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The India Brand Equity Foundation is a public-private

partnership between the Ministry of Commerce &

Industry, Government of India and the Confederation
of Indian Industry. The Foundation's primary objective is
to build positive economic perceptions of India globally.

India Brand Equity Foundation

c/o Confederation of Indian Industry
249-F Sector 18, Udyog Vihar Phase IV
Gurgaon 122 015, Haryana, INDIA

Tel +91 124 501 4087, 4060 - 67

Fax +91 124 501 3873

...IBEF is an idea
REVIEWtime is now...

The India Brand Equity Foundation is a unique idea. This idea has taken solid shape over the last two years.
The experiment of a public-private partnership in the area of nation branding aims to do things differently,
unfettered by the past and always looking towards the future with optimism.

As the Foundation moves into its third year of operations, it becomes increasingly relevant in a globalising world
where India assumes centrestage on economic and diplomatic issues. It is perhaps true that perception lags reality,
and though over the past few years, increased interest in India has prompted business leaders and policy makers
to develop a deeper understanding of this complex nation, there is much more to be done to educate the world
about India. This has been the area where the Foundation has focused its efforts over the past year.

The pace of change is rapid. The IBEF has kept up with the pace, and attempted to assist global businesses and
media in keeping up as well. However, the very nature of the organisation is built on the presumption that as IBEF
deploys its energies behind the development of an India Resource Centre, more Indian organisations will come
forward to make use of it. IBEF has proactively expanded its partnership networks across government, industry
and media. IBEF's website has emerged as a one-stop shop for those seeking information on India,
both for global and domestic audiences.

Yet, there is an uphill task ahead of us. In the coming months and years, there will be a greater demand for
information. More importantly, in this period of transition, there will be a demand from discerning consumers,
global business leaders, opinion leaders, policy makers and decision takers. The IBEF is gearing up to serve
this community.

I am confident that the IBEF is an idea whose time is now. It is an idea that must be nurtured and developed.
The IBEF has served as a facilitator for the past two years. It has facilitated the flow of information between India
and the world. It has also facilitated dissemination of the experience of influencers and leaders and helped shape
positive opinion about India in the world.

Now, while it continues to serve as a facilitator, it must emerge as an enabler. An enabler for business and
government alike to build bridges and networks with the world around us. An enabler for every Indian around
the world to feel genuine pride in India and an abiding faith in its great future. Most importantly, an enabler for
taking a common message to the rest of the world. The message is simple. India the fastest growing free market
democracy is an economic powerhouse of the 21st century, and nothing is going to stop its progress.

S N Menon
Chairman, IBEF &
Commerce Secretary
...Now, we want
to raise the bar...

The IBEF is a successful model of a public-private partnership between CII & the Ministry of Commerce and
Industry. As we close our second year of operations, we report back with a string of projects, conducted in close
engagement with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of External Affairs and other agencies within the
Government. Chief among them was the 1st India-ASEAN Car Rally held in Nov-Dec 2004, flagged off by the Prime
Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh in Guwahati, India.

An enormously challenging logistical exercise, the Rally involved taking 60 cars from India to Indonesia traveling
across 8 of the 10 ASEAN countries, and bringing the region’s peoples and economies closer than ever before.
The IBEF sponsored this mega project and also ran a campaign titled “Opportunity India” in the ASEAN as the
rally charted its 8000 km journey across the ASEAN, showcasing emergent opportunities for business engagement
between India and ASEAN. The Rally was the single biggest brand building exercise for India in the ASEAN.

In 2004, IBEF also escalated its research activities, launched its India Resource Centre ( and published
a series of sectoral reports and success stories. The IBEF website received 3 million hits in the first quarter of 2005.
IBEF’s original research assisted global media and business in understanding India, in greater depth and facilitated the
growth of positive public opinion worldwide. IBEF also launched the "Experience India Programme" under which it
organised and supported visits by senior policy makers, decision takers and journalists. Recently, IBEF has started
to work closely with the newly constituted Investment Commission led by Mr. Ratan N Tata.

Over the past few years, “Brand India” has caught the attention of global media like never before. IBEF’s research
and analysis confirms this. A visit to the news stands and a quick flip-through of the world’s leading magazines and
dailies reconfirms this! We have been working hard to ensure that this is a sustainable shift. A shift in perception
towards a more realistic and enduring brand image that is truly representative of the great things happening in India.

Now, we want to raise the bar. Both, in terms of how we measure success internally, and in the scale of our
operations. Building on the first two years, we will now deploy resources and energies in building a global network
of Brand Ambassadors that can serve as an effective outreach arm of the IBEF, and also move closer to our target
markets by launching a series of direct marketing efforts like roadshows and conferences. We will also continue
to engage organisations in partnership to build consensus about the kind of messages that India sends out to the
global community. And in this manner, it is our firm belief that we will continue to improve economic perceptions
of India, globally.

This report captures IBEF's progress from January 2004 through March 2005, reflecting a change in our reporting
cycle which will now follow the fiscal year i.e. April-March. The work completed by IBEF in these 15 months would
not have been possible without the leadership of some key individuals. I would like to thank Mr. Dipak Chatterjee,
former Commerce Secretary, Mr. S N Menon, the current Commerce Secretary and Chairman IBEF and their team
for their guidance in facilitating IBEF's transition into what it is today.
The Year in Review 06

Ajay Khanna
CEO, IBEF & IBEF Vision 22
Dy. Director General, CII
INDIA RESOURCE CENTRE • multimedia presentations
• downloadable India posters • India Brochure

• India Presentations
IBEF launched its India Resource Centre • India Film in 2004. The website has steadily • Articles, images and sectoral papers.
gained popularity both in India and abroad.
Today, it serves as a "one-stop shop" for All these can be used as a complete package
business information on India. The website for pitching the "India Story".
offers in-depth and accurate information,
analysis, news and resources across industrial
sectors and the economy in general. It has 200 The India Resource Centre initiative's aim has
articles on varying topics in its research section been to proactively publish original research
Since its rechristening as the India Brand Equity workshops across the country with the
and is continually updated with new features and and present success stories, trends and
Foundation in late 2003, IBEF's endeavour has assistance of the Boston Consulting Group,
data in line with policy announcements, industry highlights of key events taking place in the
been to build positive economic perceptions to gather data and opinion on how to build
trends and growing investor interest in India. country such as the Economic Survey, Budget
of India globally. While most of our work is a globally relevant Brand India.
Announcement, India Economic Summit, etc.
international, IBEF serves the domestic market
The research is targeted at industry analysts,
by providing resources to key stakeholders, IBEF further analysed media perceptions In the first quarter of 2005, the IBEF website had international and domestic media and policy
thus, ensuring coherence and consistency in through secondary research and facilitated over 3 million hits with maximum number makers and also caters to specific requests
building Brand India. discussions with government and industry of visitors from the US followed by India, Saudi from industry and media.
To achieve its charter, the IBEF has identified to establish a common vision for the brand. Arabia and Singapore.
four broad roles for itself:
In 2004, IBEF built on these discussions, but The range and depth of the research prompted
• A Forum to facilitate continual development
focused energies on foreign investment, and The IBEF website also features a section on several organisations and individuals to tap into
and refinement of the Brand Vision
how investors both domestic and international "Brand India" ( India), which this service. Now, nearly a third of our original
• A Resource Centre on India perceived Brand India. comprises research is content-on-demand.
• A Facilitator for global institutions,
organisations and individuals wanting to IBEF also works closely with the Investment
deepen their understanding of India Commission, appointed by the Ministry of
• A Co-ordinator of Strategic Marketing Finance, under the leadership of Mr. Ratan
initiatives N Tata. IBEF was invited to present its view on
how the partnership could be structured, to all
the members of the Investment Commission in
FORUM February 2005, and has since been actively
engaged in acting as a Resource Centre for the
In 2003, IBEF worked as a Forum for developing Commission.
the Brand Vision for India. It conducted

In fact, IBEF has assisted several global Brand India Pack
organisations including Bloomberg News, CBS
News 60 Minutes, US-based National Journal, In 2004, IBEF completed the design and
Boston Consulting Group, Germany-based development of the Brand India Information
Managr magazine, and many more India-based Pack. A customisable pack available both as a
organisations including Times of India, Indian binder and a CD, the pack serves as an effective
Express, CNBC-TV18, CNN and others, with tool for disseminating packaged information
relevant, timely and meaningful research. about the “India Business Experience” to diverse
audiences at conferences, seminars, booths and
stalls, by mail and during one-on-one meetings.
The research is disseminated through the IBEF
This pack is continually updated and can be
website as weekly highlights that focus on key
downloaded from the website.
articles written, a weekly e-newsletter, press
releases and focused direct mailing to media and
industry. The pack that has been branded under the IBEF-
promoted business brand titled "India-World's
Fastest Growing Free Market Democracy" has
A compilation of our most widely used research
the ability to suit the needs of different
has been published as a single volume to serve
organisations engaged in marketing India.
as a reference guide.

It serves as a ready reckoner on India and offers
a quick look through of the best that India has
to offer. It also provides facts and figures on
Indian industry and economy along with an
analysis and testimonials of India as an ideal
business destination. The pack, which is
distributed at domestic and international
forums, has proved to be extremely popular
with Indian mission abroad.

India CD/DVD
India Brochure
• Soft copies of all reports, power-point
• Quick facts and figures on Indian industry & presentations and other resources part
economy: "WHY India?" of the Brand India Pack
• Provides brief analysis and testimonials • Distributed at international and domestic
of India as an ideal business destination forums
• Distributed at domestic and international • Being extensively used by Indian missions
forums abroad

IBEF, in partnership with leading global agencies,
published a series of sectoral reports, along with
several other topical brochures and reports on
wide-ranging subjects that may be of interest to
global businesses and media.

The broad focus of these publications is to:

• Showcase India as an investment destination

and the opportunities within

• Highlight the rapidly improving Indian

India Posters business environment
• Set of 12 posters • Promote the fast-growing and diverse
• India story depicted through pictures, Indian marketplace both as export and
consumer markets
not words
• Project the dynamic growth demonstrated
• Available in booklet from
by Indian players and achievements globally
• Freely available for download on IBEF
• Create a closer-to-reality and accurate
perception about the changing Indian market
• Put up at India Booths organised by IBEF to whet interests of potential investors
at domestic and international events

The reports already published include programmes of planned visits, IBEF has managed

Ernst & Young: to facilitate and enhance the India brand

Automotive • Biotechnology experience of visiting journalists and key
Healthcare • Pharmaceuticals
policy makers.
ITES • IT • Power • Oil & Gas

KPMG: IBEF hosted a number of key influencers from

US Companies in India: Success Stories across the world including visitors from the US,
CII: Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Sweden, Germany,
Deming Prize Winners from India
UK, Cambodia among others. Some of these

FACILITATOR included Robert Blackwill, President, Barbour

Griffith & Rogers International, USA; Andre
IBEF employs facilitation as a key strategy
Tamaris, Editor in Chief, Negocios, Mexico;
to proactively build positive opinion about
Bruce Stokes, Sr. Correspondent, The National
India. Through a combination of sponsored
Journal, USA; Peter Mandelson, Commissioner
programmes supporting visits of international
for Trade, European Commission; Arthur Segel,
journalists, and timely intervention in

Head of Real Estate Department, Harvard In September 2004, 80 students from Wharton's
EXPERIENCE Following the spate of and tourist destinations such as Goa will be very

Business School; Martin Wolf, Associate Editor executive MBA programme came to India. successes of these much a part of the agenda.
& Chief Economics Commentator, Financial programmes and events,
Times, London; Stephen Roach, Managing
IBEF frequently assists global events in India. PROGRAMME IBEF has designed a
Director & Chief Economist, Morgan Stanley.
It was one of the main organisers of the formal programme titled “Experience India”that STRATEGIC MARKETING
Organisation for Economic Cooperation will provide a better understanding
IBEF's approach has been to use a combination
and Development (OECD) Global International of the change and transformation in India.
IBEF also participated in the visit of a high of communication and marketing strategies to
Investment Forum (GFII) held in New Delhi in The programme will be marketed aggressively
profile media delegation from the US, organised engage global business and media communities.
October 2004. to global business and media communities and
by the Johns Hopkins University under the
will include facilitating visits by policy makers,
“International Reporting Project”.
venture capitalists, journalists, business
The core agenda of the OCED-GFII event
delegations and business school students.
IBEF continued to evolve its strategy to partner was to initiate dialogue between policy makers,
leading Business Schools by facilitating their business and industry from OECD and
inward visits into India. In 2004, IBEF partnered non-OECD countries on the role of
IBEF expects exponential growth in 2005, both
Wharton, Harvard and MIT Sloan among other international co-operation to enhance the
in terms of the number of visitors as well as
schools, which brought in delegations ranging business environment and maximise the benefits
events in India and is engaged with several
from 50 to 100 people. of investment in developing countries, with This has also helped identify successful
organisations to ensure a managed experience in
a focus on India. strategies that will be scaled up in 2005.
India. It will do so by organising meetings with
Such immersion programmes enable students business leaders, policy makers, opinion leaders
from these schools meet a slew of Indian policy
and news makers. It will organise visits to
makers, industry captains and ordinary people
Tactical Promotion
company sites, factories and BPO facilities to
giving them insights into the emergence of the IBEF leveraged its participation in several global
expose visitors to diverse aspects of the society
Indian economy on the global scene. events, to promote Brand India through
and culture of both urban and rural India. Special
placement of promotional material at stalls,
visits to heritage sites like the Taj Mahal in Agra


booths and conference venues. Some notable US-based Asia Society's season long India
events where IBEF's “Brand India” material was promotion titled “India: The Future is Now”.

widely disseminated were: The segment IBEF is sponsoring is titled “The

• World Economic Forum, Davos World in India/India in the World” and focuses
• India Economic Summit, New Delhi mainly on India's political economy and industry.

• The Partnership Summit, Kolkata

• International Engineering & Technology Fair, Advertising
New Delhi IBEF tested several concepts by advertising in
• “Made in India” shows in Thailand and China limited and select publications. Starting with a
• CBI Business Showcase, UK
cost-effective campaign in CII's business journal
titled “Communique”, IBEF next ran a campaign
titled “Opportunity India” in the ASEAN
markets in conjunction with the 1st India
ASEAN Car Rally. IBEF advertised in the World
Economic Forum's magazine, Global Agenda and
featured in an India Survey that was published
as a supplement to the Global Agenda
During the ASEAN Car Rally, both IBEF and the
Ministry of Tourism joined hands to spread
India's brand awareness together. The IBEF
IBEF also employed sponsorship as a strategy to
branding was carried in the Incredible India
market India in key markets on the back of a
campaign carried in global publications during
global event. IBEF was the premium sponsor of
the event.
the 1st India ASEAN Car Rally, a multi-market
mega event, which served as an effective
IBEF ran a small-scale domestic print and online
platform to build Brand India in key ASEAN
advertising campaign to promote the online
India Resource Centre. The print campaign
appeared in leading business newspapers
IBEF is now extending this strategy to another
including The Economic Times' Brand Equity
key market by sponsoring a portion of the

Global Agenda, CII Communique, India NOW. Direct Marketing In 2004, IBEF successfully launched two different

magazine and the IETF 2005 Catalogue. e-Newsletters, both of which can be subscribed
IBEF launched a monthly magazine targeted at
The online campaign was focused on popular to, free of cost, by signing up on the IBEF
global business and media communities at the
Indian websites such as , website. The first, titled “India NOW”, is a
World Economic Forum, Davos 2005. Titled,, weekly focused on providing a wrap up of all
“India Now A Perspective”, the publication is a
the positive developments in the economy and, The
free, subscription-based magazine. It attempts to
industry. The newsletter already has over
initiatives resulted in a visible increase in the
communicate the “India Story” in a powerful and 10,000 subscribers. The second newsletter,
popularity of the website.
lucid way by capturing current trends and titled “India-Invest NOW”, is focused on direct
opportunities across sectors. foreign investment in India and goes out
In the coming year, IBEF plans to roll out fortnightly to a global database. Launched in
a campaign titled “ Served from India” across January 2005, this newsletter focuses on
With a print run of 10,000 copies, “India Now:
global markets. This flagship initiative is providing information on FDI specific trends,
A Perspective”, reaches out to senior business
expected to provide a major boost to the the investment climate in Indian states, projects
managers in India and overseas, foreign
country’s exports as well as inward investments available for FDI, the latest on investment
institutional investors, policy and decision
commitments across sectors, case studies of
in key sectors by highlighting the quality and
makers, international trade and business
MNC experiences in India and analysis on
cost advantages of sourcing a variety of services
promotion agencies, international and domestic
investments in India.
from India.
media, Indian missions abroad and foreign

section, the Business Standard's Strategist missions in India.

The IBEF website also has a daily news alert
section, the Financial Express, The Hindu
service that covers daily news and success
Business Line and in leading business magazines
stories. The alert currently has over 5000
such as Business Today, Business World, WEF's

The Pay off FINANCIAL UPDATE Commerce; and Ajay Khanna, Chief Executive
Officer, IBEF, and Dy. Director General, CII.
Are the efforts paying returns? The answer is
IBEF was granted exemption u/s 12 A of the
affirmative. IBEF has been undertaking an The CII Finance department manages the IBEF
Income Tax Act. This enables IBEF to
international media tracking exercise wherein it investments.
continue to get Income Tax exemption on its
regularly analyses India content in leading
income subject to fulfilling the conditions of
international journals. The analysis reveals that
the Act.
there has been a sustained increase in overall
coverage on India and on the performance of
Next IBEF plans to undertake a series of Indian economy and industry. More important,
Monitoring of Loans
roadshows to global markets with the objective the coverage has been more positive than
The Management Team continued to monitor
of proactively seeking out investment and negative, with successful Indians and Indian
companies regularly highlighted. the loans given to the five companies, with the
building the business brand of India. In 2005,
assistance of M/s B R Maheshwari. Only two
IBEF will partner CII-led missions, to several
companies, M/s HMT (International) Ltd and
global markets including the USA, UK, Latin The more intangible benefit is the sustained
M/s K G Denim, have been regular with their
America etc. increase in “curiosity” and interest by global
repayments of Principal and Interest amount.
business and media communities in India.
The IBEF will continue to build and convert this
interest into engagement, towards the goal of The other three companies have huge
ensuring India’s position as the worlds fastest outstandings towards IBEF and on the advice of
growing free market democracy. the IBEF Board of Trustees litigation processes
have been initiated against them. The companies
are M/s Visudhdha Rasayanee Pvt Ltd, M/s
International Creative Foods Ltd and M/s Clutch
Auto Ltd.

The legal proceedings with the assistance of

IBEF’s lawyers, M/s Amarchand Mangaldas are at
different stages.

IBEF Fixed Deposits

The corpus of the Trust continues to be

invested based on the decisions of the
Finance Committee of IBEF comprising of
Asha Swarup, Chairperson of the Committee
and Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor;
S S Kapur, Joint Secretary, Ministry of

IBEF Vision

How India Won The 2020 Olympic Games

Dateline: September 2014

It was a surprise to many that India would ever host the Olympic Games. With a population growing
out of control, development stalled, and reforms spotty at best, India began the 21st century with
more concern than hope. How India won the Games is a story of the country’s journey.
This is India in the 21st century...
Rapid all round growth…Globalisation…
The International Olympic Committee voted unanimously in accepting India’s bid to host the Leading on the Strength of Intellectual Capital
Games. Unanimity in the IOC is a rarity. Many international personalities lobbied for India’s bid, and the unbridled Spirit of Entrepreneurship...
from ex-President Mr. Bill Clinton and PepsiCo chairperson Ms. Indra Nooyi to Oscar-winner Mr. Aamir Democracy… the Permission and Right
Khan and UN Secretary-General Ms. Kripalani Sen. Their voices were added to the leaders of over 400 to be Different… the Synthesis of Structure
Fortune 500 companies who have held their global board meetings in India. and Non-linearity… that together fuel the Quest
for Knowledge and provide the Impetus to Growth.

The Olympic idea was first mooted at the World Economic Forum of 2008, held in Srinagar, 4 Over 6.5% average annual GDP growth over the past decade
India, a recognition of the country’s emerging economic position. Delegations from around the world 4 Foreign exchange reserves of over US$ 140 billion
were surprised at the ultra-modern airport, the connecting arteries, the urban organisation, and most
4 Fastest growing population of workers and consumers
importantly the single-mindedness with which various organisations and government
4 Fastest growing telecom market
departments, both state and central, came together to host the event. It was, according to many, the
4 Huge investments in infrastructure development
best organised and most fruitful meeting in recent memory.
4 Leadership in knowledge based industries

In the last decade, such stories about India have been one pleasant surprise after another.
India has become the centre of quality leather and garments with designs that lead the fashion world.
Its unquestioned strength in Information Technology became the backbone of a services economy,
which, despite lower-cost competitors, grew at a torrid pace. Today, many core functions such as R&D,
Prototyping, and CRM are done in India. This proven intellectual ability quickly spilled over into other
sectors, such as legal services, health care, and education. Many Indian corporates have become global
giants and many Indian leaders have become contributors to the world’s intellectual capital.

None of this is news. From many quarters over the last decade we have heard similar stories.
What may be not so well known is the story of how India came to this place. That story is also the story
of the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) ...
IBEF’s logo seeks to symbolise India in the 21st century…rising
to challenges, tirelessly striving and transcending new frontiers.
India - an idea unbound…a bird without a cage…its only canvas
is the sky…limitless and expanding…

The spirit of IBEF is akin to that of a bird, forever seeking greater

heights…altitude, symbolising progress…it mirrors the achievements
and aspirations of a generation of Indians that is alive to global
opportunities and aware of its abilities…

Blending skill with an indomitable spirit of enterprise, Indians

breathe life into India - the fastest growing free market democracy
in the world.