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Redesigning the Between

Friends Website
Presented by the Taproot Team
Meet the Taproot Team

Cynthia Gelper, Content Strategist George Rudder, Web Developer Cindy Wang, UX Designer
Our Goals Current Between Friends website

● Understand our users

● Define the brand
● Rewrite the content
● Reorganize the structure
● Refresh the visuals
● Redevelop the site on Wordpress
Understanding our users

We identified 3 user types: clients, Example of design principles

donors/volunteers, and teens. We
talked to several stakeholders to
better understand users and the
Between Friends. We used these
insights to create the new site.
Defining the brand

● Conduct branding exercise to

determine how staff see our
● Use insights we gleaned to
inform the messaging and
● Distill ideas and themes for
Rewriting the content

● Streamline messaging and content in a

more user-friendly format
● Update and freshen information
● Reflect state of Between Friends now
● Edit existing usable content as well as
creating new content
Reorganizing the structure

Current Structure Redesigned Structure

Reorganizing the structure
Example of user testing task

We reorganized the
structure and tested our
idea with clients, donors, and
teens. Most users found the
navigation to be intuitive.
Refreshing the visuals
Examples of visual design directions

We created multiple ideas for

visual design directions and
landed upon one with the help
of the Between Friends team.
Refreshing the visuals
Examples featuring final visual direction

For the final visual direction,

we used lots of images,
gender-neutral colors, and a
clean, minimalist look.
Redeveloping the site
Final Site

The site will be developed on

Wordpress. It will be
mobile-responsive and easy to
Next Steps
● The website is currently in development.
● Wordpress will be very customizable.
● Placeholder copy & images will be replaced with actual content.
● Additional changes can easily be made after the site is developed.
Thank you for listening!