A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything

An Original Cosmology of the Universe
Cyd Ropp, Ph.D. 11/20/2009

A Simple Explanation that integrates the latest advances in math and science with traditional spiritual teachings. A multi-dimensional toroidal model of the conscious universe.

and Kenneth Burke  I have also “sat at the feet” of dozens of inspired individuals who did their best to satisfy my insatiable intellectual and spiritual hunger. 2009 Ashland. by Paramahansa Yogananda The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment. various versions The Tao te Ching. Cyd Ropp. Ph. faith. Mr. Wayne Dyer. Relativity. various translations and commentaries The Bhagavad Gita. These teachers came in many guises. with whom I have shared a lifetime of inquiry. Plato. Bill Puett. including Geometry. Baba Ram Dass. Dr. translation and commentary by Paramahansa Yogananda The Second Coming of Christ. I would like to thank my two favorite philosophical sounding boards —my infinitely patient and loving husband. and The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra And assorted works by Carl Jung. by Thaddeus Golas A number of popular physics books.D. Lastly. and my brother. Echkart Tolle. from university professors to preachers to my 7th grade homeroom teacher. and love. inspired by decades of prayer and meditation upon a variety of sacred and secular texts. Fritz Perls.Acknowledgments This is an entirely original work. Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav. and the 4th Dimension by Rudolf Rucker. Gary Ropp. November. Oregon . Bond. Cicero. Aristotle. Here is a sampling of the books and thinkers that have most influenced me in the past:       The Holy Bible.

every element. every function perfectly performed. every thing. God’s mind took on a shape. and that concentrated thought became a singular point of limitless energetic potential—enough to seed our universe. forming a border between us and infinity. And it was all good. . like a balloon embracing wind. understood. our universe was the size of a single particle. God’s mind surrounds the ever expanding rim of creation ignited by the Big Bang. from the tiniest quanta through the greatest astral body. the metaverse vibrated with every organizing principle needed to shape and sustain space and time. On this day that time began. only awareness. and plotted to the nth degree. God’s mind rode along. as creation roared outward. BANG God focused organizing principles and energy into one point and touched off the Big Bang. our entire universe was imagined in the fullness of its complexity. the metaversal consciousness focused inward.1 Before the Beginning Before the beginning. every animal. energy and mass. This multidimensional metaverse still lacked space and time but it now quivered with limitless mathematical potential. Then consciousness had a thought which unfolded into countless dimensions. At the moment this thought occurred. Having had this thought. So was the interface between God’s mind and creation. vegetable. Then consciousness had a particular thought. before space and time. Every system was theoretically in tune. And consciousness had neither pattern nor form. and mineral. Then. consciousness wrapped itself around the expanding space of our universe. Like an expanding womb enveloping a growing fetus. For a moment. there was nothing but pure consciousness. All was in ideal balance. In a twinkling. the consequence of every action anticipated.

2 Units of Consciousness As our universe expanded. Here Now God’s mind pulses with concentration at the birth of every thing in our universe. units of consciousness are increasingly sophisticated in their ability to regulate and manage their existence. These pulsations send spherical waves of consciousness inward from the border of God’s mind toward creation. And particles made atoms. and every one of these material building blocks came equipped with its own unit of consciousness (UC). . pale echoes of God’s mind attached themselves to the particles streaming out of the Big Bang. molecules made single-celled organisms. atoms made molecules. quanta UC atomic UC molecular UC cellular UC organism UC societal UC global UC At each stage along the way from simple to complex. over and over and over again. informing each new piece of material with its own unit of consciousness as it emerges from the portal of here and now. single-celled organisms diversified into the full panoply of life. for every UC could decode and instantiate its own special piece of the metaversal ideal. Each tiny unit of consciousness knew what role it needed to play in order to help the universe create and sustain itself. Time passed and creation became more complex as subatomic particles reached out to one another according to metaversal principles of organization.

 The more UCs of the same level of complexity that are laterally linked.)  The more complex the UC. plus the governing UC of self-awareness. consisting of all potential as well as actual UCs of our universe.”  Every UC has the free will to fulfill or contradict its responsibilities.  Distribution of UCs is hierarchical—the more complex the UC. decides whether to go left or right according to various optical and physical laws of the universe and its relationships with other photons.  The more complex the organism.  UCs are social and additive in number—they tend to work together in harmony with others like themselves. . the more UCs it possesses. the more sophisticated its decision-making abilities.  Life forms consist of the aggregated UCs of the material forming their bodies. plus its own metaversal omniscience. the fewer instances of it exist.  Every UC makes decisions affecting the material it governs. the greater their shared perception of here and now.  All UCs aggregate hierarchically under more complex UCs.  As complex systems die and disintegrate. the more opportunities it has to exercise free will. their aggregated UCs are released from the responsibility of supporting that particular life or material instantiation and revert to their simpler states of molecular consciousness.3 Traits of Units of Consciousness  Each UC is a pale echo of God’s mind.  God’s mind is the most complex UC of all. (A photon’s UC.  All UCs of the same level of complexity are linked laterally to one another in common purpose.  The more complex the UC.  Each UC is capable of using the organizing principles that inform and sustain its existence in our universe.  Each functional organ system within the organism possesses its own UC that governs that organ.  The degree to which any UC comprehends the universe is dependent upon the complexity of its aggregate UCs.  Most UCs perform as expected—they “do their part.” they “work according to plan.  Each UC is fully capable of doing the job put to the material it governs. for example.

Here and now. Like pure potential pouring down the gravitational well of a great black hole. the metaverse all mathematical dimensions all uncollapsed potentialities all principles of organization all systemic patterns perfect coherence future action intention here now our universe collapsed potential one course of action . all potentials collapse as only one course of action is realized.4 One Simple Model Sustaining the matter in this universe requires an uninterrupted stream of organization and intention funneling inward from the spherical border that separates our space and time from the metaverse at large. our possible futures become increasingly limited as they funnel toward the crucible of here and now at the heart of creation.

. e KARMA A here now KARMA KARMA KARMA history Karma reads the historical record and feeds back around to influence the future’s possible actions. karma is a snake that eats its own tail. The more a unit of consciousness has in common with another UC. Like the mythical ouroboros. and then feeds back around to influence the pool of potential futures. Karma emerges at the far side of here and now as history. Our aggregate karma affects all of creation. Karma is a force of influence that arises out of the decision-making history of every unit of consciousness in the universe. Each UC generates its own karma.5 Karma Karma is the mechanism through which the consequences of behavior inform future potential. the more it is affected by the other’s karma. We are all affected by one another’s karma.

All units of consciousness realize their decision-making potential only in the crucible of here and now. where we all are. No matter the size or complexity of the material to which the UC is attached. and there is no space in the metaverse. right now. all uncollapsed potentialities every possible future here now history = collapsed potential = one course of action = karmic record The past has passed the point of no return. The future is ungraspable. That place is always right here. our UCs are all the same no-size in the same no-place. The karmic record has been written and may not be recalled. at this moment of conscious awareness. where the UC of a skin cell is. I am exactly where God is. where the UC of a quark is. therefore all UCs are standing exactly in the same no-place. All units of consciousness are inwardly resonating waves propagated within the shell of God’s mind. from quanta to human to star system.6 We Are All Here Now There is only one time and one place in the universe for any given observer. for no UC can fully know and control the multitude of variables approaching here and now. I am exactly where you are. I am no bigger or smaller than any other UC because size is irrelevant where there is no space. .

and the internet. religions.” for example. mythology. This especially applies to memes dealing with local traditions. memes are most often propagated through mass media such as magazines. Some memes are held in common by most human cultures—the ideal model of a caring family. Memes are energetic waves of cultural patterns fueled by repetition or starved by lack of usage. Andy Warhol’s poster of Marilyn Monroe is a meme. although they may also be spread by word of mouth and tradition. Football is a meme. politics. Every discrete cultural concept. Cats. Memes resonate thematically with other memes in harmonic chords. Patriotism is a meme--all “ism”s are memes. films. universal human values such as honesty and loyalty. bury their waste because there is a strong waste-burying meme that resonates in all cats. archetypal heroes and villains. “Flying in formation is awesome” may well be a duck meme. Our world continually produces unimaginably complex patterns of intersecting memes and chords of memes. each meme has a distinct vibratory signature. Other memes are exclusive to their particular culture. Humans are not the only units of consciousness affected by memes. Each individual meme is like a string on society’s harp. All cultural aggregations of UCs propagate and utilize memes. In human societies. akin to a musical note. The Beatles is a meme. The chord of “America. includes many memes. “Dog is man’s best friend” is a shared meme chord continually re-propagated by both humans and dogs. As wave forms. and regional myths.7 Memes and Chords of Memes Memes are the cultural expressions of societies.for example. Archetypal figures like the Trickster or the Shadow are memes. or icon is a meme. .

The Alcoholics Anonymous meme chord. it becomes a part of that UC’s unique vibratory bundle. it must detach the string from its grasp through disuse. Another couple may not be holding on to that memetic string and so do not need or want a big wedding.8 Bundles of Memes We are not all affected by the same memes. either through conscious disuse or by acquiring a competing. Some memes are very difficult to detach once they are acquired because their vibratory pattern is so intense—the glamorous seduction of the cigarette or the chemical allure of the crack pipe. has successfully replaced alcoholic meme patterns for many drinkers. If the UC does not wish to continue holding that meme’s string in its personal bundle of strings and chords. more desirable meme. . A meme must be either instinctually acquired or learned in order to be invoked by a unit of consciousness. Most memes pass us by unnoticed. other couples do not resonate to the offspring meme. One may. Emotionally evocative memes such as victimhood or jealousy are difficult to detach due to the intense synergistic coupling of thoughts and emotion. Every unit of consciousness holds on to a unique bundle of memes that informs their every decision. forget a foreign film as soon as it is over because its memes do not bond well with the observer’s meme bundle. for example. depending upon their selection of particular strings. A unit of consciousness may pick up entire chords of associated memes. so no children are necessary. “Happy Marriage” is a complex meme chord that means different things to different people. for example. For many couples. for example. the “Bouncing Baby” meme may be adequately invoked by the “Man’s Best Friend” dog meme. but it is also common to pick and choose among individual strings. One prospective couple may resonate to the “Big Wedding” meme and so expect to invoke that meme at the outset of the Happy Marriage. Unwanted memes must be detached through an effort of will. For most couples. the Happy Marriage chord includes a house full of children. Once a UC does acquire a meme. Some memes are easy to detach because they do not fit in with the UC’s overall bundle of strings and chords.

karma memes memes karma karma memes memes memes karma karma memes karma My Self continually evolves according to the selection of memes influencing the decisions I make here and now and the karmic record that loops around to become my potential futures. The job of this Self UC is to oversee the body’s aggregate UCs and to join with other UCs to build things. it is always within my power to make a freewill decision at any particular moment. from the subatomic particles to molecules to cells. “I” am influenced in my decision-making by many forces acting upon me as I approach the here and now. . These forces include the karmic records and meme bundles of my Self and my body’s aggregate UCs. Despite these influences acting upon me. “I” am also the self-aware unit of consciousness generated at conception.This capitalletter “Self” came into this universe as a perfect echo of God’s mind. all the way up through the UCs of the body’s organ systems. and the karma and memes of those around me.9 Who Am I? “I” am the aggregate UCs of my material body.

This inward flowing force of coherence is what we call love. the metaverse COHERENCE LOVE LOVE The metaverse vibrates with organizational principles. God’s mind wraps around our space-time continuum and directs organization inward toward our universe. Brethren units of consciousness need information and they need love in order to join together and work toward a common goal. In order for human units of consciousness to join and work together for the greater good. they need relevant information (including shared meme chords). Particles cohere in familiar and necessary atomic patterns through information and love. and they need to love one another. Our God dwells in this informational sea. they need to be willing to channel coherence from the metaverse. The phenomenon known as “coherence” ensures the compatibility and integrity of these universal patterns and laws. What we call “love” is the felt experiences of coherence.10 Love Units of consciousness gather their systemic patterns and the universal operating laws required to “get the job done” from the metaversal information constantly flowing into and throughout our universe. Families and societies get the job of social order and cohesion done through information and love. Atoms arrange themselves and then cling together as molecules through information and love. Cells work together for the greater good of their organisms through information and love. .

and UCs can all be modeled as a torus:           12 . plus the governing UC of self-awareness. Every unit of consciousness in the universe is a self-aware “I. For any observer. Units of consciousness make decisions on behalf of the material to which they are attached. We experience the holding force of coherence as love. Every thing in this universe comes equipped with its very own echo of God’ s mind—a unit of consciousness (UC). I always retain my ability to freely choose which decision I will make here and now. Our God is wrapped around our expanding universe. holding infinity out. “I” am the aggregate UCs of my material body. Memes are fueled by repetition or starved by lack of usage. No matter the size or complexity of the material to which the UC is attached. Memes are energetic waves of cultural patterns produced by units of consciousness. all that exists is here and now. Decisions may only be made here and now. collapsing from all possible courses of action to a single course of action at the point of here and now.11 Putting It All Together         Our universe is a self-contained toroidal bubble of space afloat in the infinite metaversal sea. holding us in. our units of consciousness are all the same no-size and occupy the same no-place. Organizing principles flow inward from the metaverse.” Subatomic particles. I am also influenced by the bundle of memes I and others choose to hold onto. Karma is the mechanism through which the consequences of behavior informs future potential.” I influence and am influenced by the karmic record generated by my choices and the choices that others have made. Life forms consist of the aggregated units of consciousness of the material forming their bodies. universal forces. I am free to pick and choose the memes I hold onto. from the subatomic particles all the way up through the self-aware unit of consciousness that thinks of itself as “me. Although I am influenced by many forces.

I invite you. use their free wi ll to deviate from the pattern of the greater good. all of creation suffers. identifying with a different meme or meme bundle that is incompatible with that meme. dear reader. . no matter the object of affection. to consider this Simple Explanation in light of what you believe and personally know to be true. instead. and having a change of heart regarding the desirability of that meme. The meme bundles we choose to hold on to have a huge impact on our decisionmaking. developing relationships with those holding memes incompatible with the memes you wish to discard. Every UC has a job to do. I have found this theory works to illuminate both sacred texts and worldly knowledge domains with which I am familiar.” one would expect to find it everywhere. When UCs. and the past is out of our hands and cannot be undone. and love is love. When all of creation performs the jobs they were instantiated to perform. personal. the machinery of our universe runs smoothly. Methods for discarding memes include simple disuse. We hold on to the things we love. for the variables and patterns are beyond our ability to fully anticipate and control. it would be wise to review one’s meme bundle and make a conscious decision which memes and chords to hold and which to discard. We humans are not in control of the universe. Therefore. Such application of this Simple Explanation will be a welcomed step in the evolution of this model. there is really only one simple shape and one ongoing mechanism—a spherical echo of God’s mind that constantly flows inward from future potential through the here and now. Doing one’s job brings joy and fulfillment. We cannot predict the future.12 Random Thoughts For all the apparent variety of creation. If this model is in any sense “true. The only thing we can control is our own. To “live in God’s will” means to lay aside your UC’s egoic desires and selflessly instantiate for the greater good. moment-by-moment decision-making: here and now we have the potential for full control. A meme that is especially intense is more difficult to set down because of the associated chords of memes that go along with it and that also must be set down. emerging at the far side as the past.

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