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zz Introduction 1
zz Aries (Mésh) 5
zz Taurus (Vīrśh) 15
zz Gemini (Mithūn) 24
zz Cancer (Kārk) 33
zz Leo (Sīmhā) 43
zz Virgo (Kanyā) 52
zz Libra (Tūlā) 61
zz Scorpio (Virīśchīk) 70
zz Sagittarius (Dhānū) 78
zz Capricorn (Makar) 86
zz Aquarius (Kūmbh) 93
zz Pisces (Meén) 102


T he effects of twelve Signs (Rāśis) and Planets
have been described in various classical books of
Astrology. In this small booklet, we have provided
the general pattern of Zodiac Signs during the year
2021. This pattern is based on the transition of
planets, its daśā and effects on that particular Rāśi
at that point of time. Zodiac signs concur special
effects, its portable nature will help the natives
born under these sun signs to understand the zodiac
characteristics and the impact of these planetary
movement on these sun-signs.
The zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts
and each part containing thirty degrees of space
called the signs of the Zodiac. Thus, a sign is one
twelfth division of the zodiac circle and is deemed
as containing 30 degrees of celestial longitude.

Horoscope 2021

Twelve signs each measuring 30 degrees constitute

the circle of the Zodiac or 360 degrees. In this
circle, the planets travel on their own orbits, one
beyond the other orbit.
The twelve signs of the Zodiac are Aries, Taurus,
Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio,
Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. These
twelve signs through which the planets transit from
west to east, going through one sign after another
in their order from Aries to Pisces. Each sign
possesses a specific influence. The planets, also as
they travel around the Zodiac exert an influence,
according to their separate nature and position in
the Zodiac.
According to modern Astrology although there
are twelve heavenly bodies viz., Sun, Moon, Mars,
Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rāhu, Kétū,
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto; Indian Astrology


recognizes only the first nine planets. Each sign

of the Zodiac is owned by a special planet that is
deemed as its ‘ruler’ of that sign. The Sun and Moon
rule one sign each viz. Leo and Cancer respectively
while Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn
rule two signs each. There is controversy about
Rāhu and Kétū ruling some signs but the fact is
that they being shadowed planets do not own any
signs but cast their influence, according to signs
in which they are placed, or lords of those signs,
or according to planets influencing them by aspect
or conjunction. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio,
Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, Jupiter rules
Sagittarius and Pisces, Venus rules Taurus and
Libra; and Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius.
Having a general awareness about the
characteristics of the different Zodiac signs can
give one an advantage on their relations with
people around the self (Native). Astrological traits

Horoscope 2021

of every zodiac sign are different from each sign, if

one understands the way their personalities are, can
makes it easier to understand why people do the
things they do. Information about zodiac signs is
very useful for the understanding of relationships.
Every male or female of certain zodiac signs have
different ways of connecting with their partner and
hence affect relationships on which the basis of
many things are dependent.

Aries (Mésh)

Aries (Mésh)

March 21 – April 20

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Ram; 1st sign;

Rules 1st house; Ruling planet Aries; Governs the
head and brain; Forest Quadruped; Priśtodāya;

Horoscope 2021

Movable; Odd; Dwāra Rāśi; Mineral; Fierce

Male; East; Red Head; Night; Goat; Kśhātriya;


A ries natives have the skills to improve their

quality and positive aspects in the year of 2021,
which will bring them to close to an extraordinary
level of promotion this year. Boldness, courage
and conduct are associated with the planet Mars.

Aries natives have the support of Uranus in

developing their creative and original thinking.
Saturn helps with property issues, Jupiter is
assisting in everything associated with family,

Aries (Mésh)

parents, home, real estate businesses, love, children.

Neptune can offer mental peace.
Aries are Spontaneous, daring, active,
courageous and believe in action, they are fast
learners and optimized people. The year 2021 going
to be a very good year for the Ariens. A perfect
time to learn anything new, a hobby or improve
your skills. Suddenly you will feel free from all the
restrictions and limitations in your life.

Generally, Ariens are ambitious and determined

towards their goals. All these traits shape the
personality of an Aries person. The year 2021 will
bring real joy in Ariens as your energy level will
be at its peak. This year will overshadow all your
previous bad memories and hence lead to make
new decisions freely. A favourable year to get
support from your dearest one. Be ready to take
advantage of the year 2021.

Horoscope 2021

Love Life

P lanet Venus will make you more attractive and

will highlight its physical and spiritual qualities.
Overall, 2021 is an exciting year, but with few
delicate moments, which are going to get solved
in the second part of the year. Mésh Jataka can
see the possibility of change in your love life this
year. If you are single, this is a good time to start
looking for a new partner. Will get opportunities
to visit new places. The prospects of meeting new
people are seen more in the year 2021. If you are
not happy with any of your relationships, then time
is good to go for final decision.
But the stars are slightly not favourable to your
love life. So, 2021 may be little low-spirited. Things
remain the same, when you feel that everything

Aries (Mésh)

has stalled, wait a bit, all will be alright. After that,

things will start running fine. On the contrary, take
this as an opportunity, think and redefine your
love life and family relations. Putting good efforts
will move you towards success, your relations
with friends and family may change. For married
people, looking for real happiness, may get good
news of adding a new family member this year.
You are a hopeful person by nature, so listen to the
voice of your inner soul.

Income Prospects
Saturn in transit in the house of money found
through legacies, gifts, etc., this year is not going
to be that easy. The business is facing some
difficulties and there is a lot of work to be done

Horoscope 2021

to get it going. Even in the favourable domains,

where others make a lot of money, you will still be
facing difficulties during 2021.

Aries native’s best performance can be seen

throughout the year 2021. You will be recognized
only when you have full control and ownership
mindset. People who are contributor and part of
team may not that lucky in 2021. you may not get
any credit, no matter how many efforts you have
made, no matter how efficient you are in your
work. It’s very important for the Aries natives to
maintain a personal relationship with the seniors
and colleagues in this year. The people of the Aries
sun signs can work efficiently and well in tough
environments. As the year 2020 was stressful, but
in this year, you shall contain yourself calm, be
effective, as this may help you to get the recognition
which you deserve.

Aries (Mésh)

Home Economy forecast

The year 2020 was not the best period financially,
the same would have impacted the financial
resources as well. But due to favourable stars,
things will be in favour, you may recover your last
year’s damages first, rest all will be smooth and in
line from the mid of the year.

Health forecast
The year 2021 may be a little experimental for
the Aries zodiac. You might have excited to be
experimental, while it is very good for your mental
being as well as physical strength. You may active,

Horoscope 2021

energetic with fresh new hope. You may adopt

some good habits of looking healthy life with new
spirit ahead.
Also, it important that you must adopt good
eating habits to prevent dietary issues in 2021. We
can see common issues for Aries jatakas is lack of
sleep with general fatigue.

Monthly Horoscope
Let’s have a look on all the months
zz January - 2021: January may bring an interest
in spiritual awakening for the Aries natives.
zz February - 2021: Overall a creative month.
Ariens may have a chance to showcase their
zz March - 2021: A perfect time to restore broken
ties and relations.
zz April - 2021: A good month again, especially

Aries (Mésh)

for love and career. This time will let you decide
on what course of action you can take to adopt
important decisions for future wellbeing.
zz May - 2021: Your walk may not be smooth, there
may some obstacles on your way, be careful in
your actions and reactions.
zz June - 2021: June will be full of love and warmth.
You will be blessed with inner happiness which
you can share with your loved ones.
zz July - 2021: July is the month when you finally
executing your long pending dream of going
away from this routine work, a favorite long
spiritual trip can be seen this month.
zz August - 2021: A slow and quite month, where
you may in deep thoughts. Securing your inner
strength for a big change ahead. Its good, do not
be in panic.
zz September - 2021: You may move towards

Horoscope 2021

spiritualism, life may become little less stressful

and calm. Best time to rejuvenate self for a
bigger stroke in the year 2021.
zz October - 2021: Your earlier efforts towards
your love life may give good results in this
month. Maintain good relations ahead.
zz November - 2021: Regular communication with
your loved ones and colleagues, may find some
good results in terms of special attention from
friends and relatives.
zz December - 2021: A pleasant surprise by
meeting new good people. Do not ignore new
opportunities by meeting few good people.

This year, be a little honest towards yourself and pay
attention to your hobbies, especially inner voice.
Think twice making a new move. Possibilities of
new opportunities in this year, be with right people
in the year 2021.

Taurus (Vīrśh)

Taurus (Vīrśh)

20 April – 20 May

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Bull; 2nd sign;

Rules 2nd house; Ruling planet Venus; Governs
Neck and Throat. Meadows; Wetlands; Quadruped;

Horoscope 2021

Priśtodāya; Fixed; Even; BāhyaRāśi; Vaisya;


Venus governs the Taurus and Libra signs, and
the 2nd and the 7th house where planet Venus
represents the subconscious desire to unite and the
will to cooperate with others. Astrologically, while
Uranus remains in your signs, will generate a strong
desire for independence, freedom, optimism, work
strength and a lot of impulsivity.
The year 2021 is an excellent time for Taurians.
There may be some old typical issues may stick
this year too, but do not worry, these issues will not
give great impact. The year 2021 will clear your
old worries by ending some old burdens, you will
forget those aspects and will start a new life. Taurus
natives have some good and bad traits which define

Taurus (Vīrśh)

their strong personality. Their optimistic approach

and basic instinct may give good result in this year.
Taurus Jataka’s stars showing that they feel
more confident in the year 2021. Their confidence
will help them to make good moves ahead towards
many different aspects of their life. You will be
motivated and confident to solve any issue in your
life which is being going on for the last many
years. 2021 is a good time to clean the bad past
in the good present to make way towards a better
future. If you want to make an impact, you need to
be patient, a little social and courageous this year.

Love Life
Year 2021 love life predicts an uneven and bumpy
road. Taurus will have a lot of work to do in order
to win the trust of their partner. Nothing is an easy

Horoscope 2021

as it seems. The good news is that your family

will be positive in every plan of yours. In 2021, an
excellent compatibility will occur with the Libra,
Pisces and Cancer natives.
2020 was a stressful year for you, but I can see
some strong possibilities of going well in 2021.
But on the other hand, if your romantic life was
a little blurred in 2020 then do not keep any hope
for the good in this year too. On the other way if
things are going well for you then let it keep going
in the flow, don’t make extra efforts, be cool, any
extraordinary efforts for the big change will not
work. Nothing new is going to happen in your love
life. Try your best to maintain it.

Income Prospects
Year 2021 holds great possibilities towards career
advancement by native’s natural talent and skill

Taurus (Vīrśh)

set. The year holds great possibilities in career

advancement provided, one should not get bogged
down with an inferiority complex. If you feel stuck
in your current place, not getting good opportunities
to show your inner talent, this is the best time to
change. Keep searching for better opportunities
while performing your tasks.

Home Economy Forecast

Your efforts will help exiting from debts, you will
have enough opportunities and cash flow for all
your expenses and essential items. Good time to
invest for the future.

Horoscope 2021

Health forecast
The Year 2021 will bring you more energy than
ever before. You will be more health conscious
with super energy. Good time to adopt a healthy
lifestyle, stars are favoring you to change for the
good. Being energetic will lead you a healthy life
for coming years.

Monthly Horoscope

Let’s have a look on all the months

zz January - 2021: A month when you will need
to go slow so that you do not incur losses. Stars
are helping you.

Taurus (Vīrśh)

zz February - 2021: A positive time. You will be

able to think clearly about what you want.
zz March - 2021: A month full of happiness and
zz April - 2021: A favorable month for new
business ventures. A positive income flow will
zz May - 2021: A favorable time for travel, plan
your vacations in this month. Possibilities to go
abroad on a business trip.
zz June - 2021: Do not involve yourself in many
activities, this will lead to frustration, wastage
of time and energy.
zz July - 2021: Best time to get results towards
your past efforts.
zz August - 2021: This is the time when you will
need to take important decisions that can change
your future.

Horoscope 2021

zz September - 2021: Month with full of

enthusiasm, good time to make future plans.
zz October - 2021: There is a period when you
will feel that your earlier efforts will generate
some good results. There are less possibilities
for good results. The initiative and effort you
put in, will be taking its own time to control the
situations as planned.
zz November - 2021: Many complicated issues
will crop up and you know it how to deal with
zz December - 2021: Finances can trouble you. A
busy month.

Saturn, will deal for a long time with the financial
aspect of the Taurus life, especially regarding
businesses, investments, loans, money recoveries,

Taurus (Vīrśh)

inheritances, marital assets, and partitions, as well

as bank and financial institutions interactions. Year
2021 can be amazing! It can change your life. Stars
are in helping position only then if your decisions
are not in haste. Good time to take strong decisions
of leaving your old bad habits.

Horoscope 2021

Gemini (Mithūn)

21 May – 20 June

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Twins; 3rd sign;

Rules 3rd house; Ũbhāyodaya; Common; Odd;
Gārbha; Human Rāśi; Fierce Male; West; Green;
Village; Neck; Night; Shūdra; Vāyu-tatwā.

Gemini (Mithūn)

Year 2021 is going to be a remarkable year for
Gemini People, especially for those with an interest
and inclination towards sports or artistic domain.
They get over any eventual failures or bad days
with no difficulties and they do everything with
happiness while always thinking of the future.
The year 2021 is likely to be very fruitful
and strong for Gemini people, especially in
relationships. The best strategy for them is to take
a quick focus decision. The delayed approach may
lose the opportunities.
The year 2021 will be smooth and delightful
for people with Gemini horoscope. Though
stability in the larger portions of life is predicted,
some important factors of your life are changing

Horoscope 2021

shapes. Many good things or variations will come

instinctively. You can improve things, as per your
need, through real hard work and consistency,
steady efforts will surely pay. If you want to make
your year more exciting, then you must inculcate a
dedicated interest in your daily activities.
Most people with The Gemini zodiac have
an enthusiastic personality. They are bubbly and
happy people who are adept at making idealistic
and affectionate relationships. Also, it is rare for the
people in their circle who dislike Gemini natives.
People who are in touch with Gemini Jataka, never
face much disappointment from them.

Love Life
Between March and June, Gemini’s are going to
have a hectic time by having their sentimental

Gemini (Mithūn)

mindset. Indecisiveness and reckless attitude can

lead to more disappointment.

Your love life will take the centre stage this

year. Gemini Jatakas are much better in making
a long-term commitment to the relationship. You
will enjoy the fruits of family life during this year.
Best time to find a good match with a serious

You will do better to find out what your partner

wants from a relationship and you would do well
to pay attention to the needs of your partner.

Income Prospects
From the beginning of the new year, Geminis will
increase their chances of earning more money.

Horoscope 2021

Saturn will help you to organize your budget

otherwise, you might encounter issues starting
from April until September 2021.
Year 2021 is good for professionals, success is
on your way while being too busy. A slight effort on
the work front will provide awards throughout the
year. Who are into business, can stressful at times
along with profit, and people who are into creative
fields like cinema and research, will be busy and
booked with good assignments all the year.

The year 2021 has room for creative thinkers in

almost every work. A slightly different approach at
work will pay you and as already mentioned that
the year 2021 will contain excellent energy and

Gemini (Mithūn)

Home Economy Forecast

There is nothing to worry about the home budget
in the year 2021 as the cash flow will be steady but
spending beyond limit may dent your budget. This
is the best time for future savings.

Health Forecaste
Health is directly involved in the astral chart of the
Gemini in 2021, through the presence of Venus, a
planet responsible for the immune system of the
body, but also for the skin, hair, nails, joints, and
teeth’s health.

Horoscope 2021

Your energy level will be different this year. You

may be a bit lazy, inactivity with full of lethargy
can cause health issues. The digestive system
may slow down. Retrograde planet is one of the
reasons for sudden health problems. This year try to
have a good routine, good exercise and a balanced

Monthly Horoscope
Let’s have a look at all the months
zz January - 2021: An excellent time for Aries
people to start a new venture.
zz February - 2021: Good energy flow with slight
hastiness, it’s important to be easygoing as you
must compensate for the previous year, whether
it is in relationships or any business loss.
zz March - 2021: A perfect time for students who
are in higher education.

Gemini (Mithūn)

zz April - 2021: Social activities surrounding you

are good for you, get involved. You will benefit
in the future.
zz May - 2021: The beginning of this month will
be very good, but by the end your pace may be
slow and dull.
zz June - 2021: Best time, you may spend your

good energy for some social cause.

zz July - 2021: A slow month, you may feel like
life has stopped or slow down. However, this is
the time when you must make your strategy to
make things easier.
zz August - 2021: There will be a positive start to
the New Year. You will have more energy and a
firm faith in moral values.
zz September - 2021: Some obstacles may block
you moving smooth in life, do not worry, things
will be alright.

Horoscope 2021

zz October - 2021: A sensitive month, need to

relax, comfort may boost your inner strength.
zz November - 2021: Do not make major decisions
in haste. If it is necessary, then execute your
zz December - 2021: Another good month,
especially for love life and career. Best month,
you will act strongly for bigger and important

In the year 2021 you will take care of your family
and loved ones despite having other tasks. Helping
others will give you pleasure. In conclusion, 2021
is a busy year from a professional point of view.
Although you might have doubts regarding your
ability to deal with challenges, the stars are offering
you opportunities to successfully overcome them.

Cancer (Kārk)

Cancer (Kārk)

21 June – 22 July

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Crab; 4th sign;

Rules 4th house; Governs breasts and Stomach.
Chasm with water channel watery, Priśtodāya;
Movable; Even; Dwāra Rāśi; Mineral; Soft female;

Horoscope 2021

North; Heart; Night; White; Brāhmīn (ब्राह्मण);

Jala-Tatwa (जल-तत्वा); Watery animals; Smithy
work; Insanity; Windy disease; Tastelessness.

For Cancer natives, the year 2021 will be a year
of thrill and excitement. You will feel more
enthusiastic than ever. You will be open to change
and will try out newer things.
Cancer natives will find that year 2021 will
be smooth sailing in any venture. The tasks they
undertake will be easier to do in this year as
compared to earlier times. Cancer natives will feel
more energetic all the time.
Stars of year 2021 will give you realistic
opportunities with high confidence. Cancer natives

Cancer (Kārk)

are creative and imaginative and live in a world of

their own. For them it is sometimes difficult to be
realistic while facing the world. In 2021, persons
born under this sign will remain productive while
being more imaginative and creative. This year
will also be a time for steady growth in life.

Love Life
The year 2021 will be an interesting as well as
full of emotional year for Cancer natives in their
relationship. They must listen to their instincts
when taking important decisions.
Any long pending enmity or an old hunt for a
life partner. All will be settled for Cancer natives
in 2021. Reconciliation is possible, one must try.
Cancer natives will be having smooth love life this
year, your partner will be very helpful, some more

Horoscope 2021

trust needed towards your partner during this year.

The most compatible zodiac signs with the Cancer
native in love relationships are: Taurus, Virgo,
Scorpio, and Pisces. Cancer, the most sensitive
sign of all zodiac, desires love, family and stability.
And they can get all these from the same water
Cancer natives should be extra cautious,
situation may occur being trapped in love affairs.
Do not play with loved ones, casual approach can
be dicey this year. Be serious this year else you
may pay for it. Year 2021 stars will provide them
a greater confidence to make the decision to be
apart from the person who is making you ill being
having a dogged nature and stubbornness.
Your final decision of letting them go will make
you with ease this year. Also, some of you may
get a long-awaited hope for a child, 2021 can be a
lucky year for you.

Cancer (Kārk)

Income Prospects
As the year 2021 is a good year for Cancer
natives, you will start something new and will get
success in that. It is recommended to maintain a
good relationship with co-workers during March
and April. You may likely to get bored with your
current job. It can also be a hint of career change.
Before you make any decision, try to find a job of
your choice which fits well with your skills.
There is no point in leaving one boring job for
another. The Full Moon that occurs on May 18, will
bring you new ideas of making money. Now, most
of them have excellent business ideas, but not the
necessary funding to put these ideas into practice.
Therefore, they will need to look for financial

Horoscope 2021

Home Economy Forecast

The first half of the year will come with unexpected
spending. This could lead to a small financial crisis,
but things will get better in time. It is possible for
you to inherit a substantial amount of money or
a house. If you are working hard for the last few
years, then you are likely to get almost everything
from your profession in the year 2021. This
year you will have more money than usual. You
will have enough cash to pay off your debts and
save for the future. This is a great year for financial

Health Forecast
You will feel healthier in every aspect, physically,

Cancer (Kārk)

mentally and emotionally. You will spend more

time with your relatives, friends and family. The
year 2021 will give you a substantial amount of
hope, fresh energy at every level. The work done at
the ground level will bear fruit. All-encompassing,
Cancer natives will get more balance in their life
during the year 2021.

Physically, no major affections seem to affect

Cancer natives in the year 2021, nor worsening
of any preexisting conditions. However, do not
neglect the treatment in case it is prescribed or in
case you suffer from a chronic disease.

You will try to simplify your life, to make this

year, more realistic and unruffled, you will be more
focused and ambitious. The year 2021 will give
you the reason to celebrate your daily life with full
of excitement.

Horoscope 2021

Monthly Horoscope
Let’s have a look on all the months
zz January - 2021: Business people should be a
little watchful about their clients, a little more
focused on their goals – for the students, and for
the people who are in a job, make sure to give
your best performance as this is the time when
you will get rewarded.
zz February - 2021: An excellent month to start
new ventures, and social service prospects.
zz March - 2021: A difficult month, uncertainties
in business and in career are to be seen, avoid
taking big decisions.
zz April - 2021: A fortunate month with happiness
with your family, friends and loved ones.
zz May - 2021: A month of change, be ready for
the inevitable to move ahead.

Cancer (Kārk)

zz June - 2021: Think about yourself rather than

others. Start meditation daily, this will help you
zz July - 2021: You will be working on multifarious
plans & activities at the same time.
zz August - 2021: This is a month when you need
to be extra careful with the people you meet.
zz September - 2021: When everything works
in your favor. But do not indulge yourself
zz October - 2021: This is not the right time to
take a stand against the issues that are bothering
you already.
zz November - 2021: Good month to develop new
skills, chances of getting a better job.
zz December - 2021: It is important to have
keen observation or else we can also say that
precaution is better than cure. This month is

Horoscope 2021

a period when you need to be careful what is

happening around you.

The year 2021, will be full of thrill and emotions
in your love life, money will be stable, at the
workplace or in business front you will get good
results. Worries of past years find their solution
itself in 2021 where your existing stress will fade
away in the year 2021.

Leo (Sīmhā)

Leo (Sīmhā)

23 July – 22 August

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Lion; 5th

sign; Governs 5th house; Governs heart and
back. Mountain; Quadruped Śhirodāya; Fixed;
Odd; Bāhya Rāśi; Vegetable; Fierce Male; East;

Horoscope 2021

Stomach; Day; East; Lion; Kśhātriya (छत्रिय);

Tẽjo-tātwa (तेजों-तत्वा).

Overall, 2021 is a good year for you. Leo natives
communicate calm and tactful way to avoid issues.
Financially they will stay stronger and will earn
more from various sources of income. For people
born under Leo sign, the year 2021 is a year full
of great possibilities and to realize one’s potential.
You will be able to clear every Misconception
about you from other’s mind.
The year 2021 will be full of new energy for
people born under Leo sign. You will feel more
energetic this year and will be more direct in your
approach, the same may help you to progress faster.

Leo (Sīmhā)

However, carefulness is important as being candid

in the race to move forward, rough move might
offend someone close to you. It will be important
for you to have a down-to-earth approach with
people you hobnob.
Like the other signs, Leo natives also have
some negative traits beside many glorious traits.
Leo natives are honest with friends and are free
thinkers with lots of creativity, however, they tend
to go alone at times that can make them unpopular
among their friends and co-workers.

Love Life
Love life of Leo natives is imperious and
demonstrative, they like happy and optimistic
people, they just like them, but they will always
get close to serious, intelligent and unconventional

Horoscope 2021

Love life was a bit boring in 2020 but this year

your romantic life will be more serious. Jupiter, the
planet of luck and evolution remains in the house
of love until the middle of the year, stimulating
the courage and the personal charm. However, this
does not mean that you will be happy only in a
physical relationship, but happier in a romantic
relationship while being extremely emotional. Try
to avoid any argument with your partner otherwise
you may have to regret.
Planning to get married in 2021. Leo natives are
likely to face some hindrance in their marriage. So,
have patience and maintain friendly relations, clear
every misunderstanding with would-be partners.
Make a good strategy, try to avoid conflicts. For
married people, must spend good time with your
partners to maintain a strong bond between you

Leo (Sīmhā)

Income Prospects
Support of Saturn in 2021. Saturn is a master of
strategy and control and offers you the strength
of character, realism, maturity, and tenacity. Leos
have precious qualities to finalize any activity
In the year 2021, you may increase your efforts
towards your routine work than usual, take it happily
this time too, you will surely be recognized. It will
be icing on the cake if you match your hobbies
with the work you are doing. 2021 will keep you
busy and happy. Opportunities will not stop even if
your usual speed slows down. You will get special
assignments along with team, Seniors will be more
helpful than ever. Any kind of old misconception
towards you will go away.

Horoscope 2021

Home Economy Forecast

This year, you might face some difficulties in
managing finances, however there are also galore
opportunities to earn well. Do not lose sight of your
objectives. You also stand a chance to have a much
better hold on your business this year. Overall, a
good year for financial matters.

Health Forecast
Time to have more self-restraint. Leo natives can
get rid of negative energy surrounding you that
often haunts you. Do some self-assessment, try
to leave all your bad habits. Overall good time to
recover your health.

Leo (Sīmhā)

Monthly Horoscope
Let’s have a look on all the months
zz January - 2021: An excellent month for building
professional and personal relationships.
zz February - 2021: Visible improvements in
finance and money-related matters.
zz March - 2021: A good month for inner peace
and growth, be self-motivated by doing some
meditation, you will surely gain new energy
which is necessary to achieve your upcoming
zz April - 2021: A month that will put you into
questions and confusion, do not worry too
much, just keep yourself working.
zz May - 2021: A good time for introspection where
accommodation of future is also there.
zz June - 2021: Possibilities of change in job.

Horoscope 2021

For those who are in business, there are new

zz July - 2021: Some old issues will affect your
mind. A state of mindful anxiety can arise.
Don’t be disappointed, a little sadness may
occur, engage yourself in some creative thing
for some time.
zz August - 2021: A good month to rejuvenate and
find your purpose in life.
zz September - 2021: A favourable month to
achieve something good in your profession.
zz October - 2021: Time to move forward with
team-work and taking everyone into confidence,
especially at the workplace.
zz November - 2021: There will be a slow start in
November, simply ignore, there are many good
possibilities are on your way ahead.
zz December - 2021: Go for a task that you are
certain of fulfilling.

Leo (Sīmhā)

In the year 2021, there are opportunities for change.
However, you are the one who can incorporate
these changes as per your way into your life. If
you do not try to grab them, you may lose good
opportunities. We can talk about starting a business,
but initiated with more responsibility by Leo,
about changing some partners and finding some
ingenious solutions, relocations or even radical
changes of the workplace.

Horoscope 2021

Virgo (Kanyā)

23 August – 22 September

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Virgin; 6th sign;

Rules 6th house; Governs bowels; Town land full
of water and corn, first: half biped, Śhirodāya;

Virgo (Kanyā)

Common; Even, Gārbhaand Human Rāśi; Soft

female; South; Variegated; Colors; Waist; Day;
Maiden; Vaisya; Prithvi-Tatwa (पृथ्वी-तत्वा).

The year 2021 will open a world of opportunities
for Virgo natives, however, this possibility will
only be fruitful if a person born under this sign
is content and at peace. If such a native’s lack
focus or is lost in trivial family matters, then these
possibilities will be cropped. You must maintain a
positive attitude all throughout 2021 for the year to
be full of success and satisfaction.

The year 2021 can change you in many ways.

This includes your outlook towards life, social
life, love life, money related issues and personality

Horoscope 2021

too. However, success will only come through

if you try in the right earnest and in the right

Capricorn natives are very ambitious and have

loads of patience. They have their own way to battle
difficult situations or sad, many a times, using wit
and humour effectively to do so. There is nothing
that is out of your reach this year.

Love Life
The year 2021 will bring stability in love life, also
they will be able to reconcile their breakups. 2021
will bring more intimacy with your partners, a great
time in which you can strengthen your relationship
by discussing your unsolved disagreements.

Virgo (Kanyā)

Circumstantial issues may occur between the

partners, possibilities of change in love life. Do not
stick with the issues, move ahead if not happy, go
and accept the change else avoid the situation. We
can see some subtle changes which are inevitable
in the year 2021.

Unmarried natives, this year is the best time to

work on your romantic skills. Also, a charming
attitude and a pleasant temperament may make
you more comfortable in the relationship.

It’s important for Virgos to strengthen their

bond with family and friends in 2021. The past
year was a bit tense and hence being rash by mood
will harm you. Be controlled, start taking care of
small things, this will help bring big change in
Love life.

Horoscope 2021

Income Prospects
For Virgo natives this is the best time in their career
as they will get appreciation from co-workers and
seniors at the workplace. Also, there is a possibility
that you will have a proper work profile from this
year and will get recognition. Those in business
will be benefited from old contacts. You also stand
a better chance to have long-term contracts.

Home Economy Forecast

In the year 2021, you will prefer to focus more on
savings. Expenses will be lesser; you start making
a budget. The year 2020 was not very good, but

Virgo (Kanyā)

this year you are expected to take better care of

your finances. Stars are in favourable conditions;
money flow will be smooth. This coincidence of
loving money is an advantage for Virgo natives.
So, do not forget to invest.

Health Forecast
This is an aspect where Virgo natives need to be
cautious this year. Those who have been advised
for surgery or any other medical advice, then this
is the right time to go for it. Try to make exercise
a part of your regimen. However, do not overtly
brood over health issues unnecessarily. Health will
be generally good this year except some urinary
problems during the last month of the year. Skin
problems during this year may not be ruled out.

Horoscope 2021

Sagittarius natives must give attention to your

health otherwise you may suffer. Headache, joints
pain and indigestion might affect your performance
at work front. Your energy levels likely to go down
affecting your work and lack of sleep. Be careful
while driving, as chances of meeting an accident
are high.

Monthly Horoscope
Let’s have a look on all the months
zz January - 2021: It will be an inspiring month,
and you will have the energy to do the most
difficult tasks.
zz February - 2021: Family support can be seen
this month. Expense may occur in terms of study
or skill-set improvement during this month.
zz March - 2021: Month will help those who are
really putting their best efforts. Stop thinking
about bad decisions, move ahead.

Virgo (Kanyā)

zz April - 2021: An excellent time that needs your

attention. Focus your energy and move forward.
zz May - 2021: Ignore minor details of future
issues, concentrate on making complete plan,
the favourable time.
zz June - 2021: Life will not be under your control,
but nothing bad will happen. Life may give you
some surprises in this month.
zz July - 2021: You may accelerate your efforts at
your workplace. Currently, its better you control
your action on experimental thoughts. Mental
balance is extremely important in any situation
for an individual progress.
zz August - 2021: You will be working on
multifarious plans & activities at the same time.
zz September - 2021: The possibilities of getting
money from unexpected sources.

Horoscope 2021

zz October - 2021: Stressful and hectic month for

Virgo natives, especially professional upheaval.
A little difficult time may come, be alert, any
wrong decision will lead you to irritation.
zz November - 2021: A full of energy may flow
in this month, need to channelize it positively.
Good time, you can do wonders.
zz December - 2021: A good time for students who
are in higher education.

As always, you will try to improve yourself this
year too. The Virgo horoscope for the year 2021
predicts that this year too will give you another
good opportunity to create a better future. Practical
approach with a tendency of being a perfectionist,
you are extremely loyal and stable too.

Libra (Tūlā)

Libra (Tūlā)

23 September – 22 October

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The balance; 7th

sign; Rules 7th house; Governs reins and kidneys.
House of Vaisya; First half biped; Śhirodāya;
Movable, Odd, Dwāra Rāśi, Mineral; Fierce

Horoscope 2021

Male; West; Dark Color; Day; Weighing; Balance;

Shūdra; Vāyu-tatwā (वायु-तत्वा); Human Rāśi; Trade

Always avoid a fervent state of mind, especially
in love when confused. In case of any issue, reach
out to someone you trust, discuss and then decide
on the best common ground. With the Earth signs
(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) they can feel safe, but
they can get bored very quickly and the water signs
(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are puzzles with them
(because of the heavy emotions).
The year 2021 is likely to be more stable for
the Librans, long pending things, hindrances
or weakened work approach will come to on
track towards normal. The year 2020 was full

Libra (Tūlā)

of deviations, the result of which you met with

hitches, worries and non-performing self-esteem
throughout the year. But 2021 will bring your life
in peace. 2020 was a tough time, one cannot stay
focused and perform to their best ability during
the hard times. In this contrast, 2021 is likely to
remain quiet and stable. This seems to be the best
time when you can work out your life in relaxing
No matter, how good the time is, you must
evaluate every move and try to make every situation
and circumstances favourable. You must put good
efforts towards every new move, don’t be afraid,
you will surely get success, Good Luck!
Librans are kind and sociable by nature, they
care for others. They are keen to upsurge and
always think of their progress. They are strong-
will people, in any tough situation, they do not hold
back, but work hard to face it. Therefore, this year

Horoscope 2021

will be good for librarians to get results according

to their dreams and can make positive significant
changes in their life in this year.

Love Life
According to the zodiac, 2021 is aiming to be a
year full of peace and quiet from an emotional and
familial point of view. There may be some issues in
your romantic life during this year. To avoid serious
relationship issues, don’t be fussy and avoid tough
situations. Also, do not be doubtful, do not flare
your false ego and stubbornness. Any argument
will lead you to unfavourable circumstances. There
are some possibilities of a temporary attraction
towards someone. Welded couples and the people
with long-term relationships will enjoy moments
of stability, harmony, and compassion.

Libra (Tūlā)

There are possibilities of bluff, blackmail and

bad name by some stranger during some temporary
attraction or affair. So, be careful, do not make any
commitment in any situation. To maintain good
relations with family and friends, be flexible and
helpful in any situation.
Despite doing so much, you may disagree with
your friends and family. Don’t worry, ignore such
small obstacles, these are teething issues. Only the
dysfunctional or inconsistent relationships will
dissolve, leaving space for new ones with value
and meaning.

Income Prospects
Your life will work the same as last year, but with
some minor changes. And these changes are for

Horoscope 2021

the good. The efforts made in the last year will

have an effect in this year. The time has come
to get recognized in this year 2021. You can see
things more clearly and be able to focus better in
general. Your natural skills are likely to shine this
year. Once Uranus enters the Taurus in August,
new opportunities will appear, whether to hold a
position they aspired over the years or to find a job

Note: The results of the hard work done in the

year 2020 is sure to be achieved in this year, do not
be disappointed.

Home Economy Forecast

It is important to keep an eye on your budget in
the year 2021. You will have enough money to pay

Libra (Tūlā)

your bills as well as some extra money to save for

the future.

Health Forecast
Try to get regular exercise, eat a balanced diet so
that you can stay as healthy as possible. Health
management is very important for Librans in this
year. As more energy flow is seen during 2021. So,
this needs to be consumed in the right direction.
Remember last year shortfalls! You will recover
every loss of 2020. Staying healthy is also important
to take absolute correct decisions.

Monthly Horoscope
Let’s have a look on all the months
zz January - 2021: Possibilities of travel and
financial strength can be seen this month.

Horoscope 2021

zz February - 2021: Mental peace will be your

priority during this month. You will enjoy
helping others.
zz March - 2021: Do not take decisions in haste
as this could lead to several complications. Be
cautious while making new choices.
zz April - 2021: April is the best time to use your
energy in creative ideas.
zz May - 2021: You will be busy socially this
month. Strong possibility of finding a suitable
life partner.
zz June - 2021: A time when you should think

twice before taking the plunge.

zz July - 2021: You will socialize extensively in this
month. Be careful about your health physically
and mentally as you have put in much effort
towards it earlier.
zz August - 2021: You are a sensible and stagnant
person, but this month may go with hasty

Libra (Tūlā)

decisions. Do not be impulsive, don’t go against

your nature.
zz September - 2021: Take a plunge in whatever
you have planned after careful assessment of
your strengths. Start believing in you.
zz October - 2021: Spend time with your loved
ones, the right time when you feel the power of
connection with your family.
zz November - 2021: Could face health issues. Take
precautions to save yourself from infections.
zz December - 2021: December will be a peaceful
month. Good time to back in strength.

The overall Year 2021 promises to be a great year
except for minor issues which is an unavoidable
part of life. This is a year when you must avoid at
any cost stress because it can end up affecting their

Horoscope 2021

Scorpio (Virīśchīk)

23 October – 21 November

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Scorpion; 8th

sign; Rules 8th house; Governs the secret parts.Hole
or Cavity, Reptile or Centipede; Śhirodāya; Fixed,
even, Bāhya Rāśi; Vegetable, Soft female; North;

Scorpio (Virīśchīk)

Brown; Well sex organs; Day, Scorpion; Brāhmīn

(ब्राह्मण); Jala-Tatwa (जल-तत्वा).

Scorpio natives need a little self-reflection on
how to make themselves better, how to make their
relationships stronger and what efforts should be
made for improvement. Your way of handling
people always pleasant and make you happy.

A fresh start for Scorpions in this year. In the

year 2021 try to make your life more organized and
disciplined. Try to focus on a few things instead
of many. Also, try something new if you feel that
life is going slow. We suggest, to go beyond those
things which you like, do not compromise doing
the things which are not in interest. The year 2021

Horoscope 2021

is yours, so do and accept those assignments in

which you are confident to get awesome results.

Love Life
A stable love life is on the charts for most Scorpions
whether they are married or are in a serious
relationship. In the past years, the people of Aries
have faced a lot of problems in love life, but this
year things will be better for you and your partner.
As mentioned above that your love life will be
better, but this doesn’t mean that you will take your
partner for granted. No matter how romantic you
are, you will be emotional always towards your
partner. No senseless talk, you always think twice
before you speak anything while arguing or in
excitement otherwise you may face incur suffering.
Try to avoid impulsiveness, this will fetch trouble.

Scorpio (Virīśchīk)

Despite some small ups and downs in the in love

life. Married life will be an extremely steady.
In past years, there were some small adjustment
issues in their married life, but this time it will
be intact. Relationships will be stable on the
condition of commitment and refraining from
impulsive actions towards their partners. There
are possibilities for those struggling for a good
match might get married in this year 2021. Being
impulsive will get you in trouble.

There are absolute strong chances of dating for

single people. In the year 2021, you may can get
intimate trips with their peers. During this time,
the people of Scorpio are advised to stay calm and
avoid any kind of fervent situation. It is important to
find your family’s needs and expectations from
you. ‘2021’ is a very important year for relationships

Horoscope 2021

but all will depend on your temperament and


Income Prospects
In the year 2021 of Virīśchīk Jataka, astrology
predicts that you will make more progress in this
year. You will do more work than usual this year and
as the year progresses, you will be able to become
more successful. Scorpions internal energy will
bring progress if used in a right way. Try to avoid
silly mistakes as you did in 2020. We can see gains
in 2021.

Home Economy Forecast

Money flow will be good; you will have enough

Scorpio (Virīśchīk)

money for all the requirements. You will save some

money in 2021.

Health Forecast
You can get rid of negative energy surrounding you
that often haunts you. Do some self-assessment.
Some bad habits are easy to give-up, but this is a
good time to get rid of them and start afresh. This
is also a time to have more self-restraint.

Monthly Horoscope
Let’s have a look on all the months
zz January - 2021: Do not involve yourself in any
complicated matter or any injured project. If no
choice, then be careful in every step.
zz February - 2021: Need to be careful about your

Horoscope 2021

zz March - 2021: Overall a creative month. You

will have a chance to showcase your talents.
zz April - 2021: This month will be filled with new
opportunities; all will go in your favour.
zz May - 2021: Are you looking for a good match,
try it now! Possibilities of meeting a good life
zz June - 2021: Best month, you are quite happy
and calm, a good mental health. You will be
able to make important decisions quickly.
zz July - 2021: An average month when things will

move at a normal pace.

zz August - 2021: There will be a month of love
and romance, you are likely to find your partner
easily, think twice before entering a new
zz September - 2021: Do not go for shortcuts when
you can work hard to obtain the desired results.

Scorpio (Virīśchīk)

zz October - 2021: Be cautious in this month, do

not take decisions in haste. Think twice before
taking any important decisions.
zz November - 2021: You might have to face
tough circumstances. However, perseverance
will help you in achieving the desired results.
Keep your balance.
zz December - 2021: Right time to bring your idea to


Overall a good year for Scorpions wherein they will
make giant strides in career and get the recognition
they crave for. Good time to fall in love and mend
existing relationships.

Horoscope 2021

Sagittarius (Dhānū)

22 November – 21 December

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Archer; 9th

sign; Rules 9th house; Governs the thighs. King’s
residence; First half biped; Latter half quadruped;
Priśtodāya; Common; Odd; Gārbha Rāśi; Fierce

Sagittarius (Dhānū)

male; East; Brown color; Forest; Garden; Thighs;

Night; Arrow; Tẽjo-tātwa (तेजों-तत्वा).

Be a keen observer, watch your life closely. There
will be significant changes in the life of Sagittarius
(Dhānū) natives. There are many important moves
are on your way in the year of 2021, Learn from
every move. Also, you will be able to overcome
from every long pending issue during this year.
As mentioned above that Year 2021 is for
the change for Dhānū natives. So, be with keen
observation, you must keep an eye and watch
the events closely related to your daily routine.
By doing this, you will be able to make the right
decisions. After some time, you will get to know
the hidden talent inside you along with the capacity

Horoscope 2021

of favouring the upcoming situations. Having far-

sight will be an added advantage.
Natives of Sagittarius zodiac sign are slightly
weak by emotions. Most of the Sagittarius natives
depends on their mood. They are good when in
cordial relations or in love, they are intelligent,
sharp and imaginative but some time become
stubborn. Generally, they are vigilant about
what they do, and they are not fond of sudden
change. However, the year 2021 is for substantial

Love Life – Sagittarius 2021

In the year 2021, your love life will move in the same
direction as it was last year, although there will be
some changes. Love life of Sagittarius natives will
be emotional in year 2021, even for novice lovers.
If you are already in any relationship, you will

Sagittarius (Dhānū)

be more inclined to have a romantic and soulful

union. Scorpions who are single and looking for a
life partner will get such opportunities to find their
partners, but it will not be too easy during this year.
In the very beginning of year 2021 there will
be fast moving events in your life. So, it can be
difficult to spend good time with family and friends.
Singles, who are in search for their life partners
will face some difficulties. There will be confuse
state of mind to finalise a life partner.

Income Prospects
In the year 2021, you will focus more on your work
than ever before. While you may have to deal with
some annoying incidents which can be a part of
dirty politics. You will be energetic at work; you
may easily handle every situation at the workplace.

Horoscope 2021

More work awaits you. It’s important to have good

relations with your colleagues and seniors, this
will help you in the future. Ensure that you will not
make any protest at the workplace.

Home Economy Forecast

Some money matters can trouble you and can go
out of hand, leading to unnecessary worries. Pisces
natives should tighten the lid on trivial expenses
this year.

Health Forecast
A fine year for staying healthy. Certain health issues
might occur towards the end of 2021. You will

Sagittarius (Dhānū)

need to work smart and organized to eliminate all

the unproductive aspects and stages, so you don’t
get exhausted unnecessarily. Emotionally, you will
be in a positive loop. There will be changes in the
way you manifest your personality and your self-

Monthly Horoscope
Let’s have a look on all the months
zz January - 2021: You will be suspicious of
everything around you, but eventually will
come out of it.
zz February - 2021: Right time for marriage and
love affair.
zz March - 2021: Do not loose heart on small
issues. Focus on bigger things of your life.
zz April - 2021: Nothing will be certain this month,
confusion will arise.
zz May - 2021: This is a good time to go back to
the issues that you have left unfinished.

Horoscope 2021

zz June - 2021: A favourable time for business and

new relationships.
zz July - 2021: A good time to develop a better
relationship with your family.
zz August - 2021: A favourable month when you
are enjoying your life. Mental wellbeing is
important, a best month to be relaxed mentally.
zz September - 2021: Long-term overexertion
can cause a physical and mental breakdown,
leading, in time, to the aggravation of the
neurotic affections.
zz October - 2021: It will be an emotional month
for you, a little depression may occur. Daily
introspection on your good deeds will be
zz November - 2021: An ideal month to spend with
friends and family.
zz December - 2021: During the month of June
you need to be serious, keeping your cool and

Sagittarius (Dhānū)

be patient. A slightly difficult time but this too

will pass.

Your dominant planet is Jupiter. God of light and
celestial phenomena. Professionally, the year 2021
is rather neutral for those born in Sagittarius sign.
It announces no special events in your life, but
a significant change is there. 2021 is going to be
a promising year in terms of best associations.
The year 2021 promotes teamwork, union and
cooperation. You will enlarge your relationship
circle. Also, you will meet influential people and
make strong allies with them.

Horoscope 2021

Capricorn (Makar)

22 December – 19 January

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Goat; 10th sign;

Rules 10th House; Governs Knees and Skin. Water
abounding forest; Latter half watery animals;

Capricorn (Makar)

First half quadruped; Priśtodāya; Movable; Even;

Dwāra Rāśi; Mineral; Soft female, South; Mixed
colors; Lifeless river; Knees; Night; Crocodile;
Vaisya; Prithvi-Tatwa (पृथ्वी-तत्वा).

The year 2021 will be full of strength and enthusiasm
for Capricorn natives.

This year is about Capricorns personal progress

which is good news for almost every native. You
are likely to have more energy to work with. Your
creative energy will be at its peak. But it is unlikely
to affect your sense of realism. This is a great year to
work on personal goals and dreams. The Capricorn
zodiac sign is full of ambitious people who are

Horoscope 2021

ready to face any challenge which takes them to

get ahead in their lives. Capricorns are generous
people, and do not hold back from sharing. Most
of the natives in this zodiac sign are creative, fun
loving and exciting by nature. They know about
the fact that hard work pays. Their efforts give
them every success in life.

Love Life
You are likely to find harmony within your romantic
relationships. You will feel more romantic. A
wonderful year for the Capricorn natives. 2021
will give good opportunities to find a better life
partner. The possibilities are there to get involved
in a romantic way with a friend too.

Capricorn (Makar)

Income Prospects
This year will enable you to complete your
unfinished business. You will need to develop a
cooperative attitude at workplace with co-workers
and to take work more seriously. You will need
to show more professionalism and control your
outbursts at the workplace as this can be damaging
to your career.

When it comes to the financial situation, the year
2021 will be a quite comfortable for the Scorpions.
So, do not forget to invest at the right time. But be

Horoscope 2021

sure to pay all your debts before that. In addition,

try to get your money back from people with
whom you have lent money in the past. Chances of
getting good results in home finance during the
year 2021.

Great energy in year 2021. So, make sure that you
will keep using it in a right direction.

Monthly Horoscope
Let’s have a look on all the months
zz January - 2021: A busy month, the planetary
powers of your horoscope will try to pull you in
different directions for the betterment.

Capricorn (Makar)

zz February - 2021: You will be more sensitive to

what other people say. Do not get easily hurt by
zz March - 2021: This is the right time to do what
you have decided. Do not delay.
zz April - 2021: Higher education, new job or a
new skill; this will be a good month to achieve
all these.
zz May - 2021: After the hiccups and blockages,
some old issues can take a turn, take a little
more caution.
zz June - 2021: This month is a little tricky, it can
lead to some bad habits. You need to remain
alert or else, everything can go wrong.
zz July - 2021: There is a time when everything
will be in your favour. But this does not mean
that you start flying, stay on the ground or else
there may be issues.
zz August - 2021: You are a nice hearted person;
this month you will be able to help needy.

Horoscope 2021

zz September - 2021: An excellent month for

students. They will get financial approvals
zz October - 2021: An auspicious month to start
new works. Perfect time to work on plans made
zz November - 2021: Perfect time to beat enemies
with a good competition.
zz December - 2021: A month when you can help

others for real happiness.

A good year for Capricorns provided they keep
their unnecessary doubts with them. Need to show
restraint at workplace and be frugal. Better to make
a self-assessment before arriving at any decision.
Overall a great year.

Aquarius (Kūmbh)

Aquarius (Kūmbh)

20 January – 18 February

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The water-bearer;

11th sign; Ruler of 11th House; Governs eyes; Blood
and Ankles; ruling planet Saturn but also ruled by
Uranus! Potters place; Śhirodāya bipeds; Fixed;

Horoscope 2021

Odd; BāhyaRāśi; Vegetable; Fierce male; West;

Tank and Pond pot; Śhūdra (शूद्र); Vāyu-tatwā

Generally, people of Aquarius zodiac are known to
be very practical, but in the year 2021, they may
take some very impulsive decision. Move slow,
think twice before taking any big any move.
Aquarius natives must try to improve their personal
life. Stars are in a favouring position but need
If we talk about Aquarius natives as all-inclusive,
these people tend to be a little more concerned and
have a sharper mind. Being a perfectionist, their
intelligence reflects. Our research says that there
will be good luck in the year 2021.

Aquarius (Kūmbh)

Love Life
A wonderful year for singles, for their
social and mental well-being, also any long-
awaited relationship or affair will reach to its

Whether you are unmarried or married, this year

will give you unbound happiness on the family
front, and it will also add a new member to your
family. You will also get invitations to social and
professional functions and would be invited from
high social circle.

However, you should guard against a lurking

inferiority complex, that is due to you being a
sensitive person. This low confidence could be
detrimental in your progress.

Horoscope 2021

Income Prospects
Besides having stability in love-life, career too will
be more stable in 2021. Bygones are bygones, 2021
is a whole new start. With time, your graph will
be started moving upward. Do not relax too much
as hard work will play a significant role towards

At the beginning of 2021, Capricorns will start

getting reassuring results of their previous efforts,
this is the turning point, a great motivation by 2021!
Capricorn will start feeling more productive in their
profession, business or job. Good news, spring is
not far; you will start getting good opportunities by
the time.

Aquarius (Kūmbh)

The beauty of 2021 is that you can dream of

fulfilling your suppressed wishes. The year 2021
will make you eligible (fortunate) to get your
preferred job role and achieve desired business
targets. There will be impactful changes and their
success will be on the recent changes you have
made. More importantly, try to be friendly with
your colleagues and superiors, take them in your
confidence, it is the right time, it will help you in
moving forward.

Income Forecast
Money is important for everyone, but here in 2021
the money matters are trivial for Aquarians this year.
They will have enough money to pay their bills,
meet any expenses. Important is that they need to

Horoscope 2021

restrain from borrowing money. Once borrowed,

the expected basic source of money may drop.

Health Forecast
In 2021, you have all the chances to enjoy an
excellent physical shape, at least in the first six
and half months of the year. You can now take
full advantage of the effects of any therapy. This
transition can also bring a slight risk of gaining
weight, precisely because it is a sign characterized
by a surplus of positive energy.
As in the past years, Pluto transits the 12th
house. This transit determines to feel subconscious
mind, the need of intense or weird experiences,
mostly lived in solitude. Towards the end of July
and December, native’s vitality will be a bit lower

Aquarius (Kūmbh)

with no health issues. Therefore, beginning and

end will be super energetic, midyear will be low
in energy.

Monthly Predictions
Let’s have a look on all the months.
zz January - 2021: This may turn out into an
inspiring month. However, try to be focused on
work and do not let situations get out of hand.
zz February - 2021: An excellent period to get
zz March - 2021: Try to listen to the voice of your
inner consciousness. If successful, unexpected
results will be on your Life journey.
zz April - 2021: A favourable month, Excellent
energy with passion.
zz May - 2021: A month of significant changes.
zz June - 2021: When you need to go slow in life.

Horoscope 2021

zz July - 2021: Overall, December will be a good

month where Aquarians will have chances of
getting help from others and similarly they will
also feel good in helping others.
zz August - 2021: An energetic month when you
would like to do something new and innovative.
zz September - 2021: A favorable month when
you will enter in relationships.
zz October - 2021: Month will come with good
mood and new things. Overall a lucky month.
zz November - 2021: You should be careful in
taking decisions in a rush. Be cautious in moving
zz December - 2021: The year 2021 is the
month of progress, keep moving with the right

Aquarius (Kūmbh)

The astrological influences predict a quiet and
relaxing year for the Aquarius natives. Mars,
Saturn and Uranus are going to defuse the tensions
from your life, result giving you more freedom.
The year 2021 allows you to ripe what you saw,
after a year of efforts and perseverance.
The horoscope 2021 announces unexpected
events, but these are unable to shake the calm
atmosphere that rules your life.

Horoscope 2021

Pisces (Meén)

19 February – 20 March

Year 2021

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Fish; 12th Sign;

Rules 12th house; Governs the feet; Ruling planet
Jupiter but also ruled by Neptune. Watery place;
Sea watery animals; Ũbhāyodaya; Common,

Pisces (Meén)

Even, Gārbhaand Human Rāśi; Soft female;

Blue; Feet; Night; Fish; Brahmin; Jala-Tatwa
(जल-तत्वा); Watery diseases such as Ascetic

Year 2021 is going to be good for Pisces natives
in many ways. Finally, Saturn is leaving the 8th
house, this means Money-yoga. Natives can pay
their debts, can make good investments etc.
The year 2021 calls for time to relax, enjoy your
beautiful life as human and rejuvenate yourself.
Your life will be moving upward and there seems
to be the possibility of some miracle moment in
2021. Things are going to be pretty good. The long
wait for marriage will be over.

Your life will become smooth in Year 2021,

Horoscope 2021

things will be moving super cool with less

responsibilities. There will be more time to work on
hobbies. Also, a great year to think about yourself
and focus on relationship.
Pisces natives like to keep a balance in their
life. And they do not want complex people in
their life. The people of Libra are forward-
looking as well as intuitive where experience is
the major positive factor in them. They want to
maintain their livelihood properly by staying cool
within themselves. They do not want to harm any

Love Life
Pisces natives are the most favoured by the stars
in 2021 among the zodiac signs. Now, these
evaluations are continuing with an increased
intensity, starting from August 11, when Jupiter

Pisces (Meén)

enters the house of partnerships and marriage.

You might want to restructure your social life
during March to May as Saturn and Pluto are
going to enter in a retrograde motion. A warm
conversation or the chance to restart a relationship
with someone makes the beginning of June very
special and optimistic for you. Its possible that you
find your soulmate as the Jupiter in transit through
the house of marriage.

Income Prospectus
In terms of money, 2021 is going to be a very good
year. You can increase your wealth and invest in
real estate, maybe even buy their dream house, if
they haven’t done so yet.
A tough competition at work-place. You may
face challenges during the year. It is not necessary

Horoscope 2021

that you directly fight with anyone but compete.

However, if you want to move forward in the
year 2021, you will need to work harder and
will be more confident than your colleagues. If
you do not accept challenges, it will be difficult
to achieve anything. But if you accept, only good
things will come. Creating personal goals at work
and motivating yourself will be always good for
Year with full of adventure and obstacles,
every issue will end without giving any deep
impact. Stars are favouring Pieces natives. So,
be tactful while handling any issue at the
workplace. Do not be unrealistic and having casual
2021 is going to be adventuring with many
obstacles, all issues will end soon. The relationships
with your bosses and your colleagues might be
more problematic and must be treated skillfully
and casually.

Pisces (Meén)

Home Economy Forecast

In terms of money, 2021 is going to be a very good
year. You can increase your wealth and invest in
real estate, maybe even buy their dream house, if
they haven’t done so yet.
Liquid cash will not be a problem in the year
2021. You will have enough money to spend, and
a little extra to spend on comfort. Do not think too
much about finances. Just try to keep a balanced
approach to spend wisely.

Health Forecast
In 2021, you are one of the spoiled signs of the

Horoscope 2021

zodiac in terms of health. Jupiter in the house of

health has a positive influence on the functioning
of their organism and their mental state.
You will have more energy than before. In such
a situation you do not need to know what to do.
Exercising along with your friends, making new
activity plans will be the best way to use this energy.
Being physically active will prove to be effective
and will keep you healthy and fit for the rest of
the year. Gaining weight is the only risk which is
shown in the astral aspect.

Monthly Predictions
zz January - 2021: A busy month. Neptune
in his own house gets an additional force
and emphasizes your natural capacities like
sensibility, imagination and altruism.
zz February - 2021: The month will bring a slight
slowdown. Try to raise your bar against odds.
zz March - 2021: This is a month where others

Pisces (Meén)

need your love, attention and support. Whatever

you do next will be rooted in the actions you
undertake now.
zz April - 2021: Good month to make strategies,
organize your thoughts so that when the time
comes, there will be no delay in action.
zz May - 2021: When both your mind and body
becomes calm, only then you will be able to
prepare yourself.
zz June - 2021: It’s a great time for you to spend
time with your loved ones.
zz July - 2021: The best time to enjoy work, friends,
family and relatives etc.
zz August - 2021: You have to grab those
opportunities quickly, which will knock on your
zz September - 2021: Do not take any major

Horoscope 2021

zz October - 2021: The right time to plan for the

future. This is a good month to think about new
zz November - 2021: With the end of health-
related problems, the good news of new business
opportunities will also start coming.
zz December - 2021: This month may bring
hurdles with slight confusion in various aspects
of your life. However, this is okay as its life’s
nature and without these experiences we can’t
be innovative etc.

The year 2021 is a time for self-realisation for
the Pisces natives. Staying calm and tactful at the
workplace will be the best strategy. There are no
major obstacles, but the stars will be in a helping
way, the same will encourage you in the Year 2021.