The Many Faces of God

By Debbie Milam

When your child asks what does God look like, how would you answer? One glorious late afternoon Michael and his mother sat cuddled together on the porch swing as they welcomed the serenity of dusk. The air was crisp and the sky was ablaze with the extraordinary hues of nature's palate. This was a special time they shared together. On this particular night Michael was filled with wonder and curiosity as he turned to his mother and asked, "Mommy, what does God look like?" His mother looked at him and said, "The faces of God are many my love." The night I met your father; The day we married and our souls became one; And the morning I held you as a newborn in my arms and gazed upon your angelic face; I knew what God looked liked. The moment I watched a double rainbow emerge from the violent storm clouds; The daybreak when the morning sky was filled with magnificent shades of magenta, lavender, and sapphire; And the twilight when I witnessed the brilliant sunset illuminate the mountains; I knew what God looked like. The evening you became very ill and I stayed up comforting you throughout the night; The moments I prayed for your healing; And the dawn when you awoke smiling and healthy; I knew what God looked like. The day your beautiful sister was entrusted into our family; The moment I watched as you tenderly held her for the first time; And the instant you told her you were her big brother; I knew what God looked like. The days when our whole family hugged and no one wanted to let go; The twilight when our loved ones joined the Lord in heaven; And finally, the nights when we, as a family, gave thanks for all the blessings in our lives; I knew what God looked like. Michael interrupted and said rather impatiently, but Mommy you still have not told me what God looks like. His mother smiled and said, "My darling, As our days and nights unfold the precious moments we experience are woven together to form the fabric of our lives, each thread bearing the face of God. In every gift, in every challenge, in every blessing, in every obstacle, in all that is beautiful and all that is changing you can see God's face revealed. By being aware of God's divine presence in our lives, we will always know what God looks like." Michael and his mother continued to cuddle on the porch swing as they watched day turn to night. As the sun disappeared over the horizon, the stars emerged one by one, glistening like diamonds against the deep blue background of the night sky. The heavenly constellations appeared and shooting stars began to race across the vastness of the

full of myself. I dug down deep and laid the change upon the passenger's seat and rushed to greet him. I made the decision that day to drive this route. I know because I pretended that I hadn't seen him too. this solitary person. He had the look of another place. He was not there. I could no longer drive by this being without giving something. It was if they acknowledged his presence.Law-of-Attraction-Masters. I couldn't say he was an old man. . this being that had the look of another place stayed in my soul quietly hovering. It was if something was telling me that I must give what I could to this weary soul. "Mommy. love. because they gave nothing. clinging to the change for my Starbuck's Venti Latte.universe. If they acted like they hadn't seen him .com I used to see a dirty and ragged man sit at the light where I turned onto the freeway on one of the many routes I took to work back when I lived in the city for a while.they could deny he was there. at this median in the road with his head bowed. something was wrong with them. heavy with thoughts unknown to any but himself. because I had nothing to give or I felt guilty because I was being selfish. Many drivers would speed by him in the hopes that he hadn't seen . now I know what God looks like. And there he would sit and wait upon the kindness of strangers. He didn't carry a sign.that they had seen him. This man. The air was filled with peace. the bare soles of his feet worn black and hard from wearing no shoes. and wonder as Michael turned to his mother and said. It was easy to see that he was without home or without food and without the comforts that so many of us take for granted. And then I couldn't stand it any more." The Eyes of an Angel By Laurie Brenner http://www. Sometimes I would drive a different way. He just sat at this light. He never asked for money. neither could I say he was young. and no matter what anyone thought.

PracticalSpiritualityTeachings. bringing with him a blast of Buffalo January cold air. I knew that I had looked into the eyes of an angel. I would reach my hand out the window and his would meet mine in mid-air. the blue of a fresh morning sky greeted me with a look that had seen forever. a man behind me laid on his horn as I slowed to stop. Lessons Learned From a Child and Her Dog By Cyndi Krupp http://www. I put on the brakes and ignored the man behind me because he didn't know anything else. The man reached out to take my change and he looked into my eyes again. And I reached out to give this stranger my change. I made sure I always had change. One morning. And he smiled. when the sun rose to greet the day. this moment ongoing will be with me always. my daughter Emma responded after listening to me complain. this toll I would gladly pay knowing that I had made a difference. I dug down deep and produced a handful of change and slowed to give it over to his dirty hand. Only where brown eyes used to be. I threw my hand up into the eye of the rearview mirror like a mother waving at an impatient child. this token. I saw him again. and the cars struggled like so many cattle rushing through the only gate toward pasture. Sometimes I would come with my hands full of my gift. He had the eyes of a child.And So teach him to close the door". letting the horn-blarer know just what I thought. That smile sailed through my soul like lightning and landed somewhere next to my heart. again. And as I did so. I would continue driving feeling just a little bit lighter. about the dog coming in from the back door. . no malice lived there. when days passed and I took that route again and again. He would say thank you ever so quietly and humbly and briefly look into my eyes with warm brown eyes. And I've never seen him since. This moment in time.

What a wonderful treat to have a dog that can close the door after himself. A wish is just a wish until you decide to take action. I have to remove the hand signal and work so that he will close the door from a distance. and. And I knew we turned the corner this morning when he asked to be let out just so I would open the door. she said. grabbing some treats and positioning him in front of the open door. Once you decide to accomplish a goal. smiled. But then she took it a step further. and decide that it "is" easy (remember Emma's assurance). She rewarded him with a treat. than it becomes easy to do what needs to be done. which moved the door to a closed position. with consistency of focus the task will be completed. so that he could close it and be treated. I now realize. but lately more and more successes. Even more wonder can be found in the lessons I learned so clearly from both Emma and Kolby." And "touch" he did. There have been failures. "Come on Kolby". and full of lots and lots of treats. Over the last few days I have been consistent with Kolby. really hard thing to do. and I do not have any dog credentials following my name. than it remains "too hard" and out of reach.Teach a dog to close a door behind him? You got to be kidding. WOW There remains work to be done. As long as one holds on to the belief that it is "too hard". So what have you been wishing for lately? And what has been stopping you from getting started? © Rev Cyndi Krupp Why Can't I Touch The Sky? By Robert Hunt http://myselfdevelopment. and said "see!" And I saw and became convinced. "Why can't I touch .net My six-year-old daughter Sophie and I were playing a rhyming game the other day and out of the blue she asked me. Working towards the accomplishment of a goal can be loads of fun. Just start doing it. "Touch. Each time he comes in I bring him back to the open door and ask him to close (I changed the target word. looked at me. But. That has got to be a really. making the command more specific). with the way things are progressing. completed quickly.

when we used to talk about and imagine what we would become when we grew up? I wanted to be a policeman and my friends wanted to be fireman and race car drivers. I knew that someday. but that was too technical. She looked at me with a puzzle on her face and then I knew. Then I had a realization. As we age.. Remember when we were younger. but she just looked at me funny. We believed anything was possible and we could become whatever we wanted. I kept thinking about her question and why I couldn't come up with a really cool answer. That night while lying in bed. Children are visionaries. the ever-increasing intrusions of the world on our minds seem to frighten that childlike imagination into full-blown retreat. She conducts an imaginary reading class and makes sure each doll pronounces the words correctly. Something tells me her friend wouldn't have the slightest difficulty in explaining the answer. And worse yet.the sky?" I laughed inside and thought for a few moments. What if my daughter had asked the same question to another six year old? What would the other child have said? Some six year olds think they know the answer to everything and its fun to listen to what they have to say. She dresses her babies and gets them ready for they're day. Chances are. my little girl just might lose her pure and trusting imagination to adulthood and maybe stop asking these wonderfully creative questions. once again. with my priorities. Was it because I had "grown up" and now used my imagination like an "adult"? As I grew. She made me think about my own potentiality and how I may be limiting myself. and why grass is green. they would have argued and discussed it until finally reaching agreement. As children. Maybe I need to reconnect with my childlike imagination and think more outside the box of . As we grew up. Why on earth would a six-year-old little girl dream she couldn't touch the sky unless somebody told her she couldn't? I watch my little girl as she plays. Sometimes I can catch a glimpse of her inner world when we sit and talk about her day or what her plans are for tomorrow. I tried to explain it from the Jack and the Beanstalk story. the clumsier it got when finally I realized I wasn't getting through. It connected me. the maturation process obviously had boxed me in. The more I tried. We lose a little bit of the wonder of life around us as we schedule the next meeting or plan tomorrow's agenda. I wished I could have turned the question over to an imaginary friend and then sit back and listen to the conversation.. Why flowers need sunlight and how birds really fly. Where did my childlike imagination go? Why did it go? I thought I would ask Sophie this question to help me understand why some adults tend to lose sight of this magical way of thinking and why others make a living by it. Then I tried the old earth space thing. Her imagination takes wing each and every day to places I'm not aware. and it seems a little sad to think our childlike imagination seems to disappear as we grow older. It never occurs to her that there's any other way. I have my daughter to thank for asking her question. we learned why the sky really is blue. I didn't feel like it was right that I progressed up the ladder of maturity only to lose what I feel is a very important concept: the ability to retain and possess a childlike quality to explore other possibilities. never doubting the possibilities. we dreamed big.

After three months in Neonatal Intensive Care. an emergency C-section was the only option. After a bit more deliberation.. Lainie had already named her unborn son. he faced the probability of numerous health problems: mental creativity. she discussed the situation with close friends. and cystic fibrosis. Chance. Instead. except the deafening tick of her biological clock! Lainie's last few birthdays had been dreaded reminders that she was still single and childless. Lainie was unable to continue her established career path in Kansas. Weighing in at 1 pound and 15 ounces. Due to chronic lung disease in premature babies. why she can. Mom was more than willing to provide the emotional support Lainie needed and to help care for her young grandson.. Chance's therapy sessions and endless doctor appointments required her schedule to be flexible. an overjoyed. her employment took the route of temporary jobs. five siblings to be exact. she yearned to have a child of her own. maybe I can explain in my own six-year-old way. her first attempt at invitro fertilization was successful. At 28 weeks things changed in a heartbeat. the premature baby boy had been aptly named. She worried. she stewed. The doctors were straightforward and not encouraging. yet fearful Mother took her still-fragile infant home. Lainie remained in intensive care for 10 anxiety-ridden days while her tiny son struggled to live. Chance By Kathleene S. she opted to ³go for it. touch the sky. the mild weather. If I do Lainie's career flourished after her move to California. Baker http://txyellowrose. blindness. to name only a few. Lainie was content with everything in her life. and studied her financial situation. She loved her job. Lainie was thrilled! The first 27 weeks of Lainie's pregnancy were perfect and each day her excitement soared. Chance would not be a daycare candidate for 2 years and Lainie was forced to make several major decisions. it came with no promise of survival for Mother or child. When preeclampsia reared its ugly head. She left California and moved into her mother's roomy home in Kansas. . Should he survive. Moreover. Being the product of a large family. and she prayed to God for just that²a chance of survival for her child. Lainie's mother traveled from Kansas to aid her youngest daughter and brand new grandson. cerebral palsy.´ As if by design. She held him for the first time when he was one week old. the situation became critical and she was terrified. At 35 years of age. and the circle of close friends she acquired. for he was given a 50-50 chance of making it through his first night. as well as her mother. Once sure she could handle all aspects of being a single mother.

. She began job hunting and found it somewhat difficult in filling out applications. kidney and heart surgery. it seems Chance has been cradled in God's loving hands. Her husband had to totally reinvent himself and was yearning to fulfill a dream with a new vocation. Once Maggie¶s mom returned home she became her mom¶s helper one day a week. a middle aged wife and mother who was about to find out. One day a devastating blow came to her husband¶s business.. a multitude of prayers.WhispersFromTheUniverse. Chance fills Lainie's life with love. Furthermore. She did the shopping. Despite all adjustments and challenges encountered.At 18 months of age Chance lags behind developmentally for a child his age. changed sheets. the smile that graced grandma's proud face was priceless. It appears he has avoided all of the possible maladies that once loomed in his future. What do butterflies have in common with the human spirit? Meet Maggie. his bright eyes danced and he giggled while giving grandma ³high fives´ one after the other. Maggie began to feel guilty that she wasn¶t contributing with any kind of income.. She was happy for him and supported him fully. When I last visited Chance. Maggie was a partner in her husband¶s business. ³chances are´ that Chance will lead a completely normal life. Both issues resolved themselves with no logical or scientific explanation! Since birth. and over a three year period the business dropped out of site. and the grace of God. She was living an average comfortable life. It had been a long time since she had worked outside the home and had to work for someone else. vacuumed and did other things that her mother was not able to do anymore. Her and her husband made sure their daughter had her needs met and they were still able to take a yearly vacation by the beach. At the time she was job hunting her mom became more ill than she had been and ended up in the hospital for a week. Needless to say she was scared but still had faith that everything would be OK. and joy daily. With mountains of love. In addition. Chance dodged two additional obstacles that were thrown in his path²those being. but still the money was not coming in. It felt as though that didn¶t count for anything as she was never called for an interview. The Struggle By Tony Masiello http://www. but he makes progress daily. Of course her mom would pay her for her time and labor but she still felt she needed to find another source of income. They both had a different set of duties which kept everything in balance. especially the part asking for job references. Maggie wasn¶t rich like a millionaire or poor in a manner of being homeless. It was made even better when a beautiful baby girl came her way. Keep in mind that she was self-employed with her husband for almost 20 years.

In essence the struggle is necessary for the butterfly to survive. struggling. Each time it lunges out to escape. If someone were to come along and break the chrysalis open for it then the butterfly would die from those acids. Using another talent for computers she printed off some flyers and cards and distributed them to her church. She was told they would be in touch when the schedule was ready. even though she¶s not a CEO of a major company or a power player she feels happy and productive again. It is only at this time when we are exhausted and still that we begin to hear the Universe whisper to us. Yes. It was at that moment that a silent idea came to her to offer other elderly people home care assistance. Before a butterfly can emerge out of it¶s chrysalis it has to go through a lot of struggling. and anger. she became exhausted and gave up. grocery stores and even placed a small ad in the newspaper. She passed the interview with flying colors and was told she was ³exactly´ what they were looking for. Within a week she had procured two new clients. As she knew she would. she began to cry. softly at first just from the sheer pain of being rejected. Three long years of struggle had finally caught up with her. ³What do you want me to do´? She really felt that God had abandoned her. There are times that we need to struggle. she received an e-mail saying that the company had changed the job into a full time position and she was not qualified. She welcomed the aloneness and wanted to drown her sorrows in a hot tub of bubbles. fear. Then in the stillness. When she was able to cry no more. It was important for her to be home when her daughter arrived home from school. A Parable of a Child By Steve Goodier http://LifeSupportSystem. Now. She felt betrayed and felt she had been lied to. So. That evening she was alone as her husband and daughter had gone out for the night. to rid ourselves of the acids that make up sadness. Although it was only part time it was exactly what she wanted. She cried harder and yelled. Within a few weeks though. Knowing she had the job made her feel contented and productive again. Maggie was devastated. We as humans are not any different. to God himself.One of the first applications she had filled out finally came through. acids are being removed from its . had God really abandoned her? Let¶s look at nature for the lessons and the answer. angry at everything from the circumstances that got her there. the butterfly can come out and share its beauty with the world. when the struggle is over. Then she became angry.

" But this isn't simply a parable about an unnamed school teacher. a woman he knew rose to a position of world prominence. She would need to know how to solve problems of various kinds. yet tempered it with compassion. and something remarkable will happen. Only she was not one of his students. It had never occurred to him before²any ONE of his present or future students could be the person described in his dream. He expected the best from his students. She would need to grow in character as well as knowledge. yet she would also need love and encouragement. I've heard it said that "Children are living messages we send to a time and place we will never see. for him. 'How might my teaching change if I KNEW that one of my students were this person?' He gradually began to formulate a plan in his mind. Every young person who walked through his classroom became. her father was the best. She would need self-assurance as well as the ability to listen well and work with others. He taught each one as if the future of the world depended on his instruction." You finish the sentence. She would need to know the value of lifelong learning in order to keep a curious and active mind.. a future world leader. She would need to grow in understanding of others and become a student of the spirit. Was he preparing them to rise to ANY POSITION to which they may aspire? He thought. but as they could be. actually begins like this: "You will be given a child who will grow up to become. yet feel optimistic about the future.whether or not we are parents or even teachers. Education is what you get from reading the small print. He saw each one. grow in confidence. If not a world leader. be open-minded. For of all the various teachers in her life. what kind of education will you provide that she can become one of the world's truly GREAT leaders?" The young teacher awoke in a cold sweat. He realized that she must surely have been the girl described in his dream. She would need to set high standards for herself and learn self discipline.. develop both her assertiveness and sensitivity. But believe that one child's future may depend upon influence only you can provide. Experience is what you get from not reading it! But isn't it true that great learning comes from both education and experience? Let me tell you a parable: A young school teacher had a dream that an angel appeared to him and said. And you will never be the same. OUR story. How will you prepare her so that she will realize her intelligence. "You will be given a child who will grow up to become a world leader. And the story. It is a parable about you and me -. then a superb father? An excellent teacher? A gifted healer? An innovative problem solver? An inspiring artist? A generous philanthropist? Where and how you will encounter this child is a mystery. yet strong in character? In short. that she might be filled with love and goodness."There is a difference between education and experience. After many years. She would need to understand and appreciate the past.. not as they were. This student would need experience as well as instruction. For no young person will ever be ordinary to you again. His teaching changed. . but rather his daughter.

A 3M chemist. while he was practicing singing with his choir at North Presbyterian Church in St Paul.009th sales visit. Arthur Fry.000 restaurants rejected his offer. One evening.finger-lickin¶ good! . referring to the dress code Sanders adopted: a white shirt and white trousers. He left his home in Kentucky and traveled to the many states in the US to sell this recipe. Today. Fry received a yearly royalty for his invention. a light breeze blew his hymn sheets away. he received his first social security check of US $99. Federal Express is one of the World¶s largest overnight delivery companies. Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets and fatherly Colonel Sanders¶ statures are found all over the world. Today. one restaurant finally accepted his offer. On the first day of business. He has changed the way the world ate chicken. he was shown the door by many restaurants. The professor awarded Smith a ³C minus´ for it. His only asset was a secret chicken recipe. He offered his secret chicken recipe to many restaurants for free. 5 of which were packages sent to himself.Inspiring Stories of Successful people Fred Smith When Fred Smith attended Yale University Business School. he only delivered 7. He was irritated. To prevent the hymn sheets from flying away.Aha! He had a creative insight. All he wanted in return was a small percentage of the sales. Then. Colonel Sanders When Colonel Sanders w 65 years old. This was because he reasoned the proposal had little potential as the postal industry was monopolized by the US Mail. Smith put his money where his mouth was and started Federal Express. Arthur Fry The glue used in 3M Post-It pads was originally meant for fixed surfaces like the bulletin board. thought of other uses but could not find any for this glue. However. his goal was to deliver 167 packages. ´ Get out of here. How many of you would have quit after making one or two unsuccessful sales calls? On his 1. he used the glue to stick paper onto paper. However. Who wants a recipe from a white Santa Claus?´ the restaurant owners shouted. Who would want to send a package through another courier when there was the US Mail? Undeterred. He was broke. Over 1. he wrote a project paper on the concept of overnight package delivery. The Post-It pad was born.

External motivation is a lot like taking drugs. multilevel marketing is one of the best. it¶s the internal flame that sets you afire. we should not aim for motivation. I believe that once you are inspired.) A second example comes to mind. if you are in a leadership position. you ended up with a nice kit and no desire to go into the business. . On the other hand. In fact. You can easily become addicted.´ My response usually is. Right after the meeting you got very excited and pumped up. Once the person or thing that motivated you is no longer present. here is how you can inspire others: create heartwarming stories. not inspired. we should aim for inspiration. but only when he was around. Here is a classic example: I had a boss who was power hungry. You see. Most of my inspirational motivational speaker friends would agree with me that motivation is nothing but a fleeting experience. It is like a caffeine boost. ³Today¶s my day off. He wanted to shine. You have to be inspired and refuse to let negative people rain on your parade. However. The best way to remain internally motivated is to look for sources of inspiration. But you have to give it all you¶ve got. We did what he wanted us to do. Motivational speaker When I mention to others that I am a motivational keynote speaker. You will create inspirational stories that last forever. It only lasts for a moment. there is external motivation. Does that mean multilevel marketing was a gimmick? No. and whatever motivates you had better be there all the time. You signed up on the spot. Suppose you went to a multilevel marketing meeting. I am sure he had good intentions. two days later.Inspirational speaker Vs. lasting motivation will follow.´ I joke about it because contrary to what most people think. but my ultimate goal is to provide lasting inspiration to my audiences. That¶s exactly why an inspirational motivational speaker should aim to inspire instead of pure motivation. you are in big trouble. I will tell you how to do that later. It¶s a short-term feeling. the most common reply is. Once inspired. (By the way. I have heard that many times. He wanted to rule with an iron fist. Had my boss possessed the gift of leadership. but he used the wrong approach to motivate us. lasting motivation comes from within. I am sure my words motivate others. low-cost and no-cost ways to become a millionaire in America. we would be motivated to do an excellent job and to make your boss shine even when no one was watching. you go right back to where you started. Do something remarkable for a couple of employees at the bottom. It means you were motivated. Rather. he would have found a way to inspire us. ³Motivate me. If you can¶t wake up in the morning and pep yourself up. unless you were truly inspired.

find the inspiration to wake up in the morning fired up and ready to go. I believe I can too. If you are waiting for external motivation to get you going day in and day out. deep down inside. look for inspiration. there is something on the inside of you that causes you to believe. and you will demonstrate to them that you are interested in the process²in what made them successful. Let them inspire you. 2. 3. ³If Rene can do it in spite of the challenges he has faced. Books gave me the answers I needed to transform my life. ask yourself whether you are bein inspired or motivated. 4. Listen to exciting speeches and sermons. Read book inspirational books. and acquaintances. There is a huge difference between the two. Trust me on that. The next time you find yourself caught up in the moment. Ask them to share their stories with you. . Anyway. If you are going to start something phenomenal. They¶d love to do so if asked.´ Do you see my point? Somewhere. Right? I believe that once you are inspired. It¶s amazing how many people who are trying to achieve a goal without a point of reference or a map. It all boils down to this: you¶ve got to believe! When you are inspired by a story. That is what the books will do for you.Let¶s face it. It¶s like having a little voice inside your head saying. Read autobiographies of people who have accomplished amazing things in spite of overwhelming odds. an autobiography. 5. friends. people who are inspired tend to have a stronger belief system in spite of the doubters around them. Here is how you can motivate yourself instead of waiting for an motivational speaker: 1. I went from being a poor immigrant with no skills in America to being a sought-after inspirational motivational speaker. or a warm story? Years later. The next time you realize that there is no fire inside your belly to ignite your passion. Finally. you will always live a life of disappointment. you will find the wherewithal to move and take action. draw upon the stories of successful people who have proven they can brave the storms. or a parent? Was it a movie. Oops! I should drop the word motivational and just consider myself an inspirational speaker. you are still inspired by that event. inspiration can last a lifetime. Do you remember a time when you were inspired either by a teacher. a friend. Draw upon the amazing stories of your parents.

ask yourself this. Listen to great speeches and sermons. or to even mentor you. One day. it won't be long before you will find yourself exactly in the same mental condition you were before.Read autobiographies. (This is an excerpt from the Award-winning book No Condition is Permanent by Rene Godefroy) Click here to order your copyThe Book . "Am I being inspired or motivated?" If your speaker is an affirmation-shouting-pump-me-up-speaker. your story will be inspiring. Ask successful people who have had great comebacks to share their stories with you. too! So next time your are listening to a motivational inspirational speaker and keynote speaker.

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