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May 9, 1996 Retrieved from the wayback machine & elsewhere to preserve for future generations:

Leaving Scientology Behind… after lurking the web

I've been reading this newsgroup [alt.religion.scientology] for a year and made some sporadic posts. When I started reading I was still a Scientologist at heart even though I left the cult in 1990, but I had become more open-minded (that's a four-letter word within the cult) and I was sane enough to recognize the truth. I've had a hard time, I can tell you that. It's not easy to have the foundation on which you stand blown to pieces. This group was my lifeline. I made some friends, I have donated all my books, tapes

and E-meter to worthy causes, and now I feel that the curse has been lifted.

Somebody made a statement that there were no "ex-scientologists" only "ex-members". I disagree, it is possible to rid oneself of this curse. When you realize what a mean old bastard that Hubbard was it's easy to see all the lies. The hard part is to weed out all the specialized words from your thoughts.

Many former scientologists feel lost when they leave the cult, they feel they gotta have something to believe in and they soak up some other belief system - I wish them luck (honest).

I've choosen to chuck the whole subject (philosophy and that stuff) overboard for the time being, leaving a big wound. But I think that's the only way, you gotta take it out by the roots. And the wound will heal.

I enjoy life more than ever, and that's what it's all about - enjoying life.

I want to thank you all - you gave me a new chance in life.

Hakan Jarva a former scientologist and now licensed psychologist in Sweden, is editor and co-author of the book Sektsjuka (Cult Illness) and a lecturer for the psychology department at the university of Gothenburg on the subject of manipulation, influence, and cult illness. [ICSA Profile]

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