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Product Information Novel Kinase Inhibitors

for cell signaling & oncology research

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Technical Data:
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M.Wt: 464.59 N N S
Formula: C23H28N8OS N N
Solubility: DMSO H
Purity: 99%
O Tech Support
Storage: at -20℃ 2 years
(chemistry support)
CAS No.: 639089-54-6 Synonyms: MK-0457, Tozasertib
(bio support)

Biological Activity Web

VX-680 is the inhibitor of Aurora-A,-B,-C kinases with apparent inhibition constant values of
0.6,18,4.6 nM respectively.VX-680 caused accumulation of cells with 4N DNA content and
potently inhibited the proliferation of a wide variety of tumor cell types with IC50 values ranging
from 15 to 113 nM.Vx-680 had no effect on the viability of noncycling primary human cells at
concentrations as high as 10uM. [1]

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[1] Marumoto T, Zhang D, Saya H. Nat Rev Cancer. 2005 Jan;5(1):42-50

[2] Adams RR, Carmena M, Earnshaw WC. Trends Cell Biol. 2001 Feb;11(2):49-54
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[3] Sasai K et al. Cell Motil Cytoskeleton. 2004 Dec;59(4):249-63
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[4] Elizabeth A Harrington et al. Nature Medicine.2004,10:262-267 receipt and notify customer service within

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