Arien·s POV

Mystic Falls (AP)

Yogita Hierra, a waitress at the Mystic

Grill who just graduated from a nearby college and has been missing for one week has been found dead. She was 22 years old.

Sheriff Forbes and her team found the body on the side of the road, hidden from sight. Her body was drained completely of blood.

Cause of death: an animal attacked her while she was hiking one morning. This animal has been responsible for more than 3 deaths so far in the past 6 months.

She has no family other than her twin sister, who shall remain anonymous, which is how the police indentified the body.

Her sister still lives in Mystic Falls and was also working at the Mystic Grill when her sister was missing. This is a tragic loss for her. We all wish her the best.

a vampire killed Yogita. This makes Bonnie Bennett my cousin because my uncle married her mom·s sister. my name is Arien and this is my story. When I was done with that. When the Spanish settlers came with their missions and churches. my people formed a bond with the other witch family in town. when the missionaries came to search our house under suspicion of heresy. Let me tell you about my family first. I examined her body for myself and smelled the bite marks. my family was ridiculed but eventually accepted. I left and started my own private investigation. California would·ve been the first place that they would look. And now here I am. At which point. I asked them for a moment and the coroner left the room. where I went to indentify the body. Eventually. But. Then we intermarried with them and the families made witches together. my family had to hide our secret. We come from a family of powerful witches. Hello. the Bennett·s. I saw the well-concealed bite marks of a vampire. My mother had taught my sister and me all that she knew of the magic. . but to Virginia. My family is of the Mayo Indians and of Africans. I know that it·s a vampire because at the coroners· office. We were the only native people that were there and not from that area. it was then that my family fled not to California. Two and a half weeks ago. investigating my sisters· murder.This obituary was written a little more than two and a half weeks ago.

He wasn·t a regular but he did come a lot. he only drank animal blood. One of which happened to be my sister. I found nothing. Just like my sister. Then he took them home and some of them disappeared. brooding. . yet handsome Damon was emanating a presence of evil. thank you. Damon Salvatore. They both wore rings made of lapis lazuli. I was wiping the bar down when I look up and see him. Want your usual. ´Hello Damon. now I am at the grill waiting for him to show up at his usual time so that I can finally put my hatred for him to rest. And yes I would love that. That was until I remembered the Salvatore brothers. Whenever I was at work. (I worked the late shifts) I always saw him flirting with women. Vampires could only go in the daylight if they wore something made of lapis lazuli or else they would burn and thus be exposed.µ I went up onto my stool to get the whiskey and the vanilla.At first. But his brother. vanilla whiskey with cubes?µ ´Hello Arien. I didn·t suspect Stefan because he seemed very innocent and from what my powers told me. the mysterious. So.

I swished it around the cup and then I slid it over to him. She was a very good person.µ He grinned at me. I must say. Damon.µ We laughed and sighed.µ I got his cup with the ice in it. ´I really am sorry for your loss. I first poured in the whiskey then the vanilla.µ ´Thank you.µ ´I have to move on at some point right? I mean I can·t be sad forever. ´Why thank you. that for someone who·s mourning you look very upbeat. ´May I say that you look very sexy tonight?µ .´Shot or full glass?µ ´I·ll have the full glass. Then I realized that he was flirting with me.µ ´Coming right up.

Though permission isn·t needed though.µ Wow! Time passes by fast when you·re in conversation. again. ´Oh my god! I need to close up. ´It was no problem. To lure his prey away so that he could satisfy his thirst. He helped me put up the chairs.´Yes you may.µ Then he grabbed my hand and kissed it.µ He quickly gulped down his drink and I put away that and the rest of the whiskey/vanilla on the bar.µ ´Thanks. . I looked around the place only to realize that Damon was the last person in here. Like a perfect gentlemen. As I was putting up the last chair I said thank you. I could tell it was a very practiced move of his.µ He smiled again. ´You do? Let me help.

µ I was about to get in the drivers seat when he stopped me. I quit this job so that I could move on to another town and start anew.µ ´I can give you a lift to your place if you want. I headed for my car when I saw Damon leaning on it.µ .µ ´See. you·ve had a busy shift today and you must be tired. I am a bit tired. ´Why don·t I drive? I mean. This was the last time I·d be going through these doors. It is the least I can do after you helped me close. ´Hello Damon. What are you doing leaning against my car?µ ´My car broke down and I need a ride.µ ´No prob.I got outside and I twisted the lock and headed for my car.µ ´Now that you mention it. Tonight I had finally put my hatred of a certain Salvatore to rest so I wanted to go somewhere that I could leave all of this behind me.µ ´Thanks so much.

His pupils were dilating. We got out of the car and he looked at me intently. ´You·ll come with me whether you want to or not!µ . ´Why don·t you stay here? It·s getting late anyway. and we drove over to his place. ´No.µ I kept looking at his eyes. we switched sides. I think that you should stay here.µ ´No Damon.So. Then he grabbed my wrist very tightly.µ He stared at me intently. I want to go home!µ I was about to put the keys back into the ignition when grabbed my keys and crumbled them into dust. He was using his compulsion powers on me. I almost cried out. It was filled with vervain so that he couldn·t get into my head. he grabbed the keys. ´No. it·s okay. We got there faster than I thought. I saw them dart to every inch of my body when they stopped at my necklace. I·ll be fine.

I can have you be a servant. He opened the door and flung me in. ´Anything that I want to. The chamber had a bathroom. a bed and a drawer. I took this opportunity to run. I tried to scream. and you·ll die even worse than your sister!µ I just nodded and he dragged me to his house. or I can do this. I ran with all my speed and strength but it still wasn·t enough. Afterwards. It was the old Salvatore boarding house. When I did he .µ He crept over to me and he pushed me onto the bed. I concentrated really hard while I stared at him. a nightstand. I can have you here as a personal supply of blood. Then he started kissing me forcefully. ´What are you going to do with me?µ This was the one statement that I managed to stammer out. a room.My eyes grew wide with fear. I knew then that I was going to die. ´You try that again. He caught up to me at the end of the drive and grabbed my wrist again. he took me to a hidden door that led downwards into an old chamber. Then I remembered what I could do. Then his fingers went to his temples as tried to control the throbbing pain in his head.

´You keep screaming and you·ll get something worse than a slap!µ I just kept crying and struggling as he undressed himself and I. ´Why me? Why me?µ .slapped me even though we both knew that no one would hear me scream anyway because this house was as isolated from town as Antarctica was cold.

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