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'0 JOHN fI'. III &heO1Iloeof the Librarian of Oongree. this present Edition of GoOD MY WORK OF RELIGIO-)(EDIOI IS GRATEFULLY DEDICATED BY THE RE-FOUNDER AND HIERARCH OF EULIS. and to the assured success of the Superlative Order of Men and Women who constitute the E. thrift and triumph of the Good. OTHMAN ASW AD EL KIN DEE . to Act of Oongre88.. whoever. Morals. the nobleness of man and the honor of the race. devoted to the everlasting discomfiture of al1who aim to pervert the higher. OUIO. to the speedy downfall of all false systems and shams. because Souls. JR. L. A. ALBERT BURPEE. of social ethics. one wholly free from all abnormalism. Politics or Faith. based upon the purity of woman. and through them to all human kind. according P. H. In the year 1874. KAPP. AND JONATHAN KIRK.. nobler instincts of our common human nature. . lST4. at Washington. the Beautiful and the True. F A I ROO Z S H I R WAN A F RID 0 0 N. A. woman or child besides. ABU-IO-DURR DJUNDUB OF THE ANSAIREH. and to every man. ever did me a kindness or spoke me fairly in the dark hour. and to the corresponding advance. Entered. whether in Physics. better. as the named great. PERCEVAL. purer. W. E.by B. McLAUGHUN. GUSTAV SCHRADER. RANDOLPH. LEWIS JOHN TEMPLE. P. TOLEDO. S. RANDOLPH. B. HER GRACIOUS PURITY. for the firm and steady rebuilding of a right and true system .

horror. hut which intent was abandoned.most of which might be prevented in the first instance. heats . but badly misused world of ours! . A still larger amount of " chaff" labelled " philosophy" is afloat. better calculated to kill than to cure the victims. or remedied in the second. READER. especially the domain of Marriageland. on either side.who propose to revolutionize the world. One thing is certain: Light is needed. owing to the vastly larger scope of the completed and rewritten volume) is meant to afford exactly what is required j and I. I. by myself or others. into bodies whereof they know less. wretchedness and despair there is in this beautiful.being only shams. originating in the pulpy brains of certain people with" M.AFFECTIONAL PART ALCHEMY.D" after their names j folks who eke out a good living by putting medicines. and this work (originally intended to be called by a different title. I have struck upon many things now given to the race for the first time. by inculcating pudacious sophistries. A vast amount of " physiological" chaff is current in the world. wildly surging ebbs and flows. strangely. What a tremendous deal of suffering. . crime. In doing so it is likely that I may repeat some things elsewhere. I am ahout to treat herein the grandest subject that ever engaged or challenged human thought. generated for the most part in the angular heads of people. . of which they know little. said before j but even if so. with its. mine. were there less consummate and confounded ignorance afloat up and down the earth's strong tides of human life. whom a chronic prostatitis or ovarian fever has so deranged that they really imagine themselves philosophers.

not only to knowledge. or send to fight their battles against each other. pitchforks or bayonets. but to morality also. and manifesting its exact opposite." you must look. Now. They are an unhealthy set. whoever supposes that the ignorance alluded to is confined solely to the masses. the fungi of a false civilization.AffieUonal Alenemy. but right squarely among the so-called "learned. in reference to matters pertaining to. offices. armed with ploughs or rifles. much-boasted. most people think it but a mere matter of earthly form and physical structure. Sex is a thing of soul. . utilities. such classes of " reformers" as now march over the world were an utter impossibility . especially upon all the vital points that cluster round the one word " sex. but certain to disappear with the advent of common sense among the people as a general thing. regnant for a time." civilized" lands.-or that the sum total of non-knowledge must be looked for among the unread. not amidst the untaught hosts." according to Carlyle. But its laws.the rude crowd who jostle each other everywhere.-sometimes spell able as" them asses. and whose struggles for life. highly-cultured upper-strata." professional. For gross and culpable non-knowledge. hero-wors~pers. and . True. some no sex at all. the democratic underlayer of society. especially in those centres of population whence newspapers by myriads are scattered broadcast over all the lands. cannons or spades . and concerning the. and others still claiming one gender. subsisting between the separate genders of the human race j especially that portion of it located in the so-called .will find him or herself most wofully mistaken j for a far less dense and conglobate ignorance upon matters of vital import to every human being exists among the people . wise and otherwise. occupy most of their time and attention. relations. and which is the plastic material that the brainful few mould into voters. and clamors for bread. there are some unsexed souls. unlettered and unwashed crowds that throng the great highways of the world.than is to be found in circles making very lofty pretensions. from its geologic base to its astronomic summit. and snows. and particularly in the cis-Atlantic portion of the Lord's exceedingly immoral vineyard. Were not this a painful fact.

Affict'. seldom in its higher ones. vile. libidinous abominations on the other-one-half of the manhood and womanhood of our nation has been ground into the very dust. In some sense this matter has been. and a few German authors. . abounding with death in every line. keener than the dagger's edge. atrocious. pseudo-professional literature on the one hand. foul. till the flower of the world's youth has been blighted. that literature. about as many Americans. every aspirant to immortality beyond the grave. a score of English. gave but little light. . 5 its deeper and diviner meanings are sealed books to all but about two in a million. selves.D's. shown us their anatomy. or its grosser aspects . in any of its loftier and mystical bearings. in other millions. explained something of physical gender j said something about function and periods. and never. and the execrable. and repeat the same old worn-out story. Oh. and spilled gallons of ink in writing anent the sublime subject of sex. monstrous as a drunkard's dream.. because they knew nothing further them. until now.quackery. and there left us. who have stained reams of good white paper. scattered everywhere across the nations. and is. Not one of the very many respectable people. disgusting beyond belief! terrible as the cobra's fang. cancerous. or notoriety-seeking empirics j books which mainly satisfied a prurient taste or morbid curiosity. yet they ought to have the attentive study of every rational human being. including fifty French. and the morality of earth sapped dry. but have been content to copy each other. No punishment can be too severe for the disseminators of the latter j no contempt too great for the authors of the former. Books by ship-loads on one or two. have been. still are being. They have taken man and woman. have taken the trouble to go one inch below the surface. the subjea of thought. Other books.else concealed a few good ideas in barrels of words. fraught with ruin on every page.onal Alchemy. have been put forth by ambitious M. and generally left their readers practically as ignorant as before. but only in its outer phases. more devastating than the spotted plague! until between the two millstones. and always either its physiological or sentimental sides of the subject.

For example. only joy results.6 Affectional Alchemy. Now the doctors truly say that the sin solitary. a term I invent expressive of the most sacred and intimate fact of marriage. In the reciprocal and normal one.a spontaneous ejection of superfluous vital force in the same form j 3d. a relief follows. In the third case the whole being is shocked. as indeed they deserve to be j for he who does that heinous wrong commits a quadruple crime. But note the tremendous difference in the results that follow in each of the four cases. which was allowed to occur only in a manner never intended by the Infinite God. positive and pronounced. against his wife. " He wasted his seed upon the ground. a bitter. himself. for sometimes weeks together j and the results of his . the same may be lost by the abominable conjugal fraud j or by the heinous sin against one's self-solitary vice. Albeit his crime was equally bad. and the fraud conjugal are both bad j but fail to give us even half the reasons why. and never is followed by any particularly sombre feelings j happiness ensues. rst. nature and God j to say nothing about the right of all souls to be incarnated by the act of man. and the man's soul is at perfect peace with his physical form. and the man feels himself to be contemptible and mean j and so he is. In these days it is politely called "conjugal fraud. . proper nuptive union.) Millions do the accursed thing to-day that they may be childless." and in plain terms consists of the nuptive union to the orgasmal climax. there are ten thousand treatises extant concerning what the doctors call the sin of one Onan. a certain nameless solitary vice. there is a certain amount of the male vital life in fluid form (semen) voided j exactly the same by actual weight or volume may be wasted in a lascivious dream. equally disastrous and hateful. thereby. In the I"ourth case." (See Bible. poignant remorse haunts the self-sinner day and night. resulting from spermatic plethora. but leaves a weakness after it. There's a little shame-facedness too. But the man alluded to in the Bible ne1Jer was guilty of that sin at all. and all others besides. In the normal. that he might not beget children to inherit his brother's name. but not much. meaning. requiring phosphoric food to recuperate from. In the second case. Here let me make a point for the doctors.

U. nor that trouble seals them up. One day as I went walking up and down the town in solilo- . But they did not know that those glands are the seat of all vaginal and uterine life. It is to collect. That much the doctors were aware of. and here I give the doctors a new discovery -to them. Now another new thing for the doctors. and the others do not. else marital rites mean death to her sooner or later. waste is occasioned by the magnetic aCtion of the electric lymph. and discharge the magnetic fluid of the body in liquid form. Now in the case of the solitaire there is but one force at work. Love resides in the soul.AffecUonal Alclzemy. that weights and measures are the same in all four instances i that the exact amount of fluid life is lost i yet one launches its victim into steepdown gulfs of remorseful. the result of which is the fulfilment of God's purpose in bl-sexing man. which must be present. When sealed there is no exudation of magnetic lymph. from their French discoverer. A SINGULAR EXPERIENCE. Now why? Remember. That's what ails half the wives of Christendom. It precedes both the semen and prostatic lymph i and upon contact with the lochia-Duvernay-theyfuse. I have just explained it. hence he draws upon his very soul itself. not me-which is. what is true. the normal one. wherefore his soul. Just forward of the prostate gland is what is known as Cowper's gland i but they know not its use. must and does suffer. magnetic or spiritual ones. we suppose. mental torture. the absorption of which by the masculine compensates the vital loss on one side i and the absorption. that just within the vulva are two little glands. AN EPISODE. 7 dreadful sin stands by him like an accusing goblin from the deeps. violates and disobeys the fundamental law of LOVE. The physiologists have no\ answered that question. store up. Love only keeps them open. called glands of Duvernay. The result is from imaginative and mechanical forces i not from electric. In case first. the basic law of that soul he deliberately prostitutes. I will. aa well as his body. by the feminine parietes of the exudation from Cowper's gland compensates on the other side. and that is why he pays the dreadful penalty. I hope this thought will be carefully studied and understood.

I pursued my way to where sleep and I were wont to woo each other. I did not say that . and far too many follow the example of that thoughtless girl. and. for. & I lay there I thought of the man. preparatory to sending it to a lady in Brooklyn. seeing that the power to do so was born with me. delicious milk. brought me by a chunky little germanesque neighbor of mine. where amid the rounds of gayety. and heedless as beautiful. Y. I met a man. and to glimpse things denied to mortal vision.and . where I had placed it after polishing it. as I did so. was afar off. sweet milk.a habit familiar.8 Affectional Alclzemy.and I 'learned his sad story. in fashion's tide.. and on that basis condone her apparent heartless coldness in never deigning to write to him. for she whom he loved and trusted. On this occasion I fell into it from having incidentally cast my eyes upon a third class triune. whose woe-begone countenance betokened great griefs tugging at his heart-strings. of say nine years. It hung over the table against the wall. or magic mirror. and that soul-pangs were racking the very foundations of his being. No. to whom impecuniosity had compelled me to sell it. and I thought about the Woman and the Man . such as for years I have used expressly to induce the state of psycho-vision. and by its means I have a thousand times been able to see afar off. among strange people.-the delving toiler. It was a fine one. as all children are. And so I . quent mood. .a lone.lay upon the lounge and quaffed the sweet. pretty. be it known. She was wondrously fair. drank some fresh. though not the best or most costly. many years younger than himself. she had -no time to think of him. with fashions to air and conquests to achieve. they. who was suffering daily deaths by reason of her cold silence . I fell into a sort of magnetic trance and clairvoyance .contempt. pondering deeply upon which. I MET THE MAN. and loquacious and talkative as all children should be. throwing myself upon a lounge. yet was capable of mighty things when in the humor. and there. I could but justify her vanity. sweet little lady 1 And as I pictured her beauty and bloom. and lonely man. . N.it was my alter ego encountering myself 1. poor.

. and coaxed besides. nor recalled it till after the approaching drama was ended. heavy. razors. to the man in Toledo. or the cool. hence what I saw froze my blood with horror. bubbling waters to the parched lips of the Arab on the burning sands of Sahara. a gallant young fellow.a drama strange and weird. and wept bitter tears. judging by appearances. and conjured up out of the cellars of suspicion. revealed before the eyes of my soul. and the soul-sight came in play. cast cognizable pictures of themselves and surroundings then and THEN again.the outer world sight receded. and on the face of that marvellous glass I beheld a scene which at the time. emerging from a dormitory. in. indicative of coming trouble.all were gone and unheeded. and to the vaulted deeps below. I religiously believed was at that very instant being enacted far away. and mourned.far along in this book . yet such it is. She was gaily chatting with her paramour. as I breathed upon it. portentous cloud obscured its face. 9 like watches.- . succeeded by happiness and contentment. hatred. chairs. who stood ncar her. and with grateful heart I thank the Most Compassionate God. Child. table. and will not work unless well treated. at all events. as my eyes fell on it . lounge . are very set in their ways. Its power ranged to the aerial spaces above. folly. On the morning alluded to. the Ineffable Lord.as did the one alluded to. and often did. evidently. and made my nerves fairly tingle with excitement and pain. and for whom he yearned. . inexpressible. and for six weeks afterwards. . locomotives and women. then they operate well enough. Little did I dream that the strange experience was full of true light to others than myself. that I was found worthy to become the vessel for the conveyance of 1'10 grand a lesson to my brethren of the wide and wasteful world. a thick. dreadful reality. The sequcl. black. fraught with pain unutterable.will show whether it was the shadow of an enacted fact. and on its surface the dead could. In an instant. almost unendurable. Ajfectlonal Alchemy. or a figment of fancy woven of mist.. error. I saw the lady.that wondrous glyphre . both a dishonest and dishonored wife and woman. but I actually forgot all that. whom the MAN loved so well.. She was just. yet whose results or fruitage was as ripe pomegranates are to the thirsty pilgrims. followed by a silvery sheen. and was. I loved the man.

saw her languish in voluptuous death in his strong arms.ay. like hot iron. but the most cruel thing of all was their combined laugh and" joke" they were playing on my friend. I heard his love expressions. and her warm replies. and every day. he imagined all sorts of things. but I do know that the words sunk deep. fired his soul with vengeance dire j and. On the day I met the man.10 Affectional Alchemy. and is not. yet within a week wrote that she was supremely happy. and watched her return his fiery salutation. and longed for nothing. I saw the lady and her lover as before. and that woman bore his name. and now did I. This was ground for suspecting her to be a truant wife. without the ordinary evidence that establishes such facts? Can he find it out without seeing or hearing of it?" I don't know what answer was given. through sympathy for Mm. he had told me that she had asked him very singular questions: "Is it possible for a husband to discover if his wife goes astray during an absence. by making his slender purse bear the cost of their guiltful amours. Until that hour I and he had believed her to be pure as an angel from heaven. and whether jealousy is. Subsequently she had written to say that' she was very lonely and she was dying from the mere fact of prolonged absence. He loved that woman as mothers love the babes God sends through wailing agony to their longing hearts.delight and love. sometimes empty air. and all the more in that she was thrown in contact with some very popular agitators of the marriage and fidelity questions. the agonies of the nether hell. and my friend a deceived husband. sometimes based on solid ground. rushed to my friend's place j told him the tragic tale. and on w~om she gazed with unutterable tenderness. . which now bodied themselves in palpable form before my soul's gaze. . . I shuddered with mortal anguish. and he pondered on them till he grew morbid. for I loved my friend. ripe. As I gazed on the scene upon the mystic mirror's face. in his loneliness. suffer. putting a . into his soul. I leaped from the couch. and beheld his burning kisses fall thick and fast upon her rich.on what I regarded as the wrong side. Presently you will see whether the vision was a lesson or a fact. and alluring lips.

and to the woman and the man. " Man proposes. and each party gives and receives large measures of magnetic life and fluid love at the instant of impact or contact. and a portion of the roseate fire of her sweet lips had clung to mine. The child saved me I Returning. . at her little brother's call. in the lower. the German child. vVhile pondering on this. There are but few among the many who know the meaning of a kiss. filial. parental. magnetic. I had drawn her to me.affectional.AjJectional Alchemy. and for the time being was all . as she ran off trippingly home. general. and marched back to the lonely house on the hill. inhaling the balmy aroma of her pure. entranced. . at play. childish face to mine. again that strange numbness of the outer being came over me. where I threw myself on the lounge. when all the lamps are brightly burning . I chanced to recur in thought to the mirror scene. friendly. I caught sight of a scintillant flash of white light issuant from her head. I saw it. and I left the Halle with but one glass. sensuous. This done. transfigured. joyous soul. which measures are greater or less according to the love-fulness or emptiness of each respectively. seated her jauntily on my head. like a thin cloud of opalescence. when loving lips meet lips that love. So now. and in another instant I lay there. nor that. and. there is a magnetic discharge of soul-flame. II loaded revolver in his pocket. fresh. I caught her up. waving gently to and fro. . is in telegraphic unity with the lips. kissed this little child goodby. and marvelling at the beautiful irradiation alluded to above. the wierdly strange phantorama already described. and pressed her rosy." but God upsets his calculations. bade him swiftly traverse the 1. in the upper one. streaming iridescence flowed from her lips. on my way to Grambrins Halle. I encountered my little friend. passional. I began to study the meaning of a kiss. I went to a grocery hard by.or that the soul. to drink beer to drown out the agony felt for the man. or Destiny does. from its seat in the brain.the detestation of the woman.100 miles intervening betwixt him and his deep revenge. and a glowing. where I had intended to drink at least a dozen. as I moved my head. who was just then having dreadful trouble with his rabbits. She strangely intc:rested me. or breathed. like the radiant gleam of "a peerless diamond. rapt.

spattered his heart's blood upon the walls and floor. where still stood the recalcitrant wife and her new-found lover. A great cloud rolled away from before my gaze into the vague. and made still stronger by her six weeks' utter silence . no guaranty of fidelity. struggle manfully against this dreadful. It is but one of millions. accompanied with glowing red passion-fires from lip to lip j and as I thought of my friend. it is incumbent on you to face the facts. after all. and be wise. representing my friend.t£th. and is.iusband has a right to know his wife's whereabouts. or have sent a leaden bullet crashing through his brains. I put myself in my friend's. for whereas before I had observed effeCts. hands on shoulders. mismated marriagees of the earth I Love only can keep souls. this very day. are the newly dead. Volantia and Decretism. and is the legitimate result of the wrong relations subsisting between the mated. Still representing my friend. this scene could never have occurred. if she had. but a fevered dream. and my soul. morbidity of fancy and loneliness. yet perfectly natural catastrophe. a great change came over my feelings and my soui. begotten of your depressed nervous state. and the woman stood on this side. combined with the suspicions kindled by the strange questions asked upon the eve of her departure many days ago. true and faithful! Where it does not mutually exist there can be. " Guilty I by the Lord of Hosts! " But as I said so and gazed. call to your aid the rare philosophy of COMMON SENSE. or rather. the man upon that. I would not. or millions more just like it. did my soul's vision penetrate the spaces and localize itself in that far-off room. the man said unto my soul. dim . as before. transpiring in thousands of places the wide world over. by means of the three principles. and the bodies they wear. far more clearly comprehending the situation. her surroundings . hush the throbbings of your torture~ heart. and then. hereinafter alluded to. Clearly. her husband. her husband's place. ask God for strength to bear the heavy burden. for the whole world. my soul said on: Perchance what you see is. have slain her. Posism. hidden causes. and greatly strengthened by unwisely worded letters sent back by her. She did not love you j. distinctly. for every . I now beheld their producing.in itself good cause for suspicion. and mutual kisses.12 Affectional Alchemy. appalling. accept the situation. Wherefore. I exclaimed.

the far-off couple. and made a wider gulf between herself and you. for my friend.who is heartless to you.not the right to dishonor. Let justice rule on both sides j for she was unwise. of course) are too old for her. clung to that hope I My soul to my soul went on: They twain. he has fair and just grounds to infer that her aCtions are such as ought to be hidden from his gaze. it is the fault of her husband. and conscience prompt. soul. that hot tears arc streaming down your face. You had no right to subjeCt her to the terrible temptation of being away from your side for months together. and to make such choice and legal disposal of herself as her youth demands. and also from that of humanity at large. but probably loves this distant Adonis. in the midst of gay people. She admires him. where everything appealed to 'and impressed her young heart and fancy. heartful to her paramour I Be a man! and remember that she. till mere phasmas assume forms as solid in appearance as the very truth itself j and it may be that your ~nxiety and sympathy may have conjured upa lie j and this apparently recusant woman really be as unsoiled as the down upon the ring-dove's breast. as ye likely will. and forever. not altogether her own. do not fail to recognize the end as the legitimate result of the stupid folly of allowing her to dwell so far away in the midst of . that your poor soul is sweltering amidst the tortuous flames of the fiercest hell of jealousy j yet why? for one who loves you not! . at the urgence and call of love j the faCts of which came rushing through the air to you and took form and shape through the vision of the seer. If she has fallen. she is still guilty of a great folly j while your trouble and pain may really have no more solid foundation than vague and empty air. are young j are adapted to each other j you (my friend. and her will. has rights which you arc bound to respect j . Be magnanimous! and if ye twain part. how my heart. while your illness tortures things out of shape. too. and. If innocent.Affectional Alchemy. I know your heart is bleeding. or the spotless plume of an angel's wing! Oh. she may have forgotten and neglected duty. tempted beyond her strength. 13 and the company she keeps j and if she does not keep him thus informed. but to be free from you by laws human and divine.

And I beheld an ineffably pure. and they twain will likely wed. He did so. and as she thus lay I saw the gossamic cloud of pearly aura expand till it filled the room. persuaded him to lay by the pistols and revenge. I talked with the husband. I saw her mother gently chide her. and might probably so believe until my dying day. and for the first time in my life not only realized the luxury of forgiveness. I put myself in his place. in that he would lay down his life for a friend. not person. penetrates all bodies. forsaking you and duty. My soul had. mountains. and slept the sweet. . I looked. pearly-hued e:ful6'ence playing about her little head. as well as sorrow and sympathy for him. and she is that nameless thing-a wedded harlot.A. and in loving wavelets all around. not myself. flashes over rivers. as clearly as if they were of finest crystal or purest glass instead of boards and mortar. or not guilty. It was but the prelude to the celestial cantata that followed. gotten thus far in its just reasonings when methought I heard a sweet and silvery voice say. Let her go at the call of affection. still as my friend. Hold her. and brings us in actual contact with the whole domain of mystery j and again I saw the little German child. seas. cleaves all space. Free her./1ectional Alchemy.. streaming from her hair. through the walls of both houses. and. is all on earth she cares for. tempting scenes and people. caring but little whether the vision was of actual fact or a delirious dream. delicious slumber of absolute innocence. yet I had charity for her. Guilty. Voluntarily free this simpleton from the chafing thrall that binds her to one whose purse. glowing round her waist. and soon she went to bed. undulating in billowy movement all about her infantile shoulders. "Behold!" And as the delicious tones rung glorified changes through my spirit I felt that I had grown a century within an hour. " Behold! . still with that ultra soul-sight which leaps all boundaries. yield her to the better and nobler law of love. forget and forgive. but felt capable of even dying a lingering death that the woman so loved might be happy with him she 10 loved j and greater affection than that can no man show. and ceased to be jealous from that hour. I watched this with astonishment. and notwithstanding that I actually believed my friend's wife to be guilty.

not only directly. both participants are blessed. swelling and lengthening out clear into the starlight. I had kissed that child. en rapport with the same bright beings as she was herself. about to learn one of the most important lessons of my life. and forming to a point shot out and afar off into the very depths of space till I could follow it no more. earth-born and turbid. and was played upon by the same celestial. and hyperphysical auras displaced and occupied the room of the grosser aura. hut through oblique ways. I found myself cleaner. embraced. Love in very deed lies nt the foot of all. the roof. just so much of that specific evil is sure to flow from the magnetic poles of either pair of lips to the soul of him or her upon whose mouth they are laid./1ectz"onal Alchemy. therefore.A. Then I turned me again to the sleeping child. Good is catching! That child had enabled me to stave off a fit of jealous rage in sympathy with my friend i and now I was. and had become suffused with a portion of her own sweet aromal aura or atmosphere. through her again. and. than before. 'Ve may be hugged. and its mystic and ideal meaning outweighs the material and popular ones by as many degrees as the pure soul of that baby-girl outweighs the corrupt body of the low-lived debauchee. pure and divine influences. kissed into heavenly states. A portion of these purer. and what was my astonishment at beholding literally hundreds of bright shining and divinely beautiful forms. I have said the moist lips are batteries charged with our very inmost good or evil. better. come trooping down the lane of pearly light." Not until that holy hour of rapt contemplation had I realized the immense meaning of a single touch of loving lips. aside from common relational lip-contacts. and comprehended Christ's "Suffer little children to come unto me. better. or into their exact opposites! Hence. they are worse than unwise who touch lips unless love be the underlying prompter i for if the kissed or kisser be bad. that if it be purely given and received. whereof Love was the dominant or major element. entering the house. It is utterly impossible for a negress having . penetrated the ceiling. a myriad fold. gather and dance and play at the bedside of the slumbering little one. as of young children and the virgin dead. and was.

and as heaven or its opposite attends the kiss so also is it with every other sort of human contact . writers upon the general topics of love and its offices. and have. have new uses. borne a child to a white father ever to give birth to one perfecUy negro. . As previously remarked herein. whose compliance.even the ordinary shaking of the hands. a better man. I awoke from my slumber a wiser. It was clear he ought to give her up at once even if the effort snapped his heart-strings. I went out and found my soul-harried and victimized friend. merely superficial or external view thereof. in the main.even though its father. through his child. nature. combating in their nerves. therefore. yet he had better swallow it. uses. and not one of them has even attempted to tell mankind any more of the principles underlying sex. I asked wHat right had he to hold a woman in duress couvert or non-couvert. I trust. like herself. I reasoned with him just as I had with my own soul a while before. has mingled in the mother's veins. as a general thing. Why should he pursue a heartless phantom? They were disunited in soul.Gloves. It is because of the many forms of hell struggling in their veins. duty only.for the reason that the blood of the white man. . but . Behold the folly of continuance! Let her go I III. if not all. Love. Just so is it impossible for us not to be made better or worse by lip touching. not affeCl:ional. abuses. has never a drop of other blood in him.[6" A'/fectional Alchemy. and their copula passion. but only for what current funds she could extract from him. have. than anyone's personal experience suggests. her blood under the microscope will not show the same crystalline forms after the birth of the mixed child as it did before. although to lose her was a bitter draught of gall. . of the other and deeper significances attached thereunto. and that. and modes. More than that. and. I told him it was clear as sunlight that the absent woman really cared not a straw for him. because the marking of her child was a doubtful question. utterly ignored most. moods. whose soul was not attached by love to his. for that he was only loving his own sphere wherewith he had embalmed her. been content with the. or desire. Harlots invariably descend unless snatched from ruin by a miracle.

gallant sensibility. 0 learned anthropologists. even to an infinity. manly. else a long row of medicalplatitudes wholly useless. for instance. in the tenderest. ten spirit.. that the generative rite will at one time wholly unman one. else is but a nervous spasm. generosity. because totally indigestible by the average intellectual stomach. inspire him with the most lofty virtue and high resolve.the why and wherefore.by its keen.ffectional Alchemy. according as the participants are high or low. and suicidal thought. incisive. joy at one time. alone or either. because strz"clZy human.same ones too . and so on. too. . yet at another gives naught but cruel pain. and under circumstances: yet at another will almost shock the human soul out of its earthly tenement. charge him to the lips with true and royal courage. . who hy its means peoples the worlds. five hundred of mere body. cutting. of each participant. pseudo-scientific flummery. i. joy. spirit or body. unsatisfactory to one party. softest. dry. yet at another. keen mental agony. The philosophers never even guessed at this truth. the body . awful intensity? . and yet the same people in both instances? Why is it.for such it is in God's sight. with physical springtime? Why will this mysterious duty . that. Which of them all has explained what every one ought to. as explained in the" New Mola. Who of them has told. e." and elsewhere in this book. Who of them all has given us the rationale of the orgasm . and the binary minglings of the three.will fill him with the most exquisite. gratefulness. and injurious to both. . but never true or normal except in exact equations. truly human. shamefacedness." and fang our souls with remr rse cruel as the grave.same parties still. yet at another . we have plenty of hard. even tens or hundreds. why the nuptium fairly laps the very soul itself.bring pain. relentless as the Hadean gulf of Milton. result in pride. but does not know to be a fact. human conjugation is or may be triple. or can tell. or the cause of its being a thing' of apparently no moment whatever at certain times.mirabiie dictu . one part soul. in various degrees. it may be of soul. yet at another time transmute him into an errant coward and miserable poltroon? And.A. and stocks the starry spaces -plunge us into the deepest" blues. and mental summer. that is.

be a great deal better off. I wish to be clearly understood. and that's just it I In all the other cases there was either too much body. if abided by. ere long. and the anonymous author of "Satan in Society" faintly echoed those stirring notes. Now for the answer to the loud "vVhys?" of section three. of "The Scalpel. and therefore give at least a part of them before I leave for good and all. and the other poets. and for that reason I print this series of salvatory counsels. I am forced to use similes. IV. and echo " Wby?" The answers: their science don't know. I may. and the suffering was the penalty. therefore cannot answer. misery and wretchedness now devastating our land. for God is my judge that my sole aim is to teach certain truths. and add immeasurable happiness to mankind. and reason guides his conduct towards his wife therein. nor judicious use of . Neither essay filled the required bill. nothing has been given to the world on the mighty AtlbjeCtworthy of attention or record. which. will prolong many a life. No pangs follow the celebration of the rites of holy love. They were violations of the love-law.Affietional Alen-my. Dixon. too much spirit. and too little or no soul at all. and the sale of syphilitic remedials vastly decrease." printed his great and warning essay on "The organic Law" (of sex). I shall now convey certain brief and concise forms of certain knowledges. yet at another induce a state of feeling in soul and spirit quite approaching the supposed angelic i why? and a myriad gaping crowd of scalpel-drivers repeat the sound. consequently. and yet not to offend the most delicate or fastidious. Where love sits enshrined over the married man's chamber door. Since Dr. for those who need the information it is my lot to impart. wherefore I must take up my pen to respond to it. and probably shall. peace will reign. be numbered with the armies of the dead. whose mission is to stop the tide of crime. it is a pity that ten thousand times the pain was not the direct result of every violation of the organic law i and if every proposed debauchee could or would but die in the attempt. but trust to be fully and entirely understood. the world would soon. and who then will give Randolph's thoughts to the world? I don't know. The states resulting happily from human fusion were because there really was a human fusion.

Nor are they all dead yet. Unless love equala passion. faculties of our nature. or inclination for moralizing. and are attracted to. so to speak. and the two genders correspond to. assistance. but meaning not one word of it. who practically regard woman as if she were nothing but a pleasure-vehicle.pretending to love him. none at all with the modern " reform" tribes of the land and age. of one side of Deity. those respective sides. while the human female represents and is an embodiment of the other. and no words of mine can express my utter abhorrence of the things miscalled Men. -laughing at him in the sleeve. 19 . The grand mistake made by physiologists and other essayists. from the year one. Thus either. mar""ag't! rites are never right j that's alII V. Its name is LOVE. is an Incompleteness. and it requires a bridge to span fr. and horrid. petted. besides which I cordially despise all women-haters on one side. they belong to opposite sides of nature. Imperial OVER SOULj one section of Nature. No true man can help loving all true women. alone. for there is a male and female side to all these. The male is an incarnation. There's room for more. the divine. blank despair. consists in their persistent overlooking of the fact that man and woman are not the same. and Wesnerites (man-haters) on the other. Not such as lie a man 'out of his manhood.:l amazing gulf that rolls between them. not in the grosser sense. he Superlat tive and Infinite Mind of Minds. but abused. 'and illtreated in alternate slices. run him in debt. . writing on the current topic. represent. and rushed many a good man down the hills of ruin and gloom. MATTER. VI.Affictional Alchemy. I have neither time. derive their respective powers from. to be kissed. Bridges are in great demand. how-great a fool was he. but in the higher one of soul. But I feel quite as much indignant contempt for that large class of women who are ever ready to use the» . The magnetic materials for said bridge exists in nearly all human beings. affiliate with. and rob him of his peace. have driven hard bargains with the masculine portion of the race. and triumphing in the knowledge of how smart she was. until he aCl:uallyjeopardizes his soul's salvation. That's the sort of women who. but little patience with" Scripture" quoters. one hemisphere of the . empty his purse.

true woman is a diamond. at any time. were four grave men. habitually blaspheme Deity and dishonor the mothers that bore them. and crisp bank notes. seri- .. and played on. and whose utter heartlessness belies the index oF their sex.a11men ilJI fair game. They went into paroxysms of what they called . only that one soulless woman is a greater danger to the world than a dozen scoundrelly men .to listen to the outrageous talk going on everywhere about women. when of all human deeds it is the most sacred. There's quite as Dlany heartless shes as hes in the wprld. So almost universal is this foul talk.that it is no wonder that the public rnmd is debauched and totally demoralized. flippant and obscene speech concerning the sex. Poor wretches who disgrace the forms they bear by speaking of woman as if she were nothing but a target for filthy tongues to hurl their venom at. beauty as a trap to catch male gudgeons. and millions like them everywhere.. store. fathers of families. and far more ignoble than those of the four-footed dogs that run our streets. a bad and heartless one worse than Milton's Satan •. coarse. to be lied to.ribald. . obscene. for her sex gives her points of advantage denied to all of the opposite gender. it always did . and sexive matters generally . to be heard everywhere. even before young boys. consider it " smart" and manly to. by irreverent.20 Affectional Alckemy_. It made me sick. Fun" anent pregnancy. laugh heartily at coarse jokes and improbable stories concerning the eternal God's method pf peopling the worlds.. A good.':"" the venomous fever-passions of their own gross natures. It is a curious faa: that people will talk smut. do. They. who look on . which is almost as bad. grocery. Sitting near me in the eating-house where I dined yesterday. at best. as destined viCl:imsto their own abominable lubricity. at least often allow it in their presence. stable. and filling up the starry domes beyond the grave. or. menstruation. hotel. whenever two or more human males of the " civilized" kind happen to get together for an hour. and altogether devilish. . and if not. mere extmguishers of the bale-fires rioting in their own veins. Even stately officials. deliberately traducing their mother's sex. generally to the tune of rustling silks. in every bar-room.

the doctor and death.Affect':onal Alchemy. a child of sixteen summers. and then procured a double mur der at the handa of an abortionist. But there she lay. It is a bad sign any man hangs out when he makes" fun" of what ought to challenge his holiest emotions and most profound respect. in time hung low. .just as Deity had fashioned her before the rich merchant of Loudon and his friends. none were 80 eager aad earnest .by-and-by joined the church. this Lothario's eyes used to fairly glisten when they rested upon any young female form. and his sin was forgotten The medical practitioner went to jail for six months j was pacdoneJ out in five weeks j and the babe went back to heaven in the arms of its slaughtered mother. for the weight of worlds rests upon human shoulders.a fellow whose nature was inflamed nearly a year before his birth. surely '. whom a ricr merchant of Loudon had betrayed. and the secret books he first read. how immortally beautiful l . the carpenter. There was a young man of the fun-making genus.and then so artfully concealed. for a bleeding heart was breaking. Well. . and the burden of his talk was the victories he had won over too confiding women. The rich merchant paid some moneyj-e-some more in charity j .ts hin~ will revolve like lightning to let in a ruined woman.of course. . that the servant-girls were sur« to find them. all pale ~nd delicate as finest Parian marble or wax-work.read. . upon the long work-table of good Simon Scott.result. by the owner.and who kept it up to boiling-point by food and drink. . get detected. 21 ous. It 80 happened that he was one of a jury of inquest over the deal body of poor Maria Lee. had finished the work 80 fairly begun -.brag by he.finished her for the grave and heaven j for if ever ita golden portals swing wide to admit a shining soul. . Brag.who of course was petted and made much of. and a' strong magnifying glass was banded round among the jurymen. while his victim's head. the facts were disclosed j and while the surgeon plied his work. . and laugh less. . and beautiful I 0 God. the autopsy went on. poor child. No human being laughs then. destruction to poor she. . Well.

"Murdered.and I-with the womb in my hand. by GoD I curs« him" . but not tin his oath was registered up there where vows are never broken.' and my later books. society. and the lurid fires of burning lust. for never a marriage among them all produced other fruits than discontent. if ever I " . something they little dream of. in that odd book" Hermippus. Had I been so instructed long years agone. in scrutiny and question. his words .and there he stopped..or the Sage's Triumph. on the other.the general lover alluded to. but I. breasts. From the earliest historical ages an unnatural custom has prevailed. influence. It is. I refer to the abominable practice of old men marrying young girls. . I certainly would have every male over fifteen witness just such a redemptive and impressive scene. Campbell.22 Affictional Alene_y. and nothing is forgotten. and one that God Himself frowns down. too.THEM I and me. hence this. and as he laid down the glass he muttered . uterus . . money. I learned it at last. VII. heart. madness and despair.are great indeed. He carefully examined lungs. but for all that. If I could. as the fast young man. and would take every boy through the wards of a hospital for syphilides. brain. from the floor of my soul.sub rosa mainly. jealousy. . so ardent is their worship at the shrine of Saint Frivole.youth and freshness on one side. and the knife between my teethechoed. and is not . mourn. stomach. and die in silence. and the soul that animates them is kneeling at the feet of the Redeeming God . I would have every girl taught the longforgotten truth that her soul is worth. and its results have been fearful. I know that the temptations. quite as much as her body.all." Iiys it down that the old can regain many months or even yeare of life by consorting and cohabiting with the young. was a long time in learning thoroughly the tremendous difference between the chaste desire of pure love. and consequent misery. at least. which I trust will serve as beacons to warn mankind off sunken rocks and reefs long after these hands have returned to primal dust. like most others. . position. I had escaped very many subsequent mistakes. for the victims generally grieve. it is a something against which that same society ought to tum.

tired of anold. that such cases are extraordinary. self-preservative instinCt:. one sixty. where occasionally the young girl marries an old man. and sunken rocks all around. there's disaster just ahead. girls of sixteen can't love sixty. to run aground. If it were possible for two people. waxen child of sixteen. besotted. sooner or later. to fully and mutually love each other. and of course his" love I" is but a selfish. because in the very nature of things she can but feel an utter disgust. but there are some others not quite so self-apparent.-and that some one is a young wife. nohow you can fix it. upon which that ship of wedlock is sure. a thin. say twenty-five years ago. then the girl would help the man. and four weeks afterwards the father bore his daughter's body tobury it and his happiness together in one grave on the hillside. the other sixteen. who literally drove his daughter. pale. for unless mutual. and the man increase the girl's recuperative power. vitality and life-force between such an ill-starred couple renders it utterly impo88ible for the . mean. and altogether exceptional to an almost universal rule. But. true. an awful and appalling horror and loathing at the bare thought. because the old man's motive is to prolong his miserable existence at the expense of a fresh young life. either money-wise or from gratitude. Two years afterwards. worn-out man I The great disparity of years.Affictional Alchemy. I think there'd have been a third-class funeral in that town. when I was young. Nearly every one will at once see many of the reasons why. I knew a man in New York State. Happiness is out of the question. magnetism. for I regard it as a crime even worse than some sorts of murder. Were a man of that age to use means to thus get a daughter of mine. and here they are. and good results follow. In marriage and its offices there must be a reciprocal play of electric and magnetic forces. happily. and here "are my reasons why: It is safe to say. and therefore not real love at an. while the girl's love is one of advantage. into a hated marriage of sixty-five or thereabouts. a child was buried in the West. and in the wreck that follows some one is sure to be lost. and th~ cases exceedingly rare where they produce anything but misery. much less the sickening ordeal of/act.

and he a physical imbecile. Then it is: "Who'd have thoughtit?" but too late! Such antipodes cannot blend. if not at once. and to her repellant. and she even loathes the food he dotes on. calcareous. robs her of her rights as. even in such cases. sug gests evil thoughts to her mind.Affectional Alchemy. in five years' time at the utmost. save. and assimilates the totality of "tIl' vital life. and the liquids he consumes to keep his unnatural fever up. seals up the fountains of her youth and responsive power. and those who have lived unhappy lives often find out how well they loved at heart. if not before. The magnetic auras issuant from them are unlike. magnetically. because the girl is peach-downy. oe aught pertainmg to him. But a still stronger protest is here: it is found in the well-known fact that the old and coarse magnetism of the man poisons both the body and soul of the young girl . and five the limit. and he the opposite . and paves the way for her to yield heart and all else to whoever near her own age tries to win her.. and which is proper for one of her tender years. Ten years' difference is a deal too much. in which case tbings . lithe and lightsome. in which union the female thrives on the fresh vitality of the man. that is. reciprocate or assimilate him. But. shuts the door of amative joy in her face. she gestates horror instead of affection. by giving her a kind of love she needs. she must be blonde. He consumes. In the case of ordinary December and May marriages he robs her of life. gay. but the man lithy. for in natural marriage souls blend and interfuse more or less perfectly after a time. limy. for if the reverse happens. or in any other way. after a time. absorbs. and they cannot. wife. after death comes tapping at the gate. and at length she dies for sheer want of that whereof he robs her. young thing to have one single taste or desire in common wil~ the old dotard she calls husband. will not mi:ngle -ill" any more intimate relations than that of father and daughter. supple.in the case of bloodless girls and very magnetic men.always.' she's a doomed woman. Where the disparity is even twenty years it is infinitely far too great. Some people have young souls in old bodies. She cannot absorb. .

robbed and cheated out of its best and most halcyon days. for that can only be done when both are mar#ally conjoined while influenced by a passion born of perfect. or a still worse operation. If ever it is right to prevent conception. firmer. and alas I thousands of such there are. and she is likely to conceive from sheer weariness. and is thus. magnetic and other diseases of all his long run of years. and dense as those of a grown man. for his old blood. soul-founded love.a wife is apt to become a mother quicker by an old husband than a young one. . courses through her young veins. I believe it is in excep· tional cases like this before us.is complete. Its bones are harder. by her old husband. more solid than is right. May God pity all such. physical and moral. thicker. then I the cup of human bliss is indeed full. and then! ah.ffectlonal Alenemy. It looks. or indirectly through the uterine and vaginal diseases sure to be her lot sooner or later. the thing is possible. "She tapped the fountains of his love. How often we hear the expression.A. and this is the reason why. knows no infantile days or pleasures. flatter. OJ childhood means.in fact." Well. because the old man's blood is cooler. through his child. his passion slower in culmination. she never dreams of danger. by its own father. But that's not the worst of it yet. besides which. constructive wiftcide. is an oddity. its cranium is broader. cannot blend. except in so far forth as to innoculate the poor young thing . and physical and mental inability to guard herself. Besides which. loading her down with the accumulated mental. for the offspring of January is sure to be nearly as calcareous as its father. But souls can be tapped without reciprocity. she may consider herself a fortunate woman. either directly as a sponge. are not so bad. for the fluids of the twain will not. still there's great harm done. deep. for the young wife's soul is drained from her. aud if the young mother escapes forceps-delivery. and the parties live in passable harmony. but where such soul-youth does not exist. or of the female finesses she would put in play against a younger husband. and the mystical blending-" they twain shall be one" . . Why? Because a portion of each soul becomes incorporate in the other. yet is seldom realized. making her old prematurely. his child is born old i-never knows what babyhood is. feels.

by which I do not here mean syphills. here's the origin of evil. with death in the foreground. and who. with malignant poison. March. and the nervous stllte precedent to. May.that. A person's shadow on the wall in a room. therefore. by lamp-light. a great deal more. for even if the husband is not old. "in the auld house at hame. that is. than an acquaintance of fifty intimate years would otherwise. have more character and power than when the double events occur in other months. April. but I do mean that worse poison resultant from chemical incompatibility. too. June. as will be seen hereinafter. and all the other vast paraphernalia born of non-love. because nature and weather are more propitious at the start. . to be solely and only a propagative function. Gender in the human being is a very different thing from gender in the animate kingdoms below the grade of man. better constituted and will live longer. Conceptions occurring in the morning hours are a myriad degrees better than when that event occurs at other periods. every one of whom urge their moral pleas mainly upon the ground that the marital-functional nuptive rite of the human being is precisely on a par with the creative aCt of beasts. and you nave a fine chance for the sale of lotlons. At this point 1 wish to pick a flaw or two in the reasonings of the popular physiologists and phrenologists of the day. pessaries. D/s. unquestionably. and nothing more. but only a hellion to her. therefore. is but the natural spur to the God-foreseen result. In the beasts it means propagation. supporters. Gentlemen M. movement. mental and lffeCtional disgust and repulsion. and implies.Affictiotlal AlcAemy. say they. but in man it stands for. are. and succeeding it. washes. or tone of voice will sometimes tell in a second more of a person's real self. mainly for food purposes. just as a peculiar smile. July. she'a your patient straightway." Birth months. the sacred nuptium is permissible only when both parents desire to add one more unit to the . and June. August and September. are born in February. It is for generative ends only. and in its minute phases. which leave ulcers and corrosions in their train. that God intended it in man as in animals. Children conceived in May. will reveal more of'that party's real character than ali the phrenology extant. observation.

In beasts the offspring and parents become disunited Ilt maturity. cats and fishes. it is a faa: of soul j a principle. is the all-powerful impelling motive. the pra.IIIY. and it means more in his case than it does in all other departments of the sentient world. habitude. Parallels between man and beasts are not correct or just j for in beasts sexive and parental instincts are separate affairs.Affictional Alell. that the sexive principle. and instinct in the human is not in very many respects identical with that of the non-human inhabitants of the globe we live on. a periodical function and appetite. boldly and squarely.c:tical relationship laats not only ( . dogs and flies. sex is an instinct. altogether superior to the passing furore of beasts that perish and are known J10 more. else they tJ. by which time Nature has brought a new instinct and passion into play. fish and insects. he continually confutes himself. and is not governed by identical laws . and not propagation at all.i"k us fools. birds. in Ut1 it means. and a mystical and divine power. aa everywhere else. but comes under. if motive there be. in the human. and selfseeking there. Now these philosophers either . until such increase appears . and the completest refutation of the absurdity is to be found in the words: IT IS NOT TRUE I Why? because man is not a beast. and leads to immeasurably more and deeper things than the average thinker ever dreams of or imagines. In man.in man they coexist. In the organic kingdoms outside of the human. invariably trouble themselves not at all concerning increase of family. Bears and horses. and state. of nearly a thousand mortal pages. on the contrary. In those realms. reptiles. singly or combined. I here throw down the gauntlet. and moved by. and we Imow they are. the instinct is blindly obeyed. implies. for its author shows in a hundred places that he don't believe his own logic.are conscious hypocrites. great world's population. . imd that doCtrine was the whole gist and burden of its labored and lame argument: lame. right in the teeth of all the so-called scientists on earth or under heaven. teaching what they don't believe. higher ones altogether than such as rule in the kingdom of beasts. and is played upon. I have seen a book. or prolongation of the species. and every other living thing bearing gender.

They obey the instinct j it is the spur to propagation. deprive her of it. but he won't. and she does it like the kind. and its name is LOVE. In the lower kingdoms nature does her best to produce a superior grade of body. for as a rule it is impossible. Not one human couple in fifty millions propagate on purpose. will never succeed upon agricultural. but the beast. because man is a myriad grades or degrees higher and finer in organization than the animals. We are all accidents 1. risks all for the spur. for we marry and mate. or season.ffecUo1lal Alchemy. dear old mother that she is! In the average human. to the gates of the grave. albeit consequences are foreseen. or barnyard principles. and Time himself topples with hoary age. Stirpiculture. and marriage is unknown to them. or does.I. . and know to a day when to look for the new animal. Give her that. stock-farm. the spur is all that's cared for at the time. and crab apples are the result. not so with beasts j for one hour seals the origin of the progenal result. but leaves them for nature to attend to. nor will these self-same philosophers. and will till the universe grows old. We are gravely told that animals obey the impulse once a year. and men m~rk the periods. -I'm sure of that 1. but leaps the barriers of death. is an insult to the human race. or the rearing of better children. but in the former she requires the richest of fertilizers. and his nature calls for more than theirs possibly can. as the case may be.especially in their own especial and particular cases. but we can only guess the time when our eyes shall gladden at the sight of the new soul God sends to cheer and bless us. and cares nothing for subsequent consequences. and a human crab is the gnarliest and most bitter fruit in all God's garden. imd flourishes in the far-off heaven. whether human or other sorts. and she'll make your eyes glisten at the beauty of the work she does.A. True. just like man up to a given point. To apply rules to man applicable to animals alone.and not a few of us unhappy ones. for instance. and due provisions made. that man ought to go and do likewise. In the human' world she' wo~ks wholly to produce a loftier order of . nature requires a rich soil to produce high grades of fruit.-beasts only mate.

exciting magnetism meant death to his home-love. but is never so good as that which grows on one's own trees. emotion. the upshot being that from the instant he does so. and for a moment of delirious joy has bartered off a whole life of happiness.ought to be not "Just once. desolation to his hearth-stone.Afficlional Alchemy. if it be not too late. and any woman's presence and ae\:ivitics is preferable to those of his wife..neck-deep in perdition I His talk . many a man. by that time. from the picking of a pocket to stealing a railway. malign. and its end is bitter ashes. and yet they are sufficient to enable him to draw disparaging estimates between solid wife and fleeting mistress.but it won't .harlot . New fire. and is never satisfied until success fairly crowns her efforts. yet it did and does. and eternally will. . isolation to his heart. who are lords paramount in all sorts of villa ny. A handsomer race. if we except these of New York and Boston. and he don't care for the old wife. too. if he have not. sir or madam. imagination. " I guess I'll make an experiment-s. the habit becomes fixed. But why? Simply because his imagination has rendered the other woman's charms five thousand times more important than they actually are. and happily.and so will he ." says many a man. fired with sudden and electric fire. buried his wife's love in a grave ten thousand resurrectionless fathoms deep I He did not know that the strange. and ruin to his happiness.only just one. because it is scortatory.or hers . and lavishes all he has on the other: But you just wait a bit. In a weak moment. in presence of the new.intellect. which may be sweet. . new. for when once one indulges in stolen fruit. it fails to satisfy. strange blood. "It's all very fine. I never saw than the modem Greek. and he makes it . we'll see how it works in the end. Three weeks' experience with a mistress will cure almost any man of that sort of weakness. fiery. soul in its triplicate divisions. and while it effectually displaces and kills home-love. has fallen into passion'S dreadful snare. for your Romaic rascal can discount all others on the earth. physically. and "just once" lands him .or her . and so he abuses one. home ceases to be such to him." but. has inspired him with fresh passion. nor such a perfee\: race of scamps.

stretch away into and through the infinite and eternal spaces. and that defeat followed them in after life by reason of the invisible presence of some wronged victims. otherwise it is a desecration and worse than beastly profanation-is productive of an entire series of effects and results aside from the perpetuatory or propagative one wherein man and animals are alike. and it is only really nuptive when love is the prompter. it is that every immortal man and woman of us is bound and doomed to have all love and lust escapades universally known. not only through an arc or chord of fleeting time. merely bodily. of course. and some there be who will be astonished that their whole career was turned on earth in consequenceof such or such an act . I mean the nuptive union of the sexes. pay. from that of pure and gentle love. are at that instant thinking of him. twenty.soul. and are drawing out his soul just as easily and surely as 1:0 drew their life through honeyed lips ten. the results. Nor is this all.fact. and a man in New York in 1875may feel the life going out of him day by day. In the non-human races the marriage officeceaseswhen the germ is lodged. for every escapade mingles magnetisms more or less. whether the rite be propagative or no. but in the human being its offices only beg':n at that point. after death. married or not. or thirty years before . If there is one thing more certain. for in them sex distinctions are. and the interwoven spirit. while in the human it involves and embraces the entire vast domain of both body. whenever and wherever printed in italic letters. yearning for him.by which term hereinafter. YOli can guess where-first. As already said herein. voluntarily or not. or even from the spaces. but they. to the horror and violence of inhuman rape. . leaves its mark on us and the other. and-I'll see you in-well. than another. for its results continue. Every carnal association affects us. marriage." That's human talk! IX. himself not even suspecting that a dozen or more women in as many different parts of the earth. and probably cease not.y. but endure forever and forever. We are destined to meet all with whom we have been carnally intimate in any degree. wherefore libertinism and cyprianism are attended with strange penalties. and therein only.30 Affectional Alene.

80 utterly . a perfectly self-evident proposition. a radical nihility. and without which the ALL THAT IS would become a blank and starless void. but effectively uttered at the instant of their descent into the matrices that thereafter gave them to the world. and both alike are manifestations or modes of the superlative and ineffable Master-Potency. Attila. Energy. underlying. Confucius. just look at Jugurtha. it therefore becomes in this mystic light. how and why this is so.the non-savage and non-barbaric specimens of the races . the bisexive energy. that is. . hence the most potent and tremendous er:tergy and agency in the entire material and hyperphysical universe. as it ever should be. displayed all around. To it all things bow. But before I do it. To it all things are subsidiary. demonstrates itself to be the Imperial Force of all that is. the holiest and most effective of all possible prayers. but it purifies the heart and soul. with scores of other scourges of God and the human world. instantly. silently. Nero and the Bonapartes.called into being in an instant of time to lash the earth to agony. Let me tell you. axiomatic in its nature. as it i~ in and of the Deity. is really Pulchritudlnem DivitUs ConJunetam. 31 In the truly human being . crowning essence of the universal realm. John. bend. Buddha. St. subtending. Is not this sufficient to prove the truth of what I cali a most effective prayer? Turn the page and behold a Christ. or over-lapping. as terrible as eternal Night itself. if it is not. and therefore requiring no attempt toward its demonstration. for it ought to be.marrz'age never degrades the parties either in their own or each other's eyes.Affectiortal Alchemy. These principles are male and female. exactly as in the other case or cases. That the creative function is the highest force in us. for it is palpably clear that two principles are interwoven and reciprocally acting and reacting upon each other everywhere and in all things in the universe whereof we know. call it by whatever name you will. more cheerless than the grave. reader. uplifts them to the Father. Power. But there are other proofs:X. and see the results of peaceful prayer uttered silently too. Beauty and Divinity joined as one.a prayer of evil-guild. and it. acknowledge the peremptory sway of. admits of no denial. .

all those affirming to the contrary notwithstanding. not a physical fact. and that from it spring all the major elements of both his greatness and his goodness. not his intellect. our father's influence lIpon us . bovine. in him. It is the softer side of soul that generates moral or any other real grandeur. according to capacity. so is man. that is to say. True.Platos. while we adore a loving man. a few seeming exceptions. inspiration. for were we not half mother. the unknown and unknowable Deity . with what I may call the male and female aura or em-uence of the great Supreme. and positively female. save only the human. as the so-called hermaphrodites. by any means. There are and have been malformations claimed to be proofs of dual gender. and that the -male side fecundates the other. It is this blending of sex in soul that makes us what we are. but Deity is dual 10 a double sense. [ .Below man. God is positively male. but we worship the Christs. but. because from his love. canine. God is supposed to be a dual being. as a principle. and makes great deeds possible to man. are distinctively and radically either wholly male or female. as 'in man. for it is that alone which has power to transmute man the savage into man the incarnate demi-god. for examination in the light of modern science proves all such organisms to be a union of the two principles in a single body. but they were really one or the other. We all know that the better side of man is the she or mother side. and we admire an intellectual giant. all the masculine or electric attributes of God are pervaded by the magnetic feminine principle.32 AjJ'ectional Alchemy. while also. in reality. We are pleased with the. while the sexes are distinct. All sentient and non-sentient being is more or less pervaded. or -any other bisexed being is an utterly impossible thing. and all these incarnations of the original' Life. benumbed and benumbing that destruction itself were tame in comparison. But a human. generosity of soul which characterises him. at least on this. . there are among the lower types and forms of organic life. and not a fusion. arises all of goodness. such are apparent only. they for the first time fuse and blend. and probably upon every other soul-bearing world in the eternal vaults of space. equine. aspiration.

and the story shall be fully. full-blown woman. its soul and spirit of the opposite one. morally. but none so glaring and positive as are encountered among human beings i and the mis-sexing of them is one of the most common forms of mal-construction i for it frequently happens that a female zoosperm. listen. which now abound all about us. occur in all departments of nature. cold. living contradictions of the statements their forms and functions declare to the world.of the soundness of the foregoing statement. If a human monad. aversions and perversions.I . [See a section on this very point in the sequel. fairly. they were and are wholly hard. There is a curious proof'. encounters a ripe ovum from the left side of the mother. Now accidents and inversions. many who wear the Phallic sign of gender are no more men in soul. that fact determines the gender. psychically. and in every other way but one. and reverse resultswill follow. Such people are human monstrosities. or enter one from the wrong ovarium i in which case the body of the child will be of one gender." from the left side of the father. which is the living monad. masculine beings. wives and mothers too. invariably. On the other hand. and were born wrong. than is the little romping lass of five brief summers a full-grown. supplied by the male parent. are females only physically i while spiritually. In a normally peopled world such monstrosities. is unable to reach a corresponding female ovum.AifecUonal Alchemy. If you ask me why and how. 33 would drive the world to chaos in a year i and all that is really excellent in us is the capacity to love and grow.] Reverse the case. yet it seems to have escaped the notice of the scientists: I allude to the notorious fact that some womb-bearers. It will be male. drawn or forced into existence as a human incarnation i and it Is utterly impossible for such to appear at all upon the world's . mentally. or " zoosperm. yet briefly told:XI. or soulgerm. and clothed in flesh by the mother. and nothing is capable of love but man.-though how to do it on purpose is a somewhat difficult problem to solve i yet it can be done. could not possibly be coaxed. and is compelled to be expurgated. and is far more easily accomplished than at first sight may appear.

and scores of others equally good.not in the effeminate sense. will give the world such children as will prove themselves. but in the glowing. love each other. it is proof stronger than holy writ that love: did not rule in the hour of their generation. and when such miscreations are seen. Now I have affirmed as a truth that true human sex is primarily of soul.34 Ajfectz'onal A lclzemy. but that a wife every way inferior except in love. for gradually the true sex of the individual asserts its native force and power. The strongest force. their angularities are worn away. . who perished for loving mankind in his 49th year [see BU1lScnJ. stage. truly great. is invariably manifested by those who have the most loved and loving mother in them _. and whenever you find a great soul in a male body. the malformation begins to lessen by slow degrees. or that of woman. the memory of what they once were fades away. or slightly overweighs the electric or masculine moiety of their being. going back of his alleged times. and then they assume either the perfected states of man. and they take rank among the truly human. caressed and influential. affection. and creative energy in the domains of science.is one who has not the most intellect. even though the parents are physically perfect. hence it follows that the post-mortem state of such mixed beings is not. or. love. but most gentleness. or oblivious of. loving and being loved. philosophy. He is everywhere most welcomely greeted. or even partially. radiant heartfulness of his nature. combined with it. for it is the woman . depend upon it he is more than half mother. and the beings who on earth belied the story of their true gender become as other normal beings are. if not so famous. art. and secondarily of body. and grandly good. its signs to disappear. XII. if parents wholly. indeed. mental power. and literature everywhere. The philosophers of my day were generally blind to. who is most magnetic. Take the real or ideal Nazarene. the physical. people whose feminine or magnetic side entirely balances. or female. per example. the fact that the greatest degree of human excellence in offspring can never be attained. . or rather hyper-physical being is gradually toned down or up to his or her true condition. leap the chasmal years to the Eo-Tree man. a permanent duration of their condition here.

000 years has it been known to fail. in the harems. ubstinenee l'amour. if such there be. and never yet in 2.that you can.are made about want of passional fervor. * • Complaints on both sides . precious Allahl will speedily bless the nnfruitful pair. Keep up this all the time of gestation if possible. But you say. but the most tender. lance asked an Arab physician in E~ypt. so lightly as scarce to touch I There is a peculiar and powerful conducting property in such a feather. for it will be wretched and 1\ curse to itself until its flight toward the Ghillem. the entire character of the food is changed. and Allah. pray. except you be mentally and physically prepared. tenderly. that those are the most glorious and glorified of the other gender. he said. And when it docs. may be modelled after your soul's loftiest ideal. a~d enables them to write their names i~ adamantine letters upon the grand facade of the universal human temple l It is equally true. will. for a soul begotten without fervor had better never come to earth. loving and feminine in all respects. lightly. not the most electric. no matter how great the temptation may be. mental pith. We prefer to abide in marriage as we have found it. the method easy. and the operation of the law just revealed will convince you and the world that nothing equal to it ever fell from human lips or pen." The answer is simple. is persisted in. 3S side of such people that gives them power. who were. but they cannot 00 given herein. pray tell us how to improve 'lpon them hereafter. or are.not for it . masculine and intellectual. and across all parts of the well-washed cuticle. .deep. if not loud . and nft'ectional ardor. or amidst the nomads. IIJldwhen both these fail. the results of such marriage. are not what we would have them i therefore. that the result.but to utterly banish everything but the pure desire of your soul to give him all the love then . nnd unjustly often in both cases. There is more on thelle points. a long-fringcd feather. for each takes especial pains and particular care not to strive in any way to bring about a different nerval condition. In your cold land (America) the aphrodisiacal treatment should be accompanied with the internal cordials I told you of. if such things existed among the dark races. breasts.Affect':onal Alchemy. pure. Some children. Never run the risk of conception. decree. slowly drawn down the spine. genius. We want perfect offspring! Some of us have· not just such husbands as we wish. and wish. . desire. XllI. the weak one is by tho other mesmerized with.at the marrtage . " We women are not perfect yet. Yes. Weare too pure to sully our souls. but seldom.

as sure as death.all these are Iost. follow out this splendid rule. for I must abide by the laws of my own individuality. for home. strength and loni life. but before we come to that. you exert it to redeem your husband. all of which are achievable by the same magic means. and am confident that she who persistently tries cannot by any possibility fail I Of course the same power can be used by husbands. for purity alone is the price of power. for indifference. Well. here is the starting point of a divine life I XIV. that is worth worlds to you. before me. and that the highest point of human power can only be reached by those who are amatively true to each other. for s'Wpose that. and it is my firm belief that love-variety in any shape is injurious to soul and body. and kindle love where all was cheerless. for his own fireside. and another nail driven home into your coffin. social and sexual included. decreeing perfect offspring. It is simply substituting active soul-will. still you want health. wintry blasts before. and wide-spread agitation of all questions. willing. My reasons will be seen further on in this work. Obey this grand law.during power absence . which distinctly says that I am an advocate of certain opinions which my entire life • . I wish at this point once for all to say that I believe in free speech. I write these lines here because at this moment a paper lies. but while I champion the right. have seen it tried. else in such moments . but. desiring. and do not want to make the experiment. the secret of soul-might. passive body and sufferance. and before you are well aware of it will work such a redemptive change as shall bathe your house in pearly glory. I know it. to kindle up his love for you. But how about promiscuity or variety in the love relations of life? Reply: There may be those who can find happiness therein. love. beauty. instead of wishing. most assuredly be felt. and it is the coin accepted at God's exchange for such glories as he keeps especially for true and earnest souls. I by no means espouse the cause of those champions. I never could.Affectlonal Alchemy. But perhaps you care little or naught for all that. •Please recall the incident of myself and the little fairy. This principle will win him from all others. in two senses. and ere long you will find that your power will perceptibly augment.

I am only capable of one love at one time. when woman is almost everywhere wrongly rated. just as now. in the foretime. . thank Heaven. but that time to me fastens its further end to the eternities just ahead of us all. the highest honor won and worn by Britain's proudest men. . and their fruitage was ever bitter. than the modern reader might imagine. nevertheless. has taken especial pains to celebrate individual women and the universal sex. in such guise as to give great hope for fuller and better things by and by. The chivalry of all ages has not only proved feal to her and acknowledged its dependence upon her smile and frown. "variety. that the very flower of one. then. bitter. nay.For instance. and this worship of the second. So true is the statement concerning the vastly greater and superior relative value of the Feminine Principle. which occasionally gleams forth in noble deeds. failing to induce me to pervert certain knowledge and powers to their base ends and systems. boldly fighting for her right or wrong. XV. save on most indubitable evidence. every speech I have ever spoken. and worse placed than she should be. Temporary attractions departed with my dead years.Affectlonal Alchemy. forever and forevermore. a measure of gallant respect. if not the primal element of nature. 31 has been spent in confuting . and snapped my fingers at the rogues in grain. is to be acknowledged .both the falsehoods and the falsifiers. such is the fa~. I now drop all that matter. two of the leading nations of the world this day do homage to the emblem of Womanhood? Yet. but . . has been carried further. badly educated. is not a part of my being. for the noblest regalia. ever started such malignant slanders agaihst me.human perverts of both genders. sought to injure me by the meanest and most contemptible of all possible scandal." or change in love matters. and brave championage of the sex. who among those who peruse this essay would believe. who. The demand for novelty. and been more general. But I laughed at the cyprians.as witness every book I have ever written. there is still. as being beneath either notice or ~ontempt. that even in the present lubricious age. even the coarsest men. Having put this on record. and only foiled zealots-feminine-and worse things in male shape. deep down in the hearts of most.

and in some barbaric lands the organ itself. as of yore . almost universal. has been the boast of her noblest for centuries. is in these days written Roni soit qui mal y pense. except in . including all modern Christians. for the emblem signifies no such puerile nonsense at all. are but symbols. openly. of which all steeples. arch. coupled with their periodic functions. gotten to be even a licensed thing. but in civilized America in its most low and disgusting form. for it-so happens that the real first word is not Roni but roni. there have not been wanting other human hosts who did. to be worthy of wearing the royal insignia of the Garter. in a certain sense. a grand majority of all mankind. while the Fleur-de-lls of France. monuments. Princely and Imperial. whose symbol is the rose. towers. grosser forms.Affeclional Alchemy. Now what does that same. pay homage at the shrine of the Feminine Deity.to the uninitiated. here let that absurd notion be rectified. and still is.has been. while they. and May and liberty poles and flagstaffs. while in all ages of the world's known history. and still do. outside world" Evil to him who evil thinks. but it expressly means evil of a certain and peculiar kind. is true and correct. and practically worship at no other shrine. translated to mean . Garter mean? Is there anyone so uninformed as to Imagine for a moment that it signifies the mere string worn about the leg to keep nice stockings from dragging about fair heels? If so. The motto of the order. and the Phallus is the male organ of generation and Priapus was its god. its coarser. and everywhere a winked-at adjunct of civilization. Now. and dome. to the debasement of man and blasphemy of God and Womanhood. worship brute force. in our days." which. It has no reference to general evil whatever. light-houses. for thousands seem to adore no god but Lust. Witness the universal prevalence of concubinage and harlotry. cenotaphs. meaning something precisely similar. I repeat. beacons. adored and adore CREATIVE ENERGY as symbolized by the emblem alluded to. while that form of worshipof the male god . and luxuriate in varied forms of Phallic or Priapic worship. and that means nothing more nor less than the feminine organs of generation. discus. but not at all in the manner that people generally think it does. for it does mean that. as in all lands sub rosa or secretly. oval.

sing. A true negro never reaches a stage of mental development enabling him to master metaphysics. I trust. most of us worship the disc symbol. pray.a new revelation of sex. and the vast volume of meanings that underlie and are embosomed within it. to draw a parallel. I alluded to the universality of sex emblems. slime and filth hitherto attendant upon it.its laws. their mutual truth and fidelity. To return to the point at issue: In some form or other. her purity. but about the tremendous mysteries it shadows. and will close this section by calling attention to our national banner. and a . not merely concerning the symbol and its nature. and fifty cents in the plate" for being thereby benefited. is worth a month's life. to demonstrate it to be in very truth what it claims. to tell the reader that in my medical practice.knowledge of which is a redeeming power •. and sat there to hear the ardent worshippers preach. because the staff symbolizes the Phallus. but this time entailing dreadful penalties instead of rewards upon its multitudinous devotees. every inhalation of which. second. for not even the triplicate king evils.Affectional Alenemy. her. rules. and four-fifths of the intelligent world is to-day agitated. inflict such awful punishments upon their votaries as Cypriana. the red symbolizes her periodicity and ability to defy death by repeopling the world. 39 in Greco-Roman days. the white. phases and moods. for the American flag floating from a staff is one of the finest illustrations of the double glory in the world. haggard wives and chlorotic girls. get glorious. opium. nor at maturity does he ever surpass in capacity the adolescent average Anglo Saxon. . to the sick ones. XVI. it ought to be Love . the salacious Diva of Harlotdom. its cord represents the chain of love binding the sexes together. the folds of bunting are emblems of woman's floating drapery. the blue means his. I often prescribe" Negro meetings. and tobacco. They did so. and fill the room with a rich and healthy magnetism. for if there is a divine thing on earth. alcohol. in nervo-vital diseases. but in the power of maintaining love at high tide he can discount all the white races of the globe I I make this observation at this point for two reasons: first. and to make one successful effort to remove the subject far above the muck. shout. I shall allude to other colors in another section. . before this task of mine is finished. these pale.

at the passional shrine. of England.ffectlonal Alchemy. B. . R.provided his elders would take him in hand and teach him the true meaning of the origin of the strange ideas which from morbid nature. because as yet it is but a baby-world I At all events its worship is of the character already set forth i and its best men have been the most earnest devotees i for somehow or other. as we interpret it. when the real. writing upon the subject of the Garter. by adding a new construction with hidden meanings. with whom. I have said that this nation was the most passional one on earth. (or especial cestus. picked from the floor. inexpressibly high-bred motive and its circumstances are understood. and likely for the same reason. the" garter. It arose in a princely act.40 A. not out of its teens. . Our great King Edward III. precept and example of his associates he has imbibed. i. and before quoting Ashmole in regard to the same matter.]. . the "garder" rgaurder. observes: "All the world knows the chivalric origin of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. in or out of wedlock. XVII. and takes good care to demonstrate them with chalk upon the walls and fences everywhere. that this nation is but a boy yet. it e. shall we call it?) of the beautiful and celebrated Countess of Salisbury. there is not and never has been a really great man in it but who has been more or less chargeable with practices not accordant with the strictest rules of nun-ship or monk-hood . but does not comprehend.in results .for such antics characterize all young animals.. its universal pudicity is not to be wondered at. and remember too. Now this is not so dreadful after all. nor that its principal. Now for the other point: No sooner does an American boy get on his first pair of pants than he has prurient notions right straight along." or. prompted by the same motives. hence. the eminent Rosicrucian. with the famous words of the motto of the Order of the Garter. most sincere and best-paid-for worship is. and for some time to come yet will be. inculcation. The same thing prevails all over the globe. moved by the same forces. which motive is systematically and properly concealed. But then you know that nations and individuals are exactly alike.which is oftener . P. delicate. governed by the same principles.monkey-hood instead. rightly considered princely. Hargrave Jennings. ton of doctor's stuff thrown in.

and challenged the world's respect for himself and woman forever and forevermore. and in all its implications. Letters arc but external symbols of human thought. in jewelry or enamel. soil.which our English ladies never wear. either the Q. Isn't it curious that the generality of even educated people fail to sec that the idea of sex as a principle. into one commanding profound reverence and chivalric respect from all who pride themselves on being men.] The ensign of the order. and the true gentleman picked it up.his breast. B. even language? In French there's no it. by turning an accident fools would giggle at. and defy reproach. . its different forms being determined by the differences of latitude. pinned it to . The garter was a girder. We all know that human speech is the result of the gradual development of the race through ages of time. is supposed King Edward was in love. P." That settles the point. which signifies not only a garter. and Edward aCted the part of a true gentleman." In other words she dropped a cloth which men ought never to behold.ueen or the Countess of Salisbury having been supposed to have dropped one of those very useful pieces of female attire at a dance. Old Elias Ashmole. Being in the form of a 6racelet to the arm. and in them all two basic ideas predominate . seems to challenge inquiry.her or she. was worn originally on the lift arm. the male and female.. the very highest British authority on the points here involved. by its motto. R. as with us. the Egyptian e. and the only objection I can see to the use of such an ornament is the hazard of mistake from the double meaning of the term perisce#s. the gist of which I have already given in the conclusion of the last seCtion. The letter D and its equivalents. in preserving her from ridicule and shame. which the lady dropped. but everything is ilor elle.. runs through everything. it might possibly divert the attention of the men from the reputed original. physical and other concomitant surroundings. it might be dropped and resumed without confusion. [Here follows some Latin. says: "The Order of the Garter.i. but 6recches. Everybody must know the story that refers the origin of the name to a piece of gallantry.Affietional Alenemy. writing about them. climate. Glorious Edward I XVIII.

or the first completion of the destiny ordained to both. D is both sexes. are unquestionably suggested by the phallus. Gimel.the I or male. one-third male. growth. Phenician. Daleth.suggests union. Cheth. is but the reverse of the discal or oval worship. Beth. . and the yellow typifying ripeness.the female emblem . but the symbol of generative power. as unmistakably emblematize the above three ideas. and as said before.the letter O? What is the letter I or the figure I. red. green and yellow. and the 0 or female ideas. according to the ability of the scribes or sculptors who made them. and Tav. the first two meaning the spiritual purity and sacrificial blood of woman. Greek. And so it is all through the entire list of alphabets. flambeaux. or llngam. all letters are but interchanges. He. is but the feminine symbol. and the Phoenician one likewise. more or less perfectly drawn. but the symbol of Faith. ancient and modem. others its opposite. hieroglyph and hieratic figure. The Lingam. therefore creative passion (and what this last means will be seen hereinafter. Zyin. XIX.000 to 600 years before Christ's date-for the Aleph.-the lingam. some letters representing one emblem. Instance the Archaic alphabet. and fireworks everywhere symbolize sexual. forest and fen I What is the soft. . Torches. Ayin. Lamed. as that rain tells of growth in field. _:_the YONI. actually the colors of all our flags. the minaret represents the male. and still others the union of the two. the green representing the result of the union of male and female-production. the opposite idea. B is two-thirds female.and nearer nature . are representative of the same. fertility. or Garter Idea. For instance. Samekh. Thus also . Eternity. C is mainly female. Greek and Italic equivalents. Var. interminglings of the two original forms . L. all letters convey the same meaning in clear. or male? Ay. or less clear form. and in fact. Kaph. and sh.are their equivalents of the Roman R. sweet. Teth. The dome everywhere is but the female idea. XX. Phmnician. Q.Affectional Alchemy. Eternal Love. the blue already explained.Magnetism. as they existed from 1. Italic. while their N. for it is not limited to the generation of progeny). Linga or Lingum (male organ-worship). flowing circle or "ring. white and blue. and their English.

the ideal of the feminine peoples is the masculine worship. that which is wholly and absolutely mystical. prostate gland. and. that which is founded upon gratitude j and. there. spinal cord. yet its full fruition can only be achieved.draw the curtain o'er the dreadful scene I XXI. and hurls its masses of lurid flame through the cerebrum. blend. ethereal. and his god is far more she than he . save when our natures are inverted j and even then its fountain is in the unholy soul. unlike all other forms of Flame. the most masculine man adores at the female shrine. and everywhere the two universal principles seek each other. per contra. Finally. But this will I say: The most masculine nations tend greatest to feminine worship. Love between human beings of opposite sexes is of two general kinds: J st. the strange.in the soul j not the body. tr!bes. based upon affinities of taste. Thus here. inner mystic FIRE which. felt and realized after . testes or vaginaand . such as the love between parent and child. lastly. ovaria.Affectional Alchemy. before it leaps to the still more unholy body. Desire is always first metaphysical before it is material in human kind j but when the conscience and moral poles are reversed. peoples and ages j some are entirely female or male in their genius. Thus certain foods or drinks generate an excess of caloric in the nervous ganglia of the reproductive system j a spark . clearer to others. the soul catches fire. intermingle. has its origin in God. and unwittingly obey the mighty dual law ! XXII. and its flow from within us. literature. art. and often is. Just as sex runs through all nature so does it obtain of nations. the spark that explodes the mental flame may be. 43 They typify vaguely to some.spontaneous combustion -leaps thence to the brain.and which. that which is wholly amicive or purely friendly j that which is platonic or purely spiritual. fuse. cerebellum. while it may be to a limited extent gratified on earth. that in which passion is not an integrant. not from without j for passion rises in the mind when normal.the don't-know-why-but-it-is-so kind of feeling . while the most feminine woman worships the most masculine man. sent from the body first to the soul. similitudes of soul. . and general specialties j and so plainly does this truth manifest itself that I do not care to occupy time in proving it.

untimely dead. the frown of fooll . mental anguish.the sex of form. general unhappiness. I think the pity of this life illove I.too late I " The treason of false friends. and thereby form a true kalsomate of. They marry. and subsequent horror. This generates discord and despair.she an Adonis. for the actual fact of marriage produces utter dissatisfaction to kim. what an awful. imagine that they were born for each other. The weariness of absence j and the dread Of lover. the perfect mate. he a perfect Hebe! When the mistake is made such parties marvel and wonder how on earth it can be so. to their first surprise. but not for the life below. Alas I the endless &trife Of Love's sweet law with cold Convention's rulel. found .Musing on these. Now it often happens that people in whom this sort of love exists mistake its nature and significance. one or both find out that not a real tie of soul binds the twain together. and. both shall have become citizens of the country of disembodied souls. the other water. d~s~se a~d lingering death to ker. or of love. Then comes the unveiling. discover that for all the purposes of matrimony one is oil. . fired by the moa ardent hopes. but none whatever on the amative plane. and. and why the actual marriage produces effeCts so utterly foreign to their expectations and hopes. In the union of two such there is a compatibility of spirits to a great extent. pain.. my God. . The fear that ba1llesbliss in beauty's arms. After long years of yearning. But even a greater pity exists where. and. " I think the pity of this earthly life Is love. So do I. horror.44 Aifectional Alchemy. soul. withont a particle of mental lime to combine and fuse the two together. horrible spectre stands frowning where each expected to behold and hold . So sighs a singer of the day Whoso pensive strain my sympathetic lay Sadly prolongs. and is almost sure to drive the man to the house of the strange Woman. so they are. and all the direful harms Thnt hapless human hearts are doomed to prove. The loving souls unloved.

further on in this New Revelation. In the first case. They could not affiliate downstairs . in nearly all respects. When. in my travels up and down the lanes of Marriage-land. and In society. the grave. because there is a better cohesion between them than in the other case. of that just described in Section zzd. and to be only remembered with a shudder by her. or enjoy a happy hour. albeit said union is quite as far from being right and proper as anything can well be. Now. I have seen scores of just such cases. and deceptive. and his wife either to insanity. but is far more endurable. honest. and sometimes they do not know what ails them. to usc a meaning metaphor. ay. probably. a smothered malediction by him. ib . XXIll. From such unions as these spring a class of children so utterly angular and deficient that the marvel is they ever find peace at all on earth. millions that I have not seen. and their union will last longer and produce generally better results. or the arms of a lover who can affiliate with her to some extent. and the upshot of the matter is divorce and two wretched lives. in the garret j they only fused in the brat"n. In the other case it was kitchen and cellar life all the time. their marriage satisfactory. for it so happens that although some of us overvalue body. but very unsatisfactory for all that. and of whose terrible secret no one but themselves are aware. The first of which is the exact opposite. their offspring more adapted to life on earth. and there are other scores. hundreds who read it will see the real point. I shall analyze the matter. their own physical health and that of their children is better. It is just as earnest. The second general kind of love between the sexes may be numbered ONE and TWO. 45 . and. their lives are evener. it was something to be gotten over as quickly as possible./1ectional Alchemy. a monotony endurable certainly.in the passional rooms of the house of marrlage j although they were compelled to descend once in a while. at least upon the external or mainly sensuous plane. make no effort to better their sad condition. as the other. not one of which is the real and true one. the first couple only met each other tepstairs. and attribute their distresses to a thousand causes.A.

functions and offices. cannot be contented with body only. because his whole being is in such a red-hot fever. mentally endows it with what it has not. rosy-cheeked. they know how to appreciate I The origin of such marriages takes its rise in physics purely. And now. magnetic. nature. with its mysteries holy and unholy-that is in its normal development.about to be treated in the pages that follow. or cryptic meaning. The next division is that which is being. could he actualize his desire. and they twain lengthen out their honeymoon for about a year i at the end of which time it is an old and flavorless story. spirited. which. She is young. adjunCts. being human.A. hecause each feels the need of a little change. from their own state of soul-starvation. death would stop him instantly. she has passed the "rubicon. in this. and discontent comes in. soul and emotion with our lives. Love being much more than a mere sentiment between the sexes. till that wherein each hopes to be free from the other. round-limbed. The upshot of such a union is that neither of them see a genuinely happy hour. full of fire. and feel the need of a little sour leavening to season the dry bread of earthly being.-and from what she has learned through other femalesfull of curiosity as to the facts of marriage.ffectional Alchemy. He is stout. destined never to be realized. but sugggestions which led me to investigate and explore. it is plain that neither its ground-work. Well.not a new idea of it. I have for long. we require a little intellect. because nothing human could endure such a poignancy as he hopes " to enjoy. that. and passional auras envelop him round about i an~ passion always exaggerates both the properties and qualities of the objeCt upon whom its eyes are 'cast. Here and there I got . yet. has hitherto in any land been thoroughly understood. and try their chances elsewhere. Such couples grow tired of each other i of the monotony i and either party of such a firm will strangely take to other persons who manifest qualities and powers. and never will have i and at the same time revels in an insane dream of fancied joys. vivacious. weary years studied it in many countries of the globe. XXIV. robust. and abnormal or unhealthful one . probably the . full ofhealth. So much for general division number one.

but incontinently turned up its nose at the supposed copyist. that many a time. the world is challenged to find a line of my thought ill the whole 4. and loved its mysticisms. So I called myself The Rosicrucian. and got hold of a new name. eased my falls . Syriac or Arabic. and was. in view of the cruel faa: that I was met everywhere with suspicion. In proof of the truth of these statements. and scarce a single thought. but never popular. I had struggled so hard to get a fair hearing at the bar of the world. Very nearly all that I have given as Rosicrucianism originated in my soul. called themselves by that name-one which served me well as a vehicle wherein to take my mental treasures to a market.but to make a statement and explanation. and gave my thought to the world as Rosician thought. English. German. in ages past. but would. I became famous. I desire. and of how I had to struggle.I should have rushed of my own aa: into the awful fields of eternity. and 10 I the world greeted with loud applause what it supposed had its origin and birth elsewhere than in the soul of P.A. among the brethren of that Fraternity . failing to be able to do that.zem of mystery . till I resigned the office. the protecting care of the dead. or in ~hc Ansairetic works. . only suggestions. and but for. whose loving •hands either held me up in the bitter strife. and brought up from the zem . Grand Master of the only Temple of the Order on the globe. not to make a confession.and I know many such in various lands. I had merely read Lydde's book. Randolph. I have bathed in the dark waters of despair. or. B. I studied Rosicrucian- ism. as I believe. and did. and again mankind hurrahed for the wonderful Ansaireh. found it suggestive.000 books on Rosicrucianism. Precisely so was it with things purporting to be Ansairetic. slander and malignant envy. have I borrowed from those who. slam to its portals in the face of the tawny student of Esoterics.ffectional Alchemy. which gladly opened its doors to that name. 47 last book but one or two which I shall ever write. for I am proud of the truths alone I delved for.

The Rosicrucian system is. actually discovering the ELIXm OF LIFE. and that experience. whither.all of which this book contains.it was in' far-off Jerusalem or Bethlehem. that great truths reach the world. I really forget which . and in time chief of the lofty brethren. being persistently followed. the universal Solvent. I obtained additional clues-little threads of suggestion. spirit. But what of that? Justice is sure to be done me by and by. what I was naturally-a mystic. Now let us go on with the book. which is but one of our outer doors . I became practically. and of these devout practicers of a simple. as it always has paid for benefits.Affedional Alchemy. I of her. like myself and hundreds of others. itself. And even Eulis. and that world takes exquisite pleasure in crucifying all such j and yet they will arise. and pursuing them farther than they had ever been before. a dusky ~aiden of Arabic blood. but only findable by him or her who searches well. Enthusiasts arc the ambassadors of God. by suggestion still. The thoughts which I gave to the world. It is through such only . There are some in the outer. subsequently I became affiliated with some dervishes and fakirs of whom.ibut by suggestion-the fundamental principle of the White Magic of Love. he went for initiation.not directly. or celestial Alkahest. It was the trial chamber wherein men were tested as to their fitness for loftier things. which. and never was other else than a door to the ineffable Grand Temple of Enlis. These. but. the facts concerning Rosicrucia and myself. led my soul into • labyrinths of knowledge themselves did not even suspect the existence of. are out at last. taking the clues left by the masters.. is a triplicate of body.and which was not originated by Christian Rosencrux j but merely revived. and the philosopher's stone. proclaim their . a few in the inner crypts. I am induced to say thus much in order to disabuse the public mind relative to Rosicrucianism. One night. learned . the water of beauty and perpetual youth. and was loved by. sublime and holy magic. and replanted in Europe by him subsequent to his return from oriental lands.I made love to. I found the road to other know ledges . soul. that world paid me for.

Among all who have ever lived. or accomplished more good for mankind than that class of men known in all time as Mystics. foremost among whom was. and reveals to us something of what was. from the immeasurable gulf that has buried in its depths the secret of our origin. and are. in Montreal. . or rather Fraternity. and is. and our coming . and bring from its drift-wood and wrecks all that may be gathered. and is lost. Asia. he responded as follows. (the Rosicructan branch. . asked concerning the origin of the Great Society. and shutting out the land unseen that lies beyond. and then march straiglit to Calvary or Patmos I In all ages there have been men cut out after a different pattern from their contemporaries. finds the horizon lowering in the distance.men of mark. a waif drifting on the bosom of time finds its way to the limits of the historical epoch. When David G. Rosicrucians. for that reason. I believe. students of the same school." ay.yet identical in spirit. Let us wander upon these trackless shores of a silent sea. deliver their message. and looking back over the sea of our past history. Brown. so far as the general welfare of universal man is concerned). . more recently connected with Bennett's" Herald. and lastly. Pythagoreans. as the ocean casts up from its unfathomable depths wrecks of vessels lost. and myself and confreres in this country.As one standing upon the beach by the sea. "To be great.but differing essentially from the branch of 'that august brotherhood represented by adepts in Europe. Then let us learn all that we may from these waifs. is to be misunderstood. a point where many have written. find there is a boundary beyond which the vision cannot extend. that branch of them known as Hermetists. "No more beyond I" And. and who. . of the) city of New York. and crucified time and again.all of whom were. standing upon the sands of time. so sometimes. which disguises I now throw off! .AffecUona! A!ckemy. so we. had and have a different destiny to fulfil. Let us add all that may be added of our childhood's glory to our manhood's suffering." was. save that he disguised certain names. establish new truths. the Brotherhood of Eulis. and are lost upon our shores. and gazing far off over the turbulent waters. which float upon its surface. none have worked harder. 49 mission.

to the days of our childhood. as she kneels to write upon the sand. like the sowing and reaping of grain. and revealed the Chrishna. We have left the land of the probable. We will behold in our mind's eye a succession of kingdoms. Behold those monsters of selfishness and cruelty. We are entering the dark realm of the slumbering ages. Standing upon their shores. to the land of romance and of dream.the Mystical Mal-Kizadek [Melchizadek] of Bible repute j but let us not forget to be proud that we are disciples of the viewless God. Behold in the distance. whose insatiable appetite . shining from the east as the sun from the sea. and the Sacred Ganges. the land of the Holy Byblus.A. We will be proud that we are disciples of Hermes Trismegistus. the . who are familiars of the Cabbala. . that thrice-sealed Lord of Mind. wealth and power could not appease. we will find men struggling against oppression as we have struggled j people teaching virtue and charity as we have taught. but of those who have beheld the hidden mysteries of Eulis. observe the stars that circle roun. The footprints here and there arc of mortals. and the birth of the mystical reign of Ahrimanes. We will count the number of patricians who live -in idleness and luxury. and no voice has awakened its echoes since the days when the Indian Bacchus consorted with the daughters of men. but add the cypress for the victim.of ambition and pride. our minds will revert back in the dim ages. the unquenchable torch of her who is nameless. a rise and fall of dynasties. then. Let us go. . as we are in ours. We will discover that others have borne our burdens who had no hope of receiving our reward j that knowledge is universal. And now tread softly.reviled and scorned as we have been. Here and there. and for whose maw thegquivering flesh and trickling blood of a people became food. like the succession of seasons. Twine the laurel wreath for the victor. and are journeying in the regions of the possible. . who have raised the veil of Isis. and that they were as wise in the wisdom of their generation.YAE or the A. triumph.50 Affectional Alchemy. The dust of a million years has gathered here.i her. and shudder at the multitude of plebeians who die in agony and want. and has no royal road.

bound us together by an indissoluble bond of brotherhood. He gathered round him his disciples. He tanght his rich philosophy to all. were finally washed by successive waves of war and pilgrimage. . and cast hither and thither upon the stream of time. They were families. as "forming one of the elements in the school of' Alexandria. to the shores of Egypt. the Portico." and the age was not attuned to symphonies of thought and feeling. and whose subtle speculations. Melchizadek. They reduced the laws of nature to fonn a creed. and fell down to worship J . and . They were fragments of this philosophy which we wore as a crown of glory on our natal morn. was our first great master. he lived when the "times were out of joint. perverted by the strong individualities of Plato. anticipated all the efforts of modem European metaphysics. carried on in their own exquisite language. when tossed by tempests. explained the most subtle truths to barbarian ears. classic and pure.and with all the deep undertones and mutterings of the ocean. Aristotle and Pythagoras." They were fragments of this philosophy which. have. some member of whom believed an abstraa philosophical truth. as far as eye could reach. and the spotless white of' her robes. And his success. and the Garden. in all the ages that are past. See the sheen of her golden hair. or Hennes. Were all these his pupils? All these versed in the shoals and depths of reasoning? No.threw pearls to swine. opened great hidden depths of' thought to the public eye. and. surging like the waves of the sea. they extended in every direction. that were disseminated by our Master and his innumerable followers. became alike the systems of their schools. and all the rest believed the man. and remember how its infinite truth and marvellous beauty. but like many masters before and since. that the peoples may advance.Affectlonal Alenemy. catch the first strains of that wondrous philosophy. as they fall in wordless music from her lips. and they made a golden calf of some special physical force. the Grove. and looked beyond at their followers . taught us to sacrifice ourselves. leavened with our faith in the innate kindness of the human heart. It is of these the author of the "History of Civilization in England" speaks.

but they would have been philosophers without him. And I am so changing itl-I. which the great genius of Bonaparte was wont to receive in war. would be the new religion of India. and the shell alone permitted to remain to excite the awe of past generations. after their agitation. As a rustic. so that spiritual and ideal emanation shall. into their own natural element. themselves. and the dark. would take the place forever of her first idolatry. like Her who came before you. through all coming time. as they had been fanatics before him. Hold I It is not yet too late to retrieve. And· all this scholasticism and philosophy. uninstructed in the principles. was awed by the immense bubble he had formed. it. and never cease to be born anew. you have long since. let each answer according to the progress he has made in mastering them. As he comprehended the magnitude of his creation. and by one of those rapid and eccentric movements in literature. and endeavor to associate it with the inflation of a balloon. peerless EULIS I So we received our heritage. That was all.' live in the minds of men. Ah I most noble Master. might with openmouthed wonder watch the burning of coal.given a direction to their studies and speculations. expecting only the preconceived consequences of his teaching. the last Grand Master of the Order. for Eolis' nature is infinite and eternal I How safely our secrets have been guarded. How "'. given a name and method to their ignorance and madness. But as the material form was indestructible.Ai!ecfional Alchemy. where our fathers have gone before us. and its now evident consequences. prior to its final absorption into regnant. all this ignorance and madness. passed forever among the shadows of the invisible.. but deathless realms. so Hermes. . and lives forever in that land of blossom and of flowers. and the soul of philosophy vanished from India and the world as a dream. to change the whole features of the campaign. They resolved. The kernel was hidden. The great minds among his followers would be philosophers. The mass would be fanatics. perhaps there arose in his mind that inevitable conclusion that from all his teachings and all his labor little would be accomplished. He had done only this . and the wonder of ours.

alone point out the position of the contestants. and Hierarch of Eulis. than the electric elements we threw off in grasping their hands I Though few in numbers. Into those dark ages that succeed. She has the patience taught by centuries of adversity. She has the courage of the true and the beautiful j and. we lost no' more. surrounded by all the schools that flourished in the Golden Age of Greece. and for a thous~nd years death at the stake. no more to wait for the human race to accomplish its destiny. to interpose her form between the tyrant and the slave. 53 little was abstracted by the Essenes. she loves the peoples. Every member realized that the flowers gathered from the graves. in our contact with all the various peoples of the world. as the legitimate Grand Master of Rosicrucia. Then from his cradle in the Alps looms up Christian Rosencrux. and Paschal Beverly Randolph succeeded Rosencrux. They seem to move with an uncertain purpose. and the retribution of the Vehmgerichte and kindred associations. of dead years must be pre. ••••• In the twilight that succeeds the crucifixion of Calvary we can see indistinctly the movements of individuals. . and the banding of men. but to work. you all know. One. Then there is a bustle. that little band of souls preserved their purity. persecution and despair on the one hand. Gnostics and Batiniyeh. we guarded the great trust. Every member was aware of its importance to the human race. pass the mustering bands.committed to our care with a never-ceasing vigilance.life in the East.Ajfect£onal Alchemy. and the progress of the fight. two. Seizing all at a glance. She has the gathered knowledge of her ages of studentlife. Secretly and silently they moved over the sands of time to the coming of the Nazarene. and to have lost their old effectiveness. Amid the swarm of sects and societies that sprang to . three.: served as a wreath to crown the age to come. but to assist in its accomplishment j to offer her bosom to the unfortunate j to raise the fallen ito succor the oppressed. the society is reorganized j no more to dream. five hundred years roll by as one would count the hours to midnight. Work is at hand. above all. to lead the van in the great fight. For ten thousand years after Hermes.

from which the soul has long departed. but at last the world wants to know more of that wonderful fraternity. and earnestness of purpose. and the sham "philosophies" of the ages past and current. with the vigor of the North in her constitution. A few should receive the tribute of respect due to that which is venerable and good. and lo! the banner of peerless Eulis floats proudly . tility of France. power and goodness. the depth of thought of the Orient. I was conversing with a gentleman whom I supposed to be a member of one of these" Chapters. and Freemasonry should ever be associated with the broad mantle of its 'charity. the people of Eulis. And now I would say one word in regard to contemporary societies. and drag out a fitful existence of senseless ceremonies and abstract forms. and may she never cease to have a fitting casket for her jewels. blossomed a few centuries ago as Rosicrucia. here or there. They presented a sad spectacle of having outlived their usefulness. but now has leaped to the fore-front of all the real reform movements of this wonderful age. "The Rosy Cross is dead. She lives! -lives with the rich blood of the South in her veins. So ·far well.54 A. upon these foundations. accept only that which forces conviction by its irresistible logic. lives these three hundred years that you think her dead.rockfounded . and remain a reflex of the glorious truth and beauty of the superlative wisdom. as she lived the countless centuries before you thought her born. softly pronounced. called the Rose Croix. but the Rosy Cross of history is dead.I1ectz"o1tal Alchemy. which. . be it known. the versa. nameless at times for long centuries." and he said." Dead! I cried. are students of nature in her interior departments. galvanized its skeleton into a transitory life. it is true.on the breeze. We have. We. with the clear brains of the temperate zone. or occasionally hear the mystic name Eulis. but the state of things that gave them being has long since passed away. and boldness of resolution of the New World. In the superstructures which have been erected at different periods. Men who realize the existence . one will often observe a pillar.Many of them were organized with meritorious objects in the days gone by. and rejecting alike the coarse materialism of the ages.

S5 • of other worlds than this are not apt to give loose rein to passion. and nature has her ups and downs. fogs and sleets. so will we. and we hail him or her as the Greeks hailed the sea-with excessive joy I Thalatta! Thalatta! They are not multitudinous now. We are ambitious to solve all possible mystery j we prefer one method to all other hyper-human agencies. counterparts and embodiments of nature. place. If one party overflows with magnetism. the slaves of lust. so . If not. We know the enormous importance of the sexive principle. that a menstruating woman is an immense power if she but knew it! that a pregnant one holds the keys of eternal mystery in her hand. more or less. If between a couple there be a full and mutual play of magnetism. volcanoes and wintry blasts j and so do.must we. other than amicive and filial. XXV. and we know two semi-brainless people may. gold? Well. when they change. . and therefore we reject much that appeals to others with the force of truth. joy and content for them. stock the world with mental giants. storms and heats. ice and fire. and all others from the same pen. although even the most perfect state of magnetic fusion and reciprocation . is but a very imperfect sketch or outline of the sublime philosophy of the Templars of EULIS. except to replace with his or her own. nor be content with fraud in any shape. if neither draws from the other. knowing it to be infinitely preferable to all other modes of rapporting the occult and mysterious j and this book. magnetic congeniality existing between the two concerned. and that while thus she can make or mar any human fortune! We know the mystic act is one unhinging the gates alike of heaven and df hell. But where shall we find students? Are not all the people. Love. will depend upon the. there is a good chance of general harmony. and very likely not much before. but will be in the good time coming. We cannot take say-sos for facts. just as long as the earth and nature are as at present. We are all of us. Unquestionably while we occupy flesh and blood bodies. is liable to be disturbed by anyone of quite a numerous list of causes . and probably after we wear our electric or ethereal ones subsequent to death. nearly. .Affectional Alchemy. by an application of esoteric principles. we find one now and then. then not.

magnificent. physical. if themselves are rendered happier by it. whose black and sullen waters cannot be) bridged.on his plane . in those mysterious forms of prayer in vogue before Nineveh the first was founded. say. the prior families duly provided for. and blending tif.utter human depravity j certain physical malformations j and third. and no sin committed. delicate and spiritual woman.yes . the exceptions monstrous j for there are. heedless.equally magnetic as himself. strong love may exist between them. and gotten some one's else wife or husband.Affictional Alchemy. impassable gulf. but the grade o~ whose magnetism was as satin compared to his owntow-cloth? (Now just such couples. on plane A. no harm done? Woman faces heaven when she gives herself to Love and man 1willingly or viCl:imly. jolly. intellectual. but I hold is an especial sign of her celestial nature. there can be none save in three cases . Some day. but how would it be were he conjoined with a joyous." Why not. refined. rich-souled. such an one could make a perfect heaven . . . else they will assuredly antagonize and repel each other lOne party may be very glowing and loving and magnetic. The first faa: above is not only her nature. there will be honorable methods whereby the present general mixed-upness will be made straight. manage to get togethe~ and the consequence is a life removed from happiness by a great. all other things being equal j and the weak one will depend almost for life itself upon the strong j and the strong be firmly drawn toward the weak.in some cases aCl:ually " swap. healthy. and the other has but a scanty supply. or those as naturally and~_ ieall incom atible somehow or other. . yawn-. and people having unfortunately made the wrong choice. But there must be an assimilation between. society is satisfied. \ ing. devil-me-care-sort of individualsay a man. and of heaven's mystical favor. She receives both the human and the divine in her demise of affection. muscular. for then he . and whose tremendous importance and vital sacredness compel me to allude to no further herein. in the future.a solid. The rule is universal.if even by force 1 But coarser man looks toward the world's face. will be able to . the two magnetisms. for instance.with a woman of the same grade.

spans the gulf of eternity. and lead happy lives thereafter. The statistics of divorce prove the position here affirmed. dead. steer clear of former faults. and. this bridge ill seldom utterly destroyed." XXVI. that one or both the parties to a marital compact. as she naturally stands nearer heaven. of which I will state. and ten to one each will at once conclude that all love between them is wholly lost or. and becomes an integrant of her very being. Bat. Now here comes in a mooted point: of one unfaithful wife. very frequently. and one unfaithfulltusband. . conclude they had not been wise enough. and woman receives. for low as she may be. no love like the old love j and they marry each other over again. from a variety of causes. and. right or wrong. Hence I hold her sin greatest. looks toward the empyrean. happens. having cut their eye-teeth. the greater is her fa11. whether good or evil. although often broken. but touch the right chord. after all. there's no home like the old one. and in this age and country. and were altogether too hasty j that. for a large percentage of divorced couples." begin to think about it . when the fact is that each has quite as much 'as ever. manage to lose this magnetic attraction toward the other party. after enjoying a brief period of "Freedom.or is it an equal grade of offence before God? To this I reply: In the act. horrified-but still she.that mystic bridge. for the foreign influence imparted to. compared with her ability to do the same.far greater than his who is already a great deal too near the earth.however degraded . which commits the greater sin? . man gives of himself.receives a measure of life divine. Woman never is j she may be indifferent. 57 is almost entirely of the eart~ earthy. which. "Be thy punishment severe. The malign influence is external with and to him. resting on the abutments of both souls." but would bid a half imbecile to "Clear out and not bother the court. but the bridge is broken down . and give gladsome Marys to the world. and from it .remains with her. internal-with and to her. just as I would tell an angel who had sinned. But there is another 'thought arising right here: It sometimes. It is easy for him to rid himself of the bad effects. some. and she can mother heroes. .AffecUonal Alchemy.

Briefly.·. and make more strenuous endeavors to please each other .and that's just it I for as soon as people do that.~ms. without being mad about it." which the sceptical old salt said was" particularly derned hard I" • A pint of water contains latent force enough to blow a town . make a business of it. sleep well. with hands. the other only anticipatory. The former lean away from each other. they are to utterly put a stop to all sources of magnetic depletion. I have already.A. fare hard. and going to perdition at last. drink. owing to these causes. complaining and borrowing trouble. in a previous paragraph of this section. sleep hard. Eat. work hard. and whatever you do. or 'brain. and therefor_e «e~se . and persistently have your two. listen to music. the latter lean to each other and drink in delicious draughts of ecstasy from each other's eyes. or even one hour a day. Not so with unwedded lovers. The true reading is: Magnetic exhaustion in one case-magnetic reciprocity in the other. bubbles up again and life's vinegar leaks out! Now. as the sailor said.ffectional Alchemy. married people are not ---as they should be. but don't work all the time. forget all about it. Wi'tat magnetism is I will tell you presently. fuming. worrying. have a hard time generally through this life. the cure for this state of affairs. they cease fretting. Keep cool everywhere. for it's heads up! and a smirk or smile to every one else but each other. "People eat hard. Why? Because they have a little mo~e care.and devote at least two hours of the evening to social chat. visiting. and to note such facts as above adduced. wherein. generally. the youths and maidens discount them largely on the general average. When you work. free from sordid strife and worldly care. Hard to do it at first in these grab-all days. and ~aze askant. do it with a will. consequently the hone}. indicated. scolding. besides being a selfish knave. and you can almost always tell a married pair whereve: you clap eyes on them.to waste their ~e!i. or receiving visitors j walk out j read. Now the man who accounts for this state of things on the hypothesis that the one is passion appeased.the happiest beings on earth. When the day's labor is done. suffice it at this stage to record its existence. is a fool. talk. under all provocations and circumstances. by suggestion. a greater amount of give and take. far from it . at length dying hard.

for I hold nearly all of them as utter abominations.after practice . blushes to the cheeks. The human will. an equal amount of magnetism contains active force enough to incarnate a new being. clenched their teeth. and so is excessive child-bearing. mental force. and requires no muscular or nervous. as a steady power. as thousands of ministers and other actors constantly do.tears to the eyes. They strained and fumed as if trying to lift a ton. and it alone. It is simply a quict power. when 1 it is feeble. Now will is no such thing. the shortening of at least ten good days on earth! XXVII. intellect and soul. In most people it is splurgy. topic or subject besides. pallor to the face.or ridiculous. and when off-. of one thing only at a time. fretting. subject of conception-preventives. what wonder that they are lacking in all the grand essentials of a genuine and perfect man and womanhood. Thus one can will . I exclusion of every thing. An~ this reminds me to say something in reference. also. or in a wanton's or libertine's arms. paroxysmal.ffeclional Alchemy. as in most it··is·~it should be cultivated by thinking i determinedly. but on the culture of the will dircctly. "~e can will to close our hands or eyes. for a couple had better have three really fine children. Excessive connubial pleasures invariably produce dyspepsia. discharging magnetism from the human body and soul. and. spring results from such conditions. not only of the body. and launch an immortal soul upon the limitless sea of eternity 1 and yet in five minutes of growling. not to the fetid and unclean. though its penalty is inflicted upon the transgressor alone. seeing that both are broad rivers. occasional. but 'of the mind. • thrice that amount of imperial life is lost . to be exerted in no such way.A. hut simply a still. practically of no account. stewing. than thirty half-formed and delicate ones. and looked most absurdly and amusingly awful. and the use of that will. and just so we close or . Of course excessive venery is an effective nail in any one's coffin. !!ext to love. at iutervals. to the total' 1 ." and straightway they screwed up their faces. Absolute and prolonged continence is but a less evil. to urge it into play. in determining for and against excessive progeny. S9 to flinders. anger. I have told some persons to "will. is the most powerful attribute of immortal mankind.and it means.

or one whom she hates. disordered. at will. When she sees fit to keep it closed.60 Affectional Alchemy. are really your foes. All mothers and obstetricians know the enormous expulsive power of the uterus j and that contraCtile and expansive power. grows apace j and with it. all the time. silently. and without much strain. The Oneida Perfectionists declare. you. hence cannot afford to do it j but she can. and ought to bless. depraved or drunken husband. or is hated by. or insanity. and I believe. ~ But this is only one of the silent energies of the hu~an will. By simply willing. a sickly. that any man can. and remain thus for days together j hence all washes and preventives can be consigned forever to the bad limbo whence they originated.by their bad power over him. and with undoubted truth. from bad habits. and with safety to her own life. when disease. would retain and wear. that whom a woman blesses or curses when her moon is on her. stays cursed or blessed till that same woman removes it j well. lips. save when she believes an ovum is then present. . 0 wife of the troubled heart 1 can powerfully. and. of controlling the number of her children j but she is only thus justified. use it to direct the mighty magnetic power of your own soul upon him you love. and close them at pleasure. are praCtically enemies to both. resistlessly. she hurts herself. claiming to be his friends. open the sphincter ani. is measurably under her will. after a little practice. bladder. once started. excessive maternal weariness. like that of any other sphincter. the os uteri will close. effectually control the ejeCtive action of the seminal vessels j but he is an unwise and suicidal man who attempts a thing so unnatural and injunous. if she curses. This willpower. and undesirable maternity threatened. But how is it with woman? Can she control corresponding uterine muscles? I answer. no other power but her own can defeat her purpose j and she ought to know when to exert that power j and there is no necessity to use it. It is said. In the will she has the only natural agent and means. tell her in thunder tones she ought 710t to give to the world what she cannot give well. justified of nature and God. and the malign influence of those who. and wean too. gloom or malformation. or that of ~e bowels. most assuredly.

the port of grand Cairo. But to its present application. she shrinks with unutterable horror from what our American women contemplate with a "pish. age or weakness. with reference to her periods. to quote Poe. she cannot safely bear more children without hazarding both lives." and is z"nstant/y out of danger." At the house of one Mrs. and ever will. declare she never would bear a child j but would kill them just as if they were "so many puppy dogs I". NOTHING GOOD CAN EVER FAIL I True it may. knew some natural secrets. that such denials fail to generate quietude in the tent. by reason of illness. time and again. whither.Affectional Alcnemy. 61 Fail you cannot. subjeCl: her to the chances of maternity. knowing she were a murderess if she did j and that she is just as certain to suffer for it subsequent to death. • . L-ds." then on the point of marriage. so as to avoid distasteful chances j or. abused or divorced. in Boston. if not. or conniving at the murder of the fruit of her womb. which their fairer sisters of the West are totally ignorant of. I repeat. as that death itself is sure to come. In these respects the law of God rules in the Arab tent. if accident prevents that. for both ovum and zoosperm are forthwith expelled by the forceful contractions of the uterine and abdominal muscles. or even. How far we went. I once heard a "woman. She knows that the nature of the ties that bind her in marriage will. be trodden down j but it will rise again to the life everlasting. well knowing she would be either laughed at. instead of the abortional devils which haunt the boudoirs of civilized and Christian mankind. she either Hmcs her meeting with her husband. In far-off Oriental lands I was the guest of some Arab brethren. as all true women do. or peace in the family. Refuse those risks she never dreams of doing. we sailed away from Boolak. of a certain mystic tie j and one day. she merely places the ball of her thumb in her mouth. or what for. up the stately and solemn Nile. and some others in that distant sunny land. matters not j but then and there I ascertained that the women of that brotherhood. breathes hard upon it. shrinks with superlative loathing from the idea of murdering. strains and" bears down. When one of those wives is perfeCtly assured that. What then? Why.the worse than female demon I The Oriental wife. in a boat.

viz. or malformations render it imperative. or spinal marrow. and conjoin to form the thing called man.to be fruitful. are not only both alike and unlike. It is indeed very seldom that an Eastern woman resorts to that sinless method. Love. wills .62 Affectional Alchemy. or Philadelphia every month we live. the proof of which can be found by consulting any good anatomical and physiological atlas. One thing is absolutely certain j that the mind resides in the brain j that in it inheres what constitutes us human j and that the conscious point resides in the centre of the encephalon. in death. as all women should j and becomes so. fully. at that spot where all three brains meet. Hence it happens that the Oriental wife is always pure j there are not a hundred adulteresses or child-killers in all Islam. and then only. New York. and yet are not of the same nature. prayerfully abandon her entire faculties and being to the one grand end of woman-life-the sacred mission of the wifely mother. a nervous and spheral waste j . in ten years.000 votaries I There is not as many of those fearful crimes committed among all the Moslems.save in very rare instances . The Oriental wife. On the contrary. the timely exercise of the will . undergo the ordeal of maternity. albeit they act and react upon each other in myriad ways. with its 200. as all know.experience demonstrates beyond cavil. It is a force also. of exerting very strange effects both upon human souls and bodies. a fact which every one's . and obviates all suffering. disease. as through and around the corpus cillosum. In this central ·point. the first lesson a bride receives from her mother are those that favor such a result. cerebrum. XXVIII. is a clear fact. I have stated. capable. in some mysterious way. fully or partially. is magnetic. cerebellum and medulla. and then. as disgrace Boston.000. offspring are rightly considered as special blessings from the Supreme God j hence. listen: Matter and mind. freely. without imperilling her life. and then only when age. There are rare cases in which a wife cannot. She is told to wholly.alone forestalls death. But how? that's the question! Tell us that I I will. there is. and subject to magnetic law.. prevents crime. which is an elongated brain. with all her glowing soul. but they act together directly and indirectly.

and go on with this book. the breath of God. and the realities of the ultimate spaces.and this is the SOUL.VESare veiled. sometimes in magnetic or other sleep the cloud's shift. the tremendous human mystery. air. . [About which mystery the Sauans are as greatly at fault as they are concerning the facts of GROWTH. it takes but distorted views of things. its divine nerval life toward the object of its desire and attention j and the vehicle is magnetism. possibility and eternity. [Were I. at this point to reveal what I know of soul.] This central ball draws its supplies from space. and scarce ever can rely upon the absolute truth of what the SENSEStell it j from which results mistakes.Infinite and Eternal God. being compelled to gaze on the outer world through opaque glasses. ether. systole. and then one or more eyes glance over infinite fields. It has a double consciousness j one facing time and its accidents and incidents j the other gazing square and straight right into eternity.A ball bf dazzling WHITEFInE! . and the magnetism of the heavens surrounding the entire material universe. as said before. confusion.AffecUonal Alchemy. The breath of the body is atmospheric air. It breathes j has its tides. J flux and ebbs j and. diseased bodies. The thing conveyed by it is the purpose of a soul j the result. directly from the Lord of the universe. which air is more or less penetrated with the ether of space. its diastole. misapprehensions. On these it subsists i and when it means a thing it discharges a portion of its own sphere. and being mystic and divine. time. For its hither use it fashions material eyes j for its thither use every one of a myriad rays darting from it is an eye whose powers laugh Rosse's Telescope to scorn! But there arises a fog from the body which mainly so envelops this central point that the E. its destiny.the being par excellence. crime. and momentarily glimpse the actualities of space. and magnetism is that specific vif or fluid life manufactured by the sexual apparatus of either gender. and whatever else of evil betides its fortunes here.the Imperial Mystery. nature. a certain yielding of any other . in life a brilliant SUNvarying in size from that of a large pea to a perfectly gorgeous sun-shining diamond three inches in diameter. this world would stand agape! but I resist the temptation.

and she draws all males to her then with a very powerful attraction. force on earth-for nothing can withstand the absolute decree of the waked-up human soul. elan. and although he may compel her obedience. Then comes Hades. and her sufferance. The soul of a woman non couvert sends its fires a11 over her form. food. seed or germ lodged within the sacred and most transcendently holy and mystical chamber of the womb. then assuredly behind the scenes I For there's no more warmth. But after couocrturo. because it knows that every time he profanes her he stabs himself to the heart. if not openly. verve. and from all eyes concealing the divine workshop of the Eternal. and horror and defeat follows in his footsteps wherever he may be I What d'ye think of that. if she be disappointed in her dream of bliss she sends the same sphere out to any one else but hl1J!. shutting out and in its treasure. her •soul in its secure citadel grimly laughs him to scorn. and the filamental door has closed the aperture thereof. her soul depended on the man. and for all affectional purposes thereafter.. my lady? What d'ye think of that. but the unborn baby more. because he has lost the power to' evoke them. muscle. nervaura. Illustration: XXIX. no sooner is the monad. and whomsoever on God's broad earth a WOMANCURSES then and there stays accursed. for the sphere flattens up when he is near her. to the point of pregnancy. or passion in her for him. . for he outrages her soul.AJ[ectional Alchemy. and from that instant she begins to love the man no less. attentions from the womb direct and alone. She must search out all the best particles of her blood. my man? But take a woman after couuerture. Why? Because. he can never reach her soul. brain. he might as well be dead. curses. but now a new soul depends almost wholly upon IT. light. up to that point. and before impregnation. because she loves the man. by. The atmosphere surrounding her bulges at the equator of her body-the pelvic region-across the hips. and while he may. and outrage invites. and begins to concentrate it and its magnetism upon that womb's contents.right of human law. and despises him with perfect unction. air. drink. than her soul withdraws its. possess her form. so far as she is concerned.

drums. hope. sunny. spirit. calcium. . bone. he knowing that the goal is sweet. and sweat. Now. soft. is it any wonder her love changes from her uterus to her bosom? Not any. metaphysical flame. calm. and calls up tempters from the deeps of being to offset the angels. chemical laboratories.Affeclional 'Alchemy. though the road be bitter. After which she goes aloft and brings down fire from heaven. She is queer. carbon. for she has an undoubted right to raise the very Satan then if she choose j and most of them do it. for the simple reason that they can't help it I Why? Reader. and no wonder. see all this. ambition. and body of the new pilgrim about starting on its . . and tread upon and over red-hot sands j wade through a million hells on its own feet j fight its way with its own strong hand. and lodges angels all over the little mansion j music here. but think and insist that she who was so then shall be so now. I have already told you that the human being is all nature incarnated. reservoirs. Nature is changeable in her moods. and yet there arc fools called men who cannot. pumps. silver. and a million chemicals wherewith to build up a new body. lying. joy. cylinders. wherein this new soul is to dwell for a time and times and half a time. science there. love and aspiration. from original materials. quacks. mean. anger. and mechanical contrivances of the most marvellous kind. mathematics and memory. tempestuous. domes. cartilage. when in faCt a whole universe rolls between the two states. After which she takes a lower flight. columns. and fashions don't kill it. what time has a woman got for the frivolities of love when she is doing so grand a work as that? Well. lust.-phosphor. robbery. and a fearful host beside j well knowing that if her new charge reach heaven it must do so alone j must toil. and all these things and states she isforced to incarnate in the soul. will not. flutes.manufactures canals. sorrow. cellass. and that victory may be won at last. genial. snappish.if the abortionists. coarse. foul. iron. cranky then. gold. among whom are avarice. Then she stores up fire in the body. blustery. lymph. telescopes. The soul sends lime. alone j while God looks on and smiles. nearly all the earths and salts to make the body stout and strong. short.

if it . kidney difficulty. will. if qualified. In such hard cases the attempt had better be abandoned. for two reasons: first. it.from brain to heel. or to a specific point of body. It must be exerted to be available. and not fly at her in fury and anger. yet calmly. success j an assuagement will assuredly follow. . simply because they won't fairly try for any other j and so magnetic will-force is of no account. the splendid city of the Ineffable God. XXXI. . exerted on a wider scale. It is a scientific application of the mother's power over her babe. cancer of stomach j above all.a person. But what's the use of anything ~nless used and enjoyed? There are thousands of married couples living in a very bad and unhappy state. and never contacts at all. as most are j gravid uterus.66 A. . almost any though not every human being. Then. wish.the ethereal.all these are reachable by the force named. the love-cure to be effective j but a few trials will be needed to ensure absolute. the pelvic viscera of either gender when disordered. it cannot succeed. . . mind. as a force per se. Direct the attention toward the cause of anxiety. liver trouble.. . but which are worth repetition. magnetic vehicle. gentle. kind and forbearing as he should be. whatever. heart disease. can be by the persistent will projected upon. for the mother is aided in all her mystic work by the husband and father if he be a ma11. as in cases of dyspepsia. XXX.pregnant states aside.and strongly. lacerated. But the same power and force can be directed upon ourselves by ourselves.ffectional Alchemy. and even to a great degree then. with its load of soul-born love. originating frequently in. or febrile testes and vaginitis. nor is the genuine cure far off. vulvular congestions j inflamed prostate. way from the valley of earth to the eternal land of paradise. because she fails in some essential things. ulcerated. sick or well. vagina j ovarian disease. morals.-or upon the internal viscera. and not till then. exerted in the manner specified in a preceding section. I have said that. desire.could it would be effort thrown away. generally. owing to organic differences of constitution j and second. There are those that a given person's magnetic efHuence will no more touch than water will a duck's back j it rolls off. and made to effectively operate on. either upon an afflicted member of the body. and loving.

and excessive nervous waste. . jealousy or indifference. honey. Let her remember this. yet true nevertheless. not vinegar. People find one another growing cool.was learned from the birds. may be an unpalatable truth. or in domestic passional satiety. and I have seen those whom I did not believe had bathed five times in sixty years. But she cannot work this magic charm in anger. and magnetic force of magnetic love.and instead of checking that coolness. Thc same princz'ple obtaz'ns among un'wedded loucrs ! . set up a domestic growlcry. grow sullen. 67 and the love borne on it.AffecUonal Alchemy. If a wife finds her husband growing cool. at the same time sending forth her woman's love. nine times in ten. yet others are not. and place her will steadily. to some. antipathy on the other. with all their attendant and overcrowning horripilances. and has worked miracles in human life. to render matters ten timcs worse than ever j when a timely and persistent resort to the aid of the great magnetic law would speedily correct all the trouble.from causes already set forth herein. for although some of them are charlatans. sunshine and ventilation. And here. let her attend to her dress. persistently. nut wives and husbands neglect this matter. and suffer in consequence. and contrive. morose. in proof of which behold the results following their practice. by every earthly means. Some people bathe too often. that a fair share of obedience to the supreme law of cleanliness. disgust. and put a stop to that same satiety and. originates either in outside or inside magnetic exhaustion. create innumerable excuses for a fuss. which. they fly off at a tangent. not salt. The man don't live who can resist z't! His love will revive just as surely as that heaven exists. by trying to. smiles instead of frowns. as well as anywhere else. let me say further. sympathy. in married life. upon him. Now this. which creates disgust on one side. for it is the grand true secret of fascination . Witness the many undoubted cures of disease effected by those who go· about laying on of hands. is one of the most powerful instrumentalities 011 earth. with a grilling tire of discontent beween the two. strongly. manner. will go a great way toward preventing magnetic exhaustion. sugar.

observance of the law of soap and water. selfishness. No matter what mothersin-law. for she cannot help her vagaries. as well as in law. Take your wife into your counsels. A wife is a truer friend. in the cultivation of the purer attributes of their nature. 6th. and appearances. love. anger. to walk out with his own wife. Any mother. for lo! ye twain are one flesh. and all evil. jealousy. envy.dwelling only on that which is true. beautiful and good. hatred. That a woman Z"S a woman . Study your wife. tenderness and great patience on his part. 3d. and a firm determination to be no longer slaves to drugs. when the husband dons his best coat and pantaloons. and by firmly resisting discontent. the place of amusement." if she really be such in soul and spirit. Men's lives will be happy and pleasant when they learn: rst. Bread thus thrown upon the waters will return a harvest of love ere many days. By believing she shall and will produce a superior specimen of the race. 4th. That wives appreciate forbearance. resulting in the trains of evils known as "female complaints. Women suffering from affectional perversions. the doctors. Attentions pay large interest. Remember that ye are one. and 7th.not a softer sort of man. as-when awayhe does to do the same for somebody else's. as they do for outsiders. and adapt yourself to her. walk. gospel. the world will be a good deal better off than it is to-day. and last. When wives dress up and put their best foot forward to please their own households. even if homely. if she will. and be pleasant with her. talk. boots and hat. or anything else calculated to unbalance . produce offspring that shall be superior to either parent. or any relation. and " For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and cleave (only) to his wife. Never bring all your troubles home to saddle them on her. may say or do.' can.68 Affectional Alchemy. 5th." have a positive means of rejuvenation in the will. ad. cane and gloves as often and readily. by avoiding all disagree abIes of whatever kind or nature. That occasionally a woman's organization becomes so deranged that she needs sympathy. let her really be your other half. anger. than the most beautiful outsider that ever lived.

energy. in the first place it pertains to a monstrous leech which inhabits. yet sweltering with venom at its heart. came trooping forth a score of superlatively horrible gorgons. because. whose agonizing shrieks for sudden death were answered back by the exultant shouts of jubilant fiends. with a KING DEVIL at their head. and gently. darkness and gloom being its natural habitat j and when man or beasts travelling along that way chance to fall asleep.with which the mind has to grapple during its search into the mazy labyrinths concealed beneath the human form. LOVE. In other of my books I have named this pestilent thing Vampyrism. 1'h1:5 mentally they can heal themselves. 69 them. XXXII. We now pass to the consideration of one of the most strange and aberant phases of love .if love be not a misnomer as applied to it. this bat of Hades stealthily approaches. tropical waters j fastens on to whatever has sentient life. Secondly. clean back of the shadow of God. one.which I can't . that not a stir is made while the bat opens a vein. croning and droning its wierd sing-song the while j thus fanning its victims. bitterness and bigotry j if I were capable of believing that God is not all good j if I could imagine a yawning gulf. among which. and it peopled with tortured souls. and power. heaven-born angel. the same name is applied to a huge bat inhabiting dark caverns in Oriental and other lands. tor mankind. soothingly. comatic sleep falls upon them. until a deep. . so hard and strong. then would I believe that from that Pit. always clad . stands among the foremost. and never lets go until the last drop of blood is sucked out. If it was possible for me to look upon this broad world and broader universe with the jaundiced eyes of some zealot. gloom.but if I could.in rays of light. and the victim topples into the arms of death. destined by the mandate of the chief fiend to desolate the earth. The name in the third use . flaps its huge wings.ffectional Alchemy. I mean that awful thing for which in English there is no name. and gain the new life. and torment mankind. full of bile. become healthy. Now the name is familiar to everybody. the eyes open in another world than this. never at all for beasts.A. and drinks its fill of living gore! When the awaking comes. but which ever and always assumes the garb and mien and office of the bright.

that no new-made graves offer their temptations. and to whom gratitude is unknown. without tenderness. surfeited to plethora with the dreadful repast. and the wives and daughters of our friends become the prey of wretches. and as surely as the moon's beams shine upon it. who go up and down our streets. with a cross on top j and if possible. The ghoul originates in such marriages as have no love to cement the union. affection. the horrid banquet over. material surface man. can equal the horrible reality . . .70 Affec#onal Alchemy. but if you kill one. living human ghouls. and fatten on the lives of us and ours . . These beings emerge from deep darkness in the middle of the night. or whether some of them are the offspring of perverted imagination. and his . if of life or of legend. and who only enter our houses. open new-made graves. and partake of our hospitality. stealthily return whence they came. to betray our trust. devouring gorgons.for where of the male gender their sole aim is to gratify their own infernal morbidity of passion at anybody's expense whatever. the reality. fantastic beings. just so surely will its life return and it go scot free to continue its ravages through successive lives and deaths. clad in fine raiment. take out the bodies therein. or all combined. selfish. of Oriental and German story.so goes the legend . These harpies are.half human. and we turn from the bare contemplation of each with a shudder.fearful as they are. from whom conscience has forever taken its flight. who are everywhere about us. The father is a coarse. faces decked with smiles. just as soon. and be sure you run a stake through his breast. beneath the solid earth. however. But it sometimes happens .doubly-dyed vampires. alike are all bad enough.the absolutely unmistakable genuine. right in our very midst. wherefore they gain access to houses and drain the veins of vrhomsoever they possibly can. vulnerable to shot and death. and the vampyre's body remains above ground. is attached to certain peculiar. and then. for whom no punishment is too severe. and still the ghouls must live. whether creative of nature in some of her dark moods. begotten of horror on the body of disgust. be sure to bury him five feet or a fathom. and in and out before us. . at a cross-roads j for if you neglect to do this.cnything wholly human. not one of them. eat the flesh. and yet. these horrid things. half demon. All.

and they al~ost vainly struggle to escape it. blasted their happiness. destroyed their peace .. no matter what evil betides those upon whom they feed. love:) On the contrary.. despair and death follow in their footsteps. that resembles. and the consequence is that her child comes to earth with yearnings never to be gratified. and remember that the vampyre seeks to prolong his or her own existence.~s selfish. if not as cold as himself. Such persons are vampyrized. allow not even hands to touch. an every- . in fact. but is not. and having ruined them. Baffle it by steady refusal. and through time all the way back to eternity again! Now. coldness and horror.. who have none themselves. fondling its object. What care they even though desolation. . shipwrecked families.nothing but selfish passion. who are full of love. violated daughters. . . I conclude this section by briefly recapitulating the res CjsttB of it.of mind. and fill their empty ones. Thus they can baffle this pestiferous thing-· which is more common than people even suspect. life and pleasure. and a vampyre is a person born love-hungry. who are empty of it. it is a fearful. they don't know why. monstrous passion. Break off at once. and . and send fiery clouds of remorse and shame.. which may be thus summarized:( Many people of both sexes often experience a terrible attraction toward another. but who fascinate and literally suck others dry who do have love in their natures. is probably just the opposite. and whom they ruin. and from the altar to the grave never realizes the least love. wife. Detect it thus: th!. . they cling to such with the tenacity of death itself. encounters those of opposite gender. which process -ieave~ the victim utterly exhausted. until they sap out the full soul. and coarsely brutal lust. to crown the victims of their rapacity. is never content but in handling. debauched honest men's wives.!a~P1re_.true love. at the expense of your own. and vainly.. These ghouls have no principle. they brag of it. love-hungry from eternity to time. and all their tracks are blood spots from hearts that they have broken? For so long as these leeches get their fill.. for what she cannot get. declare love with like fervor to every one they meet.. Women when thus assailed should treat the assailant with perfect. Their crime is fiendish.is a woman who yearns. when he or she thus born.AffecHonal Alchemy.

It causes fretfulness. and separation becomes inevitable. who. between man and the Deity.that of the subtle something which was. actually long for death. by nature. ultimately. separate rooms. above all. .e arises toward the one who should be most dear. and from the other. This is sometimes owing to an inferior development of amativeness. what tremendous throngs of what are called husbands. There is a magnetism or efiluence of soul. and all else that distin- . and notoriously what almost infinite numbers of married women find home a real hell on a small scale instead. the consequence of a feeble or shattered nervous system. love. and is. and. of the mysterious thing known as magnetism! And many such there be. the connecting link between the two. matter and mind. open. and mutual endeavor to correct. the fault. Thus in a few lines is solved a mystery which has puzzled the world for centuries. generous souls. day affair. in fact. the persons of either sex. sometimes to debility. health. that is the impartation and reception each by. _~r. moodiness. a feeling rep~gnanc:. many still live unhappily together. but many unconscious. irritability. sympathy. Many a man and wife have parted. XXXIII. some aware. and all for want of mutuality. or anything else. is the absolute connecting link between soul and body.. who are. or all mental. conscious of the true cause. domesticity. What vast hosts. or emanation. and flowing forth from. endowed with large. and this sphere is deeply charged with mind. realizing nothing but the worst kind of blanks in their lottery of life. that the prlme cause of all their bickerings and discontent is vampyrism on the part of one or the other. sensitive. arising in. They imagine it to be either all physical. perhaps. ! I too. and this subtle fluid. and eventually positive dislike takes the place of that tender affection which should ever grow more and more endearing between those who have given themselves to each other. People. and. make great mistakes about this self-same mystic magnetism. This dislike becomes in many cases so strong that the parties cannot endure each other's presence. to. when. lack of vitality. to mitigate or change the current horror of their lives. and in either case the cure is to be found in less frequent contact. free. it is both. reciprocity. neither.Affectional Alchemy.

barbaric. Websterian. not in soul. because all their natural tendencies are upward and advancive. XXXV. elan. and while it warms .Affectlonal Alchemy. whoever comes within the area of its action is benefited. and to some extent. or mere physique. more powerful magnetism than this. which originates in body. as a general thing. but their moral natures and principles are alinost universally. if the partner be loved. wherefore. the best is always greatest. emotion and goodness i hence. and. they all have a very large measure of personal magnetism. but are they the best? Doubted. intuitive and physically weak. universal rule. There is but little danger of such persons going to the bad. and of all the famous bastards of history not one was ever noted for goodness I True. will ~e able to parent offspring every way perfect. rich. They are smarter. within the pales of those barriers which society has erected to protect itself from barbaric savage principles and peoples. not injured : and this is an imperative. There is another sort of magnetism. for it abounds as much among the small people. even though the good man make less show than the more volatile and estimably gifted son of earth. fuller of nerve. therefore. or descensive. But there is another. better than themselves. full. 73 guishes noble from ignoble SOUIS'[ Nor does this magnetism depend at all upon size of brain. not retrogressive. It is charged with passion. physically speaking. as it does among those who arc materially opposite in construction. and. volcanic fire. energy. individual as well as aggregative. but let it never be forgotten that goodness alone is absolute power. voluptuous. I Hence a man or woman of this sort. suffusing everything and everybody with its warm and vivifying power. XXXIV. and mental force. dash. because struck into being at passion's highest tide. enthusiasm. And I may here remark that it is a generally conceded fact that illegitimate children are nearly always smartest. and it flows in copious streams from the persons of such as have it. he who would beget the noblest sons and daughters must do so under the dominance of a calm and steady love. and it is full of life. wofully deficient. as compared with the fruits of honest marriage. for their soulmagnetism charges their physical.

has led me to the inevitable and irresistible conclusion that Force is of body. drain. philosophy. and his lack of soul impels him to seek to supply the dreadful want from young girls. and that real POWER . steady nerves. XXXVI. and silly. and get their wings scorched like any miller at a candle.74 Affectional Alchemy. rivers. but attain utter exhaustion and ruin instead) On the other hand. . livers. 'or man. others is very apt to burn. and altogether void of human feeling. then heart-aches and excruciating pangs follow upon one side. is drawn to him or her. ships. I allude to the horrible one committed by a species of human ghoul differing from either of the others just described. and always more or less wins influence and marked distinction for its possessor. the physically magnetic man suffuses the bodies and souls of his victims with his own magnetic fulness. a magnificent indifference and don't-care-much-about-it-ness on the other. inns. People with de~ts of gratitude to pay name towns. The Dentonite. aud muscular org mization mainly. and the lesser person no longer has the full one to draw. character. whom he will remorsely violate and ruin. Aaron Burr was a good example of its nature. and boats after their benefactors and friends. female butterfly women rush to him. My investigations into the mysteries. and its loves and passions. I mean he is not immortal any more than a mongrel cur-dog . good digestion.is. and power. counties. and terrible. nor give it a more befitting name. both are happy. large lungs. generally. and do it by christening a hitherto nameless crime. yet have a little bill to pay. but when the parting time comes. or feed upon magnetically. Now mark this: The ghoul wins and ruins.for such is the name I give the awful sin-is soulless. I can conceive no worse horror than that. even if cool deliberate knife-butchery aids him in his fiendish crime .as is often the case. appetite and spirit. lakes. \They think to find reciprocation. nerves. I never exactly follow precedents. as the case may be. the woman. because the empty gorgon draws upon their fulness. and. horses. awful. and while he or she is ~ere to keep up the incessant play of aromal forces. and rationale of the human being. fulness of habit. It comes of full veins. outright murder ends the dreadful tragedy. because affectionally and in love he is a perfect vacuum.

warped and prematurely wrinkled. I lay it down as another immutable truth that the ov!<-love conjl1ga~ionof man and wife is the loftiest and most sacred prayer to. the mere genital powers common alike to man and brutes. I lay it down as an axiom. but I do mean that irresistible energy latent in all souls. in their sacred. look you. Thus. cushioned upon the £ther." is not wholly. decrepit. ever comes to man through the intellect. partake of that celestial fire. spiritual passion. "Knowledge is power. as in the cases of those to whom the wondrous realities of love Are as thrice-sealed books! Why? Because they who thus truly love. but in heart. I maintain. and invests it with. the invisible being that constitutes us man or woman. Now. spirit and thought. that power can only come to. of 'all else that exists outside the Eternal Flame itself. replenish themselves . metaphysically speaking. strike out this divine spark. wherefore. I affirm that the Baconian adage. and be developed in. Goodness alone is power. I hold that no power. or on the emotional side or department of man's intricate and involute nature.AjJectz"onal Alchemy. lieth at the foundation. but only partially true. the fire-energy subtending the very basis of our being and. such as is here intended to be understood. in proof: how often it happens that a lovt'ng couple ·continually grow more youthful in soul. the underlying. And it is the very synonym of life and strength. real power in the loftier degrees. and which is the formative floor of the worlds now rolling in silent majesty through space. by the term power I do not mean. inner love is the beginning of the road which leads the soul into. indeed. subtends all existence. and joyous in habitude. not passion or lusf. but Love. and developed but in an exceedingly limited few. possible to any c~ature in the whole vast realm of matter and mind. 75 lies in the soul alone. God. the unimaginable Lord God of the Infinite Universe. that most mystical Heat which fuses all things. and lordly will. as some have misunderstood me in the past to mean. the very breasts of the mother side of God I Now. and truth. fruitful in happiness. the soul through Love. and clingingness. deeper. for Love. instead of servile. for I here repeat. the true sensing of that higher. and goodness inheres not in brain. primal fire-life of the immaterial soul. and imitation of. wherefore. and real development.

and more beautiful. as a consequence. and from the product of such unions. and welcome glorious Manhood. the awful brilliance of all . just as one honest man. like unto that which is evolved from within our souls when we truly LOVE. and wear their very souls threadbare and to shreds. and. wizzenness. and that to find him they must rush into the intolerable effulgence. ripe. so that here on earth they amount to but little. pass the brutal lands untouched. hopeful. Now once in a while couples do love each other. and good. and spiritually stronger. Men gazing upon solar light have been struck dumb with the tremendous conception that God was concentrated Light. worry the life out of one another. or celestial plumptitude. Isut He is always to be FELT. requiring.-hehind the Everlasting Flame. and then farewell human Boyhood. as copper-rods the lightning. Couples not loving each other arc mutually exhaustive. The amazing . and earthly proteges of the supreme Lord of Glory. and become baptized of the Holy Spirit. not the heat of combustion. the divine fervor and fire of the aerial spaces. with the quintessence of life itself'. scranniness.our God. but by and by. he invariably cornell forth and whispers to the soul: HERE AM I! But the inscrutable BEING dwells within the Everlasting SHADow. We can gain-much by truly loving! i XXXVII. for HE IS THE ETERNALFIRE! and the quintessence of All HEAT. fret and fume. perhaps.the focal spaces! But they erred. the far-off heavens. and after death enter the ethereal realms in a state of immortal leanness.Affecllonal Alchemy. or. and whosoeverfeels for God is sure to touch and find him! for when we feel for him. but its opposites.. what are now exceptional cases will become the universal rule. walk unharmed amidst moral malarias. morally wealthy. was declared sufficient to prevent the overthrow of Sodom. attuned to this upper music. a long lapse of }ears. grow better. ages of time. and thus the world is saved by God's fiat. for He ever recedes from telescopic or visual scrutiny. The world owes 4ts salvation to the accidents of Love. and draw down to their souls. what few civilized people there are take their rise and departure. at least. before they can ever reach a condition of soul-fatness. LIGHT is the shadow of God! Deity is never to be seen. calm.

AfficUonal Alchemy.


glories they beheld and conceived, and which they confounded with, or to be the very God, was but the dark shadow shielding him"from view in the penetralia of mystery! Man, not God, is concentrated, focalized fire, - a condensation and crystallization of God's Nervous Fluid; and everything, especially the human soul, is a form of that fire. But man, as we know him here, is not the only self-consciousness in being; nor is this the best or worst of worlds. There are, and the LErial spaces abound with, multiform intelligences, having their conscious origin in LEthereal realms, aswe have ours in matter. But as the divine Fire is the base of all alike j and as love and interfusion is the destiny of all, it follows that there is one common point where the sub-human, human, and ultra-human can contact each other and meet j and this point is that of interblending, for that one point everywhere, and in all things, is the only one thing common to all which exist as living entities anywhere. It follows again that the higher the motives urging us when that universal duty is accomplished, the more powerful is the prayer it really is j the higher it reaches j the more it brings us en rapport with the blessed ones of the purer .J.E'rH, and the greater rain of goodness, power, health, life, mystic enjoyment, and all possible good it calls down upon our heads to saturate our souls. But there are grades of these ultra-human orders, towering away from our place and position in the eternal scale, in series vast, inconceivable, of Orders, Societies, Grades, Hierarchies,. to an unimaginable Eterne j and other series descending to an equally unimaginable deep of the opposites of what we call goodness j and these, too, meet us on one common ground as the others j and can and do, when we give lust the rein, instead of love, ascend from the depths to us, and infuse us with strange ills and evils. The White Magic, which I here reveal, teaches how to rapport the good. The Black Magic of Africa and America (V oudooism) rapports us with the denizens of hell j and crime and wretchedness as surely flow out from the one affiliation, as the good flows forth from theother. I have made this revelation here, because it will do good, and afford a new field for the explorations of such as are interested in solving the tremendous problem of evil, its nature and origin.

Affectt"onal Alchemy.
XXXVIII. I have already told the world herein and elsewhere[in U Soul, the Soul-world, and Homes of the Dead;" a reprint and enlargement of the original volume "Dealings with the Dead"]that the seat of hnman consciousness is in the brain, - that it is a polar world or globe of white diamondesque fire in the human head. It is Sllbject' to two states, a positive and negative, masculine or electric ; and a feminine, magnetic, or womanesque state, In its intellectual or male mood, it thunders forth its edicts from its throne in the brain, the central point of the head. But in its most aweinspiring, creative and mystic moods, its fiats are given forth from another seat within the body. The brain is its throne of Force j the pelvis its scat of POWER! In sleep, especially that which is healthful, therefore dreamless, the soul sends a fibril of fire - an incandescent railway, from the corpus calossum to the medulla oblongata, down the spinal marrow to right back of the stomach; to the solar plexus, - the great storehouse where the servants of the body bring all the treasures they have gathered during the wakeful day, from the various laboratories,- stomach, intestines, ovaria, nerve-ganglia, lungs, liver, testes, arteries; and there the soul charges the fine aroma with its own lifo, and sends them back to become parts and portions of the living bcing; it imparts life-fire to every section of the human frame, After this the soul sometimcs sends a filamental cord out ir.to the air, above the earth, and on that ladder of light mounts the azure, and scans and contemplates distant scenes, and occasionally unfathomable mystery itself! Hence all dreams, could we translate them, have a fixed and determinate meaning. But there is a farther revelation to be made right here. If human interblending occurs while weary, half asleep, vexed, anxious, distrustful, suspicious, thinking of moncy, or in an excited, passionate or mental state, two things are likely to occur, l.c., pregnancy, - in which case the child is sure to come here and stay here, die here, and go to the other world, and remain there, for centuries perhapshalf asleep, vexed, anxious, distrustful, suspicious, and mentally or otherwise excited all the livelong years; for although the woman builds up the child, the father invariably imparts the bias, hecause:-


'AffecUonal Alchemy.


XXXIX. In the beginning of the marriage every fibre of his body sends a spiritual- material portion of itself to the le_ft half of the prostate gland, and his spiritual, emotional, soul and mind send corresponding portions of themselves to the right half of the prostate, and at the exact instant that these all meet at that point, the nerve-vital muscles spasmodically contract, and the procreative fluid passing through ••takes with it the prostatic exudations, and the immortal being is thus charged with a joyous load of heaven, or a grievous burden of intolerable horrors. But impregnation may not occur j y~t?e fl~4~_thus charged, al!d._~~~bflrged, are absorbed in great measure by the innumerable mouths and ducts of the vaginal parietes;-and she absorbs his physical, mental a~d moral poisons as 'surely as if the hu sband was freighted down with syphilitic virus;'only that the one eats away and cankers her flesh j wh~te the other -.-; _. corrodes her soul! ..


. -Men are proverbially, in these matters, careless of possible consequences, 'and this is a source of terrible dread to their wives j to such a degree, that fear paralyzes their passional nature j and on their side there is, and can be, no response j finding which to be the case, the average husband grows crisp and cranky, offish, petulant, downright angry j all of which she feels, and discord and misery reign beneath that roof. Well? Reply: By an effort of the will the male can prevent the prostatic flow j and, secondly, the wife by becoming mentally positive at the crisis, and willing that she ought not, must not, will not conceive, cannot; or that she will not absorb that which will impair her mental or physical health-cannot so absorb it. Hence she is safe, whenever she wills to be ! XL. Power, true power, can only descend from heaven to true loving souls, because power is feminine, and woman represents it, albeit she is practically ignorant of the faCt j and a man has yet to learn that the seeds of power descend either through the feminine channels of his soul, or to him through woman. All great men have been made so through women, either by their mothers, or by some woman whose love made her will and wish him to be good. great and happy, during the sacred prayer of holy, loving


Aj!ect£01zal Alchemy.

wifehood. I have already alluded to the ability of a. woman to utterly ruin any man her soul loathes. and hates, under precisely the same circumstances; for it lies within her power to make or mar the best man living. I have seen it tried, in both the make and the mar, and with results magnificent in the one case, and insufferably poignant in the other. Thus man, by love all the time, but especially then, can wholly modify woman's character, and !indle her ice to a gentle, constant and invigorant flame. But carelessness and ignorance on the part of many millions of wives, in some sense, make them responsible for their own miseries; for they all have the ability to resist the depleting effects of pestilent vampyrism, and avoid all the diseases, disasters and ailments, mental, moral, physical and emotional, thus engendered ; and also to wholly transform the nature and character of almost any man, no matter how coarse, inconsiderate, careless, indifferent or mean. In declaring these new and. weighty truths I victoriously plant the white banner over the frowning ramparts of the social world. Why? How? Attend: XLI. Because almost everywhere in this broad land marriage practically exists as a repressive system; it is all head, and the man is that head, while the wife is but an appendage, and by no means either partner or equal; and, so long as such is the case, things will not grow better, because happiness is what every one seeks for, and if not found at the fireside at home will be" searched for elsewhere. Now I want to stop all that by showing the law underlying human weal as it has never been shown before on earth. The system of marriage should be one of absolute equality and partnership between couples. I want to help along that system; for the one now in vogue practically drives enormous hosts of people to heaven across lots, over steep-down gulfs of social and domestic horror. I am teaching all to avoid such. . On the marriage question, as mainly discussed at present, there is too much everlasting gabble on the horrors of deformity in all parts of the social machine; but I seek to make people purer, nobler, truer, and draw, not drive, them heavenward by appeals to the good, the true, and the beautiful latent

A../fect£onal Alchemy.


within them, and which, when active, brings bliss to every beating heart. XLII. Too many marriagees concern themselves about mourning; I wish them to be deeply, continually interested about joy. They think mainly concerning how to make the best of a bad bargain; bearing life's crosses; abiding with befitting patience to the end, ~nd all that iGYhile I am teaching them how to make a bad bargain an exceedingly good on.:J how to neutralize the social poisons by wholesale - and the worst of them are generated at home; and all through the triple white magic of Love, will, and persistent trying; that is, to cure their ills by the constant exercise 0'£ common sense, which, it seems, after all, is a very uncommon thing, judging by the stupid way in which nine married couples out of every ten totally ignore its clear and plain behests; for common sense is the genius of the average mind, and is an excellent guide to go by. XLIII. I have said, and it is true, that the other, the feminine, magnetic, and, therefore, superior pole, or polar dwelling, of the viewless soul of human kind, is in the genital system of each sex respectively; whence it follows that in all nuptial unions, where true love reigns and rules, governs and controls, the entire beings of each • party, the entire soul of each officiates at the banquet, and the celebration ; wherefore, both the positive and negative powers and forces of each party assist at the-:-in the-incarnation of the new soul, if a new soul is then and there called into outer being, to run the gauntlet of time in its race to the fields of eternity; and all such generation is holy j and, it being a g~nuine marriage, none but truly human children are called into the world. But where no love inspires the parents, only one of the two grand forces of their souls officiate either in, or at, the generation of their mutual offspring; and such children are death-sure to be deficient in some quality, and to pay through lives mC?reor less angular, limited, and bitterjfor th; sins ~f their _p;re~~ and theirprofanation of the holiest of all human sanctities, and violation of the grandest and deepest law of the human world-that of Love j from such conditions it happens that the lands are "teeming with half-men, halfwomen, and abound in human weaklings. " Illegitimates". are

These truths may be new and novel. and he will become an encyclopedia on legs. investigate. But the positive pole or sphere of the soul being feminine or magnetic. a far less labor to create than it is to gestate and bring forth. XLIV. obtained when they were called into earthly existence. almost invariably become fathers to their mental superiors.the sole and base of being. ideas and principles. and God is far more female than its opposite. energy. heat. generous.with all that vast domain underlying increase. evolution. expansion. it is masculine and electric. power . The negative or brain pole of the soul. as in the human. open.deal of Passion. while pcr contra we all know that great talent. but whose love-nature is large. understand. growth. become mothers of mental-moral millionaires. and a great . and aCtual genius seldom produces anything higher than a very low grade of mediocrity. the arterial blood' of God Himself-measureless LOVE . search. exceptional in brilliance. and only give hi~ time. so to speak. advances toward. facts. and captures knowledge. for it is in him. reason. but it took even him billions of centuries to gestate and bring forth man j just as a man . GoJ struck the universe into being by a single fiat of his Imperial Will. that is to say. with the intellectual and knowing universe. Men with comparatively small cerebral capital and calibre. emotion. universe . whence the female is nearer God than the male. Its mission is to scan.Affectional Alchemy. generation. as are many of those to follow herein. full. Their children are notoriously below parand PA also. because at least some tolerable measure of Love. things. know. while brainy mothers give us children born to intellectual penury. and it is not hard to see the reason why inferior-brained. is in direct contact or rapport with the very soul of being itself. but they are assuredly destined and commissioned to revolutionize the world of thought on these subjects. for all that's knowable he feels bound to find out. nevertheless and nothwithstanding.the primal fire-flow of the whole vast realm of universal existence.the foundation fires of the. Now an electric man" progresses. but strongly loving and loved women. It is en rapport more or less perfectly." stores up. is Thoughtful. Apply the principle herein laid down. explore.

without love to guide them heavenwards j and her influence for good in the universe. Thus it is readily seen that through Love man seizes directly on all that is. with three radii extending to the right and left ovaria and the connected viscera. in the male. because all sentient creatures love andfeel. but always of those of fine physical presence. We often hear the phrase "A fine specimen of a woman!" "A magnificent woman!" but such terms are. not only the tremendous value and importance of any human soul. the prostatic gland. and is in actual contact and rapport with all and singular every being that FEELS and Loves within the confines of the habitable universe. occupies all the energies of woman's soul and body about twenty-six mlllion seconds to complete what he began I Hence one good mother is worth at least fifty millions of male drones. But any amount of brain or learning he may have affiliates him to a very few at most. whether it be weD .so grave as not to be easily forgiven. whence it happens that emasculation injures the very soul itself.for every child. as a general rule j and right here I desire to impress upon my readers. but it takes woman forty odd weeks to prepare it for its uses on the earth j or it takes man one second to begin a work. In the female. never applied' to any mere bundle of brains. and about. while comparatively few can think and know. and the awful consequences of destroying human life at any stage j but to enforce upon them the absolute necessity of marriage and parentage. God and nature. occupies one second of time only. no matter how imperfect. with three radii extending to the connected viscera. and every female who goes to the grave childless. the major force of the soul resides in the uterus. commits a grave offence. . geniality of demeanor.Affectional Alchemy. whence it happens that illness or injuries there have the most baleful. and magnetic fulncss. which . indicating Love within the soul. is in. LOVE FOREVER agalnst THE WORLD! The positive throne or seat of the soul. to plant a monad in the uterine soil. every man who fails in his duty to himself. is eventually a positive gain to the universe. injurious and debilitating effect upon every portion and department of her being and nature. and dies without prolonging his human line. -near. bears the same ratio to his worthlessness.

The mode I have already herein pointed out. the miracle-working potentiality which cometh only to the free and wholly unshackled human soul. and that they emit a peculiar light. or lean who is fat. The reasons why will be readily seen by recurring to the basic propositions of the divine science. therefore. the informing and formative pulse of matter. CELESTIAL FIRE. discernible across the gulfs· of space by those intelligent powers. hence need not again recur to. that it is possible to construct and wear them. I believe in what I may call will-magnets. Now it is possible for a man to grow fat who is lean.. just as we discern a diamond across a play-house. cultured or rude-hath. and the groundwork upon which must be builded the real rule of her influence in the world and at home .I belz'eve they call it. pure magic. the soul of the universe. that such are signals to the beholders. for it follows that whoso hath most love-whether its expression be coarse or fine. or talismans. while to woman it is the only salvation from marital vampyrism. is the highest aid to man. Do not forget that herein and elsewhere I have declared the great truth that true manhood and womanhood are more or less en rapport with one or more of the upper hierarchies of Intelligent Potentialities. Tht's t's provable . just as a good brother here flies to the relief of him who shall give the grand hailing-signs of distress.. them. properly cultured. that the aura of Deity (God-od) is LOVE. most of God in him or her. and I know that a lean soul can also grow fat. This grand mystery of the will.Ajfectz"onal Alchemy. the element of time being competent to the perfeCting of all refining influences. as the case may demand. and do. if not . and assist the wearers. is POSITIVE HEAT. over the ocean of Death. succor. XLV.or its opposite. the prime clement of all power. and non-magnetic people reverse their states. and highly cultured or not. More than that. I believe there are means whereby a person may become associated with. and receive instruction from. which declares that God. The deduction is crystalline. the external fire-sphere. earth-born and not earth-born. by pursuing steadily Bantingism . the shield and buckler of her power. and that they will. cross the chasmal steeps to save. white. for it is a divine Energos.

therefore. cruel. acrid. hath most of love. higher. will. But it is true that some souls are nobler. ever was. absurd dogma of human equality. to me. XLVI.ne are w~rj:l:ly. head lip alo. and into wrong positions. on the highways. and down the corridors of heaven. rounder. true. before being able to steadily walk the decks of the eviternal ship of centuries and power. and crystallization in the homos. who will circumnavigate eternity while the others are wondering. whether weighed or plumbed in God's scales or man's. imperfect. and are worth immeasurably more. Conversely put. requiring a thousand or two of ages to get their eternal sea-legs on. just created. finer. Splendid. and their orderly consolidation into personal power. ~s strength.~~cE.' or compete with those . " aristocratic" souls. puts people out of their element. the statement stands thus: whoso most resembleth God.--than some other souls. 85 upon the hither side. nor good badness. and the principles and modes of their evolution. and is eternally at war with itself. "Did you ever I" . nor badgoodness. . goodness. There can be no such thing as unholy Love. here. and the elements of ROwer. riper.do not believe in the. a~~_t~~ _~ile_!l. which interests it perpetually injures and destroys. there. and clashing about its own interests. that all may understand the laws of love. For some souls are young. "What next?" and.new souls. it never was. and eternally will be. nor can be. is always a unit in interests. bitter. nor is Love ever anything but its own transcendant self (yet normal passion is divine) because through it alone God gives TRUE MEN to the great manwanting world. and non-poised.and such stand for mohs of ages gaping. green. for" aristocracy" of some kind always rules. up the streets of the worlds. acid. then. will. at regal souls rushing across the deeps toward Achievement. and delusive falsehood. now.Affectional A !enemy. I. though they resemble somewhat. and ethereal force. I hold that Love is. richer. Paste is not diamond.these seven. better. God is not a libertine I Now these latent energies I claim to here give the true knowledge of. while " democracy" is always ruled. §i.. the result aimed at being the elimination of the gross.-these SEvEN.. it is the demonstrable negation of all human reason and experience. absolutely pure. is a hypocritical.! and steady.

living now. accomplishments. under favorable circumstances. and of. to only begin j and that. somewhat. not fully. has most of love crystallized within her. Force. been teaching. Power. that the wonder is. yet have passed their ordeals long before this civilization had taken root in the mouldy soil of scores that had preceded it. 'artiste is she.. True Passion is but one. its offices are triplicate j and when people understand that one grand secret. that from the worst of seed she has raised many a splendid human tree. domestic. but hearts and affection are ever the same j that. wealth. and all other ills j and it is this grand secret I have. every kind. and I hold this to be the strongest argument for woman ever made since the world began. and that. I further hold that there are . in all my books. or any other accident. on both shores of the oceans that girdle the world.Ethereal (spacial) centres of Love. and woman reign queen and equal. and a minor mode. Nature. who. farewell to social. -Men who make and govern circumstances instead of allowing circumstances to govern them. through these last man can attain unto Godness. for long years. who did so well under the bad. I know that brains and intellects differ. species. holding in reserve others as much stronger and more cogent than these. Energy. and legal and illegal-something 'Worsej that woman. But so infinitely_great an. fostered and cultured art. XLVIII.the perfected laboratory )Vherein she fashioneth. science. redeemed the race from savagery. under all sorts of repressions and bad conditions j assuredly entitling her now to a chance of trying what she can do. and alone '\ completes. and for. and order of knowledge known to man. Goodness. religion. what it took God. as a chain-cable is superior to a child's slender whip-cord. and I advance it only as one of the external reasons I entertain. of Love's expression. singly and com. too. and Man.\ bined. toy. and whereof . . that swarming hordes of murderers do not throng the world's high.86 AffecUonal Alchemy. ways where civilized man now walks. and for that reason is entitled to stand the peer of the best man breathing God's free air j not by reason of her beauty. but because she hath the womb. grade. and all that renders earth habitable. as such. so badly. where she now serves as drudge.. . too. XLVII.

and Islamism. to draw a brief comparison between my system and the very best that can possibly. They believe in crucifying the flesh altogether. Vide Mormonism. and at daybreak quit it in the same manner. and I have no place to put you. if let alone. as the Shakers. mortifies the flesh. without a light. and obtain those knowledges. of so little account are they.tr':l'!y'a se~-grav'£yard 0~ratj9n fDLm~rth _t? baptism. who now drone and doze away life. practically. The one nearest the door you can sleep in. Again: Said landlord Boniface. there is one room with two beds. They are divided into two parts. They wholly lose sight of a fundamental principle of human nature. for my house is full. the other-at the far comer-is occupied by a lady."1Jle to reach those centres. bend all their energies toward the salvation of men's souls. die half ripe. You must enter it on tiptoe. weary man. I pity you. Perfectionism. in spending time in trying to get souls into heaven. one of which proceeds to totally ignore the body. "Traveller. In the present instance it only remains for the purposes of this Declaration of Principles. and _:g~erally ~ffect that very thin~ for thQ_~ul." Says weary traveller. he knows not anything j and that it is not only poss.< . which. as a general thing. and roundly berates all others outside. w~ich is to take delight in doing the very thing it is sternly forbidden to. The other allows the utmost limit to _lust and license to the eiect. may go to the other place. but you just make a law that they shall not leave it. from that to death. leave its boundaries once in ten years. But current systems. but that it is achievable by a vast number. when too late. will • . "Don't say so.Affectional Alchemy. and on one condition you can stay. g() quietly to bed. and that town be empty in 'less than a single day." Says Boniface. I'll put up with anything rather than go on. who must not be disturbed in any way. necessitating what it is not the present purpose to reveal. poor me I How can you serve me so? I'm so fagged out I can't walk. don't say no. The people of a town might not. you must go further to pass the night. and. another step. . and contrast them with their opposites in belief. truthfully be said of any single one of all the others now extant anywhere. lose sight of the bodies. and I wake up. an~nd~_~ife." Poor. to find out what fools they have been.

accept." I knew that before. I admit. the ELIXIR of life may be found. Understand me. and triumphantly. Do you agree to these conditions? It . wayworn traveller lifted up his voice and yelled aloud. came speedily following down. by reason of its recondite nature. or even touched by those who assumed to discuss it. It is the proper function of man to impart. there was a sound of devilry by night. Human nature is strongly perverse. physiologically.~" Just so. I possibly may achieve it better in essaying the unravelling of the knot alluded to.88 A. with protruding eyes. and hair erect. and his body. especially in our marriage matters in the false: society of to-day. respond. But thousands have the characteristics of their ploper sex. I find a remedy for very many of the ills besetting us on the earth. than in any other way. never before fairly treated upon." said landlord. It . because magnetic. by and by. Men are often seen whose actione currente is wholly feminine. Let us now proceed to the consideration of a phase or the ma. "but how did you .being my highest ambition to do good while the frame lasts."I do j" and he was shown the door. " What's the matter? It asked Boniface. down. But. exude. " Why. Finally. that woman's dead!" . reaching the lower floor just one second after his voice. and to have all the sensations proper thereto.find it out. gestate. too. in less than one hundred brief years .brief to God. and the human stay on earth be prolonged a great deal beyond the storied threescore years and ten. and his voice went flying the descending stairs. and to immortal man.tter in hand. It is the proper function of woman to reverse all this-to receive. will. and this incident suggests the query that were social life and marriage based upon CONand ATTRACTION instead of what they are based on. there wouldn't be a hell on earth or anywhere else. provoke passion. and that weary. " 0 Lord! " said the traveller. to enforce.ffectt:onal Alcnemy. and again strictly cautioned. herein set forth. to conclude this section. that in the cultured. to gen. to beget his kind. that by obedience to law.erate. and furthermore. to give. or magic. and of course the impelling sensations are peculiar. but a far greater number of females are found who have all the yearnings proper only to the opposite gender. with their normal SENT .

True. and therefore will not. results from their mothers wishing and hoping that the unborn may be of one sex. and the incorporeal viewless soul of man. Proof: When we are in perfect magnetic rapport with an individual. wherefore such girls will love like a man j such boys love like a woman. bone and muscle. but we may be in absolute electric contact. and not one of these strange results will follow. such persons resort to unnatural methods to appease the quenchless thirst j assuage the yearning appetite. allowing nature to determine the sex j and then we shall behold no more such improperly constructed human beings on this fair earth of ours. Judgment. is a magnetic halfness . and does produce its opposite. The upshot of it all is. in some of its subtler forms. and instead have all 'the latter charaCteristics of the reverse gender. that person can be made to imitate our action. magnetism. do as we do. while nature determines to. wherefore we shall be rid of agitators of the " Sexual Q. impellant or nervo-vital action. think our thoughts. that .hence we have onanists. When a woman is pregnant. and a hundred other human attributes belong to the region and domain of soul. but I am not aware that the subtler element.. This abnormal state.and the vehicle of their display and action upon. to name which I fairly shudder. was ever even suspected to be such link. In announcing the law and faCt that the subtle element called magnetism is the connecting link between mind and body. sinew. Memory. with lov«:!it is a ma~eti~ circulation. sensations. and of course can never be satisfied in this life on that very account. . masturbationists. and in the outer world. spirit." XLIX. mind. Body is the seat of the senses j soul is the seat of the deeper faculties. I declared a new truth. pederasts j those who associate with four-footed beasts. or rather one newly discovered. was that link. her whole desire should be that of giving to the world a perfect specimen of her maternal work. Love.the invisible man within. Sympathy. and in other respects sink to very infamous levels .uestion. it has been suspected that electricity. for Emotion.Affectz"onal Alchemy. Observe these faCts: cohabitation. Fancy. so very common. is magnetism. the flesh. that urged con by an irresistible impulse.even to those horrible ones. and be for the time our exaCt counterparts. love not being the spur.

For the expression of feature. fail also both in winning credence. and all our external features array themselvesinvoluntarily -ever to materially express the metaphysical emotion. shock or impression. the voice. tells the immortal story of the heart quite as plainly. Such persons. and genial glow. is to say. or in any other manner. while the face betokened its deadly opposite. We cannot lift a board till we bend to it. or even false human joy. L. either nerval. the soft and flowing modulations of tone. There can be no mutual joy unless such n~rvou8 currents do flash along the nervo-telegraphic system. unless such currents do thus pass. always pose your features to the natural language of the passion or sentiment. every true. and. feature. and brace the muscles to the task.Tom a nervous current rushing along the nerves. failing to pose themselves to the requirements of the case. We hate. This is the principle of POSISM: i. whatever. must first be in the soul. and retaining what of . if one expects to be believed.Affictional Alchemy. before the body can participate. and far more eloquently.of each. It would look foolish for one to verbally protest burning love. . yet. moreover.. gustatory. too. faulty husbands and wives than all the protestations or verbal storms that one' could utter in a centurY 1 . voice and conduct give the lie direct to all the lips have spoken. Counsel: If your lips speak love. and mingling in chcmico-magnetic union in and at the termination of the nervous filaments radiating from every portion of the two beings. must express it also. while face.. and yet the speakers marvel because their story is not credited. eyes. receive a blow. . e. and the lips assert it. or aCtual.. manner.. nor can we experience any pleasure. the mellow cadence and inflection of the voice. placing ourselves to do the work. and converging to a point at the respective vital centres of each.love they have already won. stupid indifference I If the heart means love. Yet in spite of the notoriously plain truth. pleasure results .and soft and gentle tones will do more for errant. may honestly mean just what and all they say. there arc thousands who talk love. than can possibly any collocation of mere words. which anyone can marshal to his or her aid :. Now for the application of this principle to the subjeCt under consideration.

whoever denied the existence of It God. and the mental states behind it. is apt to be rather Novemberish externally. whatever. Married people are either not aware of this double-acting law of the homos. or at the risk of health and life. hut ruffled. and we shall have less work for sextons in digging graves for "Mrs. as are the tones which utter it i for" Actions speak louder than words" is not only a truism. under any cirumstances. Thus." at any age between sixteen and thirty-five. and all over I LI. but an • absolute and unqualified truth itself. or to exact or seek wifely offices or concessions.- . for any human male. look love from top to toe. whatevca:J The beasts ~f the field don't do s.. Wherefore if you mean love. The action of the muscles is as clear an expression of a passion. for the soul aff@ctsthe body for good or ill quite as much as the body affects the invisible soul. soul i and a man. and excellent digestion to make a first-class sceptic. The common sense of mankind knows full well that he is no man. a woman suffering catamenial pains. pangs past endurance. who demands what cannot be granted. and the play between the outer and the inner being is mutual. worried to death with worldly cares.Affectional Alchemy. whatever. save with a shudder of unutterable horror and disgust. even while July really reigns deep down in her sweet. to force the inclinations of any woman. You never saw a sick man. really. They live a cat-and-dog life. It requires a fine stomach. except when she wills and ordains that such may be. Why? Because conditions of body effect changes in the soul's feelings.--. so and so. keen appetite. or else wilfully ignore its heavy meanings. 'We have societies for the protection of beast( and need a larger one for the protection of human beings in certain vital respects~ It ought to be just ground for instant divorce wherever and when~er a human male forces unwelcome embraces upon any female. punishable. or that some metaphysical derangement unfits the body to express what the soul itself may be completely full of. because neither reasons that some physical disturbance unhinges the soul. but only a satyr. or some other ill.) Why should men More than that i it ought to be a criminal o~ce in the eye of tlie law j and as such. Make this a law. is I -. desperately sick.

after a good dose of senna. the infernal demon-god. hands. are almost invariably. an unrealized dream. one behind and one before. Merchants. she would love and caress him half to death. by reason of the strong resilient energies of • my constitution. As physician. chronic dyspepsia. not always either in mood or condition to lavish tenderness even upon the children of his loins. And a wife in certain magnetic and mental states. . I was continually laboring with brain. would fly at a man and scratch his eyes out. gravel. by apoplexy. or even nervous exhaustion. A person in certain physical states is insane for the time being j is fully willing to curse God.Affectional Alcnemy. But that injury I could have recovered from. upon a not very soft pile of rocks at the bottom. next day. stone. stricken down in the midst of life and hope. men of large business. then. I have treated many cases of disease which the patients attributed to scores of causes other than the right one. is all in all j passion but a spasm j love. and devote more time to the home-' side. social life. and" fun. but because they do no not loosen up. had it not happened that for months before. all of whom he loves beyond his then-capacity of expression. bankers.but was also subjected daily to violent and continued affeCtional and mental emotion j cause: "A woman at the hottom of it j" and that sort of excitement is quite sufficient to bring on paralysis.a place in Toledo. and pen. or embolism j not alone by reason of their business activity. partly the result of a severe fall. . At this writing I am suffering from partial paralysis. . without the help of any locomotive that ever screeched over the "Middle Ground.a mere matter of twenty-five feet through the trestle-work of a bridge." . and inevitably. and months afterward. the result of physiological causes. or the wife of his bosom. a myth. sent down there by the savage threats of two converging locomotives. where more ghosts of mangled dead walk than upon any surface of equal area in the entire universe. . paralysis.affectional trouble. and within two hours that self-same man would bless God.bad enough. when. change their modes of motion." Eusiness. and die j yet a dose of opening medicine would unbar the gates of his soul. and live.

more unreal. 93 ita joys still. Fatherhood. these doers of God's finest and greatest work.most of them outright infemal. that nature withdrew her smiles from them. Paschal. . . otherwise sensible.which excite the amorous or passional appetites of the human being. and many years before this book was written. There are long lists of them.AffecUonal Alchemy. and God. fitting the wasted nerve. but civilizers. above all Imperial Motherhood. horrible. restoring the primal conditions upon which human happiness in the social arc depends. Paternity! just think of it! what a glory. God insulted. and impotence. Aphrodisiacs are certain preparations . its ·author discovered the best six tonics the world had ever seen.and I have felt like rushing upon. not being mere chemicals. and did homage to every pregnant woman I ever saw. until at length nature wears out. compared to which all the wealth and honor earth can give were but hollow shams and empty mockery! while Parentage. who lived so close to the dollar-counter. phantomesque. and what a joy. society.sacriflce Manhood. But what a state of things is that wherein men. the incamators of regal soul . so far forget their duties to self. and he sends the Angel of Midnight to drop the curtain. sterile. and once more the mad-house and apoplexy were left behind. and tearing the heartless scoundrels to pieces. or has yet. these unappreciated· martyrs of love. and I have seen things shaped like unto men laugh and giggle as they passed along. and for years they had never known love in its physical aspects unless under the forcing power of some disastrous stimulant. as. and change the scene. I have seen women pass along the streets who gave token of their coming pain and glory. is a diadem which even gods might well aspire to. and victims of man too often beside. but alchymics or conveyers of spirit: soul. in the mad chase for wealth. vague.c-. dead. wife. To these the protozones were blessings. I refer to the Protozonic Remedials. were that woman no higher than a . And I have known hundreds upon hundreds of people. became their lot. (jor if there be a transcendantly glorious thing on earth it is a mothe~ And I. home. here say that I took off my hat.not because they were remedials. Love and Paternity. balancing the tottering brain. to . the writer. and I would do it. indeed. humanizers.

. like him who builds from the roof groundward. that one is finished up as the work goes on. so highly and devoutly did I. ardor. and each step or stage of gestation will be carried one or more degrees towa. feeling. fervor. heart. not form. or rhigolene-spray baths. as well as that of the blood-vessels. caused other !~an by p~ysica~ injury. power. just as children mourn the good things that have passed away forever. a~d needed. and will be longed for. LII.rd perfection. and force of character and genius to her baby than she could in all the forty weeks of gestation if neglected in the above respects . energy.-will. but tl:. alternating with ice-rubbing of the spine. and wept over when gone. is the result of over-emotion. and. beauty. strength. 110t passion. in every ten days. and the only cure is their re-arrangement. for she will knit more greatness in it every hour she lives. pampered. There. therefore. well risen j well baked. labor. accompanied with phosphorized cor. judiciously loved and treated. like myself. and would have saved Napoleon III. or kept at a dead level of life.not spoiled and. most seekers after domestic bliss. adore and worship MOTHERHOOD. but with royal joy. It is this: rst. compactness. fervor.(often removable by continued catharsis) and by nerve-embolism. when mentally caused. this will cure it nine times in ten. and perhaps a disastrous war. do I. It is to be found in soul. A pregnant woman. love. toO:. too. they too. these careless husbands. dials. consequently the system is not supplied with a proper amount of vitalized pabulum. as hot as can be borne.Alfedional Alchemy. common troll. would laugh. begin at the wrong end. not dress j and love. ad.ev .. He is well kneaded. instead of coarse derision. knew the truth I now reveal in the next few lines. but made to develop her womanhood. had his physicians been wise. Paralysis more often results from afiectional troubles than anything else.:crid states of the blood and fluids . add more soul. well done j will keep well j give excellent satisfaction all around. 110t sense . temper. is well flavored. spirit. passion.94 . The only difference between a genius and a human ninny is. to which may be added the daily pouring over the head and backbone of at least two pailfuls of hot water. rest. and phosphoric food. that's my soul! But if these laughers.. P~~lysis.