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Articles for the December Issue Assigned Articles

Stocking Stuffer Ideas (Assigned to Danielle) “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, and other holiday lyrics we tend to forget… (Assigned to Danielle) Christmas Party Ideas (Assigned to Amber) Holiday Makin’ and Bakin’ (Assigned to Amber) The History of Christmas (Assigned to Ronnie) "Twas the Night Before Christmas", and other holiday poems (Assigned to Whitney)

Unassigned Articles: Help End Cyber Bullying Staying Warm in Fashionable Attire How to Build the Perfect Snowman The Art of Re-Gifting Finding the Perfect Gift How to Make the “Nice” List (if you’re naughty) Snuggle Up and Read these Holiday Classics

Point of Views (POV) on Morals
The Catholic POV on Morals (By Mariah)
Do not confuse morality with ethics: morality consists of the concepts, as ethics are the science. Morality is defined as human conduct, yet ethics are the ideal of what is right. Morality’s relation with religion has been debated during the past century. The difference between right and wrong is independent of religion. Morality stands to perfect our human nature. God is obliged to state the laws of morality and He imposes the acts of morality on as a duty. Failure to live a life of morality results in the loss of God.

When morality is not involved in religion, it enables humans to recognize the true ideals of humanity. However, most humans disregard mortality. He will obey the laws of morality by obligating to God. Your actions are based on the considerations of human dignity and the good of human society. The act of faking true morality, lacks the essential elements of true mortality. The morality connection with the Church lies upon the doctrine of original sin. As humans crave for independence and our lack of complete control over the passions, we fail to view and live by the moral laws. Humans are unable to observe morals, unless they are given guidance by God. (Paraphrased from here: In laymen terms: The moral laws of the Church are considered to be duties that we must carry out for God. Morality outside of the Church consists of the true ideals of humanity. We must treat all living creatures with respect and dignity, everything living is considered to be sacred, and should be treated with the utmost care. I consider the media to be sadistic in nature as they exploit humans as sex objects by posting pictures and live media of celebrities wearing revealing attire for the whole world to see. Some people may not care about what they watch on television, or see on the internet, but we have to protect our generation of youth and teens from being subjected to smut.