Tearing Apart ´The Greatest Nature Essay Everµ Who knew the greatest nature essay would be comprised

of less than 15 sentences. Truth is that every time you sit down to read an essay, article, or a story there is always a particular way in which you believe the piece is going to read. A particular format in which you feel it will follow. Well, Brian Doyle crushes all pretenses in his essay. His writing style is so different from all other essays I have ever read. He really is able to push his readers way out of the box in order to get his real view across. It is not often that authors stray from the norm in order to get their views across so it was nice to read a piece written in this different flavor. Though the structure of this essay original, it still works. Many would say that in order to truly get your point across in a proper essay you must write a minimum of 5 paragraphs, use proper grammar, have at least 6-10 sentences in each paragraph...blah blah blah, the list goes on. But this just shows that the norm is not always the way. Though this essay is not written in the normal verse, it actually believe it or not turns out to be a very great essay about nature. Here are my thoughts as they come to me, enjoy the essay through my eyes. 1. This title, ´The Greatest Nature Essay Everµ is a pretty big statement. It must be pretty good in order for it to be in a book. I wondered what interesting part of Nature this would be about. It can be a pretty good thing to label your work like this, but in the long run, shit is still shit even if it·s a different name so it better be pretty good. 2. It is evident right away when the essay begins with an ellipse that you know you are not just reading the normal essay. For the time being my confidence starts to go down that I am going to be reading a great essay. I have never seen something started in this way.

3. Why is it that he includes this info about putting down the mail and so on? It kinda is extra info that though adds detail is a bit of a ramble. 4. The overall informal use of the author·s diction in this first paragraph really helps to connect any reader as often times very formal forms of literature seem to shut people off. Especially when they tell the readers what they are writing about. This tone of informality really works for me because he writes as I do and he allows you to sorta figure things out on your own. He makes it so the essay can play on everyone·s traits and not play on only the things he wants to. 5. As a whole the entire introduction aka world·s longest run-on surprisingly works well. Though it is only one sentence, the combination of tone, description and format really help to set up what the rest of the essay is going to be like. By the time you finish reading this you know at least two things a. The author definitely does not write in the ´normal formalµ accepted style. It is not going to be the typical nature essay I am used to. b. The author uses great authority in order to write in this way. He must know what he is talking about in order to write in this way. Because as I am actually thinking about what a true ´natureµ essay would be like he is pretty spot on as for the reactions and emotions that occur during the essay. 6. The way in which the second paragraph rambles on and the thought process of the author through his random descriptions really helps to keep me engaged. I found myself trying to follow his thoughts and at the same time trying to relate to nature essays that I have read. And he is spot on in his descriptions of how they normally go.

7. It is nice to read a piece in which the author uses words like nutty, and uses phrases that I as well as other average people say. It helps to relate me more to him and the piece. 8. Very very good imagery here. Though the author uses an informal tone, his description/conversation with the ready here really asserts the idea that he still knows exactly what he is talking about and is not just bull shitting. 9. Why don·t we ever really talk about things as moving as this, I know I have felt like this prior and have never said anything. 10. I kind of wish that the author wrote three more paragraphs about the inky alps. I think this writing style is very intriguing. 11. I don·t know what to call this. Possibly onomatopoeia. But it really works and it is really true. It is half literal example here and half description but still a whole. 12. Again very literal here. He is not dancing around, that·s probably why he is able to keep this essay as short as it is. It is so true as well. The way in which he is able to pinpoint exactly what happens in essays is really spot on. This is helpful because I am now able to take this information and apply it to future essays. 13. It is nice to have the author writing in a way that makes it seem this essay was written for its sole purpose being me reading it. His diction and conversation like phrasing leads me to believe this. Nice touch. 14. This statement is so true how an author of an essay get back on track after rambling about something for a while. 15. The infamous use of meaningless rhetorical questions, I don·t know of an essay in which I haven·t used them.

16. ´Finallyµ I wish there were more. I am really starting to like this writing style. 17. This is the first time humor is actually ´called outµ. But I feel that this whole piece has a subtle touch of humor throughout it. When I first read it for one, I laughed at the very first intro. I thought to myself why would this even be in a book. Is this a joke that Nell is making us read it? But nah, it is actually really spot on and it is done in a partially humorous way that really works. 18. Great imagery here. 19. I like his description here, ´a shot of espresso hopeµ. I feel like every conclusion has one. It is the killer punch line that you want to leave your readers inspired with. 20. Sounds like this guy would be right at home in UVM. 21. I feel it should be noted here that this last paragraph, usually the shortest in most essays, is in fact not only the longest one in this piece, but also the only one that has more than 3 complete sentences. To conclude this is kinda a hard task. I have said a lot and most of it can be followed pretty clearly. I don·t think I should really recap on my points as is normally done because they are so plain. But I will say that though this is not what I am used to reading, it really did work. The way in which Brian Doyle wrote an essay about how to write an essay was really good and I would love to someday be able to write like he did. He was able to show through a literal example of what a great nature essay would be and his piece actually turned into an actual great nature essay.

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