Eduar Betancur Anaya C.C:1102845954 A. Instructions: Match the vocabulary words to the sentences below. a. teacher b. artists c.

engineer d. chef e. taxi driver f. country g. architect h. banker i. job j. doctor 1. You don't feel well? Go and see a/n doctor 2. Paul is in a car for many hours every day. He is a/n taxi driver 3. My father is happy. He likes his job as a taxi driver. 4. Leonardo da Vinci and Katsushika Hokusai are the names of two famous artists 5. A/n banker can help you with your money. 6. Do you like good food? A/n chef can make delicious food. 7. Irena is from Russia. It's a big country 8. This is a famous building. A/n architect designed the building. 9. Do you need a new road? Or a new electrical system? Call a/n engineer!

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

____ 10. This is my English class. And this is my teacher Mr. Barkley. B. Short Answer Instructions: Follow the instructions. Write two one or two sentences on every line. 11. Greet your friend Rita.

My name is eduar. . Im tall and slim. he is my best friend. I¶m 19 years old. How are you doing? 16. how are you? 12. intelligent and outgoing. I¶m from Sincelejo. this is my brother Felipe 13. Introduce your brother. Hi. Introduce yourself. It is nice to meet you 14.Hello Rita. He is kind. 15. Hi Maria. Describe a friend. my name is Eduar. This is Mike. Hello teacher. Greet your teacher. Describe yourself.

. it is nice to meet you too C: Where are you from? A: I m from New York. Alex and Camilo are meeting for the first time they are classmates. a / London / is / big / country Is London a big city? 20.Instructions: Put the words in the correct order to make a question. it is nice to meet you. Write a conversation between these two people. Instructions: Read the instructions. What s your name? C: My name is Camilo. A: Ok. how are you? A: Fine. hot / a / Egypt / is / country Is Egypt a hot country? 18. is / Mexico / dry / a / country Is Mexico a dry country? D. 21. A: Hello C: Hello. A: I m Alex. and you? C: I m from Miami. 17. thanks. Let s go to class. South Korea / a / is / country / small Is South Korea a small country? 19.

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