Dr. Jill Fenimore Director of Pharmaceutical Sales Merck & Company, Inc.

1 Merck Drive Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 Dear Jill, I am writing to you today to officially tender my resignation from Merck effective Friday, November 16. I never thought I would ever leave such a great company as Merck, but when the opportunity arose to own and operate my own vineyard in Napa, which as you know has always been a lifelong dream for me, I simply had to take advantage of it. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Merck, about all the people I¶ve encountered in my years of service with the company, and especially about you and all the others on the sales team. Your leadership has taken us all to new levels, and I have appreciated all your personal and professional advice over the years. It's my hope that we will stay in touch as I begin this new chapter in my life. If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks again for everything. Sincerely,

Dear <Mr. XXX>, Please accept this letter as my two-week notice of resignation. My last day of work will be <Date>. While I have been very satisfied at <Company Name>, I have decided to make this move to advance my career. I have enjoyed working with you and appreciate the opportunities I have been given here. I hope two week notice is sufficient for you to find a replacement for me. If I can help to train my replacement or tie up any loose ends, please let me know. Thank you very much for the opportunity to work here. Sincerely, Please accept this as formal notice of my resignation from my current position and I am aware that my contract of employment requires me to work until xx/xx/2010. However I'd be grateful to be released earlier on xx/xx/2010 as I am supposed to report to the new organization I will be joining on the said date. While I believe that I am moving for good reasons, I also would like to add that I am sorry to leave, and I thank you for your support during my time with the company, which I have found enjoyable and fulfilling. I also would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent during the span of my work with you which has helped me grow as an individual and as a professional. Please let me know the arrangements for handing back equipment and handing over outstanding work and responsibilities. Yours sincerely

. for which I shall remain obliged. I would be obliged if you could kindly initiate the formal resignation procedure so that I may complete the necessary release formalities with the various departments. as on 23th Nov. working as a Designation in this organization . I also request that while relieving me. I would like to extend my profound gratitude to the esteemed organization for giving me the great opportunity & exposure to work. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to work for such an outstanding organization. learn & enhance my Analytical & Human skills particularly when this is my first assignment after graduation Kindly accept the letter of resignation. Please check the same Dear Name of Concern Person.Hi Here are the format for the same. Regards. be 10 Days later from today. Your Name Designation . Name. I may be issued Appropriate Certificate of Experience in Company Name. I am resigning and intend the last day of my service to Company Name. 2007. This is to bring to your notice that I. Company Name. settle the service agreement clauses with Company Name. by the given date and also prepare for the transfer of my current responsibilities to another associate.

It's all done. the brand is big But the work I do is that of a pig The work or the brand. they have set their own way Nobody will care to hear what I say The project is in a critical stage But to do good work. this is the age This dilemma is killing me day by day I don't know if I should stay . or wait for pay I don't know if I should stay! The managers don't know what they talk The team doesn't know where they walk That's a bad situation. I won't stay. To work. The money is good. I can go to any other place But what if I get the same disgrace I can't keep switching day by day I don't know if I should stay.The name is good. what say? I don't know if I should stay. the place is great But the development is at a very small rate Should I go for the work. the (+)ves are less Then why have this unnecessary mess No more will I walk their way. The (-)ves are more. With Regards . what is my way? I don't know if I should stay.

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