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The term fast food means food that served and prepared in a short time

period. Fast-food restaurants are those in which one can order, purchase, and
receive the food in about 10 minutes [1]; While any meals that only need low
preparation time can be considered to be fast food, typically it refer to
restaurants where customers order and receive food at counters and drive-in
locations as well as fast/casual restaurants where customers order at counters
and their food is delivered to the table [2].

The outlets of fast food restaurant sometime may be stands or kiosks,

which some of the restaurants also will not provide shelter or seating [3]. The
franchise operations of most part of restaurant chains will standardized their
foodstuffs and ship them to each of the restaurant from their central locations

The factor such as the expanding population and its changing

demographic characteristics of Malaysians increasingly affluence of the public,
the changing lifestyles for leisure, convenience and dining out, and urbanisation,
as urban families can afford and are more willing to incur higher expenditures on
food encouraged the development of diverse eating habits and tastes among
consumers to search for convenience foods, such as fast foods. Fast food
restaurants first enter Malaysia market was in 1963. Since then, acceptance of
fast foods for Malaysians has been on the upward trend. The first KFC restaurant
was opened in 1973 on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, after that, McDonald made
its way to start up their business at Malaysia in December 1980.

Until now, KFC had opened more than 390 KFC restaurants nationwide
and also same for McDonald’s Malaysia that have also had their 194 restaurants
located whole Malaysia. This rapidly increased fast food restaurant over Malaysia
has shown that there is a potential market for fast food restaurant to develop.
Fast food restaurants are franchised outlets that serve standardised western
style menus, prepared according to strict specifications and charge fixed prices.

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