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Be conte doyof__Nowrtar 2018 steppinaty emo Cutten 7 8 25Atewonees __oebaer a a xan, volte te wane aena bss $22 S82 O ‘On sv92r'8 at approximately 1582 ours, doputes respond te 35 Alcante Road, Debary, nrefrence to burglary to FSSBeney alee ‘rll anche naman bang By promedlated dosign, twit ‘While deputies wore en-route to the residence the reporting paty, Gregory Remos (A vere resident, advised the &-1-f operator that he mathers ‘ete (A 2007 Tan Toyota Van bearing Firs Tcanse pate “O2WLP" was porkod Into dvaway, unlocked and running. Ramos aovaed tho Tesderce wes completly ransackod and hie mother, Gal Cleavenger, was missing. Deputies conduc a safely swacp ofthe residance, and ‘observed tha padestrian door on the ecu ek of he house to have been forced open (wal broken coor frame), by unkown mesns, Inst tho * feadonce, ie Geputes observed cree and vebints open, with thir eatants aun snout tha ler. Jt nse the font door, depute observed 40. @ blood droplet onthe te for, where he entryway lads ino te ktcheniing room. 42 Deloctves Tuckor and Man reeponded tothe residence and observe the vehicle silo be running, and almost out of gas, Dara contacted 43. Gails employ, Rhodes and Bo Areiteds Ine, who confmad Gal wes an active employee, ad she was @ no call no show for wor today. They 114 further advieed they atlempted to contact Gall on roel phone al eporximately 1020 hours (approximately we and half houe aftr ha start te), 418 however, hor phono wont saigh to vecemal, Deputies and Detectives made contact wth al of Gal's immediately fal, who advised tho lest WOK TSUNEO NOT APPEAR NOUR RT MET UBL WT TE ADORE eiieskmaeisaa seekers: Cl | hetrvcrds Ove navanse spe oF TOON coor 1 | peu Taher To seven count Fete To iT TE DTPISEGUnGeDonT PAY Tre PAE CATED LROERSTAD RAT ICD YALU FALTOMPER SESE IRSEEEAG ST SS oe ee a 6 ELS CONFEMPT OF COUNT AU AWM Fon Asst Be ESL. | SATS ESTER OR CCE — Pot OR BT or ae 7 zee REE ar a See ye = em] oe ed eee a [ear raire rane rms Dek, Sn OFFICIA er Narrative 797-5 Caren Batiden Aa Suy our core pplement CiretetsArpsar Exon ~ cous rane a do Dalene rar Tiel agen ee Rare ran one 1b acer SSSI Cosco) voeDd [Atciren: ansoagi? L] outmost) L]_sAgdeain L] Reve BQ Trteintsetne) Cl] ecena Algal SS an a Palaia EE Ey BOLT oo ar Paha ea Ty Pe TE co 16 person to seeor speak to Gal was her son, Gregor, at aprroxnalely 0690 hows, Gregory avised his was the last meh had seen or spoken © [17 Gal (is moter), Gregory advised ho arrvd st 35 Alcan Rosd (is heme) at approximatoly 845 hours, afer being dropped of bythe schoo bus, 18 Upon nis ara, ne cbserved the aforementioned and caled S11, Gegary advised Gals nomal rou was to crop him af a school between 48 0880-0645 haur, and then dive tothe Dobary Suna Steton, located 21630 8, Carles R, Boal Bh, Debary to catch tho 0700 haus Van tooo }20. to workin Grind, Gregory advised upon ering in Olan, Gall would then ri her leyle tober workplace (Rhodes and Bite Achiacs Inc, Jat located ot 608 E. Robinson Steet Sue #750), Inside the afcrerentioned running Toyota Van was Gal's ble. [23 When speakirg wih Gregory, Detactves chserved fresh supafcial scratches on his face on fhe bridge of is case and uncereath bth eyes. When J24 asked, Greguy edvlsed he vas injured dung aight a school with his rend "Dylan, }28. Alter the comersetion Gregory was speaking fo his father, Daniel Cleavengar, who asked him about the rules ois face, at which point Detectives 127 overheard Gragoy ele that he nad falon down the ear at school. After hearing ediferant explanation, detective ackod Grogory again how ho was injured, wen be sated, "I gotinto a ght with my tend Jee, but everyting is fine row, we rade up.* 30. Detenves see Gregory what hed afar bing roped of st school by Gal. Gregory asd he stant school from eppoxinaty 0700 hors 31 uni 1448 hac, vies th en of thon. Grogr aac ha ation evry cos for ody. Flowrg schol, Gregory rode te Sceelbas [a2 hame, st whi tine he dacovered the bury had cecurod, ahs mother was mis. Ea 5 Dottie bun contatd th Voli County Schoo Boar andere Gregory checked hie fecal peovnaty 1900 ha nde 35. stznot ie ary Vets Cauny Sahel Bowe Bose on 1028. Fd 87 Duo tothe easing secopance, detectives osod Grog sou what ho don 11/018 leg hi 126, ly Grogan steed on [38 Tws718he mete tem school had coer wth hs mote Gl homeo, en wate Be, Gregory adie he eae h al er 3 a"D"grade none of i ceexs, fo whch he was pounce fr pero gong tbe [41 Gregory tater advisnd ater being discipined by Gail he wort nto hs room and pretend to be esoep. At aperoxmatly 0030 hours on 1102/18, J42. Gregory snue into Gal's room and took his cal phone (A Boost Gray LG Smartphone Ina re ellone case). Gregory acsed he had io snesk no [48 at's room toretiove the cat phone dus to @pravicusdlcptnry Issue, wherein his phona was to be kept nhs paren room et ight. Gregory 154. sdvsod aftriakrg his phone beck he called several Mend to core and pick him vp: Gregory advised upen thet aval at epproxiatay D130: las hours, Gregory docdod to steal Gas vohcle (Tho Toyota Van, fo taka he and his ends t get alcool. Gregory edvaod ho and nis frends traveled /48 ton unknown 7-1 and then oa church in DeBary with a fre pt behind. Gregory advised throughout the night he and his tends raved via the 47 van bobvccn ia residence (25 Alcante Drive) andthe church wih he ep. Sometime afer OS00 hours, Gregory and his frinds travel back to 26 148. Aicanta Drive. Gragon/s tends leave and he goes inside. Gregory then gat ead fr school and lal downto nap before Gall woko up. At /49. approximately 0600 hours Gall wakes up and goes into Gregory ream and wakes him up. Gal ttn drove Gregory to Unversky High School and 150. dropped himeffelapproximataly 0840 hours 152 Gregor advise fe stended school unl appranimatly 1900 hours, when he met up wth nis riends (Dylan, and urknowm other fends), end ot 153. school Gregny atvisod Dyan drove im to 85 Alcante Dive to "Get money’, end then went back tothe chuch wth tho fe pl. Gregory advised 54 whon he werthome fis residence was obsarved intact and noral, Gregory and bs ffnds hung out at tha church unl approxmataly 1590 hours, 55 unit ho wes diven to Narane Roed and Highbenks Roed, and dropped of. Gregor than welked south doun Naranja Ross to Alcanto Road and 38 sou on Alene Road tots resence, Upon ating at he reine ie when he observed Gas Toyt van parked ne dvewayunni) ar home tobe ren 158 On 11/02/2018, t approximately 200 hours, Detectives Cox and Vneoer responded to 81 Fatbalm Cour, Datona in reference to making contact 150. with Dylon Caparo. Dylan was Wanted es a polonl bost ind of Gagory during an eatlorintview wih Gregory's family members. Dyan 151 was algo ltermentioned in Gregory's Interview. Upon arrival othe resin, dtecives made contact wi Oars quarian, his grandparents SB Sesh and lara Cais, ete eka nt car andar bly an pk oy cou eek wi Da eto and ae aed 64 es 8 ‘and eat with sbtoctver as they spoke with Dylan. Dylan sas asked Ihe knew why dalactves wee thare i speak with him In which ho donad. DDotectves adlsed Gregorys mother was missing and tay noededto speak wih anyona wo may have lfetmation about the fly. Dyian ‘scknowiedge, Detectives spoke with Dylan about his relationship wth Gregor n which he stampted to minrize by saying Gregory wa his math lute. Dyan sated the last tne he ean Grogary was today (11022018) durtg inch at school (Univers High Schoo), Dyan sttad Gregory sat SRST TTT RES RTT ca 2 0a____ cnet ve ‘___ A d a Tara EY caesar FSC TERT Prmmirtoeen Primavnsiote — T] | rune, caeRON ras pate PTS TRS Narrative 797-8 arest Supplement a: oad put ate Detar Fea Teast — gia Oa Nore: Ran ree \ Number scores SE COE vik [neon anaoane C)teantsy Ewan scam C] Ror Taoist CI] See one FE EY mY OS Ey | ase as aa EE er | aoe SHES ae aa Ea Ror aE ‘by himeal whish was not unusual. Dylan saled he lat school at epproxmately 1345 hours wih 2 end, ian, who drove him home before work. ‘Dyan advised he gets to leave eal because of ris work chadule. Dylan dered seeing Gregory afta he lunch hour. Dyin clsimod ho went to worn Sanford between 130 nd 1700 hours wen ho wos pleked up by his grandmother. Oetocives beloved Dslan was being unirunu wt is ‘anewere and cofroniad him with ncansslanlos. Dylan nally confired ha lft schoo! wth Gregory and Brian, After changing is sor tiple ‘ine, Dylan aventualy admniied he and Eran picked Gregor upon te way to school around O61S hours this morning (111022018) nd onthe way to echool Gragorytold them he klled his rather. Dylan avieed Gragory raaded assistance after schoo! atthe residence to stage a resber" 80 70 ‘Dylan and Bian let achool wth Grogey to Gregory's residence of 35 Alcents Road, Debary. Upon aval, Dylan caimed the house as a mess, ‘Dyan advised Gregory provided him end Ban eeverel toms to store at fer residences, so would appear they wee soien during tha Yobber.* Dylan adviaed some of th propaty Grogory gave him was inhi closet and Iaer showed ito cetactives. Dylen proved the lacaton of eitonal property from Grogorys residence in a dumpster near a Winn Obs inDetane.Dyan aso slated he wes given a ile by Gragory but ho cd not want fo teke It backto tis house, eo he hid tn te woods nears church on Hibanks Rood in Debary. Dylan advised thre was dona property 78 ticdon in the woods near ha church and he wes wing to ehow ite dalectves, Detectives aed Dyan i Grego’ mothor was buried near the [73 churehinwieh ne deled having knowiedge Cu ter admit she was aula near fre pt behind the church. The irl information provided by 180. Dylan was evorn to, After as determined he mey havo cksinal invelemant inthis cage, he vas reed and walvod his Niranda Fh. This wos 161 audio recorded. A consent fo search was signed by Joseph and Marion for detectives to recover the propery from nse Dans coset which wes 182. alven to him by Gregory. Dylan then guided Detaclves Cox and Wheele fo the 267 & Highbanks Rad (River Ciy Presbyterian). Upon sive, 83 Dyin weliad cetectvee toward tho woods and tough a path to fre pit area. Oylan advieed detacives te fie pit area is where Gregary buried 84 his mother. Ojlan thn showed detactves aie tice nthe weeds es wll as mules elocronicsuhich he ad\ised he belpee Gregory Fi sor 85 they left schoo, Dylan advised Gregory tol him he didnot use ny weapons whon he Killed bis moter, s0 Ne ld not hin the fram was invoWed, a8 While near te fre pit, Oyen advises around 1500 hours whan thay were hiding the property in the woods, he remembered sexing dog mars 187 coring from the parking lot rea dow to the p. Durng the vestgation, Dylan apciogized fo nl yng to datectve but he not want anyone fo getint reuble and tats why ho assltad Gregory hing the propery fom his residence, Yaasanseees » Detactve Jetson respordad tothe rear parking lt of Crunch Fess located a 1200 Delton Bh, afer investigating detectives recelved information evidence possibly was in he cummpstars. Detctve Johnson and Detective Sat. Cobb was abl olnete th possible evidence inthe ‘dumpeter bond door #53, Detective Johngcn observed a wit rir, slver rat, and black DVD player inthe dumpster, which matched the property deteclives were advising misting fom the 95 Alants Read. VSO Crime Scone Un Dstoctves responded and recovered the property ‘om the dumpster (See CSU Supplement). Detective Johnson then received Intrusion from Delectve Sg. Cobb to respond to240.W. Embassy riven Dstora to interview Brin Porras (@ofendant, Dotecves Johnaon and Wheeler wee abe to make consensual contact wth Bon who agreed to speak wth detecfves. During the Inlerview, detcthes advised Ean tey were investigating a buriary at Gregor reskince. Brian acknowledged he knew Gregory and Dyan, ‘Detective Jotnsoa tod Bian that he was not trouble ano be honest, Bran aly daniod knowing about a burglary at Gregory's and denied 100 gWing Gregary a fide to end from school on {7-2-2078 Blan fen started tla bits ad places of truths, fat he gave Dyan and Grogoy a eto 10% schocl on 112-2018. Brian then tals detecves thet ho also gave Gregery a ide home ater echocl, bt n't go into Gagon/s house. tecive 102 Jehnecn then infermed Bran tis was a hamicie vestigation and Eran asked detectives toto hin what hey know and he wl tel te th. Bian 03 was read his Waming of Consttatonal Rights from a VCSO Issued Mirena Card ad instruced he could hava his porents there forthe intervitw, 104 Brin understood his igh and agreed to speak wih delotvos without his parents prosent. Gran confmed he gave Dyan and Gregory ade to 08 ard fram sche! en 1-2-2018 and thay loft before Gh pris. Ban, Dylan, and Gregory then drove to Gregory's reste. Brian sii before thoy 108 were at te residence, Gregory wes acting very weld and shaken. Gregory. Dylan, end Brian go nei the residence, where Bion advised Rocked 107 [ko a huticano bew trough. Bria thon tated Gregory requastad ther to hep him (Gregor) gal rid of some propery. Athi pln, Ban stated 08 Gregory discosed ne (Gregor) kiled his mother, Bian eal he alin belove Grogory and agreed ta help him store and eacars of prepay. Bran 308 also acVsed ney dumped propery Inthe dumpsior behind Crunch Filness and dlscarded a gun case, laptops, anda box of propary at River City £0 Church located o 267 =. Highbanks Re, DeBary ner the campf area, Bran said Gregor also discarded te cthng he was wearing, because he 11 was wat fom eubmerping Be boxin @ newby pond. Detective Johnson eeined from fnvesigating detectives thatthe campfire area was the area 112 where Geegoy buried his mother efter murdering her athe residonce should bo nad, Bin's interview wes egal record by Detectve 1143 Whooor, and copied to @ CDIOVD (Sse DVDICD for fal erie). a4 18 Aor localing the property in the dumpster, datectiee confronted Gregory withthe dscrepances in tis sores, and Ceglarek'sstatoments, Post 118 Miranda; Gregory bogan to confess t king Ns mother (Gal), Gregory advised earier in the evening (at appranimstely 2047 hour), they had sr 4 argument over Tis school grades. The argument trad phyelal when Gregory salt Fis rether Fit hin inthe face. Aer the aliareaton, Gregory Seleerenseee eee ionleelinckt a Se, i RM CA en ore Peceraareneun croavevarmaeos TT] | rycxeR, CAMERON 8 net —— —— fe Narrative 797-5 pease Amie Daca Supplement Cretctererar Elia Seatcane rat so Datarcant F 7 ea [Agana Case Name Raroe cna i _ [ime secon Grice PETE, vena [tanconts anon E]_Sitenang CE] NTA Seti [I rope IR] Teter) CO] Seen? laa aT ao | a i Se aE ae ST i Soe EE ae | oe — — +18 went back of bedreom, Atapproximately midnight Grogoryre-engaged his mother and went nt har badroem and the to began fo argue agen 1119 Ao the argunant wos taking place, Gregory began fo svangle Gol wih his hands and forced her from the bed ono an area at the foo wal. 1420 Gregory advised ta beSaved tak him nearly (30) tity minstes, and oar nally strangling her, he Got up fo get 2 wheelbarow to put her, Upon 1121 retuming tothe bedroom, Gol was slave and moving en the for, se Gregory ‘umped" an tp ef har and stangled her unt he was sue she was 1122 dood. Grogay sted he did & because he belived his mothar would evertualy il Fim sere te inthe flure and justified ing her a3 some Form 123 of ssitcetense. Gregory advised he then bound Gals fee! together in orer to load har info the wheelbarrow end Raul Rar eut io hor van. Gregory 1424 stated he than ragged Gall by her fet from the wheebsarow ito the beck cargo stea ofthe van. With Gal's dead body now inthe van, Gregory 1125 advised he tegan to make the home look ke someone hed commited « burglary. Gregory took come ems and placed them in the van, Gregory 1128 then drove fe van 10 Daytona whore he dicarced the wheebarow but kept Gal's body. Gregory sald he drove her body tothe River City 1127 Presbytesan Church (287 & Highanks Read, Debary) where he buried her body ard threw some of the Rem Ne took fram the house fn the Woods. 1128 Gregory then vent home and got ready to go to schoo. At some poh, Gregory gels piked up fom his home sometime between 0200 to 0380 129 houre by Dyn end Brian in rere vehi, The to then wert to ther high schoo! ul about 1310 hours. The trio than let school and went to 1480 Gregory's haune, Cnoa thay wero Here, Gregory sal Brian ard Dylan helped him compete the staging of te alleged burglay {othe residence 1181 Gregory eated they opened al the cabinets and dravers, and shatlard cups and dishes on tha Kitchen floor. Gregory stalad Ban and Oyin seo 482 Wicked inthe door on th south sid ofthe house fo suppor the cllm the house was rib enlred by somaone else, Grogary also ead that bth 183 Brlan and Dylan took adlfonal fame fom witn bo here knowing that Gall was dead. Gregory sad after the to lef the house, they went to to 1434 burial sito of Celts body end xian and Dylan hid tore ofthe ems taken from he house inte woods, 435 138 Dexng the inerview wih Gregory other detectives wore guided by Coglrek to where much otha reportedly stolen tes were disposed of, thon 187 time, the tems were recovered. ‘These delactves szo colected Gregon/s computer uhlch was sll Geglaeks possession, Coglrek then 1:38 deactad he datatves tothe area beind tho River Cy Presbyterian Church where Gals boty hed been busied by Gregory beneath aring of sores 139 whlch was uted as fre pn a wooded aren behird the church behind the parking lt saree ———o = eat, = a CA a oe re Pemanaryrnown Oi peteeatameates TT) | ycKer, CAMERON B 87 ——- nen 2 | Narrative 797.5 Drea Bano rae ‘Supplement Crete apnae [5 ter roots ao Dara a rr Waianae 7 Name: Ramon a 1 _[Nanbar sees, PEvenae YooD [Atennors: Arana? L] sewrente) C] wtasanade E] reper BQ Tattcrtatons) C] Charen? fad EL RSE] OSD ROE Sa ee Sa REE Roe Sar hae = ERIE Rr aa aa 110 wont back o Ne bedroom. A approximately midigh, Grogoryre-ongaged his moter and went ni her bedroom and te to Regent ergua again 1119 As the argument was taking place, Gregory began to stangle Gal with his hands and frced her fram the bed onto an erea ofthe floor / wal. 1120 Grogory advsod he believed 10k him nearly (30) tity mines, end ai nally strenging her, he got up fo gst 2 wheslbarrow to put her in. Upon 2 returning tothe bedrcor, Gat was ell alve and maving on the Noor, e¢ Gregory “Jumped on op of her end strangled her und he was sure she was 122 dead, Grogar stted he a because be boleved hls mother would eventual kil him some tine Inthe future and sis ling har as some frm 123 of so'defonse. Gregory asvioed he then bound Gas fest gather In oror to lad hori tho wheofbsrow and aul her out © her van. Gregory 24 stated he then dragged Gal by her fet fram th wheelbarrow Into to back cargo area of be van, Wh Gal's coad body now in tre van, Gregory 1125 advised he began to rake the home look lke someone hod commited & burglary. Gregor tock some lms and placed her Inthe van. Gregory +25 then drove to van to Daytona where he discarded tho wheobbarrow but Kopt Gaff boty, Gregory said he drove har body tothe River City +27 Presbyteren Church (267 € Highbanks Rad, Debary where he Buried har body and thaw some ofthe ems he tok rom the house in the woods. 1128 Gregory then wett hone and got ready to go lo school At some poh, Gregory gets picted up from hle home sometime between C600 fo C620, 1129 houra by Dsian and Bran in Brians vehicl, The ti than went to ther high school unl ebovt 1910 hours. The tro than ket school end went © 30 Gregory's hause. Once ty were there, Gregory sad Elan and Dylan heped hm compet te staging ofthe alleged burglary tothe resizence, 31 Gragory stated they opened all cabloels and drawers, and shatioed cups and dishes en th komen floor. Gregory stad Bian and Dyan also 1122 kicked in the doo: on the south ee of te houte to support the can tho house was foriy ertored by someone else. Gregory eso sald that both 133 Brian and Dyan tok acdonal tems fam wibin the Name knowing thal Gall was deed. Grogory sald after the tro let th house, they want fe the 134 burial to of Gai body and Brian and Dylan bd some ofthe Rems taken from the hous in the weods, 136 i 126 Gregory woul! exbsequertly spond fo the River Cy Presbytofan Church and directed delectves tothe buried ody of Gal. crime Scene 137 detectives then canductad 8 cureary search of ho area and bogan fo fd the remants of human erin, 138 130 During the Inerview wih Grogory, other detectives wore guided by Goglarek o where much othe reportedly stolen tems were Esposed ft hich 140 time, the tame were recoverad. These detectives als calocod Grogonys computer which wes sl Ceglarelts possession. Caglarek then 41 dicted the cetoctvasto tho area bond tha River Cy Presbyterian Church ulere Gals body had been buried by Gregory Beneath ating of stones fe pln @ wooded area behind the church betind the pacing lt. 142 which was used [eaoeren ‘no ae anh EY poeta ‘pmasrarmcston — T] | rycKs, CAMERON B esr peo se BR Witness/Victim/Evidence vt ‘orm 707-A Comte Aor Brita gee 5 AT —rer Tay ber tet ttt ee pm eS [mame = = a a 7 Ps cere a me Ae [targa [ecre ome, Seo Alet oad Em rene Eve De wo eas % fi Rieme —— a we a Hl Tae J oe Doe aa 7 ete! as - = sori Ramones : b= Oe eee i ES a Te ade ee sae a sor — a = erases = Ge oe = oe a ee EA Eau = a a — a = ae = feos a = oS Pie aT Co on H 7 ae ou i Tr a sic, ss * = {es Cle P= — = es a [TT So* a rae = nse rm toon Es Be o = =| i EVIDENCE COLLECTED — ea ane : ars is lesen sexes — lems echt Taae Seamer rer a rer =— San sansa hearers — aE eo tise RE ST oo Sea ER a eran SR $a a OE [seer Sane ean ES rover owen na v0 ‘iterhacicins Seok noi Inet oR a Tae