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[change] Now how about this one? If you said awkward or uncomfortable or angry, you re not alone. Millions of Americans say the same thing when approached with the subject. What subject I m sure you re not asking? Well that of course, would be same sex marriage. At the moment, the subject is not one on the national law books. It is left up to state governments to allow or deny the right of same sex couples to get married. Only a few now allow same sex couples that right. With the recent Don t ask, Don t tell controversy on the national stage, same-sex rights are quickly coming back to the forefront of societal issues. Some believe that same-sex marriage should be banned by a constitutional amendment nationwide. Some believe that the right should be protected under the constitution. When it comes down to it, gays are people just like everyone else in the country, and they should be allowed to marry just like everyone else. It has been said many times before that Gay is the new black. This statement references the repetition of intolerance and prejudice . History is doomed to repeat itself should no one take heed from the past, and that is indefinitely what is happening in society today. For hundreds of years, as we all know, African Americans were denied basic human rights. They were oppressed, harassed, and denied the right to marry in the US. Sound like any other groups today? History is repeating itself with a new scapegoat in its sights. It can be prevented though. If we take our own example from the last three hundred years, we can stop a detrimental repeat in its tracks. One of the major reasons used to back the opposition to allowing same sex marriage in the country is that of religion. The Catholic church has always been one to quickly cast their opinion into the political ring, and those opinions are almost always conservative and unchanging. So it is no surprise when they weighed in on same-sex marriage. The Catholic church has said that marriage is a holy sacrament, and I quote, is a conduit through which God's grace flows to the couple and their children. They do not want their holy institution defiled by something they see as vilified and sinful. They draw this interpretation of Homosexuality from the bible. One of the many passages they cite is The only lawful sexual connection is the marriage bed. All other sex activity is whoremongery and adultery, which will damn the soul forever in Hell. Heb. 13:4. Using this as justification for their stance creates a catch-22. They claim that homosexuality is a sin because it involves sex outside of marriage. The question then becomes, how can it occur within marriage if the church won t allow or recognize the marriage? Christianity has created a hole from which there is no escape or reconcile with this defense. They have deemed something sinful as a result of its context. However, the church will not allow the parties in question to change that context to what the church would like, so therefore they will always remain in this so-called sin. On top of this issue, another is encountered. That becomes the fundamentalist views that so heavily weigh in on the subject as well. The Westboro Baptist Church is one of

gay men and gay women will be able to join hands with straight men and straight women as sisters and brothers. What we do know is that the site has repetitively taken bible verses out of context to establish a means to their end. and the church responsible for it is out to achieve their goals at any cost. the effects are happy. After fighting so hard to keep this separation upheld. People are obviously adamant when it comes to upholding this separation. fundamentalism is attractive to some. I have a dream.the best examples of this. secular evidence brought to the table why same-sex marriage should be banned in the US. Whether their words and actions are created for shock value. This is an example of the religious fundamentalism that is slowly creeping into American politics. Such things called into question are the phrases under God in the Constitution and In God we trust on our currency. it has even been called into question whether or not we should keep long held religious symbolism in place. This website is nothing but a cesspool of hatred and prejudice. Since the birth of this country. The discrepancy arises when those same people use religion to defend the banning of same sex marriage on the basis of religious beliefs. they just mean that he incorporated religion into his speeches and so forth. The church as well as individual conservative opponents have argued for the ban on these grounds. In our fast paced. Its message is not one of God. In the words of a great man. there has been a policy in place separating church and and a powerful public speaker in a division all his own. but the sentiment. In all reality. or if these people are truly this deranged. and even September 11th are all God s vengence on America for harboring homosexuals and other assorted heathens. This site. What does any of this have to do with same sex marriage you ask? Let me tell you. and they do not at all interfere with each other: but where they have been confounded together. They have claimed that the oil spill in the gulf. and the . The founding fathers knew this would be best. there can be no solid. we will never know. when church and state are separate." To uphold this standard. I have a dream that one day. Sure it s not word for word as the great doctor said it. and according to Reverend Isaac Backus. no tongue nor pen can fully describe the mischiefs that have ensued. Westboro Baptist created the now-famous site online that any person up to speed on political and religious issues will recognize. for simple fame. the most prominent minister in the late 1700 s in America. Bush started the trend with what has been called the first faith-based presidency in years. and it should not be allowed into reasoning behind the debate. but of bigotry. does it make sense to ban a group of people the basic right of marriage based on religious preferences in a secular nation? I believe that argument is logically flawed. and have fought quite hard to keep it that way. picketing schools for teaching evolution. The return to core values and its resistance to change provides comfort to some who find our mechanized society overbearing. and just about anything else they can think of. This church has been responsible for the picketing of soldier s funerals who died in battle. modern society in which no one seems to have time to wait for just about anything. That website? God Hates Fags. the deaths of troops in the middle east. By this. I have a dream today.

I hope that others will be able to see this as well. not a heterosexual privilege. One group of people has become oppressed and harassed by another. It s time that we take history s lesson. . Marriage is a human right. No longer can we sit by the wayside and watch another group fall down the social ladder.situations are the same.

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