Managing Activities

Muhammad rahman

Prepared for HND Business Course Leader Dave Corkey 2006

Managing Activities

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Managing Activities

1.0 Abstract
This report will look at the management of activities to achieve results; a case study has been provided based upon a local painting and decorating firm, Drummond Decorating, who have recently won a contract worth £5.5 million pounds from the local authority. As part of this contract Drummond Decorating need to develop their organisation to ensure they meet and exceed customer requirements in particularly from a quality management perspective, improve relationships with all major stakeholders, implement and manage a Health and Safety policy and to ensure that resource allocation to work tasks are effectively co-ordinated. This has been done through providing an Organisational Development Strategy tailored to meet the needs of Drummond Decorating. The report firstly looks at a definition, theory and an example of where organisational development and where it has been adapted successfully. A memorandum has also been drafted to the managing director, Ian Drummond, outlining the importance of building client relationships. This report then focuses upon the organisational development plan for Drummond Decorating.


Customer Service. The group consisted of senior manager’s hand picked from each of their business units. theory practice Prior to the analysis. of Drummond Decorating it is important to define what organisational development is. External Affairs mainly Stakeholder Management and Finance Management. Health and Safety. in government bench marked league tables at the time of the organisational development group formation. Organisation Development has been defined as ‘A generic term which embraces a wide range of intervention strategies which are aimed at the development of individuals.Managing Activities 2. purchasing of new/up-to date technology etc. extra resources. groups and the organisation as a total system’ Mullins (2005) Mid 2003 the Chief Executive Officer of CE-Electric UK. show an example where it has successfully been applied and show how it can achieve results.0 An introduction to organisational development – definition. how would they do. and his executive team made a decision that a number of senior managers from different business units would be removed from their day to duties for a six to nine month period to form an Organisational Development Group. YEDL and NEDL. Contract Management. Electricity Distribution Operational Experience. The Organisational Development Group were instructed to look at each business unit from a ‘Greenfield’ perspective and asked to consider if they were starting a new business. who were positioned 3rd and 7th. why it is important. and subsequent recommendations. 13 businesses in total. would it be the same or would they make changes. this ensured the group had a variety of skills. who should be involved. Mark Horsley. the objectives of the group where to some extent similar to that of Drummond Decorating. The business operates two electricity distribution companies in the UK utilities sector. meaning staff from different units were travelling outside of their normal work locations unnecessarily. One area focused upon was resource allocation within each individual business unit. there were no limitations to their ideas. 4 . in that business area. Human Resource Management and Development. They identified that the individual business units had their own ‘pool’ of staff and were not communicating they work programmes as effectively as they could. money.

both businesses are in the upper quartile. this way the Resource Programming Unit would allocate the closest and most capable employee to the task location to ensure efficiency and minimise travelling time. The problems faced by CE-Electric and subsequent strategies developed by them are to some extend very similar to those of Drummond Decorating. The first strategy was to close the YEDL contact centre and switch all operations to the more successful NEDL centre. This project identified that the performance of one of the companies contact centres was significantly higher than the other and that the company could benefit by being more pro-active and involved with major stakeholder. area’s attracting unwanted media attention or areas generating complaints from MP’s. but they have played a vital part in the success of the business and they have now improved their positions in governmental league tables. These are only two examples where organisational development has been used within Ce-Electric. Ofgem and Customers and then implement a team of elite Customer Ambassadors. 5 One Call Business Solutions . one ambassador would be appointed to each ‘focus zone’ to work with the individual business units within the company to initiate and complete a design scheme to improve the integrity of the infrastructure in the area and more importantly to be pro-active in communicating these schemes to all stakeholders.Managing Activities Outside of the group the Customer Service Director was set a project with the task of improving the relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Local Government Councillors. The Customer Service Director and his management team produced several strategies to improve Stakeholder Management. This unit became responsible for all field and industrial staff and the individual business units would continue to plan their work and ask the Resource Programming Unit for the field staff required to complete the work. The Customer Service strategies have played a fundamental part in the Sunday Times Corporate and Social Responsibility index where the company were placed 7th out of the top 100 organisations in the UK for 2006. The second strategy was to identify area’s affected by numerous unplanned interruptions to electricity supply. major stakeholders being Parish Councillors. MP’s and most importantly customers. The Organisational Development Group produced a strategy plan to implement a Resource Programming Business Unit.

wikipedia.Managing Activities 3. will a follow up be required.0 A Memorandum A memorandum can be defined as ‘A memorandum or memo is a written form of communication most often employed in business environments’ www. 2006) Typical memos should have a structure of To: The intended recipient From: The sender Date: The intended date of distribution Subject: Title or content description The contend of a memo should include Introduction – Explain the purpose or why the memo has been written and what topics will be (4 Nov. if you set a date is that important or significant if so explain why. Body of the memo – discuss the topic in full detail Conclusion – explain the next stage. what will or should happen next. 6 .

Therefore CRM integrates every functional part of a business together.S Business Consultancy External Memorandum To: Mr Ian Drummond. personal interaction. Assist the development of end-to-end business processes to meet the needs and wants of your consumers. letters. optimise sales. work flows. CRM is a corporate level strategy which focuses on creating and maintaining relationships with your customers and suppliers. • • • • Identify what factors are important to customers – what products or services do they want. evaluate and manage potential risks. email etc • From information gained in the operational and collaborative stages you can move on to the Analytical stage and use the data to ensure services are improved. face to face. what do they value. develop future products or services. 7 . marketing strategies and the way that information systems are managed. fax. The use of CRM will help development in the following areas. this ensures customer retention and builds reputation to optimise opportunities for future business. customer service. employee training and development. It would be our recommendation that Drummond Decorating to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. The operational approach to CRM will handle queries and complaints. Every successful organisation have developed and pledged an ongoing commitment to their Customer Relationship Management process. Managing Director Drummond Decorating From: Rob Schindler Date: 4 November 2006 Subject: Developing client relationships. number communication methods. ensuring they are resolved to A collaborative approach will provide effective communication with your customers by using a the satisfaction of the customer and to ensure that the customer is fully supported ‘after the sale’.Managing Activities 3. The development of the relationships with your customers is imperative and key to the ongoing success of your business. polices and procedures.1 A Memorandum to Ian Drummond R. with both potential and existing customers. A successful CRM system governs an organisation from every viewpoint.

8 . The development of such a system for Drummond Decorating would encompass an organisational restructure to ensure that the needs of customer service. attracting a negative reputation through poor publicity can prove to be irreversible or even end the relationship either way this is bad for business. public relations to send out favourable news and ‘damage’ control any negative news and identify trends and needs of customers. internal and external. for example group sessions involving representatives from your painting teams. provide a better and more efficient service. This system would see the appointment of employees at senior management level to ensure that the needs of Drummond Decorating’s clients are met. build relationships and retain valuable customers and contracts whilst maximising profits. A customer liaison function can ensure that working relationships are met with major clients. • • ensuring that employees and customers return home safely at the end of their day. Communication with all stakeholders. work schedule programming. local council’s and your suppliers.Managing Activities • Identify potential problems before they occur. by involving all concerned products and processes can be developed further. effective communication. A good CRM system will ensure that you acquire customers. A smooth running business with robust policies and procedures will ensure safe working practices. prevention . Should you have any queries or concerns at this stage please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 0191 XXXXXXX. health and safety and the development of products can be met and integrated into daily operations efficiently. It is my intention to provide an organisational development strategy tailored to meet your needs.learn from mistakes made. negative can be disastrous. For example to ensure the Health and Safety requirements of the local council are met a safety manager and a safety policy would need to be developed. To be successful we need to ensure that every customer experience at any level is a positive one. through dedicated customer service contacts to resolve any issues that may arise.

Managing Activities Organisational Development Strategy Drummond Painting and Decorating Services October 2006 9 .

7 4.2 4.14 Contents of Organisational Development Strategy Purpose and Scope Introduction Current Organisational Structure Proposed Organisational Structure Rationale for Restructure Health and Safety Legislation Accident Report Form for Drummond Decorating Programme Planning and Resourcing Gantt Chart Pert Chart Quality Management Systems New Product Development Limitations 10 11 11 12 13 14 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 27 10 .5 4.Managing Activities Contents 4.1 4.10 4.12 4.3 4.11 4.8 4.6 4.13 4.9 4.4 4.

maintain. local authorities and the public sector. The business has recently won a new contract. schools and offices.Managing Activities 4.3 Introduction Drummond Decorating currently employs 120 people to provide painting and decorating services to major house builders. The management regularly face operational constraints practically relating to in-efficient planning and poor utilisation of resources. and gain competitive advantage in their market place. with the local authority to paint and decorate all of its housing stock. Competitive Strategy can be defined as ‘A strategy that strongly positions a company against competitors and gives that company the strongest possible strategic advantage’ Law (2005) 4. resulting in wasted time and delayed jobs. Major clients have concerns that current product designs and services are not as contemporary as they could be. The business does not have a Health and Safety policy or risk assessment procudure nor does it have a Quality Management System. The employees feel as if they could contribute more about future product development in terms of knowing what major clients require but they have voiced concerns that there current line management do not act upon their suggestions. 11 . The senior management of the business are aging and reluctant to change their current management styles.5 million.2 Purpose and Scope This document outlines a number of initiatives that can form the basis of a competitive strategy to assist with the organisational development of Drummond Decorating to ensure they improve. worth approximately £5. something that the local authority have demanded and been have been assured would be implemented as part of the contract.

Managing Activities 4.4 Organisational Structure Currently the organisational hierarchy structure is quite narrow and looks to be more focused on the level of production and output. Drummond Decorating need to consider the current management positions. design flair and to encourage stakeholder interaction it would be essential that additional management positions be created. and to build relationships with all stakeholders it is necessary to complete a re-structure of the Drummond Decorating. The organisation should look to change their management structure to include the following directorates. Figure 1. shows the intended management structure for Drummond Decorating 12 . their purpose and their capability. To meet the operational needs of the business. to re-invent the business and achieve their objectives of improving its image. page 13. These additional positions should be of senior management status for several reasons mainly that through using senior management it demonstrates Drummond’s commitment to success and adds value to that functional area. the stipulations in the local authority contract. Operations and Safety Directorate Customer Service Directorate Financial Directorate Human Resources Directorate Marketing Intelligence Directorate These directorates should include several managers to lead a number of internal business units to ensure all corporate level strategies are met.

Ian Drummond Managing Director Operations and Safety Director Financial Director Customer Service Director Human Resources Director Marketing Director Managing Activities 4.5 Figure 1 – Proposed Structure of Drummond Decorating Head of Safety Operations Resources and Programming Manager Customer Service Manager External Affairs Manager Human Resources Manager Finance Manager Purchasing Manager Marketing & Research Manager Sales Manager 13 Resource Programme Coordinator Survey Coordinator .

This section will provide a brief synopsis of each sections roles and responsibilities. This should replace the current role of Bob Todd to ensure that Health and Safety has the support and commitment from a corporate level.6 Rationale for Restructure Before Ian Drummond considers any type of re-structure of his business the report needs to justify its recommendations. The previous two teams each allocated to Bob Todd and Colin 14 . The Resource and Programme Co-ordinator will be responsible for the efficient programming of Drummond Decorating’s work programmes. The assessment will ensure that the painting and decorating teams are provided with a ‘task instruction form’ which identifies what work will be required and what materials are required to complete the work. Resources and Programming Manager This manager will be responsible for the effective utilisation of all resources and work programmes. this saves time once the painting and decorating teams arrive on site and increases the amount of production time. Head of Safety Operations and the Resources and Programming Manager. The Survey Co-ordinator will receive the job request form and be responsible to ensure an onsite assessment is completed.Managing Activities 4. This directorate shall be responsible for two key areas in which Drummond Decorating need to develop health and safety and more efficient co-ordination and planning of work programmes. It will also include a brief synopsis of how each section can contribute to a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) or be customer minded and a Quality Management System (QMS). thus building relationships with all stakeholders. full implementation of the risk assessment procedure and accident reporting procedure. very similar to Bob Todds role of Production Director. They will identify who is the nearest geographical team available and allocate them to the job. This manager will have two co-ordinators to assist with the co-ordination and planning of work programmes. Head of Safety Operations This manager will be responsible for ensuring that Drummond Decorating strictly adhere to Health and Safety Law. and reporting of Health and Safety compliance to the Health and Safety Executive and the Department of Trade and Industry. Operations and Safety Directorate The Operations and Safety Director shall be responsible for two managers.

to arrange a site visit and discuss the situation. CRM & QMS contribution – This business section will ensure that the business meet customers needs by programming work within an acceptable timescale to the needs of Drummonds customers whilst ensuring the safety of all stakeholders.Managing Activities Marshall will be amalgamated into one central team. Customer Service Manager and External Affairs Manager. ISO 9000 is not a total quality system it is a framework to develop quality systems. Customer Service Directorate The Customer Service Director shall be responsible for two areas of the business and two managers. If the company peruse ISO 9000 it allows for future development in other areas. Customer Service Manager The Customer Service Manager shall be responsible for providing a knowledgeable and friendly customer service department where clients have any questions answered. from the department who generated the complaint. deal with complaints and resolve any problems in a timely manner to the satisfaction of that client. Where problems can not be resolved the Customer Service Manager will arrange for a manager. Drummond Decprtating have identified that they require a Quality Manager and the local authority have stipulated in their contract that Drummond should have a quality system. This directorate will be looked at more in depth later in the report where an analysis is provided of how to plan workloads and a report is provided on managing of Health and Safety. ISO 9000 predominately looks at the quality of goods and services the Customer Service Manager will or should be involved as they 15 . The customer service manager should be responsible for this role and implement the quality management system ISO 9000. ISO 14001 is concerned with management of quality towards the environment. They will continuously improve the service quality aiming for zero defects or mistakes. for example • • • ISO 18001 is concerned with management of quality with occupational health and safety. Once the framework is established companies can meet the criteria for certification of a management system in their area. This directorate will help build relationships with Drummonds existing clients to ensure that contracts run smoothly and problems are rectified swiftly. ISO 10002 is concerned with the management of quality in the handling of customer complaints. This ensures that programmes are co-ordinated and teams are not passing each other on route to separate tasks.

This directorate shall focus upon ensuring the business is profitable whilst ensuring each business unit has the expenditure they need to function. ensure monthly invoices are sent to clients and tailored to their needs. CRM & QMS contribution – This business section will ensure that the business meet customer expectations by resolving any complaints. problems or conflict within an acceptable timescale whilst promoting Drummond Decorating in a favourable light and communicating effectively with all stakeholders. The External Affairs department act as an advocate to both internal and external stakeholders and build relationships by keeping these people involved and informed with the current activities of Drummond Decorating and promote better policies and practices. check credit worthiness. External Affairs Manager The External Affairs Manager will be responsible for sending out favourable news about Drummond Decorating to local media or to major stakeholders by providing a company newsletter. 16 . building long term relationships with less but more reliable and high quality suppliers. However they must not compromise quality for cost. Financial Directorate The Finance Director shall be responsible for two areas of the business and managers. this will be for Drummonds existing and potential clients.Managing Activities have knowledge of problems met by customers and should co-ordinate the quality management system throughout the business. This section will also discuss payment terms. Finance and Accounts Manager and Purchasing Manager. Purchasing Manager The Purchasing Manager and their team will be responsible for being pro-active in searching for the best suppliers. whilst finding materials at the right quality for the best possible price. CRM & QMS contribution – This business section will ensure that the business meet customer expectations by providing affordable and flexible methods of payments. They will also be responsible for implementing a framework for a QMS. Finance and Accounts Manager The Finance and Accounts Manager and will be responsible for running a team to ensure that each functional section of the business have enough expenditure to operate efficiently and produce a long term financial plan to determine profitability against expenditure.

what the ‘market average’ salary is to ensure that costs are within market rate. 17 . Marketing and Research Manager The Marketing and Research Manager and their team will be responsible for studying the needs and of customers. competitors and general trends. CRM & QMS contribution – This business section will ensure that all internal and external stakeholders are involved with product and service development.Managing Activities Human Resources Directorate The Human Resources Director and their team will be responsible for all employee relation matters. CRM & QMS contribution – This business section will ensure that the company employee people with the right skill set. This directorate will be responsible for collating information about client needs. evaluate ideas for improvements to existing products and services. have a specialist knowledge of the painting and decorating industry to ensure they provide the customer with the best possible solution that meets their needs. Marketing and Research Manager and the New Contracts Manager. assisting business sections with recruitment to find the right people with the right skills. They will spend time listening to customers and their problems to ensure that products are developed on the basis of market feed back. wants. they will also assist with human resource planning with future development projects. Thus making sure that any suggestions from current employees are acted upon. This will ensure that the contemporary designs that Drummond Decorating currently have are improved to meet client needs. The directorate will also have responsibility for marketing the company in such a way it attracts and finds new clients to ensure continued success. New Contracts Manager The New Contracts Manager will be responsible for marketing the company to attract new clients. Marketing Directorate The Marketing Director shall be responsible for two areas of the business and managers. They will also strive to ensure that all employees are customer orientated. gather and evaluate ideas for new products or services. the development of existing resources and the management of personnel.

Managing Activities 4. part time. casual labour and subcontractors and members of the general public. This includes all employees. These regulations include. including unfenced machinery. atmospheric pollution. The legislations also state that anyone employed by the organisation must be competent.7 Health and Safety Legislation The local authority has stipulated as part of it new contract that Drummond Decorating must implement a Health and Safety system. fully trained. The duties of the employer not only extend to their employees but to everyone affected by the work. inadequate heating and lighting at premises. this including full time. The Health and Safety at Work Act is accompanied by a number of regulations which were introduced as a principal method of implementing the EU directive. It imposes on employers the duty of providing safety training and providing safety equipment and ensuring that employees use it’ Black (2003) Health and safety in the workplace is covered by both UK and European legislation.The Act is designed to protect both workers and the public from hazards arising from health and safety arising from a variety of causes. • • • • • Health and Safety Regulation (DSE) (1992) Manual Handling Regulations (1999) Working at Height Regulations (2005) Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (2002) Control of Noise Regulations (2005) 18 . The Companies Act (1989) stipulates that any organisation or company employing five or more people must provide written relating to health and safety at work. What is the Health and Safety at Work Act? ‘The UK act of parliament laying down standards of health and safety at work…. This section of the report will focus upon legislation set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and the effects it has upon Drummond Decorating. excess noise. These statements must include information of all accidents and occupational diseases suffered by employees and what preventative measures have been taken to prevent or minimise any possible re-occurrences. These legislations aim to provide a safe working system in an environment free from risks and hazards ensuring that all premises and equipment are safe. toxic and explosive substances. provided with proper working instructions and supervised to ensure that the safe working system operates to it full capability.

to provide information on all safety incidents. this should be recorded by the employee for their and the businesses future reference. This impacts on Drummonds activities should the outer of a premise be painted employees would need to be secured to scaffolding or a similar structure with a harness. • Working at Height Regulations (2005) – This regulation states that any employee that works at above 2 metres from ground level would need to be attached to a secure structure through the use of a harness. The implementation of a health and safety policy will demonstrate to the employees and the local authority that the management at Drummonds are committed to and concerned about protecting all stakeholders from risks and hazards. it is recommended that the business implement an incident reporting form to capture all details of incidents that may occur. 19 . This assessment should identify any risks or hazards. The form should be structured as shown on page 20. evaluate them and decide what precautions are required to minimise them. To emphasis the importance of these regulations to Drummonds a brief synopsis of two regulations are provided to highlight the relevance to the company • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) – Regulation 3 of this regulation states that each employee should conduct a risk assessment of the intended working environment before starting work. To ensure that Drummond comply with the Companies Act.Managing Activities • • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998) Both the Act and Regulations both have a important impact on the operations of Drummond Decorating. This regulation will involve Drummonds staff assessing their work areas and recording all risks and measures taken. however the use of a ladder would mean an exemption.

.. …………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………….... ………………………………………………………............ ………………………………………………………..... if no explain why………………………. Date of Event……………Time occurred... ………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………..... Type of treatment ………………………………… detail (Which hospital etc) ………………………………. …………………………………………………………………..... ………………………………………………………..... Please ensure that the Safety Manager is informed verbally at the time of the incident – This form must be completed and returned to Safety Manager – Safety Director and Managing Director within 24 hours of the actual incident occurring. Reporting Details Name……………………………………………….. Near Miss and Hazard Reporting Form This report should be completed when any accident... Was an on site risk assessment conducted YES/NO............ Location of incident …………………………….... ……………………………………………………….……....... near miss or hazard has occurred or been identified. ………………………………………………………......... …………………………………………………………………...... Is the injured party likely to be off work for the commencement of the next working day – YES / NO To be completed by supervisor or manager Details of actual or possible cause…………….8 Accident Report Form for Drummond Decorating Drummond Decorating Ltd Accident.....Managing Activities 4. Employee/Agency Worker/Contractor/Member of Public Depot or Contractor ………………………………………. …………………………………………………………………...... ………………………………………………………............ ………………………………………………………..... Details of any future prevention………………..... Details of any injury caused ……………………..................... Brief details of incident ………………………... …………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………….. If hospital or medical assistance consulted provide 20 .. Details of any damage caused …………………………… ………………………………………………………... ………………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………….......... ……………………………………………………….

This will involve identifying potential resources and allocating them in order ensuring the overall objectives are met. The current allocation of human resource and teams do not appear to be grouped in any particular order or group together for any particular reason. sickness. do Drummond require additional teams? resources. training or company meetings etc To ensure that the teams are managed effectively. • Once the above have been completed the Drummond management team would need to identify any factors internal or external that may have an impact or influence on the availability of resources.. For example both teams have a mixture of team based throughout the country. an area Drummond are eager to improve. whereas the teams could be managed better if they were split by territory or geographic location. The outcome may be that resource levels are sufficient but in the event of an increased workload a subcontractor is available for short term support or an employment agency is able to provide short term contracted staff. wasted travelling time is significantly reduced the current teams should be placed into a centralised pool and not split between 21 . the main objectives being the closest and most capable team to complete the task to the satisfaction of the customer.9 Programme Planning and Resourcing.e. The main advantage of splitting by territory or geographic location would be better local decision making and a better point of contact with customers. 4. I. The process would cover • The assessment of current resources to check what is currently available within the business and to determine which resources can be readily available if required. These factors should include resource cover for holiday entitlement. work is co-ordinated efficiently. Drummond will need to change their current methods to ensure that resources are aligned with their overall objectives.Managing Activities Please be aware that the Safety Manager may investigate further where injuries could or may have occurred Name ……………………………………………… Signature …………………………………Date……………. Drummond Decorating need to establish better methods of planning and human resource allocation to ensure that they fully utilise the resource they have whilst meeting customer needs. • • Identify whether further resources would be required to fulfil the new contract awarded to Assign responsibilities to manager or team leaders to enable the acquisition and control of the Drummond successfully.

Paint window and door fames of entrance area Sunderland Primary School . Paint and decorate the inside of new dwellings Balfour Beaties Riverside Development next to Chester-le-Street Park. The Gantt chart has been defined as ‘A chart presenting a planned activity as a series of horizontal bands against a series of vertical lines representing dates. Team Two Location Chester-le-Street Mobile Home Postcod e 712345678 DH6 4LA Job Postcode Contract Job No. the method recommended would be the use of a Gantt chart.Managing Activities two managers. Monday 05/012/2006 Newcastle College paint room 303 Trevelyan Building Newcastle College paint library door to remove graffiti NE1 1AP Newcastle NC1234 College NE1 1AP Newcastle NC1235 College Balfour Beaties Riverside Development next to Chester-le-Street Park. It can be used to measure progress on a project or compare planned production in a period to actual production’ Law (2006) A Gantt chart can be as complex or as simple as the organisation requires it to be. The planning and allocation of the teams work will be done by one Resource and Programme Co-ordinator to ensure that the closest and most capable team are allocated to the task. 22 .10 Gantt Chart There are a number of methods that Drummond could ensure that work allocation is efficient. Paint and decorate the inside of new dwellings Balfour Beaties Riverside Development next to Chester-le-Street Park. Paint and decorate the inside of new dwellings DH7 8LP Balfour BBND123 Beaties DH7 8LP Balfour BBND123 Beaties Job Postcode Contract Job No.Paint window and door fames of entrance area SR4 4HJ Sunderland SLA1234 LA SR4 4HJ Sunderland SLA1235 LA Balfour Beaties Riverside Development next to Chester-le-Street Park. Paint and decorate the inside of new dwellings DH7 8LP Balfour BBND123 Beaties DH7 8LP Balfour BBND123 Beaties December-2006 Team One Location Gateshead Mobile Home Postcod e 712345678 NE1 1PX Job Postcode Contract Job No. Any Special Skills or limitations on workers Job 1 Job 1 Job 2 Job 2 Tuesday 06/012/2006 Sunderland Primary School . Any Special Skills or limitations on workers Job 1 Job 1 Job 2 Job 2 Job Postcode Contract Job No. 4. Drummond would benefit if the Gantt was devised in the format below.

The PERT model seeks to determine the timescale each task should take whilst recognising that duration in the identified network route may be uncertain. • The contract name and job number will enable the staff to state on their weekly timesheets which contract there salary should be allocated to helping the Finance Directorate allocate costs and charge clients accordingly. • Every team will feature on the same spreadsheet so that management and supervisors can quickly locate and manage staff. house builders may not have homes built on time and therefore need to postpone start dates for painting services. Performance Evaluation and Review Technique. instead of one.Managing Activities This chart will highlight the following to the management team at Drummond • Initial location of each team so that jobs can easily be allocated to the closest teams. An industry example would be construction where contingencies need to be in place as the nature of the work is susceptible to weather condition. Pessimistic duration. 23 . Most optimistic duration. 4. This may be an advantage to Drummond as some of their clients are in the construction industry. i. this assumes that every task goes exactly to plan (o). this assumes that anything that could go wrong goes wrong and nothing goes to plan!(p) The following method of calculation is shown below o + (4 x m) + p 6 The PERT model is normally used in projects where a number of contingencies may be required that may have an affect on the duration.e. these timescales are • • • Most likely duration of the activity based upon what we know is required (m).11 PERT Another method that could be used is called PERT. should there be any smaller or short duration tasks these can be allocated on the same day increasing productivity whilst utilising time. The tasks are also shown so that management know what work is taking place. The model then provides three timescales for each task. • The days are split into two parts so that more than one job can be planned. The inclusion of postcodes enables programme controllers to use Multimap or AA Auto route to find closet team and quickest route utilising teams fully.

with input from each other department. Who upon receipt of a complaint will investigate with the relevant department and respond to the 24 . including who will be general management of the quality process. its products and services. Training – they will need to emphasise how communication. current knowledge and employee Review – what plans they have to review and update their quality policy. Within Drummond Decorating it would be more beneficial for the Customer Service Director and Manager to be ultimately responsible for the quality management system. involved. Quality management is a customer orientated process most importantly designed to deliver total quality to ensure total customer satisfaction from every product or service the organisation offers.the roles and responsibilities for the implementation and Identification – how will they seek to identify customer needs or perceptions of the organisation.Managing Activities 4. • • • • • • The structure of the organisation .12 Quality Management Systems. In order for Drummond Decorating to implement a successful quality management policy they need to ensure that they the following elements are included in their policy. Satisfied customers will remain loyal and return in the future. training features within quality. standards. The quality management system in an organisation is one of the most important systems within it. Once a business gains a reputation for providing poor quality it will never recover fully from the negative press and will loose potential customers in the future. Conformance of suppliers – how will they ensure their suppliers performance and efficiency Continuous Improvement – how will they manage prevention and promote continual improvement. Quality can be defined as ‘Quality is simply meeting the customer’s requirements’ Oakland (2003) If total quality is not met within the organisation customers will seek an alternative supplier or provider and without customers the business will fail. The customer service manager should within their role be the ‘best placed’ person to manage the main aspects of quality • Non conformance – any reports of non conformance will be dealt with by the customer service team.

analysis of ideas from a business perspective. test marketing to the actual product launch. to minimise any reprisal. New ideas.13 New Product Development Process Drummond Decorating have been criticised from their existing customers and employees for the lack of and current processes of new product development. screening of ideas. using people from different business backgrounds ensures that any aspect is covered for example the HR department can advise if the business has employees 25 . information upon competitors and general trends they see each day. 4. Customers have commented upon the current designs and styles are not as contemporary as they could be. Employees have voiced concerns that any ideas and suggestions are not acted upon and they feel as if they could contribute more by providing information on client demands. • Development groups or committees – The formation of a group within the organisation looking at product development may be beneficial to Drummonds. These groups are often formed using the heads of departments from within the organisation. However Drummond should have a number of schemes to encourage and involve customers and employees in the generation of ideas to improve or develop products and services. Following his review the employee should receive feedback directly to explain why or how this will/not be implanted. The investigation should look at what could have been done to prevent it from occurring and what measures can be put in place for future prevention.g. development. which are generated either internally (e. • Quality of satisfaction – any response should endeavour to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the customer. to financial analyses. Two examples of schemes could be • Employee suggestion scheme – encourage suggestions for improvements from existing employees whereby their ideas would be passed directly to the Marketing and Research Manager at Drummonds to analysis and review. by scientific research) or by feedback from consumers’ Law (2006) There are many steps in the new product development process ranging from idea generation.Managing Activities customer. regardless of who is at fault. The predominant responsibilities for these stages would lie within the Marketing Directorate of Drummond Decorating. New Product Development has been defined as ‘A marketing procedure in which new ideas are developed into viable new products or extensions to existing products or product ranges.

not just senior management. 2Touch and their parent company Axciom offer employees a financial reward by offering a set percentage of whatever the saving is to the business – one case saw an employee being rewarded with £10. and representatives from clients to offer their views. On a periodic basis the group could hold a ‘development day’ and invite lower level employees.000 for suggesting the firm collect elastic bands off the floor of the mail order processing room and giving them to office based staff to prevent them buying them! 26 . A number of organisations currently use an employee suggestion scheme for improvements Nissan Motor Manufacturing have a ‘kiazen’.Managing Activities with skills required to provide the new product the purchasing department can advise if the materials required can be sourced at the right price and quality etc. scheme where employees are rewarded with a £50 bonus if there suggestion is implemented. Japanese term for continual improvement. The views of employees and clients maybe objective but this type of input provides a vision from outside of the management group.

may wish to consider standing aside and take a back seat and appoint an executive with experience of handling change management. A major part of change management is dealing with fear or the resistance to change in the workforce’ Law (2006) If this option is perused by Ian Drummond the executive would need to apply certain strategies to be successful these being wide communication. Mainly because if an employee or group of individuals feel involved in the creation of change at each stage they will adapt to it more. it will take several long and hard months to integrate each part of the development plan. The current managing director. This development plan is not intended to be a quick or overnight fix. Ian Drummond. The current executives are aging and reluctant to try change strategies. It would be beneficial for Drummond Decorating to integrate these changes one stage at a time. With so many changes it may be hard for the employees to adapt without rebelling against the management. encouragement and participation of all concerned.Managing Activities 4. Change management being defined as ‘A systematic approach to dealing with both planned and unplanned change in the organisation. 27 . with support from high level management.14 Limitations Drummond Decorating requires significant change in order to meet their goals successfully.

the extent of which they wish to develop relationships both internal and external and their aspirations for the future.0 Conclusion This report has identified that all organisations. need to manage and plan activities to fulfil their business objectives. the level of customer service they wish to offer. dissatisfied customers or legal action for non compliance. Each section of the development plan has identified that any activities that are not managed effectively and efficiently can have disastrous effects whether these effects are lost business. The extend or success of the plans and activities depend upon the nature of business the organisation are in. 28 . the organisations ability.Managing Activities 5. including Drummonds.

Director of External Affairs. for kindly providing me with access to IHSTI’s website enabling me to download any Health and Safety. Jean Roll.0 Acknowledgements I would like to thank the following people for their help with this assignment.Managing Activities 6. for his continual help and lectures. Network R&R Manager. Environmental and Safety Technical Support Manager. CE-Electric UK. for his help with stakeholder management and knowledge of change management. Rod Gardner. Newcastle Business School. Dave Corkey. CE-Electric UK for supporting me with time away from work and for authorising additional financial funding for the HND part of my studies. 29 . Environmental or Quality documentation. CE-Electric UK. Jon Bird.

(2006) Marketing Management – Twelfth Edition. Armstrong. M (1999) Managing Activities. Health and Safety Commission (1999) Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 – Approved Code of Practice. P & Keller. J (2005) Dictionary of Business Management – Fourth Edition. Pearson Education Ltd. LJ (2005) Management and Organisational Behaviour – Seventh Edition. New York. BPP (2004) Management Specialist Units 13-16. Her Majesty’s Stationary Office. Law. Pearson Education Ltd. publications and websites have been used during my research for this report. 30 . M (2001) Dictionary of Human Resource Management. Butterworth Heinemann. Mullins. Oxford University Press. UK. J. K. Oxford University Press.Managing Activities 7. Noon.S (2003) TQM Text With Cases – Third Edition. Cromwell Press. J (2003) Dictionary of Economics – Third Edition. Internal Business Strategy Plan. UK Distribution. Her Majesty’s Stationary Office. Wiltshire Kotler.0 Bibliography The following academic books. London. UK. Health and Safety Executive (2005) Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. Essex. Oxford University Press. Health and Safety Executive (2005) Work at Height Regulations 2005 – A brief guide. Her Majesty’s Stationary Office. Oakland. New York. BPP Professional Education. London. New Jersey. New York. UK. CE-Electric UK (2004) Built to Last Strategic Plan – Customer Service. Black.

2006 www.wikipedia. 2006 (Private site for businesses to download multiple Health and Safety Documents and Quality Management accessed 4 accessed 4 Nov. allowed access via CE-Electric’s membership) 31 .co.Managing Activities www.

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