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unwed mother is the lady who have become
pregnant without legal justification of physical
intimacy between man and women.
In the traditional societies like india the physical
relationship before marriage or becoming
mother before marriage is considered as a
sin.Therefore the result of such women in the
traditional societies is very bad.
The foundation of unwed mother lies
somewhere in poverty.It is well known that very
unfortunate parents due to their poverty sell their
daughter.The reality of this statement is well
established by newspaper and news telecast on
T.V. Many of these girls end result is unwed
Prostitute is an individual who for sake of some
reward engage in illegal sexual act with various
individuals either of same or opposite sex.The
tragedy of these prostitute is also being unwed
Teenage mistake
Many teenage girls due to inefficient decision
making make a mistake that make them an
unfortunate mother[unwed mother].
Improper sex education
Due to lack or improper sex education among
teenager and adolescent the
unwanted pregnancy is a emerging issue.
Contraceptive failure
Contraceptive failure can also be a reason of
unwed mother.If sexual relantionship before
marriage is made but used contraceptives does
not work then it result in a unwanted pregnancy
making the lady an unwed mother.
Consequences of being
unwed mother
Consequences for mother
Being mother before marriage,a mother has to
face great consequences like unwed mother is
not socially acceptable in our traditional
socities.In traditional society it is believed as a
curse,therefore it brings a lot of personal
disorganisation in womem who become unwed
mother as she lack support from
family,relatives,society which make her living
quite hard.
Consequences for family
The darkness of being unwed mother not only
remain to mother but her family also has to face
it.The society boycott the family of unwed
mother and family loose their relationship with
the society which leads to isolation and hence
result in psychological trauma on family.
Economic problems
As unwed mother lacks support from family and
society,therefore she faces great economic
Health problems
Both mother and child are at great risk of serious
health problems.This may be due to lack of
support(emotional,nutritional)both to mother and
baby,unsafe delivery practices(which are usually
conducted at unhygenic places to hide
unwanted pregnancy from society)or due to
improper guidance for rearing of child.
Support system available
to unwed mother
Support system to unwed mother are more
available in western societies than traditional
one.For past few decades the goverment
provides;free food, free medical support
system,jobs to earn income,proper education
facilities to unwed mother's child.
Legal rights of unwed
Establish paternity
Unwed mother has a right to the raise the case
in court to establish paternity for her child
against men who she is expected that he is
father of her child. Support to
Once paternity is established, the mother can
demand the support from father to raise her
child.The support can be in form of money or in
some other form.
Custody of child
Even if paternity is established still the mother
has right to undertake the custody of her child if
she want it.
Peer education
Peer education should be implanted to provide
education to those who are not able to go
school.Education regarding sexual and
reproductive health
can be provided to them by forming a group of
peers. Sex
Well designed and well implemented sexual and
reproductive health education can be provided
to young people,so that they can engage in a
safe and responsible sexual behavior.
Supply of contraceptives
Goverment has make easy access to
contraceptives,therefore should take benefit of it
and must take necessary steps to prevent the
occurance of unwed mother. Aboilation of
Prositution mostly result in unwed mother. So in
order to prevent this the prostitution should be
banned or prostitute should be informed about
the use of contraceptives.
Role Of Nurse
As Educator
Nurse should play a vital role in providing sex
education to youngster to prevent occurance of
unwed mother.
Nurse can provide a knowledge to youngster
about the evil effect of being unwed mother.
As An advocater
As an advocater,she can advocates the rights of
unwed mother and can protect her from further
She must inform the mother about her legal
rights which are provided by goverment to them
so that mother can take benefit of them.
As A Helper
As an helper, she can help the mother to raise
her child in the society. Nurse must
provide free services to the mother which are
provided by goverment agencies to help them.
As A Researcher
As a researcher, she should make research in
the best preventive measure to avoid the
occurance of unwed mother.