’Planet Ladydust’ radio broadcast has to do with the on air result of a thorough research in the international rock n’roll

scenery. Actually,it’s a weekly selection -proposition including songs of almost 25 -different every time -bands & artists which are coming from

various music fields like indie,alternative,brit pop,desert & stone rock,rockabilly,garage,punk,electronica,dark & new wave,surf,shoegaze,noise,psychedelic,manch ester,krautrock,trip-hop,classic or hard rock,film soundtracks even soul funk and soso many others. It could easily be described as a’narration’,or a multinational ’journey of a planet’ in the music species and in time,sometimes starting from the early 50’s or 60’s,having also many references to the decades of the 70’s 80’s & 90’s,but actually having the majority of its playlist choices ,coming from bands of the very today -most of those even unsigned or non-famous,-doesn’t really matter.On the contrary.Planet Ladydust is proud to have first presented since its beginning,more than 600 or 700 really recent releases from all around the world scenery and is happy enough to notice many of those discovered bands becoming slowly & steadily bigger,by signing contracts with record companies & start touring all over:) The info mentioned in the broadcasts comes from an extensive research in a variety of sources on the internet(blogs,sites-and not only)& Ladydust is enough satisfied to see every month her P.O box,flooded of demos from bands & artists from all around the world.

In ‘Planet Ladydust’ there are many times invited & inteviewed bands,artists,or other -relevant with music,-‘personas’,coming from the local or international industry.Some of them,have been till this moment:Tim Warren,founder & owner of the legendary american garage-punk record company:’Crypt Records’(http://www.cryptrecords.com/) -active mostly in the 60’s,representing in New York artists like:The Oblivians,New Bomb Turks,John Spencer & the Blues Explosion, & has released the famous:‘Back from the grave’ compilations with rare stuff of that period, Jim Koutsiouris (bassist of ‘The Strays’ punk –rock band(http://www.reverbnation.com/thestrays) the ‘Pure Team’,(local dj’s & promoters,responsible for organising the popular ‘manchester music style’ ‘parties named :’pure’,in the 90’s,as well as for producing concerts of artists like:Mashroom (Massive Attack),Kid Loco,Andy Smith (Portishead),8O8 State,Jarvis Cocker,etc),& as for other artists or bands of the local scene who have been interviewed in the broadcast:the liarbirds,( http://www.myspace.com/liarbirds)Voyage Limpid Sound,( http://www.myspace.com/thevoyagelimpidso und)Massroom,Lord 13 etc On air & responsible for the selection of

music,is :Ladydust (www.ladydust.com www.myspace.com/ladystar23 www.twitter.com/ladydust),who has for the last ten years appeared as a guest dj in the biggest festivals of the rock n’roll scene in her country (Greek alternative day-Petras theater,Schoolwave & anorak festival,4 living thursdays,Earthdance,etc).Ladydust has also been invited to perform her sets as a guest dj in more than 20 spots-towns in her country (also in London:’The Others’ club,Bucharest (Control club) etc,and has finally been responsible for the opening act in concerts of artists like Tricky.(Politeia club 2011). (view references of some of all those events on the internet @http://www.ladydust.com/site/index.php? option=com_content&view=article&id=50&It emid=69 Ladydust has sometimes organised her own festivals like 2010’s (5 January) in ‘miga’ multistage-Athens (line up:The Liarbirds,Voyage Limpid Sound,Massroom), or has anyway in her dj sets ‘guest’ bands playing live gigs.Some of those bands have been :’the Velvoids’,( http://www.myspace.com/thinkbabymusic)’Th e Decomposer’,(

http://www.myspace.com/decomposertheban d)’Mavro-Kokkino’,( http://www.myspace.com/mavrokokkino’)Bad Mathematics’(http://www.myspace.com/bad mathematics)etc. ‘Planet Ladydust’ was being broadcasted for almost a year (November 2009-September 2010) during the high listening zone of Friday nights 22:30-24:00 at ‘stokokkino’105,5 athens radio station,while now,is being weekly recorded and sent to be rebroadcasted in different days ans time zones,of many fm radio stations throughout the country.(Rodon Fm/Serres,Mojo/Patra,Akroama/Kavala,Studio e/Iwannina,etc). Download link for all previous broadcasts: http://www.mediafire.com/?bcdeqy1he79w7 & playlists(according date) at: http://talesfromladydustsplanet.blogspot.com /2010/08/planet-ladydust-radio-broadcast6.html or: http://www.myspace.com/ladystar23/blog/54 0940700

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