The Biz Quiz ­ 24 February 2008  Questions 


1. Who have been jailed for 37 months each for their involvement in Enron-related fraud?
(  )The Northern Rock Board  (  )The LloydsTSB Four    (  )The NatWest Three  (  )The Barclay Brothers 

2. Banks have moved to scrap so-called "high risk mortgages". What kind of a loan is a "high risk mortgage"?
(  )Where the loan is made to finance a house  purchase in London  (  )Where the loan must be repaid over a period  of less than 10 years    (  )Where the loan is made to an unemployed  person  (  )Where the value of the house is significantly  less than the value of the loan 

3. Who voted "9-0 to cut rates"?
(  )The Local Government Association  (  )Gordon Brown's Cabinet    (  )The new Northern Rock Board of Directors  (  )The Monetary Policy Committee 

4. The regulator of the energy industries is to launch an investigation into Britain's electricity and gas supply markets. What is the name of the regulator?
(  )OffEnd  (  )Consumers Association    (  )GasWatch  (  )Ofgem 

5. Who is the new Executive Chairman of Northern Rock?
(  )Ruth Saddler  (  )Reg Handler    (  )Ron Howard  (  )Ron Sandler 

6. Who announced that it would stop production of HD DVD players and recorders using its own technology?
  (  )Toshiba  (  )Samsung    (  )Sony  (  )Dell 

7. What will soon be new about Tate & Lyle sugar sold in shops?
(  )It will be coloured light blue  (  )The packet will carry a warning about obesity    (  )It will carry the Fairtrade mark  (  )It will no longer have a best‐by date 

8. McDonald's has sold a 33% stake in a UK-owned business. Which one?
(  )Burger King  (  )Greggs    (  )Pret A Manger  (  )Costa Coffee 

9. Which retailer announced plans to embark on large-scale expansion in 2008, aiming to create 9,000 new jobs and open 22 stores?
(  )HMV  (  )Ann Summers    (  )John Lewis  (  )Asda 

10. Cadbury's is making changes to its Easter eggs in a bid to become more eco-friendly. What is changing?
(  )Less packaging  (  )Energy for the production line will all come  from renewable sources        (  )Less chocolate  (  )Recyclable chocolate 

  1 The NatWest Three  2 Where the value of the house is significantly less than the value of the loan  3 The Monetary Policy Committee  4 Ofgem  5 Ron Sandler  6 Toshiba  7 It will carry the Fairtrade mark  8 Pret A Manger  9 Asda  10 Less packaging 

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