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Leading the Transformation

Capgemini Mobile World Congress Show Special e-book

The mobile ecosystem is in the MWC delegates will be interested in

midst of an unprecedented wave this e-book because:
of transformation. As business
models adapt, new verticals and
• The conference incites action-
players emerge. Technology provoking discussions and Capgemini
evolves, perceptions shift, and lives has some insight to address many of
are improved. the pertinent issues raised

2011 Event Overview, GSMA • The Event asks all of us to address

the transformational challenges and
Capgemini has produced a define the mobile future

limited edition publication for

our presence at Mobile World Contact Capgemini now
Congress 2011. Like the rest of
the mobile industry attending
this annual gathering we look
to “enable, accelerate and direct
this transformation, leading us
into the Mobile Future”.

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

“ Maximizing
In this e-book we share a
collection of mobile insights
exploring the key issues faced by
Assets, Unleashing those attending the MWC 2011
Congress. In addition, we
Growth and showcase some select solutions
Transforming to and services of ours mapped to
the show themes for those that
Succeed ” may find it helpful in addressing
some of the challenges raised.

Capgemini is no stranger to
transformation in the mobile
industry. We have worked
with telecom, media &
entertainment clients for over
40 years. Our track record
permits us the authority to
comment on the industry

Our experience allows us to also

suggest solutions to those on the

I trust you find this selection of

papers and solutions interesting
and thought-provoking. If you
have any comments or would
like to discuss any of the issues
raised further, then please get
in touch.

Greg Jacobsen,
Global Sector Leader
Capgemini Telecom, Media &

Mobile Insights

A collection of mobile insights exploring

the key issues faced by those attending the
2011 Mobile World Congress.

Beyond Communications
Cloud Computing for Telcos
Social Networking for Telcos
Mobile Application Stores
Beyond Communications:
Identifying New Markets for Telcos

“As telcos venture

Fixed and mobile operators across they have traditionally operated
the developed world are faced their organizational structures if
with the prospect of increasing they are to effectively address
into new sectors, pressure on their voice and data upcoming opportunities and
revenues. Telcos are also facing a challenges.
it is imperative strong challenge from over-the-top
they adopt a Internet players who have been
taking an increasing share of the
collaborative consumer spend on digital media
and communications. These
approach, while developments are forcing telcos to
assimilating identify new revenue streams for
the future. Consequently, they are
changes required looking at entering new sectors
that hold revenue potential, whilst
to organizational being able to leverage their
DNA ” existing assets.

While telcos have forayed into a

variety of new services
involving content, advertising,
cloud computing, among
others, some of the more
exciting opportunities lie in the
industries such as healthcare,
energy and automotive. These
industries hold significant
potential for telcos to enter and
create a whole new ecosystem
where they can place
themselves at the center, and in
the process generate significant
value in the future. However, in
order to tap into the potential,
telcos will need to adopt
different go-to-market strategies
for different service
opportunities. Telcos will need
to assimilate changes in how

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

Figure: Key Telco Strengths Developed Over the Years

Source: Capgemini TME Strategy Lab Analysis; Company Websites

MWC delegates will be interested in

this Point of View because: “Telcos should
prioritize their entry
• Capgemini sets out specific services
that make most sense for telcos
looking at future revenue opportunities
into new sectors
• Capgemini provides a few high-level
based on their
recommendations for mobile operators
looking to enter new sectors existing assets
and market
Download the full report now attractiveness ”

Opportunities and Challenges for Telcos

“LTE offers the

The mobile networks of most formulating the right migration
operators are witnessing an strategy. A focus on key
unprecedented rise in data traffic, priorities such as pricing,
most efficient, cost- due to an increasing consumer rollout strategy, network
demand to access bandwidth sharing, and spectrum policy
effective, and future intensive content on-the-go and will be instrumental in the
proof solution for the proliferation of a large number successful rollout of LTE.
of mobile devices such as Having realized its potential,
operators to smartphones and tablets. This several operators across the
trend is exerting extremely high globe have already deployed
upgrade their pressure on the capacity LTE commercially and many
networks ” constrained network of operators.
Faced with this challenge, LTE
more are in the fray.

presents an attractive technology

choice for operators to mitigate
their most significant concerns
around this explosion in demand
for wireless broadband.

Wireless providers need to

upgrade their network
infrastructure in order to keep
up with data traffic volumes
and deliver bits more cost-
effectively. When compared to
some other upgrade options
such as HSPA1, HSPA+, and
WiMAX, Long Term Evolution
(LTE) provides operators with a
technically superior and cost
effective solution to deliver true
mobile broadband experience.

Although LTE standards and

the ecosystem have not yet
evolved fully and an upgrade
requires significant capital
investment, operators can still
reap tremendous benefit by

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

Figure: Commercial LTE Deployments and Technology Adopted

Source: Capgemini TME Strategy Lab Analysis; Company Websites

MWC delegates will be interested in

this Point of View because: “Operators should
try and adopt a
• This whitepaper focuses on key
priorities such as pricing, rollout
strategy, network sharing, and
spectrum policy – all of which will be
instrumental in the successful rollout
pricing model
of LTE
where customers
• This is a must-read if you are
attending MWC’s Network Technology pay a premium
Evolution Keynote and Network
Breaking Point sessions opportunity for superior
Download the full report now
experience ”
* China Mobile has deployed 11 LTE trial
networks across China. The first of these trial
networks was launched in May 2010.

Cloud Computing:
The Telco Opportunity

The cloud computing market,

although relatively young is “potential,
Given the revenue
already intensely competitive, yet
operators are well placed to
deliver customized and targeted should not delay
services. By making full use of
their existing assets they can do so their entry in the
rapidly and without high cost, as
we show in this Telecom &
cloud computing
Media Insight.

Cloud computing represents a


significant revenue opportunity
for operators, which are well
positioned to leverage their
infrastructure, data centers and
managed services expertise.
But to take advantage they will
need to act now, providing
differentiated and customized
services in this already fiercely
competitive market. In this
whitepaper Capgemini outlines
the most attractive commercial
strategies for telcos now and in
the future, and how to phase in
services and maximize returns.

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

Figure: Most Attractive Commercial Opportunities for Telcos in Cloud Computing

• These services have a high
demand from enterprises
• Telcos already possess significant Cloud Billing
expertise and assets required to The Next Phase
deliver these services
Cloud Security
Services Broker Approach
Telco Capability

Unified PaaS (Expose

Low Hanging Fruits Communication Network
Hosting on
Demand Wholesale

SaaS Enablement
• These services require telcos
• Telcos can build on their first phase to gain significant experience
Storage and services to expand their portfolio of in the cloud before launch
Computing on offerings • They can help telcos
Demand • Telcos can also leverage their global IP differentiate their cloud
backbone to offer capacity as a service offering
High Low
Service Attractiveness

Source: Capgemini TME Strategy Lab Analysis

Source: Capgemini TME Strategy Lab Analysis;
Source: Capgemini TME Strategy Lab Analysis

MWC delegates will be interested in

this whitepaper because: “customized
solutions can help
• The Mobile Cloud Congress agenda
raises interesting questions

• Recommendations are given on telcos price their

service offerings, service delivery and
customer segment for the mobile services at

cloud journey
a premium
Download the full report now

Social Networking for Telcos:
Assessing the Telco Opportunity

Mobile social networking gives like China’s Qzone and South
The mobile operators the opportunity to fully Korea’s Cyworld. Telcos are
leverage their network and billing likely to find it difficult to
social networking infrastructure, customer compete with these established
space offers information, location capabilities social networks, considering
and brand. Indeed, even minimal online players’ large
telcos an attractive investment can lead to healthy network-agnostic subscriber

incremental revenue streams base and wide reach on the
opportunity and increased data traffic. We fixed platform.
outline some of the key strategies
and business models different The mobile platform, however,
operators need to build a offers telcos an attractive
successful mobile social opportunity to enter the social
network service. networking space considering
the nascent state of mobile-only
Telcos need to carefully social networks, their rising
evaluate the most attractive attractiveness, and certain key
opportunities in social telco assets which can be
networking before making a leveraged to make the foray
leap. The PC-based online successful.
social networking space is
dominated both by large global
players—such as Facebook and
MySpace—and regional giants

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

Figure: Scale and Capabilities in Mobile Content Play a Significant Role in Determining Success of Operator Initiatives in
Social Networking

Positioning Grid for Telcos, 2009 Recommended Entry Options for Different Categories of
Telecom Operators
Category of Player

High Global Global Regional Regional

Challengers Frontrunners Leaders Aspirants
1 2

Global Challengers Global Frontrunners

Leverage financial Build innovative Investment in a Building a new
Description : Global scale with Description : Global scale muscle to build mobile-only social new service is social network,
Build innovative networks, unlikely to justify with minimal
limited strength in content with significant capabilities in
networks on top of integrating current the costs involved, content strengths,
offering content targeted content capabilities given the regional is not
acquisitions nature recommended
Geographic Presence

Targeted Also look at Aggressively Acquisitions are

acquisitions to targeted acquire regional not likely to
4 3 gain technical acquisitions to social networks generate
skills required for complement that can be significant Rol
a content foray existing strengths integrated into given minimal
current services complementary
Regional Aspirants Regional Leaders assets
Description : Regional scale Description : Regional scale
with limited strength in content with significant capabilities in
offering content
Partnerships are not likely to deliver significant value Partnerships are
Partner and are recommended only as a complementary activity the recommended
to launching own social network option, with a
focus on driving
mobile data

Low Strength of current content offerings High

Source: Capgemini
Capgemini TME
TME Strategy Strategy
Lab Analysis Lab Analysis

MWC delegates will be interested in

this whitepaper because:
“Operator entry
into mobile social
• Per the Congress agenda to
transform, telcos are reviewing options networks needs to
• Recommendations are given on how be closely tied to
to enter, launch and drive uptake,
and monetize in the mobile social their scale of
networking arena
operations and
Download the full report now strength of existing
content offerings ”
Mobile Application Stores:
The Opportunity for Telecom Operators

Application stores present mobile Extract from the paper:
Mobile operators with the potential to The Potential for Uplift in
greatly increase data revenues Data Access Revenues is
applications have and re-establish their position in Attractive
emerged as a the mobile content value chain—if Launching an application store
they can change their business will provide operators with an
high-growth and models to compete effectively with opportunity to augment their
strong-brand device and operating existing data services revenue.
sustainable avenue system vendors. In addition to There are going to be primarily
of revenue download and access revenues, four revenue streams for
telcos are well positioned to operators, namely revenue
generation” generate indirect revenue streams
through advertising and services
share from sale of applications,
mobile advertising revenue,
such as billing and customer data usage revenue and
management. Central to their payment gateway revenue.
success will be effective alliances Relying on the aforementioned
with developers and technology revenue streams, we believe
companies, competitive that a typical operator* can
revenue-sharing agreements and expect a non-SMS data revenue
proactive pricing models. uplift of up to 11% by 2013.

* We have considered a hypothetical Western

The success of the iPhone and European operator with a subscriber base of 50
other smartphones, and the million and data ARPU of US$12.
popularity of content such as
games and music, has
accelerated mobile operators’
need to launch application
stores in order to maintain their
position in the mobile content
value chain. That presents a
revenue opportunity—both
through selling apps and access,
as well as through other
value-added services: in
Capgemini’s new Mobile
Application Stores report we
forecast the market for mobile
application services will reach
US$8.6 billion by 2013.

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

Figure: Revenue Uplift from Operator-Owned Application Stores

Operators retain a little more

306 776 than 50% of the total
revenues after sharing with
developers, ad server
networks, etc.



Revenues from Advertisement Billing Solution Incremental Total Revenue Revenue

Application Sale Revenues Revenue Data Usage Retained by
Revenue Operator

Source: Capgemini TME Strategy Lab Analysis

Source: Capgemini TME Strategy Lab Analysis

MWC delegates will be interested in

this whitepaper because: “Application
stores can be an
• The rationale to launch an app store
is becoming stronger – “do nothing” in important lever for
this space is no longer an option

• We watch the GSMA App Planet

telcos to prevent
with interest – either as a developer
or platform owner, the revenue
opportunity from app downloads is set
to grow exponentially from the mobile
content value
Download the full report now chain ”
Mobile Solutions

Select Capgemini solutions and services

mapped to the show themes for those that
may find it helpful in addressing some of
the challenges raised at the 2011 Mobile
World Congress.

Business Analytics for Telcos

Testing & Quality Assurance for Telcos
Communications Transformation Platform
IT Renewal
Business Analytics for Telcos

Business Clarity from Complex Data

Telcos were among the early These can be deployed within

“A Capgemini adopters of Data Warehousing.
Over time, most have built up
role-based analytical
dashboards or as part of a
Business Information terabytes of data stored on a wide process area analysis view.
range of technology platforms. Users also have the option of
Management (BIM) The problem of managing this building their own reports for
solution for the complexity in the information ad-hoc analysis.
landscape has been further
Telecommunications compounded by the many mergers MWC delegates will be interested in
and acquisitions in the sector. this solution because:
market designed to
help bring business This throws up the challenge to • Effectively managed and accurate
extract a “single and complete business information is a critical asset
clarity from complex version of the truth” with the and an agile platform to support

business operations
“speed and ease” required for
data critical decision making. • Knowledge is power in any business
This is nowhere more evident strategy!

than in Customer Management.

Download the solution overview now
Capgemini Telco Analytics
The Capgemini Business
Analytics for Telco solution is
designed to fill this gap and
provide the business with
integrated clear and accessible
information from across the
data landscape.

The key to the solution is the

Capgemini Business Analytics
for Telco Data Model which
forms an abstraction layer that
sits above, and can leverage,
existing investments in Data
Warehousing platforms. The
solution includes a repository
of best-practice Telco Key
Performance Indicators (KPIs),
set within a defined framework.

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

Figure: Business Analytics for Telecommunications

Source: Capgemini TME Strategy Lab Analysis

Extending our Business

Analytics for Telcos portfolio,
and for those who request an
SAP-based solution, we can also
offer Customer Analysis &
Retention for
Telecommunication (CART).
See the video (right) or contact
us for more information.

Testing and Quality Assurance for Telcos

Performance Driven. Quality Assured.

Telcos increasingly are required to Our experience is leading-edge

deliver innovative, reliable new in every sphere of software,
services and products to attract business process, applications,
and keep customers, including a interface and systems testing.
range of mobile applications. To Enhanced by our partnerships
do so quickly and with confidence and alliances with the major
they need a robust and dynamic technology companies, we
testing approach. Capgemini and bring specialist expertise
wholly-owned subsidiary Sogeti whether a legacy or emergent
can reduce time to market and technology environment.
total cost of ownership, as well as
improve quality, through end-to- Our service portfolio
end testing of core telco systems includes:
and specialist mobile application n End-to-end testing of telco
& device testing. A Telco Center core systems – Operations
of Excellence, Mobile Application and Business Support Systems
Test Labs and Managed Testing (OSS/BSS) test frameworks;
Service combine with telco testing n Mobile application and device
professionals to provide a flexible testing;
and robust service offering for n High tech, network and
structured and fast testing. embedded systems testing.

Our spectrum of testing MWC delegates will be interested in

services this service offering because:

Testing every aspect of the

telco business from the most • The App Planet agenda suggests
advanced technology mobile app players consider a reliable
service infrastructure
development environments to
the baseline business processes • Testing underpins any safe and
requires a wide range of skills effective transformation

and expertise, all of which

Capgemini Group leverages.
View case studies and download the
Industry analyst NelsonHall solution overview now
noted that the Capgemini
Group’s testing portfolio
was “probably the most
comprehensive offering of
the market”.

Figure: Managed Testing Services (MTS) wheel

“The [testing]
company most
oriented towards
domain knowledge ”
NelsonHall: Software
Testing Assessment and
Forecast April 2010

Communications Transformation
A significant head start for your telco transformation

The signs that a communications developed a Communications

“Utilizing company needs a business
transformation – an uncompetitive
Transformation Platform (CTP),
an integrated set of systems and
Capgemini’s platform cost structure, high customer business processes that gives a
churn rates, an inability to launch communications company the
as a starting point new products or services quickly – power to change the way it
works, so that the enterprise
provides tremendous are common enough. But until
can become something
now, the effort required to alter
advantage over the company’s operations different, something new,
fundamentally was fraught with something better.
starting from scratch. risk; transformation projects
Delivered through tended to be both costly and time MWC delegates will be interested in
consuming, with little or no this service offering because:

dedicated centers of assurance of success. As a result,

companies in the industry took a • The modular approach of CTP (see
excellence, we “wait and see” stance. The Figure) creates enormous flexibility for
clients requiring integration of legacy
have created and business case to change simply solutions into the target framework
wasn’t compelling enough – until
continue to build now. • CTP includes three already
proven elements: 1) “best of breed”
pre-packaged Doing nothing is no longer
packaged systems (for optimal
functionality), 2) documented

reusable solutions. an option “best practice” processes, and 3)

Today doing nothing is no the “glue” to integrate both into a

So, whatever your longer an option. Established

single, comprehensive solution that
transforms how work gets done, from
carriers have started to lose A to Z.
stated aim, this market share to newer entrants
Click here for more information
robust platform will that have lower cost structures
and newer technologies. For
support you toward companies large and small,
being nimble is increasingly the
your end goal – prerequisite for staying
faster, with less risk profitable.

and a greater return A significant head start to

on investment ” your IT & Systems
To help communications
companies achieve this much-
needed agility, Capgemini has

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

Figure: Deployment Options: CTP can be Implemented with a High Degree of Flexibility

Source: Capgemini

IT Renewal

Mastering Business Transformation

The telecom industry has Any IT transformation is a

witnessed major changes in the business transformation
business environment in the last before an IT system
decade. Operators face increased change
competition and regulation Almost systematically IT
pressure, new services needs and transformations are initiated
tight cost management. They need within CIO or CFO offices.
to focus on n-play service bundles, However, IT transformation
improvement of customer objectives are generally
experience and TTM reduction. divergent in terms of delivery
Subsequently, the growing priorities and planning from
requirements on their operations short/mid-term sales and
and IT infrastructure force the marketing objectives. Also, the
operators to launch major renewal solution must serve business
transformation programs objectives and be used (more
leveraging the now consolidated and more) by customers and
package solutions. In order to partners in addition to internal
reach TCO targets, this involves a business and IT operations.
shift towards standardized Business transformation KPIs
processes. must drive the transformation
and be closely aligned with all
stakeholders in order to deliver
business value.

Ensuring success
68% of transformations are
challenged or do not deliver
planned benefits. Capgemini
Consulting believes Business
and IT must be synchronized
from design to migration in
order to offer full scope for
transformation delivery and
value such as TCO and TTM
targets. From the first weeks of
the program, CxOs must share
vision together with a
progressive people’s change
focus, essential to obtain full

Figure: Our Business Transformation Framework

Source: Capgemini Consulting TME Belgium

“The maturity
commitment and mobilization. Our service portfolio includes:
In addition, a clear and timely Transformation strategy

arbitration process up to CxO and design

level involving business, IT and Transformation scoping and
n of standards and
integration/solution partners RFP process management
Business architecture and
must safeguard business case n

delivery and transformation process reengineering of end-to-end off

principles. Finally, business Transformation readiness

continuity should be assured by assessment the shelf solutions

synchronised business-as-usual Business and IT
provides the

evolution. simplification, e.g. catalogue

pruning ground for new
Our service portfolio Business change management

Capgemini Consulting has office implementation

Customer experience
repeatedly used its Business

improvement approaches
Transformation Framework to
ensure transformation success
for its clients.

About Us

Capgemini is no stranger to transformation in the

mobile industry. We have worked with telecom,
media & entertainment clients for over 40 years. Our
track record permits us the authority to comment on
the industry evolution. Our experience allows us to
also suggest solutions to those on the journey.
Who We Are

Global Telecom, Media & Entertainment Sector

Telecom, Media & n Acknowledged industry leader

Entertainment (TME) is a with more than a forty-year
global sector organization track record of delivering
of Capgemini, dedicated to benefits to 300+ clients
helping the telecommuni- worldwide including fixed,
cations, media, and mobile, Internet Service
entertainment industries Provider, cable, broadcast,
achieve strategic goals and publishing, and entertainment
world-class results. organizations
By combining technical n Global network of strategy
expertise and insight with a labs and innovation teams,
passion for innovation, TME producing an ongoing
delivers true value to clients program of thought
worldwide. We leverage expert leadership materials such as
industry knowledge, our core white papers, and technology
proofs of concept
consulting, architecture and
n Key protagonist in an
systems integration skills, and
ecosystem of strategic and
strong alliances to help our
innovative technology
clients maximize assets, unleash
alliances, enjoying strong
growth, and transform to
links with leading academics
succeed. and industry analysts
n Harnessing Capgemini’s
To help you achieve Global Service Line initiatives
strategic goals and world- to bring TME players
class results: experience and reassurance
for large and cross-country
n A dedicated team of around projects in critical areas such
8,000 business and as Business Information
management consultants, Management and Testing.
program managers, and
systems integrators based * Capgemini relies on its global delivery model
called Rightshore®, which aims to get the right
around the globe. The sector balance of the best talent from multiple
includes onshore and offshore locations, working as one team to create and
centers of excellence and IT deliver the optimum solution for clients.

factories concentrating best

practice for leading software
and business processes as part
of Capgemini’s Rightshore®

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

What We Do

A suite of solutions for the Telecom, Media & Entertainment Industry

Figure: TME Capability & Offering Framework

Source: Capgemini

Capgemini has developed a modular transformation with

suite of solutions tailored to the us. Results are guaranteed
Telecom, Media & through our Collaborative
Entertainment industries. Business Experience™ and
These solutions combine a measured to be on target and
broad range of industry-specific above customer expectation
capabilities and the Group’s (OTACE). This capability and
foundation services. These offering is illustrated in our
assets include those such as TME Service Framework
consulting services, Application (see figure). The framework
Lifecycle Services (ALS) and centers on communications and
testing. content transformation and is
Our services are designed to be characterized by our CTP,
the right solution for many DCS** and innovation
different client scenarios. This offerings.
means that TME players may
** CTP: Communications Transformation
consider major, evolutionary or Platform, DCS: Digital Content Services.

TME Experience

Spanning key players, market segment and geography

“Working with
capgemini was a “
The work that has
been carried out by
Capgemini has givin the
trully colloborative
SABC new impetus and


Rabo Mobiel
CEO Head of Strategy and Risk

“By working with

Capgemini to implement
we have been able
“ hen putting strategy
and plans together
Capgemini’s concern
to achieve a state-of-
was always to keep
the-art subscription
it real and make sure
management system
that it can actually
in just six months. We
be implemented and
have also minimised the

upfront funding required
and we are confident of
seeing a positive return Telefónica O2 Czech Republic
on our investments
in months rather than


Paul Cheesbrought
Chief Information Officer, TMG “
The joint post-merger
project team of Invitel
and Capgemini not only
overachieved on the
initial synergy estimates
but also mastered
“Capgemini’s project team
integrated seamlessly
the exciting merger
integration process in

with ours...

record time.
Deputy COO
SFR MVNE CEO, President

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

We work with 8 of the
top 10 world’s biggest
telecom network

 anked 2nd in Online
Care and Self-Service
domain in Western
operators Europe.

Gartner 2010

“ ell C has made


tremendous progress  anked 4th in
over the past 18 months provisioning and

and Capgemini have activation worldwide.
been true partners
in helping us on this Gartner 2010


Cell C

 anked 3rd in Customer
Billing Management in
Western Europe.

By maintaining a
continuous heartbead,
Capgemini ensured that
Gartner 2010

this complex project

with many stakeholders
delivered its results in

In Leader Quadrant for
ERP Service Providers

in North America and
Marketing Manager Corporate
Vodafone Neitherlands

Gartner 2010

“We are really satisfied.

Sales & Marketing Director

Telia Mobility

Contact Us

Greg Jacobsen Eraldo Federici Jean-Marc Steffann

Global Sector Leader, TME TME Italy Lead TME France Lead
Based in North America Based in Italy Based in France
+1 720 261 9600 +39 335 7516906 +33 149 005 706

Juan Saca Pierre Blanchard Pierpaolo Gigliotti

VP, TME VP Strategic Deals, TME Vodafone Global Account Executive
Based in North America Based in France Based in Italy
+1 404 353 2469 +33 671 710 326 +39 348 158 0124

Pierre Marin Ravi Kumar Vadaga Reji Cherian

VP for New Offerings & Alliances, Telecom BIM Lead TME India Lead
TME - Based in France Based in India Based in India
+33 677 058 885 +91 9742259605 +91 973 999 1501

Seshadri Rangarajan
TME Delivery Director
Based in India
+91 973 909 9856

Telecom, Media & Entertainment the way we do it

Meet Us

Whilst attending the 2011

Congress in Barcelona, the TME
team will be hosting briefings
and a cocktail reception at the
nearby AC Vilamari Hotel. The
AC Vilamari is just a five
minute walk from Fira de

You are welcome to join us in

these relaxed surroundings to
discuss any of the topics that
are in this e-book or indeed AC VILAMARI
that piqued your interest at the Vilamarí, 34-36 08015,
Congress itself. Barcelona T. +34 932 890 909  
To arrange a briefing please
contact: 1117-AC_VILAMARI.html

Bobby Ngai
Global TME Marketing Lead
Mobile: +44 789 115 2828

­­ About Capgemini

Capgemini, one of the the right balance of the best talent from
world’s foremost providers multiple locations, working as one team
of consulting, technology and outsourc- to create and deliver the optimum
ing services, enables its clients to trans- solution for clients.
form and perform through technologies. Present in more than 35 countries,
Capgemini provides its clients with Capgemini reported 2009 global
insights and capabilities that boost their revenues of EUR 8.4 billion and employs
freedom to achieve superior results over 100,000 people worldwide.
through a unique way of working, the More information is available at
Collaborative Business ExperienceTM. The
Group relies on its global delivery model
called Rightshore®, which aims to get Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini


Capgemini UK
40 Holborn Viaduct
London, EC1N 2PB
Tel: +44 20 7936 3800

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Argentina India Sweden

Manuela Pedraza 1545 Piroshanagar, Vikhroli Gustavlundsvägen 131
C1429CBA SEP2 B3 Godrej Industries Complex PO Box 825
Buenos Aires 400 079 Mumbai 161 24 Bromma
Tel: +5411 4735 8000 Tel: +91(22) 5555 7000 Tel: +46 8 5368 5000

Australia Italy Switzerland

Level 777 Via M. Nizzoli, 6 Rue du Rhône 65
King Street 20147 Milano 1204 Geneva
Sydney NSW 2000 Tel: +39 02 41493 1 Tel: +41 22 879 16 50
Tel: +61 2 9293 4000
Mexico United Kingdom
Belgium Av. Guillermo González # 1600 – 3er. Piso 40 Holborn Viaduct
Bessenveldstraat 19 Col. Centro Ciudad Santa Fe London, EC1N 2PB
B-1831 Diegem C.P. 01210 México, D.F. Tel: +44 20 7936 3800
Tel: +32 2 708 1111 Tel: +5255 8503 2400
United States
Brazil Middle East 623 Fifth Avenue
Av. Francisco Matarazzo P.O. Box 502 420 33rd Floor
1500 – torre New York – 18º A Dubai 10022 New York
Bairro – Água Branca UAE Tel: +1 212 314 8000
São Paulo Tel: +971 50 884 77 64
05001-100– SP – Brazil
Tel: +5511 3525 0100 Netherlands
Papendorpseweg 100
China 3528 BJ Utrecht
Unit 1101-04, Azia Center Postbus 2575
1233 Lu Jia Zui Ring Road 3500 GN Utrecht
Shanghai 200120 Tel: +31 30 689 0000
Tel: +862 161 053 888
Denmark Hoffs veien 1D,
Delta Park 40 0275 Oslo
DK-2665 Vallensbaek Strand Tel: +47 24 12 80 00
Tel: +45 70 11 22 00
Finland Piekna 18
Niittymäentie 9 00-549 Warsaw
02200 Espoo Tel: +48 (22) 464 7000
Tel: +358 (9) 452 651
France Edifício Torre de Monsanto
Tour Europlaza Lugar de Romeiras
20 ave. André Prothin Miraflores
92927 La Défense Cedex 1495-046 Algés
Tel: +33 (0)1 49 00 40 00 Tel: +351 21 412 22 00

Germany Spain
Hamborner Strasse 55 Edificio Cedro
D-40472 Düsseldorf Calle Anabel Segura, 14
Tel: +49 (0) 211 470 680 28100 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 675 7000