the road to Hell.. is paved with the best intentions. How so very true .

M y wife and oldest brother keep pushing me to get a conventional job in the vilest ways. They attack my character, m orale, miss ion, writings,.. - anyt hing that does not produce money. But if they just took a moment to actuallyr ead my ess ays (wit h an open mind/heart), they'd Understand that i'm fighting against the concept of money (and greed / exploitation associated with it). T hey seem to delight in labeling me: loser, louse, l eech, lazy,.. Anything to boos t their position/argument about supporting Arthur.F rankly, i love and agree with them wholeheartedly - i must s upport Art hur BU NO T AT TH E EX PENSE O F MY T M ISSION HERE ON EARTH. i took a walk today out of the village to the west .. It got warm after an hour out so i headed back .. But of course, i had a good conversation with my oldest brother (to the trees lining the road) before returning. i understand his position and intention but because of his ego and cont inual attempt to squish (dominate) me,he might as w ell be on the payroll of Sat an. Timing is everyt hing, right? Hitler t ook power at just t he right t ime in German history. i ague the r pharaohs of ancient Egypt took absolut e power jus t after a many-year drought w hich forced the farming-clas s into abs olute servitude. T he first pharaoh was worshipped as a god for good reason - to keep the people in check. To make s ure the working class es knew t heir place: to work and worship. The his tory of control on t he planet s hows how gullible humans are but at the same time - how weak leaders are to hav e to for ce worship and authority.i see most leaders who must force obeying as Weak .. The same thing for people who attack my character because i do not fit their image of a good father. As i t old Yui over the phone: m y duty is to humanity first. Timing is everything; there's no coincidence i developed a mathematical proof God exist s 'j ust before' 2012. Bet ter Way and the War for M eaning were basically timed by G od to fit the needs of human beings. God nev er t alks out H er as shole (for no reas on). There's always a reason. Just sometimes it takes time for it to become clear. F or inst ance, i would have never written my mother's pastor about the War for Meaning w ithout my oldest brot her's att acks on character. my And i would have never sent out my last essay to accumulatedacquaintances without it as well. i'm not exactly thank ing him for att acking me; i jus t recognize a reas on for everything. He's still an Arrogant Asshole in my book (basically employed by Satan). i'm not going to detail his weaknesses in p ublic because, in spit e of the demon(s) currently residing in him, i s till love the big oaf (he IS my brother after all). And i have no int ention of lowering myself to the level of the demons infesting him. T hey deserve my pity - not hing more. And if you think about this war carefully, i 's no w onder my family is on t he 'Satanic at tack list' t for decades. So really i must pity m oldest brother for being an (as sumed) unwilling target of y demonic attacks .. As i told my old-best-friend: there's really nothing to forgive (when you're dealing with demonic pos session). So i love and pray for my American family .. i always pray for Yui (her happines s, healt h, and fulfillment) .. i always pray for A rt hur (his happiness , healt h, fulfillment , and to be a good man). You see, you must be very specific in your prayer-wording. If you leave one word out, you leave an opening for Satan (for instance, if i leave out "health" above, they can be happy and fulfilled

in a wheelchair - so i'm Very careful in my prayer- ording). And "to be a good man" for Arthur w because if i left that out, he could be an assassin or mass-murderer and still be "happy, healt hy, and fulfilled". G et my point? i pray a Lot these days . Sometimes it's my only w ay to fend off demonic att acks ( hether w through my brother or 'ether' (psychic attacks)). imust pray out of necess ity: when your oldes t brother is calling you "dead", "crazy",.. and really m eaning it, when your wife is continually needling you to "get a job" (ins tead of 'wasting time' on these essays), you MUST pray. i also pray of course for humanity .. To o pen their hearts to God, to recognize H to accept Her er, love .. If this makes me: 'craz y', 'lazy', 'loser', 'bad father',.., then so be it. i'm Happy in H er Love .. One last point. It's about what we're willing to sacrifice for our goals. If someone held a gun to my brother's head and said "stop your attacks on Sam or I'll shoot you in the head", he would simply walk away and call the police. If someone held a gun to Arthur's/my head and said "give up your mission or i shoot", i'd hav to say: NO! e Take your best shot S an; She's covering my butt . at

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