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Le ChÂteau

< njoy a bathroom that exudes

classic charm and tradition.
French for “The Castle” our
Le Château collection boasts a
timeless design and offers
exquisite detail with old world
charm to any bath or powder
It’s like walking into a
bathroom fit for a king or
queen - and who wouldn’t

Le Chateau
want to feel like royalty?
Le Château Sistine Stone™
showers, Acrastone™ bathtubs,
and faucets will be sure to
compliment your Château.



6 llow for hours of relaxation in your

new Zen retreat where you can open
your mind and become one with
Combining the look of Sistine Stone ™

and a contemporary faucet

collection, the Zen collection brings
simplicity to your bathing experience.

Put your mind at ease and walk into
a calming environment where
outside meets inside, and East meets
West. Clean lines and contemporary
style allows for easy design and clarity.




T he Victorian period, often referred

to as the English Renaissance, was
tremendously exciting with many
artistic styles inspired by the timeless
beauty of a by gone era. Victorian is
the most recognizable of all decorating
styles, and provides an opportunity to
unwind with new colors, fabrics, and

furniture, without the constraints of
some of the other popular decorating
Now you can be inspired by the
luxurious style of our Sistine Stone
Showers, AcraStone and cast iron
bathtubs, and matching faucets,
bringing you back to a time of
elegance and leisure.


Manor House

The Manor House Collection

is a fine balance of American
design and discerning European
The Manor House Collection will
easily combine with your existing
furnishings to provide a look

Manor House
that is fresh, sophisticated, and
always relaxed and comfortable.
Be yourself, let Manor House
showcase your own personal
view with the many variations
available, the perfect tools to
express your own personality.


Viejo Mission
Suites & Ensembles

5 he Viejo Mission Collection

was designed with a sense of style
and design that reflects timeless Old
World sensibility, a gracious sense
of space, commanding architectural
presence with a sense of elegant
Our designers have brought together
a unique collection of products
including bathtubs, Sistine Stone™

Viejo Mission
items, Art-Cast™ Metal vanities, and
faucets that reflect and embrace the
Old World style and feel. So allow
yourself to step back in time and
create your Viejo Mission retreat.


Nuevo Mission

@f you were ever curious to know what

tranquility looks like, take a look at
our Nuevo Mission Collection.
Hand constructed wrought iron serves
as a cradle for your bathtub and stone
vessel adding a uniqueness seen only

Nuevo Mission
with this collection.
The innovative design of our Sistine
Stone showers, AcraStone Bathtubs,
and matching Faucets add charm,
elegance, and tradition, all in one.

Art-Cast Metal

Metal products that are crafted by hand as they were centuries ago.
Using an advanced 6 step vintage plating process and our attention
to detail assures you will receive a unique and inspiring product
that will be a focal point in your home.

Sistine Stone TM

The beauty, elegance and durability of real stone has been combined with innovative technology and materials to
create a variety of luxurious and stylish Sistine Stone pieces that add a touch of old world elegance to any decor.
The decorative pieces in our collection are truly classic, giving the appearance of authentic aged stone reflecting
the colors of Renaissance works. Each piece is an individual work of art, including the chiseled underside which
enhances the natural beauty. You can choose from Natural, Medium, or Dark stone colors for our Sistine Stone
products. All Sistine Stone products are stain, mold, and mildew resistant and since the surface is non-porous it
will not absorb water or become stained with most typical staining elements. Simply rinse off any spills. Clean up
is as easy as rinsing with soapy water. For a classical Renaissance look that stands the test of time, you can count
on Sistine Stone to provide beauty, history, and fine craftsmanship to your home.

Ahqua Catalog
Features & Benefits

Champagne Massage Air-Jet System

You will feel like you are floating on air while bathing in
your Champagne Massage bathtub by Ahqua. Warm air is
pumped through channels to strategically placed air-jets,
creating invigorating bubbles for a relaxing and therapeutic
bath massage. Soak away the pressures of your day and feel
completely renewed from your bath experience. Featuring
a wireless remote control with 3 massage programs and
3 levels of intensity. Champagne Massage is available on
all our AcraStone clawfoot bathtubs.

World’s First Whirlpool Clawfoot Bathtub

From natural hot springs to the roman bath, people
for centuries have enjoyed the rejuvenating effects
of hydrotherapy. Featuring 7 fully adjustable jets that
provide a calm, meditative soak to the stimulating
rush of a mountain waterfall, massaging you where
you need it the most, powered by a 2hp pump that
powers the 10gpm Turbo-Flow jets. Metal trim is
available in your choice of finishes.

AcraStone Bathtub Construction

Backing Backing
Acrylic Bonding Acrylic
Ahqua AcraStone bathtubs are manufactured utilizing our
proprietary technology, AcraStone, the only material durable
enough to carry our exclusive Limited Lifetime warranty.
You can count on your Ahqua bathtub to be beautiful,
strong, and dependable for years to come. No other bathtub
in the industry, including our own cast iron bathtubs can
beat the AcraStone features. AcraStone is thick, strong,
and warm to the touch. The color is chip and wear resistant
with a porcelain-like surface inside and out.

A Splash of Color
For the “Designer Touch”, we will paint the exterior
of your bathtub any color you wish. Pick from any
of our standard colors, or send us a color sample
from your home center or paint store and we will
match the color for you.

Cast Iron Bathtubs
For an upscale look to your bathroom,
a cast iron tub will give an elegant, timeless
look to your bathroom. Crafted of cast iron
with a vitreous porcelain interior and an
exterior coated with urethane enamel for
durability. Holding the heat of the water
in the metal itself, cast iron tubs keep the
water warmer, longer, then conventional tubs.

Thermostatic Control Valve

The most important element in your shower is the control
valve, temperature control is more than a performance
item, it is a safety feature. Our thermostatic control valve
automatically adjusts the mixture of the hot and cold
water to maintain the temperature you desire.

Ahqua Water System


Introducing the latest innovation in faucet design, the Ahqua

Laminar Flow Water System, the first spout-less faucet providing
unobstructed access to a clear and clean stream of water
at your fingertips.

Precision Engineered Faucets

Teflon slides for
smooth operation
Our many innovative features save both time and money during
installation. Since our faucets are pre-assembled, no assembly is Adjusts for 1/2” - 3”
required, and with our quick installation procedure, requiring only Countertop

one or two tools, the Ahqua faucet will be working within minutes. Lead-free Brass
Once installed, high quality materials combined with precision
engineering and ceramic cartridges, will guarantee many years of Stainless Steel
braided hoses
exceptional, trouble-free service. last longer

Integrated Backsplash & Faucet

Available on most backsplash mounted faucets. There is no
longer the need to move your plumbing in the wall, since the
water valve is integrated into your backsplash, and the water
lines extend down through the vanity top for easy hook-up to
your existing plumbing.

Ahqua Catalog
Features & Benefits

Easy to Install Shower Kit

The fastest way to make your bathroom look

new is to install a shower kit. All Ahqua shower
kits are custom made and hand-crafted to look
and feel like hand-laid travertine. Ahqua showers
are inexpensive and require a relatively simple
installation process, which means you may save
money by simply doing it yourself.

These kits are ideal for remodeling projects and

are available in a wide range of sizes. A wide
range of accessories are also available, designed
to compliment the shower of your choice.

Cast, inert, homogeneous blend of UV inhibited

polyester-acrylic resin, with quartz and natural
minerals as fillers. Surface is non-porous and does
not support the growth of mold and mildew.

Resin Bond
Shower Pan Construction
Fiberglass Membrane

Heavier and stronger than other pans with the look and
durability of natural stone, our shower pans are engineered
to feel solid, and not flex, even under extreme loading. The
structural integrity and strength of the pan’s edge is designed
to support heavy cement board needed to create a long life
shower system.

Strong, dense, closed-cell

polyurethane core adds strength Fiberglass Membrane
and is resistant to water or leaks.

Luxury Wheelchair Accessible Showers

Ahqua wheelchair accessible showers are designed with a low 2 1/2” threshold.
This low threshold combined with our optional wheelchair ramp allows a wheel
chair to roll up to and over the threshold with a minimum of effort. Add our luxury
shower benches, grab bars, and hand-held shower faucets to make your shower
experience as easy and trouble free as possible. Ahqua wheelchair accessible
showers are available in all of our collections ensuring you can find a style that fits
you best. (See pages 32, 33 for description and pricing)

What Makes our Showers Better

Easy to clean. Stain, mold, and mildew resistant.

Easier to maintain than natural stone.

Heavy duty handle for safety and ease of use.

Designed with superior insulating properties

that allow for faster warm up.

Heavy duty hinges for smooth and reliable service.

Thick 3/8 in. premium tempered glass for strength

and safety. (ready to install channels)

Manufactured Shower Systems are warranted to retain

their structural integrity and configuration.

Wall tiles extend to floor.

Ahqua Catalog
Free-standing Bathtubs arranged by size from largest to smallest Index

HT-1, 2
72˝ x 42˝ x 26.5”
pg. 112 GT-28, 29, 30
70˝ x 32˝ x 23.5”
pg. 79

HT-3, 4
GT-36, 37
HT-3, 4
72˝ x 42˝ x 26.5”
70˝ x 32˝ x 23.5”
pg. 80
pg. 113
3,996 2,330

JT-1, 2
GT-34, 35
70˝ x 32˝ x 22.5”
72˝ x 42˝ x 27” pg. 50
pg. 80 $

NT-3, 4
70˝ x 32˝ x 24”
pg. 175
GT-13, 14, 15 $
71˝ x 35˝ x 30”
pg. 78

MT-5, 6
67˝ x 30˝ x 23”
pg. 145

NT-1, 2 GT-10, 11, 12

70˝ x 32˝ x 25” 67˝ x 32˝ x 30”
pg. 174 pg. 78
2,462 2,368

GT-24, 25, 26. 27

67˝ x 30˝ x 23”
pg. 79

Free-standing Bathtubs arranged by size from largest to smallest (cont’d)

GT-1, 2 JT-3, 4
61.5˝ x 31˝ x 31” 60˝ x 32˝ x 22.5”
pg. 76 pg. 50
2,590 $

GT-3, 4
MT-1, 2
61˝ x 31˝ x 24”
pg. 77 54˝ x 30˝ x 24”
pg. 144
2,590 $

GT-5, 6
61˝ x 31˝ x 24”
pg. 77 GT-16, 17, 18, 19
2,714 54˝ x 30˝ x 24”
pg. 78

HT-5, 6
60˝ x 32˝ x 23.5”
pg. 113

59˝ x 31˝ x 32”
pg. 82

MT-3, 4
60˝ x 30˝ x 24”
pg. 145

GT-7, 8, 9
60˝ x 32.5˝ x 30”
pg. 77 59˝ x 31˝ x 32”
pg. 83

GT-31, 32, 33
60˝ x 32˝ x 24”
pg. 80

Drop-in Bathtubs arranged by size from largest to smallest Ahqua Catalog

72˝ x 48˝ x 21”
pg. 51
2,156 JT-8, 9, 10
60˝ x 32˝ x 21”
pg. 51

72˝ x 42˝ x 24”
pg. 177

JT-11, 12, 13
60˝ x 36˝ x 21”
pg. 51
HT-7 $
72˝ x 42˝ x 20”
pg. 113

70˝ x 32˝ x 18.5”
pg. 51
GT-45, 46, 47
72˝ x 42˝ x 21”
pg. 81

GT-42, 43, 44
66˝ x 42˝ x 21”
pg. 81
JT-17, 18, 19
72˝ x 36˝ x 21”
pg. 51

GT-39, 40, 41
60˝ x 42˝ x 21”
pg. 81
60˝ x 42˝ x 21”
pg. 81

Drop-in Bathtubs arranged by size from largest to smallest (cont’d)

JT-14, 15, 16
66˝ x 36˝ x 21”
pg. 51

67˝ x 30˝ x 19”
pg. 145

60˝ x 30˝ x 19”
pg. 145

54˝ x 30˝ x 19”
pg. 145

60˝ x 32˝ x 18.5”
pg. 51

60˝ x 32˝ x 19”
pg. 177

Ahqua Catalog
Faucets for Lavatory and Shower Index

Le ChÂteau PAGE 15 Zen PAGE 45

8”-16” spread, 6” spout reach, 7” spout height F104J-H-O-XX
349 9” spout height, 4” spout reach

Pan Shower Head, one Handle,
Pan & Hand Shower Body Sprays will trickle slightly by code


15” high, 6” reach, 6” risers, 7” spread


Victorian PAGE 71 Manor House PAGE 109

8”-16” spread, 7 1/2” spout reach,
4 1/2” spout height
Sprinkler Shower Head,
one Handle and Hand Shower
8”-16” spread, 6” spout reach,
7” spout height

F410G-AB-X-XX 39 1/2” overall height, 3 3/8” spread,
3 3/8” - 8 3/4” adjustable spread, 12” wall braces
8” spout reach $
1,352 F705H-PI-X-XX
620 Sprinkler Shower Head,
one Handle and Hand Shower

Viejo Mission PAGE 139 Nuevo Mission PAGE 171

F370N-K-X-OB F120N-K-X-OB
F710M-PI-F-OB 8”-16” spread, 6” spout reach 8”-16” spread, 4 1/2” spout reach,
5” spout height
481 $

8” spread, 7 1/2” spout reach


Shower Systems

Le ChÂteau PAGE 15

Medium Stone with Dark Stone Accent on Liner & Floor

Victorian PAGE 71

Natural Stone Color

Viejo Mission PAGE 139

Medium Stone with Dark Stone Accent on Floor

Ahqua Catalog
Shower Systems Index

Zen PAGE 45

Natural Color Stone with Bali Stone Accent

Manor House PAGE 109

Medium Stone with Dark Stone Accent on Liner & Floor

Nuevo Mission PAGE 171

Medium Stone with Rustic Medium Stone Accent on Liner & Floor

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