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New Holland High-Capacity Multifunctional

Grape and Olive Harvester

For over 30 years, New Holland grape harvesters have been marked with the sign of excellence in all the world’s vineyards.
Excellence that relies on Braud technology and on a capacity for constant innovation: swinging harvesting heads, the Noria
conveying system, the SDC shaking systems, great comfort cabs, etc., so many innovations, patented and honoured time
and again by juries of professionals and users. These unrivalled innovations have led to the uncontested leadership of
New Holland grape harvesters throughout the world.
Specialising in large vines with abundant vegetation, the new VX is the worthy successor to this spirit of innovation
and excellence. Again, harvesting quality and multifunction were at the heart of its design: new shaker system with flexible
rear attachments and new quick shaking rod engagement (for vines), possibility of adjusting SDC shaker system using
a New Holland destemmer - separator control mechanism.
The new patented system for quick harvesting head uncoupling and quick attachments coupling, along with a new boom
for all the front attachments, are revolutionising existing standards. If you add to this all the competence of the New Holland
dealer network, their teams’ continued training in all the latest technologies, as well as the availability of our original parts
and all the possibilities of tailor-made financing offered by CNH Capital, it is clear that the new New Holland VX high-capacity
multifunctional grape harvester constitutes, by far, the leader in its market.


The new planting method for olive trees, termed “super intensive” (1,250 trees/ha and upwards), combined
with growth and production control techniques, enables olive harvesting to be successfully mechanised.
This new technique, which fully respects fruits and plants and enables quick harvesting, represents
a major asset in the production process for very high quality oil with low acid content.
In order to perform this work, the new VX7090 grape harvester may be fitted with a kit especially designed
for olive harvesting. To this is also added the high versatility of the harvester, which can be used all year
round for all vineyard work.

The new VX high-capacity grape harvester helps to increase the lead
of Braud technology in terms of innovation, harvesting quality, comfort,
capacity and multifunction.

Exclusive and patented Destemmer - Separator

New multifunction
A revolutionary and patented design, completely
The new harvester has been designed
devoted to the quality of the harvest.
for use throughout the year, from pre-
pruning to grape harvesting. In order
to achieve this, a new patented system
to couple and uncouple the harvesting
head and a new front boom, to be fitted
with attachments, have been developed.

New engines
All conform to the “Tier III”
standard; New Holland’s
new engine offers the VX7090
all the power necessary for
every condition of use.

New Anti-Skid hydrostatic transmission

The new hydrostatic transmission with which the
new machine is fitted provides the advantages of New shaking system: three times
substantial torque rise, optimised transmission Gold medal winner
with a new high-capacity hydrostatic pump The new patented and several times
and increased manoeuvrability. award-winning (Gold medal Sitevi 1988
and 2003, Eima 2003) shaking system
guarantees perfect grape harvesting
and total respect for vegetation.
New great comfort cab New multifunctional lever
Instrument panel, controls, optimal visibility Integrated into the seat armrest, the new
and integral protection were all designed multifunctional lever is truly an “all-in-one”
in order to optimise work quality and control, enabling the setting of all the machines’
productivity of the operator. functions, both multifunction and harvesting.

New programming system and cruise control

With this unique system for grape harvesters, the
chosen cruise speed can be maintained on any terrain.

High-capacity baskets
The basket system that has revolutionised
the mechanisation of grape harvesting,
and remains without equal, has been
redesigned: new profile, new mounting
and new capacity.

New conveyors
The conveyors have been redesigned
for quick and easy maintenance.

Quick shaking rod engagement:

two times Gold medal winner in 2003
Shaker system electro-hydraulic adjustment This new, patented system, Gold medal winner at Sitevi 2003
With the VX, the SDC shaking system is width and Eima 2003, allows the immediate activation or deactivation
adjustable thanks to an electro-hydraulic of each shaker. This means you are able to easily and quickly
control mechanism. This system makes it adjust shaking according to the fruit-bearing zone. This
possible to adjust the width of the shaking innovation represents a tremendous improvement in harvesting
system to all thicknesses of vegetation. quality, as well as in terms of time gain and work comfort.

Harvesters designed for multifunction, using Braud technology,

for use throughout the year
Avant-garde technology and innovations are at the heart of the design
of this new high-capacity harvester. The objective: to allow grape
growers to use it throughout the year, from pre-pruning to grape
harvesting. That is why New Holland has developed a new, patented
quick harvesting head removal system. This simple and rapid system
allows one person, alone and without tools, to remove the harvesting
head in just 10 minutes. Once the harvesting head has been removed,
the new spraying equipment, co-designed with the Berthoud Company,
can be fitted on the tractor base. This can be done in less than
10 minutes (model with two hoppers). New Holland has also developed
a new boom for all front attachments. Controlled from the multifunction
lever, the boom is adjustable in height and length.

New cab: increased comfort and full control

That is why the new cab in the VX is spacious, clear and offers optimal visibility for all operations,
whilst ensuring efficient protection from the sun’s rays. As standard:
• opening of the back window;
• high-specification seats;
• adjustable steering column;
• suspended, soundproofed, ventilated, pressurised, waterproof, heated and air-conditioned cabs.


Every VX high-capacity multifunctional grape harvester may be

fitted with the SOCMA-patented exclusive licence New Holland
destemmer - separator (available as an option). Attached to the
machine, it constitutes a revolutionary leap in harvesting quality:
• It allows the elimination of impurities mixed in with the crop.
• It performs the immediate separation of all foreign bodies,
thereby avoiding any harmful contact for the crop.

Cruise control: programming and regulation

of forward motion speed
With this system, the operator may programme
and regulate forward motion speed. It comprises
three parts: the multifunctional lever, a valve Gain in quality, gain in productivity
position sensor for extremely precise speed The position of the destemmer - separator allows it to retain total
regulation, and the cruise control function. capacity in the hoppers. Furthermore, its use does not adversely
affect forward motion speed.

New multifunctional lever: “All-in-One” control

Integrated into the armrest, it not only enables the operator to control forward motion
and levelling, but also to activate, control and regulate the harvesting head and the
various operations of the multifunctional tools. As standard eight programs are preset,
but on request it is possible to store up to 23 programs to monitor the various tools.
Control panel: permanent settings display
Located in the right hand cab pillar and very easy to use, the control panel allows the
operator to activate and regulate all the machine’s functions and to check the correct
sequence of all the operations in real time, by way of four permanent displays.
VX7090 specifications Unloading arm 2 Hoppers - Vine 2 Hoppers - Olive/Vine

Vine type Thick and extra-thick vegetation

Multifunctional grape harvester with fast removal ● ● ●
Engine New Holland (*) New Holland (*) New Holland (*)
Engine power ISO TR 14396 [kW/hp(CV)] 129/175 129/175 129/175
Power EEC 88/195 [kW/hp(CV)] 120/163 120/163 120/163
Cylinders/Aspiration 6 Turbo with intercooler 6 Turbo with intercooler 6 Turbo with intercooler
Spécifications de la législation en matière d’émissions Tier III Tier III Tier III
Fuel tank capacity (litres) 260 260 260
Hydrostatic transmission with anti-skid system ● ● ●
Maximum steering angle (degrees) 90 90 90
Front wheel torque limiter ● ● ●
Maximum slope (%) 40 40 40
Maximum lateral slope (%) 30 30 30
Harvesting head ● ● ●
With automatic vine stock guide spacing
Number of shakers (std.) 24 24 24
Flexible shaker fixation (vines) ● ● –
Quick engagement/disengagement and horizontal adjustment
of shaking rods (vines) ● ● –
Shaker system electro-hydraulic adjustment ● ● ●
Sealed length of collection baskets (mm) 2,500 2,500 2,500
Number of collection baskets 2 x 67 2 x 67 2 x 67
Minimum harvesting height (mm) 150 150 150
Upper cleaning fans ● ● ●
Lower cleaning fans ● ● ●
3,200-litre stainless steel hoppers – ● ●
Left hopper 1,600 litres + side unloading arm ● – –
3,200-litre destemmer - separator – O O
Cab ● ● ●
Multifunctional lever ● ● ●
Monitor ● ● ●
Adjustable steering column and seat ● ● ●
Parking brake ● ● ●
Ground clearance (m) 2 to 2.80 2 to 2.80 2.2 to 2.80
Maximum hopper tipping height (m) 2.85 2.85 2.85

New Holland choisit les lubrifiants

Carpet width (arms) (mm) 450 – –
Length of unloading arm (2 options) (mm) 4,200 – 5,200 – –
Maximum unloading height for arm (m) 1.78 to 4.46 – –
Maximum height with cab, harvesting head on the ground (m) 3.63 3.63 3.63
Length with cab (m) 6.54 6.09 6.09
Maximum width of motor (m) 3.13 3.13 3.13
Maximum width with harvesting head fitted (m) 3.22 3.22 3.22
Boom for front attachment O O O
(*) Developed by CNH Engine Corporation ● Standard O Option – Not available

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described here can be subjected to modifications without
any notice by the manufacturer. The drawings and photos
may refer to equipment that is either optional or intended for
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