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the root of twinkle [ An ald to enjoying the changing sky) ANGEL'S’ Kiss ww. FOR YOUNG AMERICA Hello! 1's been a year of New York since last time, and it’s summer in Mystic again. After one of like, “the best years (60 fat) of my life,” Root sprouts. ‘What's my summertime been like? Lots of work, thunderstorms, clams with belles, bonfires, swimming ‘with moon jellies and seaweed, sitting in my room playing guitar, writing letters, and popping blue and pink pills. For the third summer in a row I got sick and realized how much better itis to be sick when it’s cold coutside. [also decided I don’t think T could ever live far from the ocean, When | asked Caleb how his summer ‘was going, he said, “It's just sweaty and lonely and full ‘of fudgecicles.” Yeah, that too, Caleb drove an ice cream truck this summer: he dida't write about tht specifically, but of course be ‘wrapped up a sweet creamy treat for Root, I worked as a delivery girl for Pizza Hut and did write about that, although I guess it's not really about Pizza Hut at all, with its jukebox endlessly repeating Journey, Billy Joel, The Lion King soundtrack and Foreigner. andits southem boys telling me it's in my blood to know how 10 wash dishes ‘Other than Caleb and I, lots of kids wrote stuf for Root this summer, now in its fifth year of semi- existence: Mystic kids, New York kids, a Pittsburgh kid, a Louisville kid, anda temporarily Balimore- if you Be send $2 fer stranded kid. ‘There are soundtracks, essays, stoties, can't Ot PRT this or « Iullabies, and an “interview” pour vous Pind another ‘Let's see, what else has been happening around Eee ee town and alittle out? 1. Caleb and I had an amazing day ster, cale and night getting lost and drunk in Boston, mocking all mike ayeelston, tho clean-cut kids, eating sweet pastel Thai food,and | sherkey, casey eye, cleles | geting depressed wachin te fazed Wil atthe : l y rich Prefas, rae they | Parise. 2Jen Wolo stow at Mine's ov fu) ting ide gts meapandinyoow. Aci, | |qnman, amy Kellner, joel bun, Emporium Gallery was erazy bureaus of color, wombs, bora 3 Tie ekstreme |S te : pear on so Ren denis wh je leh ram coy, rea ote mec ee wae et ge eee ee as iw, ben pec, aleriy Henge foci cou leh ee re ee Es specs oe oe : 1 Slane ; bles ex, tur"O4 Sit psec esi oa? Tl in : ieee Tee iy ak tered ‘Anyway, school and New York are coming up jewwif olcin. fast, the ful moon's past, and T've got trains and buses J pect pig [eo “iy Arewes: toeate, [miss New York and my Bamard gis! Take neon a Sed cuitek : care, and try all you can to free the poor crabs caught in pe hi plastic buckets atthe beach, or something. Cut and w rite care of eva peck. eeu box 882 paste lives! meintesh, 3001 broadway nyc, ny 10027. home: 10 new london rd mystic, et. 06355x |( of the cover:will oldhee , julie delpy, resalind krauss, xassino troisi wayne wan, sparky (big peep), read foxx nicole cisenmen fyodor doestoyevsky, alice, ruby falls and cy trombly.x ery poor, by cafeb have lost myself in the flowing repetition of Modern Living. Childhood Under Reagan taught ‘me to treat each glowing technological gift from above with a sappy smile. As nation, we blindly stumble into tees and garden tools; anything genuine from our lives has been subdivided, but I will happily hang on to this final neon rope. People move in perfect pattems, leaving me to bea machine which faces another day of cyclical anomalies and smiles, unable to relate to rational reality. There is a complete beauty in the mundane and arguably a higher artform. Why is it impossible to capture the intensity of such simple transactions? Faces and situations are retained for a minute and then discarded without considering any underlying patterns. ‘All T want to become isa perfect citizen: a corporate ‘human who lives happily among these capitol names that have become my friends and neighbors. Everyone ‘you have never met evolves into a perfect community fof strangers. Contact is limited to a glance; an endless river of plastic becomes rapid images fusing {nto a common unity Everyone [ know lives life gripping tighily to the edges of a stecring wheel. We can be passively amused atthe words thrown past, and pretend to be concerned about Issues of Great Importance and their resolution which may Save Us All. What is remarkable to me is not the information we swim in Dut our reactions and lack of emotion. There ae brief ‘moments of total lucidity, but they arrive post parcel ‘under the plow of stretlights in Foggy parking lots, ‘Art becomes life but stops short of salvation, Step out of your car and press your check against the hhood’s warm metallic edge. Slowly whisper a warm. reality, and become human for a moment. Walk up to the old lady in the rusty Dodge Aries in froat of you, ‘ell her she has left her right blinker on. ‘There is imminent collapse beneath—the tunderclass~-but most of the nation believes that by floating through a day, picking up HoHos and DietRite Chocolate Soda, anarchy will be avoided. ‘There has not yet been anything to contradict this faith in celluloid imagery. [ grew up watching spacecraft explode and collecting toxic adhesive Kids. Now I have been reduced to almost going fetal from ssome kind of dread that comes over me in places of public commerce and transit. What if this empty bus is the afterlife? Tmove on, accepting cheap burlap-laced cubicles and vacant personnel as my friends because of ‘greasy handshakes in atime where genuine truth bas resorted to buying its own cable network, Tam not (1) ae CET ates COM eee drive cadillacs Ry HOWTO PLA bitter and cynical, but honest. There is perversion in enjoying this world this much; I give in to living ‘among the oceans of colors which extend their arms to ‘my battered sensibilities. I can only wander down abandoned commercial aisles having no choice but to accept their presence. ‘Value little moments which exist only in universal perspective. Buy cashews and watch little ants. Sit under a bridge, playing with broken green glass and sociological shrapnel, Summer evenings Bive blades of grass authority to weap around your toes, while the fabrics and textures of our daily routine, ones we try so hard to forget, fade into imelevanee. son volt and blue mountain, _Wiret i net cafe, 12 august You should know he obsesin by now: vaand Calc love Unde Tupelo. So the found ot fay Farr’ new band Son Vol Was playing in Providocs ad immediatly ba to goo they drove Sp with Ringo, ane ay Farr casts thang: wl he be stoned ooking and grumpy 8 tual” Wil be play some st) gua ek? Wil be make ws yea eave New Egan? ‘ive Mowmtain opened the show. They're from Oxon Misisppc andthe basis he sie ‘Phen Seat of Wice fame Is bd bt Kingo nd Eva commented onthe ee plumpres of her as. ‘Tey wee ally good anyway. ‘here's tha power tHe sound iat hemos ng of dns Around wi odin to do fxg ser DU and Than Linz and Robert fbmon. Amazing gitar boy Tad acute ound fae too Feeling bd ht hey picked ou the gi and ered ino et, King "Well Jay Farr {eon havea estas fat kid's mesed up hich begs usw Son Vole fay was bis ual se not tTtpoppe thn mal an he was efnely pce He waite monly rym positon because thew's 8 few boy td the solo Mike Heldorn fom te Cary da bck wth is swipe drum ki and {Sper gh The basi wan shy and sang ef “wen sbld puts on os oss Sl a Gone and Anodyne. They even played "Whiskey Botley" at which point Eve gave a promp., singing pote ocaehs tack “Te now sogs made Eva's heart jump to bet throat and svet rl down er Was and Cale could only tink ote neltcon sig in dontown Minnespiia hat eral ashes “Grain Bel Bee.” "The recor is coming son. Al es canot wal, ryed: “Hot Rod Monster Jam’ 1. The heat, at times, becomes almost unbearable. With this intense heat comes a feeling of dirtiness. Sweat leaves a film upon the body even when one is not undertaking any physical activity. When heat envelops sme, I wish that I had no flesh at all, no body. Every tmolcul soxms tobe baring. 2 The fetng of endless possibility returns, mostly due Amy: Is that a croissant? tothe lessened responibiites. Laws are meant to be Counter Guy: Yes! broken and thelr cafe sex rdcalous, Bu iis Amy.lriteaet iP fale. Guy: Yes! SS 3. In the spring and fall, the transom above our kitchen, door is opened to let the breezes in. In the summer the breezes dissipate and the transom is closed, rapping in the cool, artificial air. 44, The bugs return, The moths, bees, and mosquitoes hover with a death wish around the back porch light ‘When summer is over, someone will take off the glass surrounding the light and empty it. The dead bugs will have petified. 5, Atoms move faster. This movement creates heat, ‘The air is ight. There isa clarity tothe sound that the air carries, a sharpness. Every sound in summer becomes a form of music. 6. He wipes his brow with the bottle, Water has condensed on the glass, and it mixes with the sweat on his brow. He takes a deep breath, and raises the bottle 10 ” compiled by Anyk: two one-acts The Croissant: A One-Act Play Amy (exasperated): Stale? Guy (enthusiastic): Un-huh! Yes! Amy: Uh... : Guy: Ob, I thought you say something good. "> Amy: No, Guy: You sill want? ‘THE END ‘That's Serious Cock-Rock": A One-Act Play scene: Amy's room late at night~Amy sits at her desk, Jaleh sts in the chair adjacent to Amy's desk, and Eva sits somewhat slumped over on Amy's bed. Amy's stereo blasts guitar rock. his lips. 7. The night is marked with the lashing of lightning Eva: Hey Amy, did you just pick up that KISS record bugs. “eause we were just talking about Marcel Marceaux {sic}? 8, Matt and I got a ride tonight from Kevin. We rode in the back of his pickup truck, We didn’t want to be arrested, so we laid flat on our backs. The stars in the sky did not move as we moved. 1 followed the telephone ‘wires which ran parallel wo the sireet. The leaves on the trees came in and out, punctuated by the brightness of siret lights. Then we arrived at Matt’s and said “good night.” 9, Summer is the time for long drives in the country. ‘The windows should be rolled down, and the road must bbe scenic (no interstate highways). One should stop for ‘gasoline, Coca-Cola, cigarettes, and food. 10, In summer, it feels as if you are far away. Jaleh: Yeah, what's up with Gene Simmons being all Sevilish on that cover? A devil-mimet Eva: A devil with high heels! Amy: He's like “The Animal” from The Muppets: Saleh: What “Animal”? ‘Amy: The one on drums, Eva (laughing): She said “The Animal”! Jaleh: [t's just Animal, no “The™-it's his name! I's like saying “The KISS." Amy: Have you guys heard the album Powerslave by Tron Maiden? You gotta hear “Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” Regular FIN Flying Saucers? we ivi Ae: East Lillese, Gs tl aah LAs, He bikres anes Hest ee iene Fal i Sum sets, aver. (4 EAS rae a fe ys tt Yee ete. ! ae icak vest Caer eH ES et Fel ik . | feyleg. andi ey xg s0nthh 0 tle tal Sri over (exe |st, Hf HAnk Ths is. os dno sit nee i -pheromenon. me . tac iw trol ov by gale Hey folks, { want to give you a glimpse or two fof the famous, ubiquitous NYC artist, Rita Ackermann, Fier strange litle waify girls are scattered everywhere: on invites to clubs, underwear at Liquid Sky, the windows cof Max Fish bar on Ludlow Street and the New Museum ‘on Soho Broadway, as well as in magazines such as ‘Peep and Paper, and now even on Thurston Moore's album cover. T guess then you could call her a painter, although the term “painter” seems somehow too limiting for a lass with her mysterious images stamped onto underwear. At any rate, her work is characterized bya keen interest in waify fillies, fashionable fairies in ‘various poses, falling over one another, wounded and mocking, or holding lambs and kittens, staring out both sweetly and defiantly. ‘These girls seem generic in that Ackermann reproduces the same female figure, maybe in different poses with different hair or something, but never truly individualized, over and over again, as if constructing a type or a symbol. On the other hand, the figures melt into one another to create a very specific, unique image of gitls-that of a mysterious, wholly inaccessible world, a world sometimes nightmarish against flames, sometimes idyllic, holding baby animals or playing with dolphins. By placing her figures in both contexts, ‘Ackermann pushes forth a sense of modern life and urban ‘chaos, such as in works like “Speed” which evoke a sense of the pastoral~all those lambs! Going back tothe notion of Ackermann's ‘obsession with her nymphets, her gitls always seem so ‘young and vulnerable, atthe same time seductive, aloot, callous, and t00 sophisticated. This comes off as a desire to connect seemingly opposite “female” traits ‘within the one persona in her figures; innocence and. sophistication, vulnerability and strength, childishness and glamour are tensely balanced in one small figure, thereby canceling out the all too common tendency to push female sexuality into a discreet category of virgin or whore. ‘The nymphs strike poses conveying a desire to be sexy or glamourous, yet they are essentially sweet and idyllic. The stained glass piece in the New ‘Museum, for example, embodies this balance of seemingly polarized feminine characteristics; ‘Ackermann's figures pose like fashion models, oozing a ‘none too subtle sexuality while set in a medium, stained glass, screaming with associations of Catholicism. And then one little nymph holds the lamb, such the Catholic symbol, like some sexy litle late 20th century female John the Baptist SPARKLE Pretty. Sout beachy beachy beachy riunite: Woaleyis vr. +80 T work at the beach...Jong broad horizons, clouds like maps all thin and wide, no attitude, all beachy. It'sall zone workers, as We who pick garbage, empty cans of garbage, and take parking tickets, ae called, We wear green instill that earthy, recycling, Seventh Generation, “my ‘canvas bag is helping save the earth” jargon we're seeing so much of these days, maybe... 80 the overwhelming color scheme of my day is ruled by green. The green ofa fresh fern, a chemical lawn, a primary, no frills green, a green to greet you, All other colors there at the beach pale in ‘comparison to the green of our shits. ‘There is the sandy, sawdusty smooth color ofthe sand, endless sand, until it meets the Rolling Rock bottle green of the ocean, sometimes so dark it looks black, and the blue of the sky, so close to white. ‘These are colors Of nature are not intended to impress, but rather to blend into one another. ‘The drama is left to the wwave's crash, the sharp seashells, and those crazy seagulls, Green are the rubbery plastic handles ofthe pick stick, the most important implement known to the ‘zone worker. It is a weapon, a prod, a lightning rod, ‘and most importantly a tool with which to pick garbage off the ground. It is an aluminum rod, about three feet long. At one end isthe green plastic handle mentioned above, so soft you want to bite into it ‘An inch down isa ring for your index or middle Finger to pull on. The pulling action engages the jaw-like apparatus atthe lower end (that's depending on your technique). You aim the pick stick at your intended target, usually a silver gum wrapper, a balled up napkin or jellied paper towel, you toss it in the garbage can, or into the beige plastic bag at your waist ‘Too many times I find myself sliding small Plastic bags into large plastic bags, which eventually ‘make their way into the large plastic dumpster at the north side of the parking lot, and so on, you know hhow it goes. ‘The sensation of the plastic gliding against plastic, the crinkly sound of it, makes me ‘uneasy--it's too clingy, too smooth, all so removed from the rock bottom nature that surrounds me there atthe beach. tems found on one picking venture on the beach front, July, 1995: 1, White plastic cutout of a sailboat sail, with mast, PE 5s lip gloss. bY jaleh Lip gloss is beter than lipstick, no two ways about it Lipstick is this thick, globular, ‘waxen substance that goes on plasic-opaque, whereas lip gloss is sheer shiny smooth; it doesnt try and take ‘over or anything. In addition, lipstick isa thick phallic eylinder that has o be thrust the hell out of its tube to smear on your face, while lip gloss, by contrast, isa creamy, concave, cieula, rater valva- like, litle thing. Not ro make any grandiose declarations on the statu or value of either in my imagination, but I just prefer that cut litle pot of gloss. Eva says she gets a thrill out of sinking her fingertip into the cool silky junk too. Thunk! (the Eva Jane Peck sound effet) Now I'm going to review, just for you dear Root readers, all ofthe lip glosses I've had the pleasure of experiencing Lancme Glacé Rose: This is yucky. Lance only has two colors of gloss, Both are thickish and have a funny peanut butte consistency. ‘This pretentiously named rose glacéisorangish pinkish-bronze with litle fairy gold flecks, but it's ll ‘cruel deception. Upon putting the goo onto your mouth it's boring and totally clear, like Vaseline only sticky. Then it hardens in nasty clumps. Kiehl's lip glosses are the best! They come in three textures-from most clear to most ‘opaque, al ina zillion colors. And, wat ‘til you hear this, they are scented and flavored! Yeah! Remember all those flavored wannabe lipsticks When you were lite? Anyway, Eva had this Kiehl's silvery, frosty strawberry-smelling pink stu that he so cherished but then she lost it (Pink Pear! sniffed). This review is dedicated to the memory ofthat pot Ihave GGoldenberry, light cherry red with ite golden particles. [t smells and tastes like cherry, and goes on really sheer and shiny. There's opaque iver too, licorice flavored, makes you look evil. The best thing about Kiehl's lip glosses is their packaging; they come in completely clear plastic Mat dso, like litle colored UFOs Clinique pot lip glosses are discontinued, ‘but I'm sure some of you can find them in your mom's ancient cosmetics collection. My mom used tw have Sugar-a light frosty pink with more of those ‘charming litle gold dots~and Berry-justclear ‘maroon. [used to watch her dress for parties when I was litle and a pinky-topped dot of gloss was the last thing to go.on. T used to play withthe goop too; I have fond memories of those litle pot o° glosses in the green signature Clinique jar. [Next up comes the winner of gloss Preseriptives glosses. Amy owns Glossy Fudge, L 5p, Eva Glossy Coffee, and I Glossy Coffe and Glossy Spice. They ae really sheer yet colorful; they aren't too sticky and they eave your litle lip buds super smooth. 1 think they come in eight colors, including a white-silver, but I always suspect that color would ‘make you look like you have an oral yeast infection, if such a thing exists. {All these sweet glosses cost an arm and a leg (88-13). As my Granay Jane would say: “For that price, 'é want them and the man that made “em.” but " “One thing I'm happy about: girls don't fart, they ‘poor. ‘On anatomy: “The ass don't belong in the pants~the ass belongs somewhere the air can hit it. No, T mean you ‘cover yo! ass all up and everything, pants, jockstrap, bloomers, all this shit on yo" ass. Ass ain't even breathin’. Y'all just smother yo" ass to death. The ass should be in the palm of the hand. Right there. That's ‘areal nice place forthe ass. You could walk right in the toilet and git things taken care of. Ain't no paper? Fuck it, just wash your hands. Somebody make ya ‘mad in a traffic accident? Smack the shit out of “em!” On prostitution: “was with a hot chick in Las Vegas a week ‘ago. Asked me for a hundred dollars. She said Hun’ did dolliz to fuck.’ She said hundred dollars. Shit, I thought she wanted to sell her car. I wish T had something on me cost a hundred dollars, I'd cut it off| and barbecue it.” Onrace: “Speaking of mugging, a nigger tried to rob ‘me in New York about a month ago. I ain’t shttin’ ya, in New York. Now wasn’t that dumb, a nigger ‘gonna stick up a black man, There is a difference! I'm black. People are colors: Black, white, yellow, brown, and red, there ain't no ‘negro’ in the crayon box.” (On family: “Oh, fuck ‘dat. 'm glad I don't have any children though. [had a vasectomy when T was thirteen, [ knew then I didn't want any cryin’ and shittin’ round my house.” On his face: “Look at me. A black dude with these fuckin’ thin lips. Well, they git the job done. I hate ‘em though: [ can hardly taste BBQ.” x ° 3 al uw = = > charlie brown ©; FY charlie. ‘The recent outcry over the movie “Kids,” ‘condemned as an amoral picture of amorality among ‘amoral youth today, or something like that, would hhave one believe that America has never seen a text of this nature. But the truth is that for decades an image ‘of American youth living lives of degeneracy and ‘perversion has been thrust into our faces every day from the funny pages of our newspapers. Look at the characters. Lucy represents an ‘out of control, sexwally-dominant she-wolf, preying con the helpless men around her, using bruising cruelty and fake “psychiatry,” in the Soviet tradition, 1 subjugate these tormented souls. Schroeder, a troubled artist, is one of her victims, his emasculated satus symbolized by the absurdly minuscule piano at which he plaintively plinks away his life. Charlie Brown, her other prime victim, is forced to endure a life of humiliation and torture. Even his effort to engage in that classic homosocial male activity, football, is undermined by the Dominatrix Lucy, who ‘humiliates him at every turn. At all his trials he exclaims “Good Griel!,” because for the masochist, al ‘riet and pain received at the hands of his mistress is ‘ood, What a great message to send 10 our youth! Other characters live sad lives of addiction and isolation. Franklin, the oaly African-American in the mob, is a marginal figure who rarely speaks. Pigpen lives in a cloud of festering filth and decay repulsing all and wallowing in weetchedaess. Linus, the very epitome of the addictive personality, sucks on his own appendages, and furiously protects his “blanket” from anyone who attempts to lead him from his degenerate life. Snoopy represents the ultimate acid casualty, living a world of unreal World War 1 fantasies, sleeping on rooftops, allowing himself 10 ‘be treated as a beast, and enjoying the company of birds. Perhaps most disturbing are the Peanuts mob's prematurely sexual lesbian couple, Peppermint Patty and Marcie, Though like the rest of the band they are portrayed as young people, they are completely devoted to their classic dominant-submissive relationship, including the use of gender-inappropriate titles of respect Sir"). Certainly young people need not be encouraged by cartoons to flock to lives of fil, drug addiction, and pederasty! ‘And what of Shermy? This wholesome character was driven out of the Peanuts family easly ‘on, and is now forgotten, Was he too devoted to a life of kindness and simple hard work? Was he unwilling to join in the degeneracy? Or was he involved in perversions 0 sick as 10 be beyond the pale even for ewes the sleaze merchants of our daily papers? Shermy, forgotten by all, is the Chuck Curiningham of the Peanuts mob. Teould go.on to describe so much more—the ‘mocking of our national and religious holidays, Linus's promotion of nihilistic philosophy, the absence of adults save for yammering, incomprehensible off sereen voices, the disgusting physical distortion of the human form chosen by ‘Charles Schaltz to represent young Americans-~ but you get the picture. Why does this obscenity ‘continue? Why are Americans such eager consumers of this filth and mayhem? Why does Charles Schultz ‘persist in drawing children immersed in lives of such lunwholesomeness when he himself is a older man, a father and a grandfather? Schult must be stopped before any more young people, here and abroad, are sucked into lives of degeneracy by this evil mob of sickos! Special thanks to Jesse, the guys at For Paper Airplane Pilots, and the folks atthe Williams School (especially HL Tura and F.Peck) who were making zines like this before it was cool. Iskra forever! second annus] indie-rock flea market arlington, ve 22 july, 1995 by mi ke. Thad two choices this midsummer weekend. Either [could stay in New York and hear Stereolab play a free show in Central Park, or I could travel to the Washington, DC suburbs and attend the second annual Indie~ Rock Flea Market. For awhile, the decision seemed to be made for me when my first ride fell through. Then I ran into my friend Ben that Tuesday night, who insisted that T simply ‘must drive down to Arlington with him and my other friend Bob, that they've got a place to stay, that itll be much more fun than Stereolab, ete., etc. OK, Arlington it is. Not that I needed much convincing: If, in the end, either choice would involve standing around in humid weather amongst hundreds of strangers, A might as well pick the out-of-town option. Besides, any excuse to Teave New York in the summer is valid We left New York on Friday afternoon, met our friend BR at her mom's house in Alexandria, dropped off our stuff, visited this huge microbrew pub in downtown Arlington that had 12 different custom blends and Flying Nun CDs on the jukebox, and headed to the Indie-Rock Flea Market early the next ‘morning. The event, sponsored by Arlington's Go! Compact Dises, is part record fair, part free outdoor concert and part yard sale. One ccan cruise the various tables and booths, inspect the various wares by record stores, Jabels and magazines, or just watch the bands play. But anyone with the proper registration {ee is allowed to book a table, so there are also folks cleaning out their garages, selling old clothes and books and so forth, This egalitarian spirit lends a nice laid-back, non- schmoozy tone 10 the whole event, and offers 8 succinct one-stop overview of mostly: independent rock culture circa 1995. (It was certainly a refreshing contrast to the industry- saturated Macintosh Music Festival, which ‘was happening in New York that very week.) Last year’s inaugural IRFM took place in a small park nestled in a residential suburb; it was a blast until it started pouring rain. This year, the organizers moved the event (0 a larger venue, a Sears parking lot. This seemed somewhat intriguing to me ~ I entertained visions of families visiting Sears to buy Jawnmowers or washing machines and kids exclaiming, "Look, Mom! lan MacKaye's at the Dischord table!!", but the Sears was closed and abandoned. There were several tents set up in the parking lot, and a stage near what was once the Sears main entrance. Of course all the locals were represented (Dischord, Simple Machines, DeSoto, Teen Beat, Go!, Vinyl Ink), as well as folks from throughout the Northeast corridor, but there were delegates from all across the East Coast and throughout the US. For Paper Airplane Pilots came up from Florida; Grimsby Records made the trip from Minnesota; Berkeley, CA's Slumberland Records had a table staffed by members of Lorelei and the Heartworms. The whole event felt a little less localized, a little more significant and anticipated. ‘Though it didn't rain this year, the heat was just as oppressive as ever, and the black asphalt only intensified it. Thank god for the ‘occasional breeze and the truckload of (ree Snapple across the street. Really, the whole ay blended together into one lethargic and sauna-like streak. T spent much of the afternoon sitting at the table T shared with the Dot Dot Dash and Ba Da Bing! labels, drinking liquids, visiting friends at neighboring tables, ‘occasionally selling/trading magazines or collecting money for Ben or Bob when they ‘went off to get veggieburgers or Go! Root Beer (you've got to love any record store that has its own soft drink). I did make the rounds 4 few times, but I didn't buy much. Nicest surprise of the day: visiting the TeenBeat table and running into a semi-penpal from Atlanta, ‘who was in DC for the summer ‘The bands played throughout the day in front of the empty Sears, but to be honest, 1 missed most of them, I did make a point of catching Racecar, once again marveling at their vivaciousness in the most trying circumstances (especially lead singer Jina Yi, a total ball of energy). They are always a fun live band, even if their Girlish CD is a little to0 conventional and Velocity Girl-influenced for its own good. I caught the last few songs of Andrew Beaujon’s solo set, which included a quick ‘Happy Birthday" to a friend and a Blur cover ‘whose name eludes me. ("What's the matter? Andrew asked the crowd, "You don't like ‘modern tock?") Of course I saw Magnetic Fields, whose soft and lovely set included three brand-new songs scheduled to appear on their Ger Lost CD. Stephin Merritt was in an even worse mood than usual for most of the set: every time a photographer dared to approach the stage and dare 10 take a picture, Stephin would glare at the offender for a good 15 seconds. 1 couldn't help giggling every time someone took a picture. And I caught ‘only a couple Low songs because we were busy packing up, but those couple were hushed and quietly intense; I've got to catch them under less hectic circumstances, Allin all, this was a fine way to spend a summer Saturday. We headed back to New York that very evening; I was sorry to miss Chickfactor magazine's megashow in D.C. on Sunday night, but work beckoned on Monday F THE STARK BRUTAL TRUTH! S 2 i am « pizza boy. \ 7 wn, June Simiasane ‘Three small children swarmed towards my car from behind the garage and then scattered away as they realized who I was. “Mom,” called the youngest, running unsteadily towards his house, “the pizza boy is here.” The mother came out from from behind the ep shadows of the inside and into the scattered light of the screen door. “Baby, that’s not a pizza boy, that’s a pizza stl!” She smiled and [ smiled, and as I walked towards the door I held their pizzas against my hip like L was a mother too. ‘The workers laughed as they tested the fire hydrants. ‘Water flooded the street. I decided I could be forever caught between the sound of tres rolling on wet pavement, setting sun rainbow mist, and the bleary red trails of alarmed drivers’ brake lights. ‘A herd of elephants came upon a place where slaughtered elephants’ bones lay, dried and bleached in the dust. A young elephant wrapped his trunk all the ‘way around one of the abandoned bones like alittle hand, and lifted itin a simple shape like perfect cursive into the sky. A big elepbant tear rolled down his face. ‘There is a precise symmetry and beauty about telephone wires, the specific positioning of stoplights and the delicate black circles of cord beside them, and the shadows of streetlights against concrete walls at certain times of the day. ‘The woman driving the car in front of me spoke sign language to her daughter in the passenger seat; after a red light it must be so hard, {In the dumpster we found a litle hornet’s nest and scooped out the larvae witha fork. Some of the babies were almost ready, but we pierced their bodies and they burst white pus eream inside their tiny shell-nests. I felt very ashamed. The two hornets we had stolen the babies from flew high and fast into the sky like birds; in a full oval they flew. We'd taken their nest in one quick tug and closed the door. Wow: Twel¥ey July {heard fireworks popping and screaching. outside my window. It was only July third. A train passed. I wondered if you could wateh fireworks from. a train; going west fast, you must be able to see a lot of fireworks displays, especially as the time changes from eastern to central. 1 stopped at a red light tthe end of Poguonnock Road, bebind an old brown two-tone Ford pickup. There was a litle boy in the back, his head leaning onthe comer edge. He had red hai, a creweut ‘grown out, and big ears. The man driving dropped his a4) aoxd eorseur v 0} advosy ize city Rabid cats terror ‘Two doves on dry grass like thick-skinned pears in a stil lie, but softer. ‘An otherwise skinny man with a potbelly like a four-square ball answered the door. His mother sal im a chair in the next room. He made sure there ‘wasn't too much sauce on his pizza, what with the ‘medication he was on, itjust might have eaten away the lining of his stomach, ‘When the sun was just going down, a breeze like the fragile pages of aniique books, sea salt and wildflowers swirled through my window. August {all wound down withthe smell of sea and smoke and sundown, the rush of the wheels on the road, ‘rickets and cicadas, purple shadows on the pavement, and a sweeping left turn into the quick, cold wind that only blows after a thunderstorm, unlocked an old woman's gate and walked to the door. She invited mein, introduced herself and hher husband, showed me her yard out the back ‘window, and offered me a cold soda. Then she rubbed the most ticklish parts of my back and felt that I was sweating. She said slowly, “Ob, how I hate to see you so hot. Wouldn't you like to stay just alittle ‘while in our air conditioning ‘The black-eyed Susans became Queen Anne's ace. At hhome, the window fan blew the tiny petals into the blue water glass by my bed. “Mom, the pizza man is here!” ‘She laughed. “She's a pizza lady.” (On the Galapagos Islands, a female sea turtle pulled herself all the way up the beach to lay her eggs. ‘A marauding pig, the species of which was introduced by settlers, ate the turtle's wet, spherical eggs one by tone as they dropped into the soft bow she had prepared in the sand. At the same time on another part of the island, male Blue-Footed Boobies did a funny dance to impress their potential mates. 1 parked my car in the dirt driveway and walked back to the garage. A man emerged; he was rubbing a greasy wrench with an old, ripped up undershirt. [ walked up to him with his pizza on my If | Were a Bunny, Where Would I Hide Them? wifehY. hip like a 1950s game show girl. He smiled, and I smiled. “Here's a little extra for your trouble,” he ‘said, holding two folded bills out fo me between his fore and middle fingers. It rained more my last two days of work than ithad the whole summer. The drops were so big that ‘one could cool off my whole cheek. Two mothers ‘walked their babies in strollers. The babies looked like they were erying, but I think they were laughing. ‘Their litle bands grasped for something in the rain, and their tiny round mouths opened up towards the sky. ‘As I passed them all was quiet except the sott sound of the car's tres against the wet road, T remembered that day in June when the streets were flooded; it was the same sound, and I thought maybe that moment had foreshadowed this one. Clothing and Guitar Straps available in NYC at: ADULT CRASH RECORDS ROCKS IN YOUR HEAD STEVEN ALAN TG170 3 JILLS AND A JACK 3 : what we listen te cet été ee aie ioe : james OvO7* |, TQ. 1 Six Finger Satellite, ure, (Sub Pop}: “A, My friends and I saw 6f5 play two times last spr in NYC: The brst ime at CBG, we'djust smoked al blunt and were all standing on chairs at the side ofthe BR) stage. ‘The cub was real cowded and we surveyed the ne sends a fo hook testa us kg wate Rana thing ever Seen, which probably wasn’t their fall intention, But toobad. J-Ryan’s moves were in full swing: pelvic {rusts and Elvis tp toe moves gyrations Sometimes arms akimio, He worehs white outit and armband: Wethought weal hve tte. ‘money dow is pants or something. Basic Playas Hx ung at reo alam tnd we were like, “Yea” especially during the Mi ‘extravaganza “Parlour Games.” eae ‘We also sw them opening for Shellacat the Westoeth (or whateven Theater where I nished Jaleh’s Manhattan for her, and on the last pI thought apis olgapkn a atthe oom ott cp bane ¥somethi ‘against my lip, Butt was Actually a dead bee caught tece, 51s kind of Tike that guess: alcohol old styie with fuzz, and Devo stripes and funny testosterone and fever forever. pears eee H Sic Sot Maine Eaten ate So Seesto omcaee Tis ins ce era geet ae geen aE, icra sea ols aia erect scale Se re ae Er date tarag tong bac eset ry a ce te i aap sea only a aplomb ume orion re saved Tike on cme eg sapregerru an caper et Risener en ce a Searing tes, Tee lows poe eepanar Youkaprento bese ee natn cero Nay, Danie CCN favre ap dine GED wr TE fect nga para ap al seen opparacrabs teas Sige gto Ree acta sepet eric en puieays aces ee eae ee ital ota yrs eee s 3.The For Carnation, FightSongs EP, (Matador These three songs ae stores wrapped in silver paper and ribbons ie ny sweet cat with ayes ‘meringueandalmonts, jam with seeds that ge stuck in your teeth. Shucks-] wish i wasnt so Short Johnny Hlemdon’s hot red shellacked Wt with ince png ar onthe ron the ae dru ithe songs wel: toughin a good Wa ww and land of qui but sol. S89 4, Rachel's, Handwriting Ip, (Quarterstick):Sometimes very Beautfl sometimes very aap opera themes, rachel’s are om the right track. °M. Daguerre” is cool cat walking down a Paris alleyway with ich: peetees eas sere omens beets, Rate an sea erly ae oep os tesa cnnelefpcinetancencenrua at Fah Salina reach hon ila areca cone rela Ge gore a ere ee ee ee aoa 5.Helium, (Matador): Mary ‘Timony sings about angels and moons and stars and flowers and birds and butterflies and happy dreamy things but then there's this dark side too with tea party inthealtiewith-dols weirdo piano and bodies snes and sluts and a rock and roll guil 6 Jeno i Tao ielsh RRBs wou Gere e tg erence acer an oer ee or Seneca Te that Seamaster a es ee ise parece ah Sgt apeneecete ened hae cette baer Gece Ce ce gy inehhemeni is ergy mii ee On rote 7, godkeadSilo, Elephantitus of the Nigh, (ill Rock KS ); Wow! An album that can actually make me fel like ‘an adolescent boy! That's areal feat let me tell you! “Multiple Organic” rocks, mant, Ym into it, as long as the feeling ends when the record does. Sorty. thors that like but haven't had time to write about: Tortoise Ruths Revolutions users, (Thal jockey) 9. Seam, Are You Driving Me Crazy?, (Touch and Go) 10. Dead C White House (Siltbreeze) 4 LL Thurston Moore, Psychic Hearts, (DGC) 12, Pavement, Wowee Zowee, (Matador) 1B Magic Bye’ 14, Ruby Falls 15Can pointed sun in heaven {rops you the floor ‘se vandor rondem beauty shor. stereolab oa you othe stare amorphous up stands veloine boa to gull'em down deighe saveric pop sors in down ro the ground ‘oe the caben game of iy night : of fad there agin they find the hogey Tighe shee fat voor in geiue wake sa with magic Yorie wore o oF perfect music sake 5 ewberance and emotine pong ‘Smale perfec only perfume rash oie can Hold them back K — more Summer steve westfield coal stitches bold ony low insrromentlisss indark weave ‘os mosie swells ond flows ‘in keri seu ye “on depend on me and you won't be disappointed centre fot freely invariably found the chaos stage of players fving room muse ‘simple eile res feel inflow waves ‘of eommunal rape joy Simple lise with mod dos oF re parody scud mountain 2oys 0 good 0 rerun {othe wide open eure of ticle ruglo vein strings dng in housing siplicry sete elease vox Teebine and disperse ‘ith masie precy of sips male teat possblny ‘rion forthe haus ference overlook ‘aves of emembrance- ‘eng the grear teeetop expanse joy on the fces of ath ‘cho porcpore in their easy way 10 Steamboat Wharf Mystic, Ct. 06355 (203) 536-1312 Rare Music & Posters 1, Duotron, We modern! We nox, (Bal): ‘This record has an meredible abit to distort the mindofthesstener, Duoton consstsofamale aris and a female singer/ drummer, but sounds ai rade by beings from anther world. In January of 1955, faw Doron payin Chicago aa San rat Records show with US. Maple, bnee-place, and ‘Mount Shasta. Duotron easly ut-weird US. Maple {and Mount Shasta: the duo's delivery consists of short noise bursts accentuated by the yelping ofthe drummer {Gredited on the LP as odiemm’kkann®), Her drum kt Wwas aided by the addition of sheets of metal which, ‘when bashed, proved tobe quite efective instruments Dofpercussion juotron’s LP consistently matches their live performance. The "songs" clock nat incredibly short Eines, and they seem tohave been recorded in one take pen it ist the manta of uote aed Ino question butt soon becomes apparent tha tis music is not jst mere noise. Duotron s sonically akin {olapanese groups such as the Boredoms or Melt- Banana, but unlike their Japanese counterparts, Duotron plays with even more instrumentation and song-length. Duotron succssflly fenders a sonic portrait ofa more primitive world ‘where theid controls human functon 2. Clikatat Tkatowi, Orchestrated and Conducted by cube ato One See san emsanDiego Cia Tow oa te ps and fo Sn Dig shame tombe tg er sarereblomenceuy Acne lind Begin contin eso Me Dig one pa ot Meni os dining bc gh te eas it al es nee ee rae ee tines, Outpt as Be Poe ear le re Eos al ear sondin raped negers ‘bands; they are unpretentious yet can be slighth awkward | aa a ae ae ations icc peer atom terete scoscurimed Mines brane ‘tei re atmersharcomne egy, eee tee ae ae ee soup araimor aura hen en 3.June of 44, Engine Takes to the Water, (Quarterstie): es hard for me Be objective about {his record: Ever since Rodan broke uplast fl, have been experiencing an indefinable void within my ie ‘Though notby any means devastating mean ctmonit ‘was only band), thebreakeup occurred at about the Sametimethatmovedaway rommy hometownot Loutsile, Kentucky to New York to goto college “These two upheavals in my ie have forced me (however reluctantly) to abandon some ofthe naiveté {hich governed my ie ' fet years ago, hings were so much simpler. After SPACE AGE ACCURACY GUARANTEED! what we listen. te cet été dealing with a woek ofhigh choal, spent my Sveck at us usualy to heat dan pay. My frend Drew andi had and ntagrg devon odan, We spent one full day spray-pintng al of my bank shires and my red jacket with Drew's heme mae Rodanstencis, At one 1 and over show that? ‘couldn't get ino, stood outside ofthe db fr five four ah oan on Caballero andthe luphing Hyenas through a window. Drew and gave Rodin voce lickin ons ewe even bout Jevlersmeunderwene ‘As Treturned to my hometown after one scary year at college, things had obwounly changed twas ad iso Tonge nl oacualy car about music especally “indie” rock), and daintely not -cool” tobe oo zealous as Drew and f were and ae) about Rodan and thetstyle. Regardless ofthe trendiness of certain inden ny vn Toe ie Syncopated, angular “putarrock> no mater “Eryn Barmy fate neve ane of H record Jot Mueller, who sang and played guitar in Rodan isa member of his new group wich aso consists of Pred Erskine (exHoover, the Croven Hate Rte) on bas, Doug Scharin (Codeine, Rex Vineland) on drums and Sean Meadows who sing an plays Buiter Jl Mute was always my favorite component Rodan, and with this album, hesteps into the seoygertoe which docewed You Engine Takeo peter sclera eam cor eachemerber st esos are alnst split evenly between the vocals Sf Jnr andar Readws whch ae gute Engaging eventhough diferent syistaly. The music runs the gamut fon hntesh mot rok CACet ly Kicks for You") to Bastro-esque sion (“Mooch”) to Rodar-styled approprations of te two ("June Miller,” “lave a Sate Pp, Dean” and “Pale Horse Savor, Tere not ew point on th ecord Especially prominent arethe remarkable drumsniny ablities of Doug Seharin who pulls off some of he ‘most comps ils we ever heard Forme, the best part ofthis already incredible record was heasing "Sink is Busted” translated into a full ‘and setting. Last summer before left Jof Maller played that song for me on an acoustic gitar in atny Foor. The song whichis amoving account of wien Jelflived a the Rocket House on th Street, even more beautfulon the record: Praying that song again revives the memories ofthat beaut, painful ast Summer in boulsvile, This record dave say iis setter than Rodan’s Rusty 4. Man.,Or Astroman?, P of Manin Space with Sounds, Estrus) i ‘tet domestica ext dest release bythe ASrmen, and jelivers the goods as wells any previous Astro- fecord. Thelenew songs are accompanied by such Govers as "The Man from UNCLE" the Pes b-side “Manta Ray,” and tre Surfans’ “Alpha Surtar.” The original cuts are a breath of if in the otherwise dated ere of “surf music” Man..Or Astroman?'s follective obsession with science fiction produces an interesting collection of instrumentals with fularious tiles suchas "Philip Kick in the Pet Section ofa Wal-Mart” and "Put Your Finger inthe Socket Geeastonaly theresa vocal turn butte alum is ppredominartly instrumental showing off the ‘Astromens wicked chops. Recommended foranyone who needs alittle fun in their muste 5. Labradford, A Stable Reference, (Krank abradtord's mous operand isto ake matic thats completely subdued to tepoint oftrue ambience. abradordcanbecompalingat these ie that tis sluggish: Labradford's endeating quality isthe ‘THESE ktakestobe engaged wil the fate without being enveloped withinif Strictly speaking, their ‘Rue is no fr those with short attention spans "Adding a bass player for this new album really bus afoundafon or Labradors sound, sing rye Sat Baziign ere agai Labrado batancsitselfbetween deeply moody (and Moog) instrumentals and softer, wispler songs with vocal. ‘Thisis obscure beautiful music for those who seek a challenge within music. Is certainly not for those sefinganadrenaine rush ome sor ofshock val, fabradford's musicesems calmly permanent, not car forthe end bullshit which pases ora these ays 6,The Red Krayola, rag city: ‘he dighymdiuous everatth a lpun y te Red Krayala makes me imagine conversation in Weal ted cacy ‘Grunge Dude #1: Whoa, that chicks hot! Grunge Dude#2: Wow, like man nice tts! Bude #1: And she's ot belly ing too, ide! Coo- ult ‘Dude #2: Man, you can sec her nipples through that bra ‘Dude #1: Awesome, think Pi buy it Pade #2: Whoa dud, tke maybe shoud heart ist Why dont you ask the dweeb who works here about it? ca ‘Duide #1: 0. Hey dude, does thi record, ike, suck? Nerdy Record Store Employee: “No,thatalbum does itt suck, Tithe latex album by Mayo ‘Thompson's Red Keays band wich started in exasin the 1960s. Back then they explored uly pavchedelic mascot was gnoredby even the hippie fotntrculure Thea ayo moved ngand andthe Red Keayola acquired a newer sound ang with pemermenbers coming ahugenfuens nthe Burgeoning punk/nev wave aesthetic Thompsoneven played wihelagendary Fore Ubu and hetecondeds ge number ofbands. Last year, Red Krayola reformed wth Dave Grubbs on guitar Join McEntire Gndrums, Tom Watson on guitar jim Rourke on {aefisa,and various others {saw them play with George Hurey ofthe Minatemen on drums and twas amazing! Thisnew record is an essential purchase.” ‘Dude? 1: Huh? Whatever dade. Dude #2: Forgetit Lets buy te new Pear Jam, ‘Which tosay, oneshould not judge arecordby its gees Renewed rayoia Pa spe toby ayo’ Thompson etal. But dow t expect anyone else to understand ea all mach less undetstand ityourselt, “omy: ‘Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Blues Explosion sponnpatal emacs, (baaion: Aut ats Thad this rapband open for them and it was totally aval and embarraangto watch te entray white audience ignore the enturely black ap group” Atone Boon they rapped, “like lack gio and hae fuk’ Eracker” andthe audience booed. Anyway, one of these rappers does a remix of “Greyhound om this atbum ants prety good. Thinkitsarous that Moby does a remix as well as Dub Narcotic Calvin’ ‘Ten Reasons Why Mystic Coast at Johnson, and it’s even funnier that those are the two. Toe eae ga gx ages no ny j008 & —_esttrackson the damn hing Coantry ea Bad Taw ay a ; ‘ . B§ 2. Metvins/Guv’ner, Porn 7, (Am/Rep):L can't wait 1. too much New Jersey ge ‘to see this documentary about porn king Al Goldstein ~, RS thdtheamenema Pony auaatpoming Al Goldin °2. hooked in too well with the Mashantucket Nation, especially ore porn Beau t the Which is not the United States Nation iculous plot. When! got my wisdom teat out this 3. “Make checks payable to MCC.” Is that Mystic ast spring break, I watched the Playboy channel all Bast pein break vere Oe mee anne al ‘Coast and Country, Mystic Community Center, or wore th oa opera aati isa ths pom “Mystic Chamber of Commerce? movie called "Climax 2000” that was supposed to 4, too much New Jersey all futuristic and everyone wore sequins and the gis, 7 7 fad aks bots Tenancy sagan and he invite them in, don’t let them park, and don't let Which was like "Thirtysomething” bat with sex them pee scenes, That onehad some good lines init like when 6, Ben and Jen's sa direc result. thegpy spanking the girl and says, “Naughty gil, 7. Are other towns getting as much tourism as, bad bad gi and the gis yep “erly alten Sebowihintesttorsamomat teat % Ayden or ample? song on ths 7 gs, "ke por Tike walot/ Tike 3! § Nie photos ofthe ver valley don't do anything to en itgetsme hot” Yes! a prepare the tourists for Matty Dull 3 Screamin’ Jay Hawking, Voodoo live (Rhino: __—_—9- neeases the wor load for locals without HangarancousifsayestrsSeramiie) Hawkins fe mstssing the pay ‘rgarian consi says “e's Seam Jay $10. Where's the country? Wait! Where's he coast?!” 4X hey Spex Comacadicemag, Camino: band A be eg eves me cont fence that my Rich Freitas’ Top Ten Summersburn 5, Astrud Gilberto, Compactazg, (Verve): listen to 1. Ofb-new album Orbus Terraram totaly fantastic this on my walkman when mon the subway going to ai se ee ‘work during rush hour and swear it keeps rem y iting ino wo tit ern rend 2, more local rock shows than “lub ou of town” wide Spen that havetostewith mane al seunche shows together, Why do hey sitike tt? site “Oe Cys enue HUGE pont inthe 3. Nel Youmg-the whole Miro Bl stom is pure way? As Ba astruls vole so breszy an rock forall people mellow (specially wen shsings in Portaguet she 4. pleading "not guilty” on loitering ticket Pima aire a $ pleating “ot git om tering Hicks fellylp rani hee ican 5, Hamcane sen ay eprochng fora! 1 er tin 1963, bu her oer, more bossanoveke love low pressure systems. stuis just as charming and dance if you know how 6 the herb garden at our house and its pentifl tosamba : harvest of spices 7. found a lock for the bicycle 8. Mars Hall, more of it 9. suburban camo 10, inspirational locals happening on a daily basis SUMMER OF 1995 SOUNDTRACK (SO FAR): by Mike Appelstein Holiday: Holiday (March CD) The Legendary Jim Ruiz. Group: Oh Brother Where Art Thou? (Minty Fresh CD) ‘The Crabs: Jackpot (K CD) Glo-Worm: "Wishing Well” (Slumberland 45) ‘The Softies: "He'll Never Have To Know" (K 45) and Go Sailor: "Long Distance" (Slumberland 45) ‘The Shapiros: "Month Of Days" (Fantastic 45) Bunnygtunt: Action Pants! (No Life advance cassette) The Apples: Hypnotic Suggestion (Bus Stop EP) The Pilot (Papercut EP, esp. cub’s "Pillow Queen”) The Undertones (Rykodisc CD reissue) ‘The Jam: The Gift (Polydor LP) Palace: "West Palm Beach” (Drag City 45) Phil Krauth: Cold Morning (Teen Beat CD) -Mystic’s Celebrated Victorian Landmark 7 3 Fabulous Floors of Fun Gifts, Surprises and a”? oe oS 15 Water + Histovic Downtown Mystics 336-3891 * (1). “herdaddy says shels fe your call the police! it's too loud in mystic. (an interview) py evo. | didn’t feel like dealing with an “interview.” ‘There were ideas scattered around for a dressed-up, drunk nite with Grand Passion at the casino, and I'd talked with each of the Delta of Venus kids about an interview, but I just didn’t want to handle it. But at Mystic Disc a couple Fridays ago, Rich Freitas (member of Delta, drummer of Map, used-to-be drummer of the defunct 17 Relics, organizer of chaos) said to me, “e’mon! ‘scene, for a place to park when we began... Read all about us, Delta. Root: You can't? Rich Fy No it’s against policy. Root: Is all inthe secret files. ‘everyone has their own idea of what the band is. Root: So you can talk to me? Rich Fy Yeab, { can talk t0 you. if we talk about your record? Rich F.: Our vinyl? Root: Yeah, eye catching display box. Blueberry farmers’ cannon scares birds, neighbors worked something out. I called Rich Martin (bassist, of Grand Passion, used-to-be bassist of defunct ‘Skimblestanks, king of Hozomeen Press, and another organizer of chaos), and kinda set something up. These kids are two of the boy all-stars of the Mystic {met Rich Freitas at his house that Sunday afternoon, which was a spooky graveyard gray day. He gave me some Darjecting tea and a tour of his, zzardens of tomatoes, herbs, and peppers. We pet the kitties, and viewed the wonderful site of RVs in the ‘Mystic Seaport parking lot. Then it started to rain, 0 we drove to Bee Bee's. Rich Martin was looking don’t know quite what it is, but that’s ok. Is part take on Mystic, part band interview; and although only the two Riches were there, they were representative enough to set the right mood. Allez! Root: Let's talk about Delta of Venus. I want to hear What's going on because I missed out on a lot while I was at school. When I was talking to Mat Tarbox [Delta bassist, programmer, singer] at Jen Wolein's ‘opening, he was saying how all of you have different ‘conceptions of the band, 1 like to hear your take on Rich Fz: Well, actually I can’t talk about it at al Rich F.: (laughs) We're just trying to be consistent; Root: Well I guess if we don’t talk about the visions hat you all have together, how about, for the record, Mamma PEPPERMINT ecm Gaew INFUSION DE MENTHE oon Semmes PFEFFER MING TEE mama foman WONT KAUIDENTHEE tomer (mame POLEO-MENTA Massa (We order: Rich gets french toast and coffee; I get mint tea.} Rich F. Well, I guess you could chalk it up to being overly ambitious and not being in total control of the project. Originally we planned on going into New York, recording two songs quickly and releasing that as a single, which we recorded. But we had no ‘money to put it out ourselves, so we tried to find, someone who could. Then we meta friend of [Day art ‘riter] Scott Timberg’s named Dave Daley who had seen us play a handful of times and wanted to release a single by us for a tiny label he was about 10 start Dave was a writer at The Hartford Courant and seemed to be way into the music because it moved him, and ‘we were like, great, man, we've already got two songs. on DAT ready to go. As soon as we went into that production, we returned to New York to record the follow up, and stay ahead of the game, thinking that when the initial single came out, we'd be in that same position, with another release in the can. So that's what we did, Root: Was that at Sorcerer Sound? Rich F.: No, we rocorded at Waterworks on West 4th and Sth Root: That sounds familiar? Rich F.: Oh, stop! We like it because it's one small room, one guy owns the place, does all the engineering, pays all his own bills; he does everything-very much in control of his gig. This ‘guy Greg. Root: Greg who? Rich Fy Waterworks. Root: And you guys are happy with how it went? Rich Fe Yeah, we got some great stuff. We recorded five songs and they're all better than we could have hoped for. Root: Is that going to come out as a tape? Or what...? Rich F.: We thought that by now that we would have released the first single and be in the process of the second. Of course, the first one hasn't even been “delivered” by the label, so it isn’t out. The guy who. is putting out the record has left the state to find a career move job in D.C. Everything went totally ‘wrong with him somewhere and We cant seem to get him to call us. Typical. So now, we are going to release a tape of all the material from New York and if ‘the vinyl does arrive, it will be the “Vinyl” release of what we have already put out, Root: Didn't you think he threw it in the river or something? Rich F.: Oh yeah, “I've had it with this band, they're outta here!” No, [ think he was trying to cchange jobs and everything else took a back seat, | seemed HORTELA.PIMENTA mamsa >> fmm PePPARMYNTSTE kecoaeat GEEPEPPERMYNTE — URTE TE mat Soa PIPARMINTTUTEE aan et, rung ? inferview | —> ‘Bible Fun, have sympathy for his position, but it is our record. Root: Yeah, bati's lke your “ost songs.” Rich F-[know, it’ ridiculous. Root: {sympathetic] Ohh Rich F.: We'te going to put out the material soon, by the end of September. And we'd like to go to Matt MeCloskey's new studio and do eight songs With him to release as one record Root: So you have lots of “material”? Rich F.: Yeah, we do, because we haven't released anything yet except for demos we did at our own rehearsal space. Root: [ haven't seen you guys in such a long time and I remember loving the glam, and all dressed up.. Rich F.: We've kinda eased out of the costuming bit because..ll, we still do to @ degree, when we played Skipper’s Dock (upscale summer “dock” restaurant in Stonington that Mystic played hard for a month before shut down] we all wore jacket and tie and Dawn decked out..we Tike to break the ice with all the kooky clothing thing because it makes it easier for everyone in the audience to open up a bit to your ‘music. Early on we would do the wigs and lamé to help dilute the show because we were stl learning to play at that point, because al of us are new to the instruments we play, like three years tops for any of us. But we are playing the songs better now, with more confidence. Root: [think the lamé and everything adds so much to the music. Rich Fe It does! If we had some money and an extra day in the week we'd be buying the stuf. It ‘would be more common to see us decked out. We don't really do wigs anymore. Root: [sit still you on guitar forthe most part? Rich F.: I play guitar, Dawn [Estabrooks] plays guitar, Shawn (Fake] drums and Mat's on bass. Root: Are you still using Keyboards? Rich F: Yes, we sill use keyboard programs. We hhave writen the new material as guitar-based stuf, because what we've been doing is tying t focus ‘more on the voeals, and tying up that element of the music, to be really nailing the Vocals instead of just “playing” them, Root: For what reason? Rich F.: We're sill rying to do-we're not trying tobe a noise hand, we're tying tobe a rock and roll band, and that means fueling the music with emotion and driven lyrics, and right now we can write great Iyries but you have to sing them properly. And Dawn is singing really well and Mats a brilliant singer, but we're playing instruments to0, no one is standing there and just singing, except Dawn on a together, but now the band is coming together around the voeals. ‘So we've been writing some stuff that is more vocalguitar driven and the newest stuff on Keyboards that we've been writing is with Dawn playing live. We have a healthy mix. We've got as ‘many of the elements as we want represented in the set, lke fourteen “class A songs. Right now everything isin pace, it's just a matter of execution for us. Root: Mat was saying that Dawn can come up with these amazing melodies like that! Rich Fz She can! Dawn is ike a walking machine of music. When Mat and I started the band just jamming to drum machine, we purposely Waited five months for Dawn to graduate from college so We could ask her to join the band, because we knew she was our missing link. Mat and I had a distinet idea of ‘what we wanted it to sound like but we needed someone who knew the right notes, too! Dawn can play piano, and keyboards, and guitar, and sings beautifully, and plays bass with us, so she isa well- rounded musician, Whereas Mat and | are more “el” players, feling the way through the music. So she is the balance, and she does have a tremendous depth of ‘musical talent and can approach the keyboard, come up with a melody, and we'll jam over it endlessly if We want..(.Delta drummer} Shawn's the same way. He can do the human drum machine thing so well With Cigarette [new hot Mystic thing of which Shawn isa pat) I'd be atthe Collective and they'd be working on some stuf and just begin to play and go for twenty minutes making great music non-stop, because Shawn isso ight on as a drummer. Dawn is the same wa. Root Is this the frst ime you've been in a band witha gitt? Rich F. No, was ina band with three gidls for a while Root: Right, that was back in ‘88 with petervito. Rich F. Yeah, that was with Dawn and Tami Z and Melissa Welch, We did four songs and a cover. 1 ‘was im the Relics full time then and we practiced in ‘my parents’ basement and the girls were rally ito ‘writing songs and when they asked me to drum for them, [said sure and we snuck around the Relics for rehearsal time. I was just playing drums behing them and telling them they coulda’t rest the guitar on their knees. That's all did Root: Giving them tps...2! Rich F: Performing tips from the drummer, veab. Root: It seems like there aren't many girl musicians acound. Rich Fs think there isa lack of musicians to contin, t) Le v0. thei be ronal a fat bog. Mb No, e & how was the macintosh music fest? bad. by shanes “This past week, it soems as though I've seen smote live music than I did all winter. Ody, this ‘normally straightforward and cool pastime tarned out to be very troublesome. ‘The music started on Saturday (before the ‘Macintosh New York Music Festival began), with a small, discreet show at Maxwell's featuring the For Camation and Alaska. The For Carnation is a sort of reincarnation a “supergroup” if you insist, of the deceased Louisville band Slint (one of the most powerful and transcendental rock outfits to exist this leveth Dream Day and Tortoise, bands Pm not as familiar with ‘The For Carnation explored and experimented with similar, though more blatant, tensions and dynamics as Slint, mincing guitar layering and keyboard —— atmosphere this time, kept alive with a vibrant, crescendoing staccato from drummer John Herndon. ‘The band’s three-song EP Fight Songs (Matador) portrays sense of gawky, sparse and methodical beauty that unfortunately doesnot get proper spuce 10 develop in its 15 minutes and leaves me wanting I've known Chris Stamey for years a8 one of the :men responsible forthe B's raved-up pure-pop and {or his own crafted foray into deeper, quieter folk-pop territory. But until he took center stage later that evening witha new tio, Alaska, I never knew how hard he could kick up a ponk attitude with a gleaming flare of speed-metal lightning. (What?~ed.] On stage, he jabbered out cute funny song introductions, and his familia, almost nostalgic singing voice kept things incheck. As they lew through tight fast “scorchers, he expresed this super-plee that said “Watch out, I'm ‘gonna knock you on your ass." So it was a propitious beginning, a hot pre-game show, toa week-long music festival that ultimately left me feeling lery about the future of rock ‘n’ roll, ‘or more accurately the future ofthe rock ‘n’ roll audience. [ think tis all frst occurred to me during Chris Knox's set at Mercury Lounge; whats the point of going to see live music anyway? If I'm going to go out of my way to be standing in a room fora couple of hours and pay money to hear a performer I genuinely enjoy, than I should at least also be participating in some kind of communal musical experience with a couple hundred other people © A@2S<_< who ate there forthe same reason that am. [ could stay home and play the record and smoke a join, but ‘want something mare out ofa live show. Rock experiences in this city fall shot of that. (kind ef). ~ bt Just seeing a performer on stage is enough to make it worthwhile, ut without some kind of widespread — | {li transformation ofthe soul, a visible absorption into ty “the music, the music's power is being minimized. 1 “4 > gues it's just how people are, especially in New ‘York~everyone is putting up their own front, and nobody exists. As a result, no one is capable of ‘being visibly moved by anything. Fuck, people don’t even dance at shows. It's hundreds of sttt, ‘motionless bodies, seemingly observing the act as an intellectual spectacle, an image just like any other, T ‘mean, the people on stage, THEY'RE swinging, the music is in motion, why aren't you? So it was at Tramps on Thursday. Sparky, bleating sax and drums, gave that summer night the perfect sultry swing. Add in a banjo, double bass, and hillbilly-punk leader Tushing down beer, you've got ‘yourself a damn good act. Palace, a four-piece this, {ime around, followed, and Will Oldham traded his ‘homely burnout croon fora blistering and enraged ‘ail, a rocking pre-pubesceat Neil Young. Everyone ‘was sitting for Sparky and standing stil as Palace kicked up a mighty storm. As Sparky's lead singer said off-handedly before ending the set “Audience participation is at an all-time low tonight.” ‘That part of the Macintosh New York Music Festival was more disturbing than any other previous realizations I had had, Now, it was not only uptight New Yorkers deadening the vibe, it was people proud to spor their festival badge around their necks; people ‘who were in attendance for some reason that apparently had nothing to do with the music on Rand ‘That was annoying, but the real problem was that off to the side of the room, taking up space in all the familiar joints, there were computers, the Internet set up in order to circulate assorted bytes of pop information from club to club. “The Macintosh Festival's concept said to me, “This is what we're doing: we're taking two guitars and a drum, three-chord rock, loi, do-it-yourself instant excitement and catharsis, and we're putting it all on a web site, Now, millions of people ean simultaneously engage in @ new pointless, inappropriate, and unnecessary way of experiencing ‘cutting edge’ rock.” And of course, everyone responds, “What a great idea. Let's connect EVERYTHING. Let’s make even the most basic experiences yet another dizzying trip through a technological void, that’s what rock really needs.” This web shit is inconspicuously destructive. ‘On Friday, I wasn’t let into the Mere t0 see Labradford~an amazingly mystical, melow-trance act that has kept me pacified and paranoid atthe same time this summer--because I'm not 21. Iean't E | describe what a cruel shot to my gut this is. It destroys any potential the night might have had. ‘Anyway, I was renewed the next day at Central Park Summerstage, one venue thankfully computer- fre, where John Cale and Stereolab provided one of the most inspiring and memorable shows in memory. Playing with slide guitarist B.J. Cole and the Soldier ‘String Quartet (I thought Sofi-Psychedelic String Quartet would be a better title), Cale was a classic all the way. Sitting behind the piano most of the time, he delivered delicate renditions of some old tunes, ‘remastered with a versatile and distinct backing soune: back female vocalists, percussion, and stringed instruments flying tight brilliant tension. ‘Leonard ‘Cohen’ “Hallelujah,” which I've always considered a sort of statement on how Cale plays music, and “Style It Takes" were infused with a fleshed-out tendemess that melted my heart. I was literally tingling ‘Stereolab was as passionate and wonderful and hot as had expected, this being the first time I had seen them. Tripping hard on that lush British synth thing, ‘mixed with a pronounced touch of Ray Manzarek, I fell in ove right there. That day, Summersiage (despite it being the biggest T-shirt convention I can remember) proved itself as an almost ideal place to — see partake of music. Free and outdoors, I get litle sticky and a litle stoned; it's ll I need. Calvin Johnson's Dub Narcotic Sound System that night at rving Plaza was just silly and cocky {enough to cause me to crack a big stupid smile. Johnson got the majority of the audience on stage at ‘the end, geting down mock-proper, and that was pretty cool too. Yo La Tengo was in top form Sunday afternoon at ‘Union Square Park, and they brought a sweetly rocking end to the festival. Yo La Tengo is like an icon of traditional values, musical and otherwise: a preserver of what ts all about. Ethereal harmonies ‘and loud distortion that's fucked-up without being too fucked-up generates an intensity that cannot ever be described without using words like “electric” and “gorgeous.” Their encore jam on “I Heard You. Looking” blew the top off of anything I saw that ‘week, and Daniel Johnston's “Speeding Motorcycle” with Antictam’s Tara Key on guitar accelerated nicely ‘off into the distance, where lightning started to appear ‘out ofthe dark clouds, and soon after an enormous rain storm hit So, it's a small conflict. 1 saw some pretty ‘amazing music this week, as I do every year at this time, But the Macintosh Festival really struck me as depressing evil. Given that our collective integrity and intelligence is being swept away at a ald enough te get frighteningly effortless pace by this glossy “revotution” (as the festival organizers described it) in interactive infotainment, the idea of this festival was not very unexpected or original, It's just a shame really. Going to see alive show has been a vehicle for exhilaration and enlightenment for along time, the last undiluted haven for the soul. The Macintosh ‘New York Music Festival and everything surrounding. itmade me wonder how long it wll stay that way. along. ‘This was a really fun show to be at. 1 found free ‘money on the floor at the bar, Tramps was the cemptiest I've ever seen, and hell, | country slow danced with a cutie. | knew those square toed cowboy ‘boots would come in handy for more than kicking aside all the Macintosh Music Fest industry hipsters inattendance. The Brothers started off sounding kind of soft and slow, more rockabilly than the records 1 ‘know, the singing not as Lonesome, the guitars not as cobwebby. After a couple of songs, they seemed 10 sink into their boots, maybe even forget they were playing a“show" in front of an audience, and started to, say, rock out, There were a lot of buggers up on stage, five, six or seven, playing all kinds of, instruments, including that’s right, a synthesizer rigged up to sound like aslide guitar. It sounded ‘good, most of us were stumped for a while as to ‘where those velvety notes were coming from. They played for a while, about an hour and a half, maybe ‘more, still not long enough. We were howling for ‘more, and that’s usually to say that they played a great show, and I can’t wait for them bros to blow back into town, concert review: palace (by the artists formerly known as palace brothers, palace songs) tramps nye july 95 NS BEFORE, ASTER : 2\- ‘Add fresh fruit or honey, i Dope grand passion te, ime put'tircon.. ‘opening of sya grand passion Pop Rockel Records acer jrferview” Lea me Plt ) begin wit, and here cerainly is teouigh of tepreentation of women in el bands, T don't know wmhy thats. 1 think some of i. wel, women fll io this, but for me isa general tng for people to take the ait hat" don't ave tin me” or“ can't fete equipment ogthe or“ don't now anyone” fol’ it ging wo doit. And we all Know people ‘who've done well in bands and then have faded aay. You bave vo make ht deision wo do it and do pessionately. I thinks a difical decison to get int in any reatveendewvor. Doing it balf-ased tmean aloof problems. Root, Yeah. Rich Fs The Reis isa good example o that, taking the decision todo things ona hige level and fot being ale wo pul ito | {Dawn Esubroks walks int Bee Bee's Root: Abh! Dawn! We vere jus ulking about you Dawe: Man, everyone a th gallery (Dawa works at the Emporiun, including Galley: she came to pt iced coffee to fol is asking to bu Eleanor Lazarek's paintings Root Are you serious Dawn: Yea, but she dest ned sel them, she needs to Keep then for posite shows [told her © {sk or $1000, andi someone wants great. Beh P She gota big pant fom a Canadian as pul, igh? =\' Daven: Shes going wo France to paint J) eh Bet was gomg to ak er abe’ ike to Nave ina rok bt Root: Dawn, we were ling about why there ret snore women in bands tcl. fel hat maybe they t,t anyny are more self conscious athe tevianing Dawn: {think hey're choosing ferent mediums Icappeas wo boys when theyre young wo be ina rock band, don't know, on‘ think was imagining being ina band whe Iwas 10, nt unt {Was 16 wen I waned rock out Ret Fe: You're smarter! was always fantasizing about being in a rook band Dawn: [was never world aboutit because it's not asi women aren't doing anything theyre just not thing ei Rich FT 'm suprised thre is’ tand that is three fils anda guy, or ll gis or sone feaule dominated thing ke peter, who were ike "we're agi band!" or something like ha {We ii about big boobs and guitar saps Root: Sol gues thas the offical new place for shows the Pool Hands (Poo! Hand Lake's in New Unto Daw Well, they seem tobe makinga bg dea of Sey 7h ‘Amt your wite, America’s Havorite'quees. pac lady next door 2 it, putting press photos on the wall. Root: Doe! (Homer Simpson noise) Like Spuds McKenzie? Rich FI think it just means more shows; the 1ore places for people to play, the better. I think ‘Skipper’s Dock, though it probably won't happen again, was a good example of that.Pool lands East! [Rich Martin and Jen Wolein join the table; Rich ‘orders the “Manager's Special,” and Jen orders some alien epg sandwich.) Root: [ heard about that wo. fh Mz: We started it off though, we got the first sig. Rich F.: And the last gig! Rich Mz Yeah, Root: How did playing there come about? Rich M.: Somebody saw us at Pool Hands and was ito itso Dawn: Chris Thorpe. Root: Was it the after dinner wave of people coming {nto hear music, oF something...2 Rich Fe Yeah, it was like people sor of dressed up to caton their way out and all ofthese kids in tee shirts and shorts roing amps up the deck all burned cout going in. Root: But thought that place was allelam friters and such, Rich F. Me too, until I saw the N. Matthew ‘Thomas Trio with Michael Fitzgerald {jazz} there last summer. It's not though, it's just a bar, with neon andall. Root: And they let the underage kids watch, Rich F. Outon the dock, ata safe distance, yea. Root: Why did Grand Passion... What happened that night? Rich Mz: What, withthe show the other day? Root: Yeah. Rich Mc: Well, we asked tis band from out of town to play, and it was really loud, andthe bartender was, I don’t know, not into it, and she maybe called the cops on it Root: What? Rich Mz Yeah Root: Nice. Rich M. Eh, I don’t know, it was good funs it was worth getting shut down by the cops Rich F~ Yeab, atypical Stonington show: the cops come toend it. Root: Did anyone have alittle camcorder? Rich Fe: There were only ten of us there - Dawn: Did they drag the sticks ou of Doug's hands? Rich F. Yeah..that happened to the Relies one night in Stonington} That was fu Root: Is there any particular reason why Ihave you wns alaana Wofewiew!” finale. Y two here, the two Riches from town? Rich F.: We're about to come into a lot of money. Rich Mc: Yeah, [laughs] rich kids from Mystic. We represent that completely. Rich Fz Ha! Completely, in total.we carry no ‘debt. No, | think that both of our bands are working hard, we're all working hard. Root: Are youll happy, and working hard and ‘making money? Rich M.: We're not making any money. Rich F.: We're not making any money. Root: Is the ideal to make money’? Rich FI think the ideal isto be able to afford to do it, with shows out of town, exposure level, spreading the message. Dawn: Credibility! [Dawn says au revoir and goes ‘back to Emporium] Rich Fe: Justa litle respect! I'd like to tour--more getting drunk! The best thing about living here is ‘coming back. Root: I gucss the main thing is, ae you guys happy? Isn’t that the important thing? Rich M.: I'm happy, I'm playing shows again, | haven't been in a band in two or three years, so I'm psyched as far as the band scene goes...Hzomeen’s taking off and..we don't have the local upsurge the way we used t0, but we also have alot of bands recording, and I think that's really important. 1t seems like everything’ growing ina way that bands will be playing out of the area and Hozomeen is going national, and it’s like..things are cool right now, Rich F.: One of the early goals was that there would, be an indigenous Mystic mentality, and now that that exists..wwhen the Relics were trying to do the gig, s = that was part ofthe plan, butt was never solidified “seaoh, enough to rally happen. Now, {tink what Rich poten saying, that there is so much more going on in such abroad web--I thnk when things do hit there will be that recognition of Mystic, and having our g litle lag on the moon, instead of it being known as a touristy place alone. Nothing's assured, though. Everyone has to go out and do the next batch of work. Root: It seems as if it were a real thing of the times inthe early nineties when there was the big “alternative” commercial push at finding a scene somewhere and it seems like. Rich Me:...we got overlooked?! Root: No, no that's not at all what I was talking about, I just meant that everyone in Mystic saw that as being important. Rich F.:1 think that the Relics and Lotus CDs are evidence of that “we're going for it allright now” kind of thing. Root: Now it seems a lot more calmed down, and,..doing your thing...and more mature. Rich F. It's more mature, but it's broader too. It's ‘not like “omigod we have to find a headliner to book. the next show!” It’s not like that anymore; any event is going to draw its crowd, no matter what itis. All that growing is over now, everything exists in one place, finally. The real goal is to entertain as many people as possible, Root: So you're all planning on staying in town? Rich Fe Yeah. Rich M.: Maybe...we'll see. New London bound maybe. Root: With the rest of Grand Passion, How's their apartment? Rich Mz It's cool. It's hot and sweaty and has a practice room as big as this table. It's cool, it's right across from Pool Hands. Rich F.: No way, that house that's tight opposite thedoor? Root [like that little scene there. Rich Mz: No, that'd be nice, but no. Root [have to hear about the Grand Passion rovordings. Rich Mz: We recorded yesterday on four-track. We did some recording in March at Sorcerer Sound. We 4id four songs to demo then, but we might send two Of them off fora 45 next week, when T have the money. I've been saving money for a while, but ‘'s cool-tight pop shit, We're going to start label: Pop Rocket Records. Root: Oh yeah, I saw the fliers Rich M.: We'll do cassettes, a compilation tape, go at it slow, no CDs to start with, Root: And Hozomeen is in bloom? Rich Mz Yeah, and growing fast Root: But you're not doing Post magazine? Rich Mz Postis still going...these two new designers are working with me now, Rhoop and Rebecca, and they're designing it, the whole thing. 1 collected a lot ofthe stuff, but it’s going to be different. A lot of our old standbys that are usually in ‘our magazines aren't going to be in there, so it's ‘going to be different, different designers, different feel, and [ think that’s cool. A new stage for it Root: Are you the PR guy for it? Rich M.: I'ma magnet for it because people know ‘my name and ask where they should send stuff. There are about five or six people doing all of the work. [We talk about the demise of Stitch in Time, public toilets in the firehouse, and the Danish ship) Root: Now, it’s 1995: in five years, a the new ‘millennium, what's the best thing that could be happening? ye cae do if | torent ~ fe. intenient Clst fot ! Rich Fz: The best thing that could be happening is that ifthe kids, 15,16,17 years old then start bands, and start painting and start writing. I think that would. be the best thing. For the cycles we helped initiate to siill happen. Rich Mz: I want to be a kid doing stuff in five years. Root: Any other stones left untumed? What about all of the bands that are moving out of town? There were rumors..isn"t Magpie moving to Seattle? Lotus to Boston? Rich Mz Mark (Quinn, of Magpie] is going to Seattle Root: Do you think Mystic will always have a little fire going on? Rich M.: Wedo art and we do music and that's what ‘we've chosen to do with ur time and T think yeah there area lot of younger people around who are not doing that ba as ong as I'm around and living here, I'm going tobe puting out art and music, and it seems that people are interested and going tothe shows Root: So if you become famous you're not going to move LA.” . Rh M:tniy acto er Yorkatmme rats. Tlie to ive that ie, but 'm notin the vein that > have to move thereto make something happen for myself. Ra Ly Root Obbhh.1 kind o ave goto work now in Sy Rich Fz Yeah, Ihave goto the galley fat > Stonington Vineyards] and help Micelle {Gemma} finish hanging the show Root: Ohhh! {have to work and I can't go. [have to close and I'l be there “til 12:30. It's my Tast day, though, Have fun atthe show. Rich Mz That's going to be great, litle tasting! FUN MAKERS Fvrenty “VO ‘BROwN two concert reviews by amy K 1. Harry Pussy/Dead C at Mercury Lounge, 10 June First of all, I'm so glad I’m 21 now so 1 don’t have to use my old fake ID to get into stupid Mercury Lounge anymore. They are so strict there it's ridiculous. Get this: on the night before {turned ‘twenty-one I went to see Speedking/Railroad JerkiSix Finger Satellite and I handed the guy my real ID and he looked ait, looked at his watch and said, “come back at midnight” Jesus! I was gonna be “of age" in three hours and he wasn’t gonna let me in. He didn’t even think it was Cunny; he was totally serious. Finally, the other nicer guy said I could go but he told the waitress not to let me drink ‘til midnight. What the fuck? T might as well be twelve. Anyway, Harry Pussy were great. I love the girl. She drums like “Animal” from “The Muppets” and screams crazily ‘They only played like 1S minutes because they got all sweaty and burnt-out quick from their lively performance or whatever. Dead C were all ambient and. Telaxing which provided a nice juxtaposition, but by then I was busy complaining to Michelle about these two guys T know who were there whom I hate because they are mean and snooty dumb boys who treat sitlfriends badly and smell Blonde Redhead/The Make-Up/Dub ‘arcotic at Irving Plaza, 22 July Blonde Redhead played promplly at eight so there weren’t many people there For them, which is a shame because they are the best NYC band around and they often play in art galleries which means a lot to ‘me because visual art and music are so rarely ‘combined successfully ‘The Make-Up is hilarious in a mean sort of, way. I couldn't decide if an Svenonius was like, paying homage to Jon Spencer or making fun of him, but there certainly isa resemblance there. I guess The Make-Up isa concept band and the concept is, .exploitation of soul music as ironic salvation? “Trade in your cynicism for belie is what lan repeats religiously and then falls to the floor, twitching and yelping in a surprisingly high-pitched voice. T think ine’s trying to “bring it all back to the kids” by interacting with the audience alot and using the standardized passion of soul music, but I fee like it's alla joke and I wonder who the joke is on, (But what want fo know is: did he barf into a trumpet this time around?~ed) Dub Narcotic was, you know, Calvin Johnson. He’s a good dancer, though. between seasons by casey. Dreams lm, and despa none soup. Platforms, leather, plaid, rubber. Smoke, Cote, dpe Sytagogue Mou Mision cn thal Riveh grunge, Bamour A izing trey commerce otis down, Andon tng Femin eonsant Ia You Pace Sei fll swing uae and ive on Fea Set nye, aro from Sing betneen {Yalan Sng) Lats: Punks owe in foh from clean mideser one stn get Sie and ran. es not easy bt cent They Tine sidewall, beg force by yan tock CBs by nigh To suvive share Smokes, change and piza, The i ike unkempt phasor oct ntl Srombol dam lever pn Fecome donations. Around Sepember at hey Imag dsappear and al wil be es aorta tnd mor ike eu concrete rey, slat Deiwere seasons Sepemberts Jon Tha capo underground, ean, fi yp natok sere, discover te cus. Spring arvcv ands any magi suck 0 pape wile wasdkeaming Grey concrete ‘arms, The sunshine Sumer ts nd [just waat bl Mya sweet jt he come. Goodbye sink’ iy, Goodbye sain kent "Ther no place ike home. Ret 19 Myst for emer Wolo’ at opening ae Emporium Galley: Anamcing even tocae Otte increible eno hasan the nome presence of her work Rae) fan trot ecopuzl al he meno hr arial o¢ inher home ove, Taly-a st creative young mavercsin ou midst Walking around ike 0 normal human being. magi dtvering ber fits seca, on pope ans an Sete dimensions we hen even conidered Ye ean elp but ak of Megan ‘hipping ff ports fis ends a aoc Pact ileal mgood fn er be elections ofthe Love. aah will bee ee so seck now year worhpe flac en ye will have to tvel froth Cuggenicim othe Meco teold hese works Thre, have prophesied Co now! A visa ss awa you Thon runout and ese acopy of Post mngaine for operand n depth view and imrvew wit be arta mel Jr Wolin, casey + a ia A zippy, delicious kind of thing! ‘which I will transribe, and deliver to all you lucky lite doggies. Right now Mike is working hard at Sorerer Sound while 'm taking in the things I miss ‘most about Mystic. Polite, friendly, smiling people who stop at crosswalks and take turns siving right of way at drawbridge stop sign. (This is 9 fucking beautiful to me after living in ny.) Water, air, coastline, East Beach, Visited Stitch in Time, had coffe atthe Marble with Lymn, Sloan's baby sings twinkl-lite-star over the phone. Heard about Albers stunning proposal to buy the old firehouse and convert © ‘ArtMecca. What a delightful idea and amazing sactifie. Saw Grand Passion at Pool Hand Lake's. “Pixies inthe Rain” is one of my favorite songs right now. [ might cover it (He he) Saw ex-Neighborhoods front man in newly formed band Stardarts at E-n-Gee. The Neighborhoods were mini-god to us back when Sill amazing guitar playing, hooks, kick. Go Stardarts! Party at Rich's, Party at Brooks’, party at Hannan’s. Listening to Jen acoustic, new songs about dreams. Digging Rich and Dove's new platinum dos. Exchange smiles with rock stars! Is all over much too soon, and I find myself atthe Mystic depot listening to some kids play the strings off their guitars nearby a8 board the seven ottock train, Exchange Smiles With Rock Stars ‘Some fun new york stories to show and tell. and share with friends back home: ‘Mystic’s rockin’ scene visits the fuzzy spider lounge. Magpie, Grand Passion, Jen Wolein, and latest but not least, Mona Gritch all recorded at ‘Sorcerer Sound with Mike (recording engineer & fuzzy husband). Now nothing makes me happier {and I suppose always will) than a good slumber party. Aftera fourteen hour session, musician friends can come to our apartment, sleep a while ‘on a napkin-sized spot on the floor, in the ‘moming have several rounds of java, exchange talk about new songs or weird old Kenneth Patchen books, go down into the streets, and stumble around and into Rocks In Your Head or See Hear bookstore, or some old cool place that ‘could only thrive in such abundant wackiness. {A few obscure facts about recording with Mike: 1. Has eerie ability to work for twelve hours and then suggest doing a mix (another 3-4 4 ote Sterne between seasong. hours), Most band members ar in fetal position ‘on uncomforabie lounge couch by now. Don't fight it. Turn up the speakers and count sheep. (See Doug for funnier version this.) Mike just smiles and fickers about, ike the way Matt Hannan builds those incredible fires. They both ‘Work in the same meticulous and wonderful way. 2. For reasons yet unknown, you (band member) will be much more tired than Mike the next day. Post-yet-moder Hozomeen Press daraled and amazed Kerouac Beats. A four dy NYU Kerouac extravaganza proved to me that you will have to travel to Kentucky to find the ‘alber of work the Hozomeen Press is doing. ‘The most happening other small press {have seen, White Fields Press, has asked Hozomeen to doa book with one of their most gifted writers and press 1/2 owner, Ron Whitehead. (Runner up press being City Lights). Oohs and as from al ‘who touch Hozomeen books, because theyre just so darned beautiful. Poet tend Steve Dalachinsky introduces me to David Amram (Pull my Daisy Quartet et). We exchange art projects, smiles, and warm handshakes. He is so amazing. In his aumerous lectures he gave Sincere encouragement and praise to kids doing art He said: do what you can, believe that a thing of beauty will last forever, create with love and other grat things lik that. Dream words. soon realize that Steve Dalachinsky knows ‘everybody. Hello David. Diane, Allen. Steve moves quickly among the teat parade, holding ‘obscure periodicals and first editions for his friends to sig, Later, Steve introduces me and Rich Martin to Gregory Corso on sidewalk (Stl ‘debated: Did we imterrupt Corso trying to score some weed?) In a brief but intensely cook moment, awestruck and all smiles we hand Corso Hooromeen books. Corso says smiling "I can't carry those. Give ‘em to me later." "Corso rocks ‘my world!"— Marin (heard many times since.) ‘Watch for Steve Dalachinsky’s upcoming Hozomeen book The Final Nit. Notable ny shows I saw between seasons: Sebadoh, Pavement/Guided by Voices, L-7/Karen Black, Jesus Mary Chain/Mazzy Star, Hole, FS.K with David Lowery, Circle Jerks(Debbie Gibson stage dive worth admission), Alex Chilton, Dancing French Liberals of '48/The Presidents of The United States of America, Kevin Salem, Sons of Bitches sgunay OI40AR} anok YZ 329J40d 5,3] Ye ° [de tu enti (boy band named after girl band 7 Year Bitch), Luna, Jeff Buckley. As usual, I missed more than | saw due to buying the Voice late and then not reading itor other such recklessness. Top § Star Sightings ESS 1. Met Tom Verlaine (Television ‘underground demi-god) at Sorcerer. He picked up my guitar, checked the sound, laughed, said it reminded him of some old 60s primitive psychedelic technology, or something to that effect, and said he thought it looked a lot cooler ‘without the expensive white protective trim on ‘most Les Pauls. Thumbs up-it's good, Last week ‘an into him again, exchanged smiles on 3rd Avenue en route to see a friend's band, "Use" debut at Acme. "Use," first show, and frst time ‘ever on stage (except for Andy, bass player) get approached by major record label. Modern rock fables can come true. 2. Last week exchanged smiles with Lary-Bud Melman Calvert Deforrest on N rain, ‘Thick black wrap sunglasses, immaculate white ‘cotton shirt mcked into black trousers belted outrageously around 4" from his armpits. He rox. I smiled half the day. 3. Bought pink platform gitly shoes on Prince Street, walked down to the studio to record a tune with Mike, almost ran into Iggy Pop, exchanged smiles. Had an excellent recording day, ‘crowned as it were by my rock & roll [airy god father. Love hie. 4. Gave a magic wand (same as in Hozomeen Hygienic Fix) to Kevin Salem (Mike's friend and ex-guitarist for Freedy Johnston) at Mercury Lounge show. He doesn’t need it tho-this boy will go far. He's very sweet and extra talented yesirree. 5, David Cassidy needs a demo. What else can you do but give the man a microphone and press record, or something like that. So Mike's in this very long David Cassidy session, and after ‘many hours I called to say goodnight. Mike answered the phone so I sang "I Think I Lave You" intro. Mike laughs, we talk and bang up. ‘When he hung up the phone David asked "what's the joke?" so Mike says, "well, my wife sang me an old song." David, somewhat agitated and ‘animated says *It was a Partridge Family song, ‘wasn't it!" Peals of laughter. Mike says until then no one in the session dared mention the "P* _ Ih mite: engineer + hus band -ejght. W's safe. casey. wor eve aire seme sation at my sod fon ‘Ah, New York. Stardust and other crud, ‘on my pink shoes. ‘What have I leamed between trips from the concrete forest to the magic town where litle art sprouts grow? Times, they are a changin’ and boy are they the same. Same old beautiful Mystic by the shore, plus a slightly higher sleaze factor what with the shuffling of gamblers in and ‘out—but then, there's fewer nuclear submarines ‘bein’ made, so think is a trade up in the right direction. Hia! So easy for litle miss ny to avoid the tedium of the debate. I sil see that loving ‘kind happy beautiful real tiny litte town, with _eat heaping disproportionate gobs of substance. ‘Where in big obnoxious ny, dowjones circus of the stars, home-town of hype & media frenzy, it’s seasory-overload, spiritual-underioad. This ‘season i’ all about (pick man-made (E. polymer of choice). Lots of bad retro ideas are * rising up (again) along with a few fun ones, Unchecked commercialism run amok (again) and some surprising acts of generosity. If Amram is right, a thing of beauty will outlast al Kerouac’ stil a loveable honest rebel who gets posthumous standing ovations. Revolution still ‘means the undressed emperor rules the sleepy ‘masses while unchecked hoaesty and compassion thrive underground. Go Hozomeen, go Root, go old self, back to Mystic and learn t love again. Atleast for the summer. t'ai and amy talk about stereolab in the park , and some other things ‘Amy: We saw lots of poople we knew there. It was like a reunion ‘T’ak: Yeah man, the world like revolved around Central Park that day, Amy: There were some freaks wearing those “deedly- boppers” you know like alien antennae with silver litter. Tai: Very appropriate. Anyway, John Cale played first. That kinda sucked, 1 mean it was..boring Amy: It was like big band music or swing. Didn't he do a cover of “You Say Tomato”? 247 ‘Trai: | don’t remember that. I think 1 was too fixated ‘on that hot chick with the tight cords and high heel white boots. ‘Amy: I was watching Asian-fetish boy hug Asian iris all day! Well, at least heroin-man and his dumb posse weren't there. ‘Tai: God, I see him everywhere-are you sure he ‘wasn’t there? I could have sworn I saw his greasy hair there inthe crowd~no, that was Ted. Amy: I saw Iggy Pop at the Palace show at Tramps, ‘That’s an odd combo. | also saw Larry Clark with his litle protégés~by the way, didn’t “Kids” totally suck? ‘T’ak: No, I've decided that although I hated watching the damn thing, it was actually really good. Amy: [going off] Huh? You hated it. I thought it Was “all style, no substance” as the saying goes. It wasn't shocking, it was BORING. And what's this obsession with “gritty realism” anyway? That's just Settin” yourself up for a fall. Maybe I would have liked it more if all that hype hadn't given me huge ‘impossible expectations. And I'd just like to say that ‘otal fourteen year old girls are as dumb as they ‘made them seem in the movie, or atleast hope not. Trak: Um, okay, Amy: Sorry, anyway, | enjoyed Stereolab more once 1 got stoned. The park was so pretty ‘Tak: I'd never think that Stereolab would be inspiring but they were. I was so excited I started ‘making alien art and throwing it into the audience. ‘Those girls’ voices--quite prety Amy: At one point they said “This is what we look like in the daytime,” but I don’t understand that ‘cause they're total sunny day music, not dark and gloomy. Wuzzup wit dat? ‘T’ai: ['a not sure that would necessarily mean that they're dark and gloomy, but actually now that | think about it, that sci-fi theme could be interpreted a both, Nostalgic past and future--how depressingly postmodern, ‘Amy: Oh yes, the curse of postmodernism. Everything's been done before. Sigh..pass me a “Zima.” ‘Trak: Ha, ha. Anyway, the music is really good and they gave a surprisingly good performance too. The ‘Moog set the mood ‘Amy: Hey, Patti Smith is about to go on stage now. Let's watch! ‘Tai: The stage is it in red, Amy: Don't forget to buy a commemorative Patti ‘Smith-at-Summerstage mug on the way out! EL N GEE CLUB in New London presents: *KeEoLpEN Srrenr¥ the mystic new music fest 1995 a three night extravaganza of area bands performing feats of rare beauty through enthralling rock & roll this year’s festival line-up is as follows «Bx THURSDAY 81 AUGUST 1995 trom Mystte Lotus power trio rock 2am to Tam from Nyatte Doug ‘Aggropopburn 10:45pm to U\5pm from Brooklyn via Mystte Mayp emotional pop heaven TOsISpm to 10:45pm from Nystte Cigarette Jazzy trance trio 9:80pm to 10pm FRIDAY 1 SEPTEMBER 1995 tron New tontn the Reducers the world famous 12:80am to 2am trom New lontn Grand Passion sonte surf roek U:8Opm to 12:15am frum alt potats steam Vera from Alice perfect pop for you & you 5 you. 10:45pm to UlSpm tom Xew York Four Squirrels pop goes yr beart opm to 10:80pm ok TR] He SATURDAY 2 SEPTEMBER 1995 trom wyatte Delta of Venus trance rock in space 12:80am to 2am tom Mystic Mona Gritch yore Poralory T80pm to 1:15pm from att potuts s8¢om Adam's Onis groovey buggin’ Tove 1Opm to 10:30pm