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ConneCting Country Communities – february 2011

Helping country families make ends meet
on sunday 6 february, Premier Kristina Keneally announced a new package to help country families and seniors.

Country organiser Courtney roche reports …
With less than a month until the state election on saturday 26 march, our local branches are gearing up their campaign preparations. On behalf of Country Labor, I would like to thank all of our branch members who have already knocked on doors, phoned their neighbours, held street stalls and driven, often hundreds of kilometres, to ensure that our Country Labor vote is maximised across the State.

Premier Kristina Keneally’s Fairness for Families package will help country families make ends meet.

the package, called Fairness for Families is a substantial plan to ease cost of living pressures for working families and has 4 elements: 1. Increase the Energy Rebate to $250 a year for all NSW households with a combined income under $150,000. 2. Cap increases in a long list of government fees, taxes and charges at the rate of inflation. 3. Cap increases in CountryLink

and public transport costs to the rate of CPI. 4. Keep Hunter Water, Sydney Water and the desalination plant in public hands. This is not a campaign promise – it will be the law. Barry O’Farrell has condemned this package, calling it a return to class warfare. This just shows how out of touch he is with country families and seniors. For more information visit: www.

I would like to especially thank all of our country candidates who are standing as part of Kristina Keneally’s team and wish them and all our volunteers the very best for the campaign.

Courtney roche


Helping hand for nsw flood affected farmers: state and Commonwealth working together
additional assistance for flood victims
Prime minister Julia gillard and nsW Premier Kristina Keneally announced additional Commonwealth-nsW government assistance for nsW primary producers and small businesses affected by flooding. The Gillard and Keneally Governments have activated a package of one-off “Category C Grants” – worth up to $15,000 – under the National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRAA). The Prime Minister said the grants would help the many NSW communities that are still doing it tough as a result of the floods that inundated south and north west NSW in November and December of last year. Now that the floodwaters in the majority of places in NSW have subsided, it has become clear that many small businesses and primary producers have suffered significant disruption to their businesses. These one-off grants will help minimise the economic impact of the floods in the affected communities and help people get back to business as quickly as possible. “Many primary producers and small businesses have suffered hardship and disruption from these floods after years of drought and this is a way of helping them get back on their feet,” NSW Premier Kristina Keneally said.

$1.25 million for new ses floodboats
the nSW government is investing $1.25 million to provide an additional 20 new flood rescue and resupply boats.

Connecting rural communities

By purchasing modern new flood vessels with increased rescue capability, the SES will be able to focus extra resources in areas affected by severe flooding without diminishing its ability to respond to emergencies in other parts of the State.

Premier Kristina Keneally and Emergen cy Services Minister Steve Whan inspecting flood preparat ions.

The investment will further improve the ability of the 10,000 NSW SES volunteers to serve the community across the State particularly in regional areas

where – as we have seen over recent months – many experience isolation and devastation due to heavy rains and flooding.

new emergency regional recovery coordinators to help with flood clean up
y the flood damage. Premier Kristina Keneally takes to the air to surve

nsW prepared for potential flood isolation
Premier Kristina Keneally and emergency services minister, steve Whan, visited the inland community of goodooga to inspect preparations for potential isolation from floodwaters heading south from Queensland. goodooga was expected to be the first NSW town to be affected by floodwaters. Premier Keneally and Minister Whan meet with locals and received a briefing on the current situation across NSW by the State Emergency Services. They also announced an additional eight areas will be natural disaster declared as a result of flooding, bringing the total to 59 Lgas declared natural disaster areas since December.

Premier Kristina Keneally announced appointment of three regional recovery Coordinators to manage clean up efforts following the December and January floods. While the emergency response to the flood crisis in northern NSW is still underway, the new coordinators will help communities where flood waters have receded to get back on their feet. The three coordinators will be based in their respective regions and will work closely with communities, primary producers and small business: Ms Maureen Chapman will coordinate recovery work in the Northern Tablelands; Ms Diane Crosdale will

oversee recovery work on the North Coast; and Mr Ross O’Shea will coordinate recovery work in south and western NSW. all three are existing staff within the Department of Premier and Cabinet, bringing expertise in coordinating services on the ground. They are already based in the regions that have been flood impacted, and know the councils, local police, businesses and communities. “Following the emergency response to a flood disaster, it is important that the government step in and also provide help with the clean up,” Premier Kristina Keneally said. “My government is very conscious of the fact that when

flood waters recede they can leave behind broken homes, infrastructure and communities. “There is not a moment to be lost in beginning the important task of returning these communities to normal – and that’s what these new coordinators will help achieve. “The new coordinators will work closely with Local government, Police and emergency services to help flood-affected communities get back on their feet,” Kristina Keneally said.

resources for local campaigns
nsW Labor is providing a range of resources for local campaigns – including the Photo Guide, Campaign Office Resource Kit and Finance Guide.
all of these publications, and a range of other resources are available from the nsW Labor website: To obtain your log-in details, contact NSW Labor on 9207 2000. NSW Labor is moving Electrac online, and is developing a phoning module for all campaigns to use. Country Organiser, Courtney Roche and andy Bagnall, from the British Labour Party, travelled to Broken Hill in December to train Party Members in how to use phoning as part of their local campaign. To set up your local campaign with Electrac online, contact NSW Labor on 9207 2000 or your local Campaign Director.

nSW Electoral Pendulum
30% 30%

Labor SEatS

28.7 27.1 26.9 25.4 25.4 25.3



Davidson (Lib)


Heffron 23.7 Blacktown 22.4 Keira 22.0 Shellharbour (v Ind) 21.6 Lakemba 20.5 20.4 F airfield 18.5 17.7 16.1 15.8 15.5 15.1 Campbelltown Kogarah Maroubra Wallsend Smithfield Strathfield





Campaign ance Guide Fin

Campaign Office Resource Kit
Please keep this kit in your office for easy reference This kit contains confidential material and should not be circulated outside your campaign team

NSW Labor

for Practical instructions s Party Units and Campaign

14.5 14.4 14.1 13.7 13.0 12.4 12.0 11.1 11.1 11.1 11.1 10.8 10.3 10.1 8.8

Toongabbie Oatley East Hills Parramatta Bathurst Cessnock Kiama Mulgoa Macquarie Fields granville Blue Mountains Swansea Rockdale Riverstone Heathcote



Castle Hill (Lib) albury (Lib) Coffs Harbour (Nat) Cronulla (Lib) Myall Lakes (Nat) Burrinjuck (Nat) Wakehurst (Lib) Hornsby (Lib) Hornsby (Lib) Penrith (Lib) Murrumbidgee (Nat) Vaucluse (Lib v grn) Oxley (Nat) North Shore (Lib v grn) upper Hunter (Nat) Ballina (Nat) Willoughby (Lib v Ind) Ryde (Lib) Wagga Wagga (Lib) Lane Cove (Lib) Orange (Nat v Ind) Clarence (Nat) Baulkham Hills (Lib) Murray-Darling (Nat) Lismore (Nat) Pittwater (Lib v Ind) Terrigal (Lib) Epping (Lib)
South Coast (Lib)

19.1 19.0 17.6 17.5 17.4 17.3 17.3 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.1 16.1 15.9 15.8 14.7 14.5 14.5 13.0 13.0 12.4 11.7 11.6 10.5 10.1 10.0 9.4 8.4 8.0

10% 8%

10% 8% 2% 4% 2%


4. 9 3. 9 3.7 g 3.3 Ca os f Ba mde ord 2.7 Wo lmain n 2.0 ll Me ondil (v g rn) ly Ma nai itlan d (v Ind 1.2 ) Newca stle (v Ind) 0.8 Miranda

NSW Labor

2010 Photo Guide
Please keep this kit in your office for easy reference This kit contains confidential material and should not be circulated outside your campaign team

Drummoyne v grn) Marrickville ( 7.5 Coogee atta Ind) v 7.2 ram Cab stown (y arle nderr 7.2 Ch do e n Lo ong o nc 7.0 r a Wy ona ntr 6.9 M e E Th 6.9 3 6. 9 4.



bury (Lib
at v I

on (N

v Ind)



ga (





CoaLition SEatS
nsW seats Labor LiberaL nationaL inDePenDent totaL 50 24 13 6 93

auburn Canterbury Liverpool Bankstown Mount Druitt Wollongong

Ku-Ring-gai (Lib)


d) ib v In urn (L goulb ns (Lib) Port Stephe
( nly Lib v
e Tw ed ( Na t) 3.0

) Ind 3.4




















nsW Legislative Council Labor Coalition greens Christian Democrats shooters Party Total

19 15 4 2 2 42

Independent Seats % northern tablelands (v nat) 30.2 16.6 sydney (v aLP) 4.8 tamworth (v nat) 4.5 Port macquarie (v nat) 0.9 Dubbo (v nat) 0.1 macquarie (v aLP) Lake

august 2010

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