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lorraine pintus

jump off the hormone

My PMS Poems

© 2010 by Lorraine Pintus

The Crowd that is Me

Within this body live many women There’s one that is holy and one that is sinnin’ One woman sings loudly with shouts of praises Another spreads fear for the rage that she raises

One wife is gracious, selfless and kind Another is toxic and out of her mind One mother is gentle and stunningly wise Another is foolish even in her own eyes

The woman that emerges depends on one thing The nature of her hormones and the height of her swing

Lana Limerick

This is the story of Lana LeMaster Whose hormonal condition made life a disaster Her outbursts of rage At the pre-menopausal stage Continued to plague and harass her

She wanted to be nice, God knows she tried But her husband and kids were terrified They did not savor Her moody behavior “Please get some help” they all cried.

She went to a doctor so patient and wise And with her husband, a plan they devised “To ease PMS Reduce your stress Modify your diet and exercise”

Determined to change, she shouted, “I can” But she found it a challenge to follow the plan “No sugar?” she groaned “Exercise?” she moaned, “Oh why didn’t God make me a man?”

Lana Limerick taken from Jump Off the Hormone Swing: Fly Through the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Symptoms of PMS and Perimenopause, Lorraine Pintus, Moody Publishers, 2010, page 59.