Mind Map for the preparation of going on the Hajj/Umrah

Detergent (buku /serbuk Plastic Tali(with hooks at the end for clothes line/hanger/ berus baju

Slipper getah for masjid(ones that are easy to slide Spray air(small) Hair dryer Shaver Brush rambut Nail clipper Small scissors Chap Stick Alarm Clock Small face mirror bring to mosque for sneezes and nose bleeds due to dry weather !! small packs of tissue Optional Sunglasses ensure with string for convenience.


Sewing kit (small travel type) Charger Notebook/ Post it/Pens Buku Doa Buku doa Umrah Marker/masking tape Tali(To wrap stuff) Plastic bags (TMC)Bring every where, it comes handy Small Tupperware drinks/With compartments for food)meal times when there are a lot of people) Plastic for food Tissue paper/ toilet paper.

Food Rendang

3 in one Milo Cocoa/Nescafe plastic mugs (buy thermos if needed) Baju Ihram Kain Pelekat tak berjahit Shaver


Padlock and Key Umbrella ** optional "S" Hooks Clear bag (easy to bring into the mosque)\ easy inspection Subtopic

Men Set date
Set Package set budget

Jubah (3) Baju tidor(2) Seluar panjang (3) Baju Dalam(3) Socks(3) Uncang kasut (Cadbury)/Pouches See through bags Telekong/mini telekong (2/2) Glove and half gloves Towel(2) Kain Batik(1) Seluar dalam (4) Panty liner (1 small box) Pads(1 box) Notes: bring everywhere to ensure the aurat Chekak rambut (1 pack) Small Mirrror/brush Money Panadol Minyak Urut Band Aid Toiletries Vitamin C! Children medication Tooth paste/brush Shampoo Soap Deodorant Cream/face cream Pumice stone keep calendar handy ** ladies may require period pills!! Toletries/Medication HAJJ VISA ensure the size of the photo (accordance to Saudi Govt Tabung haji will prepare the visa Umrah use international passport VISA done by agent change in Malaysia bring small change more convenient Ladies agent in charge to obtain Men Only with black tuding no head gear in photo Tabung Haji will issue letter Men'tis Vaccinations Influenza get advice from doctor Medical literature Read any thing Read on history Read on rituals can appreciate the holy sites more

Umrah /Hajj


Mentally Physical workout/excersice to get into shape

women/menstrual advise from gene ** PERIOD!! timing Prepare one's self with vitamins etc Bring ample vits/medication refer to ch.list

Recommend "SIMPLE" non Fragrance products for toiletries I scanned my pass with photo & put on all my belongings & luggage for easy identification Make Extra laminated passes. Used covered shoes in Mina & Arafah


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