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Statement from Ohio House Rep.

John Rogers (D-Rocky River) who has

been hospitalized with COVID-19

I was hospitalized Sunday afternoon as my blood O2 levels were

hovering around 90 which is low. Er Doc said wasn’t sure admission was
absolutely necessary but with a Pulse O2 at 88, I needed monitoring.
My internist said that without coming in when I did, it could have been

I am Sleeping pretty much all the time. Still very winded and difficult to
breath, but not as labored as it was. Doc says pneumonia. They decided
to try to wean me off of O2 today and see how my Blood O2 levels
respond. Fevers seem to have settled down. While my headaches
continue. Gaining some strength back but still very weak, having a
difficult time getting out of bed but much better than when I was
admitted. Still wobbly on my feet. Doc says I will likely be here through
the weekend as they are giving me a variety of meds including an anti-
viral medication by I-V. On a positive note I could taste the salt and
coffee this morning, so that’s a good sign I guess.

Hillcrest staff are doing a wonderful job treating me and I can’t thank
them enough. Sadly, I am no spring chicken any more so bouncing back
may take some time. Hoping I can get out of here and on my feet as
soon as possible.