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Try a Speechwriter

Fast, imaginative writers who can

help you get a message across

Words are powerful. Speechwriters understand words.

They understand how they win votes, sway investors or transform a
lifeless text into a lively one.

Speechwriters don’t believe in unscripted communication. If you’ve ever watched someone wing it on a Zoom
call, you’ll understand why.

Speechwriting is niche. The characters who thrive doing it have to be creative, literary and political. They learn to
be confident and independent. They’re at ease with top people.

For the past ten years the UK Speechwriters’ Guild has brought together speechwriters from around the world
at their conferences and events.

Those of us who now run our own businesses have teamed up as ‘Fellows’ to promote our services to senior
partners, chief executives and others seeking to influence public life.

What we offer

We offer a broad range of skills: developing corporate messages and narratives, keynote speechwriting, Zoom

scripting, ghostwriting, op-ed writing, Twitter campaigns, Facebook/Linkedin posts, company reports, white

papers, editing of reports, speeches and presentations and tone of voice guidelines.

How does it work?

If you would like to discuss hiring one of our fellows, get in touch with our secretary, Brian Jenner. You can

negotiate the fees and payment terms with the fellow directly.
The Fellows
David Vigar first wrote speeches for Paddy Ashdown, since then he’s
written for business leaders at BT, BP, AstraZeneca, Clifford Chance and
other organisations.

Sarah O’Reilly started as a journalist working for France’s top

entertainment website before moving into crisis communications. She
has written for senior executives at Prudential plc, Eni, The Crown Estate,
The Royal Society of Chemistry and Heathrow Airport.

Matt Greenough wrote everything from academic lectures to tweets

about football for the former First Minister of Wales.

Jess Shepherd has written speeches for education and business leaders.
Previously, she was the Guardian’s Education Correspondent and also
worked for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Andrew Palmer made the business case for Scotland to remain as part
of the UK in the Scottish Referendum campaign. He also wrote speeches
whilst at the CBI.

The Secretary
Brian Jenner is the founder of the UK Speechwriters’ Guild and the
European Speechwriter Network.

The UK Speechwriters’ Guild works to communicate the value of

speechwriters to leaders in industry, commerce and politics.

Email: Tel: +44 (0)7545 232980