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This is Carolyn Evers, and as it is our habit or procedure, we

bring forth messages from the Heavenly Hosts with regards

to the Full Moon, which is what we are discussing today, and
solstices, equinoxes, other moments in history where there
have been great energies coming to the planet; and this
particular Full Moon, there are new energies coming to the
planet that are being reinforced and so we have one coming
forth to talk about that, and that is Jeshua, and Richard will
bring forth his message.

And Jeshua is here, and he is saying;

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request of Jeshua

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The energies coming with this Full Moon are unparalleled in

their direction, intention and power. There have been many
events where energies have come forth supporting the
rejuvenation process, and I have discussed these on many a
time; however what is happening on this occasion is
unparalleled. It has not been discussed or telegraphed,
however the energies which are beginning almost as we
speak, given this is the 14th and will begin in earnest
tomorrow, are such that they do not leave open any gap for
the coming forth of the process of rejuvenation. By that I
mean any interference that might remain in any form will be
completely eliminated by these energies, and these energies
will bring forth the rejuvenation process that has been so
long delayed and interfered with.

These energies are uncompromising, and in a sense they

begin with those energies that are currently on their way to
your planet from the sunspot that has sent an M-Class flare
in your direction, and those energies will arrive upon the
planet on the 15th which is tomorrow; and these energies
are irresistible.
This was followed a day or so later by an X-Class (more
powerful) flare, also directed to Earth

They will complete the clearing as I said, of any remaining

interference that might exist anywhere. It might seem
strange to you that energies coming to planet Earth could
impact what unfolds, what gets exposed if you will,
anywhere else within Creation, indeed within Consciousness
and beyond. But that is the nature of things and it is hard as
I say, to imagine that from within the context of the human
experience upon your planet. But that, my friends is what is
happening. Make no mistake about it, that is what is
happening and you will see these changes come forth over
the next few days. And so it is.

Carolyn - Thank you, Richard for bringing forth Jeshua’s

message. And now, the one that I see that comes into my
awareness is Mother God. She shows herself to me
something like the god Janus of the Romans, where there
were two faces, a face on either side; one face is the face of
this young maiden and on the other side is the face of great
wisdom. Not exactly a crone, but certainly an older woman
who had gained much experience and wisdom in her many,
many experiences, revelations, understandings as Mother
The Roman god Janus

Her knowledge has grown, the same as everyone's

knowledge has grown. She didn't come into existence with
all that she holds now in her soul. She wasn't exactly a white
slate so to speak, an empty chalkboard. There was a great
deal of knowledge, a great deal of understanding because
that is how she came into existence. But she witnessed the
evolution, the expansion, the understanding of the many
long ages of Brahma, and what had been accomplished in
each age of Brahma; and she saw all that this age of Brahma
held in its expanse, in its going forth, and she kept that all
within her heart. That is what belongs to that side, that face
so to speak, of the crone.

And then what is on the other side, the side of the maiden;
she is the young maiden, full of enthusiasm as this beautiful
being, because it is something new, it is something
exquisite, it is something novel. It is the first time that this is
happening among the human race, and in that first time
there is this breath of youth, this expectation, this looking
forward, anticipation of the joy that will be contained in the
human frame. The human body is so different from the
spiritual body.

The human body holds all of the elements of emotions,

emotions far expanding those that are held on the spiritual
plane. It is the body where all knowledge can be ascertained,
can be stored, can be evaluated. It is the human body that
offers opportunities that will take a very long time to come
forth in spirit. This truly is bringing down Heaven upon Earth,
and it is the human physical frame, the human body that
allows Heaven, this energy of love to be brought down into
the denser levels of Earth and the other planets, other
places in the entire cosmos that can only be interacted with
the physical form. That is why there is this youth and vitality
of that part of Mother God that expresses herself as the
maiden; the maiden full of hope, full of love, full of the
blessings that only she can give forth in the form of the
divine feminine. And it is that expression of this love, this
ability that comes forth in the physical human frame, in the
energies, in the exquisite reflection of the divine feminine.

For too long, humanity has understood the warrior path, the
masculine warrior path that can obliterate all elements of
their enemies. But it is the love of the divine feminine that
melts the heart of all obstacles that can be held between two
individuals; and it is that, it is that that comes forth in
rejuvenation. It is a completely new picture of perfection on
so many levels that the Earth has not seen; and it is the
moment where the youthful figure of the Mother God
bringing forth, shining through the face of the maiden, an
expectation and awaiting the joy of this new life. And so it is.

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Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser

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