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gov> Subject: re: S follow up - SCHEULIN BOYS To: "Roy T Scheulin Jr" <roy_scheu@yahoo.com> Date: Monday, February 14, 2011, 9:08 AM Good morning Roy. Per the disclaimer attached to the first e-mail, please keep in mind that our communication is strictly confidential and not to be disseminated. Any failure to adhere to the rules of confidentiality will place a stop on any further written communication from DCS. It is my hopes that we can continue to communicate via e-mail. Regarding your e-mail, I am a little confused regarding your request for "findings". DCS has not made any independent findings in this matter concerning you as the father of Noah. DCS is simply following the restricted parenting plan, which states you can only have supervised contact through the Exchange Club. The Department forwarded your request for supervised phone calls to the Exchange Club. I understand the Exchange Club has denied that request. If you have any questions or concerns regarding that issue, you need to contact the Exchange Club. I will continue to make attempts to obtain information regarding any alleged incident with Noah. Also, I will gather and forward a copy of the permanency plan and other related Juvenile Court pleadings. Have a great day.

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Brent, Will you kindly send official leterhead signed & dated letter to me or attach by email of your findings along with whom from Exchange club you received your info fromYou sill have not notified me on as you stated you would - son - Noah's Hospital emergency room- visit from Wilders staff accost incident on 12-06-2010- sons- Noah acute head trauma - . You also said you would provide a copy over DCS petition filed on Docket w-3526 May 25 ,2010 & DCS withdraw petition dated Aug 04-2010 in juvie court. Inaddition a copy of Order from Judge Lane on criminal matter putting kids - Micah & Noah Scheulin into state custody When can I expect these docs Regards, Roy T Scheulin Jr. 763-767-6076-

--- On Mon, 1/24/11, Brent Rose <Brent.Rose@tn.gov> wrote: From: Brent Rose <Brent.Rose@tn.gov> Subject: re: S follow up - SCHEULIN BOYS To: "Roy T Scheulin Jr" <roy_scheu@yahoo.com> Date: Monday, January 24, 2011, 9:23 AM Roy, Good morning. I was advised last week that the Exchange Club has denied the request to allow you supervised telephonic contact through their facility. With the Exchange Club not willing to handle these calls, there is nothing more that DCS can do concerning the calls under the current order. Once your restricted parenting plan is modified, these issues would be more than likely resolved. Also, as of today I have not been advised as to the status of Noah's treatment plan or placement issues. I understand they were going to re-staff his case to ensure all issues and concerns were properly addressed. I will continue to relay information as I am provided with such. Thanks. Brent >>> Roy T Scheulin Jr <roy_scheu@yahoo.com> 1/19/2011 3:52 PM >>> Hey Brent kindly lookin for telephonic communication with Son Noah S. --- On Tue, 1/18/11, Brent Rose <Brent.Rose@tn.gov> wrote: From: Brent Rose <Brent.Rose@tn.gov> Subject: re: S follow up - SCHEULIN BOYS To: "Roy T Scheulin Jr" <roy_scheu@yahoo.com> Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 3:51 PM