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Lower Merion's varsity basketball
team will get under way for the sea-
son on Saturday evening, December
10, against Palmerton High School,
one of the strongest teams in Eastern
Fpllowing this game, which will
dedh:ate the new gymnasium, the team
will meet the strongest teams in the
suburbs and the city of Philadelphia
in one of the most difficult schedules
a Lower Merion team has ever had
to face.
Coach Bill Anderson has good ma-
terial on hand this season, but not as
rugged and experienced as in some of
his former years. Two real veterans
will line up on the starting five in
Raymond Stanley and Jack Hinchey,
both guards, who played regularly all
last season. These two boys are real
basketball players, but lacking some·
what in height, a handicap in these
days of modern basketball. At for-
ward Anderson will have Hanger and
Ramsey, with Harvey Shillingford
and Fred Gane as reserve material.
Hanger is a rangey player, rugged
and able, but he lacks playing ex-
perience. Bill Ramsey is a fine shot,
but is not as effective in fast going
as he should be. Perhaps regular as-
signments will help him to iron out
his weak points. Gane is a fast floor
man and a good shot. Shillingford
Opposition to Merger
Strong, Says Edgar
Many Signers Claimed by
mittee for Counter-
Mer/{er Advocate
Honor Roll at Boro IWomen Sponsor Open IXmas Decorations to Grace Business Section;
School is Announced Bridge Toumey Today Prizes Offered to Residents for Home Displays
Winners in the open duplicate con- I
. -.-- tract bridge tournament at the Nar- Narberth will this Christmas be As has been found to be the case in
Winners of First :nd Second Iberth. Bridge Club on night lIlOre cheerfully dccoratcd and illumi-! communities, in Atlan-I
Honors. d by were. N. and S., E. C, Griswold and lIuted than in m.any years past, aC-1 tIc City, doors and wmdows, trees,
Prmclpal Caryl E. Starr; E. W" C, A. Ham- .:ording to plans made by the Nar- shrubbery and lawns of. t?? of-I
mer and Paul R. Seidler. herth Business Council. In addition fer almost endless possibilities to the
The honor 1'011 for the fii.'St period The Women's Division of the club 10 the Borough's traditional display decorative genius of the family. . IOPPONENTS ARE LISTED
at the Narberth Public School has will hold an open duplicate tourna- I of trees and greens, and lights in In commenting on the contest presi-I I
b I The Narberth Borough Citizens'
been announced by W. James Drcn- mcnt this Friday afternoon in the c windows, there are two neW features. dent S. of Business
nen, supervising principal, as follows: rooms for the members and thclr Commencing Friday December 16, Councll, declared, There IS no more Committee, formed recently to com-
First Honors, 8th Grade: John guests. Coffee and sandwiches will be the Haverford avenue:Narberth ave. effective antidote to bad cheer, whether· I bat the merger of Narberth with Low-
Schwabenland. one o'clock and the playing Illue business section will be decorated or domestic, than OUr Ier Merion, has been meeting with re-
7th Grade: Donald Deaves, Charles Will begm at 2. with lights, trees and laurel until frIend, Santa Claus. Not only will markable success in securing signa-
Timm, Marie Tapp. I. I Monday, January 2. The Yuletide dec- we be ch?erier and happier in, ?U
Itures for its counter-petitions, accord-
6th Grade: William Morhard, Vir- Plans Xmas Party. orations are a friendly gesture on the lives, a result of Iing to Robert J. Edgar, chairman of
ginia DeHart. A Merry Xmas for little part of the business folk, at their fim d
effortl' budt wle the committee.
Second Honors, 8th Grade: Fred folks IS bemg planned by, the own expense. The custom was com- n an Improved mora e eve oping J Opposition to .the merger is partieu-
Allen Richard Boileau Edmund Bos- D. Speakman Post, American LeglOlI. menced last year, and aroused so amongst us, a greater strength and larly strong with the older residents
, D H G' J h K t [,'or several years the under-privileged much favorable comment from resi- courage for everyday affairs. It will of the Borough, Mr. Edgar stated,
sone, e aven race, 0 n rou, , . . d"
.... C rt R Id P' G children of Narberth have been find- dents of the Borough and visitors provide m a Istmct measure that who are familiar with the traditions
am mC a ney, ona alge, uy, 'l'f' 'f 1 h' 11 f
P t
.... AI' K u k H . t IIlg Santa Claus and a Xmas tree from surrounding communities that I tlng 0 ourse ves w Ich a 0 us of the town. Property owners, also,
e ers, Ice ra sop, arrle " ". '
S h It
LegIOn Party. These parties have it was decided to repeat the stunt know IS a necessary IngredIent of the I Ihe said, who constitute the more per-
eas 0 z. b tt t' fl' I LOUIS A YOUNG
7th G d
. ""II' F b R heen a huge success, due largely to t.his Christmas. e er Imes we ee are commg rap- I'manent element in the Borough, have
ra e... I lam ur er, oger .] 'dl " of 410 Grove Place, who presid-
Graham Clarenc Griffis Richard lhe co-operatIOn of fe low-townsmen And finally an inducement is be- I y. evidenced their approval of the coun-
, e, d th . t' Th Le'o ' cd at the 11leetmg Wedncsda1/
Hopkins, James Meredith, George o. er orgamza Ions. e gl. n ing otfe!red to make more homes than I night sponsored by the Citizens' ter-petition.
Morhard, Kathryn Bailey, Lucy Cen- for the same SPlt l:ver signal pleasure at Christmas- Barry Play to be Given Committee, advocating the ,111:1'- The work of compiling figures is
sore, Dora Enz, Myrtle Hager, Helen It. thiS Anyone to he p Lide, with gaily colored lighting ef- by Showpeople Tonight gel' of Narberth and Lower still in process, Mr. Edgar stated.
Mellor. children, to a, time C:11I fects and festive designs. The pur- Me)'ion. The committee, he said, expects to
6th Grade: Ernest Bailey, Donald get m touch With William H. Durblll, pose is to make Narberth the most A Philip Barry play, "The Young- issue a statement shortly, showing
Claghorn, John Fittipoldi, Roger Fox, ,Joseph Burta or Arthur L. Cooke. attractive community on the Main cst," will be presented by Showpeo- lhat there will be no such saving as
Richard Graham, Alan Munro, Chas. Line this Christmas, and at the same pIe, dramatic organization of Lower Merger Advocates has been claimed by proponents of
Palmer, Dow Pruitt, William Wentz, Boys' Club Winning time enhance, with decorative and Merion High School, in the school the merger. Casual work in the
Betty Grace, Myra Markle, Betty uriginal effects, the appearance of auditorium this Friday evening. Outline Their Case meantime has indicated a hearty read-
Raser, Jane Schellentrager, Deborah Streak is Broken homes for all residents. The cast includes Bruce French, iness on the part of citizens to sign
Smedley, Janet Stringfield, Shirley Fifty dollars in prizes are offered Peggy McGuffin, Mirdza Specht, WiI- Township School District Would Ithe ?pposin
Vincent, Sue Wilson, Ruth Wohlert. Ardmore Ramblers Defeat Boro hy the Narberth Business Council, Ham Dougherty, Jim Andrews, Jim Have to Absorb ci30000 posal for consolida,tlOn, he said.
First Honors, 5th Grade: Anita I EI Th k .. b as follows: First prize, $25; second, Watt, Polly Keever, Irene GoldowsIcy, 'P , Some of the reSidents who are re-
Goodrich. even an sglVmg y $15; third, $10. Elfrida Mahler, Myrna Sheely, Mar- Loss, Says Burns ported as having signed the counter
4th Grade' George Breslow Helen 13-0 Score F th ' f t' b t th garet Waller, Marise Slaugenhaupt, IJCtition are:
., ur er m orma IOn a ou e eon- , , , ,
Doty. l t '11 b bI' h d 1 t Th' I Muml White, Emily Titus. LOU YOUNG PRESIDEDI 1\Ir. and Mrs, William J. Bailey,
3 d G d' G '" d B WIN AGAIN SATURDAY , e pu IS e a er., em-I New scenery has been designed fol
l' ra e. eorge nOO row, etty vltutlOn IS open to all reSidents of ' , '1\11', and Mrs. John B. Brooks, Mr.
Anne Schellentrager, Marjorie Smith --- N b th W d M' d the productIOn by the stage crew un- The case of the consolidatIOn of the d M T NIB tl J h J C
, T " ar er, ynnewoo, erlOn an ", I an rs.. oe u er, 0 n . a-
Nancy Knapp. he Narberth Boys Club SIX gnme I' V II P , 'II b d der the direction of Tim Talbot, as- Borough of Narberth with Lower b M d M Ch 1 H A
. , cnn a ey, nzes WI :! awar _ .' I" rey, r. an rs. ar es . •
Second Honors, 5th Grade' Norma wmnlllg streak was brought to an end I .1 th 't' h h d sisted by DaVid Thomas, Paul nnl Menon Township was presented at "I ' U 0 k' S C k M M
. . ,. eu esc CI lzens w ose olnes are e- , ". v 1a1l1, mrs. a Ie . 00, rs. ar-
Bailey, Louise Barnett, Billy Carroll on ThanksgiVing mornmg when the 1 d t b t tt t' 1 '11 . Robert Goodyear and Bill Simmons. a meetmg held Wednesday night in" M L D th d D d 1\"
, db' e are 0 e mos a rac Ive y I uml-", . IOn . oos 0 ar, r. an
Christine Hackman Jane King Doro- Ar more Ram lers mvaded the Bor- t d Th ff t d b 1 . h Bill Wren s Orchestra Will enter- the Narberth Public School. A J D R be t J Ed H
, , h d t ' I" b th r' na e . e e ec s nee not e aVIs , d 'd 'f d ' . . enman, 0 r . gar, en-
thy Hammer, Louise Johnston Mary oug an rlUmp 1eu y e score 0 I th' t 11 b t tam an provi e musIc or ancmg Called by the Merger Committee the I A F M d M W'II" , . _ e pnzes may go 0 sma u , , ry. rye, r. an rs. I lam
Lou Paul. 13-0. I' hI ,. 1 d' 1 d' t followmg the performance. meeting was attended by about fifty N D Ed d C G' Id M
, 1 1Ig y orlg1l1a ISP ays, aceor Ing 0 • uerr, war . rISWO, r.
Grade: Dick Berry, Marjory The Narberth eleven came bacl, on one of the judges. Awards will be ' , , " people and presided over by Louis A. and Mrs, Jcsse S, Harris, Harry Hol-
Hav.lick, Mary Saturday, however, .to defeat the made by the Executive Board of the I The Aid of the Holy !nnlt
Young. lar, E. J, Hartzell, Dr. and Mrs. Har-
PrUitt, Helen Wlpf, Elizabeth Foltz strong Berry Memonal team by a N b th B' C '1 h ·llll.uthcran Church, Narberth, Will hold Arthu W Bu h ' f tl I ]1 tl M d M 1-
C , " ar er usmess ounCI, w 0 WI }. d d' • l' • r\1s, c airman 0 1e I'Y . ar ey, r. an rs. .ervey .
Catherine Floyd, Dons MacKellar, 14-6 ,score. ,view the homes Monday-Wednesday. ;:me;::a, e foo sale m o,n committee, in the principal talk of II Keim, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kirk-
Betty Tobert. , ThiS Saturday Narberth Will December 19-21. Winners will be 1 ru avcnue, nex 0 .ang s the evening, outlined the patrick, Mrs. John Gilroy, Mrs. Eliz-
3rd Grade: Alice Mae Cook, Louise Overbrook at the Borough Play- nounced in "Our Town," Friday, the Delicatessen, ,on Saturday, December for the merger, emphasizing the sav- ab,·th Shand Laos, Miss Fanny H.
Cowell, Dorothy Dilworth Barbara ground "3d d' 'II b t d 10. Cakes, pICS, nutbread, salads and, 't t N b th 'd tIM d MD' 1 L 'teh .' , an pnzes WI e presen e on ,lIlgIn axes 0 ar Ilr resl cn s. .000, r. an rs. anle el ,
DaVidson, Eleanor Haywood Janet In the Thanksgiving game the Ard- Ch ' t homemade baked beans Will be on sale, M d M Ch 1 E K
" rls mas. d' Accordmg to Mr Burns the Lower 1', an rs. ar es '. remer,
Hicks, Betty Hollar, Allen Decker, more team scored shortly aftcr the I at mo erate prices. 1
' S hiD' t' , t Id h t IFred E Moyer Mr and Mrs J L
J k D J
' erlOn c 00 IS nc . wou ave 0 • ,. • • •
ac unn, ames Dougherty, Janet opening of play, when Edwards l b bid th f Minnick Mr and Mrs J h P M'l
Hicks, Warren Vincent, .Jane Robert-, blocked Harris' punt and Carfrey re- Many Attend Second /Anecdotes of Great ler, Jr,,' Mrs: Jane
son, Rut? Stam, Bermce Sweeney, covered the ball over goal. Hor- f . , D I . would collect from the Narberth area. IMacMackin, Mr. and Mrs, Eberhardt
Mary Stemkemph. l.on the extra POlllt by a place- 0 Mulieres ances
Men Are Related He pointed ut that 1L ill 0 $1000 IMueller Robert J. Nash, George E.
ment kick. 0 7''' m n, , , .
Th "t' d f --- of assessed valuation would make up I Purrmg, Mr. and Mrs. A. Perry Redl-
Funsten Estate l He °hrsd d sfcore a - Christmas Dance, December 26, I Narberth Clubwomen Hear I this difference. He stated that the Ifer, Jr" Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Smith,
Letters of administration have arns.a IC e rom IS own . Ch f G fl' T Ik b M n· Library and Playground would both Mrs, James C. Simpson, Fletcher W.
been granted in the estate of James thirty-yard line to Horton on the Ard- lh arge 0 roup 0 terestlhg a y rs. b St't M d El W T'
, '. H L C . k I e better off were Narberth part of I es, r. an mrs. mer , 1-
B: late of Wynnewood, to more s 30-yard line. After ostesses ucy • PIC e s the Township. tus, Mr. and Mrs. Chester C. Tyson,
hiS W1dow, Frances B. Funsten. The outrunnmg several would-be taclders ' Mr and Mrs Har Id G R M
value of the estate is $200. Funsten Ithe vistors' quarterback, behind per- NEXT MEETING THE 12TH PLAN XMAS PROGRAM Mr. Young said that under the mer- and' Mrs R B' V' 0 t M' eevds'1\" r.
'f . f ger Narberth would hav repr en . . . mcen, r,
who was special deputy in charge of ect mter erence, ran 70 yards to the e es - F d W 1 M d M H t .. Itt' th T h' B d f re a zer, r. an rs. or on
t.he affairs of the Merion Title and goal li,ne. Horton fal1ed on the try The second dance in the series given Mrs. Lucy C. Pickels, in her ad- a IOn. e. owns Ip oar ,0 Williamson and Mrs. Robert F.
Counties Title, died suddenly at his for POlllt after the touchdown. hy the Mulieres, Woman's Auxiliary dress before the Women's Community either as Wood.
desk in the latter institution. During the remainder of the game, "f the Narberth Fire Company, last! Club of Narberth Tuesday on the or as part of the eXlstmg dls-
lhe Narberth club was in striking dis- evening in Elm Hall, was a I"Idiosyncrasies of Illustrious Men," tncts.. I L M
L M Tearn Winds Up tance several times, but. lacked the very enjoyable affair. The room was gave interesting anecdotes of such L. Rankm, member of the I. • Court Tearn to
• • linal punch, In the thud quarter" decorated with red and white crepe Igeniuses as Thackeray Sir Isaac who, With Herbert L. 0 S D
Season UndefeatedI"Mike" McGarry thrilled the crowd paper strung across the ceiling. The! Newton, Andrew Smith: a professor Woehling, gathered the used by pen eason ec. 10
by running back a punt .70 yards erowd was larger than attended the! of political economy; Bishop Munster, group, answered questIOns regard-
. .--- to the Ardmore five-yard line. But previous dance, there being 24 young! Sir Walter Scott and Dean Swift. Img tax rates. , . Strong Palmerton Team to be
Victory. Over (Continued on Page Six) Ipeople present and 40 older members.' "Perhaps one of the most common I It was emphaSized by vanous speak- Maroon's Opponent lh
Ridley Park lh Fmal ! Thc next dance will be held on characteristics of these eccentric ers that under. a Narberth
Game Garden Club Represented IMonday, December 26, and is spon- great folk," said Mrs. Pickels, "was would not lose ItS Identity.. I Opener
The members of the Penn Valley by the following, Miss Eloise that of absentmindedness. It is said I It stated that approxlma.tely
FINE Garden Club attended the closing Harnden, Miss Jane Nash, Miss Mur- that Dean Swift, in a violent attack 1,000 had obtam,ed HAVE GOOD MATERIAL
meeting of the Flowers for the Flow- iel White, Miss Emily Kerrigan, Miss of temper, before writing, used to for petition advocatmg the dls-
By TOMMY MACKLIN erless Committee at the Graphic [mogene Shaffer and Mr. Charles E. chase his servants up and down stairs solution of the Borough. A.
Coach Albert Adam took a more Sketch Club, 729 Catharine street, i Harnden, Jr. This Christmas dance with a whip. Many of the great poets, for, more :v?rkers was made m clrcu-
llatisfying puff at his ancient pipe' Philadelphia, Wednesday evening.: will be run entirely by these host- such as Cowper, had melancholy fits latmg petitions.
Inst Saturday night, for his eighth Mrs. George Holt Strawbridge is 'I esses. The dances are open to the and a persecution mania. Cardinal -----
f;eason of football at Lower Merion ehairman of the committee. public and are held once in each Richelieu, it is said, used to jump up County Head Addresses
High School came to a close at 4.10 The next meeting of the Penn Val· month. and down in his garden or over the Merion Women Voters
o'clocl{ that afternoon. The huge Icy Garden Club will be held at the I Elm Hall will have a Christmas furniture in his home before writing.
th,at braved the cold to see the Iresidence of Mrs. Frank Smith, 4221l.ree on the stage, which will. be trim- Schiller p.lunged his feet into ice The Merion Branch of the League
t.eam III ItS final engagement, cheered Gulph road, Penn Valley, on Wednes- med by members of the Fire Com- water, while the late David Graham of Women Voters held a meeting on
a super-back and a marvelous line, day morning. Illany. There is also a "rumor" that Phillips always stood while writing, Monday afternoon at the home of
but facts on paper over a period I Following the Red Cross sewing, Christmas rt is also said that Galsworthy stands Mrs. J. Bruce Byall, on Bryn Mawr
of eight years pat Mr. Adam square Edw. McDermon, of the Bartlett Tree I Will make theIr appearance at thiS at a high desk when writing. Many avenue, Penn Valley.
on the back with a cheerful and re-I Company, will give a talk on the care Inext dance. The dances are from of the great writers were affected by Mrs. George S. B. Appel, president
sounding "0. K." of trees. Illine until twelve. their surroundings and had to have I of the Montgomery County League,
Adams' teams at Lower Merion I The regular monthly meeting of the special things around them at that I was the speaker. She outlined the
have won 57 victories against 9 de- On All-American Team Mulieres will be held on Monday, De- time." Iproposed project for a County Survey.
{eats;, and you may include 5 tie Miss Anne Townsend, of Merion, eember 12th, at 2.00 P. M., in Elm Miss Helen Strickler, soloist, in the A short discussion followed. Mrs
games, two with Haverford and three was named center halfback on the lIall. This will be an important busi- Narberth Methodist Episcopal I William M, Gehmann, Jr" spoke on
with Radnor. This is a wonderful 1932 All-America field hockey team Iless meeting and all members are ask- Church, s.ang two songs, "Autumn" II a number of current topics.
I'ecord, especially since the L, M. game at Greenwich, Conn" last Satrday, at l!d to attend. The new members of and "The Magic of Your Voice." Miss
is the highlight of every opponent's the conclusion of the national tourna- the Executive Board will also be an- Strickler has a very pleasing voice, 'I' German Actor in Recital
season, thus placing a heavier burden ment. Miss Townsend, who has cap- Ilounced at this meeting. full of beauty and power. Max Montor, noted German aclor
on the Maroon team and coaching l.ained nine All-America teams, has The regular Wednesday sewing will The sccond speaker was E. S. Mac- and dramatic impersonator, will give
staff. also been president of the U. S. Field {!ontinue from 10 until 1.00 each week. Cawley, of Ardmore, who spoke on the Iu performance of selections in Oer-
The soldier's team on last Saturday Hocl,ey Association for the past five This day is given to mending clothing newest books now offered for Christ-I man and English at the Haverford
played a good team from Ridley Park years. ·Ionated to Narberth's relief work. mas trade. Union, Haverford College, on Monday
off its f;et, and a remarkable Miss Kitty McLean, of Narberth, Any toys put into the barrel in Mrs, Walter J. Odiorne, chairman Ievening at 8,15 o'clock. The recilal
season m a gloriOUS manner. Harvey was named right fullback on the All- front of the Fire Hall will be used of Literature, was in charge of the is under the auspices of the Carl
Buek got the credit for toting the Amcrica reserves. in Christmas basI,ets for the Narberth program, and Mrs. George W. Orth Sl'hurz Memorial Foundation.
touchdowns across, and he deserves families. Groceries or donations of was the hostess.
all the praise he gets, but Adam's line Yeats Coming to Bryn Mawr any sort whatever will be gratefully Reports from the various depart- To Talk on Depression
was the proof of the fine coaching William Butler Yeats, Irish poet, accepted and will help fill some basl,et ments were heard preceding the prO-I Miss Ethel Willings, of New York,
that the Maroon teams receive. The playwright and novelist, will speak at Ifor a family in the Borough. Mrs. W. J. Loughlin, chairman who is stopping at the Windsor Es-
students of the game, who sat in the Goodhart Hall, Bryn Mawr College, All organizations are invited to join of the American Home Department, sex, will give a talk on "Depression,"
stands by the hundreds, marveled at 'III Wednesday evening at 8.20. He Iin this work as it is not under any reported that the sewing for the Red at 8 o'clock this Friday evening at
(Continued on rage Six) will on "The Irish Renaissance." Ispecial group. (Contlnuea on Page Six) the Windsor-Essex.
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December 2, 1932
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Wheeler and Woolsey
In their latest gloom-chaser
ADDED: Mickey Mouse Comedy
and "DANGERS of the ARCTIC"

with tubes $25
PHILCO Compact
205 Haverford Ave., Narberth
NARBERTH 4033 OR 3987
Shreds & Patches
TilThe Playground is a distinct II :Narberth Theatre this week-end. Also
UR Jl 0 W 1. t. In the Mailbau i Il?SS ,asset to Narberth. The f'Jocal Clnovies lion the program are a Mickey
___: 0 Idistrict of Narberth pays a tremen'l' J... I comedy and "Dangers of the ArctiC,"
A Co-operative Community Newspaper. I dous1y high tax, SO the burden might "Unashamed,'! said to be based Oil
founded in 1914 by the Narbmh Revenue Might be Derived IIW slightly if Playground IFootball, War, Mystery Main Line's Al1en murder trial,
ASSOCIation, and published every Fnday i From Playground Wohlert Says I actIVItIes were not entirely frce. Stories at The Egyptian brmgs Helen Twelvetrees, Lewis
at 1'{arberth, Pa, : ' I have no desire to go into pal'ticu-I Stone and Robert Young to Narberth's
Philip AUee iTo the Editor Town:" as it seems to me may, very. An entirely different type of foot-! screen next and Tuesday.
Robert l\!oore Cameron, 1·;,Jilor I A lot of taxpayers were present w,cll be left to the Boa)(1 of Recre.a-II ball ctory-a star halfback on hl's way A modern versIOn of Defoe's clUll-
Anne IIlrll'g·'lIl Iloherl". Sodal I·;dltor If h b II n
ilonlns A. Ad\'erllslrl" l\!anag",' 'Il the last mecting of Council hop- I.lOn. tea teams. were permIt-I db' 0 I
"Mr Robinson Crusoe" is Doug-
_ n'" Ii d Ito a touchdown mur ered efore '7 ,- ,. ,
ing to be able to show Council the led to charge a IXC sum, . I Fairbanks' newest picture. Com-
N rb rth
' '1' nl k th pe tator ai', tl t 000 WItnesses" and no one knows thc '
Offic_258 Haverford Ave., a e necessity for a tax reductIOn. I had 0 a e esc s re Ize Ill", ' mg to the Borough Wednesday /Ind
Te.epho"e-"arberth 2545: If no answer, II h t h I f th h ullty la I the pI' entatIon at the I
Ardmore 3100 suggested a 50 pCI' cent. reductio.n, so . ICy, a e p payor . c sow, g, ..,n n, s ,es IThursday, it presents him in an cx-
Council coulll have something at I beheve It could be managed, but, as t:gyptlan thIS FrIday and Saturday. citing tale, with Maria Alba llS II
SUbscription price $2 per year In advance, which to aim. hefore stated, I do not fcel it comes Phillips Holmes, Dorothy Jordan and beauteous female Tarzan.
i ! • . '.• ' , . within the province of the taxpayers a large cast, including many of the I
El'l "1' .. ,1 II" ","'OIHl-('!,,"" Illlllle,' OCIO- I \ cry IHomptly aftcI 8 0 clock the I J f I" 'I .,. I' ' t', . ,. " f tb 11 I . I "
hpr 11, 1!1I1. "I Ihe I'''HI Oll! .. e al :-Oar. i meeting was called to order by the 10 00 { a tel' these l etal s after t.ICY coun ry s 00 a p ayers, AdvertIsers m this paper are relia-
hertl .. I'" .. u",ler II", AI'I of March 3, I ".' ltD . I L 't h h t d- have duly elected reprcsentatlve, make "70,000 WItnesses" unusual en-! ble merchants. Deal \1Hh them
IS- pICSJ( en, anJe el c , w a ex en f C 'I .' I'df I I •
,!I 'I I tl . tift hid t 0 ouncl to take care of It lerta1l1l1lent. f you are tire 0 pa - I
1'( to Ie VIS aI's a e - am e gree - r h All' d ' " "
I . t" th t b f or t em. I I lave aimed to do lry Cl'll1les an unnuagmatlve cnml-: Read the advertisements I
109 men lonlllg . e grea num er 0 " • I
FridOlY, December 2, 1932 :., I h - d d I . IS to show the necessltv for a tax uals you wlil want to sec thIS pro-
===============' peop cwo appeare ,an en "I'c1uction. ' I tluction.
! upon the unusual features of thIS sud- '
A L 1E
ii' t t' th r f In Narberth 6!l storcs are locat.ed,' When a soldier of fortune aviator
Dca mergency : In • e proceel ad According to a count made by Charlcs -an American without a country
The falllilips of the t "t
' was sure M, Thompson, fourteen (14) of these lighting in the Chinese
, , . l' WI I e ec I'ICI y. was very eVil en
11\'111" hptwp('11 (h'pl'hl'ook al1(, II t C 'I tid t 1 stores are vacant, and I Imow of one horns with a famous war CorreslJond-
,... I 1a· ounel was no pease 0 lave , '
Pao] i as \\'(,\1 as Ihosp ill t I!l' lhe taxpayers ask for a tax reduc- st.ore that IS not paylllg any rl'nt. be- ent in a bitter fight over a beautiful
T' 1 (' . " . , "ause thc landlord fceIs and kllows gil'l-what happens?
al'l' <11']1(,I1<1('l1t Oil I Ie IlIll'( am-, tlOn, the PresHlent of CounCIl m par - , .
, , ' (he tenant IS unable to pay, and that A . A .' d ' t
]1ai!.!.'IJ fl1l1d pX('l'pt fol' t II(' IlcuIar. " ,_ .' , nswer. gnpplOg an mteres-
:, ,:.,'. _ he may ,\5 wcll kcep the tenant thel e ing motion picture. "War Corre-
\\'h wh ('OIllPS f 1'011\ IhI' sl a I('. It IS I l\l 1', Hall made some bItter com "ather than have a vaeanev thl'reby d t'" th t'tl f th fil J 1
, : ments after I had stated that aner. ' " spon en IS e leo . elm, ac,
lhl'l'pforl' 1'\-('11 11101'1' III\pOl'Ial11 10, f '. I "IHlblIng the tenant at kast to make Uolt IJlays the IJart of the ace Ralph
., I I welve years a nllSI'U e the " I' , , ' ,
.. '" lh' 1'1111(1 this \,p'll' 'IS II IS 'I' . "IIVIl1g' an( provHI(! fIJI' hIs fanlily. G . th d t ' I' t
I <lIse ( . , . • ,. " : were not in 110sition to IHIV as 1arg'c . raves IS caven urous Journa IS ,
11 f
.' . It should certalllly not be necessary L'I L 'th b 'f I "I f '
10('a1 CI1IC'I'''I'III'\' as W(' as 11111' 01 i tax bills as they had paid wilhout. " : and I a ee IS e eautl u gil or
,... . : . . , to again call the attentIon of CounCIl 'I' h h' t h
1hp l1at iOIl "'omplaint dUl'lng good tUlles, when . " \\ lose c arms t e wo men ave a
, . . , to the unemployment SItuatIOn, nor hitter 'ivai l' Here is a reall thril1
It is sOlllpl illlps haJ'(l for rl'sidf'l1ls: everybody had a .lob, fhere mention that the income of the taxpay- , fl
d y. bl 't
d d-
, '. . , ' ' : was no intention to point out to Coun- .' IIlg I m rama, super y ac e an
01 I IllS IH'a 11 t If III SIl1111 I'ha n (list I'll't : .. iI how '1 tax udion could be cf-! crs of Narberth has been cut from .'10 handsomcly produced. It wi1l be pre-
t I
, '11'1"(' 1·11('1'1' in:' ! pel' cent. upwards, not to mentIOn t J t th E t' . -t 1\1 I- I
o l', fo, ,. ,... ., ..' : f('cted, My belief was that it , sen e( a e' gyp Ian ncx Oll< ay ,
• " " i other losscs they have suffered. It IS I '1' d II I I G I
ael Ila1 I!l'p(] of Sl\I'h 1Ia I'p II('I'I'SSII Il'S "ntirely up to Council and I had so 1 b . C' . alH ues ay. - 0 t anl raves are
• , ' 10 e regretted that nUllcI! found It I' d ' b' I ' I'
as fll(,!. fOOll al1<1 ('lolhil1/!, all(l Ihal: told 1\11', Robert Wood long hefo!'e the I' "'5' , • '" ' ",' 's at t lelr a \enturous est III tllS, aIH i 2106-08 Market Street Sigll
,. All I' 1 . I H.ce.. ·IlY to <I chIp on It. I ih Lee was never more charming I _r
it is thcrl'forp illlpl'raliw to raise meetl11g, we hal a rIg It to (0, shoulders" when the citizcns camel' , . . For EFl'lCIENT SERVICE of the ',' I
was to petition Council and show the'. ' " A large cast, headed by Chve Brook, I d PROMPT DELIVERY
thl' \\'ho]p Slllll of $fi.()OO.oon.llo so, . fit' I I . With a fncndly request, and, as I saul, ('h'II'II' Ruggles Gene R'lynlolld a" Best, \
'11l'C,'SSIII/or a rel uc Ion anl ,urll'. ,J' e , "I C II R' I 7070
tll'lt ]wop!1' 1. hl'OlWh 1. hf' (·Olllill"· I 'b' t C '1 t' cI M at the tIme, a respectful hcar1l1g was: Frances Dee Mary Boland and Adri a Itten louse Meats
'. _,.... .... i I. Ie JO over 0 ounc.1 ·0 0, r. desired. It seems to me more as if .' '''' -I \,pal' \\'111 Ilot sntlel' for Plthl'r thesc i I\all got on his feet With a prepared . "nne Ames, IS featurcd III The Night
. , ., . CounCIl, at least those who spo1{e, 'J 3th" d }' I I
h'II'C' I1p('cssit iI's 1I111'SIIl" (';11'(' 01" sjwcch and p01l1ted Ollt how I had . I' . , ,o[ . une 1 ,a screen rama w lIC II .----
, • " ' , ',... ; • • ' 1 were dcclllc< 1y lit O]I]JOSllloll 10 ((11//' h n d d d'
, f '1" '1 ! 1 ' slgIlCd a merger cIl'cllhr Idlr'l' 111 • ,will be s own on \ve nes ay an
J'('('rp:lllolla] ;1('1 11 J('S JlI'OYU ('I i' ., ' .' . l'fI.,· I'cd/ll'lion other than a mill 01': 'I'h d t th E t' TI
, . . . l' i wlll('h CounCIl was glv('n 1'1'('(111. for I .' lUI'S ay a e' gyp lan, Ie ac-
1l1l'\\ plln1'l' ng'pIlI'I('!'i of tIllS I IS-, '11' ,', t ' '. tIt..., I ,I I wo, but, on the other hand, It IS rl,a-: I ion of the picture i set in a block
.' • : I ICI.en managemen, Sl ell.ls .0 mc I· sOllablv certain that after COUlH'i) , , , . s, .
1I Ie t, I 111 view of the fact that lilY signature' . ' of four adJol1l1ng houses In a subUIb
• ' .1': " ,cven those who seemed to be a bIt arro- f 't h f . f '1'
, oil who hayp a JO I, a 11\('l' \\':11'1111 IIppeal'l'd on thIS favorable n,porl. on ,,' 0 a large el y, were OUI anll ICS
, ' . have had tlllle to thlllk II. ov('r ' th' I" th'·
hOl\lp al1d e1othin/!-Al'l' YOI', Ih" ('ondllct of borough aflall's hy , I' " ". ,livc ell' own Ives III elI own man-
. . . ' C ,'1' ". h' .. 't f' ,11]( )001, ,It the matter III ItS tr lie lIer until the suddenI discover that
willIng: to share wllh Ipss fol'- OIlIlCI" It \\as g),ltUI ou
. 01 light, they will be ready and willin' y y
, I he enllllenl pohtlclan from PIUS- . , g they are closely bound to each other.
Innate )]('I"h1l0I's? I J h d ,10pare the budget as thoroughly as
,... lurg 1, w a serve many years 111 some ' '
' 'I h' posslb1p. As a member of CouncIl has N b I Tl N
,ounCI or anot er over there, to stand . I "I . t' I 11 ' ar ertl leatre otes
. :'al( , t IS compara 1YC V no 1.1'011) I' A . f b t f tb II
lip and get eXCIted over what. was I b C 'I . I ' : musmg arce a ou a 00 u !
said about misrule, • 0 e a ounci cv('ryt 11I1g' game with gun-man tactics is "Hold i
I pointed out a few devices by but ,It IS much to; 'Em Jail," in which Bert Wheeler alld i
. W h' which Council could save a lil tie credit If we c,ln manage t.he ,If·, Hobert Woolsey may be seen at Ihe i
Ire ors Ippers ! f fairs of the Borough through thl'
' d h ',IIoney, In act, I was compelled to .
ny excuse IS a goo enoug reason I ' , • ' present distressing condition and h'm-
. r. ' th fi 1 'th h I do thIS by the attItude of Damel .-
01 a nre In e rep ace In e ouse., , (leI' the wmds to the shorn lamb."
h TI Y
.. t \. , If 't t : ""Itch, PreSIdent of CouncIl. I had ,
were Ie agl.1n 1'\ es. I s arms i . I am qUIte sure that our taxplIyers
'd 'f h d " d 'k d 1 ' ,hoped It would be unneecssary. I po'
outsI e, I t I' IS al an g :" . can look for a 25 pel' cent, ion
1 b
't', ' Ii ll\('ntlOned while on the floor II. was, .
or mere y ccause I IS l'venlllg anl i" In theIr taxes and they need give
h I
' k' I Th y- , t "lItlre1y pOSSIble to ma1w the Play- " '
tel ay s wor IS <oue, e aglan' ,,110 undue anxiety bllt look with.
"F' . fi 1- ?" d L ,ground self-supporting, 'fIllS was . , ,
as s 'Ire In rep ace, an a I" , ruII confidence to a relief, Of coursl'
! t ' 'k' 1 .: waived aSIde by Mr. LeItch as some- , . " ,
agran e s qUlc lesponse a ways le-,. . '. , . rclIef cannot come thIS veal' hut
" t' t1 t ' ,I h1l1g entIrelv foohsh and rllhclllolIS. : . ,
vea s a 1appy antlclpa IOn la IS: ' . it will bc notcd in nl'xt vl'al"s tax
nev,'r satiated. Full equipment of, The Playground was provll!"d for I 'II ' •
' dl I f 1 I ' ' 'the children of Narberth alld vicinity. ll,'
-m ers anl ue are a convem-, , ' , , fhere is hardlv anv douhl ill Lowl'r
1 h d d h dd 1
fhe grown-up actIVItIes on the PIa\,- . .
ent y at an an soon t e ru Yg ow . . Merion that taxes will also 1)(' lIIal('-
. I" I 'dd 1 'th I.:round were qUIte a second thoughl
IS )J'lI1g'mg out lC en co ors In e rug " ,.' I'ially reduced next "ear but if COIIIl-
I h
' f' ' d and not given serIOus consldera- ' '
ant touc IIlg up urmture, pIctures an. b . , dl wants to take the wind 011 tor IhI'
. I I' II' h T h tlon '1 the orIginal promot- . . ,
aces Wit 1 new 11g'1 Ig' ts. 0 t e true, of the mergeJ'ltes It S('('111S 10
fi 1
' 1 ' ers of thiS Playground pro- ' .
re-wors lipper, however, a g oW1l1g; 'I . llIe the way to do it is to ma!;e Illp
. 'I d d' d' ,Ject, am glad to notice that a
Ire IS a .lea ous god, eman mg un 1- j I' b ' taxes lower than those of Low('1' MI'I'- '
.' d ,lrger num er of people from MerIOn I
vlded attentIOn, One can not read an ! I' Y I ' , ' ' iOIl although I fear this WOlild be
, I elln al ey and VICllllty have found '
watch the fire at the same tlll1C; the, 't ,\' , practic'J1ly impossible as the -lssl'sspd
" ., I POSSI lIe to enJOY the ball games " . , , ' , , ... ,. ,
radiO can be hstened to when It IS not, I h h' ., valuation of Narberth prollert I' is
, ' . I' :Inl t at t e tenlllS courts are well '
100 stJ'ldent or too banal, whIch IS se - i 'd I . , "vcr so much higher than that of silll- '
d b
'fi 'b f ,11,-(' anI that the chIldren make 111- '
am, ut conversatIOn ts In est a ' . I h Hal' property in Lower Merion Town-
II E d d
· I aeaslIIg' y eavy usc of the Play- , ' '
n, ven past sorrows an Isap- d b I I The tax 1'(/ te may be 'lPlll'OX1- I
, I' db' Il.:roun, ut a so learn that t.he a('-' .' I
pOllltments can le tI ansmute the I' 't" mately the same but what is the use I
h h
," IVI ICS of the chIldren arc somewhat ' 'I
alc emy of t at gleam mto slgmficant I'db ' i r the assessed valuation is so milch
, .!l'estl'lcte y the use of the ball held .
parts 111 the pattern of hfe. The, I th Id ., higher within the Borough limits"
clock chimes the quarter-hours with I Iy 1e °b 1'1' people. I belIeve Ihls ;fhere are a lot of interesting
,lise las een worked out under the . .
what seems to be an accelerated pace, I , ,t' " ill Our Town of November 2'ith 011'
, IlIsti uc IOns of the Committee III ' '
the flame dIes down, the embers glow! h t h ' . , thc merger and allied subJ'ects luxl's
, I I C arge 0 t e entire satIsfactIOn of· , . .,' ,
until fina 1y the summons of bed be-I b d A '\IId tax rate included but I feel th'It.:
' ,'\'ery 0 y, great many people frol\l ,. " ,
comes unanswerab y compe mg. As: II' d" Ihere are many people in Narb('I'l.h
h 1 I d h
' Th ,Ie surroun lIlg terrItory have nuu!l' ' .
e re uctant y ascen s t e staIrs, e f f h PI . ,- llIuch more 'lb1e than I am to answl'r
V f 1
rce usc ate ayground, wluch IS ' , . ,
, agrant always pauses or one fina 't 't h Id b Th P '1l<'se various questions Then'fo)'{' I
I" qUI e as I s au e, e laygroulld .. ... .,
oak mto th.e brIght red eye of the was not selfishl' rovided f h'" '_ have confined my efforts to tax redll('- i
grate gleaming alone from the dark- , p or tel (,8 tion ani
d I
, , "N' 1 "h IIlents of Narberth only. It was made y. I
ene IvLmg-yroom, t Ice p ace;'N' e ready for the use of 'the childrl'n of A, E. WOHLER'I'.
says. a agran e answers Ice, ' ,
I .. d' t" t' f 11' the commul11ty at large. In thiS ('on-
p ace, an In an IClpa IOn a y: nection it ma\' be well to mention that
good tomorrows, they close theIr eyes· II PI . d f 'I" f h I
d II d
a aygroun al'l Ihes ate arg-
on a ay we one. , . ,
' ,1'1' centers, and I behevc m the :-:l\Iall-
le QuestIOn' .
Af t
' 'th th I e!' ones, arc open to all comers wlth-
tel' many conversa Ions WI e: out restrictions,
Wandering Jew, finally the opportun-: I th E' . B 11 ,t' f W ,I " '
, .I h Th Y t Id kin e \ enlllg u CillO ( ( III,s-
Ity Came w en e agran cou as 'd N b 23 d h Ii
th t' h' h h h d b 1 i ay, ovem er 1', on t e Irst and
. e ques IOn w IC e a, een ong- i Inst pages, is l\ partial comment of
109 to utter, and so he Said as gently I· the P rk C ., 'I t t
, ." a ommlssloners as repor
and sympathetically as posSIble, Are as fil d d th t t ('1 I
. ' e , an a repor was I e(
you 1I0t weary of hfe and fil1ed WIth a u't fIbI' I
. ' q I e a ew years ago, e leve. n
great longmg to be qUIt of the curse that r pt· h th t th ' I
., . e or IS s own a e recelJl S
WIth which you have been afflicted sO of 10 30 f C bb C k I J 'I I
•. ?" J' t.J 0 0 s rce an( • UIlIH -n
many cent,urles ;'1 k
ew s Golf Courses were $62,871.00. "At I
was amazing. now of no curse, nach cour e "the d'to'" I ",t . I
, " d .. s , au I IS saH, s 01-
he saId, of course, I hav? hear ,age charges for 1030 weI'\' $200.00:
of the CI1l'1stlan folk-lore whICh has Iand e ch 'n tru t 'd 00 I
, a I scar recclve 11"1' '
grown up about me. I have not yet, hour for ea hies " I
' Jl h ' II h ' ' d I c son. I
lea; t at IS a t ere IS to It, an as I "Rcgardl'ng th T ' C I ' .
,I e enms our ,s III
the ex?ectancy of death long smce left: the Park," Major Martin said, "the,
I find myself, able to endure Commission charges 50 cents for the i
hfe WIth greater certainty of purpose Court per game, but permits rour i
and more than, other m.en players to take part." "In New York," I
can to It. The details of dally, this same news item states "thc Cit. '
living annoy me as much as they do! received 50 cents per for I'
any othel' man, but not more so. The I lise of such Courts," Venetian Glass Mosaics, pieces of Stained Glass, and a coHec-
vast of human Narberth's Playground could very I tion of beautiful Water Colors, Oils, Pastels and Etchings by
stantly unfo1dmg before my view IS well be managed so the cost of opera-
always engrossing." t.ion could be covered by smal1 fees! NICOLA D'ASCENZO, are offered for your enjoyment by the
The Answer charged. Certainly by doing that I Shull GaHeries, 25 Bala Ave., Bala.Cynwyd, until December
"If there was no curse, how do you i those grown-ups who make use of I 21st. Rooms open daily from 8.30 to 5, Wednesday Evenings I
account for the fact that you, and you, Playground would pay for the use 8 to 10 and Sundays 2 to 5 P, M. "
only, have lived so long?" The Va- Iand pay sufficiently, so that the

December 2, 1931
252 Haverford Avenue
It is readily apparent, therefore,
that the critical period of child foot
care is during the early years when
lhe tiny bones are fonning and the
little muscles are strengthening.
This is the period of the child's
life when the little feet must be
carefully watched and cared for,
because it is during these early
years thai the feet can be shaped
at will, either bent and deformed,
or made strong and sturdy.
( Another in this series of Foot
fucts will appear here !a/luary 6)
masses begin to unite, fonning the
general structure of the foot, but
S;lme of the bones are not com·
pletely fonned until the age of 18
or 20.
s: =
Watch Davis' Windows
is compel/lilt a/ld glad to aid in the care of feet
We do more tllan "repair shoes"
Pride oj Ownership
Between a diamond from Tiffany's and a sparkler
from Woolworth's, a cas--ual glance might detect no
difference. But a knowledge of true values immedi.
ately quickens a desire for the real gem. A
knowledge of Jeddo-Highland coal gives its users that
secret sense of contentmel1t which comes with owning
the better things in life.
... ,/I Store
In Narberth
224 Haverford Avenue Narberth 4035
-Come in and see our shelves and counters, laden
with gifts and cards for every member of the fam·
ily, and for your friends as well.
Let's Help the Post Office
-by buying and mailing Christmas gifts early.
You will find, at Davis' Store, a large selection of
Gifts, Christmas Wl'appiIlgs and Greeting Cards, at
prices more moderate dun ever.
B. G. Constantine
Seen with the aid of
the X-ray,
the baby's tiny foot does nol re-
veal 26 connected bones, but 26
bony masses which do not appear
even to touch each other. As the
child grows and the various articu-
lar surfaces are formed, these
masses enlarge and assume proper
shape, soon meeting each other. In
the tiny child there is no amoulLt
of muscular development, so nature
holds the vllrious arches in posi-
tion by means of fatty pads. Tha.t
is why the feet of the infant usm-
ally appear to be perfectly fiat and
continue so for a year. As thoe
child begins to crawl and to stanll,
the leg muscles develop, the
pads are absorbed, and the
begins 10 appear arched. Ataboml
the age of six to eight the tiny
Goodwear Shoe Repair
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HENRY W. TAYLOR, Paoli Artist.
Pen and Ink Drawings of familiar
Kidney Shaped Dressing Tables.
Ladder Back Chair•

Adelizzi Bros.
Cleaners, Dyers, Furriers,
102 Forest Ave.. Narb. 2602
238 Bala Ave.. Cyn. 928
: Heating
100 Forest Avenue,
Phone: Narberth 1652
Hobson & Cain
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for suggestions for useful
Christmas Gifts
-to rclieye fatigue and
tiredness and erase lines.
Contoure Facial
216 Dudley Ave., Narb. 2324
Orders taken for Knitted SUits,
Rugs and other finished work
Just Like Finding It
Since the thrift bug hit the family.
Sister has had to do a lot of sav-
ing. But her last year's wool dress
looks as good as new afcr'we gave
il a good cleaning.
of odd pieces of furniture. You'll
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All the water you want- no matter
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up on the hilltop or down in the shel-
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spark ing water lies in our constant:
Iy controlled water pressure in water
mains and pipes. This unfailingpres-
sure we maintain for your comfort
and safely, day and night ... that is
why those who live at sea level get
exactlythe same serviceas thosewho
liTe many hundreds of feet above
the sea level. That is why water and
plenty of it is always at your service.
Ready in an instant for your emer-
gency. Everything that men. money
and scientific research and engin-
eering skill and equipment can do
for JOU is at your service-
from Pedigreed Streams"
Christmas Gifts
Materials for and
free Instruction In
Page Four
-----------1. IDr. Morena to Lecture at ID'Ascenzo Art on I
\' Church Notes Narberth Lutheran Church I' D· 1 . C d w. P. MIESEN Narberth-Menon-Penn Valley
for Dolls - I lSp ay In ynwy Carpenter .•:. Builder .:. Jobbing l-ocal &. Ie'E
Make presents . ....: An opportunity to hear an unusual I' 832 MONTGOMERY Ava.
216 Avon Road !lecturer will be offered the people of W k f E' Ph'l d I h' Phones: CHESTER G JONES
Narberth The Presbyterian Church N b rth Th d ., D or 0 mlDent a a e p aa Day-Narberth 3973·M •
Phone: Narberth 2705 ar e urs ay evenmgs m e- A' b Exh' . d I N'gh N--"- rth Aft.aA Woodb' N rb 40
________________Iltev. Van Ness, D.D., Minister cember. rtast .to • e abate
Meetmgs for December 4: Dr. Paul I. Morentz, born and Untal 21st II mr =S
. 0.45 A. School. in the faith, a stude?t I --- i
fllr ChrIstmas Enter.tamment and mstructor m BIble, a lecturer In i AT THE SHULL GALLERIES I'
I w.ll\eh WIll take place on Friday eve-I many schools and universities, and a i . ---. . .
I IIIl1g, December 23. Imissionary of the Lutheran Church I . m the serIes o.f eXhIbIts. of
I 11.00 A. M. _ Morning Worship. for 20 years will give a series of ad-I lhstmgulshed art works IS now bem
Celebrution of "Universal Bible Sunol dresses in Holy Trinity Lutheran held at the Shull Galleries, 25 Bala I
clay." Sermon Theme: "RejoicingIChurch. works of I
ill Hope." His first lecture was given yester- DAscenzo are on and I
11.00 A. M.-The Junior Church,! day on "The Gospel Age": Coming WIll be to the pubhc wIthout:
Iconducted by Mrs. Digby and Mrs. H'lllectures, December 8th "Immanuel":, charge 21. I
i 1\. Smith. December 15th "The Suffering Ser- I . The. water. colors'i
I u.45 P. M.-Three Endeavor Soci_1 vant": December 22nd "The Light of IOIl .pamtmgs, etchmgs, mosaIcs. and:
.. o!l e:t.y meetings. : the World." !:ita.med ,,:ork by the
7 45 P M Th E . W h' I People of all faiths are most cor-I' Phliadelphla artIst. The showlOg fol-1
. ..- e ors IP,!. .. . lows the recent exhibition of the work,
Hllonsored by the Westmmster Circle. dlally InvIted to share m the presen-I f N C W h d W· . I
. .. t t' f th b' to. . eyt an Ilham Tefft I
A estmmster Chorus WIll SlOg. Set-j a Ion 0 ese su Jec s. .., h h' I
"Th Wid' M warz, w Ich attracted many peo-
mon eme: e or s ost I t th II' I N
"" B'bl CI M p e 0 e ga erles. b th C 1 C
\Yllnderful Woman. 1 e asses to eet I· N' I D'A b' T . I I ar er oa Ompany
. . ICO a scenzo, orn In orrIce -
! Tuesday Evening-Community Bi- ThIS Sunday the first meetmg of '[Ia Italy 'n 1871 h b A" I . •
I F d' ,. " I ,as een an men- h
I hie Class, taught by Miss Harrison. t.he· e eratlOn of Men s BIble Classes. can since childhood. His studio in I Ralp S. Dunne. Owner
I Wednesday Evening-Prayer Meet- ?f Montgomery County be held Philadelphia is the mecca of art stu-I DISTRIBUTORS JEDDO HIGHLAND ANTHRACITE
I illg'. Subject, "How We Got Our 111 the Carmel Presbytenan Church'l dents a d cl b f
I Uible." Limekiln pike and Edge Hill road" parts Of
the u g;OUPS S rom m
Gl 'd Th t" h dId' coun ry. ome 0 IS
Thursday Evening - Westminster I .J ensl e. e mee 109 IS sc u e Imost interesting work is displayed in I
I f r 3 30 P M E th
I Telephone Nar1>erth 2430-2431
Circle Meeting. Hostesses: Mrs. 0 • ., very mall III e the present e hib't' .,
Graves Mrs Kirkpatrick Mrs Pat II County is invited to attend this meet-I Mr D'As eX 0' I JOn·k · f l'
1 h W dbl
I ,. " -'.' l' c nz s wor IS 0 peeu lar!
'':'iii2iii3iiiiiiNiiiiiiariiibiiieiiirtiiiiiiiiiiA.viiieiii·'iii"iiie.aiiiriiiiiiiiiio.oiiiiiiiiiniiie..:,J Ierson, Mrs: Rankin, Mrs. Nold and lUg to lepresent hIS class and church. interest to Main Line residents, be-I
Mrs. Narrlgan. some of his best known work. I
.. I Players Meet Tuesday has been done in this section. The'
I Methodist Episcopal Church i The regular monthly, meeting of Ifirst medallion window of the 13th!
I ( Rev. Samuel MacAdams Narberth .Players WIll be h.elc! Oil Icentury period in this country is lo-!
.1.45 A. M.-Sunday . [uesday evemng at 8 P. M. 111 l.hl! cated in St. John's Church, Cynwyd. i
. 11.00 A. M.-Mornmg Worllhlp. Narberth School. The most widely known of his win- i
I Ye the Way of the Lord." I . Iclows are the historical windows in the I
I 6.45 P. I. Margaret of Ichapel at Valley Forge, which have,
I 7.45 P. M.-Evenmg WorshIp. Gos- t.h_ Lutheran Woman s Work waS I been compared by architects to those I
I (leI Service. "The Parable of lhe speaker at Holy Trinity II of Chartres and Sainte-Chappelle. I
105 N. Narberth A.ve. Ihe SOIls." Church, Narberth, on the occasIOn of Other distinctive examples of Mr. I
Ph. Narberth 2340 Monday, 5th: the annual .Offerin
of ID'Ascenzo's are fond in the Lady
WINDOW SHADES, LINOLEUM :.00 P.. of lhe. t!w Womens. MISSIOnary SOCtety, last, Chapel; the great west window in the I
PAPERHANGING, PAINTING /III S ForeIgn MISSIonary SOCII'l.y m' Sunday evenmg. I Princeton University Chapel', St.
UPHOLSTERING. etc. I "" .1' Church Parlor. !.Tames' Church, Bristol, and the Phil-·
\ 8.00 P. M.-Meeting of the Official 1 Iadelphia-Fidelity Trust Building. I
IIl1ard. _ I Many of the paintings and etchings
I Tuesday, 6th: . I . in the Shull exhibit are the results i
I , 8.00 P. M.-Meetmg of tire Sunday I lof travels in far countries taken by I
I:school Board. at the home of Mrs. I 11\1r. D'Ascenzo and his wife, who, as'
II. Ronald PaIge, 227 Dudley avenue. I Myrtle Goodwin had been an instruc-/
Wednesday, December 7th: : "Religion" is Ninth of ,tor in design. 'The rooms are open,
8.00 P. M.-Prayer Meeting. I Library Reading Lists I' cl?i1y from 8.30 to 5, Wednesday eve-I
--- nmgs 8 to 10, and Sundays, 2 to 5'
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church "Religion" is the ninth in the ser- IP. 1\1. I .... g I
r;:========:======:;' I ltw. Cletus A. Senft, Pastor ies of reading lists prepared by the I I
B.30 A. M.-Bible Schoo!. . Library for the benefit of those pa-
I 11.00 A. M.-The Mormng ServIce. trons who may desire to THE FIRESIDE I
iThe pledges, of. the congregation for t.heir reading.! I
l.i1e year 1933 WIll be made and placed The list approaches the subject lei I . .,. . ( ant nued from Page Three)
upon the offermg plate at thIS servIce. from many angles and it is felt that I
The men who will go out during I hooks are inclu?ed wh.ich will appeal I' spent the week-end in New York,'
aflernoon un the Every Member VISI- to readers of WIdely dIvergent tastes. where they attended the Army-Notre,
lation will also be commissioned. The i The list follows: , Dame game. [
Ipastor's theme: "The Christ for JewI 1 _ William James-"Varieties of! Mra: Charles B.. of 3u Avon:
Iand Gentile." Religious Experience." Old, but still a I IS .recuperatlO
In Method-I
i 6.45 P. M.-Reorganization of the! I'emarkable study in pathology. after undergomg an op-'
Luther League.. . . I 2-Harry E. Fosdick-"The Modern uatlOn. .
7.45 P. M.-Speclal MUSIcal SerVIce I Usc of the Bible." A sensible Bible I Mr. and Mrs. Ramond E. Carne1t,
by the Senior Choir. The Pastor Willi' for the perplexed modern studellt. i IIf Haverford avenue, are entertaining
I LeU Temple Baily's story: "The Star 3-Harry E. Fosdick-"As I See I at a buffet luncheon this Saturday be- .
in the Well." : Iteligion." The finest presentatioll of ICo.re the Army-Navy game in honor of
. Tuesday, .10 A. M.-Women's Mis-I t.he liberal view of religon. LIeutenant-Commander Ernest E.
\ SocIety at the home of Mrs. I 4-Frank G. Lewis-"How the m-j ,Johnson, .D. S. N., and Mrs.
I Urlller, 316 Merion avenue. Ihie Grew." An expert's answer to lhe of Washmgton, D. C., who WIll be
I. Tuesday, 8.00 P. M.-Council Meet· question "How did we get our Bible'!" I t.heir guests over ;-veek-euu. i
mg. . 5-Walter M. Horton-"Theism and I Mr. and Mrs. Wliham H. Hagen-,
I 8.00 P. M.-Teaehers'l t.he Modern Mood." An unpolemic de-I Of. the
at the home of Mr. McLaugh- I fense of Theism against Humanism. I [hanksglvmg hohdays 10 PIttsburgh.
1111,209 Elm Terrace. I 6-Walter Bundy-"Our Recovel'yl Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Harnden and Shull Lumber Company
Thursday, 6.45 P. M.-Confirnmtionl of Jesus." The process of restoring Robert Harnden, of New Haven, The Link Betwe4!n Forest and Home
Class. !Jesus to our modern world. I Conn., were the guests of MI'. and
Thursday, 8.00 P. M.-The second I 7-Walter Bundy-"The Religion IMrs. Charles E. Harnden, of Moreno 29 Bala Avenue, Bala-Cynwyd Cynwyd 662
I3ible study by. Paul I. Mo-I IIf Jesus." What Jesus Himself had, Valley, over the Thanks- OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL 3 P. M.
l'entz, a JewIsh ChrIstIan, on Isaiah: , rather than what others have had be- Ig'IVlIlg hohdays. i
"Immanuel." I cause of Him. I MI'. Evan Bruce Byall, a student at
. ! 8-Caroline M. Hill-"The World's I College, spent the holidays
Bapt,st Church of the E"angel IGreat Religious Poetry." A world IWIth hIS parents, Mr. and Mrs. .T.
Robert E. Keighton, Minister Anthology for those who like poetry., Bruce Byall, of Bryn Mawr avenue,
Stanley T. Reiff, Organist I 9-Robert E. Hume-"The World's IPenn Valley. Mr. and Mrs. Byall hael :
Sunday, December 4: I Living Religions." A remarkable,:ls their guests on Thanksgiving Day
. 9.45 A. M.-Two Worships Serv-I concise summary of the eleven re-I Mrs. R. J. Dearborn and her two
Ices of the Church School, one for: ligions in the world today. Idaughters, Ruth and Sally Dearborn,
Lhe Lower School and the other for I 10-George A. Coe-"What Is i
of Summitt, N. J.
the Upper School. i Christian Education'!" One man's, M.r. and Mrs. Norman Kelly and.
10.00 A. M.-The Men's Class,! I'eply to this, perhaps the newest oC I famIly, of Newport News, Va., were·
t.aught by the Pastor. We are studY-lour religious questions? ' Ithe guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
ing the temptations of Jesus. 11-Lewis Browne-"This Believ-t E. Loughlin, of Dudley avenue, over
11.00 A. M. - Morning Worship.; ing World." A we)) told story of the: the week-end.
Sermon: "Rejoicing In Hope." Ob- I forms taken by man's faith in God.! Miss Alice Tyson, a student at
of Universal Bible Sunday. I 12-William K. Wright-"A Stu_I Bucknell University, spent the
7.45 P. M.-Evening Worship. AIdent's Philosophy of Religion." A pro- Thanksgiving holidays with her par-
,;erviee given entirely to a worshipful! fessor of philosophy examines very cnts, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Tyson, of
ubservance of the Lord's Supper. i carefully and presents very interest- S. Narberth avenue.
Monday, December 5: : ingly the nature, history, psychology Mr. Clyde Richardson, son of Mr.
8.00 P. M.-The White Cross Mt.et-j and philosophy of religion. . nnd Mrs. G. R. Richardson, of Valley!
ing. 13-J. H. Penniman _ "A Book View road, Merion, recently returned
Tuesday, December 6: ! About the English Bible." The Pro- from a two months' stay in Birming-
10.30 A. M. - The White CrosB: vost of the University of Pennsylva- ham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Meeting. i nia writes of the literary development Miss Jean Staples, a student at
12.00 Noon-Devotional Services I of our English Bible. Oberlin College, spent the Thanksgiv-,
led by the Pastor. I 14-Rufus M. Jones-"Somc EX-! ing holidays with her parents, Mr. i
8.00 P. M.-The Board of Trull': ponents of Mystical Religion." Mys- and Mrs. A. C. Staples, of Woodside;
lees. Iticism in the life and writings of avenue. I
Wednesday, December 7: : Luther Robert Browning Walt Whit. Mrs. C. L. Brearly, of Elm Terrace, I
6.30 P. M.-Dinner and Meeting of Iman others, described by our will entertain the members of herl
Church. Speaker: Rev. Orlando neighbor, the world's outstanding au- club at luncheon and bridge next Tues-I'
1. Steward. 't.hority on mysticism. . day.
The Boys' Club meets at the Chureh 1 15-Shailer Mathews-"The Atone- Miss Susan Reevs, daughter of Mr. i
011 Tuesday and Thursday evenings, ment and the Social Process." The and Mrs. H. G. Reevs, of Windsor i
and .the Girls' Club meets on Friday iChristian Idea of Atonement changes avenue,. spent the Thanksgiving holi-;
evemngs. !according to the social concepts of clays WIth her parents. She had as j
Sunday, December 11 _ Morning! the age. her guest, a classmate, Miss Peggy'
ond Services given t? pres-I 16-Streeter and others-UImmor-, McMaster. I
of the Laymen's MI!lslOnary tality." A symposium on a subject Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Edgerton,:
lnq?lry, important cant.l'i- of universal interest, conducted by a of Chestnut avenue, entertained at a
llUbon to mIssIons m our age. group of English liberals. (Continued on Five)

• ...

December 2, 1932
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The International RelatIons Group Alice Monks, daughter of Mr. and • ' .. . •
Ilf the Communi:y Club uf I Mrs. Harvey W. Monks, 200 Grayling • vO .0 UR' MANY R'RLENDS •
Narberth wIll hold. a meetmg at till! Iavenue, Narberth, won special com-I. .• • ••
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tawil, of home of the chaIrman, Mrs. LeulI, . I . • •
Beechwood lane, Narberth, entertain- Webster Melcher, 317 Meeting House i from the .editorIal of • .,
cd at a dinner part last Friday cve- lane on Monday afternoon at two 1). the Oberlin College literary magazme,. and patrons, who have con- •
ning in honor of Mrs. Yvonne Ran-I M. 'The speaker will be Miss Jeun- The Olympian, for her first fiction,. fidence in our store, in our . •
dolph Luck, of N. Y., who have been I nette Gounmach, the Polish Secretary "The Silver Lute." She goods and in our service, Raymal in syrup ..... 2 largest cans, 25c •
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles .J. de 'I of the International Institute of the buted poetry to the mahig.azme prevl-. we say Fancy Santa Clara Prunes, . . . . 2 lb., 15c •
V. Keefe, of Bala. Y. W. C. A. ously. She is a Junior t s year. • •
Miss Carlyon Goldsmith, who is a I • Thank You •
student ,at State,. spent thelll'enn Wynne, after spending the he Mrs. B. J. Segui, Mrs. C. M. Luk- • Bisquick--quick biscuit flour ..... , . ,pkg., 29c •
'fhanl,sglving holidays WIth her par- '.L'hanksgiving holidays with Mr. ens, Mrs. L. L. Crehen, Mrs. C. M.. for a splendid Thanksgiv- Biscuit CUTTER FREE 'With each package •
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Gold- Smiths grandmother, Mrs. Henry E. Sullivan, Mrs. W. S. Craven, of Over- ing business.
timith, of Montgomery avenue, Wynne-I Smith, Finley Ville, near Pittsburgh. brook; Mrs. S. B. Odgen and Mrs. H. • •
wood. I They were accompanied by Mr. nox. THIS FRIDAY &. SATURDAY. Chicken of the Sea Tuna Fish, ... 8-oz. can, 15c
Mrs. Lester Collier, of Manor road, ISmith's father, Mr. E. U. Smith, of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Kennedy, of Sa- • •
Wynnewood, gave a tea last Friday I Narberth. lJine avenue, spent the ThankRgivinK • Wilmar Beardsley's Shredded Codfish. ; , pkg., 14c •
afternoon in honor of Miss Margaret I Mrs. George Burnett, of Wynnedale holidays in Pittsburgh. • Peanut Butter Gorton's Ready-to-Fry Codfish Cakes can, He •
Evans, of Albania, who was her guest II.oad, entertained the members of her Mr. and Mrs. James C. Keenan, of • •
for several days. Miss Evans, who dub at bridge on Tuesday. [<'orrest avenue, spent the Thunl,sgiv- • I6-oz. J. ar, I3e New Mackerel, white and fat, . , ' , . , .each, 19c •
has been with the Ncar East Relief Mr. Philip Calahan, a student ut Ing holidays in Pittsburgh.
in Albania for the past three years, Gettysburg College, spent the Thanlts- Mr. William Brownlea and his son, • Libby's Rosedale Red Salmon. . tall can, 15c •
and is a teacher in a girls' school, holidays with his uncle and Master William H. Brownlea, Jr.,. Hershey's COCOA •
wore the native costume and gave a aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Ripper, or who have been the guests of Mr. and • h Mil M I 35c •
very interesting tall, on her experi- Oudleyavenue. Mrs. Kenneth Bovee and Miss Anne • can, 6c Jo nson co at ..... , ... ,.",. can, •
cnces in Near East. Miss Ann Speed, daughter of Mr. Douglas, of Essex avenue, returned • FOOTBALL FREE 'With each can •
Mr. and Mrs. Percival Roberts, Jr., find Mrs. Hugh B. Speed, of Chestnut hy motor this week to their home in • •
of Farm, are avenue, will .have as her this Millbrae, California. • Jello •
stoPP\l1g at the Plaza III New York. week-end MISS Rachel Kiene, of Mrs. J. M. Baer, of Shirley road, Krumm's Macaroni or Spaghetti ... 2 pkg., 15c
Mrs. W. Russell Green, who was Sweetbriar College, Va. Miss Speed entertained at a luncheon and bridge. all flavors S'I L k C B I 10c.
a delegate of the Lower Merion-Nar- lind her guest will attend the Army- on Tuesday. The guests were Mrs. • 2 k 15 1 ver a e ut eets argest can, •
berth Council of .Republica
Navy game tomorrow.. R. W. Baily, Mrs. LeRoy A. King, • P g., e Hormel's Vegetable Soup.. .2 large cans, 29c •
to the Pennsylvamu State ConventIOn Mr. and Mrs. Speed WIll have as Mrs. Martha Bloom, Mrs. Ralph. •
of at the Penn- (,heir guest on Saturday Cadet James Heath, Mrs. Heath, Sr., Mrs. F. A. • My-T-Fine •
Harm Hotel 111 Harrisburg. The ses- Buck, of West Point, and San An- Bothe, Mrs. Paul Loos, Mrs. H. Gar- Lipton's Orange Pekoe Tea. . pkg., 49c •
sions of which were held the firstltonio, Texas. her and Mrs. H. C. Middleton, Jr.. Dessert d F II Q PdP k F EE
three days of this week, has returned A surprise party was given to Mrs. Mrs. Baer and Mrs. Middleton will • an a u uarter- oun ac age R •
to her home on Woodbine avenue. Harold C. Fenno, of Essex avenue, on also entertain at a small luncheon on • pk 9c •
Miss Marion Selee
, operatikc ahnd Monday night in honor of hel' birth- Tuesday in honor of Mrs. Charlefl • g., Fancy sour pitted Cherries. . No.2 can, 12c •
concert contralto of ew Yor', as day. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, of Chicago, who is the guest • •
been Thanksgiving hol:- Albert F. Hutt, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. of Mrs. F. N. Floyd, of Merion. • Mild, Creamy Matches, strike anywhere. .6 Ig. boxes, 23c •
,days WIth her SIster, Mrs. Berl!ard F. Mc!lhenney, Mr. and Mrs.. H. Among the will be Mrs. Floyd, • New Pack Tomatoes. . . 4 N 2 25c.
Keenan, of. Avon road, op-, PaIge, Mr. and Mrs. Newhn WIRmCl', Mrs. Thomas GIlham and Mrs. Ken- CHEESE, lb., I9c . o. cans, •
era tours WIth two compames 111 Ham- Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Speed, Mrs. Ilcth J. King, of Germantown. I.
ilton and Toronto, Canada, with the Margaret Devine, Miss Alice Whitten- The Misses Eleanor, Kathryn and • •
where dale and Mr. H. C. Fenno. Sarah Burgess, of Hampden avenue, I. 7\.T
te Th;s Pr;ce.' F'RUITS and T7EG'ET'ABLES •
sne received unammous praIse for the Mr. and Mrs. Ernest CronlUllll, • , • 1 "i I 1. ,"'' 1. I Y J •
leading l' Ie of Azucena in "11 Travo- T T t N J th t (Continued un I al\'e Four)
o . r., of ren on, . ., were e g-uess. GRAPEF V •
Lore," and in New York and Boston over the week-end of Mr. and Mrs. . I Pound of Fancy R IT •
with the San Carlo Company, II. M. Griest, of Merion avenue. Annual Methodist .Xmas • Yellow Onions C
where she had the dlstmctlon of sup- Mr. George Sjoholm, a student at. Bazaar IS Tomorrow • •

Bunch of new fresh •
porting Mme. Maria .Jeritza in .aea - Gettysburg College, spent the holidays I .
leria Rusticana. MIss Selee WIll be I\t. his home on lona avenue. I thmgs .to eat. and at- • %-pk. WHITE CAR ROT S •
beard in a Boston debut recital, Jan- Mrs. Conrad Albrecht, of Maple !tractlve Christmas WIll be Ull • POTA TOES Your •
uary 4, 1933. . . . liane, entertained the members of her i sale at the annual ?azaal'l. . •
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Llvlng.ston, of at bridge on Wednesday evening-. Iof the Nar.berth MethodIst EpIscopal Choice Bunch of new fresh •
t Ch h th S t d •
Lb. of Jersey SWEET
412 Essex avenue, have as thClr gues s Mrs. W. C. Lindner, of Kenilworth I urc IS a ur ay. BEE T S .
Miss Evelyn Manning, Mr. and Mrs. ,'oad. Merion, will entertain the mem-'\ A curiosity room in the church par- • POTA TOES for •
Charles Scanlon and their son, Mr. hers of her club at luncheon and will be of the novelties. In • •
.charles E. Scanlon, who motored from hridge next Tuesday. The guest.s will i thIS WIll be a num?er of old I • Lb. of New Southern Crisp stalks of •
last Wednesday. Mr. and Iand curIOus wares from thIS country, • •
Mrs. Livingston also had as their . as well as from foreign countries. The CAB BAG E C E L E R Y •
guests on Thanksgiving Day Dr. and St. Margaret's GuIld to Hold admission charge to this room is tell •
Mrs. Frank J. Shields, of Philadel- Annual Food Sale TomorrowIcents. Mrs. Joseph H. Miller, who is • •
phia. . - in charge of the black and white ta- • Penna. A P P L E S 5Ib 19c •
The Messrs. Scanlon and Mr. Al- St. Margaret's Guild will hold its IhIe, will have a number of attractive • S 30 Ib b·' k 59 •
fred Livingston, son of Mr. and Mrs. 'lI1nual food sale this Saturday at 243 I articles at a very low price. Includ-. tayman - . as et, C •
Livingston, spent the week-end in Haverford avenue, Narberth. Mrs. ed among them are a number of black • •
New York. .r. J. Cabrey and Mrs. W. J. Butler and white serving trays. •
Mrs. Livingston and her guests will will be in charge. The dinner to be served from 5 to 7 • Fancy White Crosse &. Blackwell Jam. . . . 3 J. ars, 69c
uttend the Army-Navy football game The proceeds of the sale will be in the evening is especially appetizing • •
t.his Saturday. Iised to furnish Christmas baslwts to llnd cheap. • RICE, lb., 5c Red Curra"t, Black Currant, Strawberry, Raspberry •
Miss Madeleine Baughman, daugh- the needy and all donations of pies,. Gooseberry and Plum •
ter of Mrs. Paul Baughman, of Nar- cakes, preserves, jellies, etc., will be Win Bridge Tourney • Yellow Com Meal •
berth avenue, has returned to Wilson welcome. Miss Anita Miller, of Narberth, and • Pillsbury FI 5 lb b 19.
C?llege, spending the Thanks- The Guild will its m?nthly Mr. Samuel.Phillips, of Wynnewood, • 3 lb., IOc Gold Medal our·· ag..... c •
giving hohdays at her home. card party on Monday m the LIbrary were the wmners of the November. Ceresota I2-lb. bag .... 3ge •
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aisworth of the school at 2 P. M. Mrs. Carl evening bridge tournament at the Bar-
Smith and their son, Mr. Henry A. n. Rheams and Mrs. W. J. Bailey are clay Bridge Club, sponsored by Mrs. • Silver Dust •
Smith, Jr., returned on Sunday night Ihe hostesses. There will be a prize George Sickels Van Court, of Beech- • k Franklin SUGAR, to-lb. bag, 43c •
b their home on Rock Glenn road, for each table. wood. • 2 P g., 25c Granulated •

• Fancy R • Ch· k 29 Frank's S I •
• fresh oastmg IC ens.. . C Chester Co. crapp e '" .10c •
• •
: Shoulder spring Lamb. • .17c Co. Sausage ......•. 25c :
• T •
• Roast 35c End Rib Roast 22c •
• •
: Star Bacon .. Rump &. Round Steak, 35c :
• •
: Extra Special!- SIRLOIN STEAK Ib 39 :
• All Finest Quality , ., c.
• •
: Light House Sealect Evaporated Milk :
• Cleanser 3 small eans, IOe; 3 tall cans, 19c •
: 3 cans, IOc :

• 'Ritter's TomatoJuice 3 25c ••
:. Corned Beef Canned Fruits, 2 8-oz. cans, 15c ••
• Apricots, Cherries, Fruit Salad and Sliced Peaches •
• •
• •
• Toilet Paper P &. G Soap 3-Minute Oats •
: 2 rolls, 9c 3 cakes, 10e pkg., ge :
• •
:Cotter's Market:
: Haverford Avenue, Narberth Just Call NARBERTH 2250 :

December 2, 1932
Page Five
Except Engine Oil
Special d..2 95
This Month 'P •
Parking Space
Delightfully Cozy
Tea Room . . . A Beauty
Salon for Refreshing Rest.
••• A
lor unJer tkat Ckristmas
CCree are now at lfour
Line Store
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A This is the great
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presided over by Santa Claus, himself,
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The £ine cJtore -
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Change 011-5 Qts.
Adjust and Dope Front Wheel Bearings
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Flush Radiator
Engine Tune-Up
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Adjust Breaker Point Gap
Check Timing
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Lancaster Avenue and Church Road
November is the time for the big change--get set for approaching winter.
Then rest comfortable in the assurance that your car is prepared for the
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III W. Lancaster Ave.• Ardmore
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4649 Frankford Ave.
Delaware 1800
Trlnlly 6100
Open E,·enln.:" TlII 11;
with this table that
shuffles and deals
Rooms for Rem
fUl'llishecl roomS In pr!-
,'" te home, quiet l'esiclelltial sectloll, yet
"ollvenient to gtation. 'Vlth or without
hreal<fast or full ho,"'d. Phone Narberth
H61. omb-tf
Narberth School Notes I
This year the Eighth Grade boys,
have metal work in shop. First we I
started out practicing riveting, sol-
dering, and hemming. Then oUr first
project was the making of coolde cut-
lers. We cut out the tin and hem it
011 the bar folder. We shape it on dif-
ferent kinds of anvils into either a
hcart, spade, club, diamond, squarc
or hexagon. After this we malw
the handle and solder it on. Other
projects were: match holders, sugar
IiCOOPS and funnels.
Minister at Rotary I The school has· bought for the shoJI Bazaar Next Friday
The Rev. Samuel McAdams, pas-Ilhis year four very useful The Junior Community Club of
tor of the Narberth Methodist Epis- They are the bar folder, roller, bur- Narberth is sponsoring a card party
copal Church, was the guest speaker "Ilr and turner. Shop work has in- and bazaar to be held next Friday
Tuesday at the everyone this year. 'vening, December 9, in the Girl
berth Rotary Club. He was mtro- JOHN KROUT. 8th Grade. Scout Wing of the Community Build-
duced by Dr. Ezra S. Deubler. I ' .
Mr. McAdams gave selfishness as _
the root of the depression, and pointed
out that the United States, blaming-
their troubles on European imperial-
ism, had not been free of this same "
sin. He pointed to the Mexican war,
with the grabbing of several states
as an example. .

The annual Ladies' Night of the :
Bala-Cynwyd-Narberth Rotary Club •
will be held on Monday evening at
the Overbrook Golf Club. There will
be entertainment, music and prizes.
Fifty reservations have already been
--AmeriazsTohk MILK.
Authorized Producers and Distributors
'Phone Wayne 1121 for Trial Order
Hilberg .....•. 168
Hamer, H. 163
Hartley 169
Hause 144
Haws 1l'l
Johnson 162
Jenkins, EI ' .. 162
Jenkins, C. L .. 142
Kelm 148
Lacey 181
McCarter 165
McCoy 176
Murray 160
MawhInney, D. 169
Mawhinney, J.. 127
Mleson 166
Meehan , 166
Nicholson 175
Riley 166
Rublcam 146
Smedley, W. D. 165
Smedley, H. T. 163
Sheller 167
Speakman 138
Sigel 144
Turbutt 162
''',ud 163
\\'''tlH , J53
"'e"theml 1H
\\'eigH ' 173
YOUIlg-, C ' ][,7
H. 1,,8
Yowell J58
glr! destres pos.
Cal'e of child,'en. Ph.
The .Goldcn Guernsey Trade-Mark on the Bottle Cap is your guarantee of
genurne GUERNSEY milk and is used under Royalty Supervision only by
authority of the American Guernsey Cattle Club.
Brookmead has been the pioneer in offering Guaranteed GOLDEN GUERN-
to the households of Ihe Main Line for nearly twenty years. In addi.
lion to Golden Guernsey Quality, our Service is second to none.
1111111 SCIIOOL BOY wishes
work of any Idnd at reaHonahle \vag-es.
OutdoorH or indoors. Phone Nar'herth
4161. omb-tf
mother's helpel'.
An!. :1836,
Advertisers in this paper are relia-
hie merchants. Patronize them.
Averages for 2d Half of
Bowling Season Announced
The averages for the second
Cluarter of the Narberth Inter-Church
Bowling League are as follows:

Were $I.I)O-NOW
'I "'I!!! per
• itJPOlltitl
(Continued from Page Four)

Shreds & Patches
Haverford Opens Court
Season With Penn Dec. 10
Maron candy - that started
delighting lovers of fine
candy before Lincoln was
President - that has been
traditionally famous thru the
administrations of seventeen
Presidents-that is preferred
by discriminating Philadel·
phians on all occasions - is
now only $1.25 per pound due
to the lower cost of materials.
Maron Candies - in the standard
box or packed in a handsome im·
ported container-a marvelous gift.
"LaPopulaire"- Maron chocolates
at $1.00 per pound. All manner of
unusual novelties-animals, cartoon
characters, dolls, nut dishes, cigar-
ette boxes, open dishes, baske18,
elc. • • • an amazing collection at
sensible prices. Come see them.
Famou. Candl•• Sinc. 1857 FOUNTAIN ROOM
M.U ordo.. oollcllod-.hlppIDg oh"'ll" 0''''


(Continued from Page Two) I i
I d d d 1 d
" 1 ('eneJ'ul Not,·c·e·- Clnssltled ."dvertlsements will be "harged only I'
grant as ,e ,an a (e, sure y, you, .., to resIdents of the MaIn Line whose names :
are obliged to admit by now that SOll\p i:: appear In the t.elephone dlrect.ory; to persons malnt.alnlng an account wIth i
sUllernatural power has ]lrolongred 'I', ilL or to regular SUllSCllllel's to ett.her THE MAIN LINER. OUR TOWN, or I.
your days for reasons of its own!' "I i
know it is said that I was cursed be ::. Rates 10 a line III each paper; 25 cents a line In III' three.
I -Mlnilllllm cl",rge. 3nl' In une paper; 75 In nil three AV-
cause I would not permit Jesus to resl "rag" of tlv" words to t.he line. No blackfaced typ" used
by my doorway when he was bearing-' Ii
his cross to Calvary," said the Jew, "but : f)eadline for Insel'tiolls- ClllHHllied will
i.-( • • he ;l('('ppted UI) to 6
I have no memory of such an incident. o'dock for OUIt TOWN or all three papers; Thursday. 1 o'clock, for THE
Many condemned men bearing crosses i:: I.lNER; Thursday. 5 o'clock for NEWS OF BALA-CYNWYD
passed my doorway whcn I was living'· Phone Your Ads to ARDMORE 3100
Narberth National Pays in Jerusalem. Disorderly crowds
$25,000 Christmas Fund often. accompanied them, jeering and
___ crcatlllg- many annoyances for the ..
Checks for $25,000 were mailed yes._I peaceful and orderly people who liv('d S""at,on5 Wanted ., At Your Ser""ce I
,( I', t b f h N 'b .t! along that street. 'Ve heard theil' all- !'O>;ITIO:,\ wallt,',l hy lady aH IJItAPI',RIES, UPIlOLSTI';IUl';G, HE-I
.en 0 mem ers 0 tel al ell· . . aH"i"talll ill privale family. lIome more PAIIUl';G-EHtimates g-ivclI. Cltal.'
National Bank's 1932 Christmas Club. proach WIth dread and watched their 0: "itl"latioll thall Apply 10 "L." leng-er Co" 717 l\TontJ','ornery avellue.
About 400 families, over a fourth of departure with satisfaction. Any de- Tht' :\laill Liner, Ard. Phone, Narherth 2436. Formerly with
Narberth's households receive the lay prolonged our difficulties. ,Ve did' " , ,... . .. , ,Iohn Wanamaker.
, 11'.XI'hIUI'.:O;(I·.11 \\0:\1":0; ell'H,reH llays , ,.. ... .
benefits which are in large part turn- what we could to hasten them along- i 'I' . 'I' \\ I '1'1 UI hm" .. anll rep.; SI))',"g-", of
, h . i \\OJ'\ or 1l10l'lllng":-;. lUi H., piece Hultes rep'tired $10' Chair' \'
.cd over to business people durinrr the t ell' way. There may have been onc' 10', i. It,,[P:·l'nl'es. I'll. A,,\. IImh-If ..." . < ,eeo,
h .' creel, $5. Go au\"whcrc. Call I.. ewln.
Christmas shopping season. named Jesus whom I nllght have. PA WOItK, l\llIntl,,,· anti Frillav. Wayne Hnf>.· omh-II'
A new club is now being formed urged away from my door, but, if so,' !t"f"l·l·nees. Call Artln;nrl' .l!<4-"'. . IHI'I'TLII';1l 1·;>;>;LI:'\IH;H. "a"penter, jllh-
to make Christmas, 1933, happy for I never knew him nor heard of him! a Iterations, Harrett Asphalt
weekly depositors. Classes of mem- until many years later whcn people,: PAY'S \\·OltK--I',"·t lime. de- >;llIng-leH. Conway; :'\arherth
:hership for the fifty-week period amazed at my longevity and seeing in: Hiretl. Befen'lIePH. I'hone Anlmore
.range from 25c a week, payable $12.50 it a thing- surpassing nature, invented' 1(181. PIANO TUNING and repairIng in
town cost much less. Se,;d posta\. Q..
plus interest next December, to $10 tales of a curse wherewith to explain 'I'Y1'I>;'I'-ltelinetl ]a,ly ,lc'HireH fUll Uberll, Williams avenue, Narberth. I'
w('ekly, payable $500 plus interest. . it. Wherein would it satisfy any I or jlar! time worl,. \\'ill do typing- at o-tf
Neatly printed little booklets are el:ernal ends of justice to curse a man! homl'. Call "arhpl'lh Otf J),ll,;>;,.i:\IAKI;>.;G-Elizabeth J'"arson,
available at the bank, in the form through the ages for doing at one IWlilTI'; \\'O:\IA" desire", day's work. Pu,lIey a,'enue, l';arberth. Phone Nar- i
.of sh
llping lists, in which to note particular time the same deed which I :'Ilain Line cxpe,'ienee. Hcfs. I'h. I",,·tlt otf
• .• An\. ,HOIl. omh-t!
{;hnstmas purchases and gifts. 'l11CY pl'evlously had harl no espeCial signi- i -----------------
are free for the asking. (icance when done by himself and his 1·;XI'I·;ltll';:,\CI,;11 1l00KKI,;E!'E1t will
Sl't hooli:S fOI' doctor, iudi vidual 01"
Ileighbors repeatedly? No, my friend, H(Ore, in Hpare time, or will do typing'
Russian Saillovars Are .Jehovah does not do so. I know for I'll. :'\arhe,'th omh-tf
'b't d b Ch II I[have worshipped Him and meditated CIL\I;I,'FI';ITlt, JIIIllHen",n e,lu"aled, El,..-
X 11 ley a engel' I .
on 'lIS ways longer than any other IiHh, llt-gire", pOHition, fuli or part time.
--- lIIan ever did. He is good, and great- EXl'ellent ref". I'h. Ard. omh-tf
Russian samovars from the clay::; of ' ----------------
the regime of the Czars, companion ly to be praised. There is no curHe. I \\'OltK of any kind tleHiretl, or laulldry
[ have not died. That is all there is to tal,e home. Hefs. Ard. 3836.
pieces to those found in the Kremlin,
to it." omh-tf
nrc on display for two wl'pks :It. thp
{;hallengl'l' & Co. showroom of furni·
ture and art, Montgomcry pike, nenr
House lane, Narberth.
Ilear the stamps of numerous awnrds
for the desig-ning and craftsmanship
-of the makers. Chief of these is the Haverford College opens its 1932-33
Seal of the Czar, awardl'd 1881 hy basketball season with the University
Alexander the Third. of Pennsylvania on Saturday,
One of the samovars, mnde in 1'1't.- bpI' 10.
rograd, won for its maker the Medal The Main Liners lost few men
1If the Metroploski, in 1878. Spr\'ice- t.hrough g-raduation and five letter-
:tble and in excellent condition, ,1lH'SP lIIen returned this fall. Two promis,
"elics from the days of Imperial IIns- ing Freshmen court stars entered
are unique; it would he intprpst-,lIaverford this ycar from inter-aca-
ing to know the history of ('lll'h of delllic circles, Ticrnan and Hopper. FOT Sale
them, following the fall of thp Em-I Coa('h Taylor fecls confident that HlP TYI'I';\\,IU'I'I,;ns sold. I'e"t"" all,1 ,,,palr-
pire. Scarlet and Black \vill have a s.te t·il. n·"H. lltUf'e 8ul'pde:..;. :--;uhurban
-;'\'P('\\', itel' Co.. Times .:\1 cdI, al Bldg'. Ph.
eessful season. He stated that toe A:tI. omb-tt
Advertisers in this paper are relia- large number of Junior Varsity men CIlEAP-llIael, broadcloth coat Grey
!,le merchants. neal with them. will bolster the team considerably. I Wolf (,011",' and cuffg. Size :i8. Call
__.""."'_""="". __ __ ,_ ! :'\ad,e"th 3670-\\'. 012-2

Business Bits greets
B!'iefs, a new little news sheet, pUh-, ,linner on Tuesday evening. The
lished by the Narberth Business Coun-I /.\'uests were Mr. and Mrs. John Walk-
.. . , cr, of Kansas City; Mr. and Mrs. Hay Ambler 160
ell, m the Interests of the Borough s Palmer, of Baltimore, Md., and Mr. Albert 176
Brennan 172
husiness folk. The editor is the and Mrs. Monroe Blanchard, of Rid- Ilabb 174
Council's president, Ralph S. Dunne. Icy Park. Butler 161
I,ike this column, it is published Mr. Fred L. Drew, of Newport, N. Ilrownback 1
Brown .
" I' a whl'le" ,I., was the guest of his brother and 139
once n . '"
. . . "ister-in-Iaw, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. ('auley ........ 166
As announced In Busmess BIts 11 I) f M d Pen Valley I'onley 173
rew, 0 oreno roa ,n " ..
month ago, DaRie! Cooperman, of nil Thanksgiving Day. I:ummer 136
I:allahan 168
Hill, has leased C. P. Cook's Miss Dorothy Clevenger, a student Davis, E 176
'H\.ore on Haverford avenue, ncar Nar- at 'Vilson College, spent the Thanks- Ilavls. Geo.. ,. 161.
.I,erth avenue, and is about to open it /.\'iving holidays with her parents, Mr. Duncan 167
alld Mrs. Herbert L. Clevenger, of De Mott 174
.ns a pharmacy. avenue. Ilonahue 144
Ilonahue, T. .. 137
In addition to the group deeonl.. The Misses Eleanor, Betty and lleHart ....... 167
,I ions for Christmas, announced else- Marion Snyder, of 120 Woodside ave- Illckle, J.•. ,. 163
where in this issue, many nue, had as their guest over the week-
business houses are planning individ- end Miss Edith Wilkins, of Moores- I l';der , 163
. db' town, N. J. : Follette 168
ual displays. GiftS alrea y ' d I h 160
The Misses Snyder gave a bridge I noo r c ......
"ome store windows, such as IUeI,- . h f M' W'lk' It' !Iumphrles, C.. 181
Iin's Hardware Store. A large and party IJ1 onor 0 ISS I inS a:-;' Illumphrl"", T-T•• 166
interesting line of moderately priced Friday evening. The guests were Miss i llumphrieH. G.. U8
Ruth Hager, of Narberth; Miss Mary IlIumphrieH, ,r.. 178
.,dfts is ready at Davis' Store. . II I' Fl
Rizzo, of Ardmore; Miss Marion: op <tIlH .•
. h' f Steinbach, of Cynwyd, and Miss Ele-' II 11.,:', ,',"',t,.,.,' '1:'." I
e lange III IS :-;ystem 0 mer- .
IInor Mamora, of Manoa. I" I
,('handizing is announced by .1. Paul ".
Shea this week. It includes the elimi- Miss Betty Snyder has returned to --------
. . George School, where she is a mcm-
,natIOn of charge accounts and the In- f th J . Cl
. fl' Th b 0 e ulllor ass.
auguratlOn 0 ower prlccs. e sn -I
"lantial slwing in expense entailed ----------------
in handling a credit business will be
passed on to his cash customers, 1\11'.
Shea promises, as part of the world- 1----------------
wide trend to economy. Quality of
;wrvice and goods will continue high,
the pharmacist says, and the free de-
service will be continued.
Shea's Pharmacy, which in recent
years has held forth at Haverford ave-
nue near the Narberth Station, has
.enjoyed a steady growth in its husi-
ness, n,warding the proprietor and
his clerks for their friendliness and
December 2, 1932
Open Daily
and Morris Avenues
Builder of Cottage Type Homes
Here are the Classes of Membership:
For 50 weeks startitlg now,
R<,presentative at Home, or telephone Rittenhouse 5427
Checks for

for members of our
------= ,..
==-!4.... \\,

.=:::- .... .l

Club :: -
· ;'---.
· '''''1. _w:.

'( ..'"

were sent our members December 1-'
yesterday. To make your Christmas
shopping more of a pleasure, next year,
start a Christmas Club this year.
See HIDDEN HEAT I30-foot lot, terraced IReal brick fireplace in
Another 1932 lawn with great shade 15 x 18 foot living
Home Innovation tree. room.
The ART-ECONOMY HOME is the answer to the feminine search for
exquisite finish in home beauty. It is the chal1enge to the shrewd buyer's
demand for extremely low price.
Make your own choice IFinanced to $3000 IDeep lot to motor
of Paper, Paint, Lin- first mortgage, balance driveway, wide space
oleum, Tile, Fixtures. to suit buyer. between homes.
Lincoln Highway to Ardmore, tum west on Cricket Ave. 7 blocks to Home
This Is A Happy Week
Wontlnued from Page One)
States' adherence to the World Court. I
The Executive Board will hold a i
meeting at the home of the prcsidcnt'l
Mrs. Joseph A. Hongler, on Tuesday:
morning at 10 A. M. I·
The next meeting of the club will
be a Christmas party, on Tuesday, I
December 13, at 2.30 P. M. This is i
lin open meeting and every member I
Ilf the community is invited to attend.
There wi\) be carols, a tree and a 1
play. The program will be in charge I
of the Fellowship and Drama Com-
mittees, Mrs. J. H. Miller and Mrs.,
John C. Nash. The hostesses will be
Mrs. Verna Woodcock and Mrs. L.
Parker Miller.
L. M. Team Winds Up
Season Undefeated
the manner in which the stalwart for-
wards of the local school charged
through a heavy set of guards and
lackles from Delaware County. It I
was the same story in every game this I
season with the exception of the Ab-/
ington contest. The big boys from
Abington outplayed the forwards of I
Adam a shade that afternoon, but it
may readily be seen that the season I
was too young to have the line condition for such an important game I
with only three weeks' practice. I --- .._-_--- -- -- -
Thirty-one to 0 was a score lhat I
showed the real strength of the Mer-
ion eleven in comparison with other
learns in the suburbs. Those who rav-
el! about the Radnor possibilities on
II dry field ceased their alibis after
this astonishing victory.
Hail to a great team, the Maroon
Ilf 1932.
Advertisers in this paper are relia- i
hIe merchants. Patronize them.
.. •..A change of policy
and an announcement•..
(Continued from Page One)
L. M. Court Team to
Open Season Dec. 10
Anecdotes of Great
Men Are Related
(Continued from Page One)
goes good in spots, but needs more
At center the Maroon will have
l;'ranklin Talley and Sturgis Poorman,
both rangey boys and fair shots. Tal-
Icy wi\) become ineligible on account
of age in the middle of January, so
Anderson will have to depend on
Poorman and Bob Mathis to take
care of the tap-off position unless
other material develops before that
The usual pessimistic attitude is
assumed by the Lower Merion coach,
Anderson, and we can appreciate his
condition of worry, but in spite of his
doubt as to the ability of his boys, he
really has a smart combination of
court players, and followers of the
team will see a much better combina-
tion representing the school than the
one last year. Roy Williams will be
missed, but there are other boys to
take his place, and the other teams
in the Suburban League will have a
rude awakening when they meet this
fast moving quintette from the land
of the Maroon and White.
Cross undertaken by this department
would be finished this week. They
have completed 100 garments. Mrs.
H. A. Jacobs, chairman of Conserva-
lion, asked that all club women avoid
using Christmas wreaths made of the
prohibitive greens, such as laurel, hol-
ly and ground pine. Mrs. Leon Web-
ster Melcher reported on two letters
which arc to be sent to the Senators
of the State approving of United
Today? economy is the watchword of the entire world, and so it is with me.
Buy for Cash and Save
To the People of Narberth:··-



170 515\
17:' 411 I
50a I
9ri 3a8

786 23·16 i
167 523
128 372
172 466
laS 460

813 852
113 110
125 1:18
175 139

Page Six
Lions Take Lead in IBoys' Club Winning
Church Bowling .LeagueI Streak is Broken
The Lions the lead in the I r.nnllnued from Pal:'6 One)
inter-Church Bowling league laRt iat this point the visitors braced and
Friday by virtue of four points won, look the ball on downs.
from the Camels by default. I In Saturday's game the first score
The standing and scores: 1\ "ame after Finian recovered a fumble
Lions 19 8 27 ,on the vistors' 15-yard line. On the
Pilots 17 10 28
first play Aigledinger shot a pass for
Colts . . . . . . . . 17 10 22 i a touchdown to Young, who was
Meteors 15 12 10: standing in the end zone.
Pcp Boys..... 13 14 18 Young, Narberth's· right end, pro-
Boosters 12 15 16 vided the setting for the second scors
Camels 9 18 13 h h B b b .
21 6 Y t e oroug team y recovermg a
Battlers .
fumble on the visitors' 15-yard line.
A. Nel50nthen skirted right end for
425113 yards, planting the ball on the two-
565 i yard stripe. Aigledinger then carried
c,G" I.
:175 lit over for the second touchdown and
458 1A. Nelson drop-kicked the extra point.
:-8. 'I The visitors, aided by a penalty,
8211 2·\., •
. scored from the two-yard Ime by an
41a end run.
:181 The line-up of the Thanksgiving
40:1 I (Jay game:
Narberth Ardmore
-i G. Humphries .. L. E Carson
763 715 764 2
·I" I .... LTC
- I ,. Inan " . . . .. arney
i Crocken L. G. . Torpey
; Chain .......•.. C. . Fitzgerald
McLaughlin .. , R. G. . Edwards
526 Young R. T. . Sinclair
IHarris R. E Carfrey
3G5 I Park Q. B. . Horton
·15\ i A. Humphries L. H. Boo Cave
12\ O'Keefe F. B Newborg
-I Narberth......... 0 0 0 0- 0
779 748 2:145 I Ardmore ....•.... 13 0 0 0-13
I Touchdowns - Carfrey, Horton.
!Goal from touchdown - Horton. Ref-
424" cree-Reynolds, Lower Merion. Lines-
'YIun-Dickey, Narberth. Umpire-
as!I, Reilly, P. M. C. Time of periods-
692 695 727 1


516 I
611 I
870 2716 !
I/. Hamer oo 150 1-10
It. Siegel 183 199
I':.•TenldnH 167 192
Jo:. navis 138 16R
Ward .. . .. .. .. . 175 153
H. Humphries
\\'. l-Hegcl .
G. Davis .
Hhl'a .
.I. Humphries
Ih'enllall . . . . . . . 227
I'. Donahue .
Butler .
Meehan .
(,acey .
Jenkins .
Follette .
Goodrich .
Hause .
Ilaws .
Pep Boys
Blessing .. " . . . 211 166
Sheller 152 157
Vowell llll
!Jarner 134 111
Ill' lI:lI·t 162 150
Handicap 4 4
\Y. D. SmedleY.. 156
l\Iaullck 1211 116
((elm .. .. .. .. .. H:' 182
I'arrlgan S!l 151
H. T. Smedley.. 224
Handicap :I 3
Albert .
Murray .
Duncan .
Weiss .
List your Christmas
in the little
shopping booklet, of
which a limited
number are available
here, free
Get Yours Today
-- ----------------
Check Prices
-Then Buy at
Member Federal Reserve System
Open 8 A. M. daily for your convenience,
and also Friday evenings from 7 to 9
25c $12.50
50c 25.00
$1 50.00
$2 100.00
$5 250.00
$10 500.00
The Narberth
National Bank
A Complete
Line of
Narberth 2555
203 Haverford Ave.
Phone, Narberth 2838
To help you to economi2;e, I have decided to economi2;e. This means discontinu-
ing all charge accounts. Cut-price competition, reduction in the salaries of many of
you, and the decline of business in general, leads me to aid you by cutting prices.
This I cannot do without changing accounts from a charge to a cash basis.
220 Haverford Avenue ...... At the Narberth Station
Charge accounts entail quite an expense. Stationery, postage, salary, time-all
require money. By discontinuing this I can give your dollar more
And so I offer you a reduction in prices, substantial enough to aid the most
economical budget. At the same time, we shall, of course, continue our free and
prompt delivery service, our accuracy and reliability in compounding prescriptions,
and the high quality of every item sold here.
I'm sure you'll find this change in policy profitable to you, and I'm counting on
having the pleasure of serving you even more in the future than I have in the past.
622 605

Subscribe now!
Carroll Brothers
Cotter's Market
Use whole grain flours and cereals
which contain the elements for
body vitality. The Great Valley
Mills grind with water power on
French Buhr stones only the best
grade of selected wheat, corn, rye,
buckwlWilt and oats, into flours and
Great Valley Mills
Tel. Paoli 2401
lS21 I

III You may obtain our products at
tile fol/owing stores in ),our vicinit),.

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