All the people who are able to invest their money or willing to invest their money are the

prospected customers of the company .Generally people who like to invest their money in short term instruments are company¶s customers because Anagram Securities Limited has most of its business in brokerage due to day to day trading. But it also deals in long term investments such as mutual funds. The company has trading in both equity and commodity market .So both type of Investors are the prospected customers of the company. CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION

In Broad terms the customers can be segmented into long term investors and short term investors. But they can be also segmented as equity trades and commodity traders. PRODUCT POSITIONING

The product is positioned in the minds of the consumer as the product with high value and with a brand name. The company is started from the promoters of the Lalbhai is Arvind mills group and thus have a different brand image from other broking houses. Thus the product is positioned as the trust worthy product and the people can rely on it to get maximum value and benefits. BUYING PATTERNS

The product is a speciality product and people think before buying the product .Though it is a service industry but the product is the D-mat account. The people first analyse that how they can get maximum benefit and in which of the investment measures like insurance, mutual funds etc and then they make their mind to open Dmat account.

Research methodology
Project profile is a part of the methodology of research which is used for a survey research work. It is a way to solve the research problem. In the Project Profile various steps are generally used by a researcher to study his research problem related to the project selected by him. These steps are:

Customer¶s Demand. There were some of the secondary objectives of the present study. the broking firms are facing the various problems in the field of their products. To explore the preferential attitude of customers towards the services of broking firms. To study the effects of faster delivery. Service-level depends upon so many variables. To analyze the facilities/services which are being provided to the employees and customers by broking firms 6. Therefore. Need & Significance of the Study A review of related literature of security market reveals that in India & Abroad. Provision of Facilities. no specific study has been conducted on the Services provided by the different broking firms. Organizational structure . 7. timing & tips. the investigator felt the untouched area of research for the present study. 3. 5. a few surveys have been conducted on the development and problems faced by the broking firms. charges. the employees and the customers with the features of the results obtained in the present research and to encourage them to modify their activities/behaviors according to the obtained results. Objective of the Study The main objective of the present study was to compare Services provided by the different broking firms. Broking firms have contribution in the market-share with regard to their services. But. like other countries of the world. market-share. There were as under: 1. 4. 2. & Advertising Strategy etc. on customers¶ demand of services of broking firms.Title of the Study The investigator selected the following title of the study related to his study related to his project: ³Services provided by the different broking firms´. To measure the comparative Services provided by the different broking firms. Quality Satisfaction. To investigate the problems of customers with regard to services of broking firms. a/c opening fees. To familiarize the concerning companies. To study the customers preference for the different broking firms. in India. attractive advertisement and quality satisfaction etc. The need & Significance of the present study was felt on the following grounds: General Point of View At present.

Policies and business ethics etc. the environment is adverse. Similarity. the firms can emphasize the provisions of facilities to customers for increasing their market-share. If the brokers¶ behavior is not good towards the customers. Individual & Social Point of View The broking firms require some media for development. the present study has a g . human resources. Govt. the firms can contribute towards the market-share for the benefits of the customers. the firms cannot perform their role effectively for the benefits of society. are some of the variables which have relationship with the contribution towards service-level of different broking firms. Therefore.of an enterprise. If. and the old techniques of trading in the benefits of broking firms. it is necessary for broking firms to identify the trading behavior of customers. If the society provides suitable environment for the development of broking firms.