with key customers
• understands the implications of own • Builds good relationships with ensure the best quality service is to aid business development
decisions on the business and the customer staff at all levels delivered at all times opportunities
customer • Acts on customer feedback and • Performs effectively in an Account • Sets up systems to monitor customer
• Seeks customer feedback accurately interprets customer needs Director or Account Manager role feedback
• Creates improvement for the customer • Seen as a trusted partner rather than a
though business and customer service supplier to key customers and
indicators accounts
• Supports the Mouchel account
management process

Business management
Managing own business area through effective use and compliance with Mouchel business systems and processes

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Ensures 100% compliance with • Responsible for budgets of up to • Typically responsible for business or • Responsible for businesses or
Mouchel systems and processes £0.5m and up to 25 staff programmes up to 20m+ turnover and programmes of £20-100m+ turnover
• Demonstrates a drive to achieve all • Ensures 100% personal and team 25-200 staff or medium specialist and 100-1500 staff or large specialist
personal targets set, including compliance with Mouchel systems and function function
timesheets utilisation, sales, debt processes • Manages budgets of up to £2m or • Manages budgets of £5m+ or income
management and people based targets • Ensures self and all reports maintain income targets for consultants of up to targets for consultants of £1.5m+
and requirements sound business practice with a focus £0.5m • Creates a climate of compliance with
• Proactively makes best use of non- on achievement of utilisation, sales, • Ensures 100% compliance with Mouchel systems and processes
chargeable time to the benefit of the debt management and people based Mouchel systems and processes • Creates a climate of sound business
team and Mouchel targets and requirements • Ensures all managers and reports practice with a focus on achievement
• Ensures that the team and manager • Understands customer targets and maintain sound business practice with of utilisation, sales, debt management
are kept informed of progress towards KPIs and how Mouchel is contributing a focus on achievement of utilisation, and people based targets
targets and any issues or changes in to them. sales, debt management and people • Creates stretching commercial and
targets • Sets and exceeds appropriate based targets delivery targets and systems to review
commercial and delivery targets and • Adds value while meeting customer and proactively address potential
KPI’s at all times for self and others and and exceeds commercial and delivery issues
ensures control and visibility targets at all times • Sets a climate to create a focus on a
• Proactively makes best use of self and • Maintains a focus to ensure successful balanced business success model
reports non-chargeable time to the impact on financial success and addressing finance, customers, staff
benefit of the team and Mouchel customer, staff and stakeholder and key stakeholders
• Ensures that the team and their satisfaction • Shapes the communication channels to
manager and the customer are kept • Uses non-chargeable time to enhance ensure all in the business understand
informed of progress towards targets Mouchel’s business and people how business projects contribute to the
and any issues or changes in targets capability financial success of Mouchel.
• Ensures that the team, manager and
the customer are kept informed of
progress towards targets and any
issues or changes in targets

Project and programme delivery
Delivering excellence for customers through high quality project and programme delivery using Mouchel tools and processes

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Grades J-G Grades F-E Grades D-B Grades A-0

• Junior PM: simple jobs involving no • Senior PM: medium sized jobs • Principal PM: large jobs lasting more • Chief PM: projects of the highest order
more than three team members, and involving extensive customer contact, than six months, with a possibly difficult of complexity or duration, or with the
with no known complexities, based in or a medium level of complexity, or customer and some technical and biggest risk and > £500k
the UK and with day-to-day supervision some overseas work and < £200k financial exposure and risk noted at Bid • Creates a climate of high quality project
from a senior employee and < £50k • Delivers timely and quality services that Review and < £500k and programme delivery
• Delivers timely and quality services that meet or exceed Project Manager and • Demonstrates an ability to plan and • Sets up systems to ensure project &
meet or exceed Project Manager and customer expectations, within budget manage programmes and medium size programme data is collated, analysed
customer expectations, within budget • Uses reporting system to ensure that projects and acted upon to ensure continuous
and ‘flags’ to Project Manager where potential project or programme • Demonstrates an understanding and improvement for the customer and
any potential issues or problems are challenges are recognised proactively implementation of strict cost, resource Mouchel
occurring on the project and managed appropriately and risk control to ensure planned • Holds managers to account to ensure
• Uses standard Mouchel project and • Uses standard Mouchel project and profitability is achieved 100% compliance with Mouchel project
programme management tools where programme management tools where • Maintains quality and timescale and programme tools and processes
available available standards at all times by self and • Shapes an environment that is focused
• Attends PM@Mouchel training as • Completes PM@Mouchel training as through others on excellence in delivery and customer
required required • Uses standard Mouchel project and management
• Raises any issues with delivery in a • Raises any issues with delivery in a programme management tools where
timely fashion timely fashion available
• Develop and tailor Mouchel project and
programme processes to cater for
customer’s needs while still maintaining
• Supports an environment that is
focused on excellence in delivery and
customer management

Career Builder
Career Journey and General FAQs

1. My next challenge If you are interested in a type of role but don’t know much When you are asked to attend a competency based
about it, contact managers and people that work in that interview you will be asked questions designed to assess
What happens if I have seen a role on Mouchel Jobs area and in those roles already. Ask them about their how much experience you have had of a certain behaviour
which requires a business skill which I have not been experience working in that role and what behaviours and or business skill. You should prepare in exactly the same
required to have in the past? business skills they have found to be important for the role. way as before by thinking of specific examples of where
They may also be able to give you practical ideas about you have used those skills in your current or previous roles.
We all have to start somewhere! It would be helpful to start how you can start developing these skills. You could also
thinking about the type of role you are interested in next, discuss this with your line manager and try to build the Is there a bank of questions related to the Career
and what skills would be required so that you can find development you need into your development plan Builder which I can use when carrying out an
opportunities to begin to develop them. Speak to your line discussed at your PPD. interview?
manager about other aspects of work that you may be
able to get involved in to begin building a new business How are the Business Skills and Behaviours chosen for Once you have attended the Interview & Selection training
skill. We also will be offering development interventions roles? workshop (which is mandatory for all hiring managers) you
designed to help people build or further extend their will be given access to a library of questions related to
knowledge of business skills. Why not contact others who Line Managers will highlight business skills and behaviours business skills and behaviours.
are working in similar roles to the one you are interested in, that are most relevant for a role, for instance a role that
ask them for ideas about how to begin to develop skills was focussed on building business growth would require 2. My assessment
and experience in this area and how they got started. Business Development as one of the business skills.
Which type of assessment methods are used for
How can I find out which business skills and How can I use the career builder when looking for jobs behaviours?
behaviours are relevant for roles I see on Mouchel in Mouchel?
Jobs? Behaviours can be assessed through competency based
Career Builder opens more opportunities for you by interviews, assessment exercises e.g. written exercises,
All the roles advertised on Mportal will also include a full encouraging you to develop more broadly, focussing on role plays and personality questionnaires.
person specification that sets out the relevant Behaviours business skills as well as behaviours and technical
and Business Skills required. If you would like more detail, knowledge. You may find that in order to develop a Which type of assessment methods are used for
contact the hiring manager who will be able to give you particular business skill in more depth you would benefit by business skills?
further information. moving sideways into a different role. As a result you will
develop more broadly and are likely to find a wider range of Business Skills can be assessed through competency
How can I develop business skills for a role I aspire for, job opportunities open to you. based interviews, assessment exercises e.g.
if I don’t know which business skills are relevant to the presentations, written exercises, role plays and through
role (for example a role which isn’t on Mouchel Jobs)? How is the career builder used for competency based specific technical exercises.

How can I use the Career Builder to prepare for an your induction plan. First understand which of the 4. My appraisal
assessment? behaviours and business skills are relevant to your role.
You may need to discuss this with your manager if you are How do I use the career builder to prepare for my
Read through the relevant Behaviours and Business Skills unsure. Then look at the level of behaviours and business appraisal?
and think about how you use those in your current role, or skills you are required to demonstrate and think about how
have used them in previous roles. Read the indicators you can use them to carry out your SMART objectives. By The Career Builder can be used to prepare for your
carefully and consider how, if you did use them, you could fully understanding what behaviours and business skills appraisal. Make a note of the behaviours and business
be more effective in your role. and which level you should be displaying from day one, skills which have been aligned to your role. If you are
you are able to build them in to your role on a day to day unsure of what they are speak to your line manager. Then
3. My new role basis and use them to achieve your objectives. take the career builder and look at the positive descriptors
for your role behaviours and business skills and think of
I’m new to the company. How does the Career Builder How can I use the career builder to induct an internal examples of when you have displayed the descriptors and
relate to Mouchel? transfer? how you can develop further to display the descriptors.

The career builder has been specifically aligned to the When inducting an employee who has been promoted or How do I use the career builder to prepare for
Mouchel Guiding Principals and Values. Within the career has transferred from another part of the business, it is conducting an appraisal?
builder document each Behaviour and Business Skill has the important to fully understand which of the behaviours and Prior to holding the PPA meeting with your report, ensure
relevant Guiding Principal within the header of the page. business skills they have worked to and had as part of your report is aware of which of the behaviours and
Further information the Guiding Principals can be found in the their development plan within their previous role. You business skills are aligned to their role. Ask them to read
Mouchel Corporate Plan ‘Mouchel the Route to 2012’ doc on should discuss which of their new behaviours and through the relevant behaviours and business skills found
Mportal > Support Services > Marketing > Resources. business skills they feel they are able to display and which in the career builder and think of how they display each of
ones they may require further development for. the descriptors. You should also read through the
The Career Builder is unique to Mouchel and has been descriptors and make a note of when you have observed
designed to be flexible to enable employees to have You should look to observe which of their behaviours and them display their behaviours and business skills within
behaviours and business skills which are relevant to their business skills they display when carrying out their 3 month their role.
role and allow their role and development objectives to be SMART objectives. If you feel they require further
stretching and rewarding. development and support throughout their first three months How can I use the career builder for my development
in role, you should discuss this with them as soon as possible plan (see section 8 and 9)
How do I use the career builder to get started in a and amend their induction development plan as necessary.
new role? How will the career builder be used to review my
During their three months, review their SMART objectives, objectives?
When you are new to a role, it is important that you have behaviours and business skills and take them in to
SMART objectives set for your first three months as part of consideration when setting further objectives. Your objectives are reviewed independently of the

behaviours and business skills, as far as whether you have are looking to develop in to your current role and ask your portfolio of skills and behaviours which they otherwise may
completed them. However, the behaviours and business manager if they are able to help you review your progress. not have considered. By building a wider range of skills
skills you used and displayed in order to complete your individuals will find that they will create a greater range of
objectives are taken in to consideration and are reviewed Your PPD is the structured meeting where you should opportunities to build a satisfying career progression within
individually as part of your PPA. discuss your career plans with your manager, however you Mouchel.
can approach your manager at any time of year to discuss
How do I convert my past competencies to the career your career plans. Does the career builder enable me to move upwards
builder behaviours and business skills? or sideways? / How can I use the career builder to
Another aspect of the PPD discussion is the review of the understand which direction I want to go in?
During your next PPA or PPD you will discuss your new objectives set during your PPA.
behaviours and business skills. You will review which of Its certainly a fact that the ‘step change’ required between
your new behaviours and business skills you have recently Prepare for your PPD by looking at the behaviours and grades in Mouchel is becoming greater as the size of the
displayed and which ones may require further development business skills which are linked to your role and establish business and hence size of roles grows. The Career
and opportunity to use. with of the behaviours and business skill you have used Builder sets out what is required at different role levels and
whilst carrying out your objectives. it may be that it is too large a step for you to make in one
5. My career planning role change. The Career Builder encourages you to take
Also identify which of the career builder behaviours and ownership of your career by setting out what skills and
How can I use the career builder for succession business skills you feel are relevant to your career plans. behaviours are required in the role you aspire to so that you
planning and my PPD? can ‘plot your course’ towards it. This may mean that you
Career Development tools can be found on Mportal > need to move sideways into another role or different business
The career builder’s flexible approach enables you to Support services > Human resource > Talent Management stream in order to build the broader experience required.
establish which of the behaviours and business skills may > Learning and development > Career development.
be relevant and excite you when planning your career – How can I help someone realise their potential by
whether your career plans are for a promotion or a 6. My potential using the career builder?
sideways step in new direction.
How can I use the career builder to better understand As a line manager you can use the Career Builder as part of
When planning your career, identify which of the my potential? your PPA/PPD discussions and development discussions
behaviours and business skills may be required for your throughout the year by encouraging your team member to
desired move and plan how you are going to develop in We have designed the Career Builder to help people think about where they want to progress in their career and
the areas you have no or little experience of. understand the skills and behaviours required by the the skills and behaviours they will need to develop to get
organisation to enable it to reach its stretching business there. You may be able to allocate projects or new
Discuss your career plans with your manager and where targets. The Career Builder helps individuals move out of responsibilities that will enable them to build new skills or
possible try to build the behaviours and business skills you rigid career paths and encourages them to build a broad behaviours and they would benefit from coaching from you

so they know how they are progressing. Try to encourage the centre to help you understand which areas you already
your team member to be flexible in their thinking so that they have shown great strengths in and could use more and
don’t limit the wider range of opportunities that could be which areas you need to develop in order to build your Leader
available to them within the Mouchel group. next career step in Mouchel.
Managing the
7. My capability centre 8. My development programme MouchelWay

How can I use the career builder to prepare for a How have the Mouchel programmes been developed
Emerging Manager
capability centre? to incorporate the career builder? Programme

Read through the relevant behaviours and business skills Mouchel has a number of development programmes
and think about how you use those in your current role, or which are specifically aligned to the Career Builder Academy
have used them in previous roles. Read the indicators behaviours and business skills.
carefully and consider how, if you did use them you could Participants for our development programmes are
be more effective in your role. nominated to attend following capability centres or through
the succession planning process, other than the Academy The development pyramid
How do capability centres incorporate the career Programme, where participants apply inline with the
builder? Academy policy. What if my role behaviours and business skills aren’t
The programmes are aligned to the career builder all in a development programme?
The Capability Centres are designed around the behaviours and some of the managerial type business
behaviours and business skills that are relevant for that skills. Behaviours and Business Skills which you need for
leadership level. The exercises will assess a range of development and aren’t part of your development
different behaviours and business skills and you will receive What level behaviours does each of the programmes relate programme, can be developed through on the job experience,
feedback on these areas. to? mentoring or through an additional workshop or course.

How does the career builder relate to my capability • Academy – Is designed to address level 1 of the What if the business skill(s) that I need to develop
centre feedback? behaviours and business skills. can’t be provided through Mouchel learning?
• Emerging Manager Leaders – Is designed to address
The Capability Centres will give you a realistic ‘job preview’ level 2 of the behaviours and business skills. If your business skill cannot be developed through a
of the next leadership level and you will probably find it • Managing the Mouchel Way – Is designed to address Mouchel workshop or programme, discuss with your
stretching. You will have been assessed on the Career level 3 of the behaviours and business skills. manager the best way for you to fulfil your development
Builder behaviour and skills required at that next level. It is • Mouchel Leader Programme – Is designed to address need. It may be through mentoring, on the job training or a
important that you make good use of the feedback after level 4 of the behaviours and business skills. formal workshop or course provided externally.

9. My ongoing development never undertaken before. You may not always get it right, centres, 360 feedback or direct feedback.
but trying something new is invariably a good learning
How does the Career Builder assist with my ongoing experience. Role and Business Requirements: Creating a
development? development plan through role requirements.
Which areas of the Career Builder do you see as being
You can use the Career Builder to identify which beneficial and stretching, even a little uncomfortable? Career Development: Creating a development plan for
behaviours and Business Skills you need to develop as Gaining experience in these areas, although you may feel career development.
part of your current role and as part of your career slightly uncomfortable by doing so, could be very
planning. Look at which of the behaviours and business rewarding for both your sense of achievement and your The career builder allows you to create a development plan
skills you currently need to meet and may need to meet in future career. in line with your current requirements and also allows you
the future and create your development plan. Your to look ahead for future development needs and sideways
development plan doesn’t just have to be formal training, it How can I use the Career Builder for my CPD with a to additional business skills for new and exciting
can include on the job training, reading a book, online professional institution? development needs.
learning and even attending a meeting or seminar. Ensure
you prioritise your development plan, putting your current Your Institution development objectives should be viewed Each time you have a planned or unplanned learning
development needs as your first priority and your future as separate to your Mouchel development objectives, experience whether through on the job experience or
development needs following on from that. however where possible it is important to seek to carry out classroom based learning ensure you update your CPD
your Institution CPD alongside your day to day work. The record.
Each time you have a planned or unplanned learning exp- career builder has been created with Institution and
erience whether through on the job experience or classroom professional development requirements in mind, especially How can I use the career builder when I leave the
based learning ensure you update your CPD record. for the business skills. Academy programme?

How can I use the Career Builder to develop in areas How do I use the career builder for my development The Academy programme is predominately aligned to the
outside of my comfort zone? plan? level one behaviours and business skills. Once Academy
affiliates complete the programme they can use the career
Sometimes it can be easy to become comfortable in a role, There are a variety of opportunities in Mouchel which you builder to identify development needs for higher level
particularly when you’re an expert in your field. Over time can use to add to your development plan inline with the behaviours and business skills or additional business skills.
however, this can mean you miss out on opportunities – or career builder. There are thee different types of situation
you might find yourself unable to meet new objectives when you are likely to create or develop your development
which reflect the changing needs of the business. plan;

That’s why it’s often good to take a risk in your career, Feedback: Creating a development plan through feedback
leaving your comfort zone and attempting tasks you’ve from development centres, capability centres, assessment

General and Business FAQs have level 2, but be performing and displaying a higher The levels are separate. For example someone who is
competence. demonstrating level 3 in a business skill will not be
Which business skills will be relevant for the support expected to demonstrate level 1. In most cases it would
functions such as HR, Finance, IT? How does the How will the new framework impact on e.g. mandatory be difficult to demonstrate both, as the higher levels
model relate to a Business Support Role? training e.g. interview and selection – are the changes represent higher competence.
significant enough to require managers to do the
The business skills are flexible enough to be relevant to training again? What determines my grade?
Business Support Roles. Dependent upon the role
requirements and grade, business support employees may Employees who feel they or their reports require refresher Your Role determines your grade. If you are performing a
have one or a number of business skills relevant to their training will be able to attend the training if they feel it is higher level of behaviours and business skills than that of
role. If they are a specialist in a Technical area the Technical necessary for them to do so. All material which supports your job description it does not automatically result in your
Skills business skill may be relevant. If they manage Mouchel processes and mandatory training is being job role being re-graded. Performing at a higher level of
projects or programmes the Project and Programme updated and can be found on Mportal. behaviour and business skill enables you to seek
Management business skill may be relevant. opportunities to develop further behaviours and business
How do the Behaviours and Business Skills link skills which will allow you to feel stretched and will assist
It is important that those in a Business Support Role together? you with your career planning.
recognise that the expertise and support given to the
Mouchel Business is as important and as relevant as the The Career Builder incorporates the ‘how we do things’ Is there something about frequency and opportunity to
expertise and support the Mouchel Business gives to (Behaviours) with ‘what we do and capability’ (Business demonstrate?
Mouchel customers. Skills). The Behaviours and Business Skills link together so
that all employees have a combination of both, to ensure the You and your manager may agree that as part of your
How will performance be differentiated within grade right balance between the expected behaviours and business development plan, you will continue to display behaviours
groupings i.e. if all grades F to E are required to skills are established to complement the grade of an and competence of business skill and identify opp-
operate at behaviour level 2 then how will we individual. ortunities to demonstrate additional higher behaviours
differentiate a poor E from a great F? Will it be by and business skills.
salary only? Do you need to be demonstrating all the bullet point
statements in order to be rated at each level? Can I ever be at a higher level than my grade expects
We can differentiate between a poor E and a great F e.g. at Level 3 at a grade J-H?
because as with all roles in Mouchel we can identify if an Employees should be demonstrating the bullet point
individual is performing against their role expectations. statements which support each of the behaviour and You can perform at a higher level than your grade expects
business skills levels, which are relevant to their role. because either it is a requirement of your role or because
A grade E who wants to progress to a grade C should be you are naturally performing at a higher level through
displaying some or all level 3 behaviours. They may have Are the levels accumulative or separate? development.
some level 3 behaviours as a requirement of their role or