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Pan-Regional TV in

ASIA 2009Quarter 2, 2009


Introduction to ATAC 3 Bloomberg Television 38
The Pan-Regional Broadcasters 4 CNBC Asia 40
Through the Agency Prism 7 Discovery Networks Asia 42
The Absolute Numbers 10 NBC Universal 48
Subscription Television in Asia 12 National Geographic Channel FOX Network 52
Casbaa Audience Clusters 16 Sony Pictures Entertainment 58
Asia-Pacific Net Advertising Revenue Overview 18 STAR Group 64
TV on Mobile 20 Turner International 70

Countries Research Partners

Australia 21 admanGo 75
China 22 AGB NMR 76
Hong Kong 23 CSM 77
India 24 CTR 78
Indonesia 25 Gallup Pakistan 79
Japan 26 Medialogic Pakistan 80
Malaysia 27 Nielsen 81
New Zealand 28 Synovate 82
Pakistan 29 TNS 83
Philippines 30
Singapore 31 Glossary of Terms 84
South Korea 32
Taiwan 33
Thailand 34
Vietnam 35
Audience Measurement 36

Designed and published by Pacific Century Publishers Limited

Welcome to Pan-Regional TV in Asia 2009, the launch initiative of ATAC, the Asia Television Advertising

Coalition, an industry alliance dedicated to generating new advertising revenue streams for subscription

television across 15 Asian markets with 315 million Asian subscribers.

ATAC, working with CASBAA consultants Julie Petersen and Craig Harvey, has been specifically designed

to support media buyers using regional TV.

The stakeholders in ATAC, all leading members of the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia

(CASBAA), are Turner International, Discovery Networks Asia, Sony Pictures Entertainment, FOX Networks,

STAR Group, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg Television, National Geographic Channel and NBC Universal. As

media research sources continue to develop and improve across the region, advertisers and agencies

are better able to demonstrate the value of subscription TV in the media mix, specifically to reach

specific target audiences and high-worth consumers.

However, Pan-Regional TV in Asia 2009 comprises much more than input from broadcasters. At the

heart of this guide lies vital analysis provided by the advertising agencies, our clients and the research

organizations who recognize that television of all kinds will remain a vital part of the Asian media scene

for decades to come.

Simon Twiston Davies

The Pan-Regional
Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific’s portfolio of seven high-quality brands –
Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Travel & Living, Discovery Science,
Discovery Home & Health, Discovery Turbo, and Discovery HD - has the
widest distribution in Asia-Pacific, reaching more than 448 million cumulative
subscribers in 32 countries with 21 feeds and programming in 10 languages.
The breadth of Discovery’s brands enables advertisers to effectively reach their
customers while targeting different demographics. We believe in providing
accountability to our advertisers and have invested in research tools such as
Tom Keaveny,
Peoplemeter which covers more than 90% of our distribution here, and PAX.
Executive Vice Discovery Channel is the number one most-watched regional channel in Asia-
President & Managing
Director, Discovery Pacific for 11 consecutive years according to the PAX 2008 survey**.

Networks Asia-
iscovery Channel, our flagship brand,
* Peoplemeter Q109; Asia-
is the #1 international channel in Asia-
Pacific 6 markets, pay TV
viewers Pacific reaching more than 83 million
** Past 30 days, pay TV
respondents pay TV viewers a month.*

Subscribers to pay television make a personal financial commitment to watching

better programming, and this correlates strongly with their willingness to spend
on other products and services.  Bloomberg Television's audience of decision-
makers, investors and affluent consumers - together with its authoratative
business programming - ensures that it is a targeted and influential media
proposition for international marketers.  In addition,

loomberg Television has a unique
Shawn Galey,
Managing Director,
ability to offer integrated media
Commercial Affairs,
Bloomberg opportunities across its television,
Television Asia-
Pacific online, mobile and print platforms.
PE Networks - Asia offers the best of
general and factual entertainment that
targets the masses as well as the affluent. 
The four channel brands from SPE Networks - comprising leading English
general entertainment destination AXN; its sibling AXN BEYOND specializing in
mystery, paranormal and fantasy; youth channel ANIMAX; as well as female-
skewed SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION - offer a targeted reach of young
Ricky Ow,
adults and Asian affluents.  The addition of four AETN channels targeting senior Senior Vice President &
General Manager, SPE
executives and affluent households - HISTORY, The Biography Channel, Crime & Networks - Asia
Investigation Network and HISTORY HD - to our ad sales portfolio, means we can
now offer more creative solutions and value to advertisers from our entire suite
of eight quality channel brands.

Advertisers who put CNN to work for their brand(s) trust us to reach the audience
that matters the most, and engage them anytime, anywhere. News is the must-
watch TV genre and

NN is a daily habit for the region’s
global citizens.

This combination of regional or global reach plus audience quality delivers William Hsu,
maximum efficiency and minimum wastage. Added to this, CNN continues to Vice President, CNN
Advertising Sales,
pioneer new ways for advertisers to connect with consumers, making full use of Asia-Pacific
relevant programming, class-leading digital extensions and the power of the
CNN brand.
The Pan-Regional
Advertising on National Geographic Channels and FOX International Channels
Asia allows advertisers to target customers around the world in different
demographic profiles through our multi-genre offering. The NGC brands reach
out to discerning audiences who are curious about the world with our rich
factual entertainment programming; while our FOX brands target new and
sophisticated audiences who are seeking unique and edgy entertainment.

ur channels are widely distributed in
the affluent multichannel TV homes
Senior Vice President,
Revenue & in 48 countries in Asia-Pacific.
FOX International
Channels Asia This translates to flexibility, diversity and cost efficiency for the advertisers within
our multi-play network.

Multichannel television provides a one-stop shop for advertisers in the region. 

Take STAR as an example: Serving viewers across Asia with multiple channels in
multiple languages, we understand how the market works and what resonates
with the consumer.  

he breadth of our network and the
power of our reach enable us to deliver
Jonathan Ellis,
cost-effective innovative advertising
Senior Vice President,
Advertising Sales,
solutions that connect with Asians of all
ages, in an environment they trust and in a
language they understand.  
Through the Agency Prism
As the chill winds of economic downturn blow across the region, advertisers
and their media agencies are evaluating and re-evaluating investment
decisions in a process driven by a focus on value, flexibility and effectiveness.
The pan-regional television networks offer a host of attributes which position
them well to meet the challenges posed by client needs in this climate, and
which will continue to position them as important communication platforms
into the future.

From a value perspective, the pan-regional channels demonstrate an ability Matthew Turl
to stretch investments across multiple formats. In addition to conventional Regional Client
Services Director -
television delivery, online and increasingly mobile are offered along with ZenithOptimedia
capabilities to create events which bring advertiser and consumer face to
face. Their ability to tailor on-screen content around an advertiser message
and offer their own personalities as part of a package to enhance that
message adds significantly to the level of value on offer.

he flexibility of multiple channels,
delivering segment and interest-
specific content is compelling, as
the pursuit of relevant and empathetic
environments is also a driver of advertiser
investment decisions.
ZenithOptimedia’s own proprietary study, TouchpointsTM illustrates the
continuing ability of television to influence brand choice across Asia. The
pan-regional channels, high-profile and influential brands in themselves,
combine this power with the ability to deliver millions of consumers across the
region. Case studies and new initiatives to substantiate their effectiveness
will only add to these compelling credentials.
Through the Agency Prism
As penetration of cable, satellite and IPTV continues to grow across Asia, the
pan-regional TV brands' ability to reach valuable audiences across multiple
platforms is now more than ever an important part of the advertiser's media

The pan-regional TV channels' innovative and creative solutions to our clients'

advertising needs is a testament to the investment the networks continue to
make in their people, who really have an in-depth knowledge of television
Chris Skinner
and how it interlinks with their internet and mobile offering; providing the
Managing Director, advertiser will an integrated advertising presence.

Universal McCann,
Hong Kong

ith continued investment

in content and consumer
understanding, the regional TV
sector will carry on growing.

Regional TV is the ideal media for an advertiser who wants multi-market

coverage with a limited budget.  However, it goes much further than that. 
Regional TV media owners are often much more open to being creative
than their local equivalents.  This can manifest itself in content creation, cross-
platform deals and beyond.  The fact that the effort and investment put into
these projects is being spread over multiple markets makes it easier to justify. 

he sooner more advertisers look beyond
James Smyllie
Regional Account simple national borders and to where
Director, Carat Hong
Kong real clusters of valuable audiences are,
regardless of nationality, the better.
For integrated multi-platform solutions to be effective, it requires more than
throwing elements together and hoping they will work cohesively; it needs a
considered approach to how content can be distributed differently via the
different platforms to actively engage the consumers.

or this to work effectively, it must be
based on an informed cohesive idea
and firmly rooted in actionable consumer Connie Chan,
Managing Director,
insights. MEC Singapore &
Global Solution,

I welcome any initiatives that help to better understand what kind of content
provides an engaging platform for brands to have a dialogue with consumers,
as well as how and where that content can be distributed.  

ltimately, the task for brands is to be
doing the right things, at the right
time, in the right place, to encourage
consumers to buy. Jon Wright,
Regional Director,
The Absolute Numbers
By Country Population Population as a % of Subscription TV % of TV
Asia-Pacific Homes (mid 2009) Homes

Australia 21,180,805 0.6 2,351,153 30.8

China 1,328,342,905 39.3 163,073,000 42.8

Hong Kong 7,017,697 0.2 1,596,000 71.6

India 1,149,249,227 34.0 90,002,143 64.2

Indonesia 228,247,374 6.8 1,118,500 3.3

Japan 128,141,791 3.8 11,733,000 24.6

Malaysia 27,676,460 0.8 2,646,000 49.6

New Zealand 4,169,738 0.1 764,069 53.2

Pakistan 163,710,000 4.8 7,380,000 45.0

Philippines 91,339,523 2.7 1,695,000 12.7

Singapore 4,589,070 0.1 619,000 57.2

S. Korea 48,781,631 1.4 16,900,000 96.6

Taiwan 23,002,370 0.7 6,705,000 92.7

Thailand 63,506,509 1.9 3,846,000 21.9

Vietnam 87,990,000 2.6 3,205,000 17.0

Others 1,000,000

By Region Population Population as a % of Subscription TV % of TV

Asia-Pacific Homes (mid 2009) Homes

ASIA-PACIFIC 3,376,945,100 314,633,865 44.2

North Asia 1,535,286,394 45.5 200,007,000 43.9

South Asia 1,312,959,227 85.5 97,382,143 62.2

South East Asia 503,348,936 38.3 13,129,500 14.6

Australasia 25,350,543 5.0 3,115,222 34.4

Others 1,000,000
North Asia

South Asia

East Asia

Asia-Pacific Subscription TV
Homes Regional Breakdown

1% North Asia

Source: CASBAA & SNL Kagan

North Asia: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South
Korea & Japan
South Asia: India, Pakistan
South Asia South East Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,
31% Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam
Australasia: Australia & New Zealand
South East Asia Others: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos,
4% Cambodia & Sri Lanka
Television in Asia
Penetration for subscription TV now stands at 315 million households across Asia-Pacific or 44% of all TV
households, an increase of 24 million homes compared to 2008, and an 8% year-on-year increase. While
China and India are driving growth in Asia-Pacific, countries such as Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam are
also contributing high numbers of new subscription homes.

Subscription TV appeals to both the masses and affluent targets. According to Synovate PAX, which
covers 10 million affluent Asians across 10 countries*, regional TV has the ability to reach 3.8 million of these
high-value individuals that regional print simply cannot.

As technology, leisure time and the individual's demand for more choice increases, so does the ongoing
demand for subscription and multi-platform TV solutions. Subscription TV is evolving to a world of advanced
interactive services and applications to meet the needs of the consumer at home and outside the home.

This audience for subscription TV is more affluent, more receptive and more likely to respond to advertising
messages. The more sophisticated the audience becomes, the more sophistication they expect.
Subscription TV continues to deliver innovative content that keeps pace with the demands of its audience.

Subscription-TV viewers are likely to be the first to buy new products or gadgets, reflected in a higher rate
of ownership of plasma and flat-screen TVs, hybrid mobile phones, PDAs and MP4 players.

A recent study by the Council for Research Excellence shows that, despite the growing popularity of
viewing television content online, most adults still prefer to watch television on traditional TV sets.

The share of viewing by subscription-TV channels and the potential reach of the medium vs other
traditional media options continues to grow at a faster rate than subscription-TV household penetration.
Driven by the ability of both network broadcasters and platform operators to deliver niche channels to
specific audiences provides advertisers with increasingly cost-effective marketing solutions.

In terms of advertising expenditure, television remains the dominant medium of choice for advertisers.
According to agency data, television accounted for 56.4% of all advertising expenditure in North Asia
and 54.6% in ASEAN in 2008.

The introduction of satellite and digital TV, as well as viewing live programming via the Internet and mobile
TV, is bringing considerable change to TV audience measurement. With increased viewing opportunities,
more commercials and a greater choice of programming, the industry needs reliable information now
more than ever.

* PAX 2008: all markets except Tokyo

There is no doubt that TV provides a platform for effective
audio- visual presentation of a message. For international
brands, pan-regional TV enables an efficient means to
reach out to multiple-market audiences with consistent

Doris Kuok,
Partner, Client
Leadership, Mindshare,
Hong Kong

Growth of Subscription TV Homes Asia Pacific

Source: CASBAA, SNL Kagan, TNS, AGB NMR.

Homes (000)

181 186

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

CASBAA Audience Clusters
Broadcasters and media agencies often use cluster analysis to target specific groups of consumers who
cannot be defined in simple demographic terms.

Using the Telmar Cluster program, CASBAA has conducted an analysis that groups people together into
similar attitudinal and behavior types.

The analysis is based on time spent viewing any international channel in the past week, ownership of high-
tech items and personal attitudes. It covers all PAX markets except Tokyo and was based on the Q1-Q4
2008 database.

CASBAA have identified five distinct groups of international channel viewing clusters, and to bring them
to life have named them based on popular beverages you might expect them to drink!

The Clusters
Mixers (20.7% of the base, or 503,619 people)
• Commonly found in Singapore and Taipei
• Skewed towards men 25-34
• University and above education, more likely to be Business Decision Makers and Top Management
• Frequent business travellers
• High ownership of PDA/hybrid mobile phone and MP4 players
• Important to have an international perspective
• Pride themselves on being up-to-date
• They still however like to treat themselves with something special even if expensive
• Find international TV channels as being more insightful
• High viewership to NEWS, MOVIES, SPORTS and ACTION programming
• Viewership to TV content on the PC and in-car

Chardonnays (24.2% of the base, or 589,159 people)

• Commonly found in Australia, Jakarta, Seoul and Hong Kong
• Skewed towards those who are 45+
• Low education level, however they have higher household and personal income
• High ownership of luxury products, specifically clothing and accessories
• Pride themselves on having an international perspective as well as being informed and up-to-date
• Care about environmental protection
• Socially aware and think it is important to contribute to society and should demonstrate corporate
social responsibility
• Treasure spending time with family and friends
• High viewership to LIFESTYLE, ENTERTAINMENT and FACTUAL programming
Cappucinos (21.4% of the base, or 522,267 people)
• Commonly found in India, Manila and Seoul
• Very strong female skew
• Very well educated (nearly 30% having a Post Graduate degree)
• More likely to be Business Decision Makers
• They have high aspirations and are a very positive cluster
• They prefer to be leaders than followers
• Much more willing to pay for quality and prefer to buy well-known brands
• Heavy viewers of cable and satellite
• High viewership to MUSIC, MOVIES and ENTERTAINMENT programming

Martinis (23.1% of the base, or 562,635 people)

• Commonly found in Hong Kong, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei
• Likely to be 25-39, Female skew
• High ownership of luxury products, specifically designer clothing/leather products and jewellery
• High ownership of technical products such as PC’s
• Show less care towards environmental protection
• Do not have strong feelings about the importance of citizens contributing to society
• Spending time with their family and friends in important to them
• High viewership to FACTUAL programming and MOVIES

Mai Tais (10.6% of the base, or 258,945 people)

• Commonly found in Hong Kong and Manila
• Female skew, 40+
• More likely to be non-working with a lower level of education
• Far higher leisure travel than business travel
• High ownership of luxury products, specifically jewellery and watches
• Less positive on attitudinal statements than any other segment
• Spending time with their family and friends in important to them
• High viewership to FEMALE orientated programming and ENTERTAINMENT
Asia-Pacific Net Advertising
Revenue Overview
By Country All Advertising Advertising TV Advertising % TV share
Expenditure 2008 Expenditure as a % of Expenditure 2008
(US$m) Asia-Pacific (US$m)

Australia 8,097 7.0 2,535 31.3

Bangladesh 142 0.1 51 36.1

China 34,818 30.0 21,594 62.0

Hong Kong 4,242 3.7 1,634 38.5

India 4,738 4.1 1,741 36.7

Indonesia 2,626 2.3 1,661 63.3

Japan 45,659 39.4 18,317 40.1

Malaysia 1,707 1.5 575 33.7

New Zealand 1,331 1.1 406 30.5

Pakistan 255 0.2 164 64.4

Philippines 1,351 1.2 1,038 76.8

Singapore 1,043 0.9 329 31.6

S. Korea 5,522 4.8 1,772 32.1

Taiwan 1,610 1.4 624 38.7

Thailand 2,182 1.9 1,157 53.0

Vietnam 584 0.5 420 71.9

By Region All Advertising Advertising TV Advertising % TV share

Expenditure 2008 Expenditure as a % of Expenditure 2008
(US$m) Asia-Pacific (US$m)

ASIA-PACIFIC 115,906 54,017 46.6

North Asia 91,851 79.2 43,940 47.8

South Asia 5,134 4.4 1,956 38.1

South East Asia 9,492 8.2 5,179 54.6

Australasia 9,428 8.1 2,941 31.2

Twice a year we update our global forecasts for measured media spending
in a report we call 'This Year, Next Year'.

Given the current economic turbulence it seems that many companies are
thinking more along the lines of 'This Week, Next Week'. 2008 saw a small
growth in overall advertising spend across Asia-Pacific, with a drop in Japan
spend that was more than made up for by significant 'Olympic' growth from

James Chadwick,
V continues to be the dominant media Leader -
Business Planning
across the region, Asia-Pacific

TV continues to be the dominant media across the region, at 47% of all

spend, and an incredible 62% spend in China. The outlook for 2009 is
understandably cloudy right now, but we are forecasting a modest drop in
total revenues across the region, with China seeing slight growth, TV holding
its share of total spend, and internet spend to continue with double-digit

Source: GroupM, TYNY December 2008, Estimated Net Expenditure

including agency commission

North Asia: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea & Japan
South Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
South East Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand &
Australasia: Australia & New Zealand

South Korea, Malaysia & Vietnam are gross figures
US$ conversions are subject to fluctuation at the time of printing
TV on Mobile
Ever-evolving mobile handsets, Smartphones and improving network data
speeds have stirred up people’s appetites for richer entertainment and
information services on their mobile phone.
Improving technology and great operator experience are proving to be the
catalyst in driving not only increased adoption but more importantly, greater
programme viewership.

The industry has woken up to the reality that well-established, popular TV brands
add significant credibility to the mobile-TV offering.  Basically, branded content
Eric C. Mallia sells! 
Managing Director,
Brand Tectonics Asia
For example, Hong Kongers have an insatiable appetite for news and finance. So
it’s no surprise to find most subscribers watching live, 24-hour news and finance
channels on their mobiles from the likes of BBC World, CNN International, Bloomberg and CNBC.

A host of other branded channels from the traditional subscription-TV arena have found their way on to
mobile too, Animax, E! and Cartoon Network to name just a few.
Winning mobile-TV propositions are those that have paid particular attention to the customer-viewing
experience. Mobile TV has got to be very different, but at the same time borrow from traditional TV
content. Innovations such as remote-control-like consoles for ease of use, allow viewers to interact with
certain channels and content. An example of this is being able to bet on horses or download a music
video for storage on the handset. An electronic programme guide that allows the user to plan their
viewing and receive reminder SMS alerts is also driving growth.

Now that the mobile industry has begun to make headway with mobile TV, what further stimulus is needed
to really achieve critical mass?

Of course, programming and content has to continue getting richer, more inventive and in some cases
exclusive for mobile. At the same time, a move towards revenue share for many channels will continue. 
The operators must continue to invest in network quality, capacity and speed, as well as product

Mobile operators must further build brand equity in their mobile-TV propositions too, to form a closer
emotional bond to their viewers.  This will enable them to better convince customers to subscribe without
having to continually erode prices and therefore margins.  In addition, the operators must continue to
engage and stimulate customers to form deeper and wider viewing habits.  Operators can still learn
many lessons from their terrestrial counterparts – they must become smarter and sharper in spotting
trends, gaining insights and marketing “in the moment”.

The future for mobile TV will be bright if all are willing to invest resources.
The number of subscription homes in Australia continues to rise, standing at 31% in April 2009. The share of
subscription viewing in national-subscription TV homes averaged 59% in 2008 and increased to 61% in the
first quarter 2009, reaching 5.6 million people every week.

Australia's advertising market was worth A$13.6bn (US$9.4 billion) in 2008, an increase of 3.7 per cent over
the previous year. Revenue in the online advertising and subscription-TV markets rose by 27.1 per cent
and 15 per cent respectively, while revenue from metropolitan terrestrial TV advertising was down 2.4 per

The three major subscription-TV players are FOXTEL, Optus and AUSTAR, accounting for the majority
of subscription-TV homes. ASTRA is the industry organization representing over 100 channels on these

FOXTEL’S iQ2 and iQ are now in 540,000 households, 24% of subscription-TV households (as at
March 2009). Subscription TV launched 10 new channels in 2008 (five of which
are HD), with 20 new channels to be launched this year.

Audience measurement is owned by OzTAM and conducted

by AGB NMR. The OzTAM national-subscription panel measures
viewing in subscription-TV homes (including viewing to free-
to-air) whilst the metropolitan panel reports ratings for all TV
homes in the five metros. Finally, the regional TAM TV service
reports ratings for the five aggregate markets.

Australia Actual %
Population 21,180,805
Total Homes 7,777,164
Household Size 2.7
TV Homes 7,621,621 98%
Subscription TV Homes 2,351,153 31%
Internet Users 16,736,347 79%

Australia: Audience Profile Australia: Share of Viewing in

Source: OzTAM, 2008
National Subscription TV Homes

OzTAM, 2008
China is the world’s largest TV market with over 380 million TV households and a cable penetration of 43%,
reaching more than 160 million homes. Digital penetration will reach around 70% of cable homes within
the next five years. International channels are only granted full landing rights in Guangdong Province
or certain hotels and foreign residential communities throughout China. However, foreign-programme
blocks are distributed via locally owned channel partners delivering strong audience figures.

Despite the Olympics, TV dramas continued to dominate Chinese television in 2008, accounting for 24.1%
of the content broadcast on all TV channels and 33.9% of audience ratings.

Ad revenues grew by 15% in 2008, up from 9% the previous year. According to CTR, TV took the lion’s
share of ad revenues at 76%, an increase of 16% year on year. CTR forecast the market will grow between
5% and 8% in 2009 with Toiletries, Business, Beverages and Pharmaceuticals as the top four advertising

CSM Media Research operates the world’s largest TV and radio audience-measurement panel, covering
the 1.3 billion people in China with access to TV. The operation covers 228 individual markets (comprising
the national entity, 26 provinces and 201 cities), with 178,800 panelists participating in the measurement
of over 1,336 main channels every day of the year using a combination of diaries and Peoplemeters. CTR
is a leading insight, market-information provider in China.

China Actual %
Population 1,328,342,905
Total Homes 397,182,763
Household Size 3.2
TV Homes 381,295,452 96%
Subscription TV Homes 163,073,000 43%
Internet Users 298,000,000 22%

China: Advertising Revenue 2007-2008 China: Subscription TV Growth

Source: CTR Homes in Millions
Source: CASBAA, Informa, MPA, CSM
Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, broadcasters TVB and ATV dominate the TV landscape with just four terrestrial TV channels.
However, the two major players in the subscription-TV arena, Hong Kong Cable and NOW Broadband TV,
have now reached over 70% of the total TV market and are attracting a sizeable audience share.

In 2009, the TV universe consists of 2,230,000 households including 1,596,000 subscription homes. CSM
recorded an increase of about 8% in time spent viewing subscription TV in 2008. Overall share of viewing
still hovers around 20% in all TV homes, rising to 36% in subscription-TV homes. Figures also show an increase
in adults 35+ and those in more affluent homes.

admanGo reports that total advertising in Hong Kong reached US$317 million in 2008, a 12.1% increase
year on year. HSBC, McDonalds and GSK were the top advertisers whilst Banking, Pharma and Toiletries all
showed strong growth. TV and newspapers still capture more than half of the media revenue combined,
making up 35% and 31.1% respectively. Interactive expenditure is still very low (delete comma) at 3.56%.
Advertising revenue to subscription TV is calculated to be around US$45
million annually.

Audience measurement is conducted by CSM, which monitors

all available channels via a 650-TV-homes Peoplemeter panel
(approximately 2,000 individuals) reporting minute-by-minute
channel viewing.

Hong Kong Actual %

Population 7,017,697
Total Homes 2,275,442
Household Size 3.1
TV Homes 2,229,933 98%
Subscription TV Homes 1,596,000 72%
Internet Users 4,878,713 70%

Hong Kong: Share of Viewing in Hong Kong: Regional Media Consumption

Subscription TV Homes Amongst Elites
Source: CSM, 2008 Source: PAX, 2009
Subscription-TV penetration continues to grow and now reaches 85% of urban India. The most recent
estimates of subscription-TV penetration are 90 million connections, 64% of all TV homes. The Indian TV
industry has an outlook that the rest of the region can only marvel at. In the DTH space, over 2.5 million
subscribers are being added every quarter.

TV sustained a 40% share of advertising spend in 2008 and is expected to maintain that level. Forecast
growth in TV-ad spend for 2009 is 7%. Advertisers seem divided on how they will utilize the media mix but
TV and digital will continue to erode print’s position as the number one medium.

According to TAM’s Adex service, in the past ten years, there has been an 89% rise in the number of
advertisers using television, with Hindustan Lever maintaining the number one spot. In an increasingly
fragmented environment, the top ten advertising sectors contribute 45% of overall revenues compared
to 76% in 1999.

State broadcaster Doordashan’s share of viewing in households is falling and, although the subscription
landscape is dominated by Hindi General Entertainment, viewing of pan-regional international channels
across all India remains robust at around 10%.

Audience measurement is dominated by TAM Media Research with a Peoplemeter panel of 8,000 homes,
making India one of the biggest TV-audience panels in the world.

India Actual %
Population 1,149,249,227
Total Homes 215,585,663
Household Size 5.3
TV Homes 140,130,681 65%
Subscription TV Homes 90,002,143 64%
Internet Users 81,000,000 7%

India: Subscription TV Homes in Millions India: Share of Viewing in Subscription TV Homes

Multichannel Homes Source: TAM Media Research, CASBAA
Source: TAM, 2008
Total subscription-TV users were estimated at just under 1.2 million as of Q1 2009. There are three main
players, with a further nine companies with subscription-TV licences. DTH operator Indovision holds a 68%
market share but overall growth is slow, combined with a high churn factor and the declining value of
the rupiah.

According to GroupM, TV remains the dominant advertising medium, accounting for 63.3% of total
revenues, around US$1.6 billion in 2008, and forecast to rise to nearly US$2 billion in 2009. The Internet has
been slow to take off at only 1.9% of total.

TV audiences are measured by AGB NMR but the subscription-TV panel is limited to Indovision
and is exclusive to that platform. According to AGB NMR, in the 10 cities monitored,
the total TV population is 43 million individuals with a subscription-TV universe of
445,000 monitored by 150 Peoplemeters.

Synovate’s PAX survey is restricted to Jakarta but the data shows that 34% of
the top tier of society have access to subscription TV and 21% are watching
regional channels on a daily basis. Nielsen’s Media Index covers nine cities
and reports an 82% weekly reach in subscription TV homes.

Indonesia Actual %
Population 228,247,374
Total Homes 57,863,999
Household Size 3.9
TV Homes 33,561,119 58%
Subscription TV Homes 1,118,500 3%
Internet Users 25,000,000 11%

Indonesia: Jakarta Elites Indonesia: Subscription TV Homes in 000s

Source: Synovate Pax 2009 Source: CASBAA

1200 1119


600 500



2007 2008 2009
Until recently, the major ad agencies relied on the massive media reach of terrestrial networks, but are
now starting to take cable and satellite media more seriously.

According to Dentsu, total advertising expenditures declined for the first time in five years in calendar
year 2008 by 4.7%. Spending was comparatively strong during the first half of the year, but was down
during the second half despite a boost from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Terrestrial-television advertising expenditures fell by 4.4% as regular programme sponsorship and spot
advertising declined. Falls were recorded in most major categories such as Finance/Insurance, Beverages/
Cigarettes and Information/Communications.

Satellite media-related advertising expenditures increased by 12.1% in 2008 but still only represent 1% of
total advertising expenditure.

Dentsu-controlled Video Research first introduced Peoplemeter services to measure

cable and satellite TV in Japan early in 2008. These ratings are not widely released.

Media research in Japan is limited due to the prohibitively expensive cost of

conducting such research. PAX provides a welcome, though not
totally extensive, insight into the market and, amongst its highly
affluent respondent base, reflects a subscription-TV audience
that travels extensively internationally with a far higher monthly
household income than the average respondent.

Japan Actual %
Population 128,141,791
Total Homes 48,250,558
Household Size 2.7
TV Homes 47,768,052 99%
Subscription TV Homes 11,733,000 25%
Internet Users 94,000,000 73%

Japan: Tokyo Elites Japan: Subscription TV Homes in 000s

Source: Synovate 2009 Source: CASBAA
Growth in subscription TV remained robust in Malaysia in 2008 with 2.65 million homes or 50% of TV
households subscribing to digital satellite services from the Astro platform. The share of viewing for
subscription TV in Astro homes rose to 75% in 2008 and represents about 35% of viewing of TV.

Malaysia’s advertising market in 2008 grew an overall 13% to finish the year at RM6.2 billion (US$1.7 billion
rate card). This was thanks to strong performance in the first half of the year, which helped to counter the
effects of the economic slowdown in the second half.

Television ad spend hit RM2.2 billion (US$600 million) for 2008. Increases were driven by growth from
categories such as Mobile Interactive Services, Mobile Line Services, Toothpaste and Tonics/Vitamins.

Subscription-TV airtime is mainly sold by Astro or, in some cases, by the individual channel’s dedicated
sales teams. There is a 10-minute-per-hour limit on commercials and some restrictions on content such as
alcohol and tobacco.

Advertising revenues reached RM150 million (US$43.92 million) in 2008, around 12% of total TV-advertising
revenue and growth projections remain strong.

‘All TV’ audience measurement is conducted by AGB NMR via a Peoplemeter panel of 1,000 homes.
However, there is some discontent in the advertising community regarding the size of the sample measuring
subscription TV. Currently, 400 Peoplemeters are measuring over 110 channels in a very diverse market.

Malaysia Actual %
Population 27,676,460
Total Homes 5,992,764
Household Size 4.6
TV Homes 5,333,560 89%
Subscription TV Homes 2,646,000 50%
Internet Users 15,868,000 57%

Malaysia: Subscription TV Homes Penetration % Malaysia: Share of Viewing in

Source: ASTRO
Subscription TV Homes
Source: AGB NMR Data: 2008
New Zealand
SKY is New Zealand's pre-eminent subscription-television company and continues to be one of the fastest-
growing subscription-TV networks in the world. As of December 2008, SKY had 764,069 subscribers. SKY is
now in 53% of New Zealand TV homes.

The SKY platform accounts for 90% of subscription-TV users, and TVNZ has recently announced that its two
formerly free-view exclusive channels, 6 and 7, will now be available to SKY subscribers, along with HD
versions of TV One and TV2.

Terrestrial broadcasters are gradually losing viewers to the SKY network’s subscription-TV platform. TVNZ
has been worst affected, dropping from 63.5% in 2002 to 51.9% in 2008. There are 60 channels available
and, in 2008, television-viewing habits hit an all-time average high: three hours and eight minutes a day,
up 8.6% on the year before.

In 2008, total television-advertising turnover in New Zealand dropped just over 1% to US$1.33 billion. Radio
lost US$3.5m and newspapers, while still the top earner overall, lost US$38.2m.

AGB NMR has provided television-audience measurement services

to the New Zealand broadcasting and advertising industries on a
continuous basis since the introduction of competitive television
broadcasting in 1975. A nationally representative panel sample
of 500 homes is equipped with Peoplemeters.

New Zealand Actual %

Population 4,169,738
Total Homes 1,479,822
Household Size 2.8
TV Homes 1,435,427 97%
Subscription TV Homes 764,069 53%
Internet Users 3,360,000 81%

New Zealand: Subscription TV Homes in 000s New Zealand: Share of Viewing in

Source: CASBAA
Subscription TV Homes
Source: AGBNMR 2008
TV viewership has undergone an amazing transformation since the arrival of satellite TV, and is currently
available in about 45% of all TV homes.

Channels are accessed mainly via cable operators at a relatively low cost. In the past five years, TV
viewing has risen considerably and varies dramatically by region. Increased availability at a relatively
low cost has also led to higher consumption of satellite channels of both local and international origin.
In a recent survey conducted by Gallup, 35% of respondents claimed to have watched STAR Plus in the
previous week vs a 57% reach for subscription TV in all TV homes. In subscription-TV homes, channels such
as STAR Plus and Geo News regularly reach 60%.

Total advertising-expenditure revenue has increased by 10% in the last fiscal year from Rs22.76 billion
(US$289 million) to Rs25.05 billion (US$318 million). This is significantly lower than the 62% increase in 2005-06
and the 32% increase in 2006-07.

TV ad spend (revenue) has increased by 13% (from Rs10.55 billion to Rs11.91 billion), around 47% of total
ad spend in the last fiscal year. This is also lower than the 88% increase in 2005-06 and the 55% increase in
2006-07. In terms of share of spend, however, TV’s share has increased by just 1%.

Medialogic has installed a panel of approximately 600 meters across Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and
Islamabad to gauge second-to-second viewership data for more than 4,000 individuals residing in
metropolitan Pakistan. Medialogic has teamed up with Telecontrol GfK to bring Peoplemeter technology
to Pakistan.

Pakistan Actual %
Population 163,710,000
Total Homes 24,075,000
Household Size 6.8
TV Homes 16,400,000 68%
Subscription TV Homes 7,380,000 45%
Internet Users 17,500,000 11%

Pakistan: Growth in TV Homes and Pakistan: Share of Viewing by Genre

Subscription TV Homes Source: Medialogic Feb 2009
Source: CASBAA/Gallup Pakistan
The subscription-TV industry in the Philippines remains a market of considerable potential. There are 14
million TV households, but only about 1.2 million households legitimately subscribe to subscription TV. An
accurate estimate of the total number of subscription-TV households is, however, difficult to come by
because of chronic under-reporting by operators. Government charges are levied on the number of
viewers, so it is in the operators’ interest to downplay their viewing figures. CASBAA estimates that as many
as 1.7 million subscription homes exist in total.

Group M estimates gross advertising expenditure at US$1,038 million. Of traditional media, TV takes the
largest percentage of revenues at 77%, with print at just 6.8%.

TNS Media Research Philippines officially released its national television-audience measurement data
in February 2009.  The panel, composed of 1,370 representative households, covers urban Philippines
and reports on seven sectors. AGB NMR also maintains a Peoplemeter panel of 1,720 homes monitoring
programmes and breaks for 11 free-to-air channels and 25 cable channels.

Synovate’s Media Atlas Survey has been in the field since Q2 2006. Coverage is across
the Greater Manila area and covers the majority of the population across all
social groups using a combination of face-to-face interviews and CATI. The
PAX survey covers the top end of the market and highlights the tendency of
an elite group of cable subscribers to partake in the finer things in life such as
foreign holidays, LCD TVs and designer gear.

Philippines Actual %
Population 91,339,523
Total Homes 17,811,179
Household Size 5.1
TV Homes 13,358,384 75%
Subscription TV Homes 1,695,000 13%
Internet Users 14,000,000 15%

Philippines: Manila Elites Philippines: Share of Viewing in

Source: Synovate: Pax 2009
Subscription TV Homes
Source: Synovate PAX 2009
StarHub remains the leading subscription-TV platform, carrying more than 150 channels. The Media
Development Authority has made it mandatory for subscription-TV operators to carry free-to-air channels,
giving free-to-air TV an automatic foothold in this market. While StarHub carries the entire suite of
MediaCorp's TV channels, SingTel's IPTV service Mio TV carries MediaCorp's HD5 (High Definition TV). Mio
TV also launched its VOD service in August 2008. Customers are now able to watch the latest episodes of
US prime-time shows within 24 hours of US broadcast.

Data shows that subscription TV achieved a 38% share of all adult (25+) viewing, reaching nearly 50% of
all TV homes by end 2008.

Advertising spending in Singapore fell 6.4% in the last quarter of 2008 year on year. According to the
Nielsen Company, total ad spend for TV, print, outdoor and cinema, but excluding Internet, in those three
months amounted to S$525.1 million (US$364.2 million), down by S$35.8 million (US$24.8 million). Amid the
global recession, some experts predict this year's advertising budgets may shrink by 15% to 20%.

Audience measurement is provided by TNS Singapore. Data from the panel shows the audience tending
towards a male upscale. Total cable viewing reached 39% of upscale adults every month in 2008.
Synovate’s PAX survey also shows an upscale profile to subscription-TV audiences.

Singapore Actual %
Population 4,589,070
Total Homes 1,103,771
Household Size 4.2
TV Homes 1,081,696 98%
Subscription TV Homes 619,000 57%
Internet Users 3,104,900 68%

Singapore: Growth in Subscription TV Homes Singapore: Share of Viewing in

Source: CASBAA
Subscription TV Homes
Source: TNS, 2008
South Korea
In South Korea, subscription TV is now available in almost all TV homes, reaching 17 million households, or

Nielsen reports ad revenues in South Korea fell by 50% in the first two months of 2009, with TV, radio,
newspapers and magazines suffering significant declines. According to Nielsen, TV-advertising revenues
in January and February were US$80 million down from US$200 million a year ago.

Print media also suffered heavy losses, with newspaper expenditure falling from US$393 million in the first
two months of 2008 to US$152 million in the same time frame this year. Magazine advertising was also
down from US$33 million to US$13 million, and radio-marketing spend fell from US$26 million to a total of
just US$7 million.

Advertising revenues for subscription TV are the highest in Asia but estimates and definitions vary wildly
across markets and differ by source. Industry estimates of subscription-TV revenues for 2008 are just under
US$1.2 billion.

The PAX survey suggests that, for any regional campaign trying to target South Koreans, subscription TV far
outperforms any regional print option, with 68% reach in the past month, 42% in the past seven days and
16% yesterday. In comparison, regional print reach ranks at 8% for all publications.

Both AGB and TNS provide audience measurement for up to 300 TV channels. Viewing to subscription TV
is significantly younger with a skew towards male audiences. Channel share (TNS) for young adults (16-24)
in cable homes tops at 48%.

South Korea Actual %

Population 48,781,631
Total Homes 17,675,573
Household Size 2.8
TV Homes 17,498,817 99%
Subscription TV Homes 16,900,000 97%
Internet Users 36,794,800 75%

South Korea: Share of Viewing in South Korea: Seoul Elites

Subscription TV Homes Source: Synovate 2009
Source: AGBNMR 2008
At 93%, Taiwan claims one of Asia’s highest subscription-TV penetration rates. It is also one of the most
complicated markets for commercial airtime trading. With the exception of the top-rated programmes,
most deals are conducted on a cost-per-rating basis.

Subscription-TV viewing has over three-quarters of audience share, 79% in all TV homes, rising to an 86%
share of viewing in subscription-TV homes. Subscription TV’s share of viewing is consistently high across all
demographic groups, but significantly peaks among business professionals. Male professionals have the
largest audience share of 90% in all TV homes, which increases to 93% in subscription-TV homes. There is
also a bias towards a younger audience, especially the 20- to 29-year-old segment.

AGB NMR (Taiwan) has been providing TAM data to the industry since
1994, currently based on a panel of 1,800+ TV households (or 6,500+
individuals) distributed throughout the country. The panel includes
1,600 subscription-TV homes and covers 77 channels. Commercial
spots are logged and there are many sophisticated software solutions
available for planning.

Because of the high penetration, subscription-TV profiles are fairly

flat, although Synovate does conduct the PAX survey in Taipei which
shows that 96% of all respondents have watched a regional cable or
satellite channel in the previous month. Ownership of luxury items is
also very high as are financial-services and priority-banking products.

Taiwan Actual %
Population 23,002,370
Total Homes 7,308,093
Household Size 3.1
TV Homes 7,235,012 99%
Subscription TV Homes 6,705,000 93%
Internet Users 15,140,000 66%

Taiwan: Share of Viewing in Subscription TV Homes Pay TV Trends - Taipei Elites

Source: AGBNMR 2008 Source: Synovate Pax 2009
The subscription-TV market in Thailand is growing at a phenomenal rate, more than doubling in the last
two years and currently standing at approximately 22% of all TV households. The penetration rate of cable
TV in Thailand should reach 35% by 2012.

Piracy continues as a major problem for the subscription-TV industry in Thailand. The market is divided
between the only fully legitimate operator (True Visions) with around 1.2 million homes in 2008 and local
cable and satellite making up the balance.

Thailand ad spend shrank in 2008 to US$2.27 billion last year from US$2.34 billion in 2007, with all media
except radio and transit seeing declines. TV media dropped by 4.4% to US$1.3 billion.

A breakdown by TV stations shows that individual broadcasters still reported positive growth and the
decline was largely the result of the removal of the commercial TV station iTV in 2008.

Top spenders were Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Toyota Motor Thailand and L'Oreal (Thailand).

AGB NMR measures audience data from a panel of 1,200 homes and has recently released some data
relating to viewership of local cable. No viewing data is available at present but local surveys such as
PAX, Media Atlas (Synovate) and Media Index (Nielsen) show that the profile of viewing is upscale and
younger than average.

Thailand Actual %
Population 63,506,509
Total Homes 18,484,010
Household Size 3.4
TV Homes 17,559,810 95%
Subscription TV Homes 3,846,000 22%
Internet Users 13,416,000 21%

Thailand: Growth in Subscription TV Homes Thailand: Bangkok Elites

Source: CASBAA Source: Synovate PAX 2009
Vietnam has the second-youngest population in Asia, with 60% under 25. Subscription-TV penetration is
growing at a phenomenal rate, reaching over three million homes at the end of 2008.

TV is the dominant medium, accounting for 72% of all ad spend in monitored areas. In 2008, the share of
viewing reached a record 37% for young men (16-24) in subscription-TV homes; all the more astonishing
compared to just 2% in 2004. The audience profile is skewed towards the upscale with young men
accounting for the largest share of viewing across all segments followed by upmarket men at 31%.

The TNS Media Habit Survey is a comprehensive study covering all types of media – television, radio, print
and Internet – and is offered twice a year for four key markets, Hanoi, Danang, HCMC and Cantho, and
once a year for Haiphong and Nhatrang. Product penetration and consumption are also much higher
in subscription-TV homes with a higher consumption of luxury items such as digital cameras (29%) and
personal computers (59%).

Audience measurement is conducted by TNS Media Vietnam in the six major cities, although subscription-
TV homes’ penetration varies enormously by city, with Ho Chi Min the highest at 74.8%. Continuous
television-audience measurement (TAM) is available in four of the key markets in the
country: Hanoi, Danang, HCMC and Cantho. In addition, a TAM service is
offered once a year for Haiphong and Nhatrang.

Vietnam Actual %
Population 87,990,000
Total Homes 21,997,500
Household Size 4.0
TV Homes 18,900,000 86%
Subscription TV Homes 3,205,000 17%
Internet Users 20,834,401 24%

Vietnam: Growth in Subscription TV Homes Vietnam: Share of Viewing in

Source: TNS Media Vietnam
Subscription TV Homes
Source TNS Media Vietnam
Television audience measurement:
Who measures what, where?
Country Research Panel Size Panel Cable/ Commercial Commercial Software Reach &
Company (HH's) Coverage Satellite break spot logs for used frequency
measured ratings for subscription- software
subscription- TV channels? available for
TV channels? subscription-
TV channels?
Australia OzTAM 3,035 Five Yes Yes Yes User Yes
(Metropolitan), metropolitan choice
1,200 areas and
(National nationally for
subscription TV) subscription
China CSM 44,820 National/ Yes Yes Yes Infosys Yes
Hong Kong CSM 650 National Yes No No Infosys Yes
India TAM Media 5,000 Urban India Yes Yes Yes Media Yes
Research X*Press
Indonesia AGBNMR 2,123 10 Cities Yes (Data Yes No Arianna Yes
(Terrestrial), exclusive
150 Greater to
(Indovision) Jakarta Indovision)
Japan Video 5,400 National No No No iNEX No
Malaysia AGBNMR 1,000 Peninsular Yes Yes No Arianna Yes
New AGBNMR 500 National Yes No Yes (5 Arianna Yes
Zealand channels)
Pakistan Medialogic 600 4 cities Yes No Yes (20 NA Yes
Philippines AGBNMR 1,980 National Yes Yes Yes Arianna Yes
Philippines TNS 1,400 National Yes Some Some Infosys Yes
Singapore TNS 750 National Yes No No Infosys Yes
South Korea AGBNMR 2,350 Seoul + 10 Yes Yes (cable Yes (cable Arianna Yes
markets channels) channels)
South Korea TNS 2,000 National Yes Yes Yes Infosys Yes
Taiwan AGBNMR 1,800 National Yes Yes Yes Arianna Yes
Thailand AGBNMR 1,200 National Yes (Data Yes No Arianna Yes
(Terrestrial), exclusive
430 to True
(TrueVision) Vision)
Vietnam TNS 1,680 6 key cities Yes No No Infosys Yes

Australia (OzTAM): 5 metropolitan areas covered are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
China (CSM): 1 national meter panel, 51 city meter panels, 8 provincial meter panels, 111 diary city panels, 17 diary provincial panels
Indonesia (AGBNMR): 10 cities - Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Palembang, Denpasar, Banjamasin
Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand (AGBNMR): Cable/satellite break ratings are not readily available but can be generated by daypart ratings using
start and end time of breaks
Japan (Video Research): Peoplemeters in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya metropolitan areas only, 200 samples per area
Pakistan (Medialogic): 4 key cities - Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad
South Korea (AGBNMR): 11 markets - Seoul, Gyungin, Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon, Daegu, Chuncheon, Masan, Jeonju, Cheongju, Gumi
Vietnam (TNS): 6 key cities - Ha Noi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, Hai Phong, Nha Trang

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Discovery Travel & Living 45

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Discovery Turbo 46 Star World 66

Discovery HD 47 Star Movies 67

Discovery Home & Health 47 Star Gold 68

Star News 68

NBC Universal 49 Star One 68

Hallmark 51 Star Plus 68

Kids Co 51 Star Chinese Channel 69

Sci-Fi Channel 51 Star Chinese Movies 1 69

Universal 51 Star Chinese Movies 2 69

Xing Kong 69

National Geographic National Geographic 53

Channel / FOX Network Channel Turner International CNN 71
National Geo Adventure 54 Cartoon Network 73
National Geo Music 54
National Geo Wild 54
National Geographic 54
Channel HD
FOX 55
Fox Crime 55
Fox History 55
Fox Horror 55
Fox Life 55
Fox Movies 55
Fox Sports 55
FX 55
Baby TV 56
tvN 57
Channel Profile Advertising Opportunities
Bloomberg Television is a primary source of business Bloomberg Television offers a range of
and financial news, combining Bloomberg's global targeted integrated multi-media advertising
resources with 24-hour, real-time coverage of all of the opportunities for its advertisers. Bloomberg
important markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Bloomberg Television delivers efficient spot buys,
has 2,500 journalists in 145 news bureaus, including programming and special event sponsorships
Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta, as well as a range of customized live data
Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Delhi and report sponsorships. Bloomberg is also
Mumbai. Bloomberg Television reaches over 250 million able to assist advertisers with commercial
households, hotel rooms and commercial establishments production, including commercials and
worldwide, and is part of Bloomberg L.P., the global vignettes.
financial information organization, which includes the
Bloomberg professional terminal service, news wires, Major Advertisers
magazines, book publishing and the internet. Aberdeen, Barclays, BKPM, FXCM, Mercedes
Benz, OSK, RCM, Samsung, Standard
Distribution in Asia-Pacific Chartered Bank, Telstra, TOCOM, Western
24 hour: 10.2 million Union
Gross: 60 million

Audience Profile
Bloomberg Television reaches an upscale audience
of international business decision-makers, markets
professionals and investors.


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CNBC is the undisputed world leader in business news and C-suite elite, high net worth, influential
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region and distributed to nearly 150 million households.
CNBC Asia Pacific’s channels include CNBC Asia, CNBC- Advertising Opportunities
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Distribution in Asia-Pacific Major Advertisers

24 hours: 47 million homes (includes English and Local CNBC’s advertisers are from leading
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Animal Planet is available in over 329 million homes Approximately 10 minutes per hour and
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Europe in 1997, Animal Planet is a joint venture between multiple platforms.
Discovery Communications and BBC Worldwide in all
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Communications, is devoted to creating the highest slightly male skew.
quality non-fiction programming in the world and
remains one of the most dynamic networks on television. Advertising Opportunities
Globally, Discovery Channel is one of the world’s most Approximately 10 minutes per hour and
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& technology, ancient and contemporary history, Canon, Cathay Pacific, LG Electronics and
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From the depths of our galaxy to the practical Discovery Turbo is a unique channel dedicated
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is the only network dedicated to making science fuelled entertainment for those who love the
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Distribution in Asia-Pacific Currently available to more than 850K
Currently available to more than 4 million households households in Asia-Pacific.
in Asia-Pacific.
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Audience Profile Men, aged 18-54
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Discovery Science Discovery Turbo

Key Contacts
Jacqueline Tok Angie Santa Maria
Singapore/Hong Kong/ Vietnam/ China (Regional) Malaysia/ Philippines/ Indonesia/ Middle East
T: +65 6510 7667 E: T: +65 6510 7694
Peter Giakoumelos E:
Australasia/ Thailand/ Japan/ Korea
T: +65 6510 7647 E:
Channel Profile Channel Profile
Discovery HD is the only global high-definition Discovery Home & Health, a Discovery Lifestyle
television network offering factual and lifestyle Network, is an empowering network for women
entertainment that fulfills the promise of high- who strive to be the very best they can be in all the
definition technology. Delivering the ideal many demanding roles they play. From fashion to
viewing experience, Discovery HD brings fitness and fertility, Discovery Home & Health reflects
audiences even closer to their world with and encourages women aged 18-45 by providing
breathtaking imagery and expansive detail, relevant and practical programming in an honest
featuring programming on the wonders of the and uplifting format, featuring diverse voices and
world ranging from culture, science and natural experiences. Discovery Lifestyle Networks is the only
history to travel and lifestyle themes. Discovery portfolio of networks for markets outside of the United
offers HD services in 30 markets, including the States offering lifestyle entertainment that enriches
United States, reaching 29 million households viewers’ lives by focusing on personal experiences
globally. and practical advice for greater enjoyment of life.
For more information, visit Discovery Home & Health
Distribution in Asia-Pacific at
Discovery’s HD services* are currently available
to more than 1.4 million households in Asia- Distribution in Asia-Pacific
Pacific. *(includes Discovery Channel Hi-Vision Currently available to more than 2.3 million subscribers
in Japan) in Asia-Pacific.

Audience Profile Audience Profile

Men, aged 25-45, high-definition television set Women, aged 18-45

Discovery HD Discovery Home & Health

Key Contacts
Jacqueline Tok Angie Santa Maria
Singapore/Hong Kong/ Vietnam/ China (Regional) Malaysia/ Philippines/ Indonesia/ Middle East
T: +65 6510 7667 E: T: +65 6510 7694
Peter Giakoumelos E:
Australasia/ Thailand/ Japan/ Korea
T: +65 6510 7647 E:
NBC Universal Global Networks Asia Pacific is part
of NBC Universal, one of the world’s leading media
and entertainment companies in the development,
production and marketing of entertainment, news and
information to a global audience. Global Networks
reaches to more than 130 million households in Europe,
the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Latin America and
Asia, through distinct and fully owned entertainment
channels – Sci Fi, 13th STREET, Studio Universal, Universal
Channel, international (non-US) Hallmark Channels,
Movies 24, Diva TV, and a joint venture, KidsCo. NBC
Universal is 80% owned by General Electric and 20%
by Vivendi.

Who’s Who: All Enquiries

Raymund Miranda, Managing Director (Asia Pacific)
Christopher Williams, Vice-President, Commercial & Network
Development (Asia Pacific) Advertising/sponsorship
Salauddin Sinnakandu, Advertising Sales Director (Asia NBC Universal Global Networks Asia Pacific
Christopher Chew, Affiliate Sales Director (Asia Pacific)
offers a range of advertising opportunities,
Karen Johnston, Programming Director (Asia Pacific) including sponsorships, custom-produced
Natalie Gee, Creative Director (Asia Pacific) vignettes, and integrated sales packages with
Michael Lee, Technical Operations Director (Asia Pacific) on-line, on-ground events, and above-the line
Ros Jones, Channel Director (Australasia) support.
Scott Mackenzie, Programming Director (Japan)
Paul Robinson, Managing Director (Global), Kidsco


Oprah on Hallmark Law & Order: Special Battlestar Galactica on Sonic The Hedgehog on
Channel Victims Unit on Universal SCI FI KidsCo

Key Contacts
NBC Universal Global Japan Address: Australia KidsCo Address:
Networks Asia Pacific Akasaka Park Bldg. 2-20, C/- FOXTEL Television Centre 6th Floor, Prospect House
10 Anson Road #06-01 Akasaka 5-chome Minato-ku 5 Thomas Holt Drive 80-110 New Oxford Street
International Plaza Tokyo 107-6109 Japan North Ryde NSW 2113, Australia London WC1A 1HB UK
Singapore 079903 T: + 813 5544 3360. T: +612 9813 6891 T: +44 207 631 2800
T: +65 6323 2550 F: +813 5544 3455 F: +612 98136890 F: +44 207 631 2801
F: +65 6326 1800
Channel Profile Channel Profile
Live Life, Love Life It’s People Who Make Us Universal
Modern women are drawn to Hallmark’s distinct We laugh, we cry, we think, we question, we
offering of contemporary television dramas. feel. Universal offers a broad range of emotions
Hallmark brings a variety of English-language from unforgettable characters that anchor the
entertainment anchored around real-life situations channel’s witty dramas and edgy reality shows.
to over 17 million households in the Asia Pacific. • First-run series (The Office, Greek, Secret Life of the
• First-run dramas (Army Wives, The Starter Wife, American American Teenager, Flashpoint)
Dreams) • Highly rated smart & witty dramas (House, Psych, Monk)
• Inspirational talk shows (The Oprah Winfrey Show) • Edgy reality shows packed with humour and thrills
• Unscripted programs celebrating the human spirit (The (American Gladiators)
Biggest Loser) • Home of Law & Order (Special Victims Unit, Criminal
• Iconic television series and movies (The Nanny, Without a Intent and Law & Order)
Trace and Merlin)
Distribution (as of April 2009):
Distribution (as of April 2009): Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Papua New
Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Guinea, Thailand and Singapore.
Hong Kong, Indonesia, Pakistan, Papua New
Guinea, The Philippines, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Target Audience:
Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Universal Channel viewers are intelligent
Vietnam. individuals who are attracted to strong
characters, are thrilled by challenges and love
Target Audience: living on the edge.
Hallmark viewers have great sense of fun and live
and love life to the fullest.

Channel Profile Channel Profile

SCI FI – Where Imagination Lives Welcome to the Fun Factory!
SCI FI is the leading global brand that fuels KidsCo, the joint venture channel owned by
imagination through science fiction, fantasy, leading media companies NBC Universal, DIC
mystery, paranormal and alternate realities. Entertainment and Corus Entertainment Inc, is
Transporting audiences to a realm of endless the new kids channel for children and the whole
possibilities, SCI FI is a channel to other worlds. family.    It’s the place to see a wealth of top
• First-run and exclusive series (Samurai Girl, Sanctuary) animated and live action shows and movies. 
• Top-rated series (Medium, Dead Like Me, Heroes, Eureka) Signature shows include; 
• Iconic TV series (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek – The Next The Wiggles, Tracy Beaker, Sabrina, Angela Anaconda,
Generation, Stargate franchise) Sonic The Hedgehog, Babar, Madeline and many more.

Distribution (as of April 2009): Distribution in Asia-Pacific

Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Papua Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia,
New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Singapore,
South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.
Target Audience:
Highly imaginative and open-minded individuals. Target Audience:
They are early adopters and trend leaders. KidsCo viewers are kids who love adventure and
“ ational Geographic's gamut of content and solution
offerings provides a marketer with room and flexibility to
create integrated campaigns for our target audiences.”
Jacqueline Cheong VP, Marketing Communications and Retail, DHL Express Asia Pacific

Channel Profile Audience Profile

National Geographic Channel, a FOX International Men and Women 18-49+
Channels brand, invites viewers to re-think the way they
see television - and the world - through smart, innovative Advertising Opportunities
programming. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in Asia Advertising opportunities extend beyond
in 2008, the channel is dedicated to understanding traditional spot-buy and sponsorship for
and protecting the world with its worldwide reputation premium content into integrated media
of producing credible and compelling content that solutions that make full use of our assets
fits different viewers’ interests. Its programming is smart with the National Geographic Society such
factual entertainment weighted in favour of popular as specific assignments for photographers /
science, technology, natural history, archaeology and explorers including location shoots, seminars,
natural mysteries. photo-exhibits, as well as Maps, DVDs, etc.

Distribution in Asia-Pacific Major Advertisers

National Geographic Channel is available in Australia, Tourism Boards, Airlines, Hotels and Resorts.
HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Also Government sectors, Consumer
Philippines, India, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and across electronics brands, huge corporate
all of Asia. advertisers, automobiles and high-end
luxury brands.


Big Blue Taboo Megabridges

Key Contacts Edwina Ngao, Vice President, Affiliate Sales & Partnerships
Ward Platt, President T: (852) 2621 8839 E:
Zubin Gandevia, Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Tay, Vice President, Ad Sales & Partnerships
Avinash Himatsinghani, Senior Vice President – T: (852) 2621 8829 E:
Revenue & Partnership Joon Lee, Senior Vice President & General Manager (Korea)
Sonia Jackson, Senior Vice President - Marketing Website
T: (852) 2621 8879 E:
Distribution in Asia-Pacific
NGA is available in Australia, Cambodia, Guam,
HK, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Macau, Maldives,
Micronesia, Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore,
South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
NGW is available in Cambodia, HK, Indonesia,
Maldives, Middle East, Myanmar, Papua New
Guinea, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and
Channel Profile NGC HD is available in Australia, HK, Singapore,
NG reaches out to a greater audience through its Taiwan, and Vietnam.
many additional channels which include
National Geographic Channel HD marries compelling Audience Profile
stories with the stunning visuals and credibility that Men and Women 18-49+
people have come to expect from Nat Geo.
Men and Women 6-60 Advertising Opportunities
Nat Geo Adventure unleashes the spirited adventurer Spot-buy and sponsorship for premium content
in all of us with its bold, high impact and exciting as well as partnership opportunities with relevant
programming. brands that provide co-marketing platforms
Men and Women 24-35 especially within the Adventure / Travel, Wildlife
Nat Geo Wild takes audiences to experience the and Music environment.
best, most intimate encounters with wildlife ever seen
on television with its spectacular cinematography Major Advertisers
and compelling storytelling. Tourism Boards, Airlines, Hotels, Resorts and tourist
Across all demographics attractions such as theme parks, etc. Consumer
Nat Geo Music explores the world through music. electronics brands, adventure / sporting gears,
The channel showcases the world’s most beautiful, etc.
artistic and hip video along with short clips.
Men and Women 24-49


NGA – Somewhere in China NGW – Chimps Diaries NGM - Geo Sessions

Key Contacts Edwina Ngao, Vice President, Affiliate Sales & Partnerships
Ward Platt, President T: (852) 2621 8839 E:
Zubin Gandevia, Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Tay, Vice President, Ad Sales & Partnerships
Avinash Himatsinghani, Senior Vice President – T: (852) 2621 8829 E:
Revenue & Partnership Joon Lee, Senior Vice President & General Manager (Korea)
Sonia Jackson, Senior Vice President - Marketing Website
T: (852) 2621 8879 E:
“ s a global broadcaster, FOX helps us reach new audiences
and increase our brand recognition - a tribute to the affinity
of the two brands.”
Coordinator PR, Maybelline New York, Nihon L'Oréal K.K.

Channel Profile Distribution in Asia-Pacific

FX the edge of entertainment – brings bold edgy premier FOX Crime is available in HK, Indonesia,
content to savvy male and female viewers in Asia, who Japan, Maldives, Micronesia, Papua New
are looking for cutting edge, Emmy & Golden Globe Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,
award-winning entertainment. Thailand.
PRIMARY Men 25–39 upscale and affluent working FX is available in HK, Maldives, Papua New
professionals Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,
SECONDARY Men and Women 25–39 Thailand.
FOXCRIME offers crime, investigation and mystery FOX and FOX Life are available in Japan
entertainment round-the-clock, premieres of riveting and Korea.
drama series, high quality original productions,
biographies and infamous criminals and some of the best Advertising Opportunities
investigation crime TV series around the world. Spot-buy and sponsorship opportunities
PRIMARY Across all demographics, female skewed available for highly-rated and award-
SECONDARY Men 18–29 winning western entertainment and drama
FOX Life is an entertainment channel for women with an series.
electric mix of fiction and reality programming designed
to match the mores of a modern women. Major Advertisers
PRIMARY Women/ [and Men] 18–49 Consumer electronics brands, automobiles,
high-end luxury brands, etc.


FX – Mad Men Foxcrime – Dexter Fox Life – The L Word

Key Contacts Edwina Ngao, Vice President, Affiliate Sales & Partnerships
Ward Platt, President T: (852) 2621 8839 E:
Zubin Gandevia, Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Tay, Vice President, Ad Sales & Partnerships
Avinash Himatsinghani, Senior Vice President – T: (852) 2621 8829 E:
Revenue & Partnership Joon Lee, Senior Vice President & General Manager (Korea)
Sonia Jackson, Senior Vice President - Marketing Website
T: (852) 2621 8879 E:
“ aby TV is both entertaining and educational for developing
young minds. It is a wonderful way to begin the learning
Marie Yuen, Manager, Brand & Marketing Communications, The Peninsula Hotels

Channel Profile Advertising Opportunities

BabyTV, a FOX International Channels brand, is a world Commercial-free channel but relevant
of unique content dedicated to children under 3 and product placement and sponsorship
their parents. The channel is the first-of-its-kind media opportunities on-air available. Advertising
that is geared towards development, activity, fun and opportunities also include an interactive
parent-child interaction.  Our content is produced under online platform via www.babytvchannel.
the guidance of child specialists and is commercial-free com and other partnership opportunities
to address all the milestones of a baby’s development. such as co-branded merchandise and
BabyTV reaches Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and events, character licensing, DVDs, etc.
Major Advertisers
Distribution in Asia-Pacific Baby and Mother-care products. Also
Baby TV is available in Cambodia, HK, Indonesia, Japan, Consumer electronics brands, financial
South Korea, Maldives, Middle East, Singapore, and category, education centers, etc.

Audience Profile
Babies 1-4 and their caretakers


Tulli Vegimals Baby Chef

Key Contacts Edwina Ngao, Vice President, Affiliate Sales & Partnerships
Ward Platt, President T: (852) 2621 8839 E:
Zubin Gandevia, Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Tay, Vice President, Ad Sales & Partnerships
Avinash Himatsinghani, Senior Vice President – T: (852) 2621 8829 E:
Revenue & Partnership Joon Lee, Senior Vice President & General Manager (Korea)
Sonia Jackson, Senior Vice President - Marketing Website
T: (852) 2621 8879 E:
“ vN Asia is a treasure of Korean entertainment with rich
cultural flavors for viewers - a true Korean sweep!”
Junho Kim, Global Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics

Channel Profile Advertising Opportunities

tvN Asia - a joint venture developed by FOX International Spot-buy and sponsorship opportunities
Channels, operator of more than 140 channels in 32 available for popular Korean entertainment
languages across the globe, and CJ Media, Korea’s such as movies, drama series, music videos,
leading media major in 2008 - expands its reach etc.
throughout Asia, bringing original programming, non-
linear and mobile solutions from the highest rated Korean Major Advertisers
General Entertainment channel to more homes in Asia.  Main category includes Korean brands
Extending its domestic distribution of more than 14 million such as those in the consumer electronics
households, tvN Asia adds unique Korean flavor to the category, automobiles, airlines and high-
existing bouquet of pay-TV channels in the region by end luxury brands, etc.
offering exclusive and local content in a variety of genres
including dramas, variety shows, reality and lifestyle
programmes, all in local language across the region.

Audience Profile
PRIMARY Female 25-39 Working Professionals
SECONDARY Men and Women 20-49


O’live Show “Rain’s Camp” Missy Young-ae tvNgels

Key Contacts Edwina Ngao, Vice President, Affiliate Sales & Partnerships
Ward Platt, President T: (852) 2621 8839 E:
Zubin Gandevia, Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Tay, Vice President, Ad Sales & Partnerships
Avinash Himatsinghani, Senior Vice President – T: (852) 2621 8829 E:
Revenue & Partnership Joon Lee, Senior Vice President & General Manager (Korea)
Sonia Jackson, Senior Vice President - Marketing Website
T: (852) 2621 8879 E:
SPE Networks – Asia:
The powerhouse that redefines the total entertainment experience
10 Changi Business Park Central 2
#03-01 Hansapoint@CBP, Singapore 486030
Tel: +65 66228722, Fax: +65 66228706

As part of the Sony Pictures Entertainment family SPE Networks - Asia comes from a solid pedigree of top
notch entertainment. Viewers can expect nothing but the best from the studio that delivers the biggest
blockbusters including the Spider-Man franchise and the latest James Bond movies, Casino Royale and
Quantum of Solace.

Established in 1997 as the Asia headquarters and based in Singapore, SPE Networks – Asia operates a
portfolio of four ad-supported 24/7 channels.

Advertising Opportunities:
With a wide-ranging channel brand portfolio t a r g e t i n g v a r y i n g d e m o g r a p h i c a n d psychographic
groups of audiences, SPE Networks – Asia is able to offer advertisers the ability to customize their campaigns
according to their target audience and market needs, with a variety of options ranging from on-air
sponsorship, contest, on-ground activation, online branding, to sponsor-branded vignettes and product
placement within original programming.

SPE Networks – Asia is also appointed as regional ad sales representative across Southeast Asia, Hong
Kong and Taiwan for AETN All Asia Networks channels: HISTORY™, The Biography Channel™, Crime &
Investigation Network™ and HISTORY HD™.

With a bouquet of eight linear channel brands in total, SPE Networks – Asia will be able to offer advertisers
a whole host of creative broadcast solutions that can meet their varying needs, spread across the best of
general entertainment and factual entertainment genres.

Key Contacts Regional Advertising Sales enquiries:

Ricky Ow, Senior Vice President & General Manager, SPE Networks – Asia Joanne Lin
Ang Hui Keng, Senior Vice President, Channels Management & Finance E:
Jack Lim, Vice President, Advertising Sales & Marketing
Gregory Ho, Vice President & General Manager, Animax Asia Local Advertising Sales enquiries:
Yan-Jong Wong, Vice President, AXN Asia Lawrence Ng
Voo Chih Yeong, Vice President, Affiliate Sales & Marketing / Head of Sony E:
Entertainment Television
“ he Amazing Race Asia has provided
Nokia with the right platform to
demonstrate the benefits of its converged

“ he Caltex brand is about being respectfully helpful devices to consumers e.g. using the GPS-
and in providing the little things so that our enabled devices to get to the next pit stop
customers can get on with the bigger things in life. and being entertained by mobile games on
Integration of Caltex into The Amazing Race Asia via the move."
key challenges has demonstrated this in a fresh and
Cheryl Wang, Head of Marketing Activation,
impactful manner." Southeast Asia Pacific, Nokia

Brian Fisher, Integrated Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, Chevron International

Advertising Opportunities
Channel Profile Advertisers can be associated with the
Launched in 1997, AXN is the leading English general latest, top rated programs from the U.S. such
entertainment destination in Asia, delivering top rated as the CSI franchise, House, Leverage and
series, blockbuster features, adventure-reality and first- The Amazing Race. Original productions
run lifestyle sports programs, as well as dynamic original such as award-winning The Amazing Race
productions, to provide viewers with an unparalleled Asia, eBUZZ, The Duke and Sony Style, as well
entertainment experience to get stuck in! AXN Asia is the as consumer events like AXN B!G Challenge,
first of a growing international network of AXN channels are effective vehicles for sponsor integration,
that can be seen in 60 countries. with added opportunities for on-ground and
online extensions.
Audience Profile
AXN’s core audience comprises upscale and affluent Major Advertisers
adults 18-44 years old. AXN Asia attracted over 107 million Sony, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung,Canon,
viewers in 2008, averaging 47 million viewers every month. Caltex, Standard Chartered Bank, Korea
Source: AGB NMR Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, TNS Singapore, TAM Tourism Organization, Hong Kong Tourism
India and CSM Hong Kong Board


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The Amazing Race Asia Leverage

“ nimax offers youth and young adults a place to escape
to. An extraordinary world where anything is possible no
matter how impossible the challenges may be. A world where
they can express their thoughts, communicate their passion
and exercise their creativity. A world which celebrates the joy
of youth and recognises them for who they are; a world of fun,
optimism and excitement… In short, A World Less Ordinary.
Gregory Ho, Vice President & General Manager, Animax Asia

Channel Profile Audience Profile

Launched in 2004, Animax is Asia’s first youth The digital natives in Asia – trendsetting, image-
brand specializing in the fastest growing youth conscious, tech-savvy youth and young adults;
entertainment genre - Japanese animation (anime). core target audience of 15-24 years old.
Animax Asia’s programming strategy is to offer a
dynamic line up of the highest-rated, most popular Advertising Opportunities
anime programs including shows never before seen A diverse range of programs to associate with,
outside of Japan, as well as original productions, from action/adventure, sports, comedy, sci-fi,
music, technology/gaming and youth lifestyle fantasy and youth lifestyle, to interactive branded
programs that are exclusive to Animax Asia. entertainment opportunities in both long and short
form, across multiple media and platforms. For
Distribution in Asia-Pacific example, Animax original animation production,
40 million viewers from 22 million households across LaMB, offered opportunities for integration within
20 countries in Asia. Six dedicated programming the on-air feature as well as in on-line games,
feeds: South Asia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, web manga, mobisodes, mobile graphic novels
Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Korea. and mobile games.


Fullmetal Alchemist Tears to Tiar Shakugan no Shana II LaMB (Animax Hayate the
Brotherhood original production) Combat Butler

“ f you are looking for something truly extraordinary, AXN
BEYOND is the place. It is thought-provoking, mystical
entertainment at its best – where everything is beyond
ordinary, beyond reality and beyond imagination. It is an
environment where advertisers can exploit creativity and
innovation to speak to like-minded individuals for maximum
Yan-Jong Wong, Vice President, AXN Asia

Channel Profile Audience Profile

AXN BEYOND is the destination channel for “out of the AXN BEYOND appeals to individuals who
ordinary” content, with a program line-up that includes always look for the unconventional and the
drama series, movies and entertainment series, across extraordinary; viewers who may not always
proven genres such as fantasy and sci-fi, horror and follow the norm as they want to be unique,
suspense, paranormal and supernatural. AXN BEYOND have their own set of thinking and do things
was launched first in January 2008 in the Philippines on differently. Slightly male-skewed; primarily in
SkyCable, and is now also available in Singapore, Hong the 15-35 age group.
Kong and Cambodia.


Criss Angel: Mindfreak Lost Supernatural

“ ony Entertainment Television (SET) is one of the very
few English entertainment channels out there that truly
understands the modern woman's preferences. There is a nice
mix of the heart-warming dash of romance and dramas about
powerful women. Throw in some of the ever-entertaining cat-
fights and celebrity gossips, and you have the all-encompassing
ultimate female destination channel, SET.
Voo Chih Yeong, Vice President, Affiliate Sales & Marketing / Head of SET

Channel Profile Audience Profile

Sony Entertainment Television (SET) is an English The all-empowering modern woman who
entertainment channel devoted to serving the interests is “ahead of her time”. The SET viewer is
of discerning, urban career women. This trendsetting stylish, vibrant, dynamic, and is always at
channel provides smart entertainment – sexy, chic, the forefront of the latest lifestyle trends. SET
sophisticated and witty shows – with strong female leads is the destination for her to indulge in some
and female-driven content, and features a variety of seriously wicked and juicy entertainment,
program genres such as fashion, lifestyle, drama, comedy because she wants to, and because she
and reality. SET is currently available in Singapore, Hong can. The channel is also for the new-age,
Kong and Cambodia. metro-sexual man.


The Rachel Zoe Project Top Chef So You Think You Can Dance

Channel Profile Audience Profile
Across five distinct services for South East Asia, Taiwan, Youth, aged 15-24
mainland China, India and Thailand, CHANNEL [V] is
Asia’s trend-setting music and lifestyle channel featuring Advertising Opportunities
original programmes, international hit TV series, latest On air, online, on mobile, on ground and
chart-topping music videos, interviews with music advertiser supported content
stars, concerts and popular VJs. Locally produced
programming, packaging and presenters ensure [V] Major Advertisers
reflects the tastes and attitudes of its vast youth audience. Malaysia Tourism, Universal Music, L’Oréal,
Distribution in Asia-Pacific
27 million households


Lollipop JBD Battle of The Pop

Key Contacts Website

Jonathan Ellis, Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales
T: +852 2621 8888 E:
Hamidah Hashim, Vice President, Advertising Sales, SEA
T: +65 6220 0369 E:
Rita Mui, Vice President, Advertising Sales, Greater China
T: +852 2621 8888 E:
“ e believe that brand building requires engagement
with our customers. Choosing a strong and relevant
media property can help strengthen that engagement. Our
association with STAR WORLD enhances that relationship and
reinforces the brand values that we have in common like being
creative, innovative and cutting-edge.”
Allan Khoo, General Manager, Branding and Marketing Communications, Maxis

Channel Profile Audience Profile

For audiences across Asia, STAR WORLD is the first choice Upscale and affluent adults, aged 20-54
for top-rated programming from the US and around
the world. From all-time favourites to the latest award- Advertising Opportunities
winning shows, STAR WORLD features a wide range of On air, online, on mobile, on ground and
entertainment, covering everything from comedies advertiser supported content
and drama series, to reality shows, talk shows, and live
international events. Major Advertisers
Maxis, Nissan, Tourism Malaysia, Sony Cyber-
Distribution in Asia-Pacific shot
29 million households


American Idol Heroes 30 Rock

Key Contacts Website

Jonathan Ellis, Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales
T: +852 2621 8888 E:
Hamidah Hashim, Vice President, Advertising Sales, SEA
T: +65 6220 0369 E:
Rita Mui, Vice President, Advertising Sales, Greater China
T: +852 2621 8888 E:
“ TAR MOVIES provides a unique, tailor-made 360 degree
platform to reach cinema lovers across Asia. As an imaging
specialist, Canon is looking forward to continuing and
expanding the collaboration with STAR.”
Carol Lim, Regional Marketing Manager, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd.

Channel Profile Advertising Opportunities

STAR MOVIES brings to Asia the biggest blockbusters from On air, online, on mobile, on ground and
Hollywood - powered by its exclusive deals with leading advertiser supported content
studios and independent distributors. STAR MOVIES’
exciting programming highlights also include prestigious Major Advertisers
film industry events such as The Annual Academy Canon, Korea Tourism, Sony Pictures, Honda,
Awards®. Twentieth Century Fox

Distribution in Asia-Pacific
39 million households

Audience Profile
Upscale and affluent adults, aged 20-54


Pirates of The Caribbean: At Jumper Horton Hears A Who

World’s End

Key Contacts Website

Jonathan Ellis, Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales
T: +852 2621 8888 E:
Hamidah Hashim, Vice President, Advertising Sales, SEA
T: +65 6220 0369 E:
Rita Mui, Vice President, Advertising Sales, Greater China
T: +852 2621 8888 E:
Channel Profile Audience Profile
STAR’s bouquet of pan regional Hindi language STAR PLUS – adults & families with slight upscale
channels includes leading General Entertainment skew; STAR GOLD – young adults with male
channels STAR PLUS and STAR ONE, Bollywood film skew; STAR ONE – young adults with upscale
channel STAR GOLD, and popular news channel STAR skew; STAR NEWS – older adults with male and
NEWS. upscale skew.

Distribution in Asia-Pacific Advertising Opportunities

Available in millions of cable and satellite homes in On air, online, on mobile, on ground and
India, the Middle East and South East Asia. advertiser supported content

Major Advertisers
Nokia, Unilever, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson


STAR PLUS – Bidaai STAR ONE – Great Indian STAR GOLD – Singh is Kinng
Laughter Challenge

Key Contacts Website

Jonathan Ellis, Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales
T: +852 2621 8888 E:
Hamidah Hashim, Vice President, Advertising Sales, SEA
T: +65 6220 0369 E:
Rita Mui, Vice President, Advertising Sales, Greater China
T: +852 2621 8888 E:
“ otor Image represents the Subaru brand across Asia.
When we wanted to raise its profile in 2007, we looked
into sponsoring an event that was associated with glamour
and prestige, with good visibility. The partnership with Star
Chinese Movies to sponsor the Golden Horse Awards presented
a unique opportunity to gain on air and on ground exposure for
the brand. We extended the relationship into 2008 and look
forward to future collaborations."
Glenn Tan, Group Chief Executive, Motor Image

Channel Profile Audience Profile

STAR’s bouquet of pan regional Chinese language XING KONG – adults and families with an
channels includes General Entertainment channels XING upscale skew; STAR CHINESE MOVIES 1 &
KONG from mainland China and STAR CHINESE CHANNEL 2 – upscale adults with younger skew; STAR
from Taiwan. Also on offer is the No. 1 destination for CHINESE CHANNEL – adults and families.
Chinese movies, STAR CHINESE MOVIES, which features
top Chinese blockbusters from all of the top Hong Advertising Opportunities
Kong studios as well as STAR CHINESE MOVIES 2, which On air, online, on mobile, on ground and
showcases titles from Hong Kong’s golden age of cinema. advertiser supported content

Distribution in Asia-Pacific Major Advertisers

Available in millions of cable and satellite homes Motor Image, Adidas, Procter & Gamble,
throughout Greater China and South East Asia. Korea Tourism, Riche Monde


Warlords Gossip Queen

Key Contacts Website

Jonathan Ellis, Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales
T: +852 2621 8888 E:
Hamidah Hashim, Vice President, Advertising Sales, SEA
T: +65 6220 0369 E:
Rita Mui, Vice President, Advertising Sales, Greater China
T: +852 2621 8888 E:
“ NN has what I call an unfair competitive advantage: multi
market, multi platform, high quality audiences in numbers
and provides flexibility and smart ideas in how to reach them."
Mark Patterson, GroupM, CEO, Asia Pacific

Channel Profile Advertising Opportunities

CNN  International  reports history as it  unfolds, with CNN  is  known globally for its  journalistic
fast, accurate and impartial coverage of the most excellence and technological innovation,
compelling  stories from around the globe. Whatever, delivering content across multiple linear
wherever and whenever it happens, CNN brings the and digital platforms. Consumers can
news that matters to you.    With an unrivalled track therefore access content anywhere and
record for objective, relevant news reporting and anytime,  meaning advertisers  are uniquely
constant investment in technologies,  channels and positioned to market their brand to highly-
newsgathering staff, CNN continues to hold its position as targeted, upscale international audiences.
the pre-eminent multi-platform provider of news content.
Major Advertisers
Distribution in Asia-Pacific The world’s leading multinationals and
CNN is available in more than 36 million households in upwardly mobile regional companies from
Asia Pacific and more than 249 million around the world the travel, finance, luxury goods,  consumer
(24hr basis). electronics and other sectors.  

Audience Profile
Across  all platforms, CNN’s viewers are educated,
globally-aware and influential. Successful business
decision-makers rely on CNN.


Talk Asia Anderson Cooper 360° CNN Today

Key Contacts Website

Mr William Hsu, Vice President, CNN Advertising Sales, Asia Pacific
Mr Chris Dwyer, Executive Director, Public Relations, CNN Asia Pacific
“ artoon Network is the #1 kids’ channel in Asia Pacific –
There Is no better way to reach your audience.”
Lucien Harrington, VP, Branding & Communications, TENA Inc.

Channel Profile Audience Profile

Launched in Asia Pacific in 1994, Turner Broadcasting Besides a strong core audience of kids 4-14,
System, Inc.’s (TBS) Cartoon Network (www.cartoonnetworkasia. almost half of Cartoon Network’s audience
com) offers the best animated entertainment. Currently is aged 15+ -- testament to its broad age
available in 60 million homes in the region, Cartoon appeal.
Network, home to iconic toons such as BEN 10 and The
Powerpuff Girls, is the number one channel for kids in Advertising Opportunities
Asia Pacific. Broadcast in nine different languages over Cartoon Network offers clients a myriad of
eight separate feeds, the Channel provides a premium bespoke partnership solutions for campaigns
platform for both regional and local advertisers. on-air and online. From customized
sponsorships to the creation of unique
TBS Inc., a Time Warner company, is a major producer of content solutions we are constantly finding
news and entertainment product around the world and new ways for our clients to engage our
the leading provider of programming for the basic cable discerning audience.
Major Advertisers
Distribution in Asia-Pacific Toys: Mattel, Hasbro
Cartoon Network, the 24-hour kids’ channel, is available Personal Care: Johnson and Johnson,
in 60 million homes across Asia Pacific. Unilever
Food: Agro Tech, ITC
Drinks: Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola
Confectionery: Nestle, Wrigleys


BEN10: Alien Force Chowder The Marvelous Misadventures

of Flapjack

Key Contacts Website

Jeremy Carr, Vice President, Entertainment Advertising Sales
Nadia Hwang, Executive Director, Entertainment Advertising Sales
Rohit Sarma, Executive Director, Network Ad Sales (South Asia)
Robi Stanton, Executive Director, Sales and Networks, Australia & New

K now your competitors as you know yourself” Limited

Company Profile Media Services Offered

admanGo is the market leader in the provision of Media monitoring service in Hong Kong and
competitive advertising and advertisement monitoring China includes all major above-the-line media
services through an online platform. We work with such as TV, Newspaper, Magazine, Radio and
major advertising agencies, media and advertisers in Outdoor.
Hong Kong and China. Our services enable our clients  
to view, evaluate and respond to the constant stream Major Clients
of advertising activities on a daily basis. All HK4As Advertising Agencies, OMD, GroupM,
  Zenith Optimedia, Mccann Ericson, TVB, South
China Morning Post, Sing Tao Group, AIA,
American Express, Cheung Kong, Citibank,
Clarins, Google, Hang Seng Bank, HSBC, IBM,
Maxims, Swatch, Vitasoy, Yahoo

Key Contacts Website

Jennifer Ma, Director of Sales and Marketing
T: 852 2836 6715
Esther Wong, Sales Manager
T: 852 2836 6792
Company Profile The Service We Offer – Television Audience
In March 2005, the AGB Group and Nielsen Media Measurement (TAM)
Research International announced their joint TAM is the specialised branch of media research,
venture that would offer television ratings under dedicated to the quantifying (size) and the qualifying
the AGB Nielsen Media Research brand name. (characteristics) of this detailed TV audience
The transaction merged all the AGB Group information.
companies with the wholly owned TV ratings
service of Nielsen Media Research, excluding With the billions of dollars spent annually on TV
the USA. In November 2008, the final 50% of programmes and commercials, reliable TV audience
AGB Nielsen was purchased thereby making information is required to evaluate and maximise the
the Nielsen Company the full shareholder of the effectiveness of this investment.
Ratings – this is the percentage of a given population
It is the mission of the company to establish group consuming a medium at a particular moment.
the common currency to be used by TV These ratings, if reliable and valid, become the
Broadcasters, Agencies and Advertisers, based 'common currency' for the market's commercial
upon a reliable, independent and transparent airtime. Media planners and buyers evaluate the
audience measurement system. AGB Nielsen alternative programmes offered to best achieve
Media Research currently manages more TAM their advertising goals, broadcasters evaluate the
panel households than any other international programme or stations popularity and how much
television audience ratings provider. to charge an advertisers for commercials during a
programme or on a given channel. In those cases
where the channels are funded wholly or partly by
public license, they also provide accountability.

Key Contacts
Sonya Ford Website
Global Communications Executive Manager
T: 41 91 960 9900 E:
“ n the past 10 years, we were fortunate to have CSM to provide
reliable, credible and high quality data.
Bessie Lee, Chief Executive Officer of GroupM China

Company Profile Audience Measurement

CSM Media Research is a joint venture between CTR As the leading media research provider in China,
Market Research and the TNS Group. Dedicated to CSM is dedicated to TAM & RAM research and
TV & radio audience measurement research, CSM providing reliable and uninterrupted audience
Media Research offers reliable and uninterrupted measurement information for the Media
rating information for Hong Kong SAR and China. Industry. CSM also provides customized media
CSM Media Research operates the world's largest research and sport marketing research, which
TV & radio audience measurement panel, covering was first introduced and launched in China in
China’s 1.2 billion TV population and Hong Kong SAR’s 2002 under the brand, TNS Sport. In order to
6.3 million TV & radio audience. This operation covers support the China media industry and market
220 individual markets, with some 54,000 homes and needs, CSM has published a series of reports,
178,800 panelists participating in the measurement of the "China Media Industry Report Series." These
over 1,285 main channels and 392 radio frequencies, reports leverage CSM's local media experience
every day of the year. and in-depth understanding of trends to deliver
insights into the Chinese media industry.

Major Clients
CCTV, most provincial and many city stations
in China Mainland, TVB, Asia TV, Carat, Dentsu,
GroupM, OMD, Starcom, and Zenithmedia.

Key Contacts Website

Haying Zuo
Associate Director of Marketing
T: 8610-85086636 E:
Xiaoqian Hu
PR Manager
T: 8610-85086931 E:
Company Profile
CTR is the leading insight, market information provider in China.
We are a joint-venture company between CITVC and a global
market information and insight group – TNS, a Kantar Group

As the foremost provider, we integrate our local expertise with

cutting-edge research technology and innovative thinking
to meet our clients’ needs for 360º tracking of all kinds of
contents across all touch points, interpreting target consumers’
behaviors and lifestyles, and market insight into brand and
product strategies in China. Our area of expertise is Media &
Audience, Brand & Communications, Product & Consumer
Markets as well as Channel & Service Management. We
are employed by over 2,000 media owners, agencies and
marketers of both local and multinational companies.

In March 2009, CTR successfully achieved ISO20252

accreditation, an international standard for quality specifically
for organizations and professionals conducting market,
opinion and social research. We employ more than 530 full-
time research professionals and manage a comprehensive
research network covering 200 cities across China.

Key Contacts
Gallup Pakistan

Company Profile In the field of TAM, Gallup is the only company

Gallup Pakistan is the pioneer of media research in that has experimented with TV Ratings in the
the country. It has an impeccable 25 years' track country since 1981 and maintained a full diary
record of assisting the business community with based service since 1994. In the ensuing years
media research services ranging from periodic large Gallup has demonstrated its ability to grow and
scale survey based snapshot media reports through adapt to the country’s dramatically changing
advertising expenditure tracking to continuous panel media market needs. Firstly it expanded its
based Television Audience Measurement (TAM). initially urban panel to the national level and
also introduced an international ratings analysis
Media Services software. Later it took the initiative to launch
The first Gallup Pakistan media report came out in the first peoplemeter test panel in the country’s
1981 with a TV Barometer providing TV Ratings by largest metropolitan city of Karachi.
time slot and programs for a snapshot week. More
surveys and reports followed subsequently from 1984 Among the key strengths of Gallup Pakistan
through 2009. The latest survey done during end 2008 are its three full service offices in the three
has shown some remarkable developments in TV metro cities of the country, Gallup’s own stable
viewership in the country. network of field offices in 18 strategic cities
covering the entire country that implies it does
The Advertising expenditure tracking services were not subcontract fieldwork and a sound human
introduced in 1990 for the TV media. In 1997 Print resource base comprising the largest team of
media was also included in the service. Currently senior and experienced executives.
Gallup Pakistan is the only source in the country
providing syndicated Adex services for both the TV Apart from media research, Gallup Pakistan’s
and Print media. research services portfolio includes qualitative
and quantitative customized market research
and social and opinion surveys and polls where
it enjoys leadership position in the industry.

Key Contacts

Medialogic Pakistan Private Limited was set up in Business

2006 as a technology company to address the TV Ratings agency utilizing state-of-the-art
growing needs of the Media industry. Medialogic peoplemeter technology which provides daily
has an International affiliation with GfK Group based ratings for the first time in Pakistan.
in Germany – the 3rd biggest Research company in
the world. GfK and their subsidiary Telecontrol provide International Affiliation
technical support to Medialogic in various projects. GfK (3rd largest Research company in the
Within a short period of two years, Medialogic has world)
established itself as a leading Research and Software
provider for the Media industry in Pakistan. Current Status
Medialogic currently has a panel of 550
Currently the company is running the TAM (TV households in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and
Audience Measurement) panel in Pakistan. This panel Faisalabad. Now Medialogic is expanding its
provides daily ratings for all local and International panel to four more cities in order to cover entire
Channels viewed in Pakistan. This information urban Pakistan effectively.
forms the basis of Media decisions for Advertisers,
Broadcasters and Advertising Agencies. Medialogic Major Clients
is proud to have almost all key Media stakeholders in All Broadcasters are subscribed including GEO,
its clientele. ARY, HUM, AAJ, TVOne, Express, Indus, TenSports

90% of the major advertisers are subscribed

including Mobilink, Unilever, P&G, Coca-Cola,
Ufone, Telenor, CM Pak, HBL, Continental
Biscuits, Reckitt etc.

Key Contacts
Company profile Audience Measurement
In a world increasingly defined by global markets, In every time zone and region of the world,
connected consumers and volumes of digital media and advertising clients turn to Nielsen for
information, The Nielsen Company employs the latest information on TV, radio, print, Internet
advanced data collection methodologies and and mobile audiences, for constantly updated
measurement science to help businesses turn figures on global or local advertising spending,
new and traditional sources of data into customer and for digital copies of ads broadcast or
intelligence to better manage their brands, launch published on any medium.
and grow product portfolios, optimize their media
mix and establish meaningful customer relationships. Our Media services help clients understand
The Nielsen Company is a global information and consumer behavior across all their media
media company with leading market positions in and entertainment options, set the value
marketing and consumer information, television of commercial time and space, monitor
and other media measurement, online intelligence, their competitors, plan and conduct media
mobile measurement, trade shows and business campaigns and develop innovative media
publications. The privately held company is active in promotion methods.
more than 100 countries, with headquarters in New
York, USA. Major Clients
A broad spectrum of leading international and
local media owners, media agencies, creative
agencies and advertisers.

Key Contacts Website

Duncan Falzon
Executive Director
Thailand and Media Index, Asia Pacific
The Nielsen Company
T: +662 6734760 E:

W e are driven by consumers’ changing media
choices and are committed to helping our
clients grasp new opportunities.“
Steve Garton, Synovate

Company Profile/Overview
Synovate Total number Countries
Synovate, the market research arm of Aegis
syndicated of consumers covered
Group plc, generates consumer insights that drive
services in the universe
competitive marketing solutions. The network
provides clients with cohesive global support and a
comprehensive suite of research solutions. Synovate Synovate PAX 22 million 14
employs over 6,000 staff across 62 countries.
Synovate EMS 41 million 28
Audience Measurement/Media Services Offered Synovate Young
26 million 12
Synovate syndicated media services include Asians
PAX and EMS, the world’s largest series of upscale Synovate Media
syndicated currency surveys. Young Asians dives 38 million 4
deep into the lives and media choices of kids, teens
and young adults. Media Atlas is a broad population
survey designed to give accurate insights into a Major Clients
wide variety of target audiences and their media Almost all international broadcasters, publishers
consumption. Each of our surveys keeps track of how and web site owners use Synovate, as do all of
consumer behaviour is changing over time. the world’s leading media specialists.

We also cover a wide range of customised media

insights aimed at growing the business of media
owners and aiding media specialists to plan and buy

Key Contacts Website

Steve Garton, Executive Director – Media
Clare Lui, Media Director
Company Profile Media Services
TNS is a global market insights and information group. The TNS Media Research group is a supplier of
Our strategic goal is to be recognized as the global media intelligence and Internet, TV, Radio and
leader in delivering value-added information and cable/satellite audience measurement services.
insights that help our clients to make more effective The group specializes in the deployment of
decisions. electronic measurement systems such as
PeopleMeters for TV measurement and Portable
As industry thought leaders, our people deliver PeopleMeters (PPMs) for Radio measurement.
innovative thinking and excellent service to global
organizations and local clients worldwide. We work TNS Media Research is the world's leading
in partnership with our clients, meeting their needs supplier of set-top box data specifically
for high-quality information and analysis across our developed for the cable and satellite industry.
global network. TNS Media Research also provides world leading
media analysis computer software used by
We are the world’s foremost provider of custom clients around the world.
research and analysis, combining in-depth industry
sector understanding and world class expertise Our clients span the media industry from
in new product development, segmentation local free-to-air broadcasters, media buying
and positioning research, brand and stakeholder agencies to regional broadcasters across the
management. region.

Key Contacts Website

Phillip Jones
Regional Director
T: +65 6355 7910 E:
Glossary of Terms
Analogue TV Daypart
Television platform using analogue signal wavelengths. A daypart is a section of the viewing day, for example
breakfast (0600-0924) or peak time (for which there are
Audience various definitions).
The potential or expected number of people having the
opportunity to view. Demographics
Terms used to describe audience classifications such as
Audience Profile (Audience Composition) age, sex etc.
The audience profile shows how a main audience
category is divided into its subcategories (such as age or Digital TV
sex) in percentage terms. For example, if a programme Television platform using digital signal wavelengths. The
achieves a Male profile of 45%, this means that 45% digital wavelengths are transmitted in a binary format
of adult viewers were men, while the other 55% were which allows more information to be carried within
women. An audience profile can be compared with the the same bandwidth than analogue, resulting in more
equivalent population profile to produce an index. channels, better quality picture, sound and interactive
Audience: Break Audience
A commercial break audience is defined as the duration DTH
weighted average of all the commercial spot audiences Direct To Home. Homes that receive television directly
in the break. via a satellite dish attached to a single building.

Audience: Commercial Spot Audience DTT

The commercial spot audience is defined as the Digital Terrestrial Television.
audience for the minute in which the commercial starts.
Audience: Programme Audience DVD Recorder.
A programme audience is the average of all the minute
audiences covered by the programme transmission, Encrypted Channels
excluding any commercial breaks and promotions. A viewing card is required to enable viewing to these
Audience: Time Segment (Daypart) Audience
A time segment (e.g. quarter hour) or daypart audience EPG
is the average of the one minute audiences in that time Electronic Programme Guide. Channel and programme
segment/daypart. listing service available on digital TV.

Cable Establishment Survey

Television services which are transmitted over wires Survey undertaken to determine the ownership of
rather than over the airwaves. television equipment and demographic characteristics
of the population. Results are used to determine the
Commercial Minutage panel controls against which the panel is maintained.
The number of minutes on television during which
commercials are broadcast. Exclusive Reach
The exclusive number or percentage of people who
Cost-Per-Rating Point (CPRP) have seen a particular piece of broadcast output
The cost of reaching one percent of a target audience. (e.g. a programme, daypart, channel, TV advertising
Cost-per-rating Point (CPRP) is used when purchasing campaign). (See also Reach.) For advertising campaigns
and measuring the efficiency of advertising campaigns. exclusive reach is also known as unique cover.

Cost-Per-Thousand (CPT or CPM) Free-To-Air Channels

The cost of reaching one thousand impacts of a target No subscription fee is payable in order to view the
audience. Cost-per-thousand (CPT or CPM) is used when channel.
purchasing and measuring the efficiency of advertising
campaigns. Frequency (Average Frequency)
The (average) number of times a commercial is seen
by those within the target audience who see it at all.
Average frequency is sometimes referred to as average
OTS (see OTS).
GRP (Gross Rating Point) Interactive Television
The cumulative number of ratings achieved by an Mixing traditional television with interactive content on
advertising campaign (see also Rating). digital TV via the handset. Information can include links
to further programmes, interactive games, commercial
Guest Viewing advertiser content etc.
Viewing by non panel members within panel homes.
Guests are asked to provide details of their sex and age IPTV
group via the peoplemeter handset. Regular guests Internet Protocol Television. A method of delivering
may be allocated their own button on the handset, television services via broadband.
though their viewing will continue to be treated as guest
viewing. Index
A measure of relative performance in which targets
Handset are indexed against a base audience. An index of
A device similar to a remote control which panel 100 means the target performed as well as the base
members use to register and deregister their presence in audience. Over 100 means the target performed better,
a room where a television set is on. and under 100 the target performed worse.

HDTV Multi-Channel Home

High Definition Television. A television service containing A home able to receive cable, satellite or digital
a high number of pixels which delivers a clearer and terrestrial transmissions.
sharper picture.
Multi-Set Home
Head of Household A home possessing more than one television in working
The Head of Household is the household member who order (see Television Home).
either owns the property, is responsible for paying the
rent, has use of the home as a result of his/her job, or is OTS
related to the owner or main tenant (where the owner or Opportunity-To-See ads in a campaign.
main tenant is not a regular member of the household).
Out-of-Home Viewing
Hours/Minutes of Viewing Viewing by panel members outside their permanent
The amount of television watched by a particular residence. On many peoplemeter systems only ‘guest’
audience. This is usually expressed as an average over viewing is measured as out-of-home viewing.
a given time period.
Household Size The previous day’s viewing is released to the industry the
The number of individuals who regularly live in the next day.
Housewife Sample of people used for regular research.
The member of the household who is solely or mainly
responsible for the household duties. A housewife may Pay-Per-View
be male or female. There is only one housewife per Pay TV service allowing users to pay for each programme
household. they watch rather than via a monthly fee. For example,
box office films may be watched via pay-per-view.
Impacts (or Gross Impressions)
A measure of viewing to commercial spots. One impact Pay TV
is one member of the target audience viewing one TV service that requires a viewer to pay a one off or
commercial. Impacts are added together to give, for regular subscription fee in order to view.
example, the total impacts delivered by a particular
spot, the gross total achieved by a particular advertising People Meter
campaign or the total supplied by a given channel. Generic name for the electronic measurement system
which monitors the channel that a TV set is tuned to and
the individuals present in the room while the TV set is
switched on.
Personal Meters SMATV
Meters which are carried by an individual. Satellite Master Antenna Television delivers television
services to a number of homes from a communal
Population satellite dish, e.g. those living in a block of flats.
The number of people in the ‘universe’ ‘target group’.
Programme Genre An individual occurrence of a commercial.
A classification of programmes into particular types (e.g.
drama, sport, documentary). Television Home
A household which has at least one television in working
Programme Sponsorship order is classed as a TV home.
A form of promotion where a company or product
associates itself with a programme. This is done via Terrestrial Television
credits at the beginning and end of the programme and Television received via a normal rooftop or indoor aerial.
in the programme breaks.
Transmission Hours
PVR The length of time that a channel broadcasts in any
Personal Video Recorder. given day.

Rating (also known as Target Audience Rating Point Transmission Log

‘TARP’) A detailed description of the events (programmes,
The rating is the measure of the popularity of commercials etc) broadcast each day by a particular
a programme, daypart, commercial break or channel. The logs are combined with minute-by-
advertisement by comparing its audience to the minute BARB audience data so that audiences can be
population as a whole. One rating is equivalent to one reported for particular programmes, commercial breaks
per cent of a target audience. Commercial campaigns or individual commercial spots.
are frequently assessed by adding the TVRs of their
individual spots to produce a Gross Rating Point total Universe
(see GRP). A rating is often referred to as a TARP (Target The total population of a particular audience.
Audience Rating Point) when it relates to a specific
target (i.e. Adults 15-24). VCR
Video Cassette Recorder.
The net number or percentage of people who have Video-on-Demand
seen a particular piece of broadcast output (e.g. A facility offered by digital television providers where
a programme, daypart, channel, TV advertising households can access a movie or programme that can
campaign). be watched at any time.

Sample Size Viewing

The number of individuals in a sample group. A panel member (or guest) is defined to be viewing
when they are present in a room with a TV set switched
Set-Top Box on.
Supplied to satellite, cable (both analogue and digital)
and digital terrestrial homes to enable them to receive Zapping
signals to their television sets. Channel hopping through different television channels.

Share (Share of Viewing) Zipping

The percentage of the total viewing audience watching Fast forwarding through recorded commercials when
over a given period of time. This can apply to channels, watching a pre-recorded programme
programmes, time periods etc.

The simultaneous broadcasting of the same programme
on different TV channels.
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