Smith Blake Smith Osburg English 111 11/24/09 The only American president to resign from office is Richard Millhous

Nixon the thirty-seventh President. When President Nixon is thought of his accomplishments at opening diplomatic relations with People’s Republic of China or a foreign policy with the Soviet Union is normally not what people remember. President Nixon is remembered for the Watergate Scandal and for his resignation on August 9, 1974. The public viewed President Nixon as an uptight man until his White House tapes revealed him as being very aggressive. President Nixon had a paranoid personality that everyone was out to get him and didn’t want him to succeed in office. His paranoid personality could have been a major reason for the Watergate scandal. After the scandal was over a British entertainer was given the opportunity to interview President Nixon, and presently several movies have been made focusing on this event. A movie that was made recently and portrayed the event rather accurately is called, “Frost/Nixon”. After watching the movie and researching Nixon’s part in the Watergate scandal through reading books, articles, and other resources through databases. Although the movie has theatrical effects, the most accurate way to learn about Nixon’s involvement in Watergate is through text written about Nixon or specifically Watergate itself. The Watergate burglary itself took place at Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate building. The burglary was on June 17, 1972 and the burglars were caught that night. A security guard while patrolling the building saw tape over the locks of a door, and realized that someone had broken in or was going to. So he


would have made the situation much better. received a letter from James McCord in March 1973 that charged a cover up of the burglary. The Frost/Nixon movie barely even touches any of these points.E. When Frost starts the interview with Nixon. James W. The five men were not the only ones that were being charged.Smith called the police and the burglars were caught. violation of federal wiretapping laws.R. The break-ins target was Larry O’ Brien’s office. Nixon wants to take advantage of the situation and make himself look as good as possible. Each wants a different conclusion from this interview. E. Then began an investigation of the President and if he had any part. manipulation to have control of the direction of their talk. or ultimately why Nixon sent them. and wants to reveal Nixon’s flaws and secrets. The Frost/Nixon movie is trying to portray Nixon’s personality and demeanor.. 2 . Judge John J. and why. rather then giving the facts. Admitting that they were his employees and what they were doing. When this information was released President Nixon was clearly in the spotlight. and the twisting of words to fight for what they want proceeds. Jr. and Frank Sturgis. giving him another chance to change the outcome of the situation. Howard Hunt and G. Bernard Barker. or how they got caught. and less on getting out the facts about Nixon.E. he was the Chairman of the DNC. Gordon Liddy were also indicted for burglary. and conspiracy in January 1973 all seven of the men were directly or indirectly employees of President Nixon’s committee C. about the men caught. The five burglars were charged by a grand jury with attempted interception of telephone and other communications and attempted burglary. The five men that were arrested for breaking into the Watergate building were Virgilio González.P. a epic battle of words. while Frost wants the truth to come out. Eugenio Martínez. McCord. The movie focus’s on Frost.

whether they deserved it or not. A written piece on the other hand has to draw a reader in through the text and the style of writing. Frost/Nixon the movie although a great film. The only American President in history to resign from office is what he amounted to. did not provide the viewer with all of the facts needed to understand why Nixon had a part in 3 . The video although able to make Nixon seem like a manipulative old man. and gives the facts that are needed. President Nixon was caught covering up his crimes and he reaped his consequences by being forced out of office. but made many people fall with him. the information is straight forward. Movies have the option and ability to draw in viewers through several different visual. He not only aggravated many people. yet it doesn’t show the true aggressive. and details that can attract the viewer. cut throat Nixon he was. Through text that has been written about Nixon and Watergate. and other theatrical effects. a complex story that begins with a burglary and ends with a President’s resignation. but then its not all about just drawing in the reader or viewer.Smith The Watergate Scandal. but that what he does is the right way. but he made a lot of lives worse. but I believe President Nixon still blames everyone else besides himself. audio. The main purpose is to get a point across with the actual facts and to inform the viewing audience. The viewer needs to be given true facts. He did not fall peacefully. President Nixon was always in the state of mind that he could not be wrong. The movie builds suspense through it’s music and the way it sets up the interviews. Although the movie portrays Nixon as an old man taking patronage in his house where he is safe and can live a peaceful life. but it’s not all about just drawing in the viewer. In attempt to defend himself and free himself from blame for the Watergate burglary he made his situation completely worse. In the end I’m sure President Nixon did not feel that what he did was worth it.

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