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Dear La Bajada Resident/Homeowner:

The board of La Bajada Neighborhood Community Association (LBNCA) hopes this letter finds
you and your family safe and healthy. LBNCA is constantly posting resources and information
on our Facebook page. To follow us on Facebook, please search LBNCA and follow us for the
latest news and updates occurring in La Bajada.

West Dallas Investments met with the La Bajada community on 3 different occasions to
discuss two projects an eight-story office building located at 423 Singleton and a high-rise
office building located at 3016 Gulden, which includes a Veterans Tribute Plaza. During the
last community meeting held on November 21, 2019, the La Bajada neighborhood voted in
support of the two projects with details for community stability to be established by the LBNCA
board of directors.
The LBNCA board would like to inform you of the Community Benefits Agreement negotiated
between West Dallas Investments (WDI) and the LBNCA board on behalf of La Bajada

Under this new CBA, WDI will invest in the La Bajada neighborhood and support

 youth and senior services,  home repair assistance for La

 health and wellness programs, Bajada Residents
 arts and cultural programs,  other neighborhood improvements
 funding assistance & collaboration
for community and cultural events

For West Dallas residents, WDI will provide

 employment opportunities  institute a “Living Wage Policy” for

 job training programs full-time direct hires
 workforce development  multi-purpose open space for
community events and activities.

WDI also agrees to support the LBNCA’s legal pursuit for the Bataan Center and acreage to
maintain the historical role as a non-profit charitable organization supported by LBNCA.

For WDI, the CBA provides support by the LBNCA for two proposed development projects and
their pending zoning cases. WDI and the La Bajada Board have worked to ensure these
projects and the CBA together meet goals to preserve, enhance, conserve, and maintain the
integrity and stability of the La Bajada community.

As the city grows, community leaders have learned that we as residents can no longer afford
to sit in the comfort of our homes and remain uninvolved. Doing so, we silence our own voice
and give away our power to those few involved.

Moving forward I encourage you to get involved by attending monthly meetings, volunteering
at events, and voicing your thoughts and concerns. Our meetings are bilingual and normally
held the last Thursday of the month. This month it will be held on the November 21, 2020.

The Board is here to represent yours and your neighbors voice as a whole, at local
government and city meetings, so please let us know how we can best serve you by attending
community meetings and voicing your concerns.


La Bajada Neighborhood Community Association

Board of Directors

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