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December 2020

Ozark Dale County Library, Inc. December Events:

416 James Street
Ozark, AL 36360 December 3- Story Time 10:30am & 4pm
334-774-5480 Mitten Day
E-mail: December 5 - Pokémon League at Home 1-4pm
Facebook: Temporary December 10 - Story Time 10:30am & 4pm
ozarklibrary Hours of Operation: Snowflake Day!
Instagram: ozark_dale_county_library Tuesday through Saturday: December 12 - Art Lessons 10:30am
9:00am - 5:00pm Popcorn & A Movie 12:45pm
Movie: Abominable
Pokémon League at Home 1-4pm

Story Time December 17-

Magic The Gathering 1-4pm
Story Time 10:30am & 4pm

Adventures! December 19 -
Holiday Party!
Pokémon League at Home 1-4pm

Story Time is December 24 - Closed to Observe Christmas Eve

every Thursday at
10:30am & 4pm December 26 - Closed to Observe Christmas/
in the West Wing Kwanza
- call to reserve
your spot and
don’t miss out on
all the FUN! Our First Annual
Santa’s Workshop
was a SUCCESS!!

Story Time on the go!!

Thank you
to Santa and
all his
Thank you Ozark Queens for helpers:
volunteering your time to run the gift Mrs. Claus,
wrapping station for us!! Father Time
If you are interested in volunteer and Jack
opportunities, please call Amber Frost!
Chancey for more information!
Josh Holmes Dec. 22
Kylie Junghans Dec. 5 Dallas Cox Dec. 22
Grace Furrowh Dec. 6 Gavin Huffstutler Dec. 23
Tobias Ayhens Dec. 6 Trinity Smith Dec. 25
Kaya McAllister Dec. 8 Ariona Forbes Dec. 28
Abigail England Dec. 9 Lilly Faulk Dec. 28
Hezekiah Barrs Dec. 9 Aaron Forbes Dec. 29
Adrien Ernandes Dec. 14 Jack Cordes Dec. 29
Holden Junghans Dec. 14 Jill Cordes Dec. 29
Katelyn Thompson Dec. 14 Lauren Winkler Dec. 29
Robby Larroy Dec. 19 Rowan Delaney Dec. 29
Trey Mitchell Dec. 20 Olivia Sanders Dec. 31
Henry Carter Dec. 21 Nalani Thompson Dec. 31
Perry Faulk Dec. 21
Alex Stumpf Dec. 21
Ronald Zito III Dec. 21

December 2020
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3 4 5 Pokémon
Eat a Red Apple National Story Time Wear Brown League at Home
Day Fritters Day 10:30am & 4pm Shoes Day 1pm-4pm

6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Art Lessons 10:30am
St. Nicholas National Cotton National Christmas Card Story Time Noodle Ring Popcorn & Movie
Day Candy Day Brownie Day Day 10:30am & 4pm Day Pokémon League at
Home 1pm-4pm
Magic the Gathering 1-

13 14 15 16 17 18 19
International Roast National Lemon Chocolate Story Time Bake Cookies Pokémon
Children’s Day Chestnuts Day Cupcake Day Covered 10:30am & 4pm Day League at Home
Anything Day 1pm-4pm

20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Go Caroling Winter Solstice Date Nut Bread Festivus Closed Closed Closed
Day Day Christmas Eve Christmas Kwanza

27 28 29 30 31
Fruitcake Day Boxing Day Pepper Pot Day Bacon Day Closed
New Years Eve