Checklist Manifesto Book Notes

By Atul Gawande Simple interventions, measure effects, is it transmissible? (capable of being transmitted) Archimedes ± leverage benefits Study in Karachi. Soap, some with antibacterial qualities distributed. Antibacterial or not, caused ++ improvements in hygiene. Soap was a vehicle for change. Columbus Children¶s Hospital. Pediatric surgeon was also a pilot. He did a cleared for takeoff checklist. Surgery killers ± infection, bleeding, anesthesia, unexpected. As medical and surgical complexity increased, surgeons continued to operate as centralized stars in theaters, not as a team. Good checklists are brief, critical, precise. Do confirm checklist. Read checklist and report what is done. 5-9 items ideal. We are obsessed with the right parts (best doctor, best medicines, best machines). But real excellence comes from systems. Look for recurrent failures and find solutions.

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