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Assignment 2 Summer 2010 Assignment No: 2 Assignment Title: Manual Student Name: Jubymathew Degree:I BSW Weight 10% Student Register No:10SWU601 Semester: II

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ABOUT MANUALS AND TYPES OF MANUALS Manual is a reference handbook deeling with a particular prcess.In procedure Manual this deals with established procedures and working practices in an organisation.or Maintenance.Manuals are three types Techinical Manual.repair.job instuction etc.laboratory manual and procedure manual. ..In technical manual it describes an appliance or amechanical devise and contains instructions for installation.procedure.and overhaul.Mechanism.operation.When a manual deals only with one of the aspects of machine.In Laboratory Manual it describes how the user of a lab should perform specifiede expiriments and gives information about the experiment quiz qustions for self ± testing.In technical manual describes an appliance or a mechanical device and contains instruction for installation.Such manuals are uaslly written for specific courses in universities.A manual of this type in particular industry is often termed as Industrial Manual.it may be termed as opraton manual.It may also state how the problems in their working may be solved.Installation manual.Generally the contents of such a manual are of a non-technical nature.maintence.

An instructions manual on the registreation procedure at Kodaikanal christian college for freshers.KODAIKANAL (Autonomous) Affiated to Madurai Kamaraj University Approved by UGC under 12(b).we accept cash as well as demand drafts the tuition fees includes the hostel and mess fees after this is done u are required to fill out an admission form so that the college can input your info. on to the system and start your attendance ledger. Dear freshers we are pleased to announce that the admissions for 2010-2011 are now open we welcome those who are ready to apply. .After you hav chossen your course you have to pay the tution fees . thank you for joining kcc. KODAIKANAL CHRISTIAN COLLEGE TAMILNADU.you will requiore:y y y y y y 12th certificate ± original as well as 2 copies Conduct certificate ± original as well as 2 copies Transfer certificate ± original as well as 2 copies Community certificate ± original as well as 2 copies 3 Passport size photos 3 Stamp size photos For NRI students :y y y The above requierments Migration certificates Passport coppy For international students:y y All of the above requirments Student visa If you have filled the requierments you can proceed to the next step which is to choose your course the college has a wide range of courses which will be available on the website .2(f)status.

REFFERANCE y Developing communication skills-Krishna Mohan&Meera Banerji .