Environmental management involves the management of all components of the biophysical environment, both living (biotic) and non-living (a biotic). The main role of environmental management is to manage the productive use of natural resources without reducing their efficiency and quality. It is a practice by which environmental resources and its health are regulated. In order to utilize our natural resources properly without reducing the productivity and natural quality, we need to know what kind of damages have been done by human to the nature as well as the preventive measures for the upcoming disasters. An undeniable truth is, even our billion years old earth is now failing to absorb the damages caused by human activities. Many environmental issues have aroused drastically from the last decade such as green house effect, ozone layer depletion, melting of ice bergs, serious climatic changes etc which create a disastrous path to reduce our earth's life span. To avoid or prevent these sorts of natural issues, environmental studies play a major role in order to create an environmental awareness which helps to maintain the natural resources healthy and stable. The environmental management studies or programs helps us to know well about the major and minor environmental issues on the earth, so that we can find the solution to fix it or we can prevent it well ahead, “Prevention is better than cure”. In order to know about the environmental issues what made by humans, there are many public and private organizations have come up with environmental educational centers, environmental programs, ecological case studies etc, These studies will helps us to learn in depth knowledge about the ecological damage as well as sustainable environmental damage control in a better way. Environmental studies which enable professionals to take steps and set up a system to have a positive effect on the environment would be the need of hour now. Such environmental management certifications and training programs are offered by some reputable institutions to train professionals to engage in activities to make good impact on earth. The important role of these qualified environmental managers in workplaces is to ensure that environmental auditing, hazardous materials management and environmental assessment have been set up as regular exercises. However taking care of earth is the primary responsibility of every human in any kind of profession. Let’s start thinking and save our Environment!

“Modern technology! Owes ecology! An apology!” ~Alan M. Eddison “We never know the worth of water till the well is dry” ~Thomas Fuller

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