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D6 Technews EVERY MONDAY• 14 February 2011

IT makes sense
By Len Amadora

Android 101
he buzz was definitely deafening. With
cameras that fit
units running on Android sold at nearly
32.9 million (as reported by Reuters),
Android had definitely surpassed its
contemporaries. Launched in 2008,
like a thief in the night, Android crept F2p
your lifestyle—
slowly yet gallantly as it conquers its place for the
top smart phone operating system.
Although Android has become the preferred
choice of most of the key players in the mobile world,
and your budget
I am surprised how a number of people still know
little about it. Android is basically a mobile operat- o matter who you are, whether the head of the family, an

ing system based on the modified version of “Linux office employee, an Overseas Filipino Worker, or a student,
kernel” (also an operating system). Android was there is that perfect, easy-to-use and affordable camera
initially developed by Android Inc. which was later that’s intelligent and efficient enough to fit your lifestyle and
on bought by Google way back in 2005 and together your budget—all courtesy of the Panasonic Lumix cameras.
with Open Alliance Handset, Android was further Panasonic, one of the world’s leading home appliance and
developed and finally released in 2007. digital device manufacturers, unleashes its newest “F” series of Lumix
Contrary to what others may have thought, F3s digital cameras for the year that fits just right for the above-mentioned
Google does not make handsets; hence, Android users, those who’d want crisp and clear picture details without worries
is not a phone. It is, however, the preferred oper- about shaking hands or lack of focus, especially when trying to capture
ating system of most mobile companies for their moving subjects. With the latest camera technologies involved in the new
cellphones, tablets and netbooks. At present, since Panasonic Lumix cameras, nothing could ever go wrong (except if you
Android is an open platform, it has a large populace drop your camera in the pool or you got hit by a speeding highway freak or
of developers creating or updating mobile “apps” for something, but that’s another story).
improved function and user experience. Users can Foremost among the “F” series of Lumix cameras are the FH22 and
browse and download these “apps” in the Android the FP3. In order to capture magnificently, preserve and enjoy precious
“Market” which is pre-installed on most Android family memories, the FH22 and FP3 boasts of Panasonic’s proprietary
devices. “intelligent Auto” or “iA” feature, with Anti-Shake (Mega O.I.S. or Optical
Since its first release, Android operating sys- Image Stabilizer) to prevent blurring, Motion & Face Detection for excep-
tem has undergone a number of updates. Allow tional focus, Intelligent Scene Selector that automatically selects among
me to take you a few years back at Android’s sweet various “scene” modes to suit a specific situation whether for photo or
beginnings starting with Android 1.0 Angel Cake. movie shooting, and a Digital Red-Eye Correction to minimize red-eye ef-
Released in September 2008, Angel Cake presented fect when using the built-in flash.
with creativity in widgets, UI designs and apps. With 3-inch touch-screen LCD panels, the FH22 and FP3 both have
Back then its key features mainly included a Home 14.1-megapixel resolution and are able to capture high-definition videos
Display with widgets, applications and shortcuts, for those memories that are best watched in movie form. Slight difference
regular phone functions, a web browser (WebKit), is in optical zoom capability, with the FH22 having 8x optical zoom com-
access to e-mail, a media player and other basic pared to the FP3’s 4x optical zoom and the FH22 has a 28mm wide-angle
mobile applications such as calendar, clock, camera, lens.
etc. Immediately the year after at February 2009, Simple yet stylish, the FP1 and FH1, on the other hand, both aim to
Android 1.1 Battenberg was released. Features captivate camera users who’d want a no-frill, easy-to-use cameras that
were improved as “bugs and glitches” from the pre- they can bring practically anywhere.
vious version were ironed out. Both having “iA” features just like the FH22 and FP3 and identical
As fast as lightning, 2 months later (April 2009), 12.1-megapixel resolution, the FP1 has a slim body profile with a newly-
Android released its 1.5 version called Cupcake FH22s developed foldable lens unit that makes it so thin and slim you can easily
and things started to get serious. With Cupcake’s slip it in your pocket while the FH1 lets you enjoy easy and casual shooting
release, there was an obvious leap with regards to with its wide-angle 28mm lens, perfect for shooting photos or self-portraits
updates. The most significant of which included on in compact spaces or in place where you cannot step back.
screen keyboard with predictive text and wireless The FP1 has a 4x optical zoom while the FH1 has a 5x optical zoom,
streaming of music (A2DP) via Stereo bluetooth. and with capabilities of shooting high-definition videos, perfect for easy
Video recording was added as well. viewing on a PC.
Users can now upload videos and pictures to Lastly, the Panasonic Lumix F3 and F2 digital cameras are perfect
You Tube and Picassa. Donut (Android 1.6) was for blur-less casual shooting regardless of the time of day, wherever your
fully baked by September 2009 and Google Maps location may be. The 12.1-megapixel resolution, 28-mm wide-angle lens
with turn -by-turn navigation was its key feature. Lumix F3 prevents picture blurring via the built-in Digital Image Stabi-
Shopping on the “Market” also became much more lizer that minimizes hand shake and the Intelligent ISO Control feature
enjoyable. Although Eclair (Android 2.0/2.1) didn’t that either raises or lowers ISO sensitivity to match the movement of the
create much of a buzz, its refurbished UI, better key- FP1r subject and prevent motion blur for clearer, crisper photos when viewing
board and browser were well noted. Features like at its 2.7inch LCD screen.
live wallpapers, flash support for its camera likewise On the other hand, Lumix F2 is best for those who are starting to take
contributed to Android’s developmental milestones. a liking in digital photography, with its no-fuss features that’s perfect for
A healthy serving of Frozen Yogurt came in next the amateur photographer in you. Don’t be fooled by its rather limited
with Android 2.2 “FroYo”. Although yogurt may be features because it still packs a mean punch, with its 10.1-megapixel reso-
low on calories, FroYo did score high by introducing lution and 4x optical zoom capability. Most of all, the Lumix F2 is priced
USB and WiFi tethering, Flash 10.1, auto-updating of just right for the budget-conscious yet aspiring chronicler of memories for
apps, LED flash for video, data backup and restore, friends and family.
etc.. Gingerbread (Android 2.3) was released just in So go ahead, take your pick among these beautiful, stylish and efficient
time for Christmas and with it came improved power Lumix “F” series of digital cameras from Panasonic. With these outstand-
management, internet calling and use of multiple ing devices, you can never go wrong in preserving those precious memo-
camera on a device, easy access to application man- ries you have with your loved ones, friends and family, and you can trust
ager just to name a few. no other brand.
Bear in mind, of course, for every update comes FP3k That’s why it’s Panasonic.
improvement in overall speed and performance.
Now comes the latest, freshest heavenly Honey-
comb Android 3.0. Honeycomb can support larger
screen devices; hence it is the “made for tablet” A Geeky Valentine By Glenn Richmond Ong that will spark up a conversation. Talk
version. It features an entirely new user interface, about life, work, but do not forget to still
its very own “Google eBooks”, 3D real time Google be yourself by bringing up some topics
Maps and an updated web browser. First of all, let me greet you dear Sweetest Thing. If she is unable to name about the latest news and developments
It can now support high-end console games and readers a Happy Valentine’s Day. Saint at least three characters from those very on technology. Who knows, this might at-
its keyboard has been redesigned for ease and ac- Valentine’s Day, commonly shortened to girly movies, it should be a red flag. (2) tract her more with your intelligence.
curacy in typing. Valentine’s Day is just a mark in the cal- Question her with 'arlogh Qoylu'pu?'
endar when lovers, partners, and suitors Most real girls cannot speak Klingon and Finding a Gift
show love and affection to crushes and therefore will not be able to answer this. Girls love presents. Most I know of are
partners. But hey, it shouldn’t only be (3) Trick her by inquiring about a certain excited for Valentine’s Day, because they
celebrated annually right? Every day is part of your car that broke down and how look forward to presents from their ad-
Valentine’s Day. you can fix it. Majority of the girls do not mirers. Since you need to still carry your
You say, “Yeah, right.” Ok, here is really know much about cars and ways own personality, you may match flowers
the thing – people have branded you as on how to fix it. If they are able to answer and chocolates with some of these geeky
a geek, which is why you have grown to you, then that is another red flag. unique gift ideas:
hate this day of days. You might have Take into consideration that some 1. Geek love poem shirts – It is basi-
experienced lonely nights in restau- girls may be exceptions to these as- cally just a tee with something like “Ros-
rants where you and your geeky friends sumed facts. Some of them might be re- es are #FF000, Violets are #0000FF, All
watched couples enter and leave with ally clueless about movies because they my base belongs to you” If she is not fa-
their dates, while you fellows spent the read books more. Maybe they love Star miliar with the hexadecimal codes, she
night playing games or reading comics. Trek as much as you do; thus being able will surely appreciate learning some-
Fret not. Here’s a list of things you to understand Klingon. Or perhaps they thing new from you.
can consider trying. are their daddy’s girl who has been very 2. Pink thumb drive or mobile phone
Sigma launches DP2x compact
interested in cars ever since they were case – Whether she’s a student or em-
digital camera, complete with
Finding a Girl Online young. Therefore, use the rules in tan- ployee, a nice pink thumb drive will sure-
Foveon X3 sensor
Starting to chat with girls after join- dem with each other. Two or more red ly be appreciated. Knowing she holds her
ing social networking or dating sites can flags? Block their PMs and find another phone most of the day, she’ll remember
Sigma is introducing a high-end compact of its
own in the DP2x. This handheld shooter has be very exciting for geeks. However, first lady-friend. you whenever she uses it.
a gargantuan sensor within -- in fact, the 14 make sure they are indeed girls. It is 3. LED flashing heart – The electron-
megapixel Foveon X3 is similar to those found in quite possible that the girl you have been Dating a Girl ics genius in you can easily pull off mak-
the company's (entirely more massive) SD15 and wooing online may not actually be one. When you finally found a girl online ing a geek gift idea like this.
SD1 DSLRs. The sensor here is around 12x larger It’s so easy to pretend online – one of the and have agreed on going out for a date, Having all these tips, don’t worry if you
than what's generally found in a camera of this
disadvantages of technology. dress properly. Also, find a place where won’t be able to do it on the 14th. There’s
size, enabling it to capture far richer colors and
oodles of light. The fixed 24.2mm F2.8 lens have How do you do it? Open up your in- you can talk quietly to make her for- plenty of occasions that you can do all of
built-in manual mode and the ability to capture stant messenger and do the following: (1) get the hustle and bustle of the Metro’s this. Plan and make sure that you make
photos in JPEG or RAW. The movie mode log clips Talk about the movies Mean Girls or the chaotic life. Ask her pleasant questions her feel loved and special every day.
at 320 x 240.