Customers Survey and satisfactory questionnaire.

Customer Name & Contact Number: Site Name: Location: Flat No: 1. How well satisfied as a flat owner? Good Average Poor 2. Whether your residential dream came true by sreenivas housing pvt ltd? Good Average Poor 3. How you feel our service is best from others? Good Average Poor 4. How well was our staffs, engineers, and supervisors communication while finishing stage of flat? Good Average Poor 5. Can you identify any one of our staff as best coordination, why? Good Average Poor 6. Whether the parking space satisfied your need? Good Average Poor 7. Few words about our quality on products we used in flats like lightings, pumps, fittings etc. Good Average Poor 8. Whether all the doors and windows are properly furnished with painting and varnishing works? Good Average Poor 9. About location of the flat and your convenience for your travel? Good Average Poor 10. How was our official response on your complaints? Good Average Poor 11. Did they rectify the complaint given, within how many days? Good Average Poor .. 12. Visually how was our architect design and elevation? Good Average Poor 13. Whether you feel multipurpose hall will be useful if yes or no, why? Good Average Poor 14. How was our payment mode and scheduling if good or bad, why? Good Average Poor .. 15. Will you extend our facility support for long term, rate our facility support kindly? Good Average Poor 16. Have you checked common areas of apartment if yes which feature do you like, rank our features? Good Average Poor

Out of 1. and 3 ranks which rank will you mark for sreenivas housing. why? Good Average Poor IF ANY REFERENCE DETAILS NAME : ADDRESS : ADDRESS : CONTACT NO : RELATIONSHIP : BUDGET : FEATURES NEEDED : Accept that all the above given details are true to my knowledge Customers Signature (Checked and Inspected) Executive Signature . 20.17. Why? Yes No . 2. How was our proposal and marketing quality? Good Average Poor 18. Do you we kept our words promised? Good Average Poor 19. Have you referred any of your friends or relatives for sreenivas housing if yes or No.

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