EX. DOCKSIDE/PIER EARLY MORNING WITH A GLORIOUS SUNRISE The SALESMAN is sitting on the edge with a whiskey in one hand and a picture of him and his (ex) wife. Suddenly he is pulled off of the dock. The camera does not reveal that he is on a dock, the shots are quite tight and non descriptive of the location. CUT TO INT OFFICE LATE NIGHT SALESMAN sneaks into the BOSS’s office and slams his case on the table, his eyes wild scaring the BOSS who was facing the opposite direction in a large executive chair on the phone. The SALESMAN pulls out the 7XL, an obscenely large pressurised tube/pistol of superglue and points it at the BOSS. The Camera focuses on the tip of the 7XL CUT TO INT OFFICE DAYTIME SALESMAN is being shouted at by the BOSS, a short, fat, balding and sweaty man who looks like pure vice distilled- the epitome of a seedy barfly. Dialogue is indistinct whilst the BOSS gives him a lot of verbal abuse and points to his watch. The idea is to convey that 1) the SALESMAN is late and 2) The BOSS hates the SALESMAN, a lot and would love to hit him. The SALESMAN follows the BOSS into his office for the first of few distinct lines BOSS If you don’t sell two hundred units of Ultra Bondex superglue you’re fired. FADE TO EX STREET DAYTIME The SALESMAN paces the street, knocking for sales. Again there is no really distinct dialogue. Everything sounds a little watery, even the sound of the SALESMAN knocking on doors sounds like it is underwater. Essentially the SALESMAN gets nowhere with his sales there is only one drawn out sales pitch then theres a short montage of more failed sales, door slams etc. CUT TO INT DINER The SALESMAN is on a payphone to JOE ON THE PHONE his only real friend who is also a door to door salesman. There is no distinct dialogue, everything sounds as if it’s underwater except for: SALESMAN I need this job Joe!

JOE Try the Circus FADE TO EX .CIRCUS EVENING The SALESMAN fails a sale, as he walks away he gets hit in the back of the head with a cream pie. He turns around to deal with the culprit, a clown. As he is about to confront the clown he sees his BOSS and ex WIFE leaving the circus together. He follows them in a montage as they walk off. The BOSS walks her to her house where he kisses her ‘goodnight’ and waddles away. The SALESMAN is incensed. FADE TO INT BOSS’S OFFICE NIGHT-TIME the SALESMAN silently entering the office, as he approaches the door to the BOSS’s office: BOSS And the best part is I convinced his wife to leave him for me! Quick cut to the SALESMAN slamming his case on the table and pulling out the 7XL, then we see the SALESMAN glue the boss to his chair and seal his mouth shut too. As he goes to leave the SALESMAN rips off his nametag and set it alight before dropping it in a PAPER BIN before he leaves. CUT TO SALESMAN is sitting on the dock looking at the photo of him and his wife before he sets it down, putting his wedding ring on top of the photo. He knocks back his drink and looks at the sunrise. The camera pulls out slowly as the SALESMAN pushes a piece of concrete tied to his waist off of the edge. Close-up of his mouth which is a wry smile as the screen goes blue/black and we hear a splash END