Both FREDERICK and GEORGE MORTISON exit the front door. Both walk towards a hear se parked outside the shop front, GEORGE opens the car door to the drivers seat as FREDERICK opens the door to the passenger seat and both get in. The car then drives out of shot. FADE TO BLACK FILM TITLES EXT. MORNING WOODLAND, An old caravan can be seen parking in the middle of a small wooded area, a car c an be heard in the distance coming closer. As the car noise gets closer tha came ra pans to the right and observes a hearse with MORTISON AND MORTISON writen on the car door. Hurst pulls up outside the caravan and both GEORGE and FREDERICK M ORTISON leave the car. Standing next to each other they look at the caravan and then look at each other then proceed to walk towards the door. Heading towards t he door FREDERICK opens the door and walks in first GEORGE follows. INT CARAVAN. A deceased, obiese man MR NUMBUS lay to rest on a bed in the middle of the caravan with a reef of flowers place on his chest. A large stuffed moos e head has been mounted on the wall just above where MR NUMBUS' head lies. Upon seeing the MR NUMBUS and looking back at the size of the carava door, GEORGE and FREDERICK begin to realise that extracting MR NUMBUS will not be as straight fo rward as carrying him out of the door due to his size. EXT. FREDERICK and GEORGE go back outside FREDERICK looks at the caravan scratch ing their heads. FREDERICK smiles turns around back to the car and pulls out a h uge bag of tools, brings it to the front of the caravan and drops it on the grou nd. FEDERICK pulls out an angle grinder and climbs onto the roof easily due to h is great height. GEORGE passes up the angle grinder and takes the plug to look f o a place to plug it in the CARAVAN. He finds a socket and plugs it in. EXT. ON TOP OF CARAVAN. FRDERICK gets to work cutting the roof off the CARAVAN. INT. INSIDE CARAVAN. FFFFRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ the CARAVAN starts to violently vibr ate moments after it's plugged in. GEORGE looks shocked as he oberves plates and cups crashing off the shelves. Then observing the moose head vibrating vilently right above MR NUMBUS' head GEORGE looks distressed. and shouts STOP. Due to th e noise nothing can be heard by FREDERICK so GEORGE tries to pull out the plug, he pulls once then twice, it's stuck. Pushes the switch, no response. A distress ed GEORGE glances back at the moose head vibrating, it looks like it could fall at any moment so goes outside shouting and waving his arm frantically to get FRE DERICKS attention, but it is in vain FREDERICK is not responding. GEORGE sees an old ladder leaning up against a tree, he runs to fetch the LADDER struggles to drag it back and prop it up the side of the caravan. Rushing to the top of the o ld LADDER as soon as he gets to the top CRACK one by one the runs of the LADDER crack due to rot and from GEORGE's weight. GEORGE lands violently on the ground . GEORGE then looks in the tool bag to find a pair of wire cutters, runs inside the caravan an cuts the wire of the angle grinder with a violent electric shock the vibrating stop. Smoke is rising off GEORGE's frazzled hair.. But he sighs w ith relief the there is no longer any danger of the moose's head falling onto MR NUMBUS. EXT. ON TOP OF CARAVAN. FREDERICK looks at the angle grinder in confusion as it' s stopped working and bangs it 3 times hard on the roof. INT. CARAVAN. the moose s head tips off the wall and lands on MR NUMBUS impailing the corpse with the an tlers. GEORGE slaps his hand on his forhead.

EXT. GRAVE YARD AT DUSK Both FREDERICK and GEORGE stand beside a large open grave, above them a caravan starts to be lowered by crane into shot and is placed in the grave. FREDERICK an d GEORGE start to shovel dirt into the hole into the night. FADE TO BLACK Premise It's just another ordinary day transporting the deceased for Frederick and Georg e Mortison of Mortison & Mortison Funeral Directors. But today they will get mor e than they bargained for. Log Line Frederick and George Mortison of Mortison and Mortison Funeral Directors today a re picking up the deceased Mr Numbus from where he lay to rest in his home and t ransport him to the cemetry where he will be burried. A small mixup has made thi ngs a little complicated. Mr Numbus a 30 stone man is laid to rest in his home, a tiny caravan and getting him out will create more problems than what it's wort h. Character Biographies Federick Mortison - 58 year old widower and partner of Mortison and Mortison Fun eral Directors. He's always getting himself into trouble because he never listen s to the advice of his business partner George Mortison and his thumberling atti tude means they alway get into difficulty. George Mortison - 64 year old widower and partner of Mortison and Mortison Funer al Directors. He's the one that keeps the business running and has to fix all th e issues caused by his business partner Frederick. Mr Numbus - 38 year old, 30 stone obese loner who lived and died in a caravan th at was handed down to him from his grandparents. All his family have met an unti mely death due to overweight health complications and hes is the on Numbus left. He hasn't left his caravan in 15 years and had practically grown to the size of it.

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