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Office of the State Attorney Second Judicial Circuit Wakulla County Courthouse 3056 Crawfordville Highway Crawfordville, FL 32327 (850) 487-2844 (850) 926-0922 Fax MEMORANDUM SN TO: ‘William N. Meggs FROM: Lorena Vollrath-Bueno DEPT: Wakulla SAO DATE: July 06, 2012 SUBJECT: — Capt, Cliff Carroll ay LL Pursuant to Giglio v. Ut determinative of guilt or inno tule that suppression of mater the prosecution. 405 U.S, 1 ted States, when the reliability of a given witness may well be no losure of evidence affecting credibility falls within the al evidence justifies a new trial irrespective of good faith or bad faith of S.Ct. 763 (1972), ‘This issue first arrived in the case of State of Florida vs. Perry Leon Griffin, Case Number 09-0327 CF when I received an amended witness list on April 12, 2012, (See Exhibit I-page two of the defense witness list). In it the defendant's mother alleges the following: Capt. Carroll made assurances to Ms. Teresa Griffin (Defendant's mother) that if she retrieved all guns that the Defendant had, that he would ensure that the defendant got a better bond and that he would not go to prison. Generally, I would not rely on the statement of the defendant's mother but for two things: 1) My previous dealings with Capt, Carrol in which I believed that he was being dishonest with myself and the court; and 2) the fact that the defendant was out on bond. Mr. Griffin had previously been to prison for Robbery involving a Firearm (Exhibit 2-copy of Griffin's DOC page) and being that he was arrested on Burglary of a Dwelling while Armed with a Firearm and two counts of Grand Theft, his bond at first Appearance was No Bond on the Burglary and ten thousand (10,000) dollars on each Grand Theft. (Exhibit 3-Bond Order)". Sometime after first appearance a stipulated motion to reduce bond was submitted and Judge Sauls signed the order on November 10, 2009, reducing the "These were not his only felony convictions, he had also been convicted in Gadsden County for Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon in 2006 where he served only jail time. *First appearance was held on November 3, 2009. bond to a total of $2500. (Exhibit 4-Stipulated Motion and Order). This reduction in bond seems incongruent with Mr. Griffin's history and the fact the according to the probable cause narrative of Jason Newlin, the defendant confessed to the burglary. On April 24, 2012, I conduct a deposition of Capt. Cliff Carrol atthe Walculla County Jail and specifically showed him the notice of discovery and the statements attributed to him in it, 1 then question him specifically about any promises and representations that he may have made to Teresa Griffin, He categorically denies any such statements. (Exhibit S-Deposition of Capt. Carroll). ‘At this point, the Griffin case is over three (3) years old and there are many holes in my file including a total lack of attomey notes. Tthen decide to go to speak with Jason Newlin as the last time Thad this issue come up he was able to fill in a lot of the information for me. I speak to him about what had been going on and he indicates to me that what Ms. Griffin says about Cliff Carroll making assurances and promises on behalf of her son is in fact the truth. I discuss the fact that Capt. Carroll denied that under oatia ‘Newlin brings up the fact that he had been deposed by the previous attomey, Brian Higgins, and thet during the deposition back in approximately 2010 he had been questioned about that very issue. So contact Brian Higgins for a copy of the deposition and in fact, he does ask Inv. Newlin about promises made to Ms. Griffin and Inv. Newlin does confirm that it was done. (Exhibit 6-CD of Newlin's Deposition). J then depose Teresa Griffin on May 17, 2012, and she fleshes out more of the conversation between her and Capt along with some of the things he had her do "to help out her son”, Most of which axe reckless and dangerous, including bringing Mr. Griffin out ofthe jail to Tallahassee to speak with Ms. Griffin, so that she could in tum go out on the street and buy back the firearms ata few hundred dollars a gun with her own money. (Exhibit 7- Transcript of Deposition of Teresa Griffin), Based on this above di under oath during his deposition.” .d information I am of the opinion that Capt. Cliff Carroll led me further relevant background information: “The first time that Capt. Cliff Carroll appeared on my radar was back in approximately 2010, when a former defendant of mine (at that time the case was assigned to ASA Walters as I was atthe US. Attomey's Office) Bradley Hall was involved in jail phone calls with Capt. Caroll, Mr. Hall, is tom Wakulla County and was charged as a co-defendant with an armed Burglary/Home invasion Robbery. Mr, Hall is a prolific drug dealer in Wakulla County which is a possible te to Capt Carroll, Tt turned out thatthe victim in that case ended up being the Killear rapist, but that isn't germane to this issue. On the phone calls, some might say that it appeared that Capt, Carroll was becoming involved in possible witness tampering, or attempting to influence the investigation and/or 3s a side note, there was another deputy that was present during Capt. Carroll’s conversation with the defendant and his mother. I have spoken to him and he has confirmed cverything that Teresa Griffin has stated in her deposition and has provided me a depth and breadth of other information regarding Capt. Carroll's activities. have some further information that I will be able to corroborate independently so this informal investigation is ongoing. ‘This deputy currently stil works with the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office and is rortied about retribution for coming forward so my plan is to not involve him, but for our purposes he is second set of checks and balances confirming that Cap. Carroll led under oath outcome of the case in\ nothing less 8-CD of 16 jail phone calls). ‘Another incident involving Capt. Carroll and jzil phone calls, involved the infamous Farrah Ward, Ifyou review the jal phone calls, Capt. Carroll makes reassurances to Farrah Ward that things would be "wzken care of". Tt would seem at one point Farrah Ward is threatening Capt ability to “keep it together” during such a long period of incarceration and she worried th about her." (Exhibit 9-CD of three phone calls from differ PN numbers by Farrah Ward to Capt. Carroll's cell phone). inmate LVB 3063 WILLIAM N. MEGGS STATE ATTORNEY

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