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With all the regards to the people of Jerusalem, people living in Palestine, Israel and elsewhere in the world, we hereby present a solution, respecting the beliefs of Jews, Christians and Muslims all over the world.

The solution presented here is basically divided into nine points: 1) Security of City. 2) International Border 3) Administration of the Holy Shrines 4) Basic Administration of the city 5) Basic Infrastructure of the city 6) Economic Reforms 7) Educational Reforms 8) An all Faith Jerusalem Flag and Peace Day 9) Sovereignty

As we know the holy city of Jerusalem is claimed by two countries (Palestine and Israel) and is a holy place for the people of three religions (Muslims, Jews and Christians). It is a disputed land, we can never say that the city lies in Palestine or in Israel, but as according to the prevailing political scenario, there is majority Israeli occupation in the city. The city is divided into two basic parts as we know western Jerusalem and eastern Jerusalem,


In our suggested solution we have let the existing political situation prevail in the city. the security of the city. We have made sure that the people are stopped from doing the suicide bombing as they are done justice with. As according to our point of view the main problem faced by the city is ‘security threat’. giving them employment and obviously the liberty to practice the religion they want freely’ We have suggested the involvement of “UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION” (and not the United States of America) as vigilant body. as we know asking one country to withdraw and the other to advance would be practically impossible and perhaps unjust too. quite less developed. We have focused on ’the security measures’. ‘the growing hatred between people of different religions’ and ‘the future of the people living in that area being in dark’. the social. foreign investment (and thus employment).the western part being a thriving metropolis and the eastern being an old established land. which will provide a safe and peaceful life to each and every inhabitant of the city and ‘the basic development of the city’ and ‘the future of the people living there. providing them with education. economical and educational development of the city and safe access to the religious places located in the city to the people all over the world. in order to let the best of the justice be done and in order to make the people feel that their interests are being taken the best care of and no unjust at all is being done to them. we have provided them with the best of the education. The suggested solution being presented by us basically deals with. The western part is completely occupied by Israel and the eastern part by Israel and partly by Palestine (According to 1949 armistice agreement line). 3 . we have provided the people a safe city to live in.

Let’s have a look. (We sincerely apologize if. sentiments of any community or any individuals are hurt with what we have written) 4 . and freedom to practice their religion with complete liberty.a curriculum of faith in humanity (which promotes brotherly love and communal harmony). a system of law and order. intentionally or unintentionally.

5 .ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We owe our sincere thanks to Google Earth which enabled us to capture high resolution aerial views of the city of Jerusalem. We also owe our sincere thanks to Google Search Engine to help us in getting the required latest updates about the prevailing conditions of Jerusalem.


each headed by UNO. Muslims – 30% . temples etc. Security of the City We propose to have a security system for the city. trained personals. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Jews – 40% . which will be divided into three constituent organizations.1. The organization will be divided into two sections. the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount are important among them. First section will comprise 30% of the organization and will have UN appointed and sponsored. mosques. Second section will comprise remaining 70% of the organization. The second section will be further divided according to the population of the city (e. 7 . The three constituent organizations will be • • • The Security Cell The Global Police Special Task Force The Security Cell: Main purpose to establish a security cell is to maintain security at holy places like shrines. Christians and Armenians – 40%). The security personals will be specially trained to take immediate actions against militants and suicide bombers. churches.g.

temper and hence harmony. This will also help in developing religious tolerance. traffic police). The security personals will be posted in the same ratio at each post. The organization will be divided into two sections. convicts and defaulters of law. First section will comprise 50% of the organization and will 8 . Second section will comprise remaining 60% of the organization. A central jail will also be governed by the organization. First section will comprise 40% of the organization and will have UN appointed and sponsored. law and order in the city.e. The organization will also have a unit which will be trained for maintaining the traffic of the city (i. which will be used for the imprisonment of the criminals.The function of the organization will be under the scanner of UN. This organization will also be divided into two sections. natural calamities or disasters. emergency etc. The whole organization will also be divided into 85% men and 15% women officials. The Global Police: The job of ‘The Global Police’ will be to maintain the civilian governance. The second section will be further divided into 50% Israelis and 50% Palestinians. trained policeman. Special Task Force: Special Task Force will have the modern arms and equipments to handle situations like militant attacks.

churches etc. temples.have UN appointed and sponsored. Christians and Armenians – 40%). The ID Card will have the bar codes which will provide all the information of a particular person. to enter into the city by road. The second section will be further divided according to the population of the city (e. police stations and at the public places i. The Special Task Force will be deployed on the check posts established at regular intervals of 2 km on the city periphery fencing. mosques. There will be 11 entrance gates. The data will be retrieved by the bar code reading machines from a central data center connected by a city intra-net. 9 . where the Security Cell personals will check the status of the person and then allow the entry. Jews – 40% .g. Second section will comprise remaining 50% of the organization.e. The bar code reading machine will be kept at all the entrance gates of the city. trained personals. Muslims – 30% . This organization will issue the ID Cards to the residents of the city and also to the people entering into the city. Another job of this organization will be to regulate the inflow and outflow of the people in the city.

thus we basically decided to let the border or rather the line of control intact (as the armistice agreement line). realistically it will be impossible to make the two countries. the border existing after the armistice agreement line of 1949 will be regarded as the line of control between the two countries. Thus in short the situation will be like “let Jerusalem belong to both the nations” 10 . agree on one border. As we have seen.2. Israel and Palestine. be it “India-Pakistan border near Kashmir or the Russian border near Chechnya it has never been a practical possibility to create an international border and so is the case in east Asia. International Border As we know there’s no international border between the two countries as such.

11 .

The church of holy sepulcher and Via Dolorosa will be administered by a committee belonging to the Christians living in Jerusalem and headed by their religious leaders. “holy places. Thus every Christian or Jew will be able to freely visit masjid-e-aqsa and every Muslim “church of nativity. Western Wall (HaKotel HaMaaravi) will be administered by Jews living in Jerusalem and on similar lines the mosques by Muslims. churches by Christians and Jewish temples by the Jews and when it comes to “ Temple Mount (Al-Haram al-Sharif)” it will be governed by a body comprising Jews. Bethlehem” 12 . from Israel and Palestine and there will be a UNO’s body which will be there to “vigil” only to make sure that the place is accessible to people belonging to all the religions across the globe. thus no anti social element will be eligible to come inside at all. local people will be allowed only with valid I cards and foreign nationals will be allowed after their passport check. The UNO’s vigilance body will also make sure that the funds coming into the shrines from the entire world are not going into the wrong hands. The holy city of Jerusalem as we know is known for its piousness and the diversity of the culture it has bred for tens of centuries. Christians and Muslims living in the entire world. Administration of the Holy Shrines Now comes the point of administration of the holy places. Thus holy places will be administered by the people belonging to the same religion. The city is pious to Jews. There will be security check at each and every gate of each and every holy shrine of the city. for which the ancient city of Jerusalem is known for”. Christians and Muslims in equal proportions.3.

we proposed to have following development to be taken in place:“Jerusalem Metropolitan Corporation” shall be constituted based on the lines of such similar organizations in other countries. Wards will be divided only on the basis of the population. “sharing of power will significantly reduce the conflict in any country”. Taking Indian system of panchyats (or rather the system of metropolitan municipal corporation governing the cities). Anyone with an age of more than 21 years will be able to contest and everyone with the age of more than 21 years will be 13 . Assuming population of the city to get little more than double from the present day population (as the calculated data says.4 million). it will be divided into wards of equal population. e. It will set up as a full fledged arm administered by UNO (United Nations Organization).4. keeping in mind the rate at which the population is growing) the city will be divided into 40 wards each having population of around 35000 (taking the population in 2050 as 1. by each class of society. Basic Administration of the City • According to famous quote.g. Free and fair election will take place under the vigilance of the United Nations Organization. denser the population lesser the area and likewise. After we issue identity cards in Jerusalem city. democracy is the best policy to share power.

] A local court will be set up. These nominated candidates will come 5 from Israel and 5 from active Palestinian organizations (including hamas and al-fatah). Corporation will consists of 40 elected members and 10 nominees from United Nations Organization. in which the mode of justice will strictly adhere to the international law of justice. The Jerusalem municipal corporation) Refugees living in the refugee camps will be provided Jerusalem Metropolitan Corporation identity cards (provided they have been living in the place for more than 5 years now and are considered as the citizens of Jerusalem) and they will be allowed to vote but not to contest. obviously the one supported by most of the others via a simple open vote. This court will comprise of 4 judges 2 appointed by the United Nations one belonging to each Palestine and Jerusalem. 14 . And one person from these 50 candidates will be elected as mayor. they will be allowed to contest too. People securing the largest number of votes will be declared winners and will be awarded a post in the municipal corporation of the city (or JPC. but once they complete 20 years of their existence in Jerusalem.allowed to vote (as the same eligibility criteria exists successfully in the worlds largest democracy India).

Geography of Jerusalem is well-suited for installing such power plants. as well as for the prosperity of any land in the current time.75 mm per year). it is necessary to have basic infrastructure at a place. Mount scopus will be a suitable place. Jerusalem is falling short of water supply too.5. Based on the average rainfall received per year by the Jerusalem city (49. for any establishment to remain for centuries. 15 . generating power from wind can be taken up as a viable option. Hence solar power generation on small scale can be useful to meet the needs of people for space heating and other heating purposes. Making Jerusalem self-dependent in electricity by 2050. it is suggested to equip city with rain water harvesting systems. Keeping in mind the current status of Jerusalem & predicated growth up to year 2050 the recommendations for infrastructure development are as follows:• As per the current statistics available Jerusalem is running short of power supply. Basic Infrastructure of the City For any development to be take place. • Not only electricity. Accurate analysis can pave way for the installation of wind-mill power generating stations. Water harvesting will help to recharge ground water and hence will make up for the shortage in water supply. • Jerusalem being situated near the equator receives good amount of direct solar radiation.

In order to keep city clean and green and to manage the waste produced by the city. • Jerusalem lacks in a proper sewage system. Hence a modernized sewage system must also be adopted for meeting the needs of an increasing population. • Being prone to suicide bombing & raids by Israeli armies. solid waste management plant must also be established. Current medical facilities do not match even the standards of a developing country. To over come this problem city bus will be a viable option. ramping up the basic medical facilities must be given highest priority. Ring road can also be constructed on the circumference of the city to avoid overflow of traffic in the main city. 16 .• Waste water treatment policy adoption will be on the agenda. • Increase in traffic by 2050 will create lot of problem. Hence a number of primary medical clinics or health centers must be established to provide timely relief to the suffering people.

which finally will go in the hands of the JMC (Jerusalem metropolitan corporation) which will decide how and when the money is to be used. Any other foreign exchange will be banned. whoever wants to start their own business. but only after making sure 17 . • An effective monitoring set up will be established under the banner of UNO (United Nations Organization) for the funds coming from all over the globe in the form of Aid. Relief etc for the benefit of the habitants of Jerusalem. Its main aim will be to stop from funds going in wrong hands.6. • a local bank will be set up in the city by the “world bank” and it will give loans to the citizens. Economic stability is more than necessary to keep marching with the time and other nations of the world. For effective regulation and ease of the people. • All the revenue being generated from the tourist spots. For rapid pace of development of the city following economic reforms are proposed:• Jordanian dinnar is more frequently used in the eastern side as compared to the western side where foreign currency is banned. Economic Reforms As the history has always witnessed no country in the modern world has ever developed without a big powerful economic reform. and to make sure that every investment is done for the benefit of the local population only. both Jordanian dinnar and Israeli Dollar will be permitted within the boundary of Jerusalem. will be monitored by the united nations vigilance body and proper documentation will be done.

And it will also let the people open their saving bank accounts in the same. 18 . for the improvement of Medical facilities and developing Basic Infrastructure. • Further more high investment is needed in Education sector.whether it is meant for the same or not. An investor friendly policy will be made containing both social and business aspects.

• Second step is to modify existing curriculum. Educational Reforms According to famous quote “Capability of judging of what is wrong and what is right can stop thousand misunderstandings”. • Primary education for children will be provided free of cost which will be administered by UNICEF. To bring back the glorifying days of Jerusalem. adequate library facilities.7. laboratories and well trained faculty and staff. we proposed to have following educational reforms. It will reduce the educational gap between western side & eastern side. Curriculum will be prepared by a committee formed by UNO( United Nations Organization) comprising of people from the following backgrounds:Academicians Psychologist Industrialist 19 . Education can put a seal on the cold blooded hearts of people and can pave the way to develop religious and communal tolerance. It includes establishing schools with well furnished buildings. temper and hence harmony among people. • First step towards providing basic education will be kicking off with an improvement of basic infrastructure.

These “Adult Education Centers” can be established on a similar pattern or in accordance with the guidelines of “Prone Shiksha Kendra” in India. Such programs can be extended to old inhabitants at a later stage. The higher education will be provided on subsidized fee structure for below poverty line people. • Fifth and major step includes setting up a University for imparting quality higher education to the youth of the city. spreading brotherhood. • Other methodology of education reforms includes spreading awareness among people of ‘Adult Education Centers. As timings and places of such centre will be decided keeping in mind the convenience of pupil. national television channel and NGO’s (Non Government Organization).Historians Economist Newly designed curriculum will be focused on empowering knowledge about the cultural richness. • Next step will be the opening of ITI (Industrial Training Institute) for the youths to train them as per the requirements of modern industries. it is going to be a path-breaker in this field. Industrial Training Institutes’ through the local media like radio. Adequate man power with in depth knowledge and hand’s on experience are mandatory to cope up with the comforts of technological advancement and industrial training institutes will play key role in such situations. catering the needs of a modern society. • Third step includes education for adults and working people. 20 .

People belonging to all the religions will come out and celebrate the victory of people of Jerusalem.8. Judaism and Christianity. This peace day will certainly act as a binding force between the three communities and will clear many of the misconceptions present in people’s heart regarding people of other religion. and will certainly provide everyone with a platform to add to the cause doing his bit. Every year on the peace day celebrations there will be cultural exchanges in terms of various functions done by school going children and people working in government offices and army and police and several other organizations of the city. Thus whenever the flag will be hoisted it will remind the people of Jerusalem that the city belongs to them. brotherhood and peace. The feel good flag will be somewhat of the kind as shown: 21 . A flag will be given to the people of Jerusalem hoisting which will always remind them of the agreement of mutual respect and love they have signed with each other. the city doesn’t belong to Jews or Muslims or Christians but actually to the people of Jerusalem. An All Faith Jerusalem Flag and Peace Day The day we implement our plan will be termed as the “peace day” in Jerusalem as on that day entire Jerusalem will pledge to promote communal harmony. The flag will comprise signs from the religions of Islam. depicting the unity of the three religions and showing a sense of respect to the people living in the city.

and as far as the question of Jerusalem is concerned. it belongs completely to the people living there.Thus we can say the question of sovereignty more or less becomes meaningless. 22 .

Moreover in such an era where a mere click of the internet explorer takes you from one end of the globe to the other. it started long ago in B.9. larger than the other too. This land certainly and undoubtedly belongs to Muslims as well as Christians as well as Jews. thus here the question of sovereignty doesn’t arise at all. Thus terming the land to be more of one community and less of the others would be completely wrong. the Jews alone used to live in Jerusalem (during and after then time of prophet musa). somewhere in Africa.e. C. None of the three can claim a larger right on the place. As we know. None can question to which the land belongs to. Judaism. 23 . Christianity and Islam. Sovereignty Jerusalem has been the epicenter of the three major religions of the world i. we all know how holy is the place to the people of all these three religions. this entire world is fast become a global village or rather we should say the entire world community now seems to be finally fusing into one single family. then came the Christians and then the Muslims. None can deny the fact that “Jesus Christ was crucified in the same place” and no one can say that prophet Mohammad didn’t make the holiest Muslim shrine of the era in Jerusalem. one single call from a mobile phone let a person sitting in northern America talk to a person in say.

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