A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. Ltd.

Housing is one of the big and fast growing parts of the construction industry and hence doors for residential and industrial applications including factories, shop floor offices, cold storage etc are a viable and a fast growing market segment. Futura doors is one of the leading doors manufacturing company and has its headquarters at Pune in the State of Maharashtra. Futura has achieved widespread acclaim for their products and services to the clients. The preferred status is a result of.... • • • • State-of-the-art manufacturing unit Highly educated team of professionals Premium quality of raw materials Extensive research

This report aims to promote the products of Futura Doors among new customers (builders and developers) in the three cities of Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore and to assess their satisfaction with the current supplier.

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Page 2 . Objectives & Scope • To promote the products of Futura Doors among new customers (builders and developers) in the three cities of Pune. • To find out the different sorts of problems being faced by the customers.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. Mumbai and Bangalore • To assess their satisfaction with the services provided by their present suppliers of door products. Ltd.

Page 3 . importing and supplying stylish wooden doors and interior doors made of high quality materials. The Directors of the company Mr. This provides to them an advantage over their competitors. Theoretical Prospective Futura doors. development. hostels commercial complexes and residential projects. Under their able leadership they have been able to firmly entrench themselves in the market in a relatively short period of time. Haren Bhayani & Mr. The company also has a well equipped lab for research. These doors find multifarious uses in all kinds of buildings like hospitals. The machines used in the manufacturing process are mostly procured from foreign countries. Assembled doors are preferred because they cut down on the construction time and they have been able to tap this need to provide world class doors. Hemal Bhayani have spearheaded the growth of the organization and brought it recognition and approval from clients all around the world. They have acquired a specialization in making fiber glass re-enforced plastic doors and door frames. Futura doors also have its own Research and Development department which conducts various researches for the enhancement of doors. established in the year 2000. These help in developing various innovative designs that help in increasing the sales. has been manufacturing. exporting. colleges. Ltd. innovation etc. hotels.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. schools. industrial structures.

Affordable Price v. Different methodology was used in the study during the course of investigation. Discount vi.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. iii. Attractive product features ii. Customized products. 3) Direct interview 4) Discussion through personal interaction. interview. METHODOLOGY AND PROCEDURE OF WORK Research methodology has multiple dimensions. Guarantee period vii. and analysis of data. After sales service Page 4 . e-mail and telephone 5) SWOT analysis ➢ Hypothesis Futura doors products are a big hit in Pune and its nearby cities like Mumbai and Bangalore because of the following Hypothesis: i. Better quality assurance iv. Ltd. It is a way to systematically solve the various research problems scientifically. which are as follows:1) Direct observation 2) A structured procedure for interview schedule on the basis of objectives.

conceptualize and define the problem.Free transportation to the sites. viii. Are they satisfied? . Ltd. specific objectives are set to provide the base for enquiry. Bangalore and Mumbai.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. What is their actual need? Up to which extent they are satisfied? What is their expectation from Futura Doors Products. etc? 2) Design of the Study In this research design the dependent variable is known and we have to find out the independent variable. Problems that are being identified may be of any type but should be in terms of our broad and specific objective. Accordingly. Problems such as. 3) Preparation of Interview Schedule A structured schedule in English was developed in order to collect desirable information pertaining to the objective of the study. I had used interview and observation techniques to verify the independent variable and their relationship with dependent variable. ➢ Location of Study The study was carried out in Pune. The focus was on the housing builders and developers. Page 5 . ➢ A detailed description has been presented under the following headings • • • • • Selection of problem / identification of problem Design of study Preparation of interview schedule Sample and sampling technique used in the study Data collection procedure and statistical method used in the study 1) Identification of Problem The important aspect of research is to identify. The study is as per the set objectives and has some limitations.

The interviewee should be the builders and developers or the purchasing units of the company. It is extremely important to ask the right questions to get the relevant information’s that serve the purpose.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. Page 6 . • DATA ANALYSIS First of all the data collected from the respondents was manually processed. ii. The questionnaire was prepared keeping in views the following factors: i. 4) Sampling Techniques ➢ Selection of Respondents Samples were selected by simple random procedure. The following factors were kept in mind while conducting the survey: i. The primary data was collected through questionnaire survey. ii. 5) Data Collection After the structured schedule for the respondents had been developed. A sample size of 190 was taken. Then the secondary analysis was done using SPSS data analysis tool. It induces the respondents to co-operate and to answer. Ltd. During the data collection both Hindi and English version of interview schedule was used. the survey was done mostly through telephone followed by email and personal visit. The factors that affects the buying pattern of door products.

Ltd. iii. The design of the questionnaire should be suitable both for the respondents as well for the interviewer.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. Research design Types of study Exploratory Research Sources of data Primary and Secondary Data collection mode Questionnaire Method Target respondent Sampling method Builders and Developer Simple Random Page 7 .

iv. vii. Frequency distribution test: to know whether the customers are satisfied with their current supplier. Ltd. Frequency distribution test: to find out the source of purchase. Frequency distribution test: to find out what are such problems related to doors. iii. ii. vi.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. Frequency distribution test: to find out the type of door that is being used in current time. v. Data entry is done with the help of SPSS. Correlation test: to test the level of satisfaction among the customers. Factors that influence the buying pattern of door products are: • • • • • • • • • Customer service: support and after sales service Relationship with selling team Range of products offered by the company Durability and quality Design Price Delivery schedule Warranty Payment terms(credit terms) SPSS data analysis tool is used for the analysis of all the collected data. The frequency distribution test and correlation for meeting the objectives: i. Frequency distribution test: to find out the mode of getting the doors. Frequency distribution test: to find out whether the customers are facing any sort of problems on doors shutters or not. Independent variables taken: Page 8 .

ii. so will have to work to go beyond it. During the training. Weakness : i. It is the first to introduce eco-friendly doors in the market. iii. iv. The prices of its products are also considered to be the cheapest in the market as far as other such products are concerned.T. Future Doors Pvt Ltd.O. Customer or client’s satisfaction is the primary motto of Futura Doors Pvt Ltd. Page 9 . ANALYSIS • Strength : i. • • • • • After sales service Design Price Delivery schedule Payment terms S. Its faster and guaranteed service is its major strength. Bangalore and Mumbai region. ii. which is also giving it’s a fast moving advantage.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. iv.W. iii. so it should focus upon the new clients also . Company’s business is mostly centralized in the Pune . is very proud of its process of production and technology for production. it was found that the company lacks in promotional strategies and advertisements. Also the focus of the company is to satisfy the requirements of its present clients. Time lag between order and delivery. Ltd. • v.

A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. They need to target the potential market and prove their existence. • Opportunities : i. The company needs to be very careful regarding the pricing of its products because there are many small manufacturing company who can cause harm to the market share of the company. Other companies are coming up with several alternatives and varieties. iii. Cheaper products available in markets. Most of the Indian companies simply are not able to compete on account of lower penetration into the market. Market is very volatile. ii. Threats : Even a slight dissatisfaction among the clients may cause a shift of the customers from Futura Doors Pvt ltd to its main competitor Shreeji doors. Indian doors are standardized as well as lower in cost as compared to the foreign products. Findings Page 10 . v. ii. The market for door products in India is sizeable and but its world market share is still negligible. • i. This sector is growing rapidly. iv. iii. So there’s an open market available for the Indian companies to prove themselves. Ltd.

i. The most frequently mentioned problem was of door bends. Many customers were not satisfied with the door products that they were using due to the problems that they were having with them. vi. Ltd.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. Doors are mainly being purchased directly from the manufacturers. The market trend is that of maximum usage of main-doors followed by bathroom and terrace doors. iii. The common problems noticed with the door shutters are bends. This implies an increase in demand for such door products in the market. delaminations and termite problem. v. Customers do not prefer to buy door or door products from dealers or distributors. borer. iv. If an option is made available to them. ii. Page 11 . discounts and the quality or standards of the door products were the main reasons for the customers’ dissatisfaction. Pricing. Customers now prefer to purchase readymade doors from the market instead of manufacturing them at the sites. they may switch over to another supplier for those products. Bedroom doors are the least preferred.

v. assured after sales service and extended guarantee period. Through its promotional strategies the company needs to communicate to the customers the advantages of its products over those of its competitors. borer. This gives the company a great opportunity to win over such customers by providing them advantages like discount schemes. Ltd. iv. delamination and termites if they opt for its products. iii. Page 12 . From the analysis we found that the many customers are not satisfied with their current suppliers of door and door product. Recommendations i.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. More promotion of the sales is required to make the customers aware about the company’s door and door products because customers prefer to purchase the doors from the market. The company should focus more on the varieties of the main-doors (in terms of thickness and quality). Customers are facing many problems in door and door shutters. They should be assured that the company primarily focuses on supply of better quality and standard door products. The company needs to assure the customers that they will not face any problems like bends. better payment terms. From the trend in the market it can be inferred that there is an opportunity to sell by offering the customers whatever they want. ii.

At times desirable feedback was not available. vii. There was also a time and schedule constraint. Language Page 13 . Limitations i. Some respondents did not answer freely. There were some restrictions regarding the framing of questionnaire was a constraint. v. Ltd. vi. Sample selection was made on the basis of a specific class of builders and developers. iii.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. ii. Data was mainly collected from the secondary sources and that may have some errors. iv. Small sample size. viii.

Conclusions i. iv. There is a large untapped market for these products which is yet to be recognized and discovered. Demand for the door and door. People are more concerned with getting standardized and customized products. On-time delivery is a major driving force in this sector.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. ii. people are willing to compromise with the price if they get good quality and standard products.products is increasing rapidly because of the rapid growth in the real estate sector. iii. v. Page 14 . Although price is a major issue. Ltd.

com Page 15 . References Authored Book : • Marketing Research by G.com www.Beri.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt.google. Ltd.futuradoors. the McGraw Hill Companies • Marketing Management by Phillip Kotler Websites : • • www.C.

WC bath & Terrace Door. Bedroom Door III.: 1. Main Door II. Are you purchasing the doors from market or manufacturing it on the sites itself? Purchasing Manufacturing 2.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. Ltd. Dealer Page 16 . 1. of Current Running Sites: No. Annexures Questionnaire Name: Office Address: No. of Proposed Sites: Name of the Purchase Manager/Decision taker: Phone No. If purchasing then what is your source? I. Which kind of doors are you using in current time? I.

II.A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt. Are you getting proper services from your current supplier? Yes No 2. Ltd. Others __________________________________ 1. Are you facing any kind of problems on your door shutters? Yes No 2. Borer V. Termites III. I. Manufacturing unit 1. Bends IV. How satisfied are you with your current supplier? Satisfied No answer Dissatisfied 3. Any valuable suggestion from your side: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ Page 17 . If yes then please mention the problems. Delaminations II.

Ltd. Page 18 .A Project Report on Promotion of Futura Doors Product Pvt.

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