Whale s Wonder.

Allah¶s sign is ubiquitous. Traces of His unity manifested in every creation. Those who do scrutinize them will inevitably fell into a trancelike atmosphere, where inexplicable spiritual pleasant overwhelms. He didn¶t leave these tell-tale clues out of mere whim. For nothing he did is purposeless. They help us to trail straight to Him with the guidance of iman and true µilm.He has indicated this in his Last Testament, the Holy Quran. It was mentioned in surah Ad-Dukhan44 : 38,39 ; We created not the heavens and the earth and all between them merely in (idle) sport. We create them not except for just ends, but most of them do not understand. As the medical students, we have acquainted a lot already. AlhumdoliLlah. Being in the state of knowing, we are expected to apply them in our daily life, to be in His grace in the afterlife. This is the purpose of doing anything. Our Technology. Now, let us impose a bit of our understanding to comprehend upon one of his creations. To make things clear, we should cast a cursory glance to a machine so titanic and powerful, a silent sea spy dubbedthe submarine. This machine has been developed for quite sometime. Different countries like Russia, the United States etc have ventured great pains of innovating different features of submarine with higher capacity, exceedingly powerful thrust even with powerful missile activator. No matter how high tech they might be and apart from the huge cost of upgrading them, the basic principle of a submarine functional mechanism remains the same ( at least to this moment ) ± The Archimedes Principle availed by the production of several ballistic tanks. So, the first person who create such a system was surely intelligent, and the one who discovers the principle itself was even more genius, weren¶t they? I don¶t know if there is anyone of you would take an exception to this. But what if I say unto you that there is another person who has published and successfully integrated both the principle and the functional mechanism all at once? What is your response if the creation itself has been wandering in the world thousands of years ago, without failing even once? ³Splendid! Amazingly impressive! Unbelievable! «and on and on«´ Well Whale. The person I mean is the Supreme Creator himself, Allah the Most Pure and High. His creations bode who He really is. ( You should also use this way of argument when confronted by an atheist. Ask them the question ³ Who is the best person to describe to you of an object never seen before?´ Once they¶ve got the right answer that the person is the creator, the producer or the manufacturer, bring forth points from the

And verily in cattle (too) will you find an instructive sign« Indeed the whale itself is not a cattle. But. sex determination by men. There are many different species of whales namely Killer. He said in surah An-Nahl16 : 66.Quran describing the various scientific proves of human origin. When finish. higher saturation and they effectively increase the whale¶s total body weight for a specific period. the TAG. ( Oh man. they did survive! But how? During deep diving. one third of it comprises of storage oil. Nevertheless. The whale¶s body temperature increases back that the congealed TAG started to dissociate back. inshaAllah). Eventually they dive to a level deep in the sea where they wait for colonies of squids pass them by. they have no choice but to swim lower down for a very long distance with increasing pressure constantly pushing them upwards. If they fail. they¶ll never survive. Allah has indicated this fact that in his creations. pollination. we have discovered that the Sperm Whale feed on squids found in deep part of the ocean.lowering their body temperature. we can obviously see the same principle working here. Blue and many more. It is better to put a constraint on our focus to a single species ± the Sperm Whale. Humpback. Lower temperature = Oil freezes to fat = Increased density It is also amazing to realize that the TAG found in there was so specifically manufactured with certain number of double bonds and kinks along with certain length of the molecules. It does work many a time. the TAG has been transmuted to a fat-like substance( at their freezing point ). They have different feeding habits that surprisingly fit their anatomical features. quite far from the whale¶s common bound in the tropical sea level. Firstly. Orca. Whales are mammals thriving in oceans. 90% of its head is occupied by the TAG itself called Spermaceti Oil. Thus from a mere light oil solution. Sperm. These properties assisted them to help them dive up to a . we can discern that this beyond-thought µaccessory¶ is not the result of any random to-do evolution. Let¶s use some knowledge on Biochemistry. The squids roam at the depth of 1000 meters to 3000 meters below the surface. This in turn leads to the crystallization of the many TAG molecules inside their heads. against all odds. Definitely we know that fats are of higher density. moonlight is a reflected light etc. We shall see shortly how this feature helps them to survive without failure. there are lessons embedded in them. the whale¶s physiological system was triggered . Most importantly. the same but opposite physiological changes take effect. Only then they resurface. To be exact. this is growing exciting! ) Spermaceti Oil. From the many tons of this Sperm Whale¶s weight. So in order for the whale to have their diet.

suitable depth. besides Allah. This is none other than Allah¶s mighty creation. They also causes the whale to remain in the deep without much energy expenditure. you call. if they all meet together for the purpose« Fasubhanallah. Who put such a miracle in them? Did the whale themselves go into the MPG 1 in level 11 and learn from Dr. Nik Normato produce such TAG? Is this the product of a random evolution for a billion of years? Or is it the power of the anecdotal µmother nature¶? Emphatically NO. Translated out of His Wisdom. He said in Surah An-Nahl16 : 17. SubhanaLlah. O men! Here is a parable set forth! Listen to it! Those on whom. Is the He who creates like one that creates not? Will you not receive admonition. A perfect combination of anatomical and biochemistry adaptation. He challenged us further in Surah Al-Hajj 22 : 73. summa subhanallah. . no one can do such a thing. In a book inspired fourteen hundred years before when systematic scientific exploration still hasn¶t seen the light of the world. In fact. cannot create (even) a fly. He challenged mankind if anyone tried to refute this. How do you know it¶s from Him? The answer has been mentioned before ± He is the first one to say that in everything is a sign trailing back to Him.

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